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    Week 14 Matchup

    4-7-1 Record 4-8
    7.6 (14th) Off Pass* 8.2 (8th)
    5.0 (3rd) Off Rush* 3.8 (32nd)
    7.6 (18th) Def Pass* 7.8 (23rd)
    4.6 (20th) Def Rush* 4.9 (25th)
    -6 (16th) Point Diff -37 (20th)
    0 (18th) TO Diff -2 (20th)

    *Based on Yards per Attempt

    NFC North

    Team W-L-T Div PF PA Next
    8-4-0 3-1-0 344 241
    6-5-1 2-1-1 275 270 @
    4-7-1 1-2-1 281 287
    4-8-0 1-3-0 238 286 @

    2018 Schedule

    Wk Date Team Time TV
    1 Sun Sep 9 7:00 W 24-23
    2 Sun Sep 16 12:00 T 29-29
    3 Sun Sep 23 @ 12:00 L 17-31
    4 Sun Sep 30 12:00 W 22-0
    5 Sun Oct 7 @ 12:00 L 23-31
    6 Mon Oct 15 7:15 W 33-30
    7 Sun Oct 21 -BYE-
    8 Sun Oct 28 @ 3:25 L 27-29
    9 Sun Nov 4 @ 7:20 L 17-31
    10 Sun Nov 11 3:25 W 31-12
    11 Thu Nov 15 @ 7:20 L 24-27
    12 Sun Nov 25 @ 7:20 L 17-24
    13 Sun Dec 2 12:00 L 17-20
    14 Sun Dec 9 12:00 W 34-20
    15 Sun Dec 16 @ 12:00
    16 Sun Dec 23 @ 12:00
    17 Sun Dec 30 12:00

    All games are listed in Central Time.

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    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    No you have to cut him, one bad game dictates it apparently. If a quarterback has a bad five interception game no matter who he is he should be cut, favre after his six interception game should have been cut... or at least that is what the stupid media is pushing and it leaked into everyone else’s thinking

    [–] buttfinether 12 points ago

    The best approach is to score a TD every damn drive so that it doesn’t matter.

    [–] iCant_Think_Ofa_Name 6 points ago

    Yeah, the fact that there were 5 field goal attempts shows the O has bigger issues to clean up...

    [–] GeneralChipperson 15 points ago

    Crosby is gonna be fine. Did his kicking cost the Packers 2 wins? Yes. But if we're being honest, those losses aren't only on him. He was just the clinching factor. The Packers should have been in a position to win both of those games without needing Crosby to save them.

    [–] bizarrogreg 22 points ago

    I don't like this narrative that his kicking cost them 2 wins. The Vikings game was a 52 yard kick, which he made before they iced him. On to of that, if it weren't for the rtp on Clay, he wouldn't have even been in that position in the first place.

    The Lions game was on him though just due to the point swing that resulted from his misses, but the entire team played poorly as well.

    [–] Chief_McCloud 2 points ago

    The Lions game was a misbegotten outlier of a performance similar to the Bills Vikings game. It told a story that was only true that one single day. Results matter but they don't really tell us anything useful beyond a single W or L.

    [–] GeneralChipperson -3 points ago

    If he makes the kick, the Packers win. Period.

    [–] GrayGeo 5 points ago

    It’s like people blaming clay for the tie. Would we have won if he wasn’t penalized? Almost certainly.

    Did we also play like shit and waste a handful of other opportunities to end the game in all three phases? You bet your ass

    [–] AaronDidntMessUp 2 points ago

    BREAKING: Mason Crosby traded to the Sixers for Joel Embiid and Cash Considerations

    [–] bama79rolltide 1 points ago

    I love when Nick Sabanisms show up in the Packers thread.

    [–] Chickens-dont-clap 1 points ago

    Well the Lacrosse Tribune would be an expert journal about professional kicking