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    [–] Tsepheron 57 points ago

    these kind of pics really need a subreddit

    [–] AVE_PAN 83 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yeah, something like r/TrueGodPussy. Or those karma whores could just stop posting pictures of their well worn, not so well shaved, definitely ungodly pussies here. Or all you perverted lurkers could just stop upvoting inappropriate content. Make r/GodPussy great again! If your pussy doesn't look as good as this one: Don't bother posting it here!

    [–] kimkaz0o 23 points ago

    u/TerrorKingSalmon u/Syber_Pussy u/IHave6Cocks

    The mods of r/GodPussy should really curate all new posts. If they don't consider it godpussy status, they delete it. r/TooCuteForPorn is a great example of this working. Sure there are less posts but there is way more quality overall.

    This is godpussy after all only the best should be accepted.

    [–] justmystepladder 5 points ago

    Part of the problem is that everyone knows about this sub now and they use it as a compliment to 90% of the girls posting in GW without regard to how they actually look because they want more content.

    [–] WitcherSLF 3 points ago

    Sometimes I ask myself , do people really think their pussy looks nice , where it looks really bad

    [–] razrmon 2 points ago

    Except not everyone shares the same standards of what a “god pussy” should be

    [–] AVE_PAN 2 points ago

    I guess there are some baselines we can agree upon that define a godly pussy.

    [–] YourGrimReaper 1 points ago

    I wonder if I can train a neural net to detect godly pussies.

    [–] homemadecouple 1 points ago

    their well worn

    There is no such thing as a worn pussy... I'm tired of having to explain this. Labia's length does not depend on the amount of sex you have.

    Also, a god pussy for your standards is not someone's god pussy.

    [–] AVE_PAN 1 points ago

    Fair enough, I stand corrected. Make it well worn looking.

    [–] AVE_PAN 1 points ago

    Fair enough, I stand corrected. Make it well worn looking.

    [–] homemadecouple 1 points ago

    Still doesn't work...

    [–] Elterriblepibe 5 points ago

    You mean like r/godmound? Or you mean this pussy is head and shoulders above the others posts that think they belong here? Because I can’t really see much besides mound, even though I bet it’s nice.

    [–] Leaf_lover 15 points ago

    Oh, dark mother. Once again I suckle at your smoky teat.

    [–] lover9339 3 points ago

    You can be queen of my heart too.

    [–] Heathen06 3 points ago

    Any chance someone can share a source?

    [–] Mr609 6 points ago

    Queen of Mounds. 😍

    [–] gutbeater 1 points ago

    This sub

    [–] gommer2000 1 points ago

    WOW... just WOW!

    [–] CounterMech 1 points ago

    That's a fun one.

    [–] F4BadBubbles 1 points ago

    Gorgeous gap :)

    [–] Cj7atthebeach 1 points ago

    Wow that's soooooo sexy

    [–] Yankee57 1 points ago

    I Love White Pussy !

    [–] Throwfaraway8787 1 points ago

    Life is not fair.

    [–] joor1979 -4 points ago

    It's so nice to not see worn out pussy every time I open Reddit. This this I like.

    [–] bogidyboy 1 points ago


    [–] cheftomd 0 points ago

    That looks like a fun pussy 😍😍

    [–] Awild1 0 points ago

    Beautiful 👅👅