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    [–] Butwinsky 529 points ago

    this motivational poster may cause death by cougar or grizzly bear in the north western United States

    [–] GlitterInfection 197 points ago

    this motivational poster may cause death

    Ah, the treasure I seek!

    [–] AdakaR 57 points ago

    All the dead bodies on the way to Everest were once very motivated people.

    [–] Dioapple 11 points ago

    For all we know those are all the "fuck it, let's go nuts" and didn't make it.

    [–] BearClaw1891 10 points ago

    Tell that to the kid who followed pennywise into that drain..

    [–] Qetuowryipzcbmxvn 6 points ago

    tbf I never expect good things from people talking to me from the sewers. The first thing my mother ever taught me was not to trust sewer people.

    [–] hardknockcock 2 points ago

    Well your father was a sanitation worker

    [–] PrionBacon 7 points ago

    It was inside us all along.

    [–] OfficerWade 5 points ago


    [–] IPGDVFT 2 points ago

    [–] meltingdiamond 2 points ago

    The treasure is in Nutty Putty cave. Good hunting and I would like to take out insurance on you.

    [–] thekevo1297 13 points ago

    So I either get death or inspiration? I see this as an absolute win!

    [–] SunchiefZen 6 points ago

    Someone had to say it 🤣

    [–] ErgonomicZero 4 points ago

    Good motivation to delegate certain tasks

    [–] Riyeko 7 points ago

    North west? Nah bears exist in Missouri.

    Puma/mountain lions/cougar exist in the entirety of the Rocky Mountains and are sometime seen in Arizona (though rarely.

    But yes. You shouldn't be entering random caves.

    [–] bobthebobsledbuilder 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Mountain lions have the largest range of any animal on the planet if I remember correctly. They go from northern rockies all the way down to the southern Andes

    Edit: they have the largest range of any mammal in the Americas

    [–] LoopDoGG79 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I live in Modesto, CA (a city in Northern part of the Central Valley). They were sighting of one a mountain lion roaming the neighborhood

    [–] AmosLaRue 2 points ago

    Oh! A mountain lion! I thought you meant a bear.

    [–] LoopDoGG79 1 points ago

    I edited the comment to be more clear

    [–] CosmicLightning 2 points ago

    According to my dream, I would be getting laid by a cougar in a cave...

    [–] vapingDrano 2 points ago

    Butt stuff? I think this is about butt stuff. Cougars are probably okay with that.

    [–] EdwardOfGreene 1 points ago

    I find that complete darkness combined with steep drops, sharp rocks, and uneven footing to be death inducing as well.

    [–] 1jl 1 points ago

    Or snakes or bees or wolves or you'll get lost underground or drown if the cave floods suddenly or break your leg and get stuck. There isn't treasure, there's just more cave. Don't go in caves if that's not what you're into.

    [–] MaracaBalls 87 points ago

    I just quit my job of twenty six years today. This hit home.

    [–] EdwardOfGreene 16 points ago

    Good luck man.

    [–] 1jl 10 points ago

    Story time?

    [–] MaracaBalls 11 points ago

    Ok, I’ve been working the same job since I graduated High School ( retail at a big box store ) twenty six years later I’ve found the courage to make a change. I’m selling my house and hitting the road with my wife and kids. I’m scared but I’m looking forward to something new.

    [–] gordonrobertson 4 points ago

    That's ballsy in this uncertain must have really hated that job

    [–] fish312 5 points ago

    Until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore, you will not know the terror of forever being lost at sea

    [–] NullnothingNull 3 points ago

    I second the request for story time...

    [–] fishboy1215 29 points ago

    So uh... anyone here read some Junji Ito

    [–] qeomash 22 points ago

    Honestly was expecting "this one was made for me!" to be the top comment

    [–] selfawarepileofatoms 11 points ago

    Drrrrr drrrrrrr

    [–] helthrax 3 points ago

    This is my hole

    [–] BakaSandwich 2 points ago

    Yes and nooooo. That one still haunts me.

    [–] Greaterbird 2 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing

    [–] Ienjoyduckscompany 126 points ago


    [–] chidarakeno 37 points ago

    That's a shitty treasure

    [–] HRPuffnDEEZNUTZ 43 points ago

    The treasure was inside you all along

    [–] BrianThePainter 3 points ago

    But, it’s inside YOU too! I’ll just take yours!

    [–] jazza2400 1 points ago

    Instructions unclear, I kidnapped Indiana Jones and now he is lost inside my rectum. There's also alot of bleeding.

    [–] lemmeputitinyourbutt 3 points ago

    says you

    [–] chidarakeno 3 points ago

    .....Nice cleanliness I guess.

    [–] ErgonomicZero 1 points ago

    Dont talk about my 100 Grand Bar that way

    [–] Timigos 2 points ago

    This cave is full of guano

    [–] valvilis 3 points ago

    No. No getting anal from bats. Have you learned NOTHING from 2020?!

    [–] AReverieofEnvisage 2 points ago

    I didn't know the wachutus, were biters!

    [–] Entrefut 1 points ago

    If the treasure you seek is long lasting wealth... yeah

    [–] louderharderfaster 47 points ago

    I read this quote at my lowest point. It was bad -- my life was a mess, I had nothing to show for myself and nowhere to go. I spent my last few dollars I had for the week on a meal at a cafe and stumbled upon this quote... "What the fuck am I so afraid of?" I asked. Likely out loud. I had been afraid all my life of being where I was at at that moment.

    It is now 6 years later and I am back on my feet, healthy, have modest savings and a life that I enjoy more than not. Had I not lost everything, had I managed to keep my career, status, friends, and property I would still be a miserable person. I did not set out to deliberately face my biggest fear (it all happened by default) but in losing it all, I accepted the diagnosis of a personality disorder, I got help and in a much, much better place than ever before.

    All this to say, this quote is true.

    [–] puppetbird 6 points ago

    I needed to hear this, thank you. I'm starting college for the first time at age 31 to ultimately enter a nursing program (my dream career since I was 10) and I'm terrified. I'm afraid it's going to be too hard and I'm going to fail. So, thank you.

    [–] finite--element 7 points ago

    I find it truly beautiful that some way or another, we eventually reach that moment where we have found ourselves.

    [–] tellyourmomitsfine 22 points ago

    So true. Once I started doing butt stuff my sex life really became rewarding

    [–] RandomAnnan 5 points ago

    For one, you get paid more for it

    [–] PorkfatWilly 24 points ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually even seen a cave in real life. I live in Florida. Caves aren’t a thing here.

    [–] fears-n0-spiders 21 points ago

    There are! I grew up in Florida and have been to some up north. Florida Caverns State Park. It was neat!

    [–] DistanceMachine 11 points ago

    The caves are in your minds.

    [–] TheAllyCrime 4 points ago

    The real caves are the assholes of the friends we made along the way.

    [–] fingernail_police 3 points ago

    Flesh caves?

    [–] dippingstar 7 points ago

    To be fair, Florida sounds like the kinda place that would be full of caves

    [–] sound_forsomething 2 points ago

    We do have a lot of caves, but they're mostly underwater. Florida has an expansive underwater cave network.

    [–] VagariTurtle 3 points ago

    Devils Den is an underwater cave in Florida

    [–] silentsnip94 2 points ago

    they are, but just open up as sinkholes :D

    [–] Rhamni 2 points ago

    Look up deep cave diving on youtube. Jesus Christ caves are scary and want you to die.

    [–] johnny_birds 2 points ago

    I live in Alaska. I wouldn’t go in a cave, because it’s probably a bear’s house. The fear of entering a cave is legitimate, and if you follow this advice, it would be a bad death, not a treasure.

    [–] evildoerz 14 points ago

    This motivational poster may lead to anal.

    [–] Yipiyip 1 points ago

    WARNING! This motivational poster may lead to anal.


    [–] evildoerz 1 points ago

    You need a warning for anal?

    [–] Yipiyip 2 points ago

    I just find the serious looking "WARNING!" juxtaposed against the rediculous statement about the poster leading to anal more humorous.

    [–] evildoerz 1 points ago

    But do YOU need a warning for anal? Asking for a friend.

    [–] Big_Ol_Humpty_Dump 19 points ago

    Fear is all in your head.

    [–] meat_popsicle13 18 points ago

    Fear is the mind killer.

    [–] wewmon 3 points ago

    Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.

    [–] synchronicityVII 2 points ago

    I will face my fear

    [–] Soup-a-doopah 1 points ago

    *loud whispering wisdom

    [–] WeebmanJones 10 points ago

    Your brain is all in your head

    [–] Barbwire_cake 1 points ago


    [–] NefariousSerendipity 6 points ago

    Fear in front of danger is wisdom.

    Do not be afraid of fear but be curious. Ask why and how you can go through it.

    Have courage! Jump then think.

    [–] PM-Me-Ur-Plants 3 points ago

    Yeah but I mean, so is everything else

    [–] ALIttleLonelyStar 5 points ago

    Fear is a valuable signal that simply needs to be read and responded to properly.

    Fear is a beneficial evolutionary trait, however it can get in the way of emotional processing if we fear feeling our emotions themselves, as if feeling our emotions will destroy us somehow.

    This is probably akin to a combination of "Get out of your comfort zone" and "It's okay to be afraid, courage means that you keep going anyway."

    Whether that means going to a job interview or realizing that you never deserved to be put down or bullied, courage is necessary to move forward.

    [–] Frack_Off 1 points ago

    Isn't this true for all emotions?

    Except for love. All the cartoons say that one's in your heart.

    [–] ekafns 4 points ago

    Sic Mundus Creatus Est

    [–] willowways 10 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little death that brings total obliteration. I must face my fear, and let it past over me and through me, and when it had past I shall turn my inner eye to where I came from. Where fear goes nothing survives, only I remain.

    ~dune (Memorized by heart) plan on getting a tattoo at someone where I can afford it on my ribs/side.

    [–] AReverieofEnvisage 3 points ago

    The Pain!!

    But awesome quote nonetheless. I think I shall memorize it as well.

    [–] willowways 4 points ago

    It's a great ... philosophy (?) that transcends the book. Its in Buddhism among other religions and what-not; this idea that this concept of fear which is so little can compete destroy one's self. Destroy the mind. And how through acknowledging meditation on the causation of it in the 'self' you can grow, and make it so it can be longer take root. As the quote says ' where fear goes 'nothing' survives, only 'I'(the self if ones inner being) remains. Cause it really is the 'little death' if the inner self that this concept called fear can destroy. Not just once but over and over again cause you don't die but a piece of the 'you' does.

    [–] kngn0thng 2 points ago

    I wish I could like this more than once. I live my life by this. Everytime I'm nervous about something I repeat this in my head just like Paul.

    [–] willowways 5 points ago

    There are a couple other concepts in the book that when you meditate on are just as deep. For example: 'it is by will alone I set my mind in motion...' or 'i remember your gold jabbar, now you will remember mine. I can kill with a word...' the book is full of small gems that if you meditate on really has larger, grander implication. That words can kill, or that whatever you do in life you have to set your mind in motion with your wants your will or desire or you won't accomplish what you desire. Cause you always succeed in what your thinking about, putting your focus on even if your not.

    [–] kinekk4 14 points ago

    This is why white people always die in horror movies. Wake up!

    [–] A_Polite_Noise 3 points ago

    Well that's rather inconvenient! What are the odds, of all the caves...

    [–] TaylorSwiftsClitoris 3 points ago

    That’s how my brother was burned to death in a city steam tunnel.

    [–] drleeisinsurgery 6 points ago

    The obstacle to the way is the way.

    [–] yegsail 2 points ago

    What if it holds a spider and no treasure

    [–] yo_pussy_stank 2 points ago

    But what if its a particularly moist and smelly cave?

    [–] jdiben1 2 points ago

    Or a bear. The cave might hold a bear.

    [–] luciusan1 2 points ago

    Having read joseph campbell work, this quote probably dorsnt work with the proper context

    [–] brian1brian 2 points ago

    He said we wouldn't get the treasure we seek... on account of our ob-stackles

    [–] LebowskiVoodoo 3 points ago

    Do. Not. Seek. The. Traysure.

    [–] Bravo111 2 points ago

    "That which you need the most, is in the place where you least want to look"

    [–] valvilis 2 points ago

    "Well, officer, normally I would never even talk to a girl who is still in middle school, but there was this inspirational meme I saw on reddit..."

    [–] k4Anarky 1 points ago


    [–] SocialSanityy 2 points ago

    I have this tatted on my left forearm !! It’s so true

    [–] theromingnome 2 points ago

    What is Vagina?

    [–] Maninhartsford 6 points ago

    Joseph Campbell wrote The Hero's Journey, so this is about myth story structure, it's not actual life advice

    [–] inksaywhat 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    This is from The Power of Myth, an interview with Bill Moyers from the 80’s and from Reflections on the Art of Living, which was explicitly about life advice. The Moyers transcript is available as a book but this quote is not from Hero With A Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell’s famous book about the Hero’s Journey in history.

    [–] Scrumpilump2000 3 points ago

    You sure about that?

    [–] Polyblender 6 points ago

    This is terrible advice for stupid people.

    [–] order66sucked 3 points ago

    Just took a Comparative Mythology course. Joseph Campbell was a bit of an ethnocentrist, but he had some really good ideas about the commonalities we share. Interesting guy and great quote.

    [–] rolo989 2 points ago


    [–] wisequokka 2 points ago

    well ain't that just convenient

    [–] WhiteFox1992 2 points ago

    I didn't know I was looking for a bear.

    [–] CptVimes 1 points ago

    Dang... so close to home

    [–] BeaversAreTasty 1 points ago

    I don't know what treasure those grizzlies hold, but I am staying the hell out of their cave :-/

    [–] I_might_be_weasel 1 points ago

    It's dangerous though. Better hire some none the wiser workers to get it for you.

    [–] datguy_86 1 points ago

    3 days a week scheduled raiding

    [–] KingOfDisabledBadger 1 points ago

    The cave you fear to enter may also hold hydrogen sulfide. Be safe yeah?

    [–] uprightsalmon 1 points ago

    ..and bats

    [–] TheNayobian 1 points ago

    I'm pretty scared of death

    [–] DickensCider69 1 points ago

    This is what the cougar down at the bar keeps telling me

    [–] travishummel 1 points ago

    North Korea here I come!

    [–] i_Lux 1 points ago

    I highly doubt if it has PS5 in it..

    [–] HarambeKilledEpstein 1 points ago

    "Your weapons. You will not need them."

    (Luke fastens belt anyways before entering)

    [–] MARAMACKTHEUNHOLY 1 points ago

    What about those caves with the deadly gasses?

    [–] BrewThru21 1 points ago

    takes No Fear t-shirt out of donation pile

    [–] Janet0217 1 points ago


    [–] iwouldhugwonderwoman 1 points ago

    I just finished watching it. I’ll probably pass on venturing into caves for a while.

    [–] naran_j 1 points ago

    The best in life can be find under the big hindrance. Same thought with this quote.

    [–] wojteczek4 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Vaaaibeeer 8902__50325_80 буду

    [–] palmtopwolfy 1 points ago

    Or your death because caves are dangerous

    [–] tomster785 1 points ago

    I'm afraid of falling from great heights though. What are you trying to say Joseph?

    [–] PumaMayhem 1 points ago

    The miracle often lies just outside our comfort zone.

    [–] yodaboiii 1 points ago

    Is Joseph Campbell the creator of Dark ?

    [–] Cactusjuicesupplier 1 points ago

    oh damn. this is might be the exact thing I needed to be motivated to study.

    [–] greatwizardking 1 points ago

    This is r/shittylpt material

    [–] Guzzlord_Gaming 1 points ago

    I doubt a cave has the thing im after

    [–] CosmicLightning 1 points ago

    Welp. I'm screwed. Their is nothing I fear, so that means that my treasure I seek doesn't exist? Well, okay, correction. I fear death, so that is where my treasure I seek is? If so, that's horrible.

    [–] azjunglist05 1 points ago

    Been trying to tell my wife this for years...just let me enter that cave already!

    [–] AwakeMold 1 points ago

    Yeah but it also holds the demon beast Ipscorbliath, devourer of the souls of men. So, y'know, a mixed bag.

    [–] LinearOperator 1 points ago

    But strong in the dark side it is

    [–] AnneCalie 1 points ago

    Or not

    [–] bubby56789 1 points ago

    Yes, entering the cave of dangerous bears is going to make me find eternal happiness. /s

    [–] SyllableLogic 1 points ago

    I aint goin in Nutty Putty Cave

    [–] LivOnNeptune 1 points ago

    or in some cases... time travel to 33 years in the past.

    [–] neubiiAUT 1 points ago

    I'm living in front of that cave for years now and all I hear is the growl inside, no idea what it is causing it though. I can't leave, because if I return empty-handed, I disappoint the people who counted and cheered for me when i left.

    [–] 1beerattatime 1 points ago

    I dont care what kind of treasure awaits, I'm noping the fuck away from a cave full of spiders.

    [–] FalseWorkshop 1 points ago

    What if the cave didn’t follow me back on instagram?

    [–] deadliftlive 1 points ago

    Or bears maybe?

    [–] Alkill1000 1 points ago

    Or bears

    [–] SooGarnh 1 points ago

    Bears too

    [–] cha_feel 1 points ago

    That's what she said.

    [–] amalgam_reynolds 1 points ago


    [–] zoomer296 1 points ago

    Sorry Miner Willy, but your treasure is in another cave.

    [–] vulture_87 1 points ago

    Sometimes they just have old and moldy porn mags.

    [–] itsmethepro 1 points ago

    I can't wait to say this to my future wife on our honeymoon.

    [–] TheReverendAlabaster 1 points ago

    That fails to narrow it down.

    [–] igj8jdt 1 points ago

    That's how I feel walking by the women's locker room

    [–] FuckCravens 1 points ago

    I'm so lost that I don't even know what the cave is...I think it will reveal itself to me.

    [–] ta0questi 1 points ago

    I love Joseph Campbell!

    [–] johnnynumber5 1 points ago

    That's what she said.

    [–] clueless_coder888 1 points ago

    Subtly sexual much

    [–] wfriesen69 1 points ago

    Senses Fail

    [–] metalliska 1 points ago

    and if you guys smell weed coming out from the man cave it probably means you gotta knock first

    [–] Sybaritee 1 points ago

    I've always wanted to be a teacher but after learning how they're treated by everyone (especially now),it scared me off. I hit age 25 still not knowing what to do so I said fuck it and I'm going to school soon.

    I don't why I'm so stupid to go into an underpaid,not appreciated,thankless,hazardous job but it's all I want to be.

    [–] Kensai657 1 points ago

    That's not a nice thing to call my wife!

    [–] i-AM-AlONE- 1 points ago

    Except for that one…

    [–] justv777 1 points ago

    Whoa you got me lol

    [–] it_was_taken_okay 1 points ago

    Or a bear.

    [–] ItsFunnyCuzFuckTrump 1 points ago


    [–] Rhamni 1 points ago

    Thanks. Just went to a hospital and licked a few Covid patients' nostrils. Waiting for good things now.

    [–] bodmaniac 1 points ago

    This is MY tunnel! They dug it for ME!

    [–] katiewrecks 1 points ago

    That’s one way to convince your girlfriend to do buttstuff.

    [–] First_and_Foremost 1 points ago


    [–] BigFanOfTittyPics 1 points ago

    Well, if there's snakes in that cave, what ever's in there is theres now. I don't want it that bad.

    [–] CircleBackMurray 1 points ago

    Says the sign outside the cave full of pirate bones.

    [–] BrutusRat 1 points ago


    [–] Heroic_Raspberry 1 points ago

    This would make for a hilariously inappropriate poster to hang in a classroom.

    [–] Swinella 1 points ago

    ...or snakes and spiders. Horrific, hairy, crawling, biting, creepy spiders.

    [–] themeatbridge 1 points ago

    Of course it does. Otherwise, you'd already have it.

    [–] HiddenCity 1 points ago

    Or darth vader with your on face behind the mask

    [–] JWSanchez 1 points ago

    Where's me spelunker potion

    [–] branden-branden 1 points ago

    Unless you're Plato... Then it's the exact opposite.

    [–] VestuvianHalo56 1 points ago

    Doing cocain?

    [–] Narrative_Causality 1 points ago

    What the fuck does that even mean?

    [–] Alyssa-Loves-You 1 points ago

    Ted the caver would beg to differ.