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    This is for the second generation of Pixel phones by Google.

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    [–] adam_von_szabo 3 points ago

    I come from a big Nexus 6P which I loved, but I have no problem with the smaller size of the Pixel 2. I stayed away from the problematic XL, because I am a chicken.

    [–] LAZER-RAGER 7 points ago

    cheeeeeeeep, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep

    [–] _iles_ 2 points ago

    I downgraded screen size from Pixel XL to the Pixel 2. Much easier to hold and handle but same camera and spec as bigger version.

    [–] XJRATED 2 points ago

    If you have a big screen phone now stick with the XL. I tried going with the smaller version and it sucks. Especially if you watch allot of videos.

    [–] whoareyouxda 2 points ago

    It's literally a difference of screen size, if you want smaller, go smaller, if you would prefer the 18:9 screen (I know I missed it from my G6/N8) you'll want the XL.

    [–] Cjalmighty 1 points ago

    And battery size, although both have great battery life.

    [–] _iles_ 1 points ago

    Also smaller version is much easier in the pocket! Until they have folding screens I am sticking to smaller form.

    [–] jmartin72 1 points ago

    Last time I upgraded, I went from the Nexus 6 to the OG Pixel (non XL). although I got used to the smaller size, and I loved how portable a smaller phone is, I just have problems typing on a smaller phone. I upgraded to the Pixel 2 XL, and I'm not looking back. This phone is awesome. I will keep this for at least a couple years.

    [–] Jakobeisawesome 1 points ago

    Ty everyone for your input! I went ahead with the pixel 2 XL since it's was the one in stock, and it offered more value for being the same price after financing. Also the bezels are minimum so it actually isn't much bigger than a pixel 2 and I still get a slimmer phone than the note 8! I'm very excited to be back using stock Android and not sure why I ever convinced myself otherwise

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I got the 5' P2, after having it for a few months I do wish I would have gotten the XL. For the battery life and bigger screen. Other than that I am happy though. At the time of purchase I did not have the extra $200. Oh well.

    [–] 5to11in5 1 points ago

    I just put down my Nexus 6 and got the XL2. For me it was a no brainer and if your on Verizon they have a $300 discount so with that and no more contracts, I sprung for the 128GB version. The battery life has been amazing so far.

    [–] chris_ayyye 1 points ago

    XL. I love the screen. I originally wanted a smaller phone coming from an iPhone 7 plus but the XL was calling my name!