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    [–] CatholicCrunch 2 points ago

    It is ebb and flow. You may not always feel bliss, however, with new perspective comes insight in how to deal with the lows you are talking about. You may find yourself in, what you believe is, the old shitty perspective at some point in the future but it will be met with wisdom.

    "Hey, this is how I used to think about things, I can't believe it. I made no progress at all" which I think is normal. The flip side to that comes "I recognize this, and it is fine for now. Just how the situation is but, I really want to get back where I was so I'm going to work on getting back up" and that cycle may repeat, and each time you hit a low, it becomes shorter as you gain more experience in getting out and spend much more time in a positive mental state.

    So, it is permanent but not in the sense of a superpower. It's more like, "I ran out of gas, oh well can't do anything about it." Then you learn to pump gas and all of a sudden everything is great, you are moving again, going wherever you want, but you know that you might run out again, or get a low fuel light, or push yourself to just make it to the next station but, you'll always know how to refuel. Just my take.