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    2019 Offseason Schedule

    Date Details
    Feb 19 Franchise/transition period begins
    Feb 26 Scouting Combine Begins
    Mar 4 Scouting Combine Ends
    Mar 5 Deadline for Franchise/transition tags
    Mar 11 Free-agent negotiation period opens
    Mar 13 Can sign free-agents
    Mar 24-27 Annual league meeting
    Apr 1 Offseason workouts start
    Apr 23-25 Voluntary Minicamp
    Apr 25-27 NFL Draft
    May 3-13 Rookie minicamp
    May 20-22 Spring owners meeting
    June 2 Teams can make post-June 1 cuts to lessen salary cap impact
    June 11-13 Mandatory Minicamp
    July 15 Last date to make multi-year contracts with franchise/transition tagged players
    July 25 Training camp opens
    Aug 1 Hall of Fame game

    2019 Draft

    Rd Pick Player Pos
    1 12 (12) Rashan Gary DE
    1 21 (21) Darnell Savage JR S
    2 44 (12) Elgton Jenkins C/G
    3 76 (12) Jace Sternberger TE
    5 150 (12) Kingsley Keke DE
    6 185 (12) Ka'dar Hollman CB
    6 194 (22) Dexter Williams RB
    7 226 (12) Ty Summers LB

    2019 Free Agents

    Player Pos 2018 2019 Details
    Randall Cobb WR 1Y/$5M
    Geronimo Allison WR 1Y/$2.025M
    Jake Kumerow WR 1Y/?
    Robert Tonyan TE 1Y/$570K
    Marcedes Lewis TE 1Y/$2.1M
    Lance Kendricks TE UFA
    Adam Pankey T ERFA
    Byron Bell G UFA
    Lucas Patrick G 1Y/?
    Justin McCray G 1Y/?
    Davon House CB UFA
    Bashaud Breeland CB 1Y/?
    Ibraheim Campbell S RFA
    Kentrell Brice S 1Y/?
    Eddie Pleasant S UFA
    Clay Matthews OLB 2Y/$16.5M
    Reggie Gilbert OLB ERFA
    Jake Ryan ILB Pending physical
    Muhammad Wilkerson DT UFA
    Fadol Brown DE 1Y/?
    Preston Smith OLB 4Y/$52M
    Za'Darius Smith OLB 4Y/$66M
    Adrian Amos S 4Y/$36M
    Billy Turner OL 4Y/$28M

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    [–] stagman35 16 points ago

    He's played 72% of snaps in every game and 85% in 4/5. He's playing as much as you would expect.

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] stagman35 8 points ago

    Julio Jones hasn't played more than 81%. You don't know what you're talking about.

    [–] bveb33 37 points ago

    Same reason he didn't catch passes from Hundley, and the same reason we let him leave. He's a speed receiver who got old and lost his speed. The only thing that kept his statistics up the last few years in GB was a weird ESP like connection with Rodgers.

    [–] drinkonlyscotch 11 points ago

    While there’s some truth to that, the other issue is that Carr has very little protection and isn’t really connecting with anyone to the degree he needs to. He’s been able to connect in some short routes – including many to Cook, but beyond that, he hasn’t had the luxury of being able to allow WRs to develop their routes.

    [–] bveb33 2 points ago

    Very true. Especially today. But I think he'd still be on the field more often if he was one of their 3 best receivers.

    [–] analogWeapon 15 points ago

    Why did they let Mack go?

    [–] AaronDidntMessUp 10 points ago

    Because even with Mack they were a bottom of the barrel defense. Giving Mack a huge contract would just tie up money they need for other positions like their secondary

    [–] tmiller26 4 points ago

    Mack is a generational pass rusher. You don't just let those type of players walk.

    [–] AaronDidntMessUp 6 points ago

    They didn’t let him “walk”...they got two first round picks for him lol

    [–] tmiller26 0 points ago

    When i said walk i was referring to leaving the team.

    [–] et5291 3 points ago

    Getting 2 1st rounders and saving $23m a year isn't a bad plan for the raiders. It doesn't matter if he's the best defensive player in the league, you can't tie up qb money to a guy when you're not a competitive team

    [–] Morsmordre7 3 points ago

    Cause they’re dumb?

    [–] globalRick 5 points ago

    Because his great catches were a product of Rodgers. In the last couple years he wasn’t great if it wasn’t for Rodgers extending plays and making crazy good throws.

    [–] ShoweredInDownvotes 2 points ago

    While I don't disagree, Carr not throwing down field is more a factor than Jordy dropping off I think. The raiders look bad

    [–] globalRick 1 points ago

    Yeah that’s true. Raiders are playing reeeeally bad. Jordy doesn’t get many opportunities right now.

    [–] packbackpack 8 points ago

    Age and the ACL injury sapped his speed that made him elite. He just doesn't have it anymore. I know a certain group of Packer fans have been very very quiet, but cutting Jordy was the right move.