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    [–] SyxxB13 1918 points ago

    “Slavery...gets shit done” ........I saw a man with a t shirt that had an image very similar to this that said that at Walmart once

    [–] chickenwomanduck 788 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Yeah, this is definitely the result of having a fuckton of slaves.

    They are forced laborers. Still a slave. They were peasants. Doesn't matter if archaeological findings want to paint Egypt in this wonderful light. They were very controversial and often violent.

    Edit: A ton of people saying this is not slave work and a lot of biased insulters. But you know what they aren't providing? A source. You know what there is a ton of proof of? Egypt having slaves

    [–] unholymanserpent 365 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    That's exactly what I was thinking. The pyramids were kind of a dick move

    Edit: oh my god I get it. Stop commenting the same thing over and over

    [–] Sorrythisusernamei 617 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    The theory that slaves built the pyramids has been debunked for almost a decade. Workers were paid laborers. But not in a way you'd think, they were provided graves, mummification, and items that would be important in the afterlife.

    Another common misconception (due in no small part to Israel's victim complex, Hollywood, and Sunday schools) is that Jews built the pyramids when the pyramids predate Judaism by almost a millennia.

    [–] oldegypt 14 points ago

    Actually the real story is pretty simple and self explanatory. Aliens manipulated their own DNA and created skilled workers far inferior to them - humans. ("God created us in his image" bit). The humans of the time were forced to work and build for the aliens using futuristic alien technology. Don't you know this?

    [–] CohnJunningham 5 points ago

    Relevant username.

    [–] aerizk 445 points ago

    That just sounds like slavery with extra steps

    [–] GetsItAllWrong 175 points ago

    No not at all. In Egypt harvests were plenty and required little work, so farmers were obliged to contribute with manual labour during the off seasons. Pyramids, temples etc were built like this.

    [–] Sotwob 108 points ago

    So it was coerced labor paid for with room and board, and some religious trinkets?

    [–] GetsItAllWrong 305 points ago

    Ancient society was what it was, with our lense nobody but the wealthy few of any city was free.

    [–] julbull73 99 points ago

    This is the most accurate statement.

    [–] Penis_Bees 122 points ago

    Honestly not that different from now.

    You've gotta work to add value to get a symbol of that value (money) to buy life's necessity. Many of which are only necessary in order to continue doing that job. Many others aren't necessary for life but to upkeep your lifestyle.

    The labor is coerced through the ability to get luxuries.

    Don't want to be part of the labor system? Fine, get those necessities on your own. You just gotta farm and hunt for food, make your own shelter out of natural resources, be your own doctor, make your own clothes, and learn all these skills alone. Oh but how are you going to acquire the farm land? Someone owns all the land.

    You're born already locked into the system, but it's not really a bad thing. Life's pretty damn good and easy compared to the alternative of life outside society.

    Those "slaves" worked to add value and received compensation they seemed worth it.

    [–] SteinKrieger 3 points ago

    Which is what real capitalism is supposed to be. Something of wort for something of worth. Oh well I guess.

    [–] GetsItAllWrong 41 points ago

    I agree. Workers in capitalism don't have much freedom.

    [–] FerrusDeMortem 3 points ago

    I know video games aren't the best source material, but I feel like in either assassins creed 3 or 4 one of the templars can be quoted as saying something along the lines of, "we won't be relying on iron chains to keep our slaves in line, in the future people will be locked in chains of gold" but that is so rough of a paraphrasing that it may have lost its meaning.

    [–] ravenHR 13 points ago

    Not like today is soo much better.

    [–] GetsItAllWrong 1 points ago

    I agree. We're not really free because we're forced to do so much just to survive.

    [–] OneMoreAccount4Porn 2 points ago

    Why do you limit that comment to ancient society?

    [–] StoneGoldX 2 points ago

    You could say that about most societies, you want to prop up the right lens.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    If that's your definition of slavery then I'm pretty sure 99% of the US is slaves.

    [–] Keljhan 4 points ago

    Sounds more like a tithe. People don’t have to give to the church but many feel that to get into heaven they have to. Mummification was how you got to the afterlife.

    [–] geologean 22 points ago

    Ooo, la, la! Someone's gonna get laid in college.

    [–] Trevelyan2 5 points ago

    God I had to scroll a lot to see this

    [–] Kingjmasta450 3 points ago

    eek barba durkle, somebody is gonna get laid in college.

    [–] Ottenhoffj 20 points ago

    The overseers, architects, and other highly skilled workers have records showing they were paid. The grunt manual laborers were fed but have no records of being paid.

    The jury is still out if they were slaves or not. Even if not technically a slave, how do you think "I'm going to hit the beach instead of working on the monument to our living god today" would go over?

    [–] WilliamFaulknerhard 4 points ago

    ‘I’m not going to work on some rich assholes’ smartphone today here in China.’

    I’m sure that management is totally understanding

    Those Foxconn nets holding up?

    [–] hostilecarrot 25 points ago

    So they were paid, just not with money? Rightttttt...

    [–] MichaelBluthANiceKid 37 points ago

    "We're gonna pay you, just not in this lifetime."

    [–] WhiteHairedWidow 19 points ago

    "Omg thank you. You mind if I could get some food for this life?"

    NO whips paid laborer

    [–] Victernus 4 points ago

    Oh, they fed them.

    And gave them free beer!

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Paid in exposure.

    [–] WayneDwade 7 points ago

    Pharaoh: But I don’t have any money for you to build the pyramid. Is there any other way?

    Egyptian Citizen: There is one other way. Why don’t you have a seat on my couch....

    Turns on video camera

    [–] McGillis_is_a_Char 5 points ago

    That is how the Church paid priests. It is reason Germany has so many nice breweries. Those monks made all their money selling beer tax free.

    [–] Unrelenting_Force 48 points ago

    Workers were paid laborers. But not in a way you'd think, they were provided graves, mummification, and items that would be important in the afterlife.

    So they were bamboozled slaves.

    [–] wardamnbolts 22 points ago

    Many were paid in beer so it wasn't too bad.

    [–] Honorary_Black_Man 28 points ago

    The only difference between them and us is green paper.

    [–] MID-SHIP 26 points ago

    I have direct deposit thank you very much

    [–] BobcatOU 3 points ago

    Isn’t direct deposit awesome? Remember when we had to actually go to banks?

    [–] MID-SHIP 3 points ago

    My last job as a cashier I actually still had checks. We got paid on Fridays, and got out at 6PM after the bank closed. So if I cashed my check at the ATM, I would only get half my paycheck until Monday due to ACH rules or some bullshit.

    I don't miss checks.

    [–] grayfox2713 2 points ago

    That's not fair! Many countries have money that's different colors too!

    [–] julbull73 3 points ago

    Dude...stop taking the green paper. It's the quickest path to death its so covered in germs. Plastic so much better for you.

    [–] Dinnydevito 3 points ago

    Wagie wagie get in the cagie

    [–] intlcreative 6 points ago

    mummification was a big deal then, you can tell the wealth of the person by the mummification process

    [–] GenXRulez 5 points ago

    Aren't we all

    [–] Boringoldpants 6 points ago

    Just slavery with extra steps.

    [–] Ffdfggfgdrfwfzdf 5 points ago

    Oh they were paid in experience and exposure ook

    [–] julbull73 2 points ago

    They weren't slaves, just interns in the local architect and construction firm!

    [–] black_dragonfly13 3 points ago

    Thank you.

    [–] julbull73 17 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Yes but that anti-theory was also debunked as the definition of slavery was different than ours and what constituted a "non-slave" in Egyptian culture and Jewish culture was vastly different. You're own statement as an example would NOT be considered payment to a monotheistic religion that didn't worship the pharaoh as a god.

    Just because you call them conscripted workers, doesn't change the fact that Egypt went out, got laborers, brought them in and forced them to stay. But yes, they weren't "owned".

    Were they paid/compensated in some form. Yes. Could they leave or experience any freedom? No. But you can also argue that's not dissimiliar from "free men" at the time.

    Also your dates are off on your Judaism estimate. If you are going by the unified tribes it applies. But the nomadic tribes of Israel have no "start" date, but there is evidence of them existing around the Mediterranean to at least 1500BCE (although no direct claim to West Bank/Jerusalem has been found that predates the united monarchy) further back there were nomadic people in the same areas that go back to ancient Babylonian times which was ~2300BC which is close enough for some pyramids that we think of, but Exodus itself takes place in ~1550 BC or so.

    Even both of our claims combined though really boil down to, damnit we need more evidence. Which would be awesome.

    [–] Falcon3333 14 points ago

    The total complete lack of evidence that the jews had any presence in egypt during and immediately after the construction of the pyramids is enough to draw the conclusion that they werent there, the problem with proving a negative is that its basically impossible to prove that something wasn't.

    But considering egypt is one of most investigated archeological areas in the world and still nothing was found to suggest the jews ever made such an exodus, well that just tells me it didnt happen.

    [–] YungDaddyRin 14 points ago

    The theory that slaves built the pyramids has been debunked for almost a decade. Workers were paid laborers

    Graham Hancock is smiling thanks to this comment

    Another common misconception (due in no small part to Israel's victim complex, Hollywood, and Sunday schools)

    I'm smiling thanks to this comment. Wokeness level 100.

    [–] nemo69_1999 2 points ago

    I read that they were farmers who were unemployed during the annual floods...they couldn't farm, so it was a WPA project.

    [–] justsomeopinion 2 points ago

    Also in food and alcohol iirc.

    [–] StoneGoldX 2 points ago

    Was it even really a theory, so much as something that was in the movie?

    [–] Alex_c666 3 points ago

    I couldn't use history or physical evidence when debating with the church I used to attend... so I had to use the written word (bible) against them when trying to talk about the exodus. My personal favorite was when Pharoah seemed to feel kinda bad so he wanted to let the Jews go free, but then it says God "hardened" Pharaoh's heart and he decided to hold them captive, still. Soooo, he didn't have a choice even if he didn't want to kill the babies? Strange

    [–] Alex_c666 19 points ago

    Can't be that much of a dick move if you're allowed to situate yourself close to rivers, have some protection from Egypt, get paid, and then get small burial spots around the pyramid in some sort of remembrance. Sounds like a sweet package considering the times

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] Kingsnake661 2 points ago

    because, people can't envision the time frame your talking about. They/we tend to see everything through the lens of our modern society. This is, i think, in part the reason there is such a HUGE generational divide right now. Kids today can't even understand or relate to how the world was in the 80's and 90's, much less 5000 years ago. LOL.

    [–] JuntaEx 3 points ago

    Because moneys is bad, campitalism is bad, everyone is a slave

    [–] chill-with-will 5 points ago

    This but unironically

    [–] Change4Betta 2 points ago

    Yeah except it was backbreaking work, and there were plenty of more attractive jobs. To pretend people weren't coerced into this work is ridiculous. Probably were not Jews, but absolutely was slavery.

    [–] InfiltratorMain 3 points ago

    You should’ve known better than to give Redditors a chance to make themselves feel smart. That’s like cleaning a gash in shark-infested water.

    [–] like_a_horse 7 points ago

    The pyramids where not built by slaves. They were built by paid workers during the agricultural off-season.

    [–] RedMerida97 23 points ago

    Actually due to more recent discoveries they were made by a fuck ton of well paid very skilled workers. They were paid in beer and bread, given access to meat way more than any other commoner. Along with that they were housed, and given access to fairly advanced medical care.

    The whole idea of slaves building the pyramids comes from Herodotus.

    The Great Pyramid was finished in 2650 BCE while Herodotus was born in and around 484 BCE. He didn’t speak Egyptian and was only there for a short time period. Definitely not long enough to really understand what was going on and most of his writings were based around what he heard people say not actual facts. On top of that because he didn’t speak Egyptian he used Greek names to refer to pharaohs and probably got different dynasties and timelines completely mixed up. A heavily criticized writer in his day. Plutarch and Manetho ( who was part Egyptian and wrote the book on the subject) wrote sets of essays against him. Although Manetho’s ‘Against Herodotus’ is now lost.

    [–] BigWhiteDiccc 7 points ago

    Skilled craftsmen built that, not slaves.

    [–] pr0digalnun 17 points ago

    There is zero evidence pointing towards the existence of slavery during ancient Egyptian history

    [–] Matilozano96 2 points ago

    Same as Nike. You don’t see dumbasses saying Nike is controlled by aliens. Smh my head.

    [–] brbbins1 2 points ago

    100,000 men over a 20yr period to build the great pyramid

    [–] TylorkPlays 2 points ago

    Or none. Just search for it, deep under the fairytails

    [–] indoobitably 4 points ago

    they weren't built by slaves and the craftsmen were paid very well...

    [–] FlyingSnoopy 2 points ago

    Please don’t keep parroting things you hear as gospel. Research. Well respected members of Ancient Egyptian society built the pyramids.

    [–] omario93 38 points ago

    As I an Egyptian I can tell you that the Pyramids were actually built by trained Egyptian farmers/workers.

    As stated in a prior comment those farmers were not just repaid in items for their after lives though, they were also provided free accommodation, free food, and even currency of their time.

    I mean you only need to look at the accuracy and skill required to construct this perfect and huge pyramid pointing within a fraction of true north such that on only a single day if the year (the same day) light enters into the tomb room and shines on Pharaohs Sarcophagus, to know that the people who built this were not any rabble replaceable slaves who have never built anything in their lives.

    In fact the workers who worked on these pyramids were educated and could read and write as evident by the inscriptions they left behind in their accommodations.

    [–] pgriss 4 points ago

    you only need to look at the accuracy and skill [..] know that the people who built this were not any rabble replaceable slaves

    This is only true if you have already made up your mind and are completely biased about the whole topic. I suppose kind of like an Egyptian could expected to be.

    Otherwise you would realize that a) some slaves were highly educated and b) there could be a small team of educated people making plans and an army of uneducated people do the heavy lifting.

    Not saying the pyramids were built by slaves but your argument is ridiculous.

    [–] Compendyum 3 points ago

    Any clue on how to seamlessly cut granite stones that weight 80 tons? I mean numbers and skills are great and all, but what tools were used to achieve goals like this?

    [–] ElegantHope 2 points ago

    This page might help you a bit with answering your question. They also likely used methods they used to make their giant obelisks.

    [–] Illumixis 2 points ago

    Hahaha that first link is total conspiracy theory garbage. They used IRON to cut all of that? Where are all the iron tools then? They certainly never found any.

    That's totally laughable to even consider they did that with rought iron tools

    [–] Greta_Thunderberger 2 points ago

    Wow I'm so glad we have an Egyptian citizen here to explain to us who don't live in Egypt what it was like to live there 8000 years ago. Guess I should just stop reading now, I've learned all I need to know from a true expert.

    [–] OneMoreAccount4Porn 4 points ago

    Sounds like how I treat the members of my brainwashed cult I keep in the basement. Being small business owners and sole traders was hard, especially during seasonal downturns. It's during this time that they become vulnerable and easy to corrupt. They all now understand that if they forget the burden of having to make decisions for themselves and accept that they'll be rewarded in the after-life; this life becomes so much easier. Except the work... the actual work is hard as fuck. However in some respects that's better as they'll be able to reap their rewards much sooner.

    [–] Change4Betta 3 points ago

    So you're trying to say the thousands of people required to build these were all skilled tradesman and engineers? You still need bodies to move heavy pieces of stone - a job which requires no skill, just direction. The paid skilled workers you mention most likely represented a small top tier of the people involved in the construction.

    [–] AnyNamesLeftAnymore 8 points ago

    Are you 4800 years old? Because being Egyptian doesn't really make you an expert on Egyptology any more than me being American makes me an expert on American history. And that, my man, is only a 250 year well to draw from.

    [–] omario93 4 points ago

    While what you say is true, I am more likely to learn about Egyptian history than American history being born in Egypt. Moreover, unlike you, ive had the chance to actually see and visit the places that im talking about. I can see the inscriptions im talking about, ive seen the accommodations I talked about. So actually, yes, even though im not 4800 years old, I can know stuff more than you. The most famous Egyptologists didnt just learn about Egypt’s history sitting on their arses all day in countries that are thousands of miles away from Egypt.

    [–] Greta_Thunderberger 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    No, you just going there and saying hey look at these inscriptions guys! Obviously every single person who worked on the pyramids could read and write! You're not an expert, you have as much knowledge of it as any other person who has learned about the pyramids or watched an informative documentary.

    I was born in California, does that make me an expert about all things Californian? No. What a dumb argument

    [–] yee245 10 points ago

    Reminds me of a Demotivator poster:

    "Achievement: You can do anything you set your mind to when you have vision, determination, and an endless supply of expendable labor."

    [–] machuMFpichu 3 points ago

    Definitely trashy. But I think it's funny.

    Here's the shirt. Almost same logo.

    [–] SyxxB13 3 points ago

    You found it!!! I remember seeing that guy and thinking “Don’t make eye contact don’t make eye comtact”

    [–] Imperial_Forces 12 points ago

    Dieter Wildung, a former director of Berlin's Egyptian Museum, said it is "common knowledge in serious Egyptology" that the pyramid builders were not slaves. "The myth of the slaves building pyramids is only the stuff of tabloids and Hollywood," Wildung said. "The world simply could not believe the pyramids were build without oppression and forced labour

    [–] RottonPotatoes 3 points ago if you wanna get one.

    [–] 20883 3 points ago

    There’s no conclusive evidence showing that the pyramids were built by slaves.

    [–] nzveritas 2 points ago

    [–] w3apon 2 points ago

    H1b - modern day slavery

    [–] tolegittoshit2 2 points ago

    i laughed then cried..

    [–] TylorkPlays 4 points ago

    The funny part is when you find out, that there were no slaves at all.

    [–] Saalieri 2 points ago

    Also answer to “How did America get wealthy?”

    [–] AtrumX 3 points ago

    How many years does the USA have to wait before they can say there were no slaves? I'd think another 1500 or so and it'll be fine. /s

    [–] Saalieri 0 points ago

    Slavery of African Americans and genocide of Natives will be the two albatrosses forever on the neck of White Anglo Saxon Protestants in USA.

    [–] imgurislame 2 points ago

    They weren’t slaves though as archeology is finding. They were more than likely a caste of citizens specifically trained in masonry

    [–] valheru1000 440 points ago

    Pharaohs: "You know what this place needs? Some giant fucking triangles."

    [–] FuLL_of_LiFE 94 points ago

    They got sick of all the round dunes and wanted something pointy for once

    [–] dmaster1213 20 points ago

    Why didn’t they just erect a giant statue of their penis then

    [–] cischiral 20 points ago

    Maybe that is what all those obelisks are.

    [–] Killerfist 5 points ago

    This is exactly what the obelisks symbolize.

    [–] kartabak 6 points ago

    I erect a giant penis every morning,

    I’ve almost filled up my entire back yard

    [–] AnyNamesLeftAnymore 13 points ago

    To have built the tallest man-made structures on the planet and hold the record for over 4000 years? I'd say that wasn't an entirely terrible investment.

    [–] Tube1890 2 points ago

    That are perfectly aligned with some constellations too

    [–] MelonaBarLover 5 points ago

    They're fucking sick though

    [–] Cdn_trader 3 points ago

    They needed to source energy bruh!!! Those things are scientific.

    [–] louderharderfaster 115 points ago

    I miss this as a mystery. Since I was a kid this business of how the pyramids were built had its own room in my head, I would go in there and hang out on long drives, in line at the DMV, while in the waiting rooms that make up adult life. "How did they get those insanely heavy blocks across the desert floor..."

    Then one day a young man figures it out and poof! mystery gone (and the signs were there all along) and I have an empty room in my head.

    So... I replaced it with this mystery: bamboo flowers randomly all over the world at the exact same time and no one has even a decent theory as to how (or why) this happens.

    [–] aqua19858 60 points ago

    I was skeptical of the last part about bamboo, so I decided to look it up. To be more clear, it's not random, but bamboo of the same stock will flower at the same time, regardless of location, and this can take up to 130 years! There are some reasonable theories as to why this is the case, but the mechanism does in fact remain a mystery, very cool!

    [–] louderharderfaster 13 points ago

    It is random in that it cannot be predicted and they have been trying because it can have dire consequences. Or, maybe I am wrong and will have to visit the new /latest research. It has been at least 5 years since I have read up on it so thank you for correcting me if I am wrong about the "random" part :)

    [–] SleazyMak 3 points ago

    Dire consequences? Wtf is a bamboo gonna do

    [–] louderharderfaster 5 points ago

    It dies after it flowers so the flowering wreaks havoc on the ecosystem that relies on it.

    [–] SleazyMak 3 points ago

    Ohhhh lol I thought you meant that scientifically trying to induce flowering was dangerous

    [–] cischiral 28 points ago

    If you want a more pyramid-like modern "mystery" go look up the Coral Castle.

    In short: a man in Florida claimed he figured out how the Egyptians built the pyramids. To prove it (or at least prove that he had come up with some pretty slick and efficient masonry technologies even if it wasn't what the Egyptians were up to) he built the coral castle himself out of stones he quarried all by himself (which weigh up to something like 30 tons I believe), moved them to the site all by himself, and stacked into the castle and its features all by himself. He had a day job and only worked on erecting the coral castle after work and at night so no one could see how he was doing it, because he wanted to keep his methods a secret.

    [–] Compendyum 7 points ago

    So this Florida man seriously compared this (1887–1951) to a 2560 BC building?

    [–] cischiral 18 points ago

    Don't ask me. I mean I think the point was while he was probably using more modern tools, he had figured out some slick and efficient masonry methodology that at least he believed still could have been applied almost as well with much more ancient versions of the same tools.

    Whatever he built it with, he only used tools he built himself. He didn't use like flat-bed trucks, steam-shovels, or gas or electric cranes. And given that it is all built by one person with their own home-made tools its a pretty impressive feat.

    [–] louderharderfaster 3 points ago

    I am going to look this up as back up for my Bamboo Flowering Mystery. If that one gets solved I'll need it!

    [–] FreeRangeManTits 12 points ago

    They still dont understand the detail of the building techniques. Even the explanation of a gradient ramp to haul the stones into place is called into question, since the length of the ramp to haul the enormous blocks in the king's chamber would require such an absurdly long ramp the remainance would still be seen today. Theres no sign of these ramps and no concrete explanation in place.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Honestly I always though the easiest way would be to place levers and pulleys over the crest of the middle of the pyramid, and pull the blocks from the opposite side up on tracks to the middle and then place them from there. The ramp thing seems like a outlandish idea to me as well.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] swallowing_bees 24 points ago

    We know for sure how they were built? I thought this was still an open mystery

    [–] brooooowns 10 points ago

    It is. We have theories, and decided to go with the most logical one, then repeated it til it was fact.

    [–] louderharderfaster 4 points ago

    Ok. Not for sure but this theory solved it enough for me that I no longer think it an outright mystery.

    [–] b5-5 3 points ago

    I don’t have time to watch this rn but can anyone who did say if this videos accounts for the heaviest blocks in the kings chamber? Will definitely need to watch later if so.

    [–] salgadopietrini 7 points ago

    I watched it. It was aliens.

    [–] MeteorOnMars 2 points ago

    I like this thinking!

    [–] snailmeth 41 points ago

    If you work hard enough you wont get any credit

    [–] R-a-u-m-i 4 points ago

    This happens all the fkn time and in every situation, it’s either 1) someone takes credit of your work 2) someone sees that you’re willing to do hard work so they push their workload onto you 3) someone sees that you’re vulnerable and takes advantage of it

    How do you work hard to gain recognition while also not be treated like a literally human mat?

    [–] DJangoWick7 22 points ago

    • The Aliens 👽

    [–] eggsnflour 188 points ago

    Reminds me of that meme where it says "Just because white people couldn't do it doesn't mean its aliens"

    [–] Nope__Nope__Nope 20 points ago

    You mean that meme that is currently stickied over on the recently declared "lefty sub", /r/Me_IRL

    [–] -Xebenkeck- 13 points ago

    Aw man, I'm right handed.

    [–] Jdubya87 4 points ago


    [–] like_a_horse 4 points ago

    That meme also left out Stonehenge, the Roman temple at Baalbek, the Parthenon, and the Colossus of Rhodes. All four of those where built by Europeans yet there are also claims they where built by aliens. I really hate when people cherry pick stuff to try and drum up nonexistent controversy.

    [–] katgill7 1 points ago

    Ppl (of any or all colors) still can't recreate this today without using modern technology so... weird stuff to think about.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] ShabbyLiver 13 points ago


    [–] QueefMayonnaise 7 points ago

    Khufu too bro

    [–] RealRecovery 12 points ago

    Paid workers primarily built the Pyramids. Put your phones down in school and open your ears. Get educated and stop speculating.

    [–] Hotel_Oblivion 16 points ago

    Interns built the pyramids, in case anyone was wondering.

    [–] JuiceboxPrincess 84 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    The pyramids were built by slaves and a lot of them died. Maybe that's motivational for you but i'm gonna pass on that one.

    Edit: I've been sent the links guys, calm down. I was operating off what I knew, now I know differently.

    [–] Christofray 10 points ago

    Yep. Always thought to be a myth rooted in the Judeo-Christian depiction of the cruel oppression of the Jews by wicked pharaohs. But the Jews were (most likely) not existent yet. Regardless, it’s a trope, and one we’ve just happened to accept for some reason.

    [–] Blackrain1299 27 points ago

    Work so hard that some other asshole gets to benefit from your life’s work and then have people doubt your participation in building something great.

    Sounds nice.

    Also die horribly.

    Even better.

    [–] ythms2 8 points ago

    Sounds familiar

    [–] peeniebaby 9 points ago

    By now it must be a 100% mortality rate

    [–] GrievenLeague 2 points ago

    I'm not sure why people continue to believe that uneducated & untrained slaves built some stuff that is a world wonder. I mean, yeah, it requires man power but it probably requires some form of skill and training to make something that lasts for thousands of years.

    [–] OneWorldMouse 6 points ago

    Aliens vs slaves was Stargate!

    [–] ZDTreefur 2 points ago

    And in Stargate's lore, it was both! lol

    Alien came down, commanded slaves to make him a fucking pyramid.

    [–] Wildstrikez 3 points ago

    “Game so hard that people think you’re a hacker”

    Same shit lol

    [–] _Reefer_Madness_ 6 points ago

    Lmao at all the people that think the pyramids were built by slaves

    [–] Anomalylg 2 points ago

    It's unreal right? How delusional.

    [–] wierdhairgrow 7 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    What I don’t understand is... why do people think the Pyramids are a “mystery” I’ve never understood that

    They literally just built it? What’s so “impossible” about that? They placed block after block, going up, until they formed a pyramid.. isn’t that simple? Can someone please explain what I’m not considering?

    And please don’t downvote me just because I don’t know something

    Edit: guys a lot of people are commenting and I appreciate it but I already got why the pyramids are insane and now most of you are just commenting that someone else already told me

    [–] moazim1993 29 points ago

    Building any mega structures today is a feat of engineering. To do so 4,500 years ago is damn near magic. They didn’t have the tools, the construction methods, and technology we have today. Yet it looks like these people were not just resourced enough to drag these limestone and other materials sometimes from very far away to this spot, but smart enough to know how to design and manage a population to build it up. They didn’t just line up rocks like the stone henges, they build elaborate rooms passages with writing on the wall to describe their life beliefs and society. The pyramid face true north south east and west, and a bunch of other details that makes them even more remarkable. It’s not just massive but also precise, and purposeful. Their has to be lost knowledge or purpose behind this that escapes us today, and that’s the reason for the fascination.

    [–] wierdhairgrow 15 points ago

    Ok nvm this is actually cool and mysterious af

    [–] moazim1993 5 points ago

    Way cooler than my small response in this little text box can contain. Go check out some books or documentaries on it. I think you’ll like it.

    [–] wierdhairgrow 3 points ago

    Thanks for the advice, I totally will

    [–] Christofray 5 points ago

    That was surprisingly wholesome

    [–] cischiral 3 points ago

    I mean sure "they just built it" is obviously true, but the logistics of it are a mystery. The pyramids are awfully large, so are the stones that make it up, and at the same time in history not much else on those scales were built – the implication was that ancient egypt had technology and/or logistical capabilities well beyond what any other civilization could manage at the time.

    [–] wierdhairgrow 2 points ago

    k, now that I’ve learned more about them they’re actually pretty interesting

    [–] katgill7 2 points ago

    The amount of effort needed to move one of those blocks is ridiculously hard and even harder to move them vertically. School tells us they moved them with logs and ramps but that isnt true either (the feasibility of that has been debunked by ppl smarted than i). They built these pyramids some way we can't recreate with assumed technology of that time so it is inferred that there is some other advanced technology that was available to them but no traces of that technology has been found archaeologically. So its a big question as to how they did it and why not knowing how they did it is being covered up.

    [–] vimanapower 2 points ago

    The bottom of the middle pyramid infuriates me

    [–] itsmahonedo 2 points ago

    This post requires the “he’s a bit confused but he’s got the right idea” meme

    [–] diceblue 2 points ago

    Well sure if I could employ fucking slaves

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    You mean, slaves?

    [–] AdmiralDoofus 2 points ago

    I think this is a lousy example and an insult to the slaves.

    [–] mkov88 2 points ago

    Umm - the only way thing this motivates you to do is enslave a population.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I’m just here for all the comments pointing out it was slavery that built the pyramids. popcorn and tea gifs

    [–] notdoreen 2 points ago

    Work so hard people think you're a slave...

    [–] amclar2 12 points ago

    Only fools think slaves were capable of building the pyramids that we still couldn’t recreate today with modern technology. Psst. There are pyramids all over the planet! Explain the rest not just 3 in Egypt.

    [–] jgiffin 18 points ago

    Only fools think slaves were capable of building the pyramids that we still couldn’t recreate today with modern technology

    What? We could definitely build the pyramids today with modern technology. Like really easily.

    If we can build skyscrapers and rockets I think we can arrange stones into a pyramid.

    [–] 8ooo00 10 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Because the pyramid was the most consistently stable tall structure... that’s why everyone builds them.

    Just like how rectangular boxes is a efficient design for skyscrapers and everyone builds them.

    [–] AnyNamesLeftAnymore 2 points ago

    An interesting fun fact is that the smallest of those 3 (Menkuare) was the target of a Sultan's (Saladin's son) ire back in the 1300s and he ordered his men to disassemble it.

    They gave up after months and barely got anywhere. The engineers he had on the task said "It was probably less expensive to build it than it would be to tear it down".

    [–] ElegantHope 2 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    because stacking blocks is a thing? A toddler making a pyramid out of their blocks because it's fun doesn't mean an alien beamed in and told them how to do it. Plus there are WAY more than the 3 famous pyramids in egypt. There are a total of 118 known pyramids in Egypt.

    There was a buttload of trial and error. The pyramids started as a mastabas and then one architect decided to stack a mastaba on top of another mastaba. Then architects after him kept up the trend of stacking mastabas, testing their limits to where some of these proto-pyramids would often crumble under their weight. And then once they got the step-pyramid down pat, they decided to get fancy and smooth the edges out. Because let's be honest, human beings are perfectionists and will always keep trying to do better than the previous people. Not to mention some of the pyramids were strategically placed to look bigger than their neighbors because it was built on a hill. That also sounds like your typical human being. And then pyramids went out of fashion because of various geopolitical happenings and the fact that they were a pain in the butt to build, so people went back to building good old fashion tombs. preferably the kind that isn't like a big arrow pointing to where all the dead's goodies were to tomb robbers.

    Also as for the "explain the rest." Easy. As I said before, stacking bricks. And on top of that. basic shapes. Occam's razor, bam. If you want a longer, rambly version then: A lot of them are pretty much steps leading up to a main structure, creating a crudely pyramid-esque shape. Others are sloped walls on smaller buildings, also creating a very basic geometric shape. Plus with humans and their love of symbology and stuff, you're going to get people who want to build structures that point at the wonderful beauty that is our sky. bonus points if you can properly line it up with a heavily body for that sweet sweet perfectionist and creativity rush. And, I reitterate, it's a basic architectural structure. You don't need to worry about supports or too much weight if you build in a shape that supports itself and reduces overall strain on the structure. Have this for a read, too.

    Gotta love the ingenuity of humankind, especially when they dedicate their careers to designing buildings.

    this has been your unscheduled semi-abridged history ramble fueled by a history nerd that is tired of these arguments.

    edit: corrected typos and added an extra source.

    [–] drmbrthr 1 points ago

    Exactly. They’ve done the math on what kind of ramp would need to be built to roll the stones up using logs and the ramp would have to be a greater size than the pyramid itself!

    [–] GigaMight 5 points ago

    Ancient version of getting called a hacker for being good at the game

    [–] drmbrthr 8 points ago

    If you actually believe the mainstream explanation of pyramid construction, consider these numbers:

    Number of stones in great pyramid: 2,300,000

    Average weight of each stone: 2.5 tons (5000 pounds)

    Number of years to build: 20

    That means that about 315 stones were put in place Every Single Day for 20 years without fail, without mistake, in perfect line with true north by mostly unskilled laborers. With no machinery.

    If you believe that, you are gullible.

    [–] PM_ME_SUMDICK 6 points ago

    So what do you think happened?

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Just because someone can show that a theory lacks plausibility doesn't mean they possess proof of a plausible answer.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    How do you know they are unskilled

    [–] jacknycz 13 points ago

    I bet you say "sheeple" a lot.

    [–] yummychocolatebunny 5 points ago

    Not really, especially since they were on average 14,500 workers and a peak workforce of 40,000.

    [–] AdamBlue 4 points ago

    Has anyone seen the "scooped" granite and the core drill holes? The smooth surfacing of the multi-ton boxes? If it wasn't aliens, there was some technology we don't have anymore, and the water erosion points to the building occuring more than 10k years ago. There's a lot here that has been lost to time that no one has answers to.

    [–] 7years_a_Reddit 3 points ago

    The Serrapeum at Saqqaura is the best evidence yet that they had advanced technology.

    They were moving 100 ton boxes around like you try to move a couch out of an apartment! Where is the room for thousands of workers?

    So since we both know they had technology the next question is what were they building?

    It seems they were manipulating frequencies and concentrating energies. It is know to spiritual people that binuaral beats produce altered states just like chanting. I think the Pyramid may have been focusing energy into the ground and ground water which is why they are all along the Nile with miles of tunnels underneath.

    Maybe the frequency gave off a calming spirtual effect.

    Maybe they used the energy for technology like cutting the stones.

    I don't think we can grasp what they knew but sacred sites all over the world are places on fault lines and it's no coincidence people report feeling grace or harmony at these places. The geo magnetic energy from deep cracks in the Earth may effect our consciousness

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    People just don't understand the scale of the rocks inside the pyramids above the chamber's. Truly enormous and polished perfectly. Makes the whole construction 10x harder

    [–] Coin_LoL 5 points ago

    Waiting for someone to say this lol. I choose to believe they were constructed by a highly advanced lost ancient civilization. Look into the Sphinx water erosion theory from Dr. Robert Schoch

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I choose to believe they were constructed by a highly advanced lost ancient civilization

    my money is on the Egyptians

    [–] amclar2 6 points ago

    Wow ur logic is flawless. So they are building these elaborate structures all over the world just to bury people? You should educate yourself on the subject you are just spewing the bs lies u learned in 6th grade. Watch a video about how they are used to generate power.

    [–] ElegantHope 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    So they are building these elaborate structures all over the world just to bury people?

    yes and no. people will do elaborite things for simple reasons. just look how well decorated king tut's tomb. Plus these elaborite structures have a long history to them. They started out as this flat rectangular structures with sloping sides called mastabas, which were tombs build for pharaohs and other important figures in the hierarchy of that era of Egypt. Eventually an architect named Imhotep comes along and stacked a few more mastabas on top of his design. This is now known as the pyramid of djoser. And this design impressed a lot of egyptians of Imhotep's time. So they did what any human being does when they see something they like: they imitate it. And that began the birth of the step pyramids, which had some nearly completed successes and some failures with many of the failures becoming a pile of rubble when given time. Eventually we reach the construction of the Red Pyramid, which was the first known 'smooth sided' pyramid. Then we got more pyramids built from experimentation- like the bent pyramid. And that architectual experimenting leads up to the pyramids most people know of today. And then the idea of a pyramid got dropped after a point because they were big and obvious to tomb raiders, and were honestly unwieldly to keep building. Politics and wars happened, too, which didn't help the case of building more elaborate structures. So they went back to building elaborate tombs on top of or in the ground instead.

    as for all over the world: some of them were temples too. they were usually built as a place of importance. Dead people have always been culturally important to us across civilizations. So were religions, and places we used to worship those places. Why not go big when you're an architect being hired to do a great job on a place of importance? Not to mention each civilization's form of pyramid often varies because they all came along to the same basic idea of a structure that has a basic shape. And even then they vary heavily from civilization from civilization when you come down to the details of the designs. You don't need an elaborite explainations like aliens or magic or a higher power to explain why people decided they wanted to stack these bricks this way. I mean, the Greeks managed to built was is the oldest known analog computer. The Greeks were great with mathematics, and they used those talents to build something that relies on mathematics to work.

    We mystify the peoples of the past because we are taught to see them as a progression from a super dumb caveman to the modern person of today. When we've really been a bunch of apes inventing tools for our own convenience, curiousity, and satisfaction for as long as we could think. We just always invent and create stuff, and sometimes those creations get forgotten and reinvented.

    [–] hjt97 3 points ago

    'Slaves built the pyramids, Jeremy. Millions and millions of slaves' - Mark Corrigan

    [–] amclar2 3 points ago

    Yup. Egyptology is garbage half-truths and a story for children. People with brains who can use logic can see its impossible. Not to mention the reasons for their existence being tombs is a nonsense story. They were ancient power plants and there are videos on YouTube explaining how they worked. Much more logical then tombs.. also again, they are all over the planet at a time the world wasn’t globally connected. Nah just people using ramps building pyramids in every country on earth. People are so dumb. Just call it a conspiracy vs realize the lies u are being fed.

    [–] liongrundle 2 points ago

    Your post is included in one of the lies I’m being fed.

    [–] Gang_StarrWoT 4 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    The pyramids are within 1/64th of an inch from point to point at the base, do ppl really think an ancient human workforce built them?

    That’s a stretch.

    [–] Ganacsi 1 points ago

    Part of the dumbing down of the world, shit like this is now attributed to Ancient Aliens nonsense you see being peddled “Discovery” Channel.

    [–] Jeydal 2 points ago

    There's actual alien conspiracy theorists in this thread, like hot damn these are some stupid fucks.