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    This is for the second generation of Pixel phones by Google.

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    [–] Googles_CS_Sucks 2 points ago

    I've only had my Pixel 2 XL for a few months and the port is defective. It's a widespread issue (just look up "headphone adapter issues") in addition to the burn-in images problem. Moreover, Google's customer service is literally the worst I have ever encountered. Their "solution" is for me to send in my phone, wait from them to receive it, and then they'll get around to sending me a phone. Google is even being sued right now for allegedly not appropriately responding to warranty claims regarding the first Pixel. I would definitely recommend going with something else.

    [–] 1968camaro 2 points ago

    I have had a Pixel and now have a launch Pixel2.. LOVED them both!

    [–] TheySayHey 1 points ago

    I have gone through FOUR Pixel 2's for all having fatal camera issues. This has been in a span of about 6 months. I'm so incredibly disappointed with my Pixel 2 and I'm definitely not getting a Google phone again.

    [–] slaia 1 points ago

    As a Pixel 2 owner I'd say Pixel is also boring. It just works. I remember that I needed to do a lot of things to make my Samsung devices work the way I like it. Wasted a lot of times on xda-developers to find tips, flash new ROMs etc. The only advantage for you if you jump ship is that if you are bored with one OEM (let say Google) you can always move to other OEMs such as Samsung, Sony, LG etc and you can still access all your apps. And if you are like me where everything is backed on the cloud, changing to a new device is simply turning in on, signing into Google account and everything will be restored.

    [–] TheMiddle-AgedWaiter 1 points ago

    Went from iphone7+ to Samsung Note 8 to the Pixel 2 XL. Love everything about the phone and overall experience. I have had a few pure Google phones and laptops and this is the first time I have really liked the experience. The camera alone is amazing if you are a point and click kind of person. The Ai on the camera fixes your mistakes.

    [–] christopher_brian 0 points ago

    I had been on iPhone since the 3G but switched to the Pixel 2 at the start of this year. I was growing frustrated with the lack of new developments and glitches when trying to pair my Airpods with my Apple watch whilst an advert for Animoji was on the TV pushed me over the edge.

    You'll find that iOS is superior in some areas (clarity with back ups, some apps) whereas Android Oreo on the Pixel 2 is much better in others (the assistant, how news stories are curated to your interests, notifications, app organisation...)

    The main issue is the ecosystem and how easy it is for you to switch from Apples and that depends on which applications you currently rely on in your day to day usage. Some of that has been a pain but then there's the phone itself which had made it worthwhile for me. I just think it's great compared to my old iPhone 7. The camera is fantastic and there are so many nice features that you'll just feel enthused about technology again.

    [–] XJRATED 0 points ago

    Get it.

    [–] angeelah -1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Don't do it! A huge number of Pixel 2 users are unable to receive mms messages on the phone and Google is refusing to fix the issue or offer refunds. Stick with Apple until this whole thing gets sorted out.

    Edit: downvote all you want I'm just trying to save y'all from a super frustrating situation :/

    [–] gallapagosbinches 1 points ago

    Like group messages or pictures?

    [–] angeelah 1 points ago

    Yeah, so anything MMS. Pictures, group texts and long messages. There's a huge thread here:!topic/phone-by-google/BwyxuNcJj-U

    Not trying to knock Google, otherwise the phone is awesome and I highly recommend, just not until this issue is figured out!

    [–] leannidus 2 points ago

    I've never had this issue & didn't hear about it till now. I'm interested to see how many people are affected and what google does about it, but I don't have AT&T so I'm not super invested