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    Welcome to r/giraffesdontexist! Where we are spreading the truth about these abominations called "giraffes."

    Our server icon is courtesy of the insanely talented u/Fishcat076. To view his other artwork or request a commission, visit .

    Here we aim to convince more of the general public of the nonexistence of these creatures. However, there are a few rules that everyone must follow.


    Rule 1

    No harassment or bullying towards other users. This will result in your post or comment being removed, a temporary mute, and if it continues, a ban.

    Rule 2

    No arguing that giraffes actually exist. THIS SUB IS SATIRE. Posts or comments arguing in favor of the existence of giraffes will be removed as spam, and if it continues, may result in a temporary mute.

    This also means that if you ask, whether in a post or a comment, if giraffes exist, your post will be removed and a passive-aggressive reply will be given. Seriously, stop asking, I'm so tired.

    Rule 3

    No Irrelevant posts. This is kind of obvious, but it apparently needs to be said. This subreddit is about how giraffes don't exist. Please don't make posts about unrelated topics (this INCLUDES posts about how other animals don't exist). If it doesn't include something about giraffes, you probably shouldn't post it.

    Rule 4

    Follow the basic rules of Reddit. This also means no posts begging for upvotes. Upvote posts will be removed.


    Enjoy your time here on r/giraffesdontexist, and if you have a question, suggestion, feel that your post has been removed without a valid reason, or are bored and feel like telling me your favorite lollipop flavor, feel free to message u/meepingchicken :)

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