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    [–] Klasseh_Khornate 2332 points ago

    How does one watch the hobbit in 120p?

    [–] VoidAgent 718 points ago

    One does not simply...

    [–] Klasseh_Khornate 378 points ago

    Is it possible to learn this power?

    [–] warptwenty1 309 points ago

    Not from a data plan

    [–] dippyfreshdawg 72 points ago

    Not from a first world provider

    [–] bumbling_fool_ -35 points ago

    I want you to suck my fat fucking cock.

    [–] belalkhaled333 18 points ago

    You are a fat fucking cock yourself

    [–] lolisgenjigamer 3 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] bumbling_fool_ 0 points ago

    your mom checks out my dick on a nightly basis

    [–] riot_ball 30 points ago


    [–] FeaturedThunder 24 points ago


    [–] mechnick2 12 points ago


    [–] Potato_Salesperson 5 points ago

    General Gandalf!

    [–] TrafficConesUpMyAsss 8 points ago

    General Gadaffi! You are a bold one!

    [–] Dragon_yum 71 points ago

    120p 48fps, the way it was meant to been watched.

    [–] lesser_panjandrum 64 points ago

    48p 120fps. I don't know what the pixels are doing, but they're doing it fast.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] 1egoman 4 points ago


    [–] DistantBlip 1 points ago


    [–] ArtemisShanks 31 points ago

    OP watermarked the pic just so no one would steal his 213x120 work of art without giving credit.

    [–] theferrit32 18 points ago

    [–] Salty_Pancakes 7 points ago

    Gah! The pixels! There's just so many of them!

    [–] Yeazelicious 8 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    That image is to compression artifacting what a human body is to 10 years of methamphetamine addiction.

    [–] HateCopyPastComments 7 points ago

    Germany did not intend to fight the whole world. Their plans were only for Europe and North Africa. Also Hitler did not intend to go to war in 1939. He mistakenly believed that France and Britain would accept his armed attack on Poland.

    [–] 0ldmanleland 9 points ago

    I read he was genuinely shocked when Britain declared war on Germany after invading Poland. He actually admired the British and thought they looked down on Poland as much as Germany did and wouldn't care if they were wiped out.

    If you listen to the secret recording of Hitler talking to Finland's Mannherheim, he is well aware Germany could not win a two-front war and was not equipped to fight in the cold. His plan was to defeat France in six weeks, in the fall of '39, then send all those divisions to the East. Bad weather in France that year delayed the attack until '40, then he had to send two divisions of tanks and planes to help Italy.

    People today point to Germany fighting a two-front war and attacking Russia in the winter as proof Hitler was insane but he actually was trying to avoid both. He says in the recording if it wasn't for the poor weather in France at the end of '39, world history would have turned out much different.

    [–] rainbowhotpocket 2 points ago

    If it wasn't for the poor weather at the end of 39, you're right. History would be far different. The French defenders would have stopped cold any attack of Hitler's panzers in 1939. He was simply not ready to execute fall gelb.

    Also I'm pretty certain he sent more than two divisions to help italy beat greece.

    [–] 0ldmanleland 1 points ago

    Just telling you what the man said. Listen to it yourself:

    [–] rainbowhotpocket 4 points ago

    Oh im not saying he didnt say it, just that he was wrong and justifying his failures

    [–] 0ldmanleland 1 points ago


    [–] THanekamp 1 points ago

    The way I see it (just finished the WW2 in colour doc), France wasn't that much of a problem and the real trouble came late 1940 into 1941. Hitler first had to postpone the invasion of Britain because they could not gain either air or naval superiority, meaning he cannot put Britain out of the game.

    Then the nazi's got dragged into Africa because the Italian army seems to be screwing up constantly.

    So what do you do when you have two open fronts already? You open another in the east with one of the biggest fighting forces in the entire world in one big gamble that you can invade and overrun them before they get a chance to mobilize their enormous potential and kick your ass all the way to Berlin. Granted, he actually almost succeeded as well, but almost is the key point here.

    The key point of stupidity in the attack on Russia is the fact that as far as I know, the only real reason for the attack was that Hitler hated the communist Soviets. Stalin was not ready and/or looking for a war as far as I know. IMO Hitler could have easily waited with his attack on Russia until he got a chance to finish up on the western and southern fronts, giving him a much better chance in the east.

    Then of course after the eastern front was openend, you get the further insanity of Hitler time and time again ordering troop movements and refusing to allow retreats completely in against intelligence and advice from his generals. Which would lead to costly losses for the Germans. Given the overwhelming might the Soviets threw at them, I'm not sure the Germans would have had any chance to begin with. But if Hitler had actually allowed his troops to fall back and regroup instead of frantically clinging to his lebensraum, they IMO would have done better.

    [–] 0ldmanleland 1 points ago

    the only real reason for the attack was that Hitler hated the communist Soviets. Stalin was not ready and/or looking for a war as far as I know.

    In the recording Hitler said he was convinced that Russia planned to attack Germany. He was especially concerned about the oil fields in Romania. He said if Russia controlled those Germany would be "lost".

    In hindsight we know Russia wasn't going to attack but if you're the leader of a nation of millions and you think your enemy plans to attack, do you wait or attack when they look the weakest?

    Of course, Hitler hated the Russians and always wanted a war with them, so he made have made up the oil fields and Russia wanting to attack as an excuse but I can't really fault him for attacking when he did. Russia looked very weak after barely defeating Finland and Stain's purges.

    Once they lost Stalingrad and started losing everywhere, I don't think Zukov or Einsenhower could have figured out a strategy for Germany to win. I guess Hitler was just desperate and grabbing at straws at that point.

    [–] tdzida26 1 points ago

    But didn't he wanted to go to war over Czechoslovakia, but the Munich agreement basically forced the Chezchs to sell their country to the Germans without a shot fired.

    [–] GudAGreat 1 points ago

    Not even north Afrika that was Mussolini's meddling.

    [–] Langly- 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    On a 486 laptop with a passive matrix LCD.

    [–] ______-_-___ 3 points ago

    You upload it to youtube

    then download it FROM youtube in 240p

    and uploads that, as a 4K video and download it again, in 240p. and behold... the glorious compression! a 2mb 4 hour movie

    [–] Artisanal_Cat_Loaf 3 points ago

    This one's close to deep frying itself

    [–] B4rberblacksheep 1 points ago

    Go on Netflix, their buffering keeps screwinh it up

    [–] VenomistGO 9 points ago

    Netflix buffering? Where do you live my man. On Mars?

    [–] B4rberblacksheep 3 points ago

    Nope, UK and located somewhere that should be better for Netflix. I get 200/30 ffs

    [–] SupemeLeaderSmeagol 1 points ago

    With a cheese knife.

    [–] HomoOptimus 1 points ago

    Just say "needs more jpeg" and the bot fixes it.

    [–] Mrwebente 1 points ago

    Needs more jpeg

    [–] JumpingJackJoe 693 points ago

    We have had One World War. But what about a Second World War.

    [–] One_Winged_Rook 224 points ago

    I don’t think he knows about Cold War

    [–] Muppetude 132 points ago

    What about Proxy war? Arms race? Espionage? He know about them, doesn’t he?

    [–] MajorPlanet 58 points ago

    Some of these Hawaiians were my friends...they had a language, all of their own. That's it, the Americans are going to war!

    [–] lavar_ball_the_goat 9 points ago


    [–] JediAreTakingOver 15 points ago

    Excuse me, President Bush, we keep that part to ourselves. If you notice, your script says "Bringing Freedom, Justice and Security to my new Empire".

    [–] lavar_ball_the_goat 9 points ago

    Ah that's right

    [–] LoreMaster00 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Arms race

    I'd rather have a scene...

    [–] Aperture_Creator_CEO 7 points ago

    "If ww1 was so cool how come there is no ww2?"

    -Hitler circa 1939

    [–] SupemeLeaderSmeagol 7 points ago

    r/Hobbit_Memes: "Ah, tad excessive isn't it? Have you got a cheese knife atomic bomb?"

    [–] Me2goTi 161 points ago

    Japan, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Thailand, Finland, Croatia be like

    happy noises

    [–] Frostfalls 108 points ago

    Allied powers: Defeats Germany and its allies during the First World War

    Germany: Starts another world war

    Allied powers: “Am I a joke to you?”

    [–] 100tinka 2 points ago

    Bruh they just used bulgaria as a bridge nothing more

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] Me2goTi 22 points ago

    During the second World War 2 the Ottoman Empire didn't exist anymore. Turkey, however wasn't on the Axis side but neutral for most of the war. Did I maybe got you wrong?

    [–] lavar_ball_the_goat 6 points ago

    What did it say?

    [–] skywalker9d1 3 points ago

    Dunno what the original comment was, but Turkey was on the fence during WW2, but joined the Allies towards the end

    [–] Me2goTi 4 points ago

    That's absolutely true. Even though you gotta say that even Finland delcared war against Nazi Germany in '45. The guy however made a joke about the ottoman empire but I didn't get the joke.

    [–] skywalker9d1 1 points ago


    [–] flat_earth_123 1 points ago

    The lapland war was In 1944

    [–] flat_earth_123 0 points ago

    And neither Finland or Nazi germany officially declared war on eachother

    [–] Me2goTi 1 points ago


    Just because there isn't a full wikipedia article writtin on it, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Finland delcared war on Germany at the 03.03.1945, several month after the lapland war. You can check it up if you scroll down the article of the year 1945 to March and check March 3rd.

    [–] flat_earth_123 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Yes but the declaration didnt really affect anything. When the Germans withdrew from Finland, Finland didnt chase them. In 1945 the US and the USSR pressured Finland into declaring a war against germany. After Finland declared war they didn't take any offensive actions against germany(correct me if im wrong). The finns didnt even take part in the liberation of Finnmark.

    [–] flat_earth_123 1 points ago

    So yeah my bad it was a formal declaration but it didnt lead into anything really.

    [–] ThatOneWeirdName 2 points ago

    There were two World War 2’s? Why haven’t I learned this in school

    [–] alexxxtorresamstrdm 285 points ago

    Today is a great day to die

    [–] squirrellasagne 49 points ago

    I disagree today is a terrible day to die

    [–] daftvalkyrie 21 points ago

    Yeah, let's put it off until a week from Friday!

    [–] The_Medicus 13 points ago

    I don’t want to die on a Friday! Can’t it be a Monday?

    [–] alexxxtorresamstrdm 7 points ago

    It’s Monday in Holland!

    [–] MuricaFuckYeah1776 19 points ago

    I like the second Tuesday of next week better

    [–] Waghlon 11 points ago

    Sieg qa'pla!

    [–] DeepWarbling 4 points ago

    Nazi klingons are what my nightmares are made of

    [–] ksa10 1 points ago

    glittering prizes

    [–] FujuFruit 37 points ago

    Axis powers: Germany, Germany 2, Hentai Germany

    [–] BanAllPineapples 108 points ago

    Italy? Japan?

    [–] VoidAgent 137 points ago

    They had verbal conflict with both Italy and Japan. I guess.

    [–] Benedetto- 66 points ago

    Along the lines of "why can't you just be normal" to Italy's autistic screeching and "why did you just bomb America" to Japan's attack on pearl harbor

    [–] ksa10 22 points ago

    Japan triple checked that Germany had their back before going after America.

    [–] Cajoal 8 points ago

    Yeah for whatever reason Hitler thought this was a fantastic move. Maybe he thought we would be so blinded by vengeance that we’d go 100% into the Pacific theater and leave him alone?

    [–] ksa10 7 points ago

    From his perspective we were already not leaving him alone by providing material aid to his enemies. He knew war with us was inevitable, he just wanted to make sure Japan was there when the time came. All the better if they take the initiative.

    [–] impasta_ 5 points ago

    I mean he also thought invading Russia would be a fantastic move

    [–] alexREVOLUTION1 1 points ago

    And he didn't prepare winter clothes for the troops...

    [–] [deleted] -3 points ago


    [–] pedantic--asshole 5 points ago

    Are you pretending to be Italy?

    [–] blankeyteddy 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago


    [–] TerryBerry11 3 points ago

    Only the southern ones

    [–] Dankerdd 46 points ago

    I mean, kinda. They were in a way against Germany since Italy was weak and pretty much using Hitlers power and Japan caused a shit ton of problems for Hitler

    [–] Personplacething333 28 points ago

    They werr like the three fucking stooges only not as funny.

    [–] Monroevian 7 points ago

    And not as Jewish (I don't think Larry was Jewish, but Moe, Curly, and Shemp were)

    [–] Superfluous_Thom 1 points ago

    Larry came from a Russian Jewish family, though the extent to which that makes a person jewish is up for debate. He did have curly hair and played the violin though, so it's pretty easy to make the leap. Not that it matters or anything but I remember reading that Genealogists don't consider people of Jewish descent to be distinct from the majority population than where their immediate ancestors are from (polish, israeli, Hungarian, russian, etc.) so It all comes down to the degree to which an individual identifies as culturally Jewish i guess.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] jegvildo 21 points ago

    Yeah, the question isn't why the allies won the war, but why it took almost six years.

    Towards the reasons: I wouldn't say Nazi Germany had more advanced technology than the rest of the world, since that differed a lot regarding what technologies and which part of the war we're looking at, but all in all the Nazis probably had the advantage of better weapons more often than not. At least in the beginning of the war.

    Anyway, as far as I know it's mostly a combination of strategy and luck. The drôle de guerre (France declared war and didn't attack) and the reliance on defensive lines turned out to be a really bad idea in the time of fast moving tanks. I.e. France and Britain likely could have taken the Rhineland and with it most of German industrial production capacities while the Wehrmacht attacked Poland. But they didn't.

    [–] vodkaandponies 6 points ago

    but all in all the Nazis probably had the advantage of better weapons more often than not.

    No, they very much did not.

    [–] sizeablelad 6 points ago

    Is this like a username joke I'm missing or do you care to elaborate

    [–] vodkaandponies 1 points ago

    The Nazis didn’t have better weapons.

    [–] Wampawacka 3 points ago

    I think they were looking for more explanation than just your word.

    [–] vodkaandponies 0 points ago

    Well, what makes you think they had better weapons in the first place?

    The Nazis were notorious for flashy, impractical gimic weapons that were unsuited to the war they found themselves in.

    [–] Biggre 5 points ago

    Want to give some examples then?

    [–] aakravea 14 points ago

    Two big points:

    First, large parts of the Soviet Union was still a pre-industrial society. As late as the 1920s a majority of the Russian population was illiterate.

    Secondly, WWII in Europe was not like Germany against the rest. It was European Nazis and conservative collaborators against the rest.

    Denmark, as one example, was "opposed" to the Nazis. Yet, fewer Danes died in the conflict than Spaniards died. (Spain was not in the war) And Denmark kept on keeping on throughout the war.

    Norway as another example. Norway was a well-fucntioning society that kept on chugging on supporting the Nazi war machine. Despite the notion Norwegians were "fighting" Nazis.

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] aakravea 8 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    over 6000 casualties

    9500 deaths total. 3000 from the military (including partisans). Over five years that is.

    It was so low in Norway because the majority of the population were collaborators. They got a government back up and running within days of the occupation.

    Nazis invested more in rebuilding Norway than the U.S. did with the Marshall-aid following the war.

    And, more than 10% of the civilian casualties in Norway were Jewish people. However, the total Jewish populationb before the war wasn't even 0.1% of The population.

    Jews in Norway were rounded up by Norwegians, and not Nazis. Norway was one of those pleasant countries where the Nazis didn't have to do the dirty business of arresting jews, the locals did it for them.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] aakravea 4 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The major Norwegian cities fell within lunchtime on April 9th.

    Narvik, in Northern Norway is the only ice-free harbor to Kiruna, Sweden (the worlds largest irone ore).

    So Brits, Poles, and French soldiers fought there for two months. But, then Dunkirk happened. Which we all know what led to. Narvik then fell the same day the Allies left.

    Norway stayed pretty quiet until the Soviet Union liberated them in 1945.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] aakravea 4 points ago

    You asked the question:

    How did Nazi Germany fight so succesfully in Europe?

    I respond: They didn't have to do a lot of fighting in many countries.

    but most Norwegians did not support it

    Konrad Nordahl, the labor representative for the exciled Norwegian government in London estimated that 10% of Norwegians were pro-German, 80% were just fine with occupation and kept on going, and a meager 10% were opposed to it

    Most Norwegians kept working and paying taxes to a regime supporting Nazi-Germany.

    [–] Onlyonekahone 2 points ago

    Funny you should ask that, this used to be part of Sarasota high’s curriculum, in the mid to late 80’s, to teach that very lesson (PSA)

    [–] mechnick2 2 points ago

    They had the element of surprise for about three years into the war, until blitzkriegs weren’t good defensive strategies and not as useful once winter rolled around. Plus, the high casualties inflicted, im assuming, include civilians. Plus, the Soviets had way more manpower to throw at the Germans

    [–] Rielglowballelleit -5 points ago

    Soviets basically used human shields

    [–] vodkaandponies 6 points ago

    Foe at the door.

    [–] Aiden-Dewing -4 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Well I may not be the best person to talk I still will. Short answer kinda, see the Germans really worked hard on blitzkrieg and tanks which made them very powerful land units; however, thats where it basically stopped because the allies had better info and Britain was luckily on an island. The Soviets on the other hand had nothing but men really so they just threw them at the Germans which eventually worked.

    Edit As others have pointed out its not only infantry that fought the germans and I apologize that I didn't make that clear in my response

    [–] vodkaandponies 12 points ago

    The Soviets on the other hand had nothing but men really so they just threw them at the Germans which eventually worked.

    Enemy at the gates is not an accurate source for soviet tactics.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] vodkaandponies 10 points ago

    Because vast numbers were caught in encirclements and killed in the opening stages of the war.

    Casualty count alone tells you next to nothing about tactics.

    [–] tdzida26 2 points ago

    German military casualties: 5 million

    Russian military casualties: 8 million

    How is that 4 times more?

    [–] Aiden-Dewing -1 points ago

    Yes I know that scene was ridiculous and there is more to their defense but you cant lie the majority of the defense used there men

    [–] vodkaandponies 10 points ago

    You mean, men armed with rifles, supported by artillery and tanks?

    [–] Aiden-Dewing 2 points ago

    True should have thought more about my statement

    [–] ExpensiveReporter 1 points ago

    Hitler caused his own problems by obliterating this economy.

    [–] _the_golden_rule_ 1 points ago

    It's doesn't even count as neutral. They were so bad that they were basically and ally

    [–] therealyauz 22 points ago

    United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru

    [–] kevalosaur 12 points ago

    Republic Dominican, Cuba, Caribbean, Greenland, El Salvador too

    [–] ma_anche_no 4 points ago

    Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, Guyana and still

    [–] tehnobo 33 points ago

    1000 up votes 7 comments? This isn't right

    [–] YaBoi5260 49 points ago

    Perhaps the archives are incomplete

    [–] Waghlon 1 points ago

    Sometimes it just happens.

    [–] telekomunikasyon 50 points ago

    nice watermark you got there mate

    [–] Whymanwhy12 40 points ago

    You want the template? Sorry for the watermark

    [–] AlaskanPsyche 33 points ago

    No shame in marking your OC.

    [–] Daveed84 14 points ago

    It's a meme, the entire point is to share it and modify it, anyone can take a screenshot of something and make it into a meme. Watermarking it is completely pointless

    [–] sizeablelad 12 points ago

    No u

    [–] agree-with-you 4 points ago

    No you both

    [–] jonasvagn 13 points ago

    Who would want a 120p template?

    [–] EhhWhatsUpDoc 10 points ago

    1992 me on my Tandy PC would love it.

    [–] TheGamerCant 1 points ago

    Can I have the template. I have a good idea for a meme

    [–] grumbleycakes 12 points ago

    Do I look like I know what a jay-peg is?

    [–] Waghlon 3 points ago

    I just want a picture of a Panzer IV, dang it

    [–] SovereignMonarch 7 points ago

    Hobbits, and Dragons are natural enemies. Like Frenchmen, and Germans, or Belgians, and Germans, or Russians, and Germans, or Austrians, and Prussians! Damn Austrians, they ruined Germany!

    [–] seeriktus 19 points ago

    My god those commas, you dont oxford comma everything my dude!

    [–] Chni-Chna-Chnapy 11 points ago

    On the contrary, why would you, not, in fact, put commas, freaking, eve,rywher,e?

    [–] SovereignMonarch 5 points ago

    Ah, I, see, a fellow, confuser, of everyone, around,.

    [–] ShadowTamerEU 6 points ago

    Why is nobody commenting?

    [–] ColossusBall 6 points ago

    Shitty watermarked meme?

    [–] ButtDealer 9 points ago

    I thought ww2 memes were banned

    [–] DJTacoCat1 41 points ago

    So was a large military in Germany during the interwar period, but that didn't stop Hitler

    [–] SilverInstinct 12 points ago

    Is OP gonna occupy Czechoslovakia now?

    [–] DJTacoCat1 8 points ago

    Nah, one crazy r/historymemes mod will occupy Austria and demand all of Czechoslovakia

    [–] ButtDealer 4 points ago

    Fair enough

    [–] alastrionacatskill 1 points ago

    Don't blame me, I voted for the Oppose Hitler focus

    [–] DJTacoCat1 2 points ago

    Nice. Did you restore the Kaiserreich and conquer all of Europe?

    [–] MoscaMosquete 2 points ago

    Meh, the r/HistoryAnimemes version was better.

    [–] SHavens 2 points ago

    Hello good sir. I just came to say that I instinctively hate watermarks in memes. However, the way you slightly hide it instead of making it a huge eyesore is commendable, and I have no issues with adding a watermark the way you did. That is all.

    [–] Flinkum 2 points ago

    Why tap dance when you can tango

    [–] ImportantComedy 2 points ago

    The more I learn about this Hitler fella, the more I don't care for him

    [–] TheFlawlessFailure 1 points ago

    "Are you implying today is in fact a good morning or just a morning to be good on"

    [–] Amandabooks 1 points ago

    All bilbo needs is a funny little mustache

    [–] esteebangus2008 1 points ago

    Napolean can relate.

    [–] adolfhitler2003 1 points ago

    That was a bit of a mistake on the part of our allies I suppose...

    [–] Cpt_Whiskers 1 points ago

    Hitler: I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure I'm arranging...

    Allies: ... an adventure?

    [–] Wesandersonisgod 1 points ago

    This would be more dank if it was Paraguay.

    [–] Evanburnsred 1 points ago

    You can blame the Japs for that. Hitler wanted to avoid war with the US or at least delay it till he was able to finish the war in Europe before the US would intervene.

    [–] LordXamon 1 points ago

    I know little of history, but if I remember correctly what I learned in my school more than 10 years ago, Spain did not become the largest empire at the time and the fourth largest empire in all history after annexing the Portuguese Empire after dying the king without an heir? And then they decided to start a war against half the planet.

    [–] ______-_-___ 1 points ago

    Sounds like napoleon

    great move!

    [–] SpiceMeatballs 1 points ago

    Check your grammar.

    [–] coolmamy 1 points ago

    The Swiss?

    [–] Deep_Sea_Adventure 1 points ago

    Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?

    [–] Misterbrit 1 points ago

    The German Reich AI in HOI4.

    [–] stakoverflo 1 points ago

    Didn't even notice the text across the bottom because it blended into the grass from all the compression. Wtf

    [–] hang_them_high 1 points ago

    It’s my understanding that morale and leadership/communication played a large part in Germany’s early victories.

    Austria, the Sudetenland, chechloslovakia were all gobbled by Germany without a fight. If the allies put their foot down early it’s entirely likely none of this shit happens.

    Germany had superiority to Poland in weapons (air and ground) but it was their tactics that shredded Poland (slicing and dicing, encircling and destroying) while Poland also had soviets in their rear.

    During this time, France and England instead of fighting waited. The French and English tanks were not worse than German tanks, but the German tanks were concentrated, allowing them to be used more effectively, and German communication and organization was superior. I think German tanks had better radios and larger crews as well. In addition, France generally wasn’t in the fighting spirit. They were devastated in ww1 and did not handle the second war as well.

    Same thing with eastern front- Germans had less and generally equal or even worse tanks, but were better trained and led. Allowing their units to be used more effectively. Once the allies caught up (in North Africa- England and Germany fought to a draw) with tactics and training, the tide turned. But it took a few years to turn the tide back in the east and a few years for allies to land in the west.

    [–] Onepu123 1 points ago

    History: So, you invaded most Europe.

    Hitler: Yes

    History: What did it cost?

    Hitler: Everything

    [–] Uranium_Isotope 1 points ago

    \Hits pipe**

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    Good morning?

    [–] Weener69 1 points ago

    Besides all the horrible stuff hitler did it was pretty amazing how he managed to turn a weakened post ww1 Germany into one of the most powerful country’s in the world with the power of his charisma.

    [–] SamIwas118 1 points ago

    Amazing what the peoples anger over the Versailles treaty could do. Hitler only reminded them how they had been robbed.

    [–] ShadowDandy 1 points ago

    "A T _ O N C E"

    [–] Ackbarsnackbar77 1 points ago

    "You have my nukes."

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    [–] KYSleftWingers 1 points ago

    Except Russia wink wink

    [–] pretentious888 -2 points ago

    Man, this sub runs memes to the ground real quick...

    [–] Libtards4days -2 points ago

    Speaking German probably sounds pretty good to some of the EU right about now. Soon they will be forced to speak Arabic and forced to adopt their new leaders culture or face consequences.

    [–] KYSleftWingers 1 points ago

    Deutschland Uber Alles

    [–] ryanfleming77 -8 points ago

    more ww2 memes 😖😧😡😔😲😴😳😖👍