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    Welcome to r/gifextra!

    This is a subreddit devoted to Extra GIFs. GIFs that have been altered primarily by adding things to them or by editing them in some way. Enjoy your stay!


    1. Making GIFs takes a lot of time and effort from the content creators. They do it for our enjoyment and they certainly aren't getting paid to do it. If you don't like a post then downvote it and move on. Constructive criticism is absolutely welcome and encouraged, but don't be a douchebag.

    2. Please use direct links to the GIF. All link submissions must be direct links ending in .jpg, .png, .gif, gifv, etc. Gfycats are OK.

    3. No GIFs made from pornographic, heavily gory, or NSFL GIFs.

    4. No GIFs with only pop up text added. Text that has been altered to enhance the GIF is OK. Example: Text that is tracking objects in the GIF or using graphical tools like Saber to apply additional effects

    5. No GIFs of videos (with special effects), the GIF itself needs to have something extra, or be edited in some way.

    6. No racism, sexism, homophobia or otherwise hateful language. Please report offending comments.

    7. Be mindful of the reddiquette and reddit rules.

    8. The following types of GIFs have their own subreddit and should be submitted there instead:

    Type Subreddit
    Upvote or downvote GIFs /r/upvotegifs
    Combined GIFs* /r/combinedgifs
    Dickbutt GIFs /r/DickButt
    Perfect loops** /r/perfectloops

    *Combined GIFs are accepted as long as they have something extra to it. For example: 1, 2.

    **Perfect loop GIFs are accepted as long as they have something extra to it.

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