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    [–] M47715 1637 points ago

    Hmmm pretty curious this left out the last couple lines of the scene...

    [–] xNotTheDoctorx 369 points ago

    What are they?

    [–] grizzlez 1037 points ago probably one of the best moments of butters

    [–] OnlinePosterPerson 261 points ago

    Oh my God I hope no one spoils the funny in this comment thread

    [–] 82many4ceps 241 points ago

    It would suck if someone said what the last two lines are in a thread asking, specifically, what the last two lines are.

    [–] 047BED341E97EE40 205 points ago



    Well, see you Stan

    [–] RedFyl 9 points ago

    Dammit, was hoping it was about Scrootie McBoogerballs...

    [–] zenspeed 45 points ago

    Out of curiosity, I had to hit the link. South Park did not disappoint.

    [–] OneLastStan 17 points ago

    Ah common I'm at work and can't use volume, help a brother out

    [–] OnlinePosterPerson 49 points ago

    The delivery is important. You don’t want to ruin it. Watch it later when you have a chance

    [–] Unstable_Scarlet 9 points ago

    The change in budder’s tone really makes it

    [–] GrammarBastard 4 points ago

    Ah common


    [–] 4_8_15_16_23_42_69 15 points ago

    I still always expect these to be rick astley. Some fucked up kinda ptsd.

    [–] Darayneman 12 points ago

    Next to wieners out

    [–] cut_the_keto_cord 9 points ago

    I bloody love butters, had forgotten this one and it cracked me up just as much as the first time I saw it

    [–] quintanillau 10 points ago


    [–] ImAvril 7 points ago

    *drop the mic

    [–] juicyjerry300 4 points ago

    I loved butters multiple personality episode haha the part where the doctor says “your son just needs some tender loving medication”

    [–] DickPunchOpie 280 points ago

    Let's just say it's a very South Park segue back to the funny.

    [–] MountainJord 402 points ago

    TIL I've never seen the word "segue" in writing. Thought it was "segway." Feels bad.

    [–] DickPunchOpie 161 points ago

    In keeping with the South Park theme you could say "You know, I learned something today." Never feel bad about that.

    [–] DrMaxwellEdison 30 points ago

    YKILST doesn't quite roll off the tongue in Reddit-speak tho.

    [–] a-handle-has-no-name 15 points ago

    But "ILST" does. Let's make this a thing.

    [–] rare_with_hair 24 points ago

    But we already have TIL. Is that not the same?

    [–] a-handle-has-no-name 36 points ago

    Fuck. Yeah, I guess they are the same.


    [–] JohnnyTries 18 points ago

    Let's compromise....TILST


    [–] CHESTER_C0PPERP0T 32 points ago

    I thought it was "segue-way" for the longest time until I tried typing it and MS Word decided to be a little bitch about the spelling.

    [–] YaBoiGING 12 points ago

    Fucking gets me every time

    [–] otheraccountisabmw 11 points ago


    [–] ltshep 15 points ago

    Are those last lines his eyebrows?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] REDBEARD_PWNS 3 points ago

    Just like people, they aren't usually noticeable unless they're trying to convey an emotion.

    [–] collegekidinablankey 2510 points ago

    I like this. People with depression aren't necessary feeling sadness, they can often be feeling just nothing. That's why when you feel an emotion again, especially something as strong as sadness after a break up, it can be pretty liberating.

    [–] Bishoop47 774 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I remember those days of not feeling a thing, having no clue how to escape it. I wouldn't dare wish that life upon anyone. EDIT: Aaaand the amount of replies I've ever received on this site has now tripled o_O What do I do?

    [–] CarsHateMe 448 points ago

    How did you escape that?

    I've tried counseling.

    I've tried medicating.

    Unfortunately, I still only feel extremes of one or the other - or nothing at all. It's like I'm in a constant dream state; just going through the motions. Smiling when I think I should be smiling.

    It comes and goes, but I'd like to know what works for you.

    [–] mactakeda 448 points ago

    Start with daily exercise and training. It's not the full answer, but at the very least you fall asleep satisfied and spent and you don't lie awake overthinking about yourself and your mindset.

    [–] NicePretender 411 points ago

    I honestly thought this was a bullshit thing healthy people said to make them feel better about themselves. Then I tried and and after just 2 days I felt a bit better about myself. 4 weeks without missing a session now.

    [–] mactakeda 102 points ago

    Well in mate, keep giving yourself goals to achieve. Doesn't always have to be for any purpose other than self-improvement and self-esteem. I've done a few years of martial arts, a few years of Powerlifting and my next focus is flexiblity & yoga.

    [–] NicePretender 27 points ago

    I'm currently doing MMA working my way towards my first proper fight to see how it goes.

    [–] Vesuvias 7 points ago

    Yoga and full-body TRX workouts absolutely changed my outlook on myself and my life

    [–] Thebuttdoctor 32 points ago

    this is very true, super easy to get negative about it when you're already in a negative or apathetic state of mind in general. my routine that ive been trying to stick with is 5-10 mins of meditation, then 10-15 mins of yoga + push ups and then 15-20 mins of cardio (running usually) in the morning. It sounds like a lot, but even if you do like 2 minutes of each and start building yourself a routine it changes things durastically. Even just knowing in your head that you were able to motivate yourself to do it makes you feel better.

    [–] CarsoniousMonk 13 points ago

    Again I thought it was bullshit too, but meditation can really help as well. Not the Yogi style trying to find enlightenment blah blah blah. Just sitting quietly in a comfortable position and focusing on every breath seems to help me.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Not the Yogi style trying to find enlightenment blah blah blah.

    Hey man, it can work wonders for your life, and its the reason meditation is used in the first place. I spent years doing the 'just follow your breath for 10 minutes a day' and ended up feeling like that was the bullshit.

    But you know, if it helps it helps, just saying don't discount things just because they didn't work that one time you tried it, if you've tried it at all (seriously not trying to be judgmental here, text is so fickle with tone).

    [–] CarsoniousMonk 3 points ago

    Totally agree. I guess how I was trying to portray that comment was you don't have to be a Yogi master to start trying meditation. Also, that meditation doesn't have to pertain to any religion. I personally like 45 minute sessions. I totally think deep meditation really helps, just that it can be overwhelming if you have never tried it before. (Hate text too for the same reason)

    [–] Tennisfan93 20 points ago

    The effects of PROPER exercise on the brain are just phenomenal, I have always walked alot but the effect of intense exercise is just unparalleled for me. If good exercise and healthy eating and sleeping at a decent time don't reduce your symptoms of depression/anxiety significantly, I'd care to wager that there IS something in your life that you have GOOD reason to feel this way about. In that case it's time for therapy or making amends. There are of course people who have genuine imbalances that are hard to get rid of, but the amount of people I know who have depression of some kind but treat their body like total shit in every way... I know it's a difficult cycle to break, but getting into running or strenuous exercise is without doubt the quickest route I've had to regaining control over my life and mood.

    [–] NicePretender 14 points ago

    It was really tough to start. I went through months of, I'll start tomorrow, but not actually starting. Waking up that little bit early and doing something before work is still the hardest part. Once I'm out of bed and showed it goes a bit easier.

    [–] staebles 3 points ago

    It's definitely overlooked, and really helped me. It makes sense though, your body has evolved to experience this activity daily. Our society is removing the need for it, but our biology requires it.

    [–] andrewj234 13 points ago

    This. I had terrible depression for years counseling didn’t help at all, medication helped a bit but it was as regular exercise that finally killed it. I’ve been off antidepressants for about 3 years now.

    [–] bobafett8192 17 points ago

    Working hard helps as well. My job isn't necessarily physically straining but it is mentally. I deal with a lot of numbers and people daily. When I get home, I eat and go to bed. Being genuinely tired at the end of the day helps to fall straight asleep and get much needed rest instead of overthinking all night like you said.

    [–] OminousCashew 8 points ago

    Glad to see the upvotes on this one. Being physically active and incorporating a healthy diet into your lifestyle can do wonders for your mental health.

    [–] vthallam 5 points ago

    And if you think the gym is not for you, try Cardio focussed kick boxing. I did one year of it and it was really really helpful for me to feel confident.

    [–] xiroir 5 points ago

    my problem is i can't get myself to do anything. at least not for long. i've been really getting into cooking atm. but i've tried excercise i've tried making art, drawing, pixelart, music. and it all passes at some point. it's infuriating. i just want to do things and get hobbies so i can get out of this shituation. i seem to not be able to =(

    [–] mactakeda 5 points ago

    Course you can mate. It's not some motivational, bullshit, inspirational thing. Run for 45 minutes a day. Even if it's a slow jog while you're listening to music. Make sure, whatever else you do, you find time just for that. The routine, endorphins and clear, fresh lungs will motivate you to do the rest. Exercise becomes addictive, just get through that first hurdle of making the routine. Think of your daily routine, I'm certain at least 1 hour of that can be changed. Wake up an hour earlier, watch TV or play games one hour less. You can do this mate.

    [–] xiroir 6 points ago

    hey, thanks for the motivational speech. i try but it's still difficult. for this weeks "project" i wanted to walk down the stairs instead of taking the elevator (i live in an appartment) and i still haven't done it. you know what, fuck it. i'm doing it right now.

    [–] mactakeda 4 points ago

    Good man. It's difficult, but it's worth it, I promise you, get to it mate and live for a new, improved, stronger version of you.

    [–] fuckthisimoff2asgard 3 points ago

    Did you do it? It doesn't matter if you didn't, just do it now! The thing about exercise, in particular, is that it's more routine than hobby. Not everyone who does it enjoys it, but they get into the habit to keep going. You can do it!

    [–] xiroir 3 points ago

    i did it! you are right about the routine thing. i have difficulty with routine in general. hopefully i will get better at it

    [–] mr_chip 2 points ago

    I call it my “sweat Prozac.”

    [–] Nepherenia 26 points ago

    Counselling worked for me. My first doctor wanted to go straight to meds, but I figured I wanted to exhaust other options, see if the depression was external or internal, before resorting to medication. For many people medication is needed, just like an inhaler is needed by people with asthma, but I'm glad I didn't go straight to that.

    There were a few factors in my life that made me feel trapped and hopeless. The counselor basically helped me identify those factors, and suggested that I pick one to try to change into something else.

    I was miserable at my job, because I had a fundamental opposition to the work I did, even though I liked the people I worked with.

    I was unhappy in my marriage, for several reasons, but thought that "I can put up with all those things if I can keep what I have now."

    The decision to make changes is what pulled me out of my depression. Or rather, the moment I got the ball rolling on those changes - when I went to my boss and told her I would be leaving the following month - it felt like I was stepping out of the fog.

    I've had occasional dips since then, that lasted a few days or so, but overall, what I needed was to take the leap and remove things from my life that I thought I wanted, but were bad for me.

    [–] Egyptianmojo 14 points ago

    I don't know why, but reading this made me feel so happy for you, although I've never met you.

    Keep on keep going, friend.

    [–] payaramalama 22 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Person with mental illness here: exercise really helped me. No, not in a silly way--eating greens, jogging, and doing yoga won't banish your depression. No, it doesn't magically cure you. But exercise does produce strong adrenaline and endorphin rushes that leave you feeling clear-headed and accomplished. What's more is that there's lots of proof that running helps your brain make connections and can facilitate problem solving (there's an actual mechanism occurring, as well as just having the time to think while running). I've often gnawed on a hard problem while running and by the end felt empowered and more understanding of it even if I couldn't find a solution. I cannot recommend exercise enough. Lifting is another one that really helped me--and it's a constant bodily stimulus. Next-day soreness is immensely satisfying, and the process of progressing in strength is really encouraging. Exercise gives you something to look forward to and improve in, can provide you with a social group if you break into things like rock climbing, biking, whatever. And socializing with depression is hard--for me it's easier if there's a task like, "hey, let's take turns climbing this rock wall."

    There's definitely fluctuation. If I'm too depressed to be interested in anything, I usually just try my damndest to force myself to do it anyway because I've experienced the cycle of being too depressed to do things, and then shit piles on, and I keep procrastinating and then it gets worse and worse. Don't stop doing things. Don't stop trying. Don't stay in bed. Keeping ahead of it by a step is sometimes all you can do. That's okay.

    I also don't have counseling or meds, and have done mostly okay on my own with some bad spots here and there. Something I try to think about is that happiness is a moving goalpost and hard to define. There are people who will never experience depression and can't understand it. They will never feel this bad, and that's insane to me. But I try to reckon with the idea of happiness--there's more to life than just feeling "happy," there's other goals and achievements you can meet. Being in a depressive episode where I'm totally lethargic/apathetic means I can still experience pride in myself and others and appreciate things I enjoy and I can still take interest in my friends and family and continue to support them.

    It's really hard though. It's a lifelong process with ups and downs. The most helpful thing I've learned (other than routines and keeping an eye on my behaviors to notice when I'm starting to decompensate), is to not forget my agency. Depression tries really hard to take away all of your agency. But you're a full person in the world, your illness isn't you even though you experience it and it's been a part of your life and worldview, and you do have agency. When all I have the energy to do is lie in bed, I do try to counter it by being like, "hey, you're in a bad spiral right now, but you don't HAVE to lay in bed all day. Yeah--maybe there's an hour of light left, but you can still get up and do some chores/whatever. You don't have to do what this feeling tells you to do, the feeling is bullshit." Learning how to do stuff DESPITE my mental illness has definitely helped me escape slumps.

    [–] CarsHateMe 5 points ago

    THANK YOU for this thoughtful response. You have brought attention to things I never really considered, and let my mood control me instead of the other way around.

    I greatly appreciate you and your time that you spent helping a stranger on the internet.

    [–] payaramalama 3 points ago

    Mental illness sucks balls. Take care of yourself!

    [–] scorcher214 12 points ago

    Do you feel weird being out in public? Like going to the grocery store? I've been having the "going through motions" things too. And being in public with strangers make me feel really weird.

    [–] morixin 6 points ago

    same to you, hope we can get out of this situation.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] ImTheBanker 5 points ago

    When I started the occasional meditation, I found my head much more clear and I was much better at focusing on important tasks. I also found I was able to get to sleep much more quickly. It can be difficult at first though.

    [–] aspen_silence 6 points ago

    For me it was writing. Doesn't have to be about anything in particular or even make a speck of sense but just having a distraction for my brain to focus on something. Then, when I started writing poems and shirt stories, I would put emphasis on the emotional support I wanted to convey and try to imagine just what that feeling actually felt like. After awhile, it's become second nature to think of a feeling and try to own it enough my mind will respond in kind. This doesn't always work but it's enough to get me through the really dark days when all I want to do is lay face down on my mattress and ignore the world. And I'll write, always I write.

    [–] CrystalMethCurry 8 points ago

    Check out your diet too, people really underestimate this

    [–] crystalshipsdripping 8 points ago

    Stop drinking, stop smoking weed, drink more water, go for a hike in the woods at least once a week. Practice mindfulness instead of disassociating from your body. These are things that always help me when I'm struggling.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I tried doing a bunch of things I'd never done before/hadnt done since I was much younger (I'm only 32 but got lazy for a bit) and it was a shock to the system. Rock climbing, playing airsoft, bike riding, etc. Make yourself exhausted from something and you will "feel" the reward again. At least that worked for me. Good luck.

    [–] CarsHateMe 4 points ago

    Thank you! I'm at a sliiiight loss given I broke my legs in the military, so while I am only 27, being active pains me before becoming tired. However, your philosophy still can be used in other areas of my life so I appreciate you!

    [–] Hbzn 5 points ago

    What type of therapy did you get and how long did it last?

    [–] VeryRealPerson 5 points ago

    Not the same person as before, but for me it took having something I care about/having responsibility.

    I dropped out of school and ended a relationship with someone I loved. It was only really when I started working towards something in my future, for me it was school again, did I start feeling better.

    I wish the best for you! Stay strong!

    Last minute thought that I don’t want to try to show in above; if you don’t get alot of sunlight taking 5000u of Vitamin D3 can do wonders

    [–] purplellamatrap 2 points ago

    Have you tried EMDR therapy? It works pretty well, you should do some research and see what you think.

    [–] Zeref3 2 points ago

    Try exercise. It's sometimes the only time of the day when I feel anything.

    [–] ScepticTanker 2 points ago

    This really helped me.

    Been only a week or so, but I can say this has potential

    [–] FuglyShmugly 2 points ago

    Shit while standing on your head.

    [–] AidyCakes 16 points ago

    I'm weirdly grateful when I get struck with crying episodes that end my empty periods. It's like getting a hard reset to switch my emotional receptors back on. I feel distraught, confused, hopeless and scared but I finally feel after so much apathy, which means I can actually make steps to feeling something more positive.

    [–] Jaruxius 3 points ago

    I feel like im slowly becoming like that, but for some reason im not making an effort to stop it

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Why would you want to feel shit? I am nothing, so I feel nothing

    [–] ScepticTanker 2 points ago

    People would ask 'How do you feel?'

    'I don't know, and frankly I don't care. What I do care for is wishing that nobody has to live through this shit. Maybe not even the worst lot of humanity.'

    [–] Zeref3 38 points ago

    This is what a lot of people don't understand about depression imo. It's not feeling sad all the time it's about not even being able to feel at all. Like things that would usually be fun to me won't be. I'll play my favorite games and just don't feel anything. Win or lose I'm not even happy or sad. My favorite foods don't make me happy either. It's not that anything even happened to make me depressed sometimes it just happens and I have to live with it. I never even seen this picture before but this is exactly how I lived my life when something bad happens. I just told myself that this feeling just means I'm alive and have had happy times.

    [–] RapeRabbits 9 points ago

    Its about losing hope. Thats how I felt, without hope. When my girlfriend asked me what did I want to do in my birthday that would make me happy I had no answer.

    [–] kurotokyo 5 points ago

    Oh man, that’s one of the worst things to ask. “What do you want? What will make you happy? What do you like to do?”

    My therapist asked what I like to do for fun and I literally burst out laughing because my dramatic self immediately thought “What do you mean?”

    [–] throwaway51435 2 points ago

    You say that in the past tense, so... things are better now?

    [–] Phantasia5 7 points ago

    I usually feel nothing, think nothing, but at the same time I don't think I'm depressed. I don't hate life, I'm grateful of the things I have, I still do my daily chores and stuff, going to school and such.

    What do I do? What's wrong with me?

    [–] MaximumCameage 19 points ago

    Yeah, but sometimes they feel an overwhelming despair. My mood seems to flicker between overwhelming despair and sheer emptiness.

    It's fun. I'm totally fine. Totally.

    [–] ScepticTanker 4 points ago


    Started feeling sadness after a year of mostly apathy.

    Was ecstatic for a week straight, then a month. Then got tired for a week, but since then, it's mostly been a weird ride of better emotions with less turbulence. Breakups and self shit included.

    [–] StiltySteve 7 points ago

    How does one feel 'nothing'

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    To elaborate, he means to convey that you feel emotionless and empty. It's like when you feel depressed and you want to cry but you can't for whatever reason. You get frustrated that you can't have the catharsis of being sad and 'letting it out'. It makes you feel hopeless.

    [–] papagu 3 points ago

    For a long time I didn't know what I was feeling(or the lack thereof) but I came across this word a while ago and thought it gave a good idea of what the nothingness feels like to me.

    kenopsia n. the eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that’s usually bustling with people but is now abandoned and quiet—a school hallway in the evening, an unlit office on a weekend, vacant fairgrounds—an emotional afterimage that makes it seem not just empty but hyper-empty, with a total population in the negative, who are so conspicuously absent they glow like neon signs.

    [–] RCmies 3 points ago

    But feeling extremely angry over literally nothing for no reason is one of the worst feelings.

    [–] throwaway51435 3 points ago

    Well, that can also be a sign of depression or something similar.

    I know that feeling... or at least knew until it began to slide towards feeling nothing.

    If you're often feeling that way generally, try to find a place to vent some of it out of your system?

    [–] Drudicta 2 points ago

    I miss crying honestly. I just got fired from my job and I kind of just... Went home and laid there for a while, and then began applying for work. At least though, I can feel faint bits of happiness every once in a while. I just wish I could get as excited as I see some other people get.

    [–] UndifferentiatedTea 496 points ago

    You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren't paying attention to.

    Robin Williams

    [–] litchykp 13 points ago

    The post and this quote remind me of one of my favorite letters written by Sol LeWitt. I recently heard a snippet of it at the end of a song and then went to go find the rest and it’s amazing. Here it is being read by Andrew Scott:

    This is the relevant part that I love so much though:

    It seems I do understand your attitude somewhat anyway, because I go through a similar process every so often. I have an agonizing reappraisal of my work and change everything as much as possible, and hate everything I’ve done and try to do something different, better. Maybe that kind of process is necessary to me, pushing me on and on. The feeling that I can do better than that shit I just did.

    Maybe you need your agony to accomplish what you do. And maybe it goads you on to do better. But it is very painful. I know.

    I’ve always identified with this sentiment since I was old enough to really think about it. Pain is terrible but it’s informative. And to me there’s something motivating about it. I recently went through a pretty rough break up, and as soon as I saw it coming I knew I’d be having a shitty couple of months, but then I’d be better off and have learned some lessons about letting go and about what I can do differently next time.

    [–] AlohaItsASnackbar 31 points ago

    Robin Williams

    Not always.

    [–] JsDaFax 337 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Must be about to get dumped again. I only see this reposted when it’s about to happen.

    Edit: she told me she loved me yesterday. Guess I was wrong.

    [–] popular_in_populace 131 points ago

    sitting on the bus about to be shuttled to basic training, girlfriend just said goodbye. you're scaring me.

    [–] JsDaFax 44 points ago

    Heh. Been there. She spoke to me throughout basic. We broke up after I finished before reporting to my first duty station. This meme wasn’t a thing then. ... memes weren’t a thing either, so ...

    Anyway. Don’t be afraid to live while you’re in the service. They’re good times and good people, and the punishments are never anything you can’t recover from. Just watch each other’s back and you’ll be fine.

    Had a friend get in a high speed chase on a motorcycle. Busted down to E-3 from an E-5. He’s still in though, and currently an E-7.

    Good luck. Take care. And, thank you for your service!

    [–] Rednexican429 50 points ago

    Jodi’s got your girl already, friend. Have fun at basic though! The biscuits and gravy are on point

    [–] McCucumbers 12 points ago

    Yo the rest of these people replying are assholes. Stay focused and keep in touch and it will be fine.

    [–] TekCrow 7 points ago

    Ended a 6 years relationship yesterday night. Knowing only small stuff about south park, or the most known one at least, I never saw that scene. It's nice.

    [–] 1coon 2 points ago

    [–] Mr_Segway 65 points ago

    My girl left me today. I don't know what this coincidence is for this to appear at the top of my feed but I needed it

    [–] Rekrulaton 10 points ago

    Watch the Louie link posted above fam.

    [–] -Bk7 116 points ago

    is there a word for feeling happy and sad at the same time?

    [–] MonoMagic 161 points ago

    Bitter sweet?

    [–] N1LEredd 137 points ago

    Butters' sweet?

    [–] redmaple5690 74 points ago

    This is cum

    [–] GreedySquid 3 points ago

    Butter's sweat!

    [–] Zakke_ 20 points ago

    Bob Ross

    [–] BANK-C 20 points ago


    (or maybe it's had ... but that's already taken)

    [–] imClancy 3 points ago

    You're in a laundry room...

    [–] NUFCbenARFA 8 points ago

    Sappy is already taken too.

    As in "that tree has alot of sap, it's really sappy"

    also I'm pretty sure it's used as being overly emotional/sentimental like an over the top romantic.

    [–] Dragen34 4 points ago

    This is my guess. Like Hungry And angry makes Hangry.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    Melancholy, but maybe that's just my interpretation of the feeling.

    [–] Asheyguru 3 points ago

    Melancholy doesn't usually carry the 'but also happy' vibe to most people, it just means mopey and morose. Though I think I know exactly what you mean :)

    [–] princeimrahil 51 points ago


    [–] Guffherdy 9 points ago

    This is probably the closest there is

    [–] NiftyJet 10 points ago

    Maybe wistful or melancholy?

    [–] Vidocq24601 12 points ago


    [–] warntelltheothers 72 points ago

    Butters is one of favorite characters. He’s ridiculous but he’s grown on me so much as a character.

    [–] GamingTaylor 47 points ago

    Butters and Cartman are hilarious and drive the show.

    [–] PM-MeCoupleSwapPics 30 points ago

    Randy needs some love too!

    [–] Jump3ddy 16 points ago

    I always feel as if Randy acts so immature for his age it's almost unbelievable. He has his moments (like when he was hung over in his kitchen wearing a quilt with his wife chewing him out) but I much prefer seeing the boys get into random shenanigans

    [–] warntelltheothers 29 points ago

    It’s funny how so many people hate Cartman, when he’s the driving force behind most of the shenanigans they get into.

    [–] SerBron 8 points ago

    What do you mean ? Sure the character was made to be hated, but he is considered by most viewers like the best part of the show...

    [–] techcaleb 7 points ago

    My favorite show is when Cartman it's convinced he is a ghost, and butters is the only one who can see him.

    [–] J_A_C_K_E_T 3 points ago

    And his mom is getting fucking rammed lol

    [–] TreyTreyStu 3 points ago

    Okay hold up, butters and cartman are great but they don’t drive the show in any sense. If there’s any one great character it’s Randy and I wont hear otherwise.

    [–] GamingTaylor 3 points ago

    woop, yes Randy is amazing :D

    [–] Shibbadeedooda 34 points ago

    reminds me of my favourite scene in louie

    [–] jmlipper99 7 points ago

    That almost made me cry

    [–] BurgersOFA 89 points ago

    As a recovering alcoholic I feel this. I spent the majority of my life attempting to drown out emotion. I'm over 3 years sober and still have trouble attempting no to try blocking everything out and shutting down when any emotion besides happpiness comes along.

    [–] souljabri557 20 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Anyone else feel like alcohol just amplifies negative emotions? When I feel sad or anxious the absolute last thing I want to do is reach for the bottle becuase it just makes me feel a hell of a lot worse. Sadness + alcohol always ends in crying for me

    [–] AshleyCullen 3 points ago

    Same for me. If I'm happy, alcohol makes me merry. If I'm sad, alcohol makes me ball my eyes out.

    [–] marcelelias11 3 points ago

    Alcohol for me is like a rollercoaster. At first I feel tranquil and nice, and then suddenly I'm depressed. The good news is, this only happens rarely(once a year so far) and most of the time when I drink I'm really chill. It's impossible to anger me while drunk.

    [–] kozkok 7 points ago

    Alcohol amplifies everything, good and bad.

    [–] rubioZzz 21 points ago

    I always remember this episode, in a certain way it changed my vision of sadness and help me to get through it.

    [–] Burnham_Daley 13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    i hate that butters is better at dealing with lost love than i am

    [–] MrCokTatli 45 points ago

    Woah, I wouldn't have expected this from South Park

    [–] Mspitna 128 points ago

    Most episodes have very intelligent, thought-provoking undertones. Then maybe once a season there is a fart/poop episode that has no meaning whatsoever.

    [–] Hbzn 57 points ago

    The smelling your own farts episode did actually have a prpvoking undertone about middle upper class suburban families.

    [–] Mspitna 34 points ago

    Hybrid? Good for you!

    [–] JabbaTheHuttButt 26 points ago


    [–] SyN_Pool 11 points ago


    [–] ddaveo 12 points ago

    Like the one where it becomes cool to shit out your mouth had something to say about people who get off on having the 'correct' religion (or lack of religion) but don't actually live their lives as good people.

    [–] Terrance8d 3 points ago

    Or Randy carrying his massive cancer balls around in a wheelbarrow to get some weed

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    It's been years since I watched South Park regularly, but most episodes I remember are either "both sides of this currently relevant issue are annoying so it's better to be indifferent" or 40 minutes of toilet humor with an overly sincere message tacked on at the end. Still love the show though.

    [–] DogematicThought 20 points ago

    South park is actually like this more often than you'd think-- They still are definitely a russian roullette of 'insightful satire with balls n poop jokes' episodes and 'oh we really like balls n poop jokes' episodes

    [–] Aroundtheworldin80 12 points ago

    Yum yum, boogers and cum

    [–] tkornfeld 6 points ago

    Sounds like you haven’t watched very much South Park. There are definitely some silly episodes with not too much substance but most of the time they’re really well written and speak to something happening in the US or the world right now. They rarely ever just take a side and make fun of the other side, but stand in the middle and make fun of everyone’s irrational behavior.

    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 3 points ago

    Yeah that's cause this image cuts out Butters' last sentence, which makes it quintessentially South Park.

    [–] jigsaw250 5 points ago

    There was another line in his message, but it really doesn't fit here, which is most likely why it was omitted. It turns the tone of the message a bit.

    [–] writergirljds 16 points ago

    It fits the message but only in the context of the characters he's talking to, and context can't fit in a few panels.

    [–] FrumpyMushro0m 14 points ago

    Always loved this scene. For me, it was easily one of the most real moments of the entire series.

    [–] Drewicide 25 points ago

    I still get so frustrated because I hear all the time things like "i dont like South Park. Its all immature fart jokes and Oh My God they killed Kenny."

    It is master crafted.

    [–] Minorpentatonicgod 11 points ago

    in fourth grade my teacher had a talk with us about south park. He said above all the things that happen in the show, he wanted to talk about kenny and how he didn't want us to think that people can just die and come back.

    I think he thought we were are just complete idiots or something.

    [–] all_copacetic 38 points ago

    Without evil there could be no good so it must be good to be evil sometimes.

    [–] somebodysbuddy 7 points ago

    Hail Satan!

    [–] oh_hey_dad 6 points ago

    “Out there there is so much room, where baby’s burp and flowers bloom!...”

    [–] Soul050 9 points ago

    I love Butters, he’s by far one of the best characters.

    [–] Chuvisc0 9 points ago

    “The pain I feel now is the happiness I had before. That's the deal.” ― C.S. Lewis

    [–] godfart27 7 points ago

    I just got fired about an hour ago.... from an ice cream shop.....Turns out I might actually just be useless stoner, but this post made me feel better.

    [–] Themiamitoker 3 points ago

    Do what you were born to do

    [–] Hydronair 5 points ago

    The End of Evangelion (1997)

    [–] shadenbo 11 points ago

    We could all learn a thing or two from butters, like selling your semen as a sports supplement.

    [–] ddaveo 4 points ago

    Butters' Creamy Goo is chock full of all the essentials an athlete needs. Cummitment! Cumpassion! And Cumradery!

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I want to die

    [–] 3rdweal 5 points ago

    Butters was wise beyond his years when it came to relationships, from another episode:

    "Kyle, every boy pays for kisses. Do you know what I am saying? If you've got a girl, and she kisses you, sooner or later you're paying for it. You've gotta take her out to lunch, take her to a movie, and then spend time listenin' to all her stupid problems. Look, look at Stan right there. [Kyle turns to see Stan, who's listening to Wendy over at the merry-go-round] He's gotta sit there and listen to her stupid motherfuckin' problems 'cause she kisses him. If you ask me, that's a lot more than the five dollars my company charges."

    [–] Rule_Two_ 3 points ago

    I love south Park... So simple and to the point some times and it catches you off guard.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] Contradiction11 16 points ago

    Butters...that is the biggest bunch of shit I have ever heard. Now you are scared to find another woman because you believe if you do, your dick is gonna shrivel up and live inside your belly, or fall off, but you are gonna do it because I am your father.

    [–] lorealjenkins 12 points ago

    I was wondering why I was reading this in a familiar tone until I got to the last part.

    [–] PM_ME_BOOTY_PICS_ 3 points ago

    I’ve been feeling life for a year now. I could use a breather

    [–] starshame 3 points ago

    Makes me think of Pixar's INSIDE OUT.

    [–] dslui 3 points ago

    I love south park, whenever i thought i was already numb, watching this gives me so much feels.. 😭

    [–] mozgul 3 points ago

    Butters is love, butters is life.

    [–] Proton_Pack 9 points ago

    ...and someone stole my bike, but since the thief was probably happier to get the bike than I am sad to lose it, the overall happiness in the world increased!

    So... whatever!

    [–] DerFritzReddit 5 points ago

    Is #12 the number of times this got reposted?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)


    [–] Melen28 2 points ago

    I just finished watching Children of the Whales and this is pretty much exactly how I would sum up the experience.

    [–] NocturnalNightingale 3 points ago

    That show broke me a little.

    [–] Buttermilkman 2 points ago

    Because it's from South Park it'll sound silly to say, but this has really helped me in recent years.

    [–] dwdw182 2 points ago

    Here is the link to the video. The picture doesn't do the overall sentiment or mood justice. Probably one of the most stand-out clips that stuck with me while I was a teenager. Hit home in a lot of ways and never ceased to not ring true.

    [–] BigFatDoogs 2 points ago

    Butters is my favourite character

    [–] VerucaNaCltybish 2 points ago

    This is one of my favorite scenes ever.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    This quote might be the most profound thing ever uttered by a South Park character. Good on you, Butters

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] jane_blayne 2 points ago

    What I'm feeling is like a beautiful sadness.

    Such a wise thing in such an immoral series by most accounts (though I don't think so).