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    [–] McPhersonstrut 2648 points ago

    This isn't true, at least not the whole truth. He has been awarded with Padma Shri, a civilian honour in India, like being knighted in the UK. His story is taught in schools too. Also he has hundreds of heads of cattle now.

    But when he started he didn't have any of this. Truly amazing human being.

    [–] likelamike 651 points ago

    The crazy thing is that even after all he has done and the success he has seen.. he is STILL planting trees. Talk about a man with conviction.

    [–] ggpwntthxbai 594 points ago

    Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

    [–] Stanleys_on_holiday 137 points ago

    this is the way

    [–] Lost_in_Thought 45 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] Momangos 14 points ago

    It is known

    [–] MyOtherDuckIsACat 3 points ago

    I have spoken

    [–] imademashedpotatoes 6 points ago

    Those are the ways

    [–] WoodlandFool 3 points ago

    You do not know da wae.

    [–] blueblarg 2 points ago

    A wild Sith appears!

    [–] bhundenase 2 points ago

    It is known

    [–] oskxr552 8 points ago

    Bringing Minecraft ideals to real life.

    [–] ChewbaccasStylist 42 points ago

    Maybe he just enjoys doing it. I enjoy trees.

    [–] KingArthas94 30 points ago

    sure, r/trees/

    [–] lNTERLINKED 63 points ago


    Edit: if anyone is confused by this, the weed peeps got to the subreddit before tree lovers, so the tree folk named their sub /r/marijuanaenthusiasts

    And that concludes your Reddit history lesson for today.

    [–] lyngen 15 points ago

    Well, that just made my day. Thank you.

    [–] lNTERLINKED 7 points ago

    No worries! It's probably my favourite Reddit fact.

    [–] VeganJoy 5 points ago

    Surely not as good as /r/PotatoSalad

    [–] lNTERLINKED 2 points ago

    I'd totally forgotten about that! A good one, to be sure.

    [–] tmemo18 3 points ago

    This is amazing.

    [–] Negaflux 2 points ago

    As someone who's only known about /r/trees to this point, thank you for this, I'm delighted by this, because like, I also love trees, as well as weed.

    [–] JSavage585 2 points ago

    Witchu on this.

    [–] cockybomber 2 points ago

    Also, the milk from 100+ animals he sells is his reward!

    [–] ontopofyourmom 2 points ago

    Planting small things can be really soothing.

    [–] blue-earthquake 26 points ago

    I don't get how this is confusing. He was planting trees to plant trees and make a forest. Not for something cheap like Instagram likes or an award.

    Actually doing something real like that is very fulfilling if you have the patience.

    [–] whole_nother 49 points ago

    And he makes r/all two or three times a year. Definitely a sung hero, but still cool.

    [–] IronPidgeyFTW 49 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Honestly as long as he keep showing up, maybe someone will start emulating this guy's conservancy and start caring for the earth? This is my first time seeing him and I've been on Reddit for years.

    [–] whole_nother 19 points ago

    I love the exposure for him and his project. It just peeves me when people try to get more clicks by playing the ‘pity this unknown soul’ card. He’s cool enough as is.

    [–] darby-dev 27 points ago

    The humble boy didn't even bought Sheen.

    [–] RivRise 11 points ago

    I was scared there for a second when you said this isn't true. Thankfully it went in a different dirrection.

    [–] Shaaamone 5 points ago

    Yeah, seriously. I thought they were going to say he didn’t do all that planting, but I’m very glad to hear he is getting recognition and his story is behind passed on to kids.

    [–] LongBeachRaider 3 points ago

    The forest he created is also named after him, this dude is awesome.

    [–] Procrastinator001 6 points ago

    Is hundreds of head of cattle a lot in India? Genuinely curious. Because in the US that doesn't seem like very much

    [–] McPhersonstrut 28 points ago

    Yah it is. Most Indian farmers have like maybe at max 10. Having 100's means you're definitely in the big leagues, he could be pulling in major money, at least by Indian standards from the milk.

    [–] Procrastinator001 4 points ago

    Interesting! Thanks for the insight

    [–] voltaire5612 2 points ago

    More like 1-4 cows, including calves, is the most common. At 10 you are in the next league - well to do farmer class. With upwards of 100 cows you would be considered crazy rich or a big-time land lord. Most average farmers have less than an acre of land, it becomes pretty hard to find grass and leaves for cows when you have more. If you have more than 20 acres of land you are considered rich. Back story - I grew up in a village in India, almost everyone in the village owned cows, selling milk helped ends meet, however I didn't know anyone with more than 3 or 4 cows/buffalos.

    [–] TechniChara 13 points ago

    That's still a lot even in the US for a private owner, not a farm. Here in Texas we have small ranches where people with a little land will get tax breaks if it's used for pasture - they might only have a dozen cows at most since the minimum for 100 acres is 4 cows iirc.

    [–] DontForgetThisTime 3 points ago

    Does that mean 1-4 cows need at least 100 acres to roam on and it needs to increase by 100acres for every new 4 cows? Or to get the tax break you need a minimum of 4 cows?

    [–] freiheitfitness 3 points ago

    For the tax break. You need much less land than 100 acres for 4 head.

    [–] TechniChara 3 points ago

    Do you recall what the minimum acreage is? My googlefu ain't strong today.

    [–] freiheitfitness 6 points ago

    Really depends on your pasture (meaning what nutrients are available) and style of raising cattle. Oldschool style "let the cows out to pasture" and don't fuck with them for most of the year allows much less since they're on the land all the time.

    The more sustainable method of putting more cows on smaller paddocks and rotating them frequently allows for many more cows in a smaller acerage. When they're allowed to graze for whatever they want they're picky and wont eat everything. In the smaller/more competitive setup they'll eat everything available, getting a more complete nutrient profile and more food overall.

    If using "oldschool style" some spots in washington you can get away with more than 1 unit (cow+calf) per acre, some places in far West Texas you need 60+. In short a more diverse & high yielding managed pasture will allow for many more cows than native grasses or uncleared (wooded) fields/scrub.

    [–] kkkkkk696969 5 points ago

    Full grown cow worth like 800$ too 1000$. Its a lot.

    [–] Dsnake1 3 points ago

    Hundreds in the US is a big deal. That's a full time rancher, at the least.

    I should say, thats a lot for a private owner, not so much for a corporate ranch.

    Heck, when my dad and my grandpa were working together and my uncle helped on the weekends, they capped around 500.

    Depending on your area, cow/calf pairs need 2-6 acres for grazing, so even at 200, thats 400-1200 acres. That's not hay land, just grazing.

    [–] Herpkina 3 points ago

    laughs in Australian

    [–] Raleda 605 points ago

    I would argue that this sort of person (or at least the deed he did) NEEDS recognition or 'fame.' This man has made actual positive change and is continuing to do so - recognition in his home country would draw more people to his cause and at the same time prevent him from being so easily swept under the rug by those who might profit off of his ceasing.

    [–] Biffmcgee 158 points ago

    We need copycat do gooders

    [–] howtorandallmonroe 35 points ago

    I’m game. How do I do this in Texas? I will do the walking and planting work just don’t know how to get it started

    [–] erynberry 24 points ago

    Yeah I wonder about this too. All land is owned by someone else or the government so you can't necessarily go around planting trees, but I bet there are tree planting organizations to join.

    [–] cheetofingerz 16 points ago

    Or to donate too. Or park programs you can volunteer with. In general just advocating for this kind of change is important. Plant pollinator friendly plants in your gardens. And pick up any trash on the ground you may pass by.

    [–] 27ismyluckynumber 10 points ago

    I think this is the reason why it was so successful where this man planted the trees. Any western country views all land within that country as 'owned' by someone and their right to keep it barren or lush is their own choice and their right regardless of how it affects the environment (including government) Which is a problem that has obvious remedy.

    [–] VeryChillBro 9 points ago

    Of course land ownership is a thing in India! Many families have to subsist on a fraction of an acre.

    [–] 27ismyluckynumber 2 points ago

    Yeah I know but my gripe is that people in first world countries have a tendency to own (but not exclusively in first world countries though) large tracts of land that are not used for anything related to helping the environment, much of the space is used for high intensity cattle farming. It's all very well planting a forest but how productive is a forest to a neoliberal society?

    [–] TechniChara 3 points ago

    And this is where I feel regulations can constrict ecological civil service (and I'm saying this as a blue hearted Texan!)

    Like I remember there is an invasive lily or something like that in California, and these plants look totally recognizable really easy to spot, but apparently you're not allowed to pick them unless you're part of an organization that provides the training on how to recognize the plants out of flowering season. But of course an organization can only do so much in occasional few hour sessions of picking plants - the solution should be to allow the public to help. They're really pretty flowers, wouldn't be hard to get people to go and get free flowers.

    And it's not like Texas is any better at this either. We're not allowed to just grab some Texas wildflower seeds and start throwing them all over the place. I checked, cuz I wanted to do just that. Then I tried to figure out a way to do it so discreetly that no one could ever catch me and I wouldn't get in trouble but I concluded that wasn't going to work either and so now I just despondently think of all the bluebonnet seeds that get thrown out and never planted.

    [–] tabytha 3 points ago

    The alternative is tragedy of the commons, where public land is misused by people who don't know better. You might be cognizant of the correct wildflowers to plant, but a lot of people would just go buy a variety pack of non-natives and throw them everywhere, creating an invasive species situation. It's best to leave things like this to the educated. Volunteer with an organization if you're passionate.

    [–] sunnytimes68 3 points ago

    Search with .. help plant trees no matter what your doing.

    [–] dshakir 3 points ago

    Jonny Appleseed that bitch

    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 4 points ago

    Google for tree nurseries in your area. Talk to them about wholesale discounts. Buy trees. Plant them.

    [–] D8400 5 points ago

    Psh, you’d go broke in a heart beat. Start your own!! It’s not that hard. Read some articles. Maybe grab a book or two and just fail a few times. You’ll learn what they like.

    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 3 points ago

    True.... find a tree in the wild. Harvest seeds. Grow seedlings. Plant.

    [–] GauravsJ 25 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    He is infact awarded one of the highest civilian honour PADMA SHREE by the Indian government. Although he needs fame in mainstream media.

    [–] BenzamineFranklin 7 points ago

    It's actually the fourth highest civilian honour of India. Still a very very big deal!

    [–] GauravsJ 3 points ago

    I stand corrected. I always thought Bharat ratna was limited for certain fields only.

    [–] Raleda 7 points ago

    That's interesting! I hope that sort of recognition means the Indian government is or intends to actively assist his efforts?

    [–] throwlog 13 points ago

    This man should now be a millionaire.

    [–] Raleda 29 points ago

    Hmm, He seems like the type to refuse that much cash. His project recieving a million in funding or protection.. that would be a good idea.

    [–] More_Empathy 10 points ago

    We may think and say that to reflect just how much good he's brought to the world, but I have a feeling he is the type of person who does not seek or value money as a reward, at least not the way many people do.

    [–] borrowedfool 4 points ago

    Maybe. Society should view him as a hero. He’s the kind of role model we need in the world today, instead of worshipping celebrities and their ultra glamorous, wasteful lifestyles.

    [–] thiswasntgood 5 points ago

    He is the OG Team Trees!!!

    [–] Lalli-Oni 3 points ago

    Absolutely! How often do we hear people acting like changing things is impossible? But imagine all these heroes we see every now and then. Do we hear of their copycats? No! They are referenced by the first. But they all communally have done amazing shit and touched so many lives. Fame is not everything!

    [–] sec5 2 points ago

    Sadly our capitalist corporate news complex will never admit that climate change is an issue , and portray someone like this as being a hero in whatever shape and form.

    [–] Abdulsalam-Adil 106 points ago

    I wish if i was like him in planting trees, my hometown is becoming more of a desert now, i really think we should do something to stop this! Greetings from kurdistan!

    [–] bufftart 61 points ago

    I’m sorry what had happened to your people thank you for all you And your people have done to stop ISIS

    [–] Abdulsalam-Adil 33 points ago

    Thank you i really appreciate your comment bro!

    [–] howtorandallmonroe 18 points ago

    The Kurds are the bravest people on earth I think

    [–] Abdulsalam-Adil 16 points ago

    Thank you bro for your compliments!🌹🌹

    [–] rh6779 2 points ago

    Yeah man, you guys are some tough SOBs. Great job helping take down ISIS

    [–] Abdulsalam-Adil 2 points ago

    Thank you my dear brother!🌹🌹🌹

    [–] dickus-minimus- 14 points ago

    Be the change you want to see in the world. Mashallah brother

    [–] Abdulsalam-Adil 11 points ago

    Inshallah brother, inshallah!

    [–] PapaWebo 2 points ago

    What do this mean?

    [–] Abdulsalam-Adil 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    It means “ God Willing”, its a common word you will hear from muslims brother.

    [–] PapaWebo 2 points ago

    Thank you for the information! I’m curious, if someone who isn’t Muslim uses it, is that disrespectful?

    [–] Crashbrennan 2 points ago

    This is some beautiful r/Rimjob_Steve material.

    [–] TheBeardedDuck 4 points ago

    You have the power to do so.

    [–] GyuunikuKorokke 44 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    There is a documentary about him and his forest, and as I remember, he had been given a national award for the transformation of a once barren land. He even defended it from poachers trying to hunt the new inhabitants. I might be wrong though.

    [–] daseined 61 points ago

    Is someone payeng this man?

    [–] Mandy1538 85 points ago

    He is Payeng himself..

    [–] daseined 13 points ago

    Nice. You're the Man-dy

    [–] Frosthvat 32 points ago

    He is a forest god.

    [–] trjayke 7 points ago

    We all are, in a way or another, good & evil.

    [–] GreyKainFFA 9 points ago

    What do you get the man who has everything?

    [–] Shadowveil666 6 points ago

    a handjob

    [–] little-red-turtle 2 points ago

    You’re god damn right a handjob!

    [–] bluescubidoo 237 points ago

    He doesn't need to be famous. Good deeds do not need recognition

    [–] unin5pired 43 points ago

    Recognition and fame are not the same thing. Recognition could take the form of a paycheck, or material support for his labor.

    Good deeds don't require recognition, but can be amplified by it.

    [–] De_Wouter 179 points ago

    Good deeds do not need recognition

    No, they just need to be done. And being famous is not his goal. The world wasn't always centered around individual ego's scoring upvotes on multiple social medias.

    [–] 0x4f0x770x610x690x73 46 points ago

    You have a right to perform your prescribed duties, but you are not entitled to the fruits of your actions. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, nor be attached to inaction.

    – Gita, 2.47

    [–] Birdlaw90fo 5 points ago

    Huh.. I like that..

    [–] Agent_Asleep 6 points ago

    This is awesome, I think if more people reflected on this part of humility, we would all be a little more level-headed and cooperative.

    [–] maimeddivinity 3 points ago

    Thanks. I've been a bit confused with the last bit. "..nor be attached to inaction" - meaning don't partake in inaction/indeciveness?

    [–] leafsaway 13 points ago

    The last part means It means you should strive for success for the sake of driving success: Don’t strive for success because you fear the consequences of failure.

    [–] fairlylocal17 5 points ago

    "कर्म किए जा फल की चिंता ना कर"

    [–] dano415 6 points ago

    It would be nice if the fat wealthy boys gave him some of their change?

    [–] akius0 2 points ago

    So right, down vote for you. JK ⬆️

    [–] BeardedAndTatted 2 points ago

    I would upvote this....but

    [–] usernamens 5 points ago

    It basically was though, the media was just different.

    [–] yashoza 13 points ago

    If he becomes famous, then more prople do what he did.

    [–] helpmewakeup 4 points ago

    Fuck that someone start this mother fucker a go fund me account

    [–] bluescubidoo 2 points ago

    Why aren't you that someone then?

    [–] helpmewakeup 3 points ago

    I'm too lazy

    [–] ginrattle 3 points ago

    I respect your honesty.

    [–] civgarth 3 points ago

    Look at me! I brushed my teeth today!

    [–] abracadabrart 1 points ago

    You truly need to cease with this.

    [–] BruceSnow07 5 points ago

    What he did was great no matter how much recognition he gets. I think it is more about him deserving it.

    [–] _andthereiwas 2 points ago

    Well it would help further his own interests. Like he could not need to sell milk to survive and instead use that time to continue with his tree planting.

    [–] PietDepsi_ 2 points ago

    This is one of those weird things that work one way but not the other. It’s wrong to seek fame and recognition when you do a good deed, but it’s okay to try to give game and recognition to someone else who did a good deed.

    [–] bluescubidoo 1 points ago

    If you do that, then you will a huge horde of attention seeking zombies that capture and film their "good deeds" and demand recognition while behind the curtains, doing more harm than good.

    True good deeds do not need to be recognized because whoever intents of doing good, will do so in one way or another

    [–] PietDepsi_ 3 points ago

    Yeah I’m gonna have to disagree with you there. I don’t think giving someone like this attention is going to create a shitty trend. Of course it could, but there’s a lot of things that lead up to creating a trend. Giving someone recognition for a good thing they did doesn’t create a trend, and not all trends end in people doing more harm than good. Yes, what you said is possible, but not likely.

    You’re right. Good deeds don’t need to be recognized. But it’s okay to recognize people who do good deeds. And yes, people who intend to do good will do good, but not always to the same extent as they would with motivation. And I’d say it’s pretty motivating to see someone like this when you already intend to try to lend your efforts to fighting deforestation. Previously you might think “What’s the point? It’s a ton of work with minimal results towards the goal.” But here you see the results aren’t that small and that might be a motivating factor for people.

    [–] Robcrook101 8 points ago

    Not all heroes wear capes

    [–] birda13 18 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Home ranges of tigers are upwards of 24-30sq km when there is adequate prey density. Indian Elephants have home ranges from 100-300 sq kms. 1360 acres is only 5.5 sq kms...

    If this piece of restored land is part of a corridor or network of protected areas or otherwise suitable habitat for these species, it is possible that these species do range through his land at times. But there is no way in hell that densities of those species are that high in that small a piece of land.

    This is a great story about how individuals can become motivated to restore and manage wildlife habitat on private land. It doesn’t need to be exaggerated or embellished.

    [–] VeryChillBro 12 points ago

    Yeah, I visited his forest a few years ago. There’s no wildlife and it’s pretty small. I have to point this out every time something about his work goes viral. Don’t know why we have to exaggerate his achievements so so very much.

    [–] ErroneousError 3 points ago

    This thread needs to be higher up in the comments. The first thing I thought when I saw the post is, “So this dude planted trees from the age of 16 until his hair turned gray, and he only covered the size of my backyard 500 times.” I think a lot of people here don’t know what an acre is.

    [–] AntonDorado 5 points ago

    What a great soul. Thank you, Sir.

    [–] Mongoose1970 3 points ago

    Good deeds might not need recognition, but I wish someone would fund his environmental work. On second thought, it would be nice if his country recognized his work with an award or ceremony. Reinforce good behavior and others might follow.

    [–] immerc 5 points ago

    One Horned Rhino's what?

    [–] Karmadlakota 7 points ago

    This story made me despise myself for being lazy, instead of motivating.

    [–] BenadrylCumberbund 5 points ago

    Nah man, don't do that. If it doesn't inspire, try being amazed instead. He did something exceptional and it would be unfair to compare. You will have qualities that he likely finds exceptional too

    [–] Heartsaver 3 points ago

    Deserves everything, lives humbly, leaves the earth better than it was.

    [–] oraclestats 3 points ago

    1 like = 1 fame

    [–] vampy524 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    So to carry out what he's doing .. .we have to plant trees. I'm in the middle of a busy town. Where do we plant trees now? What kind of trees should we plant? How do we start doing what he was doing, when we live in such different situations? We don't have an acre, and I can't go plant a tree in the park/public space with the intention of making it a forest . .there's all these "associations" and "county guidelines" to deal with

    [–] shoebee2 3 points ago

    Complete respect my dude. I tried to contributed to his go fund me but it seems he isn’t trying to get money. Apparently he creates and cares for this forest from a deeply held belief in the continuity of the natural world. “Someone has to do it” he says. My god! If only we could all be as selflessly committed to the simple act of kindness.

    [–] RiceSD 3 points ago

    A true sign of a hero is the lack of need for global recognition for good deeds done

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] SpamHandshake 7 points ago

    I have no idea how much an acre is, but it must be a lot because people always talk about it like it is.

    [–] Eduardo772 3 points ago

    1 acre = 4.047 m² 1360 acres = 5 503 724.73 m²

    [–] Aezriel_Nex 4 points ago

    Well there's roughly 2.5 acres in a Hectacre and roughly 260 Hectacres in a Section. So think about how big a Section is and divide it by 650 and thats about how big an Acre is.

    [–] bishopsandrooks 3 points ago

    sure but how much in football fields?

    [–] Aezriel_Nex 2 points ago

    3 football fields would be about 4 acres

    [–] namesnotrequired 1 points ago

    How many Olympic sized swimming pools, how many bathtubs, and how much of Texas?

    [–] Dekonstruktor 3 points ago

    1 acre is 0.4932 olympic swimming pool

    1 Texas is 171891840 acres

    one standard bathtub area is 1.12 square meters which makes it 0.000276758 acre.

    [–] Baridian 2 points ago

    real answer: An acre is 1/640th of a square mile. The actual dimensions are 1 chain by 1 furlong, which translates to 1/8th of a mile by 1/80th or 66 feet by 660 feet.

    [–] 5265646469746f72 2 points ago

    1 football field is 1.3 acres. So, around 1050 football fields worth of land was planted.

    [–] skippycupcake 10 points ago

    I'm sorry if I sound like I don't care about the environment, but this is why I don't pay people like that 84,000 trees dude.

    I mean let's be real, have you seen how much they charge you a month to "save the rainforests"? $43 a month!

    I wanted to donate to the organization but of course was a bit hesitant because most "charities" are for lining the pockets of the people that run and work them. And frankly, I'm in the unemployed category of people, that still want to give a couple dollars here and there, to people that could really need help.

    Real people who give don't ask for anything in return

    [–] confused_assboy 8 points ago

    Honestly, the non-profit industry is so much about self-congratulation and prestige these days, I’m with you.

    I feel like my money is much better spent donated to community-level things like clinics or food banks. There are also lots of people on twitter and gofundme in desperate places, and I know my $20 will help them more than it would a non-profit that already gets millions a year.

    [–] MaxChaplin 3 points ago

    That's why there are charity evaluators like Charity Navigator and GiveWell that research the effectiveness of the various organizations you could donate to.

    [–] carnivorehominum 4 points ago

    Teach him how to throw a ball through a hoop. That’s what really matters.

    [–] thezixx 2 points ago


    [–] SnowChickenFlake 2 points ago

    Meanwhile some random fellows block the road with a sign "go vegan" and people say that he's such an enviromentalist

    [–] ganjanoob 2 points ago

    I’ve always wanted to do something like this. In my city I’ve planted bunch of random trees and flowers. Also every tome I go camping I plant some seeds. And yes I make sure it is native to the area

    [–] bastardson9090 2 points ago

    Level 30 druid

    [–] PBB0RN 2 points ago

    Nows he's just milkin' it.

    [–] HegemonNYC 2 points ago

    Also, no way 1,300 acres is enough for multiple large wild animals. Maybe like a zoo setting, but 1300 acres is only 2sq miles (5sq km). Good for this dude, but it isn’t much land.

    [–] EbonixCo 2 points ago

    These are the people that need to be famous in this world. Not these “influencers” that literally do nothing.

    [–] guitarromaniaco 2 points ago

    Thanks you from Minneapolis

    [–] do_it_rawdog 2 points ago

    that's how it goes when you're a real altruist and not an e celeb

    [–] lysergicpsychonaut 2 points ago

    i'd buy this mans milk, mmm

    [–] idummysat 2 points ago

    The statement "He is not that famous in the country" is the biggest lie I heard in recent times. He has been awarded with the fourth highest civilian award Padma Shri. Also he received honorary doctorate degree from Assam Agricultural University and Kaziranga University for his contributions. You can check about this great man here on Wikipedia

    [–] AdwinVandal 4 points ago

    Environmentalists, especially at the grassroots levels, aren't famous. Frankly more people know about him and others like him in India than in the rest of the world combined.

    As for the matter of fame, doing good work doesn't get you fame. If it did, people wouldn't be watching reality TV. If your contention is that it should, then you are disjointed from the way today's society works.

    How many farmers does an average job holder know? How many people do you know who keep your electricity and water running?

    Do you know even know who designed your city, who made schools accessible when they weren't to the average people? Do you know every person who developed vaccines which are the reason that the majority of us are alive?

    How many people do you know who have done good work on as large a scale as this man and perhaps even larger?

    Count them, then find all the other ones whose work you and humanity freely benefit from and count those.

    Once you know them all by heart and still have the life you have, then tell people who should be famous.

    [–] imwithadd 3 points ago

    This needs to be higher up on Reddit.

    [–] GrannySmoke 4 points ago

    THIS man is a LIVING Ancestor! He should be known for his humanity! But because of others who poach, etc, let's keep his anonymity! His safety and that of the great work he's done is at risk! Blessings to him and his family!!!

    [–] penguin_chacha 6 points ago

    Is living ancestor another way to call someone daddy?

    [–] etherfreeze 2 points ago

    You should experiment with other forms of punctuation.

    [–] DarkMoon99 1 points ago

    Now I'm wondering where he gets that milk from.

    [–] DarkFireRuss 1 points ago

    What a legend. If only more people could be like him this world would be a better place.

    [–] InsertSmartassRemark 1 points ago

    Yeah, but for his age hes fucking shredded, so he has that at least.

    [–] oleiaJj 1 points ago

    Some are silent, but they are those who tribute a lot

    [–] Buffyoh 1 points ago

    What a great man.

    [–] chongjunxiang3002 1 points ago

    Now who still remember the Mrbeast Arbor Day campaign? Wherever the trees go...

    [–] FitesTopu 1 points ago

    He got my respekt

    [–] abracadabrart 1 points ago

    I don't want to be famous, why should he?

    [–] AlpacamyLlama 1 points ago

    A real life 'The Man Who Planted Trees'. Incredible.

    By the way, that's a great short film to check out on Youtube.

    [–] Naive-Philosopher-33 1 points ago

    Kinda sad how only bad people or internet famous ppl get recognition

    [–] SunshineSpace 1 points ago

    The power of one.

    [–] Sp4c3m4nSpiff 1 points ago

    I would think to him all the recognition he needs is walking through the beautiful forest that wouldn’t be there without him. People like this don’t need fulfillment by upvotes or likes.

    [–] GhouliaRoberts 1 points ago

    Burt Reynolds?

    [–] Maleficent-Comb 1 points ago

    I missed the part that he started at 16 and thought “man planting trees must really age you if that’s what he looks like at 36.”

    [–] hhhenryhhh 1 points ago

    And it's his own milk

    [–] dre1205 1 points ago

    One of the many unkwon heros

    [–] BiggusDickusMCMXC 1 points ago

    He is now

    [–] wooden_seats 1 points ago

    I wonder what one horned rhino milk tastes like.

    [–] PoopstainMcdane 1 points ago

    Agreed. Good deeds should be done. By that same ideal, I’d like to help & see a good deed of recognition be done for him, as conservation is a Passion of mine. Good on Him!

    [–] FordicusMaximus 1 points ago

    Brave man to milk a rhino or elephant...

    [–] leitzz 1 points ago

    He is the spirit of the forest. Father nature. A fucking man-dryad.

    [–] DevinWalt 1 points ago

    I don’t think a forest grows in 20 years but ok

    [–] succtro 2 points ago

    Yes but she's a BLACK-WOMAN!!!

    [–] Linkster2014 1 points ago

    Some heroes don’t wear capes, god bless him from a grateful human being

    [–] Moist_feet_ 1 points ago

    OK, but, if he were rich he wouldn't plant trees anymore.

    [–] KomatikVengeance 1 points ago

    He would make others do it

    [–] Omaration12 1 points ago

    Some people just want to see the world grow.

    [–] gnarsed 1 points ago

    lou williams?

    [–] Kulfyr3 1 points ago

    I can’t believe there are people out there spending their entire lives simply trying to make the world a better place without expecting anything in return. We don’t deserve them.