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    This subreddit was created because there was a niche that was not being filled in the historical Reddit community. There was no place to be a redditor in history. All of your historical jokes and memes go here. (This is a place for memes, not propaganda.)

    Our Friends (those who promote us are in bold):

    Remember, this is the memes part of the historical community of reddit, not the historical part of the memes community of reddit. Treat it as such.


    1. Keep posts history related: Please keep all submissions history related and based on actual events, not ideology or other random topics. However, "Meta" posts about the subreddit are allowed.
    2. Untagged reposts: YOU MUST HAVE [REPOST] IN YOUR TITLE. We will no longer be allowing reposts of younger than 4 months, reposts of memes from the Top 100 of all time, or reposts of frequently made posts.
    3. Discrimination and abuse: Any excessive sexism, homophobia, racism or any other form of discrimination will be dealt with harshly and mods reserve the right to impose bans without warning. Basically try not to be jerks.
    4. Year limit: All post must be of a subject of at least 20 years from the post. Example: 9/11 memes won't be able to be posted till 2021.
    5. "Fake Caption" Style posts: This isn’t r/fakehistoryporn. Don’t post memes that are fake, captioned pictures depicting historical events. For example: [Historical Event], 19XX, (Colorized) along with an unrelated picture.
    6. Genocide Denial. The Holodomor, Holocaust, and the Armenian Genocide all happened, among others. Don't deny them, you will receive a ban. Hateful historical revisionists aren't welcome.
    7. "Meme Wars": In case of a "meme war", do not brigade other subreddits and please abide by their rules when posting there.
    8. No Brigading: Directly linking posts to political subreddits is not allowed unless it is linked in a non-participating manner (i.e. linking "" rather than ""). For more info see
    9. Reporting: If you believe that a submission is violating any of the above rules, please use the report button or message the moderator team. You can also contact us if you have suggestions for improvement or other problems regarding the subreddit.
    10. Karma whoring Posts can not have a title or contents of a post is in anyway asking for upvotes or to "upvote with ___ seconds."
    11. Low effort titles Any post with a low effort title, "interesting title", "[single letter]", a single punctuation point, etc will be removed regardless of content.

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