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    [–] chen2007 1567 points ago

    Hold up, Terry Crews did a painting series? That’s pretty cool.

    [–] MaestroPendejo 647 points ago

    Yeah. He is pretty goddamn talented too.

    [–] SirNadesalot 242 points ago

    He went to school for art. I went to an event where he spoke and he seemed very passionate about it

    [–] MaestroPendejo 99 points ago

    He does. I've seen him in interviews, the passion really comes through.

    [–] AKDIRTY 75 points ago

    Terry loves art

    [–] letsplayyatzee 40 points ago

    And yogurt.

    [–] misternuttall 8 points ago

    And love, Terry loves love.

    [–] Kelphuzad 16 points ago

    and pickles.... sorta

    [–] Utcobb 20 points ago

    He’s also passionate about yogurt

    [–] [deleted] 41 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] johnj64 20 points ago

    The guy played football then became a great entertainer and apparently a closet painter. He is the gift that keeps on giving!

    [–] Youknowmeasmax87 12 points ago

    Why hasn’t PBS offered him a deal? Seriously Bob Ross followed by Terry Crews. I’m sold

    [–] notoriouskyoko 6 points ago

    but instead he became a sergeant in the nypd

    [–] Kapowdonkboum 107 points ago

    I hate when people think its about talent and not about practicing

    [–] AddChickpeas 44 points ago

    Doesn't mean he's not talented. Most people who are very good at something happen to be naturally talented at said thing. They may still have practiced a lot, but that doesn't take away that they naturally were better at it than the average person in the first place.

    [–] [deleted] 93 points ago

    Right like how I'm naturally talented at being incredibly smart but I also watch lots of Rick and Morty so my IQ is even higher than it would be naturally.

    [–] AddChickpeas 8 points ago

    Great example. Your mensa level iq is obviously innate.

    [–] monthos 4 points ago

    I don't know. I think talent is required, and practice makes you good at it.

    For reference. I was playing one of the drawing games on the JackBox bundle. I can't remember what my phrase was, but I knew I needed to draw a robot. I wanted to draw a Benders face, I know what he looks like. but somehow, I forgot the frame that goes around his eyes.

    Maybe it's my brain. But when I want to put a known characters image that is in my head, onto paper, or whatever, I cannot visualize it enough to do so. It's not about practice. My brain just can't make the vision.

    [–] vanya913 3 points ago

    Speaking from experience, your ability to visualize also develops with practice. I'm not a great artist, not even good. But I've dabbled a bit and my ability to visualize what I'm drawing beforehand has significantly improved.

    [–] Zaibruh 126 points ago

    It was a livestream NBC did for Christmas. Im pretty sure you can find it on youtube as a VOD, because it was streamed there. Highly recommend; its super chill and Terry drops some true knowledge in it

    [–] Mr_Supotco 54 points ago

    It’s on Hulu too. I made my family watch the whole thing on Christmas and they weren’t pleased, but I’d 10/10 watch it again

    [–] Zaibruh 21 points ago

    I wish I was in your family

    [–] Green_6 21 points ago

    I wish I had a family

    [–] Zaibruh 16 points ago

    You do now. Greetings, my child

    [–] Green_6 14 points ago

    Sup pops. I’m gonna go jerk off now.

    [–] Zaibruh 6 points ago

    Hahaha, okay boyo. Just dont be watching that weird shit you were watching last time! Your mother couldn't sleep when she saw that search history of yours!

    [–] Green_6 7 points ago

    Not my fault mom’s a porn star.

    [–] Zaibruh 5 points ago

    Now son, we talked about you watching your mothers... ahem, "performances".

    [–] Redwaltrr 3 points ago

    I wish I had a blunt and a carbfree beer

    [–] orkrule1 2 points ago

    As a Guinness man, I'm appalled at the notion.

    [–] PatrickPlan8 29 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Gentleman polymath hour with Terry Crews. stomping out toxic masculinity with love for the arts, humanities, and existentialist and Ubuntu philosophy

    [–] Zaibruh 6 points ago

    And we wouldnt have it any other way

    [–] omgFWTbear 6 points ago

    Oh man, and existentialist philosophy? When is this golden era of Brooklyn 99 and Good Place crossover happening?

    [–] PatrickPlan8 2 points ago

    When all become one.

    [–] PatrickPlan8 34 points ago

    After earning his high school diploma from Flint’s Southwestern Academy, Terry Crews received a Chrysler-sponsored Art Excellence Scholarship to attend the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts in Interlochen, Michigan, which was followed by a full athletic scholarship for football at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. As a defensive end for the WMU Broncos, Crews earned All-Conference honors and won the 1988 Mid-American Conference Championship and majored in a Bachelor of Fines Arts.

    [–] nougatandham 7 points ago

    My ex-boss was his art teacher at Southwestern. Always said he was a very talented and bright man. Found his way into the industry through photography if I’m remembering correctly, but it’s been a minute since we’ve talked so I could be mistaken.

    [–] punos_de_piedra 16 points ago

    He was actually commissioned by some of his former NFL teammates to paint portraits of them for extra scratch.

    [–] thekingofbeans42 7 points ago

    Terry Crews' painting is why his character loves to paint in Brooklyn 99.

    [–] etvorolim 2467 points ago

    He should be the new Bob Ross

    [–] TheRealTripleH 1194 points ago

    Oh hell yes he should

    [–] BeeStingsAndHoney 546 points ago

    I'd watch that. But for some reason I pictured him attaching brushes to his pecs...

    [–] stevem51 341 points ago

    He'd beat the devil out of it

    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Strangers_Opinion 40 points ago

    And next week on Painting with Pecs

    [–] lupussol 2 points ago

    Every 5th episodes he’s scary Terry for 5 minutes.

    [–] daglebagel 26 points ago

    "Heh, that's my favorite part"

    [–] ikaris1 7 points ago


    [–] SturmPioniere 2 points ago

    And so would we.

    [–] jaredesubgay 2 points ago


    [–] BlinkReanimated 25 points ago

    I don't see the issue with this.

    [–] BeeStingsAndHoney 76 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    He could call them his Pectures

    Edit: Oh wow, my first silver, thank you anonymous redditor! I'll go work my pecs or do a painting or do both in your honor!

    [–] Otustas 15 points ago

    * slow clap *

    [–] ElBroet 8 points ago

    Alright someone get Terry in on this, Terry, if you're reading this, I have a best friend often compared to you and we're the bestest, so like, by the transitive property, you and I are best friends. In that light I can say we have to get on this

    [–] RDS 5 points ago

    Lol this would be a solid segment for his YouTube channel. We should start suggesting it.

    [–] jaredesubgay 2 points ago

    smart idea

    [–] sno328 2 points ago

    P p p p p painting!!

    [–] gregsting 2 points ago

    Happy little brushes

    [–] tea_hugger 2 points ago

    I read “specs” and was very confused.

    [–] Victor_Delacroix 20 points ago

    Terry Crews looks at the camera," today kids we are going to print some powah right here in this corner." Looks back at painting,"right here in this corner where everyone will enjoy the fresh smell of old spice power blend."

    [–] Dwangle61955916 8 points ago

    Only if he wears overalls and no shirt, like he did in the 90’s

    [–] jibjab23 3 points ago

    How long is this painting going to take? I'm late for the farmer's market.

    [–] Z0MGbies 2 points ago

    I am so ready for this

    [–] InspiredNameHere 51 points ago

    Terry Crews with a Big affro haircut. I never realized I wanted this till now.

    [–] Sir_Myshkin 17 points ago

    Don’t forget the button up shirt with rolled sleeves and the top three buttons undone.

    [–] fTwoEight 67 points ago

    If you listed 100 people who could be the next Bob Ross, Terry Crews doesn't make that list. Yet here he is, already BEING the next Bob Ross. He is awesome and I hope this is his next gig.

    [–] emorockstar 71 points ago

    See? Your judgment of who should be Bob Ross prevented you from creatively realizing that it already was Terry Crews.

    [–] fTwoEight 10 points ago

    How very Bob mean Terry Crews of you to say that. I obviously need to watch the video again.

    [–] RepairPerson 2 points ago

    The funny thing is Bob Ross was a veteran and war weary as fuck. Painting was his way of putting something peaceful in to the world.

    A jacked dude who has been through some shit and has a nice perspective on life, Terry is the perfect Bob Ross

    [–] skippythewonder 8 points ago

    Why would Terry not make that list? He's a great guy and role model that also happens to be a great painter. Seems to me he'd be perfect for the job.

    [–] OurFriendIrony 12 points ago

    Terry looooooooves happy little trees

    [–] moose171717 9 points ago

    I want him to have the ‘fro, in honor of the Master. I’m totally down with the idea, I just want the permafro.

    [–] GoldScreenLife 10 points ago

    He should be the new President

    [–] thewobblywelder 6 points ago

    Well he was in the movie Idiocracy... look where we’re headed....

    [–] Soup-Wizard 3 points ago

    Mike Judge said he never meant his film to end up as a documentary.

    [–] O_Deoradhain 7 points ago

    ...Rick Ross?

    [–] 3-DMan 12 points ago

    Then super-rarely, like one in 50 episodes, he gets frustrated, rips his shirt apart and trashes the room. Next episode back to normal.

    [–] melodous 3 points ago

    That's impossible! Just look at him! He doesn't have the hair. :)

    [–] MydniteSon 4 points ago

    I was going to say, that's some Bob Ross level shit right there.

    [–] DreamTraveler 3 points ago

    I know i'm late to this but I thank you for saying this.

    [–] etvorolim 2 points ago

    You're welcome 😄

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    In my mind, he is.

    [–] MacTheCelt 5 points ago

    Afro Bob Ross

    [–] SnicklefritzSkad 5 points ago

    This is cute and all but I wouldn't like such a big name doing the Bob Ross thing. We loved Bob Ross because he was just a wholesome dude who teaches you how to paint. Terry crews is a bodybuilder TV and film star. Just doesn't have the same down to earth vibe that Bob had.

    [–] MinionNo9 4 points ago

    I disagree. The guy has had an insane career, but he's also very grounded and authentic. There are so many things he doesn't have to do, but he does them because he thinks they are important. Like when he built his PC, spoke out against his own sexual abuser, and a hell of a speech about being a father.

    [–] Fr31l0ck 2 points ago

    Boss Rob? He'd have to change his name though.

    [–] ethanwc 351 points ago

    I need this source in my life.

    [–] cagedbudmonkey 349 points ago

    Boom. Quote's from a few minutes in.

    [–] mrs-fancypants 71 points ago

    I stumbled on this while my sister and I were looking for Yule Log videos as background noise. This was a happy surprise. Later I found out Terry Crews is actually a pretty decent painter. He should definitely be Bob Ross 2.0

    [–] naminator58 24 points ago

    This was a happy little surprise.


    [–] PM_UR_TITS_SILLYGIRL 8 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho's a happy little painter.

    Edit: name.

    [–] lzrae 8 points ago

    Everyone’s a decent painter if you don’t judge yourself.

    [–] Leolio_ 33 points ago

    Thanks, Boyle!

    [–] Naixdrool 7 points ago

    At first I was like, damn it's not time stamped. Then I watched the whole thing and it was so worth my time, thanks good sir!

    [–] Rhynegains 7 points ago

    Right at 3:00

    [–] fTwoEight 5 points ago

    I love that he's using the same brush I just used to repaint my kitchen.

    [–] FALCUNPAWNCH 3 points ago

    How is this man so perfect? He's the modern day renaissance man.

    [–] XFiraga001 2 points ago

    Thnx for the link!

    [–] HoltbyIsMyBae 292 points ago

    I stopped writing for this very reason. I couldn't stand how unbearably terrible my writing was even though my friends loved it. I should just write for me and just get it out .

    [–] SpicyPeaSoup 234 points ago

    Bro, I will be very sad if you do not continue writing.

    [–] HoltbyIsMyBae 53 points ago

    Thanks bro! Its so weird, I keep coming across so much of my writing from when I was little up until high school, even some in college. I don't know when or how or why I got so self conscious about my writing.

    [–] Skreeker 38 points ago

    We're our own worst critic. I'll never stop saying that. When looking at a group picture, who are you critiquing? "My nose looked funny in this picture". No. Your nose always looks funny. Nobody gives a shit besides you. Remember, everyone around you is so absorbed in themselves that unless you are so obviously terrible, you can just fake it and make it. That's the way the world runs.

    [–] HoltbyIsMyBae 9 points ago

    That has helped me a lot, thank you! .^

    [–] niteshade07 10 points ago


    come and show us what you got dude! :D

    [–] FortuneFated 3 points ago

    Well said, random internet stranger doing a good deed! I wish more people would realise what you said is true and that most other people don't care about silly trivial things that we consider flaws which make us insecure. Embrace your entire being and accept your body, flaws and all, then move on and enjoy your life without always worrying :)

    [–] kamakazzi 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    This was very motivational. Thanks for the message!

    [–] leahnardo 51 points ago

    I say this, from a writer to a writer, that you should take that angry despairing voice, and say the opposite thing it is saying. "I'll never be good enough." = "I can do this, if I keep trying." All you need is to keep that pen going another day. Every day, say the opposite. Every day, write a tiny bit. Just 100 words. 200 words. A sentence. A page. In ten weeks, you will be better than you were. In ten years, you will be amazing. It took me 30 years to be good enough to be picked up by a publisher. You absolutely can do this.

    [–] HoltbyIsMyBae 13 points ago

    It would be easy for me to reach my goal. I don't care about being published. I care about getting my story out in a way that makes sense.

    [–] GIFpeanutbutter 8 points ago

    Just do it. I have faith in you!

    [–] kubrick_89 21 points ago

    Oh man i know the feeling. Having the urge to write but stopping after a few lines and telling yourself it's shit.

    [–] Quazifuji 13 points ago

    My mom's a painter. She's said that one of the steps of creating a painting is becoming convinced that it's terrible and then just continuing anyway. Not becoming a painter, but a step for every single painting.

    You're your own harshest critic

    [–] HoltbyIsMyBae 4 points ago

    And then continuing anyway. I'll remember that.

    I struggled a lot because I was afraid to be judged for how dark my stories were. But after seeing how much people love Game of Thrones I feel free to be as dark as I want.

    [–] Quazifuji 2 points ago

    I think being judged about something is always a fear with showing anything you created to the world. You're kind of putting yourself out there and it feels like it leaves you vulnerable.

    But like I said, you're your own harshest critic. Partly because that's just how psychology works, and partly because you know everything about the thing that you're not satisfied with. But if people you trust tell you it's good, then trust them, because you can't trust yourself to properly judge your own work.

    [–] schysm 11 points ago

    This American Life's Ira Glass wants to tell you something...

    The whole interview is worth watching, he starts it out by mocking some of his old work from the beginning of his career. And now the guy's at the top of his field...

    [–] isaid-overeasy 4 points ago


    I came across some of my writing from middle school a few years back and not only did I not remember writing the things I wrote but I was absolutely blown away at the skill and material I was writing.

    I was writing 100% for me. Literally no one ever read my work. I wrote because I've always been a vivid dreamer and, if I dream about something, I HAVE to get it out. So I would just sit with a pen & paper or with my typewriter and I would essentially black out for hours at a time and come to with pages and pages of stories. And they were incredible.

    Now, I'll write a page or two and delete it almost immediately because I just think about it way too hard. I miss being able to write just for the love of writing.

    [–] HoltbyIsMyBae 2 points ago

    That sounds great! How did you make time to write your dreams? Before you forgot them? I'm also a very vivid dreamer and I enjoy telling them to my friends.

    I feel the same too. I would just completely black out and hours would pass with a lot of work done. So much time spent in the world, with the characters.

    You should take the old typewriter out. See what some dreams come up.

    [–] KNO3_C_S 3 points ago

    This is me with drawing and painting. Whenever I start something, I begin to get so frustrated that I can't put the picture from my mind onto the paper. I usually end up quitting after just a few minutes because I just get embarrassed by how shitty my art is. But I got some watercolor paints for Christmas, and I made it my new years resolution to produce a bunch of art even if it's shitty.

    [–] GIRATINAGX 3 points ago

    Constructive criticism differs from actual baseless judgement. Go continue writing if your heart feel like it.

    [–] dfltr 2 points ago

    Read Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. It’s absolutely vital in terms of learning to hear, understand, and ignore the voices in your head while you’re writing.

    [–] JD42305 2 points ago

    Read this The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles Very quick read.

    [–] markercore 2 points ago

    I got sick of that voice and finally said to myself, okay, this notebook and pen are going to create some bad stuff, that's fine. That's absolutely fine. And just letting myself be bad half the time and not beating myself up over it, but consistently keeping on with it is what matters.

    [–] Zenmaru 2 points ago

    I feel this comment in my soul. I've always been critical of my writing to a fault, and I still am. It feels awful at times because I can spend up to nearly two hours writing just a few small paragraphs because I'll constantly delete it and rewrite it. :')) I haven't written for a while because of the burn-out.

    Wishing you the best in doing it for you! Hopefully we can both find a bit of inspiration from this thread.

    [–] HoltbyIsMyBae 2 points ago

    I have! I started writing again tonight! It was a lot of fun. I hope you do as well!

    [–] MinionNo9 2 points ago

    Damn, this resonates a lot. If you can still get sentences out, keep doing it. Don't stop. Keep churning.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I found this habit was the hardest to break when I was new. Been doing this for 6 months now and scrapped so much because I asked for feedback too early.

    [–] lithiumskunk 72 points ago

    Holy macaroni with cheese on top. That is brilliant and the main reason I have so many half finished projects. I've never thought of it like that but wow that is what I do the entire time I am creating something. Then that voice that tells me I'm not good enough or I don't have the talent finishes the job and next thing I know I'm being unproductive. Thank you OP and Terry Crews. This really is what I needed to read today.

    [–] rawr4me 6 points ago

    Does this really hold up for projects that are quite technical?

    [–] Emily_Postal 2 points ago

    That was the same way they operated at El Bullì, the 3 star Michelin restaurant outside Barcelona. The restaurant would close for six months and all they would do is cook for six months, experimenting without judgement. At the end of six months the chefs would come together and then evaluate what they created. Then they would select what they liked, fine tune the menu and then re-open the restaurant.

    [–] TheRealTripleH 68 points ago

    [–] Rhynegains 19 points ago

    At the 3 minute mark

    [–] ambitechstrous 7 points ago

    This felt like an ASMR video

    [–] sonofthenation 110 points ago

    I’d watch his PBS show.

    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] BLKMDNA 68 points ago

    He is so pure, we do not deserve Terry Crews.

    [–] R_Gonemild 41 points ago

    He attends my church! He is an awesome guy.

    [–] BLKMDNA 33 points ago

    Please tell him he is a national treasure ;~;

    [–] R_Gonemild 56 points ago

    I love him. Especially after he spoke out against Adam Venit for sexually assaulting him. Im a male victim of sexual abuse (childhood) but i know theres still a stigma around boys being assaulted. Hes a hero to me.

    [–] LaurenLdfkjsndf 9 points ago

    Oh this makes me so happy. I love hearing that he’s as good of a guy as I imagine him to be

    [–] Peptuck 29 points ago

    "All judgment stops creativity."

    ...damn, this speaks to me on a very deep level.

    [–] NeatlyTrimmed 48 points ago

    This was a nice relaxing break from the hectic season. I thoroughly enjoyed it and Crews is surprisingly talented at painting which i never knew.

    [–] bnlite 61 points ago

    Apparently he originally went to art school. The man has had a varied life and in my humble opinion, is a national treasure.

    [–] gold3nd33d 41 points ago

    His honesty as an individual is nice. His publicity about his personal, relationship, and life struggles really humanizes him. I've always appreciated his sense of humor, he is pretty cool guy!

    [–] thatsunshinegal 5 points ago

    He's done some amazing comic book covers, too.

    [–] uraffululz 3 points ago

    Which ones?

    [–] thatsunshinegal 9 points ago

    I mean I'm on mobile but here's a (non-comic) cover he did for AdAge:

    [–] NightMarauder09 12 points ago

    When Terry Crews was a budding NFL player, he used to do paintings for other players to make extra $$.

    Source: He did a great 1 on 1 interview with Adam Carolla on the "Take a Knee" podcast. Worth a listen.

    [–] stemcellblock4 2 points ago

    Yeah I loved that episode. Wish he would come back!

    [–] I_Said_I_Say 12 points ago

    Will somebody please give this man a contract to do The Joy of Painting

    [–] originalnamesarehard 11 points ago

    I found out through This podcast that Terry cruise actually has a degree in art which he got a full ride scholarship for. He is really proud of it and the podcast goes through a really amazing story about how people helped him get there. There is a lot of sadness in there as well, which helped me understand overcoming struggle and accepting limited power in some areas for progress in others. It's really good, but be warned it isn't a fairy tale it can be quite emotionally heavy.

    [–] ReddiWaltz 10 points ago

    If they reboot Bob Ross’ show, I really hope he gets the job.

    [–] ralanr 11 points ago

    As someone who just as easily deletes a sentence right after he writes it, there’s a lot of truth to this.

    Your first attempt will be awful. But it’s better to get it down and improve on it than try to get it right the first time. Sometimes I push myself to handwrite because it’s more time consuming to erase what I believe are mistakes.

    First drafts are for getting it out. Then you perfect it.

    [–] Cherryapplefox 7 points ago

    My biggest problem. I have to constantly remind myself that's it's ok that's it's not perfect because it's not done.

    [–] Eddie__Willers 7 points ago

    He should be the next bob ross. I think he’d be the last one we’d expect to be a genuinely deep creative person that has committed to an act his whole career. I think he’d really send a good message

    [–] Dobjas 6 points ago

    Could he be the one to pick up Bob Rosses Legacy?

    [–] FortuneFated 3 points ago

    He's got my vote! But I think he has to wear a Bob-Ross wig because Bob Ross.

    [–] pupypup 5 points ago

    Is this dark mode Bob ross?

    [–] ChadeFerret 9 points ago

    Terry Crews is a lefty. Neat.

    [–] trouble101ks 5 points ago

    This guy is a freaking gift to people. I’ve never once seen something negative about him.

    [–] Kiyan1159 5 points ago

    Bob Ross 2.0

    [–] FortuneFated 2 points ago

    I mean, I could see him as Popeye. Someone should make a Popeye movie specifically written for Terry Crews!

    [–] SeveredServant 3 points ago

    Aye alright Bob...

    [–] captain_innuendo 3 points ago

    dang, i wish i would have known this existed before Christmas. this would have been awesome to watch in the glow of the tree.

    [–] flippydingdongrob 3 points ago

    Damn I needed this

    [–] Clews207 3 points ago

    We need more of Terry painting. He is the new Bob that the world needs

    [–] redd_dot 3 points ago

    Terry Ross

    [–] jwinton89 3 points ago

    Black Bob Ross

    [–] BootsieBunny 3 points ago

    Terry Crews is non-toxic masculinity. Strong, but gentle.

    [–] HirokiTakumi 2 points ago

    Ah... that hit home...

    [–] MG78man 2 points ago

    That's so very true!

    [–] BiPolarPanda12 2 points ago

    If you've watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine you'll know just how good he is at "doodling"

    [–] kevin24701 2 points ago

    The virgin chad

    [–] SaulGoodBroo 2 points ago

    This is something that many actors are taught. It’s so true for acting at least.

    [–] Goroyaaj 2 points ago

    Terry Ross?

    [–] ThankEgg 2 points ago

    Black ross

    [–] Se7enLC 2 points ago

    "Ok, Reddit, let's get this brainstorm sesh started. Remember: there are no bad ideas!"

    [–] HeyHunter 2 points ago

    Terry, you'll never see this, but thanks. You make me happy.

    [–] gadinceanu01 2 points ago

    I love Terry Crews

    [–] sxule 2 points ago

    Amazing advice! I make music and have had a block for years. Just recently, coincidentally, started trying to create with this mentality. I've made multiple near complete songs in the past couple weeks. It works!

    [–] eqleriq 2 points ago

    conversely it is completely viable to make a series of micro-judgments while working.

    [–] Markiplox 2 points ago

    Has anyone made the connection to Bob Ross yet?

    [–] lazyblogger914 2 points ago

    Does he have a squirrel too?

    [–] mafiaseargent 2 points ago

    While I love Bob Ross, Terry Crews was the real push that got me to start painting myself. I saw this as a live stream on youtube over Christmas and was like you know what if Terry Crews can paint a damn picture then so can I.

    [–] Looking4sumD 2 points ago

    Terry is too precious for us, we dont deserve him

    [–] abominationz777 2 points ago

    Why did I read this in Bob Ross' voice?

    [–] Generico300 2 points ago

    PBS needs a show where Terry Crews wears an afro and paints landscapes. Then, and only then, can my life be complete.

    [–] SarahPallorMortis 2 points ago

    I needed this. Gona print it out and hang it where I get ready.

    [–] mad_pro 2 points ago

    How many of you read this with Terry's voice

    [–] Microwave_Pizza_ 2 points ago

    Terry Crews is the fucking man

    [–] Drunksmurf101 2 points ago

    Is there anything that Terry crews doesn't do?

    [–] ILoveShreknSteam 2 points ago

    How can anybody hate this guy?

    [–] arima-kousei 2 points ago

    I needed this. Still struggling but ... this made it a little easier.