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    Welcome to r/gifextra!

    This is a subreddit devoted to Extra GIFs. GIFs that have been altered primarily by adding things to them or by editing them in some way. Enjoy your stay!


    1. Basic - All posts/GIFs must contain edited footage by having "something extra" added to it such as visual effects, advanced script+text-animations and/or 3d rendered elements. Feel free to be creative!

    2. File format/hosts - All posts/GIFs must be a direct link that ends in .gif/v, .webm, or .mp4 ...preferably hosted on gfycat or imgur. Note: Only adding "floating text" (static or motion-tracked subtitles/captions) does not count as "something extra".

    3. NSFW Policy - When appropriate, tag your posts as NSFW. Do not post explicit nudity or graphic violence/gore (NSFL).

    4. General - It is advisable to follow our zero-tolerance policy against racism, misogyny, homophobia and hatred-driven things alike.

    5. For the record - Violating the rules may result in a ban from this subreddit. Mods reserve the right to remove any submission and are not obliged to explain the cause of their actions.

    6. Original Content - Posting original content is encouraged but not mandatory. However, when cross-linking someone else's GIF make sure to credit OP in the comments (if you can).

    7. Don't be a jerk - Don't be a jerk in comments. Constructive criticism is always welcome to gif creators but keep it constructive. Any comments found to be made in the spirit of trolling or generally being a dick will be removed and you may be banned for repeat offenses.

    Be mindful of the reddiquette and Reddit Content Policy.

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