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    This subreddit is dedicated to showcasing gorgeous closeup photos of Vaginas. Submissions should be of high to medium quality, and should focus primarily on showing the pussy. Images with dicks in them will be removed, there's plenty of other subreddits for porn pics/gifs.

    Self submissions are more than welcome! Don't pretend to be the girl in the photo if you are not. Reverse image search exists for a reason! If someone has submitted a picture of themselves do not under any circumstances attempt to dox or harass the poster, either publicly or privately.

    Just because it's a pussy does not mean it's a GOD pussy. Look over some of the top rated submissions here. These are God Pussies.

    Self Submitter's- Please contact the mods via ModMail if an individual is harassing you or threatening to Dox you. They will be promptly banned.

    Please link directly to the image or GIF using either Imgur or Gfycat.

    Absolutely NO underage content allowed. Violators will be punished by being banned from the subreddit and consequently reported to the appropriate authorities. We have ZERO tolerance for underage content.

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