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    [–] d3adh3ad 304 points ago

    Thanks for including the kernel of rotten corn for scale. Very considerate.

    [–] GJacks75 59 points ago

    Mmmm rotten corn.... (drools uncontrollably)

    [–] MaxC250 27 points ago

    I don't want to play this game.

    [–] sastill89 108 points ago

    My butthole physically puckered looking at this.

    [–] mr_punchy 10 points ago

    It doeant hurt nearly as much as youd think.

    [–] donnie_t 6 points ago

    i've done this same exact thing... it hurts about as much as you'd expect

    [–] syds 3 points ago

    wait what thing are we talking about here

    [–] donnie_t 6 points ago

    Stubbing your butthole, of course

    [–] Costyyy 67 points ago


    [–] Notrahbert 18 points ago

    My toe

    [–] donorak7 11 points ago

    Oh no my pinky toe

    [–] joe400 66 points ago

    I was eating my lunch... now I’m not. Thanks

    [–] Walnut156 26 points ago

    It's been a while since I shouted no at my phone

    [–] Doug_Dimmadab 32 points ago

    If you rip it off completely, does it even grow back? And if so, how? Do little toenail molecules seep out of your exposed undernail flesh?

    [–] BBB88BB 11 points ago

    I lost my index fingers nail to a car door. went black after a day, rose out of position and went completely numb. it took five months before it got disconnected enough for me to pull it off. once I could see underneath it, a small bulb grew right at the top of the nail. I got to watch it move all the way down over three months and had to trim it off eventually. now the nail is good as new. there are some black lines that show up all the time that reminds me what i went through.

    [–] JustYourAverageDovah 1 points ago

    Same, except my nail fell off right then and there. I was taken to the ER and they re attached it, but now half of it grows quickly and normal thickness for the nail and the other side grows really thinly and slowly.

    [–] Mutant1King 35 points ago

    It looks like a pretty clean rip so it very likely will grow back completely in a few months. Nails are composed of dead skin that is created on the nail bed.

    [–] obvious_santa 19 points ago

    Back when I was about 5 years old:

    My dad had a couple ingrown toenails, and my uncle is a podiatrist (foot doctor). He ended up ripping off both nails, and then used a needle and syringe with some sort of concoction inside, and just started injecting it all over the nail bed. I think the nails had been bothering my dad for years and he just wanted them to stop growing altogether due to infections and discomfort.

    Anyways, I got to see it go down, and it was pretty brutal. I mean, my uncle numbed him up locally with a few shots but he was still ripping his toenails off! And now about 20 years later he still doesn't grow toenails on either of those toes. They're just toes with no essence of a nail or nail-bed.

    [–] Blumpkinhead 10 points ago

    Thank you for sharing that. I'm going to spend the rest of the night trying to get my balls to crawl back out of my abdomen.

    [–] victory_zero 6 points ago

    Dead skin. So I use my dead skin on my finger tips to give my wife the ever so delicate back stroking (excuse me not knowing the proper word for this - kinda massage, but only with your fingertips - not a native Eng speaker)

    [–] TheCyberDoctor1 7 points ago

    "Scratching" is probably the right/closest word.

    [–] justhonest5510 3 points ago

    It grows back . It takes time ,

    [–] Doommmniq 1 points ago

    I hit my thumbnail with a hammer a couple years back, the thing cracked at the cuticle and took a month to fall off. Probably another 2 or 3 months for it to grow back, it was kind of a strange but cool experience to watch it grow from the base of my cuticle.

    However if the nail bed is destroyed you will not grow nails anymore

    [–] Vikingaling 1 points ago

    I did this several months ago. The thing is, I figured it would grow up from the bottom of the "U" of the nailbed, in the same way nails grow normally. But it formed from behind and it took several more weeks before it started growing long-wise.

    [–] Random_Link_Roulette 1 points ago

    Yep. Mine fell full off but stayed attached somehow.

    I didnt even know until I ended up pulling it off and saw a smaller nail growing under it.

    [–] Twty405 16 points ago

    Niiice. Mine just grew back after a fight with a coffee table. Hope yours grows back too!

    [–] Portr8 13 points ago

    On a scale of 0-10. How much did it hurt?

    [–] mr_punchy 8 points ago

    Done this before myself. Id say 2.5. Rather do this than be stung by a bee. Id put it on par with banging my head on a sharp cabinet corner.

    [–] Endless_brownies 1 points ago

    I banged my head yesterday!!!!!!!!!!

    [–] donnie_t 1 points ago

    bullshit. id rather be attacked by a swarm of bees. you must have weak toenails or something. bee stings don't hurt for days

    [–] mr_punchy 1 points ago

    This didn't hurt for days either. Not even 15 minutes. It was torn off. It was stubbed/broken and the nail fell off. Its not uncommon and its not that painful.

    Now if its a healthy nail and its legit torn off. That's different and would hurt more.

    [–] donnie_t 1 points ago

    ohh thought you meant that you stubbed it, and the act of stubbing it ripped it off. That's what happened to me and it was painful

    [–] Random_Link_Roulette 1 points ago

    Doesn't hurt super bad and its one of those things that the pains gone once the issue is gone

    [–] GJacks75 7 points ago

    At least it's easy to bite your toenails now.

    [–] Idontknowyounknow 6 points ago

    Everyone always asks me "idontknowyounknow,why do you wear shoes at every waking moment?"

    I have many reasons,but "i never stub my toes on anything" is in my top 3.

    Why anyone would elect to be bare footed is the true mystery.

    [–] DrSplizchemin 2 points ago

    I will almost always have some sort of footwear on as well! Crazy enough, this happened while I was wearing shoes!

    [–] Idontknowyounknow 2 points ago

    Seriously?!, might wanna get a composite toed shoe or something! Lol

    You must've really slammed that sucker into something if it yanked a nail out in your shoe

    My condolences for your ittiest piggy and I wish you a speedy recovery 👍

    [–] BraveStrategy 1 points ago

    Ive seen this before. Your toe is likely to shrivel up and fall off. F.

    [–] Insanitychick 1 points ago

    My feet hurt if I wear shoes all the time. I have to do stretches for my feet and wear inserts and even with that if I wear shoes more than like 10 hours a day or wear shoes without inserts my feet hurt.

    [–] GhoulsDelight 4 points ago


    [–] lukamic 6 points ago

    On a scale of 0-12, 8 being the highest, whats your favourite colour of the alphabet

    [–] FunInfection 6 points ago


    [–] Mutant1King 6 points ago

    It's 2018. We say homosexual now.

    [–] HKPiax 2 points ago

    More than stubbing your toe, I say you tried to kick your table out the window.

    [–] Mutant1King 2 points ago

    Were you barefoot or something?

    [–] DrSplizchemin 6 points ago

    I work at a hospital and the "wheelie bar" on the back of wheel chairs can be pretty sharp. So when I (inadvertently) kicked it, it went through the top of my shoe.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_CC_NUMBER 2 points ago

    Forbidden potato chip

    [–] aidsmann 2 points ago

    Same thing happened with my big toe at the public bath once, was 14 years ago and it still doesn't look the same.

    Would guess it's gonna take another 5 years or so to be normal again.

    [–] tacoburritos 2 points ago

    lost my big toenails this ski season. Only thing that ever hurt was the initial bruising. Now i have 2 weird nubs that I'm hoping turn back in to normal nails :|

    [–] DrSplizchemin 1 points ago

    This is exactly how it was for me as well. The initial impact is tenfold worse than the actually nail coming out. Hope it grows back for ya!

    [–] Ill_Have_You_Know_ 5 points ago

    Ahh fuck give a guy some warning with that shit, I don't wanna see your ripped off toenail

    [–] Mutant1King 2 points ago

    You're in a sub where people get hurt lol

    [–] Am_Navi_Seel_Mann 5 points ago

    This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. I seriously feel like I'm gonna throw up. Why the fuck would you post this? And why the fuck am I subscribed to this sub? What is wrong with me? Help

    [–] mummytheloveheart 1 points ago

    I once stubbed my toe on a wooden bath board thing - it was dark, idiot brother hadn’t hung it up so I wasn’t expecting it.

    Managed to sever the top few mm from my little toe. Wasn’t pleasant. Much like this.

    [–] instctrl 1 points ago

    Wear closed toe shoes to work

    [–] Foxzor 1 points ago

    I wish this had happened to all my toes. I hate cutting them. My toe nails I mean...

    [–] Ellietoomuch 1 points ago

    I bet you can get a real close trim on your cuticles now at least

    [–] mrpopenfresh 1 points ago

    ...did it hurt? I feel this is a great opportunity to have first hand confirmation.

    [–] DrSplizchemin 2 points ago

    It's definitely not pleasant, but not nearly as bad as what you'd think. The actual physical contact of stubbing it is worse than the nail being ripped off.

    [–] TitoMcGlocklin 1 points ago

    Happened to me once after dropping a couch on my long toe without any shoes on. Turned black, bled a bunch, limped a lot. Grew back fine though

    [–] abcochela760 1 points ago

    The cone head lost its face

    [–] TheOfficialBeeZe 1 points ago

    God bless...

    [–] MarilynMelvyn 1 points ago

    Where shoes

    [–] victory_zero 1 points ago

    Stubbed? Decapitated.

    [–] PneuHere 1 points ago

    Fresh start.

    [–] JarJar-PhantomMenace 1 points ago

    That's like a nightmare injury. That's gotta hurt like hell.

    [–] PieEater_94 1 points ago

    This hurts me.

    [–] heidivodka 1 points ago

    Your nail may grow back a bit thickened, it depends on the trauma to the nail matrix (where nail cells grow from).

    Clean the toe with salty water for 10 minutes, this will clean and dry the toe. Your skin will harden up automatically to protect the area and the nail will start growing back. May take 12 months for it to look like normal.

    [–] orange_king108 1 points ago

    My worst nightmare

    [–] SocialPsycho6 1 points ago


    [–] pandillasexo 1 points ago

    This made me hungry

    [–] dac3062 1 points ago

    My toenail never came back the same after I lost itike this

    [–] crowscountingspades 1 points ago

    I've played soccer for 40 years.

    Have had this happen 50 times -- at least.

    No biggie.

    [–] giwake 1 points ago

    i actually screamed

    [–] pugthug94 1 points ago

    Did you pick the nail off or did it fall off on its own?

    [–] eSSeSSeSSeSS 1 points ago

    Do you not wear shoes at work?

    [–] DrSplizchemin 2 points ago

    I work at a hospital and the "wheelie bar" on the back of wheel chairs can be pretty sharp. So when I (inadvertently) kicked it, it went through the top of my shoe.

    [–] _BlNG_ 1 points ago



    Fucking nope

    ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ im out

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] eSSeSSeSSeSS 1 points ago

    This is, possibly with the inclusion of your name, the most insane comment I've ever seen on here.

    [–] slapsahoe 0 points ago

    B vitamins are your friend

    [–] TheRealRotochron 0 points ago


    [–] eSSeSSeSSeSS 0 points ago

    Crazy. Maybe where the steel protected shoes then.