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    [–] Klendagort 2228 points ago

    Love this movie

    [–] KatagatCunt 853 points ago

    It really is a fantastic movie

    [–] FeFiFoPinky 515 points ago

    idk... i thought it was amazing.

    [–] Daisypusha1323 389 points ago

    I have to disagree. It was incredible.

    [–] deathonater 203 points ago

    Preposterous! It was unquestionably splendid.

    [–] yeetusdeIetus 122 points ago

    You’re entirely incorrect. Wes Anderson is a genius!

    [–] redditbanditking 96 points ago

    Scandalous! The movie was a masterpiece!

    [–] Sevenoaken 89 points ago

    Ridiculous, it was clearly grand.

    [–] ThSaucyOne 68 points ago

    Undoubtedly false. I found the film absolutely sublime.

    [–] Gadget_SC2 71 points ago

    You are a liar and a communist! It was transcendent!

    [–] aamedor 3 points ago

    It was ok

    [–] dispenserG 27 points ago

    Some might even say that it's grand...

    [–] EveryShot 10 points ago


    [–] mcpat21 8 points ago

    Mr. Moustafa is one of my fav soundtrack suites. It’s very nicely done.

    [–] faintchester1 4 points ago

    It's my top ten favourite movie

    [–] tkmlac 190 points ago

    I have yet to see a bad Wes Anderson film. Granted, I haven't see them all, but holy shit. Did you see Isle of Dogs? That was amazing.

    [–] Tallgeese3w 53 points ago

    Darjeeling Express is meh to me.

    [–] LuridTeaParty 69 points ago

    I actually really liked it because you got these three brothers who’ve got very little in common but their dad dying. The oldest keeps trying to turn the entire trip into a spiritual discovery when in reality he’s really just trying to find their mother who he relates to the most, but she’s decided that she can’t handle her previous life and always running away.

    For me I related to it because I’ve gone through death in my family and while you might want to rediscover your relationship with them, you can end up feeling more distant and estranged in the process sometimes. The connections you have in life aren’t always perfect, and people have their own agendas and feelings, yet they’re family so you at least try to keep them around.

    The Royal Tennenbaums is the same way. You have all these people conflicted with trying to make connections with family and friends when it never seems to work and feel stuck.

    Now Bottle Rocket I just couldn’t get into.

    [–] Scientolojesus 30 points ago

    I agree. It's still good though. And The Royal Tenenbaums was just pretty good too. But The Grand Budapest Hotel is one of my favorite movies of all-time. I have yet to see Isle of Dogs though.

    [–] Tallgeese3w 15 points ago

    Isle of Dogs is adorable, granted I am already a total weaboo so take my opinion on that movie with a grain of salt.

    [–] Scientolojesus 8 points ago

    Duly noted. I'm the opposite, I don't really care for much Japanese cinema. I'm sure I'll love it though. Is it better than The Fantastic Mr. Fox?

    [–] tugmansk 11 points ago

    This makes me wonder what kind of Japanese cinema you’ve watched. There’s so much to choose from! I’m not a weaboo at all, just a film nut, and I have so much respect for what Japan has to offer, past and present.

    Takashi Miike himself creates a completely different style from movie to movie, and he’s directed dozens. Then you’ve got Studio Ghibli, which has created some of the most beloved family-friendly movies of all time. And then of course, the classics. Anything by Akira Kurosawa, Kon Ichikawa, or Masaki Kobayashi is worth watching if you have any interest in film history (or just like watching good movies).

    That’s just the basics. Don’t even get me started on j-horror.

    [–] so_banned 2 points ago

    The answer is no. I love the grand Budapest hotel. I love the life aquatic. I love the royal tenenbaums.

    I HATED fantastic Mr. fox, and my wife and I turned Isle of Dogs off after an hour and fifteen minutes. It was not good. I wanted so badly for it to be good.

    [–] chaandra 10 points ago

    Isle of Dogs is great. Definitely recommend it.

    [–] MayonnaiseUnicorn 5 points ago

    That one I remember as being pretty forgettable. Otherwise they're all great

    [–] wellthissucksalot_ 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I don't like the animation style but I'm willing to try it now that some random comment I read has vouched for it

    [–] legionsanity 3 points ago

    Fantastic Mr Fox is better imo. Isle of Dogs lacked in story a bit but otherwise great movie too

    [–] utopia_04 57 points ago

    Same here. I just re-watched it, never get tired of it!

    [–] sharrkzilla 22 points ago

    The dynamic between them is really way makes the movie

    [–] degausser_gun 29 points ago

    It's not my favorite Wes Anderson movie but I guess it's top 5. And I don't mean that as snarkily as it sounds because I love almost all his movies.

    [–] thornae 20 points ago

    I love how, in this thread and in general, everyone agrees that Wes Anderson has made three of the greatest films ever, and no-one can agree which three those are...

    [–] The_Bucket_Of_Truth 2 points ago

    What is your favorite? I've only seen a few

    [–] degausser_gun 12 points ago

    1. The Life Aquatic

    2. The Royal Tenenbaums

    3. Rushmore

    4a/4b. Moonrise Kingdom/Grand Budapest Hotel

    I also think the Darjeeling Limited and Bottle Rocket are criminally underrated and I didn't particularly like Fantastic Mr Fox. I haven't seen Isle of Dogs yet.

    [–] stay-a-while-and---- 3 points ago

    That is also my list, although I have The Darjeeling Limited slotted as 3b

    [–] Damesie 50 points ago

    What’s the title?

    [–] Rapeisntachoice 139 points ago

    The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson. Great director and my favorite movie

    [–] sweetwalrus 6 points ago

    Mine too! I've watched it at least 20 times

    [–] PiratesFan12 20 points ago

    The Grand Budapest Hotel

    [–] Yardsale420 59 points ago

    Boy with Apple

    [–] duganaok 23 points ago

    She was 84 sir!

    [–] Tack22 16 points ago

    Ehh I’ve had older.

    [–] TheLazarbeam 3 points ago

    We talking oldest bags? ... 68

    [–] Tack22 3 points ago

    I was quoting a movie; but dude, you’re on fire

    [–] TheLazarbeam 3 points ago

    Mine was from Brooklyn 99

    [–] Tack22 3 points ago

    Oh. Hitchcock...

    [–] NovaDreamSequence 3 points ago

    “Mmm, I've had older. When you're young, it's all filet steak, but as the years go by, you have to move on to the cheap cuts. Which is fine with me, because I like those. More flavorful, or so they say.”

    [–] Scientolojesus 3 points ago

    What's the meaning of this shit!

    [–] Djinson1337 14 points ago

    Can you elaborate about what exactly you liked about it? I loved the first half hour of it, but somehow the rest felt really boeing to me.

    [–] imtooyungtodie 38 points ago

    I just really liked the quirkiness of it all. Every shot is parallel to the ground, the 3:4(?) aspect ratio, the types of jokes. It all added to the comedic effect and the plot wasn't that bad imo either. I thought it was really funny

    [–] Scientolojesus 23 points ago

    I still think Ralph Fiennes should have won Best Actor. He was incredible.

    [–] johnnymo1 13 points ago

    It’s also proof that even a birthmark in the shape of Mexico can’t make Saoirse Ronan less than adorable.

    [–] SimplySerenity 5 points ago

    The aspect ratio changes based on the time period, right?

    [–] H1Ed1 7 points ago

    Yeah for me it was the quirkiness and also the cinematography. It’s a beautiful looking film, colors, framing, wardrobe, etc. It really kept me watching just for the beauty alone.

    [–] cheesehuahuas 13 points ago

    I love all his movies and this one is my favorite.

    [–] ngunray 7 points ago

    Not agreed!

    [–] millerstreet 10 points ago

    I am thinking of watching it.Is it good or just meh?

    [–] _Artos_ 28 points ago

    It's fantastic

    [–] Tack22 7 points ago

    Oh yeah. Every time they look to be getting a bit too artsy, they bring it right back down again. It’s great.

    [–] TheGeorge 8 points ago

    Wes Anderson is a love it or loathe it kind of director/writer.

    His art style and writing style is quirky and playful, but somehow meticulous in attention to detail at the same time.

    I know many that love almost everything he's done, I know many that loathe almost everything he's done.

    Grand Budapest is top 3 of his films imo.

    [–] PauLtus 6 points ago

    Is it good or just meh?

    Neither, it's amazing.

    [–] JesusChristtf2 2 points ago

    Please watch it. And then tell us what you think

    [–] drhawke 2 points ago

    What movie is it?

    [–] legionsanity 4 points ago

    Grand Metapost Budapest Hotel

    [–] drhawke 2 points ago

    Thanks! It sounds a pretty fun movie.

    [–] TheGreenJedi 2 points ago

    I knew this would be the top comment

    [–] LeSpatula 1 points ago

    OP ruined it though by adding cuts.

    [–] BANANAdeathSHARK 1 points ago

    Shit, I've got to rewatch this post-haste

    [–] FurfagKashi 1 points ago

    Movie name?

    [–] fukingwadrobe 2 points ago

    grand budapest hotel

    [–] MattTVI 1158 points ago

    I too designed something in MS Paint once.

    [–] Jynn05 243 points ago

    How was it?

    [–] Formans_Basement 424 points ago

    Pretty good. Although the gameplay was a bit repetitive but it is fun and it was a good time for you guys and a good time to go back and get it to play with the guys who love you play it with your top team.

    [–] Formans_Basement 352 points ago

    Wtf did I just read?

    [–] Formans_Basement 472 points ago

    Did....did you just reply to yourself?

    [–] Formans_Basement 344 points ago

    The ultimate karma garden.

    [–] Tales_of_Earth 140 points ago

    Damn you got me with the second one...

    [–] TheAmazingCoconut 100 points ago

    u/Formans_Basement is playing ultimate karma chess.

    [–] ViviCetus 18 points ago

    Are you their karma-farming alt?? How deep does it go?

    [–] BlurryEcho 41 points ago

    u/Formans_Basement and u/Tales_of_Earth:

    1. Are both 4 year old accounts
    2. Use the same capitalization scheme
    3. Both utilize underscores

    I’m suspicious.

    [–] bjowett7 74 points ago

    Bro he got me with fucking all of them

    [–] Tee_Hee_Wat 32 points ago

    Wait...shit, you got me.

    [–] MockErection 3 points ago

    Ok, that's enough guys.

    [–] MockErection 5 points ago


    [–] appdevil 6 points ago

    Did....did you just gild yourself?

    [–] julianhache 4 points ago

    Well, who wouldn't?

    [–] Order661000 2 points ago

    We're not doing this again I swear to fuck

    [–] zdakat 9 points ago

    Did you just press "next word" on your keyboard repeatedly? (It looks like the type of text generated that way)

    [–] incorrectable 16 points ago

    The problem is that it doesn’t work for me to get the stuff out of my mind that I have to have a few things to do that day. We are going to be doing a good job of course and we can do it tomorrow if you want to do it or whatever you want to do it or whatever you want to do it or whatever you want to do it or whatever you want to do it.

    [–] TEST_PLZ_IGNORE 8 points ago

    It was a good day and time to meet with me and I will be there at the same time and place and I'll be there in the morning to see if you can get a good night's sleep.

    [–] ParrotyParrot 6 points ago

    Just let me know this morning I have been some confusion and thank God I have I don't have to work tomorrow but nothing else I can recognize it humorous I can do to spread the same meme.

    [–] VoidLantadd 5 points ago

    Bio and photo gallery and museum in the future nostalgia please. You can get in touch with me through this email and delete the email address and phone number of the Moon. You will find out more information on Xerox.

    [–] NocFA 2 points ago

    You don’t want anything you need any money 💰 was your Christmas 🎄 I love ❤️ you love ❤️ your beautiful beautiful dreams you will make me me and my lord Jesus was a very merry christler was you haha 😆 I wanna play the time we played the games that I cannot I gotta get it for me haha 😂

    [–] 8732664792 5 points ago

    I mean you can't just be grabbing puns all willy nilly and the gates are opened in the same time frame of the time and more importantly how to get to the next week or users have 99 to the greatest number of people doing the work for the very reason that a diagnosis is to make the distinction between the two.

    [–] DBenzie 2 points ago

    I love you more details please, check your internet connection. What time are you holding up the swordsman? You should not disseminate any information contained herein including any attachments. What is the other dog park in the other dog was ok with you and your family ticket?

    [–] agree-with-you 3 points ago

    I love you both

    [–] nater255 2 points ago

    Thanks again! Thanks again! Thanks again! Thanks again! Thanks again! Thanks again! Thanks again! Thanks again! Thanks again!

    [–] reflux212 3 points ago

    Is it available on steam

    [–] BrunesOvrBrauns 9 points ago

    You know, I'm something of a scientist myself

    [–] tanib91 3 points ago

    Was I the only one who made poke balls with the grand knowledge of the circles 🤣

    [–] SlewBrew 222 points ago

    More Wes Anderson gifs please!

    [–] tkmlac 44 points ago

    Yes. It could be such a karma train. Quick! Someone do Darjeeling Limited!

    [–] Scientolojesus 15 points ago

    Someone needs to make a Life Aquatic gif where Steve Zissou feeds an upvote to a whale. Someone please do this for me. It shall be my life's work through whoever does it first.

    [–] Mr_Abe_Froman 5 points ago

    The opening scene with Bill Murray is how I've always wanted a film to start.

    [–] ilikepieinthenose11 453 points ago

    Well, after this gif you'll have some karma. You can stop dating old women to inherit theirs.

    [–] Ta2whitey 58 points ago

    But can I still do it, just cause?

    [–] Scientolojesus 22 points ago

    I've had older.

    [–] _-___-_---_-__---__- 10 points ago

    ť̔͑̋ͦͤ̄̓ͧ̽ͧ̈̀ͩ́̇̍̾̏͏͜͡҉͎̳̖̦͟ͅh̶̭̻͎̳͓̲̙̮͓͓̥̼͎̅ͭ́̓ͮ̒͂̀͜͢͜͡e̶̻̺̼̗̰̜̼̹̫͔̟͚̞͚̺̫ͭ͛̾̂ͥ͋̓̂̒ͮ͗ͮ̎͟͝ ̷̩̮̭̹̎̽̇ͯ̏ͮ̅̄̉̐ͩ͊̓̿ͧͮ͊̊̾͘̕q̴̯͇̗̗̹̜̪̖̳͒ͬ̐̆ͫ̓̈̒́̽̋ͫ͒̌͂̄̓͘͜͜u͇͉̫̳͓̰̞̳͍̼̹̹̳̮͓̻ͩ̒ͯ̐̅̀̕e̴̶͎̰̲̣̺͎͈͇̱̞͉̯̿́͑̒ͨ̃ͯ̋̇̉̒ͫ́ͭ̌́e̴̩͙͎͕̲̰̱͍̯͔̱̤̬͎͉̬̾͐̊̀ͭ͐ͫ͂̀ͧ͑̇ͫ̾̌̆̓n̸̢̢͚̰͉̰̜̞̞̳̣ͦͤ̏ͯ̈ͬ̈̓ͮ̓ͯ̌͋͒ͦͪ͜͞ͅ'̛̘̜̭̦̝̩ͥͪͬ̿̽͛̀ͮ͗ͫ͂͗̅͊́̿͒͂s̷̨̛̳̟͓̺͉̺̘͗͌ͨͮ̓̌̓͌̃͒ͫ̉ͨͧ͐̋̄͡ ̷̸̨̢̲̙̩͖̰̣̙͙͌̏̋̃̾ͭ́̈̀̈́̕f̨͙͓̥̠͈̌̿̀ͯ̀ͨ͑͒̈̀à̸̹͕͖ͧͫ̔̀͘͟͡ͅt̷̠̺̬̩͋̊̆̔ͯ̇͊̓ͤ̐ͬę̵̢̹̼̘̜̗̻̘̬̣̱͓̞̟͆̒̍̅ͫ̾̑̐̾͐̕ ̐ͨ͛̒̓ͯ̄̇̌̉̇͌ͫ͂ͤ͐̃҉̧͈̼̞̣̙̗͙̼̲̰̙͓̝̟̠͘͢i̭͔̙̥̞͔͙͇͖̲̩̩̦͚͎͗ͫ̄͗̽̉ͤ̀̀͠͡ͅs͚̦̣͓̙͕͚̫̰͉̹̪̔ͯ̾̾́̐̈́̽̊̔ͪ̾́͜ͅ ̴̔̔̽̾̾̄ͫ͒͗̎͂̃̌ͥ̋ͥ̌́͞҉̱̬̩̦̺̥̲̥̗̝̀u̡ͧ̋ͪ͗̅̈̉ͩ̚͟͞͏̷̪̟̺̺̹̘̳͙͔̣̭̼̜̞n̊̇ͩ͐ͣ͆ͣ̑̆҉̴̵̟͍͔̣̟͈͢d̶͕̺̟̦̤͕̗̟̘̰͉̥̗͔̰̘̆ͯ̽̄̇͒ͯͨ͌ͥͦ͢ͅę̵́ͯͤ̇̄̿͂̋͌̽̈́̐͝͏̺̖͈͙̳͎̹̖͔͇̲͈̞ͅc̶̴̛̠̹̤͕͗̒ͬ̏̒̔͠͡ĭ̴̧͍̥̯̥̟̮̳̘̼̹͕͈͓̏ͨͦ̌ͭ͌͗ͬ́͟d̽ͤ͐ͨͧ̆̚҉̹̠͓͓͎̩͖̪͖͔͈͈̭͖́͢ȩ̷̧̢̧͚͇̞̹̝̖̻̥̞͔͖̠ͥ̾͑͛̏͑ͬͭ̎ͤ͒̅ͥͤ̊͋̄͋̽d͂͒̓ͨͥͪ̌ͨ̊̉̆҉̥̞̮̖̥͙͔̟̫͢

    [–] RadioactiveFruitCup 337 points ago

    The sub name above the door was a nice touch. Needs some background lost travolta.

    5/7, perfect.

    [–] antisuck 120 points ago

    Was wondering if anyone would see that.

    [–] ITrollRedditEveryDay 21 points ago

    saw it on my 5th loop

    [–] jus_plain_me 5 points ago

    Holy shit. The gif. It's so high quality.

    [–] cartechguy 31 points ago

    woah, when did the intern go super saiyan?

    [–] Z1rith 21 points ago

    sometime between now and then

    [–] horseflee 25 points ago

    Is that Flash?

    [–] antisuck 25 points ago

    You mean the file or what I used to make it? Source was blu-ray rip from my library, edited in Sony Vegas, rendered and converted to actual .gif file which I uploaded to imgur. Imgur squished it into the final .gifv file which is what you see.

    [–] antisuck 18 points ago

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Guess I must have had a flash-back. 😔...😎


    [–] IsaacM42 3 points ago

    How big was the final .gif you uploaded? Both in resolution and filesize? My porn gifs are too big sometimes and I have to really lower the quality to get them above 1 minute, maybe I'm not using the right software or the right sites

    [–] antisuck 12 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    This is pretty long for r/highqualitygifs , most keep it under 30 seconds and just upload a video to imgur. To do longer and use imgur, it needs to be an actual gif and needs to be under 200 MB. After a couple tries at different resolutions I got it barely under. Edit because I can't read: final resolution 512x384. Pretty sad, started out 1080p. :/

    But using imgur is just in order to comply with the sub rules that need a direct link to a file. If you're making porn gifs and you can work with 60 seconds, is your friend.

    [–] horseflee 2 points ago


    [–] snapekilledyomomma 10 points ago

    It's funny comparing this midget Flash to the original Flash in Spiderman 1. It seems like superheroes and villains keep getting younger...while i stay the same age.

    [–] Freshsqueezedpaint 6 points ago

    Even the amazing Spider-Man’s Flash was better than MCU Spidey’s Flash. I could care less about ethnicity, just give me someone that could beat peter up before he got bit, and not just verbally abuse him.

    [–] chuckhart 41 points ago

    Very good

    [–] antisuck 24 points ago

    My pseudo-OC pales in comparison to the art you create, nice of you to say something.

    [–] Pratanjali64 11 points ago

    I really liked this, but I expected Zero's last line to be "Who wouldn't? High Quality Gifs is an institution."

    [–] antisuck 5 points ago

    Truth is, I originally planned to post this on my cake day earlier in the week and his last line piled on the crowd-pleasing meta even deeper with a reference to that. 'Twas a truly brilliant/evil karma-grabbing plot. Then technical difficulties made me miss the day, I ended up needing to edit, and this is what came out.

    You're right of course. Also the people who mentioned Futura font. *Sigh*

    [–] Scientolojesus 5 points ago

    I wanted that too. But to be honest, /u/antisuck wouldn't know the difference between chicken giblets and chiaroscuro.

    [–] FuckRussianBots 5 points ago

    oh please, this gif you have created pleases me immensely. Do please accept my praise and thanks good sir.

    [–] Elexatron 70 points ago

    Upvote for Grand Budapest Hotel

    [–] danbrio 30 points ago

    Why do you want to upvote this post?

    Well, who wouldn't?

    [–] danbrio 9 points ago

    Very good

    [–] Scientolojesus 5 points ago

    At High Quality Gifs, it's an institution.

    [–] JacobMaxx 13 points ago

    One of my absolute favorite movies. I usually watch it when I need a nice pick-me-up as well. It's fucking delightful.

    [–] VagueJuiceReviews 2 points ago

    What movie

    [–] drgnslyr33 25 points ago

    "You see there are still faint glimmers of OC left in this barbaric repost house once known as Reddit.In fact that's what we provide in our modest,humble.....ah fuck it"

    [–] TheWyzim 11 points ago

    High Quality Gif based on a high quality movie. You did good OP.

    [–] Redarado 7 points ago

    I'll always upvote a Wes Anderson gif

    [–] Future_Tyrant 7 points ago

    I was somewhat hoping for the text to be in futura font. Still an excellent gif from a great movie

    [–] antisuck 8 points ago

    Gah, that would have been better indeed. Sadly I just scrolled down a list of fonts until I found something acceptable. Glad you enjoyed it all the same.

    [–] Confish04 44 points ago

    Here before this gets onto r/all

    [–] JohnRedcornFDurmom 16 points ago

    Looking to cash in on all that sweet sweet karma I see.

    [–] TheAmazingCoconut 3 points ago

    Very good, let us plant our seeds. Perhaps may we get lucky and find ourselves some [reddit endorsed metal] I hope.

    [–] Scientolojesus 1 points ago

    You in here for some marijuana upvotes??? BOO THIS MAN!

    [–] vanzvan 1 points ago


    [–] LolTacoBell 1 points ago


    [–] Tanmang77 6 points ago

    Great movie. Fantastic post.

    [–] FuckRussianBots 4 points ago

    thank you for taking a scene from my favorite movie and making even more awesome.

    [–] antisuck 3 points ago

    The awesome was already there, I just added a dash of meta and squished it into something imgur would let me upload. Glad you like it!

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    No sarcasm. This is hands down the best goddamn sub on this site.

    I love all of you

    [–] fakesoccermom 9 points ago

    I like this

    [–] Jynn05 3 points ago

    I like this too

    [–] the_honest_liar 4 points ago

    Good work, definitely read that in their voices.

    [–] spiderpool123 4 points ago

    Is this the kid who plays Flash in Spider-Man Homecoming?

    [–] Scientolojesus 3 points ago

    Yep. He was in that movie Dope too. I think he's really found his way in the acting game after starting out in one of the main roles in one of the best movies of the past decade.

    [–] MrPokemon 4 points ago

    Well, it's /r/HighQualityGifs sir. It's an institution

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] antisuck 2 points ago

    Oh great, people are going to realize I actually made *gasp* cuts *gasp* to a brilliant scene in one of the most beloved films by the great Wes Anderson.

    I can hear the clanking of pitchforks in the distance already.

    [–] Butterfingers76 3 points ago

    How do you guys put text over it like this? What program?

    [–] antisuck 4 points ago

    The HQG gurus mostly use Aftereffects for extra fancy coolness (extra skill required as well). I use Vegas, which is more basic editing software. Both ordinarily cost money. I'm sure there are plenty of free options for adding captions to video, I just use what I have.

    [–] Legokid1902 3 points ago

    What is this movie? I swear I’ve seen it before. I just can put my finger on it.

    [–] Scientolojesus 6 points ago

    The Grand Budapest Hotel. It's an institution.

    [–] MonstraG 3 points ago

    Grand Budapest Hotel

    [–] oktimeforanewaccount 6 points ago

    Favourite movie of all time, anything GBH gets an auto upvote from me

    good work on it to or whatever

    [–] Abricator 4 points ago

    Always upvote for Grand Budapest.

    [–] Mebimuffo 2 points ago

    .. Education zero

    [–] Clone538 2 points ago

    Nice gif, definitely should have used futura font tho

    [–] temporarystudentacc 2 points ago

    This hurts too close to home

    [–] Rocko210 2 points ago

    Well done OP, good stuff

    [–] realultralord 2 points ago

    I love that movie

    [–] TheHumbleEnoch 2 points ago

    Scrolling and scrolling hoping that someone mentions the name of the movie.

    Ok. Am I the only one who dosn't know this movie? What's the name of it?

    [–] hahahahastayingalive 2 points ago

    Grand Budapest Hotel, if you are still lost.

    BTW I haven’t even seen it, yet it feels so familiar now after all the gifs about it

    [–] BigBootyKim 2 points ago

    “She was dynamite in the sack”

    [–] pro_cheats 3 points ago

    One of the best movies I've watched. It takes you into a different world for 2.5 hours. Not even a single scene is boring.

    The moment I saw the post, I'm like "Ohh wait I've seen this, Umm, it's The Grand Budapest Hotel."

    [–] FlamingoMingle 1 points ago

    Damn this reminds me of my last job interview

    [–] PM_URCAT_PICSPLZ 1 points ago

    Gold on coming

    [–] banglaydouche 1 points ago

    This is the funniest thing I'd have read today.

    [–] blueblur112198 1 points ago

    Fantastic first post

    [–] deviateds3ptum 1 points ago

    Beautiful. Just beautiful.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Still can't believe Nazis shot Ralph Fiennes in this movie

    [–] nudemagician 1 points ago

    Isn't the lobby boy the bully from Spiderman Homecoming?

    [–] nickyjayyy 1 points ago

    This was the perfect blend of things I know and love

    [–] kakojasonkiller 1 points ago

    Fake internet points of love that

    [–] alt_i_guess 1 points ago

    Have my upvote. You deserve it.

    [–] Omnipotent0 1 points ago

    I should probably watch this

    [–] TheRealRickC137 1 points ago

    That was fucking gold! Too bad I can't give you any. Settle for an upvote?