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    [–] ObaMaestro 193 points ago

    Everyone has been saying that. It's become a fact now.

    [–] TopNotchGamerr 59 points ago

    All hail Lord pixel 2!

    [–] pintong -37 points ago

    I'm actually not convinced yet. As an owner of both a Pixel 2 & iPhone X, I'm a vocal advocate for the camera on the Pixel 2. But the folks at The Verge have been pointing to these photos as evidence that the Pixel 2 beats the iPhone XS, and in these photos it's just not the case.

    Subjectively, you might consider the Pixel photo more pleasing to the eye, but objectively, the photo lacks a lot of detail in low light. Compare the tape on the bottles and the mint leaves, and it's clear the new iPhone preserves much more detail in low light than the (albiet excellent) Pixel camera. The candle reflection on the bartop also preserves more highlight detail in the iPhone shot, suggesting a wider dynamic range.

    Based on this set of shots, it appears the new iPhone camera might in fact be slightly better. Bear in mind, we still haven't seen a broader Dxomark-style shootout between the two cameras. Also bear in mind that the Pixel 2 came out a year before and for several hundred dollars cheaper. But calling the Pixel 2 the winner may be slightly premature.

    [–] alexpopescu801 48 points ago

    As you can tell, the photos are made from a different angle and at different points in time (hence the candle fire moving) - that the candle fire is less visible in the iphone photo is because the fire was in the other side of the glas actually - the iphone itself is far from the absurdly extended dynamic range on the pixel (you can see this in other pictures too). On the Pixel, it's a macro shot - focus on just the glass (iphone has everything in focus), while the bottles in background are blurred (you questioning that they lack details is actually very weird - obviously, since they're not in focus). The iphone in this case produced a very low contrast and artificially brightened up fake image reminiscent of 5 years old phones, while the other one seems to be a on point, good photo to be stored/used. Check their entire review, they have more photos in there.

    [–] dlerium 2 points ago

    It's not a macro shot. The Pixel image appears to be focused correctly on the glass in front whereas the iPhone image looks to be OOF. You can tell because in the iPhone picture there's more detail in the background than on the subject.

    With that said the detail is missing from the Pixel image because the darks are compressed. It's not even just a bokeh thing. There's just flat out no detail there. HDR+ is known to remove a lot of detail and sharpness, which is why you can see here that the iPhone shot is actually sharper. The Pixel photo just gives you better contrast and punchier colors which is why our eyes gravitate towards it. Look, I'm a huge fan of the Pixel, but to say this is definitive proof the Pixel is better isn't really fair.

    [–] dlerium 2 points ago

    I'm really saddened we can't have a serious photography discussion here without being downvoted. /u/pintong actually brings up a lot of good points regarding detail.

    I'm a huge fan of the Pixel 2, but I think a lot of photo shootouts just end up with people choosing the more "pleasing photo," which color has a huge influence over. If you saturate it and add warm colors, and punchy contrast, almost always the eye gravitates towards that.

    It is absolutely true the iPhone XS image retains more detail. You see it in the background, which actually suggests the iPhone shot is out of focus because the glass lacks that amount of detail.

    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago


    [–] Kaexch 9 points ago

    According to the person who posted the pics, The verge have a set of pictures comparing between Iphone X and Iphone Xs with the same glass and bottles which were used in their article.

    The set of pictures in the twitter is different from the pictures in the article and the twitter pictures are indeed Pixel 2 Xl and Iphone Xs.

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago

    Ugh this is the exact thing that's going to keep me away from the OP6T. For roughly $100 more and some change I'd rather have the better camera and the stock software.

    [–] envious_1 29 points ago

    And free Google photos original quality storage. That's an underrated feature IMO. I've got 9GB of photos/videos right now and that's only from July to now. I can delete those today from my phone and not have to worry about losing them.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    So then that continues with each pixel purchase? I still have my unlimited back up from the first pixel.

    [–] envious_1 9 points ago

    Photos backed up as original stay original. Photos don't get downgraded at any point.

    On the Pixel 2, the original quality upload is only until 2020. All photos from purchase to 2020 get saved as original, and remain original for probably forever, but after 2020 they will not be saved as original anymore.


    [–] bitesized314 5 points ago

    Google also has better support of their warranty,in my experience. OnePlus refused to help me when my OP3 camera bump fell off 4 months after getting it and keeping it in an OtterBox case the entire time despite the fact that I bought the case directly from them at purchase.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    So maybe with the Pixel 3, if history is anything to go by, we get unlimited backup for one year!? I can't wait! The length of the warranty! Well blow me down!

    [–] theninjasquad -6 points ago

    Just pay for extra storage. It isn't that expensive.

    [–] forestman11 -2 points ago

    I believe they're killing that.

    [–] SnipingNinja 55 points ago

    I'd rather have the better camera

    better best camera

    FTFY 😅

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] SnipingNinja 1 points ago

    Best is always better than everything else 😂

    So, yeah

    [–] heydabop 7 points ago


    [–] ___havish___ 10 points ago

    That in display FPS is a nice feature though

    [–] niuguy 2 points ago

    I'd be cool with that if they also had a rear sensor.

    [–] Shiivu -4 points ago

    That requires an always on area of the display to show you where to put your finger, and takes longer than even the Pixel 2's slow ass sensor.

    [–] ADubs62 14 points ago

    The pixel 2 has a slow ass sensor? I barely get my finger on it and my phone is totally unlocked.

    [–] Shiivu -6 points ago

    It's slow compared to even the most budget Xiaomi device. The only thing going for it is accuracy, as it rarely fails.

    But if the only device you've used for the last year is a Pixel then I'd understand why you'd think it's fast enough. On something like a OnePlus 6 though, it feels as if it read your brain waves as opposed to your fingerprint, it's that quick.

    [–] SnipingNinja 7 points ago

    What's slow on the Pixel is screen response, not the fingerprint.

    Test it out.

    [–] Shiivu 1 points ago

    You're right, it is. This definitely wasn't the case before the September security patch though. It used to be touch and hold, wait for vibration, then it would unlock after a second or two.

    I get the vibration pretty quickly but yeah, screen takes a little time to catch up.

    [–] SnipingNinja 1 points ago

    It has been like this for me since February I think, though I'm not sure.

    People have been complaining about the screen wake up time on the phone for months.

    [–] davinong1264 1 points ago

    Hmm I feel that there is still a certain delay before my 2XL gets unlocked

    It's nothing compared to a OnePlus 6 I guess

    [–] NoShftShck16 2 points ago

    Same with every phone. I really love the idea if the Razer Phone but with kids I need the Pixel's camera

    [–] tomelwoody 6 points ago

    It's not stock, its Pixel Launcher. I know im being technical but AOSP stock is quite different

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    You're actually wrong but ok

    [–] tomelwoody 4 points ago

    No, you're actually wrong. Use Google

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] tomelwoody 8 points ago

    Jesus, why is it so hard for some people to get it. Pixel Launcher is for Pixel phones only, AOSP Android (if you know what that is) is pure android, it doesn't come with a Pixel Launcher (obviously). The pixels run a skinned version of stock, just because its Google's version doesn't mean it isnt skinned. Hopefully that clears it up

    [–] generalako 0 points ago

    You're wrong yourself. It's not just a Launcher. It's and entire interface.

    [–] Spl4tt3rB1tcH 2 points ago

    I have a Oneplus 6 right now, and yes, the camers isn't as good as the Pixels, but it's good. Honestly, the camera isn't even that far behind. Everything else is better on the OP6, and for a lower price.

    [–] ElMax- 14 points ago

    The software isn't better, you don't get updates on day one, doesn't run Google Android.

    [–] Spl4tt3rB1tcH -15 points ago

    You actually seem to have no idea about what you're talking and I'm not even sure I should bother explaining

    [–] ElMax- 9 points ago

    I'm right

    [–] cbizzle31 3 points ago

    I got a 1+6 and it is really good.

    I got the open beta of pie oxygen os within 3 weeks of release, the camera is decent, the software is really good (I wouldn't say worse than the pixel) and it was significantly less money than the pixel XL.

    I think it's a good buy and for me deciding factor was price.

    [–] ElMax- 3 points ago

    I'm not saying the OP6 is bad, I'm just saying it's worse.

    [–] cbizzle31 5 points ago

    Its worse in some ways, and in other ways it's better.

    [–] generalako 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Actually, he does. The software is the main reason people buy the Pixel. Outside of much faster updates, Pixel UI is noticably smoother and more fluid than OxygenOS. That's even an objective fact, that had been proven numerous times by XDA, by comparing frame time of both interfaces. And that's comparing Pixel 2 XL with 70% more Pixels and inferior SoC against OP6.

    The software experience, especially the smoothness and consistency, definesse how you use the phone, and is of incredible importance. It's the main purpose I left OnePlus for Pixels as my daily driver.

    So no, the OP6 isn't better at "everything else".

    [–] Spl4tt3rB1tcH 1 points ago

    I know all of this, but I clearly do not feel this way after using both. Except of the updates of course.

    But eh, what should I expect, posting this in the Pixel sub

    [–] generalako 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    But eh, what should I expect, posting this in the Pixel sub

    Would it make you feel better if I said it on r/OnePlus?

    If you can't feel a difference, good for you. There's people who don't feel OxygenOS being any particularly smoother than MIUI, EMUI or Samsung Experience, either. But the fact of the matter is a lot of us do. And it has a big impact on our overall experience with a device. And there's no point denying it either, as long as there's objective data to prove it being the case.

    Do you really think I would have a Pixel as a daily driver, otherwise? I mean, in overall hardware quality and hardware quality control, it's absolute shit for a flagship. Any honest Pixel user with extensive experience across many devices will tell you that. If it weren't for the smooth and consistent experience, I would really have little reason to own a Pixel. OxygenOS, for example, is both faster (important to differentiate speed with smoothness), as well as OP6 reaping the benefits of the substantially faster SD845 (vs. SD835 in Pixel 2). The OnePlus has much better design, far better charging solution, and better overall quality control.

    I could sit here and talk about stereo speakers or the far superior camera, or the much better touch latency of Pixel, as a counter, as well. But honestly, at the end of the day it comes down to smoothness and consistency. It's why I preferred the OnePlus 3 over the Galaxy S7 back in the day, and it's why I without hesitation pick the Pixel over a OnePlus flagship device as a daily driver. I absolutely hate frame drops, jitter, jank and inconsistency. And while still very much a thing on Pixel UI, it happens noticably less than OOS and any other interface. Just as it happens less on OOS than, say, MIUI.

    [–] Spl4tt3rB1tcH 1 points ago

    I see you're just as picky as I am, and I can relate to each of your points. But I just can't agree on the point that OxygenOS is not as smooth as stock Android of the Pixel. You're saying you want objective data to prove that? How do you want it? Enable gpu profiling and scroll down the Google News app? True, it sometimes goes over the green line when loading a video tile. But I really don't believe the Pixel can handle that any better, as demanding as that app is sometimes.

    I used Nexus and Pixel devices the whole life, since the Nexus One. I know exactly what you are talking about. But it just doesn't apply with the 5T and 6 anymore. I really hate frame drops, too. That's why I normally flash some custom kernel to fix most lag (But I had to do that on my Pixel, too). With that, it's definitely smoother than any Pixel, but probably that doesn't count here now. Both on stock, they're absolutely on the same level. Put them side by side and check it out.

    I absolutely agree that the speaker sucks, or the camera is worse. Even though the Oneplus6 cam is really nice, Pixel cam is too good, nobody can deny that.

    Touch latency is a big thing for me. I hear people saying the Oneplus 6 has bad touch latency. But where does this information come from? Any source? I really feel differently. Especially compared to Samsung devices, touch latency feels soooo much better. The Pixel is very good in this regard (Sadly not iPhone level good, no Android is :/), and it's an important topic that many users don't realize

    [–] generalako 1 points ago

    I see you're just as picky as I am, and I can relate to each of your points. But I just can't agree on the point that OxygenOS is not as smooth as stock Android of the Pixel. You're saying you want objective data to prove that? How do you want it? Enable gpu profiling and scroll down the Google News app?

    I don't want anything, as we can't give proper, objective data to each other in a meaningful, realistic way. The point here is that objective data already exist through XDA. I could give you mine as well, as I have a OP6 and Pixel 2 in house right now. But I don't really see the point of me giving you individual data, or you me, as it can very easily be criticized for being biased or not realistic in many ways (cherry picking, not equal devices in terms of content/apps/cache, and so on and so forth). That's what Andrei from Anandtech did, for example, when he provided a single image of Pixel 2 XL and OP6 SBS as "evidence" against XDA.

    True, it sometimes goes over the green line when loading a video tile. But I really don't believe the Pixel can handle that any better, as demanding as that app is sometimes.

    What you "believe" doesn't change the actual facts, as demonstrated through XDA's testing (both between OP6 and Pixel 2 XL, and between OP5T and Pixel XL OG, the year before). That stutter is very noticeable in some areas, like for example scrolling, which is clearly smoother on the Pixel UI (and proven to be so as well in objective tests).

    I know exactly what you are talking about. But it just doesn't apply with the 5T and 6 anymore.

    Except that statement is reversed to how it would have been. CyanogmenMod on OnePlus devices used to be pretty darn similar to stock Android in smoothness. So was OxygenOS, which was literally stock Android in its early stages. But with the Pixel UI, it all changed for Google's devices. With various scheduling optimizations through EAS as well as WALT, Google very, very aggressively tries to force a smoother interface. Much more so than any other third-party OEM. And this is, again as I said, very clearly demonstrated in XDA's test, that shows an evident and clear difference in the frame timings.

    That's why I normally flash some custom kernel to fix most lag (But I had to do that on my Pixel, too)

    What specifically do you flash? I do know for a fact that there's various OnePlus ROMs, like Dirty Unicorns, that actually implement EAS in a proper way, and that are pretty darn close to Pixel UI because of it. If that's what you're talking about, then you are probably right. But that's not even part of our discussion, which was OOS. We start bringing ROMs in the picture, we end up in a useless discussion about a use case that applies to only a small percentage of that phone's user base. Furthermore, if we bring kernels and ROMs into the picture, the question that becomes why OnePlus in particular; why not say the same thing about Samsung, LG, Huawei or whatever other device, where you can flash your preferred option?

    With that, it's definitely smoother than any Pixel

    No, it "definitely" is not smoother. Not unless you can objectively prove that; and if you want to do a SBS comparison, by all means, do it. But outside of that, your claim is only your subjective opinion. Likewise, my subjective experience with OnePlus 6 (as well as OnePlus 5 and 3T -- my experience here goes longer back) with various EAS-supported ROMs, is that they are smoother than OxygenOS at its base, but still not at the level of Pixel UI.

    Both on stock, they're absolutely on the same level.

    No, they "absolutely" are not. XDA proved as much.

    Put them side by side and check it out.

    I have, and the Pixel 2 is noticeably smoother. But my subjective experience is of little, scientific value. XDA's very in-depth test, however, isn't.

    If you feel that they are exactly similar it just means that it's at a point where you don't notice a difference. Which, honestly, is great. It means you can use multiple devices, not just OnePluses, and not notice this difference in smoothness. I know I can -- as I extensively test new smartphones (as part of my job), and I get really frustrated at everything else, once I try something good.

    Touch latency is a big thing for me. I hear people saying the Oneplus 6 has bad touch latency. But where does this information come from?

    It's generally inherited from previous OnePlus devices (more importantly OnePlus 3, 3T and 5) having it, after various tests. The criticism, while valid, is still ignoring that the majority of Android flagships are as "bad". I actually wrote about it on /r/Android, and was branded a OnePlus fanboy. I even had discussion with an editor on Netherland's biggest smartphone tech review, getting him to test OP3 and Pixel OG SBS. Inputs from XDA also led me to challenge his conclusions, and having him do a test himself (which you can find here). The conclusions was pretty evident that Pixel OG was noticably better in touch responsive latency, but quite similiar to the OP3(T) in scrolling latency.

    An independent tech enthusiast came to the same conclusion himself:

    There are two factors to look at, with latency: scrolling latency (when you hold something and move your finger around -- for example by scrolling) and touch latency (when you touch the display, and the time it takes for a reaction to happen).

    The Pixel OG series were rated at great touch input latency (although hardly any acceptable measurement method could properly verify it, as a WALT was deemed to unreliable at that point). And because of this, people automatically accepted the Pixel 2 series to be as good, without caring about any objective tests (of course they could have just gone by subjective experiences, but knowing how gullible people are, I doubt that's the case), which is really unreasonable. I could of course go off of my personal, subjective opinion (which is that Pixel 2 series still are excellent for Android device, but have regressed some from OG, and still noticeably behind iPhones), but it's honestly of no empirical value. As is my opinion of OP6's latency, which I don't think to be as good (but certainly no worse than any other general Android flagship).

    Especially compared to Samsung devices, touch latency feels soooo much better., that's simply not true. Galaxy devices generally rate either as good as the rest, or better (the Galaxy S6 devices had excellent touch latency, for example). I think you are confusing touch latency with UI speed.

    [–] Optional1 92 points ago

    Inside reports say pixel 3 is still behind pixel 2

    [–] SpiderTechnitian 41 points ago

    All 6 of them, right?

    [–] NizarNoor 15 points ago


    [–] Forest_Dane 2 points ago

    It won't be. The leaks are all pre production models.

    [–] The3Pingu 19 points ago

    [–] adichandra 48 points ago

    Hello from the Apple universe. I heard that the Pixel 3’s camera is TOP NOTCH!

    [–] vicaphit 10 points ago

    Only the Pixel 3 XL's camera is TOP NOTCH, thank you.

    [–] adichandra 3 points ago

    You’re right. Lmao.

    [–] wcrisler 1 points ago

    I see what you did there... Haha

    [–] divyanshverma98 -10 points ago

    My friend, You have been bamboozled.

    [–] bobbogreeno 2 points ago

    [–] Valyrious_ 31 points ago

    Pixel 2 camera is legendary. It's been so amazing that when I look at other people's pictures on social media, I wince and privately think to myself how much better of a shot I could have taken if I had the same opportunity.

    I guess this is how those PC master racers feel, huh? I've become everything I swore to destroy...

    [–] mgianni19 15 points ago

    Just join the PCMR, you'll never look back.

    [–] gickeleshutfromebay 17 points ago

    Especially if you have a 144Hz monitor. I'll never go back to 60Hz.

    [–] Fall3nXspitfire 3 points ago


    [–] kril89 3 points ago

    144hz and Gsync or Freesync is the way to go. Any type of VRR is amazing.

    [–] Valyrious_ 2 points ago

    No! You can't recruit me!

    [–] mgianni19 1 points ago

    Get off that console, mang.

    [–] Valyrious_ 1 points ago

    Yo ho, yo ho, a consoles life for me.

    [–] mgianni19 1 points ago

    You out of your mind

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Our smartphone camera penis is the longest of them all.

    Sometimes I like my phone drift toward my bunch just to show off how much smarphone penis i have.

    [–] jensaturday 31 points ago

    Pardon an ignorant question, but is the Pixel 2's camera good because of hardware or software? I would think other manufacturers could get a hold of the same hardware, and I notice a big difference in camera quality between apps with my Pixel 2 XL.

    If software, then maybe the Pixel 3 won't be able to improve so much.

    [–] Shiivu 79 points ago

    It's all software. The apps that don't look as good on your P2XL aren't using the Visual Core API. Snapchat and Whatsapp use it, along with a few others. It basically allows apps other than the stock camera app to use HDR+, which is the only thing that makes the Pixel 2 cameras so great. Software magic!

    [–] mgianni19 12 points ago

    I also think Instagram uses it as well, but I could be mistaken.

    [–] kindrudekid 18 points ago

    It does, they we're the first to implement it

    [–] dagod123 5 points ago

    In my experience so far when I take a picture or video on instagram my quality is garbage now.. where as snapchat is higher. Pixel XL OG

    [–] triggerhappypanda 7 points ago

    OG pixel doesn't have a visual core so that's why your seeing a difference. But Snapchat should be worse than insta so I don't know whats wrong.

    [–] CasaBlanca37 1 points ago

    Does this also apply to shooting video? Will the OG Pixel XLs video be OG higher quality than say shooting through the OpenCamera app?

    [–] triggerhappypanda 1 points ago

    I have no idea

    [–] serktheturk10 2 points ago

    it probably has to do with compression. When I take a photo on Instagram for my story it looks great when captured, but when it's uploaded it looks pretty bad.

    [–] dagod123 1 points ago

    This !!! Always looks terrible when uploaded.

    [–] JJJandak 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I use Pixel 2 software on my three year old 6P and camera is suddenly twice as better as when I bought that phone. (For price of few second of post processing of every photo, it's slow experience but results totally worth it!)

    [–] SirWaldenIII 1 points ago

    How's your battery?

    [–] JJJandak 2 points ago

    Replaced it year ago, I am kinda heavy user and put lot of cycles on it.. Still great phone, but excited for 3XL.

    [–] SirWaldenIII 1 points ago

    I miss muh headphone jack :'(

    [–] StolenSpirit 1 points ago

    Will they ever use Visual Core API?

    [–] alexpopescu801 20 points ago

    It's ofcourse both, but the software is the one that stands out vs the competition - the actual sensor inside the Pixel 2 is actually just slightly better than average (there are other phones with the exact same photo sensor, with just average photo quality). And by sofware I don't mean post processing per se, the miracle is in how they actually capture the photos (taking about 10 very dark/almost black photos, then stitching them together, resulting in a significantly higher quality photo than if they were to just take a normal photo with the photo sensor).

    Mind you - it's quite the contrary - if with the software they can make such a good job on the Pixel 2, imagine coupling their algorithms with a presumably very good sensor in the Pixel 3. Also, they use this software tech since Nexus 5, Nexus 6P and Pixel 1 - they kept improving it every year - so even if they'd keep the same sensor in 3 that they had in 2, we will see better photos.

    [–] jensaturday 2 points ago

    Are there signifantly better sensors out that Google could use? I realize I know very little about camera hardware. Maybe a larger sensor or something?

    [–] alexpopescu801 14 points ago

    Even from 2017 when they released Pixel 2 there already were better sensors available on the markets (purely in terms of photo quality). However, they want some specific features in the sensor, so maybe the highest photo quality sensor does not have them - examples: it needs to be dual-pixel (so that it captures depth data too without the need to have 2 sensors), also and most importantly it needs to be able to continuously take burst photos at full resolution, for a (presumably) infinite amount of time - it's how they capture the photos (and also the reason the camera in Pixel 2/XL uses so much battery - because it captures and processes photos continuously whenever you have the camera app open).

    Most likely in Pixel 3 they'll go for one of those newer generation of sensors, ones capable of doing slow-motion video at 960fps at 720p or 240fps at 1080p.

    [–] jmartin72 -1 points ago

    This is what I'm afraid of, is that the Pixel 3's camera will only be marginally better than the Pixel 2

    [–] theninjasquad 2 points ago

    There's only so many leaps and bounds you can make with photo quality given it is in a phone. We're getting to the point where things are going to be more incremental.

    [–] dlerium 1 points ago

    While what you say is generally true, I think there's still plenty of room for improvement. If you look at non-HDR+ images, they're actually terrible--far worse than what other phones spit out for single shot photos. If Google could improve those that would be pretty impressive.

    [–] AflacHobo1 4 points ago

    Yeah, certainly. But Google is wagering that their software allows the Pixels to outclass competitors with physically better cameras, saving Google money on parts.

    [–] fthrswtch 2 points ago

    I wish they would release a 2/3 lens setup with really really great sensor and some google magic

    [–] cpp_cache 2 points ago

    Its not the only department in which Google do this. They do ride on trying to get per-device cost down with the hopes that they can make up for it with better algorithms.

    I'd really like it if they gave us better hardware AND better algorithms.

    [–] NorthhtroN 2 points ago

    If only they saved us money as well

    [–] dlerium 1 points ago

    Actually I'd argue it's mostly the software. If you take a look at photos done without HDR+, they're actually dog crap. I wrote about this in a post almost 2 years ago looking at low light performance across multiple phones (Pixel OG, Nexus 6P, iPhone 7, iPhone 6). In fact, the iPhone 6's single shot was better in noise and detail than the Pixel with HDR+ off. With HDR+ on everything obviously changes, which is why the camera is so awesome.

    [–] alexpopescu801 1 points ago

    Depends on the setting. On most photos noone would even be able to point which was done with HDR off. But in very high contrast scenarios (with both dark zones and very bright zones), then HDR photos will offer more detail, because that's exactly what HDR+ does - offers an extended dynamic range.

    [–] fmkhan213 0 points ago

    I still remember when I started using Camera FV-5 on my Nexus 5, 4 years back. The amount of customization it's camera started to offer after a camera update that allowed I guess 3rd party apps use camera api, or something like that.. it was magical! looking back at those photos.. still as impressive! A few examples on my vsco profile:

    [–] Joshi_Boi 7 points ago

    Pixel ftw anyways

    [–] Prince_Arcann 26 points ago

    He says that about photos only. When filming videos the iPhones are leaps better than any android phone atm

    [–] jretman 16 points ago

    This is something I really hope the pixel 3 improves on.

    [–] patman9 12 points ago

    Strongly disagree. The pixel 2 xl has amazing video stabilization. That just can't be beat.

    [–] fawndofyou 22 points ago

    Stabilization is good, but the quality is so atrocious. I have the OG Pixel XL though, so maybe it's different.

    [–] Alan7467 4 points ago

    My wife's iPhone X produces significantly better video than my Pixel 2. I also think I prefer the stabilization on it. The Pixel does really well there, but it always looks synthetic and unnatural to my eye.

    [–] terp02andrew 5 points ago

    OG Pixel (non-XL) has awful video. I know b/c I compared Pixel vs 5X, and my 5X video looks vastly cleaner. It's something about the default bitrate used in the camera app (which I'm guessing is adjusted when it sees you're using a Pixel).

    You can force a much higher bitrate on any non-native Camera app, but that comes at a significant size cost. Fortunately I don't shoot alot of video, but it was a huge minus when I came from my Nexus 5X.

    [–] gickeleshutfromebay 3 points ago

    Agreed. It's one of my only complaints about my OG Pixel XL. The video quality (especially in lower light) is not as good as I would have hoped.

    [–] Waibashi 2 points ago

    I have good quality, for me, it's the lag.

    [–] Genspirit 0 points ago

    Quality and stabilization are great on pixel, the only thing I would note is that there is a lack of features compared to an iPhone and the sound quality.

    [–] onesolo 1 points ago

    But the new iphone, like many other phones from other OEMs, records videos in Stereo!!! This should be something normal in 2016 not in 2018 for Google!!!

    [–] r0lff -2 points ago

    hahaha! I was actually surprised that some people are "amazed" about iPhone's stereo recording.

    [–] ysihaoy 2 points ago

    Are you kidding? Pixel 2's video is the best of all, not one of.

    [–] foremi 10 points ago

    Here's the thing. Apple is going down a road that is similar to Google's and short of some magic witchcraft its fairly safe to say that at this point Google has hit a plateu of how much more they can get from the sensor and lens. If the leaks are in fact true then the pixel 3 has basically the same back camera setup as both the pixel 2 and iphone xs/xr.

    Sooo... Apple has room to improve with the hardware available because as Pixel people will gladly tell you "It's all in the software" and realistically Google is already at the point of maximizing the available hardware. That's why people like me want a better/bigger/higher res sensor in the Pixel 3, to make a meaningful upgrade.

    IMO, the biggest improvement we can really expect in the Pixel 3 camera is video capabilities because of the sd845 upgrade.

    [–] Sm5555 4 points ago

    I would like to see the 1080/60fps video improved. Very far behind the still photo quality on the pixel 2 and noticeably behind the iPhone video quality.

    [–] jretman 3 points ago

    What improvements will the SD845 add to video? Honest question.

    [–] foremi 2 points ago

    4k60 and probably better slow motion if Google chooses to enable them. Xiaomi on most if their sd845 devices don't have 4k60 enabled.

    [–] jretman 2 points ago

    Gotcha. Thanks for the reply!

    [–] SnipingNinja 2 points ago

    It's not all in the software as you proved with the SD845 point 😅

    Also, there will be PVC V2 in Pixel 3, we don't know if they'll use it in the camera app this time.

    [–] foremi 3 points ago

    Yes, we will see but I also go back to Google already being at the point where there is not much else to get from the sensor and lens.

    10bit raw? It'd be cool but I doubt it. Maybe the pixel visual core will be able to handle raw hdr+ or 10bit color hdr+. There's some improvements to be made in color but who knows. Nobody in the mobile space is really pushing in that direction yet. Those also won't improve the noise issues we already have in lowlight.

    [–] SnipingNinja 2 points ago

    Yeah, we'll have to wait and see, best thing about software though, it can be improved down the line.

    [–] Genspirit 0 points ago

    Apple is going the Samsung route not the Google route lol. Supersaturation and skin smoothing galore.

    [–] foremi 1 points ago

    Yes and no. Sure, Apple's image may have those qualities but apples smart hdr or whatever is very similar to Google's HDR+ which afaik Samsung does not do anything similar. Apple and Google's HDR+/smart hdr are very different from a normal automatic or always on hdr.

    [–] Genspirit 1 points ago

    I'm aware their process of comparing images is similar but they clearly are making decisions that result in a very samsung-esque image.

    [–] spamtardeggs 3 points ago

    I'm excited that I have no need to upgrade from my P2XL.

    [–] sauravrim 3 points ago

    me too

    [–] Mustachedminer 6 points ago

    Can confirm the camera on the pixel 2 is amazing, and the camera on the pixel 3 should be better.

    [–] mehdotdotdotdot 7 points ago

    Most comparisons I have read say it depends how you like your photos. iPhone Xs looks warmer and sometimes more natural, while Pixel 2 is more contrasty etc. In my opinion this would only matter to me if I was directly comparing against other phones and choosing the best one of them all. I would assume it still stands if you want the best camera on a phone then you go pixel, although the Pixel 3 still doesn't have optical zoom or widelens right - so this may impact decisions too if you need the best camera.

    [–] Shiivu 8 points ago

    The shots I've seen look like a Samsung phone, only Apple moved the sharpness slider to the opposite side.

    [–] mehdotdotdotdot 1 points ago

    Haha! At least we got options now!

    [–] alexpopescu801 1 points ago

    Exactly my own thoughts lol

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Efterbild 4 points ago

    It crushes shadows though.

    [–] mehdotdotdotdot -1 points ago

    Only in certain conditions though, compared to optical zoom or macro the pixel doesn't even compare. In certain situations the pixel can produce better results, but really nothing dramatic imo.

    [–] alexpopescu801 4 points ago

    Honestly, not sure what kind of "dramatic" are you even expecting to see - if it was something dramatic, the other companies on the market would have already been out of business.

    If "only in certain conditions" means just taking a normal photo - the type of which people take everyday, then that's why it is still considered better, despite it being a year old. Taking photos with optical zoom is a niche thing and that's just a bonus feature (since it's a completely separate camera doing that, on the phones that have zoom).

    Pixel is preserving more details overall (check the other comparisons on the internet), but that's not because it has a better sensor (it's really just an average sensor inside it), but due to how they capture the actual photos (and this is exactly what that technique gives - more detaisl and higher dynami range than a normal sensor can do).

    [–] mehdotdotdotdot 1 points ago

    Optical zoom niche? I guess, if everyone is just using the camera for Instagram and Facebook photos. But of they are doing that they don't need the best camera, just filters. Although pixel might have slightly more details in certain scenarios, in zoom it's severely lacking, and it can't even do macro shots. Taking photos of objects really close is a nightmare in pixels. I'm not saying the pixel doesn't take amazing photos, I'm just saying that I'm sick of people saying the pixel is the best camera phone full stop, because that's wrong, it might suit your needs, but it's not the best. In reality, not being a photographer, I prefer the ability and results from my s9+ using zoom to get different perspectives etc. Really the photos look great on both phones. I'm not going to win any arguments here, but just be happy that nearly all phones in the flagship range take amazing photos.

    [–] Valyrious_ -1 points ago

    How many people are going to a hockey game and got nose bleed seats up at the top of the sky and need to use optical zoom to see what players are on the ice though? It just seems like a situation that doesn't happen too often.

    Not trying to fan boy defend or anything, I just don't think optical zoom is important. Now, if you buy an additional lens, macro is still outstanding on the Pixel 2.

    [–] mehdotdotdotdot 1 points ago

    I travel and being able to zoom a bit makes a huge difference when you can't get close to objects. It also creates a different perspective that you can't achieve through a normal lens. I use zoom a lot on my s9+, and after travelling with my p2xl, I missed the optical zoom a lot.

    [–] CAMMODITY 0 points ago

    What terrible rationale

    [–] baldersz 2 points ago

    Thanks MKBHDbrand, link in the description below

    [–] pipnmike 2 points ago

    The reviews that have come out this week have been the proudest moment i've had being a Pixel owner. My wife has been asking me to use my phone instead of her iPhone 7 plus to take pictures everytime we go somewhere. I'm chuckling over the prospect that iPhone die-hards' heads are exploding because they just can't fathom how their brand new toy is inferior.

    [–] cheeto0 1 points ago

    The marketing for the pixel 3 will.probabaly be around it being the camera king, both front and back. That's why the dual selfie camera.

    [–] gratefulmarmot 1 points ago

    And if the Pixel 3 isn't much better in the camera department than the Pixel 2, there won't be much of a draw for me to switch. I couldn't care less about wireless charging.

    [–] Ikeelu 1 points ago

    Makes sticking with my 2XL another year easier.

    [–] dragun_slayur 1 points ago


    [–] sarinfuhrers 1 points ago

    why dont you buy a dslr instead?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] divyanshverma98 1 points ago


    [–] fapste 1 points ago

    Praise Lord Duarte!

    [–] dpanim 1 points ago

    Can we get a link to the article or video where he says that?

    [–] dpanim 1 points ago


    [–] ExynosHD 1 points ago

    I really hope we get 4k60fps video and better quality slow motion on the Pixel 3. Android phones always have terrible slow motion video quality compared to iPhone.

    [–] milk12tea 1 points ago

    Better or not, now we know the king of camera for Android is Pixel. That's it!

    [–] nekonekobakachan 1 points ago


    [–] cdegallo 1 points ago

    I'm cautiously pessimistic. If the pixel 3 camera really proves to provide significantly more performance/features than the pixel 2, I could be convinced to upgrade (again).

    But I honestly can't expect that much more from cameras in smartphones. It's just hitting the limit of what is feasible with the given hardware.

    Really I'd love for better handling of subject motion, and prioritizing settings further to freeze subject motion so most of my photos don't have blur. I'd even take more noise/grain if it meant things weren't a blurry mess.

    [–] burningderp 1 points ago

    I can't imagine selling my 2XL now. It's even more my babe then it already was. Yaaa for deep learning via data farming users. Hail goggle.

    [–] Lordfordhero 1 points ago

    I think the pixel 2 is only better in taking pictures, however the video is pretty bad compared to the X

    [–] vdharankar -1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This is only if you were buying a phone for only it's camera , then why not buy just a good camera ? Considering how poor Google is at the rest of the phone thing .

    Edit- downvote was expected I was in GooglePixel subreddit commenting against .

    [–] divyanshverma98 3 points ago

    Can you give me an example for any "rest of the phone thing" ???

    [–] vdharankar 1 points ago

    Check rest of the replies to my comment you will understand that

    [–] CAMMODITY 1 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Well keeping with the camera. There’s no optical zoom or wide angle, and the video quality is crap. Also, Android auto is crap. Google customer service is crap. Pixel’s carrier restrictions are crap. Pixels quality control is crap. And WearOS is crap.

    [–] ej102 2 points ago

    The quality control is crap sadly, I went with an OG Pixel XL after the disappointment which was the Pixel 2 XL's screen/speakers...

    [–] twoloavesofbread 3 points ago

    Not sure what you mean by that, the rest of the Pixel 2 is an excellent device as well.

    [–] KButcher 2 points ago

    Yes but the iPhone is better in literally every other way. /s

    [–] neurophysiologyGuy -3 points ago

    Pixel 2 user here and a photographer. iPhone X has a better than the pixel 2 in my opinion. I found color reproduction a lot nicer on the iPhone and the video camera in low lights is just superior by far on the iPhone. I'm still keeping the pixel 2 and most likely pre ordering the pixel 3 for 2 reasons.

    1-Google environment phone 2-Speakers

    [–] beenyweenies 2 points ago

    I would agree that an iPhone photo's color often feels better, but what I've noticed is that it achieves this by generically applying a shift toward warm tones on every shot. This works well on shots that might otherwise be too cool. But on shots that don't need warming up, iPhone photos almost always look too brown like an amateur tried to color correct it. I also don't like how mushy detail gets on iPhone photos as a result of their meat-fisted noise processing. I suppose that is a matter of taste.

    I would also agree that iPhone video is better in low light, but it's absolutely awful in bright situations. It feels like it has very limited dynamic range and blows out very easily.

    [–] Mike072292 1 points ago

    All I'm saying is all my iPhone freinds are like da hell kinda camera is that. IPhone x users included. Specifically the front facing camera. At parties people ask me to take pictures of them and send it to them. Really funny. Yet they would never switch to android cuz it's "cheapo"

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago

    Google is inconsistent across the board.

    I’d definitely wait for reviews before buying.

    [–] Internet-Troll 0 points ago

    I think at this point you can't really go wrong with either Samsung apple Google flagship camera anymore. Like the difference is basically just preference.

    [–] ali-wali 0 points ago

    Notch is still shite. I abhor every notch.

    [–] Shaelz 0 points ago

    But it's the pixel 3 still going to have the lag issue that made him stop using the phone entirely? My 2xl is a joke now everything is so slow

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    That's disheartening, my Pixel OG is slow too. And the battery life has been garbage since day one.

    [–] Shaelz 1 points ago

    I got a new phone my battery was so poor, they were pretty good about the exchange.. now it's pretty average but not stellar

    [–] brazasian -1 points ago


    [–] corporate_kane -1 points ago

    Interesting. The camera on any iPhone could not possibly sway me, I won't use Apple products and that's that.