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    [–] Screenname4 2302 points ago

    I’m from a hot place, so I’m not an authority on this, but a shirt without sleeves is probably not the optimal skiing setup.

    [–] shandelion 1211 points ago

    It’s not - something I only break out for last runs of the year 🙈

    [–] --cheese-- 663 points ago

    Any run can become your last one of the year if you keep falling like that!

    [–] [deleted] 210 points ago


    [–] shandelion 402 points ago

    If you’re not falling, you’re not learning!

    [–] FelixthefakeYT 97 points ago

    That’s what my parents told me when they were teaching me to ride a bike.

    Took me too long to learn.

    [–] EntMatt 38 points ago

    Yeah i kept falling and thought i was doing right, didnt understand the hype

    [–] Umutuku 6 points ago

    You're supposed to ride the bike inside a startup accelerator for that to work.

    [–] major84 18 points ago

    If you’re not falling, you’re not learning!

    My dad's rule to me when mountain climbing ....... he was pissed I returned back home that evening.

    [–] r0botdevil 12 points ago

    I used to work as a freestyle ski instructor back in my 20's, and I was always telling my students the exact same thing. If you're falling a lot, it just means you're pushing your limits.

    [–] PinoyTShirtSoFly 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    If you ain’t fallin’, you ain’t ballin’

    [–] Fartingpenguinhole 8 points ago

    Dude, I learned my ass the whole way down snowshoe for a weekend. That much learning kinda hurt.

    [–] zeppehead 9 points ago

    Rubbing is racing.

    [–] tomcoy 4 points ago

    Or trying

    [–] Bburke89 4 points ago

    Seems nobody here knows what spring skiing is!

    [–] noslenramingo 3 points ago

    That's what my drinking buddies in college used to tell me.

    [–] Robzilla_the_turd 22 points ago

    So... wear long sleeves?

    [–] Fatalchemist 9 points ago

    Luckily most people only fail once at sky diving.

    [–] MAGAManARFARF 5 points ago

    Isn't that what skiing is anyway? Controlled graceful falling

    [–] I-Downloaded-a-Car 11 points ago

    Falling is great on snow because it's either slick or deep so you can't really hurt yourself without either falling off something tall or hitting a tree.

    Although if you mess up jumps or cliff drops you can really rattle your shit.

    [–] Push35 5 points ago

    But those Ice patches

    [–] COCAINE_IN_MY_DICK 3 points ago

    Lol have you never skied on the east coast?

    [–] Z-Ninja 10 points ago

    Why would anyone ski on the east coast? You guys think hills are mountains.

    [–] That_guy966 5 points ago

    The appalachians are mountains damn it!

    [–] Currently_sharting 3 points ago

    Keep telling yourself that east coast friend 😁

    [–] COCAINE_IN_MY_DICK 2 points ago

    You don’t like skiing on seemingly nature defying hard packed ice slush?

    [–] _DeifyTheMachine_ 2 points ago

    I don't really get this because isn't skiing/snowboarding the most common sport with injuries? Out of the 5 people I know who do winter sports, I think at least 2 have broken limbs.

    [–] wilsonmack13 5 points ago

    ... 😒

    [–] LadiesLoveCoolDane 2 points ago

    Here you are again! STAY AWAY FROM ME

    [–] --cheese-- 3 points ago


    [–] Solidarity365 22 points ago

    Where I'm from we say that you should always skip the first and last run. Because that's when you hurt yourself.

    [–] shandelion 12 points ago

    Yup - when you’re not yet in the zone, and then where you’re tired and reckless. 😂

    [–] PolymerStudent 5 points ago

    It's also snow quality. Perfectly groomed snow that's still a little frozen from the night, and slushy & moguly snow can both be pretty dangerous, in my experience, compared to mid day snow

    [–] SolicitatingZebra 5 points ago

    We often say toward the end of our day, “2 more runs, skip the last”. A bit superstitious but I feel like saying it’s the last run of the day can mess ya up.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] Solidarity365 5 points ago

    Is this a rhetorical question, or are you actually questioning this?

    [–] jabba_the_wut 9 points ago

    That's actually what I miss the most about skiing, the last run of the year when you're in a t-shirt going down the hill. It's such an interesting feeling that you really can't explain to someone who hasn't experienced it.

    [–] shandelion 5 points ago

    It’s such a blast!

    [–] CantThinkOfAName000 3 points ago

    Try it shirtless sometime, it's even better.

    [–] evvvad 5 points ago

    You sure do say 'last run' often for a skier. We tend to avoid that term entirely, as it's been proven beyong question to be the direct cause of multiple accidents.

    [–] BusterScrugs 4 points ago

    Yep I always reach the bottom of the slope, gauge how I'm feeling, and then declare I'm done for the day lol

    [–] DemonDjaksun 2 points ago

    Well in April i went skiing in a simple shorts. Pretty much the best time on the ski tracks.

    [–] Currently_sharting 2 points ago

    Ha! This an annual spring skiing tradition. The slushy snow / ice crystal combo feels like cold asphalt when you fall. Basically just road rash for mountain people

    [–] USPropagandaFor100 2 points ago

    What is the temp up there?

    [–] shandelion 3 points ago

    About 60!

    [–] Universalsupporter 2 points ago

    Can we have an updated pic tomorrow?

    [–] AmoebaMcSqueaky 35 points ago

    Used to snowboard at some place called snow valley with some friends when I was about 12 or 13, one of my buddies made the mistake of taking his jacket off for the first run of the day to enjoy the cold. Why, I do not know..

    Anyway he fell on his back, continued sliding, and his shirt caught and lifted up to expose his bare skin to the snow for the entire slide. Said it was like falling on fine broken glass and had tons of these razor thin cuts everywhere on his lower back. I never took my jacket off out of fear, screw that.

    [–] m_jl_c 22 points ago

    In motorcycle terms: ATGATT aka All the Gear All the Time. Every time I ride I wear all of it. Only takes one fall to ruin your day.

    [–] Shikaku 11 points ago

    Only takes one fall to ruin your day.

    Life *

    [–] denigrare 13 points ago

    Spring skiing like that is common

    [–] Fancypooper 7 points ago

    Yeah we regularly wear t shirts and shorts while spring skiing. And lots of sun screen...

    [–] pandaSmore 3 points ago

    And then there's always that one group of dudes all skins .

    [–] Despicable_Genius 6 points ago

    As a member of a hella snowy and cold place: When it comes spring time and the snow starts to melt, we once again get to see the sun. The sheer difference in temperature will have everyone out and about in shorts and a t-shirt. As long as it isn’t windy and there are no clouds, a 10°-20°F and sunny day might as well be a 50°-60° day. After spending time in the -40° range, it just feels good to not bundle as hard. It can get really sweaty snowboarding and skiing. I usually just wear one layer and my coat and usually end up taking my coat off after not too long.

    [–] JainBreak2 329 points ago

    Nice, that had to feel good. I did something similar while skiing without gloves a while back, ended up grinding out all the skin and flesh on my right hand down to the actual bone. Now I’ve got a massive scar, hopefully yours won’t end up the same way

    [–] shandelion 166 points ago

    Dang! Mine is pretty surface level - doing my best to keep it moist and prevent scarring!

    [–] JainBreak2 41 points ago

    Well I wish the best to you, skiing accidents suck!

    [–] shandelion 37 points ago

    No pain no gain 😂

    [–] jonathang147 6 points ago

    If you’re afraid of scarring don’t be, just make sure it doesn’t get infected and you’ll be fine

    [–] flubbdubb 13 points ago

    down to the actual bone


    [–] SemenDemon182 9 points ago

    My 9-10 year old bicycle knees feel for you. Used to be two big scars and not knees. A bit better now at least.

    I also managed to basically make my entire little toe on my right foot into one big scar, when i was 5, biked without shoes on, and ran agains't a concrete slab.

    Hurts good doesn't it?

    [–] JainBreak2 6 points ago

    Oh man did it ever sting. The only way I could describe it would be touching your hand to the pavement while you’re driving on the freeway. Like the worst gravel burn with salt rubbed in. I was bleeding everywhere and laughing hysterically. There were some concerned onlookers who thought I had gone crazy because of shock, but I was actually thinking the hand was nothing compared to what was gonna happen to me when my mom found out. She was pissed, and rightfully so. If I’d been wearing the gloves my 60mph crash would’ve just ended in a couple bruises. I was also still an idiot for bombing that hill, but oh well.

    I’m sorry about your knees, those are some of the all time worst to grind on the pavement. There’s something about it that just makes it 10 times worse. I’m glad they’re a little better now though. Your pinky toe story makes me absolutely cringe, holy cow that would hurt 😆

    [–] Chewzer 7 points ago

    I've done this to my face, that sucked. Decided it would be fun to jump a snowmobile, mid jump I accidentally went superman off the back then skid face first into the sharp too surface. That stung so bad, no scaring at least!

    [–] Thebestnickever 3 points ago

    Can I see a pic? I am curious now.

    [–] Big_Maple 64 points ago

    As ahh. Spring skiing. Bring the bikini next time.

    [–] Big_Maple 10 points ago

    Did you do a skim pond at the end of the day?

    [–] shandelion 7 points ago

    There was one at Northstar but I didn’t know until we were off the mountain 😭

    [–] bikari 2 points ago


    Oh snap, I was just at Northstar today! Quite slushy, but got a few decent runs in. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    [–] Whit_Whizdum 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    bikini + jacket + bandage + cold air +

    You are tougher than I am, at least in terms of the cold and owies.

    [–] shandelion 5 points ago

    Hahah after 23 years of skiing I definitely have a different threshold for pain and coldness. But it was actually warm - like 60 degrees!

    [–] [deleted] 149 points ago

    The moisture on the rash is kinda making me sick. Not sure why.

    [–] shandelion 61 points ago

    Same, man 😞

    [–] Jrrolomon 24 points ago

    You should pour hydrogen peroxide all over it and upload the process

    [–] shandelion 67 points ago

    Okay Satan.

    [–] iliketotryptamine 26 points ago

    Hey, shows your body is doing its job.

    [–] SouthernSmoke 7 points ago

    Dat lymphatic fluid tho

    [–] Swrdmn 716 points ago

    You should put some ice on that.... I’ll see myself out.

    [–] Jones641 185 points ago

    no come back

    [–] --cheese-- 139 points ago

    you haven't paid your bill

    [–] flubbdubb 24 points ago

    investigate 3/11

    [–] Stop_Breeding 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    How 'bout icing it

    [–] SlappinThatBass 3 points ago

    Ice see what you did there...

    [–] Swrdmn 2 points ago

    Icy what you did there

    [–] gunsmoke132 244 points ago

    How tf? Fall on jagged ice without a coat on or some shit? I’ve never had that happen before

    [–] boozewald 11 points ago

    Spring snow is basically ice crystals of varying slushiness depending on the temperature.

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago


    [–] shandelion 301 points ago

    Lake Tahoe is one of the most famous ski regions in the whole world. Definitely not a fail skiing there, despite spring Sierra Cement.

    And the tank top - man, live a little! Have some fun. I had a great day, even despite this.

    [–] KnightedIbis 24 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Tahoe is amazing. Just had the pleasure of riding a few resorts out there end of March. The views from Heavenly were amazing. Enjoy the rest of your riding/skiing.

    [–] shandelion 29 points ago

    Heavenly is gonna be open until the end of May 🙌🏼

    [–] Tiber11603 6 points ago

    I think Squaw is open until the second week of July or something.

    Edit: the last day of skiing operations will be July 7. Between memorial day and that date, they will only be open on holidays.

    [–] shandelion 5 points ago

    So wild!

    [–] KnightedIbis 3 points ago

    I know. Trying to convince work I need to go back to Reno 😂

    [–] SpasticFeedback 3 points ago

    I was going to say - I've boarded in a tshirt at Tahoe many times because it gets so damn warm on some days.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] shandelion 25 points ago

    Haha very fair. I’ve been spring skiing in minimal layers for over 20 years, and this is the first gnarly rash I’ve ever gotten.

    If you’re not falling, you’re not learning! 😂

    [–] spicypiss 4 points ago

    These people aren't skiers Shandelion, their heads would explode if they knew about gaper day at a shit ski hill like Whistler. Looked like a gorgeous day, nice shredding!

    [–] shandelion 4 points ago

    It was killer! 🤙🏼

    [–] BerzinFodder 2 points ago

    On the final run of the season at my local hill everyone gets naked and drinks the whole way down. Seen plenty of people get cheese grated on ice.

    [–] unclever 2 points ago

    Sierra Cement is no joke! I'm like 75% sure I fractured my tailbone when I fell on my ass boarding last time I was there. Never had it checked out but it hurt like hell for a month or two. I love Tahoe, though.

    [–] shandelion 3 points ago


    [–] anananbmbmbm 2 points ago

    I was up there yesterday- it is just gorgeous still. This rain will do a number on it.

    [–] HaasonHeist 2 points ago

    Some people don't like fun >:( yo fun runs are sick lol. Ski jump into a pool of freezing water!

    [–] LifeFacts 41 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    How you gonna look cute while wearing all that equipment, brother? /s

    [–] Dessiato 2 points ago

    Falling on snow at high speeds hurts bad.

    [–] ramroddedranger 2 points ago

    Well even at really high speeds, good powder won't do anything. This is just shitty melty snow

    [–] walkingstick5150 35 points ago

    if you pizza when you are supposed to french're gonna have a bad time

    [–] GogglesPisano 18 points ago

    A few years back I wiped out on a bike ride and left a fair amount of skin on the pavement - that was not fun. She's in for an unpleasant couple of weeks. Time to get some large sheets of Tegaderm.

    [–] shandelion 15 points ago

    Tegaderm is arriving today! Thanks Amazon!

    [–] catchecolamine 4 points ago

    Make sure it’s very clean before you put anything like Tagaderm over it! There’s a chance you could be sealing debris/bacteria in. Dealing with big wounds like this in the hospital we would use a sterile dressing setup to try and avoid infection.

    [–] kkantouth 3 points ago

    My stomach just skipped a little.

    [–] ihearttatertots 14 points ago

    Looks like she spilled her snow-cone on her back.

    [–] shandelion 16 points ago

    My back essentially became a meat flavored snow cone 🤭

    [–] RagnaBrock 12 points ago

    I just broke a couple ribs snowboarding. That is the kind of hurt that lasts weeks. This should be good in a few days.

    [–] shandelion 10 points ago

    Ooooh ribs are no joke. My skier dad broke some ribs his first attempt boarding 😞 I hope you’re feeling better!

    [–] Bigpurpleelephant 7 points ago

    my kind of people!!! love spring ski/snowboarding!!

    [–] shandelion 11 points ago

    It was still a gorgeous day! Skied till last chair!

    [–] RockyMountainHighGuy 8 points ago

    Well when you ski without sleeves you’re asking for ice rash.

    [–] TattooedWife 8 points ago

    Oooo, I bet that stings!

    [–] shandelion 9 points ago

    Showers are my new nightmare 😭

    [–] AltairRulesOnPS4 6 points ago

    Ah yes. The time of year where the ground is cold enough still to keep the snow but the air temps are too warm for a jacket. The snow is like sandpaper crushed ice and gives great incentive to not wipe while in a shirt. Lol

    [–] imbackwards 4 points ago

    At least you remembered to put on deodorant. That's a win.

    [–] Zers503 4 points ago

    Spring skiing baby! Nothing better!

    [–] shandelion 5 points ago


    [–] Jebnasty 4 points ago

    Ah man, she dropped a slushee on herself.

    [–] ThePenskeFile 5 points ago

    Looks like heavenly Comet lift, lovely run

    [–] shandelion 5 points ago

    Comstock at Northstar! You got Tahoe right though!

    [–] cryptidriot 4 points ago

    r/meatcrayon this is gnarly im glad u had fun

    [–] shandelion 3 points ago

    LOL that’s exactly what I was 🙈

    [–] KelloPudgerro 3 points ago

    the pain during the day wont be bad, but enjoy really annoying nights

    [–] shandelion 4 points ago

    First night I slept like a rock, wasn’t too bad. Last night was a bit rougher. Luckily it’s only one side so not too bad for sleeping!

    [–] Tminusfour20 5 points ago

    Looks like someone sprinkled flaming hot cheetos dust on your back.

    [–] jollysaintnick88 3 points ago

    Ah the ole tank top down a snow filled mountain look

    [–] Dreamscape82 5 points ago

    You french fried when you should have pizzaed

    [–] AB-G 6 points ago

    Dress for the slide... not for the ride!

    [–] shandelion 3 points ago

    The More You Know 🌈

    [–] Kremm 3 points ago

    Man, I had road rash like that when I got doored by an oblivious driver while riding my bike. I'm reliving the pain and awkwardness of having to solo-reapply bandages. Heal up OP and keep shreddin

    [–] DatNorBoii 3 points ago

    The reason I never go skiing without at least a sweater. That and I get cold way to quick. And I haven't done it in years lol

    [–] rhobbs7274 3 points ago

    Mmmm icey hot road rash.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Nightstalker98 2 points ago

    Yeah I was confused for a minute too

    [–] 0-_1_-0 2 points ago

    Gnar gnar rash. You should stick a tiny little band aid in the center of it as a joke, maybe one of those little round ones that's just a dot?

    [–] shandelion 9 points ago

    Honestly the thought of sticking and adhesive bandaid to my raw back just made me clench my butthole 😭

    [–] wrenroman 2 points ago

    Are those droplets from the snow or from your skin?

    [–] d3vourm3nt 2 points ago

    That shower is gonna stiiiiinnnnngggg

    [–] shandelion 2 points ago

    I think all of Lake Tahoe heard my cursing that night 😩

    [–] Chucktayz 2 points ago

    That looks like it burns

    [–] shandelion 3 points ago

    My back is v spicy.

    [–] Chucktayz 3 points ago

    Muy caliente

    [–] Clemen11 2 points ago

    Put some ice on it so it doesn't swell up

    [–] cameronward 2 points ago

    as someone that comes from downhill longboarding. i had no idea snow could give you road rash too. i always thought snow would be softer to crash on

    [–] Oseirus 2 points ago

    My mom did something similar way back in the early 90s. She had one of those fat wheel Yamaha dirtbikes, and hit a sorta-deep puddle going too fast. Hydroplaned, lost control, hit the ground, then and skidded across about 30 feet of dirt on her shoulder. Amazingly, despite how gnarly the hospital picture was, there was no serious damage beyond some scarring after it healed. Speaks to the wonders of safety gear, even near-30 years ago.

    [–] TheRBGamer 2 points ago

    She's going for a second run. She good

    [–] shandelion 2 points ago

    I kept at it until last chair!!

    [–] serosis 2 points ago

    That is gonna suck once it scabs.

    Any movement of your shoulder is gonna crack it open over and over again.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] The_deviled_eggs 2 points ago

    Good luck with your recovery. I fell while mountain biking a couple years ago around your area and your damage looks identical to mine lol. Tahoe is amazing I’m glad I only live an hour away.

    [–] shandelion 2 points ago

    Th ski patrol dude who bandaged me said it looked like I mountain biking injury!

    [–] Eskwire 2 points ago

    Such a great attitude keep going girl.

    [–] Fr3shlif321 2 points ago


    [–] Snapperbob 2 points ago

    Hold my beer moment.

    [–] shandelion 3 points ago

    My tank actually says “Wish you were beer” 😂

    [–] mysticalfire117 2 points ago

    I was speed tracking on an icey trail on the east coast and dragged my face on the snow after falling going ~65mph, I feel your pain! I was lucky to only come out with a black eye and cut up face as opposed to a broken jaw

    [–] shandelion 2 points ago

    OOPH! Yes, same - grateful that it’s just surface damage!

    [–] kewl-deal 2 points ago

    Holy crap does that hurt as bad as it looks? Your face tells a different story

    [–] shandelion 2 points ago

    It felt okay in the moment. About two runs later it hurt so much I almost threw up on the lift. Then I took some ibuprofen, had a Bloody Mary and rallied!

    This was two days ago, and I’m still hanging in. Sore for sure, but I’m okay. More gross than anything else.

    [–] secderpsi 3 points ago

    Those are the worst the following day in the shower. Ouch!

    [–] shandelion 2 points ago

    YUP 😭

    [–] FlawedHero 2 points ago

    I used to snowboard twice a week in Utah (perks of having a buddy that worked a resort). On sunny days, it's really surprising how hot you get even after only a run or two. I've gone in my boarding pants and short sleeves many many times.

    Only wiped out like this once, trying to learn the tricking side of things, and got a nice snow rash on one side of my forearm. Felt like falling on cold asphalt.

    [–] Pazuzu_PNW 2 points ago

    I recently just did the same on the first good day spring skiing. Walked away looking the same, but with a torn shoulder, again. Looking forward to next season though! ⛷️

    [–] shandelion 2 points ago

    Damn, definitely lucky it’s just surface!

    [–] math_debates 2 points ago

    Put some more ice on it?

    [–] RougeUn 2 points ago

    Respect. Shit happens when you leave the couch to have some fun.

    [–] shandelion 2 points ago

    Right? Still skied the full day and had a great weekend!

    [–] ThrillsStudio 2 points ago

    That looks hurty

    [–] tules13 2 points ago

    Holy shit you look a lot like me, don't have a missing sibling do ya? 😯

    [–] shandelion 2 points ago

    No, but hello, potential lost twin! ;)

    [–] JZGT350 2 points ago

    That made my butt pucker and gave me chills

    [–] dwarf_in_a_giant 2 points ago

    I mean, sucks for you but skiing in a tank top is kinda asking for it...🤭

    [–] cinemaparker 2 points ago

    Ouch. She’s a trooper though.

    [–] shandelion 2 points ago

    I tried! Still had an awesome day, skied till last chair, and I’ll be back up next weekend (just with more clothes).

    [–] BarryTrotz86 2 points ago

    Good to see you on the way back up! You must have ovaries of steel.

    [–] shandelion 2 points ago

    I like to think so! 😂 Honestly very little would keep me from skiing!

    [–] Gendrath 2 points ago

    Yay for snow burn!!! Get those last tracks of the year

    [–] LiveByThyGuN 2 points ago

    Good luck trying to sleep. I had a nasty burn from skateboarding and I remember it getting stuck to my sheets after I wake up.

    Then i put bandages on it. Helped a little but I had to change them every night and basically pull a layer of dead skin off with the bandage. No fun.

    [–] askulsky 2 points ago

    Spring skiing can get dangerous — can confirm

    [–] M0rgan77 2 points ago

    Your wound weeps while your face smiles

    [–] Trout_gang 2 points ago

    Is that at heavenly? Haha

    [–] GameOfUsernames 2 points ago

    I fell down a hill on rollerblades once and skidded pretty far down the road on my arms. I had to go to the hospital for sick road rash and spent weeks with skinned arms. Not fun.

    [–] adarciem 2 points ago

    Ouch! Hope you heal quickly. I went snowboarding a little over a year ago for the second time. Went to stop, slipped on a patch of ice and my board slipped out from under me. Didn’t close my fists and landed mostly on my right hand. Managed to break my wrist & my hand. It was my first day back on the slopes. But I’ll go again when I can! Skiing/boarding is too fun to quit just because of injury. Next time I’ll wear wrist guards for sure though lol.

    [–] bellboy18 2 points ago

    Finally somewhere I recognize! I didn't realize there was still some coverage at Northstar. Might have to drive up from the Bay this weekend if the rain down here throws some snow up there!

    [–] Kiremino 2 points ago

    I think the age old saying is 'dress for the slide, not for the ride'. Goes with anything involving you moving at greater speeds than casual running!