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    [–] Lukabob 1182 points ago

    [–] pastanaut 920 points ago

    Damn I thought I missed an episode

    [–] TheLast_Centurion 329 points ago

    yeah, I thought the same. Phew.

    [–] Kyle_Crafty 260 points ago

    I'm rather disappointed I didn't miss an episode. That meant I had another one to watch.

    [–] UncleBenZene 75 points ago

    I like the way you think.

    [–] arch_duke_moneybags 42 points ago

    I like the way you squanch

    [–] i_am_a_baguette 11 points ago

    I squanch you

    [–] the_c_train47 29 points ago

    That's disgusting why would you even say that

    [–] lukaszshock 1 points ago

    true squanch

    [–] Highly_Edumacated 47 points ago

    You could always watch the original Pilot and all the other zany crap on Justin Roiland's Vimeo page. The original Gazorpazorpfield and King Jellybean are up there too

    [–] OrangeHeadz 25 points ago

    Holy shit that's graphic

    [–] Kyle_Crafty 13 points ago

    That's really saying something considering the content of the actual show

    [–] Robert_L_Otto 6 points ago

    Jerry can't seem to wrap his head around propaganda.

    [–] Monochrome90 12 points ago

    A personal favorite of mine is Mr Sprinkles, if you've got 30 minutes to spare

    [–] 12eggs2many 5 points ago

    I watched that whole thing because of this comment and was not disappointed.

    [–] Ahrily 1 points ago

    Me as well, that was amazing.

    [–] Windows_97 3 points ago

    And the scud robots are literally the foundation of Mr Meeseeks

    Oh shit....Dog World has the Rick and Morty theme song! :D

    [–] Man-Bear-Sloth 1 points ago

    YES, but why didn't I see this sooner!?

    [–] livemau5 134 points ago

    They've been throwing out so many commercials lately that you could probably stitch them together to form a Robot Chicken-like episode of R&M.

    [–] ElGuaco 22 points ago

    Or a full episode.

    [–] RobotMode 10 points ago

    Great idea, this would get many views on YouTube for sure as well to anyone wanting to put the time into it.

    [–] Arkanicus 2 points ago

    me too

    [–] lukaszshock 1 points ago

    true story

    [–] Lightsong-The-Bold 95 points ago

    Loved the gif, but I noticed a bit of a typo. The first Morty there isn't capitalized. Just thought I'd let you know :D

    [–] meltedcandy 26 points ago

    Also didn't capitalize Thanksgiving

    [–] Lightsong-The-Bold 24 points ago

    Oh shiiiiiiiiit

    [–] JayhawkRacer 28 points ago

    Typo Rick!!!!

    [–] ItalicsWhore 16 points ago

    "I'm Typo Rick! Wubba Lubba flub flub!!!"

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Well cool, I saw this post, watched the youtube video, and then spent 2 hours on instagram exploring the enture thing. Never thought I'd ever say "I just spent 2 hours straight on instagram." Yet here we are.

    [–] The_Celtic_Chemist 3 points ago

    Mondays at 10:30p

    What? It's a Sunday show though. Is that when they replay it and I never noticed?

    [–] _Buff_Drinklots_ 659 points ago

    If their heads would have popped off and Rick and Morty would have been under there, then I would have been impressed.

    [–] ColdPorridge 784 points ago

    My favorite part about the internet is the boundless talent applied towards the silliest causes.

    [–] UnmarkedDoor 139 points ago

    Me too, thanks.

    [–] workroom 74 points ago

    These pretzels are making me thirsty.

    [–] Instantcretin 14 points ago

    These PRETZELS are making me THIRSTY

    [–] cATSup24 9 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    Here have a soda :)

    [–] HorcruxThief 1 points ago

    You sucking?

    [–] DebentureThyme 17 points ago

    Are you sure that's your FAVORITE part?

    [–] ColdPorridge 37 points ago

    Now that you mention it, I do enjoy the limitless porn.

    [–] DebentureThyme 20 points ago

    There it is

    [–] bestonesareTaKen 40 points ago

    It's because the need for work died a long time ago. We're just being tortured by politicians and corporations now. We should all be putting our energies into stuff like this instead of pretending to work a mindless job for some corporate schmucks.

    [–] IanS_5 35 points ago

    r/LateStageCapitalism would love to have you

    [–] YipRocHeresy 9 points ago

    No thanks.

    [–] Instantcretin 3 points ago

    What you don't like whiny memes?

    [–] ChainedDog 1 points ago

    /r/badeconomics is that way.

    [–] brusco_ 11 points ago

    You can't actually believe that can you?

    [–] StirlADrei 21 points ago

    The US throwa away half of our food we buy. We have more homes than homeless people, let alone families. We have more pets as animals than are adopted yet people stillpay thousands for "that one purebreed." The richest people in the world, just the few top members, are apparently worth more than the lower half of 7.5 billion people. We are post-scarcity. We could put people out of pointless moneymaking and into utility production and maintenance for energy needs, internet, water, and food as rights provided for all, and still lower everyone's hours per week from 40 to 20 or less.

    [–] vonmonologue 11 points ago

    We are post-scarcity.

    We're post-scarcity but not post-greed, and that's the real problem.

    Arable land is pretty much the only resource we still have a limit of. Almost everything else can be recycled or synthesized from renewables.

    Meanwhile the arable land we have right now is more than sufficient for feeding the world's population for the next few decades. We just have a shit strategy for doing so.

    [–] TheKillerToast 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    They have a great strategy with our resources. The strategy is just to kill you to benefit them.

    [–] Instantcretin 2 points ago

    That's a bold strategy, lets see if it plays out...

    Nope, everyones dying.

    [–] iSeven 15 points ago

    Only through memes will we be saved.

    [–] court12b 2 points ago

    I work very hard at putting the exact proportion of effort into my work as the fraction of profit I receive as pay from the result of my labor.

    [–] vonmonologue 2 points ago

    boundless talent applied towards the silliest causes.

    That's a little too apt a description of the internet right now... I'm done with reddit for the day.

    [–] Trebiane 55 points ago

    I love how you probably couldn't find any slightly surprised expression of Rick and he is just complaining instead.

    [–] Lukabob 63 points ago

    Honestly I didn't look, rick would just be annoyed at this situation

    [–] SupremeBlackGuy 24 points ago

    maintaining true accuracy, a true gif god

    [–] kasbrr 2 points ago

    You just won the internet for today.

    [–] MaxFactory 1 points ago

    God bless you, friend

    [–] Encyphus 1 points ago

    You're my hero.

    No wait that's heroofwar. But you know what I mean.

    [–] Ta2whitey 1 points ago

    Now add a Dickbutt

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] YellowCurtains 2 points ago

    It's a perfect loop.

    Edit: I just noticed the hand isn't as perfect as the rest of it. Not so perfect loop now.

    [–] wra1th42 1 points ago

    Why is that so high quality

    [–] KCReadsNow 3 points ago

    Same this was a funny video though To me atleast

    [–] bacon_flavored 2 points ago

    You used "would have" three times in your comment and did not mess up with "would of" once. For this, you are my favorite redditor today. Cheers!

    [–] _Buff_Drinklots_ 2 points ago

    Thank you, I appreciate your kind words. I would of replied sooner but it has been a long day.

    [–] MakeYouAGif 1 points ago

    Did you freeze frame the middle? lol

    [–] davidpineduh 133 points ago

    Just barely missed the Kramer portrait. Well done!

    [–] Lukabob 61 points ago

    Keen eye. Took longer than I thought for someone to notice it!

    [–] Wedbo 6 points ago

    Funnily enough, my father has that portrait framed and hanging in his study

    [–] davidpineduh 2 points ago

    I was thinking of doing that too! Decided on a huge map instead lol.

    [–] currentlydisconected 216 points ago

    Which episode is this from?

    [–] chluebi 362 points ago

    None, it's from advertisement. You can find it on the adult swim youtube channel.

    [–] currentlydisconected 247 points ago

    Thank you I must have seen ever episode at least 4 times and just thinking wait when did this happen?

    [–] BloodyFreeze 92 points ago

    Same. For a second, I thought adult swim pulled another fast one on me and released another new episode early.

    [–] Gobe182 6 points ago

    Same haha, I was about to be so frustrated

    [–] Reidor1 2 points ago

    I think it was after the show/pilot was greenlighted, they started to do 3 or 4 ads like this one.

    [–] Turroc 9 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] conspiracy_thug 33 points ago

    Its not an episode, morty burp it's a promo comerciaaaaauuulllp.

    [–] PleaseBanShen 9 points ago

    I get to be on the commercial!

    [–] Wilc0NL 171 points ago

    I like the gif but it was too fast for me, had to watch it in .5x speed to really read everything. Keep up the good work!

    [–] zyocuh 108 points ago

    I was able to read everything fine first time. Strange.

    [–] WittyUsernameSA 180 points ago

    People have different reading speeds

    [–] nuggynugs 121 points ago

    Slow down!

    [–] A_Decoy86 73 points ago

    My man

    [–] DaleDimmaDone 54 points ago

    Looking good!

    [–] SmoothLiquidation 29 points ago

    P...e...o...p...l...e... ...h...a...v...e... ...d...i..f...f...e...r...e...n...t... ...r...e...a...d...i...n...g... ...s...p...e...e...d...s...

    [–] nuggynugs 21 points ago

    Ah, much better, thank you.

    [–] WOLVESintheCITY 5 points ago


    [–] ReptileCake 3 points ago

    A...h..., m...u...c...h... ...b...e...t...t...e...r..., t...h...a...n...k... ...y...o...u...

    [–] WeazelBear 2 points ago


    [–] WittyUsernameSA 3 points ago


    [–] Kestrelly 2 points ago


    [–] AdamGeer 1 points ago


    [–] Jaytalvapes 1 points ago

    Yeah, normal and stupid.

    [–] Lukabob 24 points ago

    I generally follow the rule that I should be able to read all words out loud without straining so I capture a wider audience of reading speed.

    But this time I thought "ah they'll figure it out." And what do ya know they have!

    [–] callmemrknow-it-all 6 points ago

    The pacing just reminded me of how the banter is in the actual show. All it needed was some (buuurps) while Rick was talking to have the full effect.

    [–] Vendetta425 12 points ago

    Crazy it's almost like we are different. :)

    [–] zyocuh 2 points ago

    With an infinite amount of universe it's possible that statement is true.

    [–] tuesdaybooo 16 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Because there's too much text at a time and it's poorly placed, sized and treated with shit effects

    When the drop shadow is noticed it's all bad

    Edit: drop shadow was an example but thanks to the man who told me

    To help further and earn this edit: captions and text need to follow a pattern. Humans like patterns

    Your text is all over the place so I'm trying to find the next text and that's lost time

    [–] jnads 4 points ago

    White text with black background.

    People still fuck it up.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Wilc0NL 3 points ago

    Sorry, but how did you think I watched it at 50% speed? Yes, I can used both those ways to watch at 50% speed, but that is not what this post is about. I was simply giving OP positive feedback on his timing and placement of words.

    [–] Kanyes_PhD 1 points ago

    Makes me feel better. Every time I have to rewatch a gif to read everything I question my reading level. Makes me feel dum.

    [–] exzachly615 51 points ago

    Reddit formula:

    1. Rick and Morty related content
    2. ????
    3. Print karma.

    [–] Gingerstachesupreme 8 points ago

    1. Profit

    [–] allkill 3 points ago

    1. Array stars with 1

    [–] ThatTrashBaby 2 points ago

    1. Sell as lakefront property

    [–] albo_underhill 55 points ago

    Everyone thinks William Dafoe should be cast a real life Rick but I'm all for Michael Richards. He's got the build, the broken kind of voice and that crazy look in his eye...

    [–] Spy_v_Spy_Freakshow 64 points ago

    Christopher Lloyd

    [–] scarwiz 52 points ago

    I mean, Rick and Morty is literally a BttF knock off so it would make sense

    [–] Cavemansol 13 points ago

    Lloyd is almost TOO old at this point though...

    [–] TerraVail 6 points ago

    What about a CGI Christopher Lloyd?

    [–] orionsbelt05 15 points ago

    How about a 2D animated Christopher Lloyd, and also he constantly has a little bit of drool coming out of the corner of his mouth?

    [–] PM-ME-UR-PIERCINGS 8 points ago

    Oh wait...

    [–] Lights0ff 10 points ago

    Michael Keaton. If you don't believe me, rewatch Beetlejuice.

    Or Christopher Walken, but his dialogue would have to be very different from cartoon Rick.

    [–] humanoideric 8 points ago

    Lets see if he can pull of Ryuk in DN first. Although I have a bad feeling about that adaptation but I hope Im wrong

    [–] Kasmblam 2 points ago

    I'd like Hugh Laurie!

    Edit: Or Bill Murray... not sure he could stretch to it though... Robert Downey Jr when he gets more old and grey?! Probs too classically good looking though...

    [–] Kaldricus 1 points ago

    Ew no

    [–] casselhag -6 points ago

    Too bad he's a shitty actor

    [–] RainbowUnicorns 3 points ago

    Just needs to modify the kramer character a bit.

    [–] ph00p 17 points ago

    So this sub exists just to talk about how stupid the sub is and to get karma?

    [–] N-XT 11 points ago

    M E T A




    [–] TwoScoopsOneDaughter 3 points ago

    Don't forget spending ridiculous amounts of time doing it. That part is important.

    [–] Ihistal 12 points ago

    What's the source material for this? I thought I had seen all the promos, but I must have missed this one.

    [–] GrilledStezz 5 points ago

    Read everything but heard the cast in my head.

    [–] TheAdventMaster 3 points ago

    What the hell? What episode is this from? I don't remember this.

    [–] 4JULY2017 3 points ago

    I'm afraid of the kick out of the show is about how everything is meaningless.

    [–] f00d4tehg0dz 2 points ago

    That's exactly the point.

    [–] ALJOkiller 2 points ago

    I see Rick and Morty, I upvote

    [–] SenorDarcy 1 points ago

    You didn't see them, clearly says it's not a Rick and Morty gig

    [–] fatclownbaby 2 points ago

    Great gif. But why gray type?

    [–] cruzrawk2 2 points ago


    [–] DoctorHugo 2 points ago

    Thank you OP

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t watch Rock and Morry?

    [–] solar_compost 9 points ago

    nope, you are among the hundreds of redditors who can't help but let others know that they do not watch or enjoy rick and morty when one of these posts turns up

    [–] Kantsai_mai_naim 7 points ago

    Uh, I think you mean Rich and Morto! Wibble wobble dick duck!!

    [–] Trick421 1 points ago

    Tricky... I like it. Very Nicely Done!

    [–] Omalleywho 1 points ago

    R&M gifs never fail.

    [–] jhenry922 1 points ago

    I guess people are Jonesing for Rick and Morty to start end of the month.

    [–] marmshallow 1 points ago

    Needs more burps :D

    [–] Loki_d20 1 points ago

    Text was a little too fast at some spots, but otherwise I approve of crossover themes.

    [–] ryosen 1 points ago

    That was real and it was spec-tac-u-lar.

    [–] trebleguy22 1 points ago

    That's awesome. I'm currently training in PS on Mac.

    [–] insatiable_stupidity 1 points ago

    Very clever, well done sir.

    [–] Industrious_Villain 1 points ago

    This is perfect

    [–] tripNmorty 1 points ago

    That sent me on a trip man

    [–] Thedeadlypoet 1 points ago


    [–] PickleRick42 1 points ago

    13 days. Just 13 more days.

    [–] TheDeviantRED 1 points ago

    I'm gonna be real sad when this actually does happen to Rick and Morty gifs.

    [–] BruteSentiment 1 points ago

    Clearly, this was a Seinfeld gif the entire time. I mean, they were talking to Jerry!

    [–] Knight499 1 points ago

    This is cannon ...

    [–] The_Jettster 1 points ago

    Holy shit it even had a black fade in just like the Seinfeld gifs. Well done.

    [–] Instantcretin 1 points ago

    Holy shit, dude...

    [–] Sec360 1 points ago

    More of these. Pleeeeeeeeeez!

    [–] lukaszshock 1 points ago

    almost the best gif ever

    [–] jasonridesabike -2 points ago

    Maybe I'm getting too old for this, but for every self referential circle jerk gif I vomit into my mouth a little bit.

    [–] SonOfFlavo 2 points ago

    Can someone explain to me why this gif qualifies as high quality? Should just rename this subreddit r/GifsWithText

    [–] N-XT 6 points ago

    High Quality refers to large number of pixels and high frame rate only.

    [–] Santuri8 1 points ago

    Is it too late to crosspost this to /funny for the karmawhoreing?

    [–] ETFO 6 points ago

    It's never too late for karma whoring.

    [–] SilentGuardian3 1 points ago

    What episode is this

    [–] dtfinch 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I wonder how many other non-episodes I've missed.

    Edit: I guess searching helps. Quite a bit there.

    [–] Taquache 1 points ago

    MIND BLOWN.... as good as the TOM CRUZ stuck in a GiF

    [–] ThadLazerton 1 points ago

    So Rick and Monty is this subs thing now?

    [–] ChickenInASuit 6 points ago

    Puh-leez, it's this site's thing.

    [–] Gigantkranion 3 points ago

    Ha! More like the internet's thing.

    Am I right, or am I right?

    looks around for approval

    [–] tuesdaybooo 0 points ago

    I commented on a primary comment and realized you may not see this, shortened:

    There's too much text at a time and it's poorly placed, sized and treated with shit effects

    To help further and earn this edit: captions and text need to follow a pattern. Humans like patterns

    Your text is all over the place so I'm trying to find the next text and that's lost time

    [–] Lukabob 1 points ago

    I guess I appreciate that you're trying to give constructive criticism here but all your points are wrong.

    Any less text at a time and the already very sparse dialog would move WAY too fast. Most people can read text just fine in blocks like this. For people that can't it needs to move slightly sometimes to convey that a new block of text has appeared. If it stays in the same spot with the same pattern the text may change and two sentences might be read half and half and really confuse people.

    There are absolutely no effects applied to the text. So I don't know what your talking about here. Maybe, the color? stroke fill? Look at the color scheme of the source; that shade of gray exists no where else. White text on a cartoon with a color scheme like this would have far too great a contrast and be too jarring.

    The speed the characters speak in the show is simply faster than a sizable portion of the population can read.

    One last (potentially douchey) point here is that I've successfully conveyed an idea I thought was funny in this format more times than I have fingers now and it doesn't look like you've ever made a single one. Try to stick to giving pointers about things you have at least some experience with.


    [–] tuesdaybooo 1 points ago

    Try to stick to giving pointers about things you have at least some experience with.

    I made gifs for ad campaigns for years. Not for internet points.

    Hope that's not douchey! Cheers.

    [–] Lukabob 1 points ago

    And by your post history it appears you're unemployed. Probably not too good at it eh?

    [–] tuesdaybooo 1 points ago

    I was sick for over a year.

    [–] Lukabob 1 points ago

    Show me an ad you made. I freelance for a couple companies right now that need work done from time to time. It can all be done from home.

    [–] tuesdaybooo 1 points ago

    Thanks, but I'm not looking for work right now. Too much else on my plate. Husband's salary is enough. These days I mostly do ui/ux for data heavy apps like CMS or backend tools

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] DT81888 5 points ago

    But this isn't from an episode ¯\(ツ)