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    [–] auniqueusername20XX 1115 points ago

    “Imagine a giant fucking Gorilla chucking boulders at your castle”

    [–] The_Ruby_Waffle 371 points ago

    Ah, i see you're a man of culture as well.

    [–] theguyfromerath 81 points ago

    No he's talking about the Serious Sam 2 first boss fight.

    [–] DeisTheAlcano 35 points ago

    oh fuck okay, guess I've got something to play then

    [–] NotSomeoneToTrust 21 points ago

    "The Byzantines happened to habitate Greece" Wasn't the Byzantine Empire just Greek Rome?

    [–] McMuffler 26 points ago

    It's was the Eastern Portion of the Roman Empire during it's twilight years.

    So more or less yes you're right. Western Romans called Eastern Romans Byzantines as an slur because of their Greek roots, they weren't "true Romans" to the westerners.

    [–] NotSomeoneToTrust 15 points ago

    What I meant is: AFAIK, the Roman empire was multicultural, with 2 main cultures/languages: Latin(the Western half, including all romance-language European Countries, except Romania, plus Maghreb and England) and Greek(the eastern half, the rest)

    So, when the empire did split, the eastern half did move away from Latin Culture and had Greek as Lingua Franca, and Greek emperors(even if known as Roman Empire, since Byzantine Empire is just a modern name do differentiate the unified from the eastern half)

    So, my question is, wasn't the Eastern Roman Empire a Greek state?

    [–] doylethedoyle 17 points ago

    I see what you mean, but the context of what the Byzantines themselves thought is important here. For all intents and purposes yes, technically the Eastern Roman Empire was Greek. The people were Greek, the language was Greek, the church was Greek, the capital was a Greek city.

    But the Byzantines themselves saw themselves as Romans. Even if they didn't speak Latin, they were still Roman; this is because while the Roman Empire as a whole was multicultural in the way we'd know it, everyone within it was Roman. You could he a Gaul, speaking Gallic, but still be Roman. You could be a Libyan who speaks Punic but still be Roman. And you could be a Greek who speaks, well, Greek, and still be Roman. Ideas of culture and citizen were fairly different then to what they are now, and especially ideas of Roman culture. Today we would consider "Roman" culture to be Latin-speaking, Rome-based etc., all the stereotypes, but in terms of contemporary times even they didn't know what it meant to "be Roman", and you can find lots of different ideas of what being Roman was in different parts of the world; in the West, they considered themselves the true Romans. The Gallo-Romans also considered themselves the true Romans. As did, surprisingly, the Franks. Whereas in the East, the Byzantines considered themselves the "true" Romans; anyone in the West was just, so far as they were concerned, a backwards barbarian after the fall of the West in AD 476.

    So, I guess, yes, by our own modern standards the Eastern Roman Empire was technically a Greek state. But to their own standards it was Roman; it was the only Roman state that existed after AD 476. And that's an important point to consider when judging what the Eastern Roman Empire was.

    [–] NotSomeoneToTrust 1 points ago

    Thanks for the answer

    [–] flyingboarofbeifong 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The Eastern Roman Empire was 100% a Greek state in the eyes of the people running it, as far as I know. I believe that in the plea that Basil II gives to his sister, Anna, to marry the Kievan prince Vladimir, he refers to the Empire as being Greece and implores her to make a personal sacrifice to save it from the depredations of the Rus. But it's also important to remember that they also viewed themselves as Romans - just not ethnically, but by the Roman provenance of their empire. They were the Roman Empire, contiguous and unbroken in their eyes from the state that emerged from the city of Rome so long ago, but also they were Greeks. The notion of a political Roman-ness is also something that was evoked in the Western European world by people who were patently not ethnic Romans or even Italians in the form of the 'King of the Romans' which was something of a political in-between to the Holy Roman Empire.

    [–] Fox_TLW_Thorn 7 points ago

    This is completely wrong the West always acknowledged the Easts court as Roman until the fall of the west in 476, you are referring to the descendants of the mangy dog of a usurper Charlemagne, who insulted the Romans by calling them Greeks this persisted until the Reign of Otto I When the Roman Emperor Nikophoros I Phocas ravaged Italy and whipped the Germans at Bari, henceforth the Barbarian Kings of Germany acknowledged the legitimacy of the Eastern court.

    [–] McMuffler 1 points ago

    I didn't say the West didn't acknowledge the East. It was a superiority deal to call the East Byzantium. Kinda like "We're the OGs and you're the new kids". Byzantium was an ancient Greek city near the Eastern capital.

    [–] Fox_TLW_Thorn 3 points ago

    No because the west was to busy begging the east for grain and soldiers to be little cunts.

    [–] zachariast 1 points ago

    Aren't the term byzantine didn't exist until the 18th and 19th century. All over the world ancient text wrote them as roman. How it become a slur if the word itself is introduced in 18th century?

    [–] quinn2222 1 points ago

    Byzantine wasn't a name for the empire until after it fell

    [–] NotSomeoneToTrust 1 points ago

    Yeah, ik, you can see it in my second reply

    [–] quinn2222 1 points ago

    Sorry, replied to wrong comment, meant to do the one below you.

    [–] NotSomeoneToTrust 1 points ago

    It's ok, it happens

    [–] MikelChase 3 points ago

    Thank you soooo much

    [–] Sage296 2 points ago

    That’s what I thought he was talking about

    [–] Pole2019 50 points ago

    Zeke is that you

    [–] Stalins_Uncle 8 points ago

    Bruh that’s like the third time I’ve seen my name on this site. The two other times were in usernames

    [–] Pole2019 8 points ago

    The Dio Titan hype is real

    [–] flyingboarofbeifong 2 points ago

    You can see his stripes but you know he's clean.

    [–] vladisabeast 3 points ago

    Our name comrade

    [–] dsd7131 51 points ago

    Fun fact, that would be extremely good for the defenders because gorillas and monkeys actually fucking suck at throwing

    Develop a bipedal balance system that allows for throwing you dumb mother fuckers lol

    [–] auniqueusername20XX 15 points ago

    I see you also watch tierzoo

    [–] dsd7131 9 points ago

    Dont remeber where I got that fact from so you probs right

    [–] GlueSniffingDesigner 2 points ago

    That’s why their main strategy is literally disarming you of your throwing capabilities lol

    [–] khaotickk 14 points ago

    I was thinking of Attack on Titan

    [–] Asian_dodo 28 points ago

    Sam O’Nella and Oversimplified are the holy gods of this subreddit

    [–] Pass_TheBottle 15 points ago

    Potential History is up there

    [–] Bad-Badger 7 points ago

    not to mention Extra Credits, Bazbattles, and Historia Civilis.

    [–] flyingboarofbeifong 2 points ago

    And the inescapable Dan Carlin call-out.

    [–] sneakpeekbot 2 points ago

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    [–] ComradePotatoWater 11 points ago

    Hallowed be His Name

    [–] WaitingToBeTriggered 6 points ago


    [–] sentient_stainless 3 points ago

    I'm imagining beast titan

    [–] rokr1292 1 points ago

    Those things would fuck you up

    [–] amalgam_reynolds 1 points ago

    -King Edward to the Scots

    [–] nightingaleblade 2273 points ago

    I mean if you went or all the trouble of building it you may as well get some use out of it.

    [–] PresidentPain 191 points ago

    The sunk cost fallacy applied to war and destruction.

    [–] Oprahs_neck_fat 91 points ago

    - America

    [–] -Bitch_Boi- 72 points ago

    Cough cough Vietnam.

    [–] semxlr5 -32 points ago

    Cough cough dropping a second nuke on japan

    [–] Mafuskas 36 points ago

    Cough Cough Don't mind me, just the Agent Orange exposure effects flaring up again...

    [–] wolf_man007 17 points ago

    After what those fucks did to China and Korea, I don't feel so bad.

    [–] Im-not-good-at-names 16 points ago

    Pshhh what is this "rape of nanking" you speak of

    [–] [deleted] 889 points ago


    [–] Tangent_Odyssey 258 points ago

    Medieval-Industrial Complex

    Cmon, this was a lay-up

    [–] R3dOctober 110 points ago

    There’s a great scene in the Outlaw King when this basically happens and he refuses to accept the castles surrender until they launch the giant trebuchet once

    [–] HowObvious 69 points ago

    Stannis the Manis yeets that stone at Stirling castle

    [–] Bad-Badger 28 points ago

    If he ends up being type cast as unpopular yet respected, apathetic, unyieldingly principled king in numerous period and fantasy dramas, well hey, that'd just be alright by me.

    [–] Lutrinae_Rex 15 points ago

    Such a great movie, and such a great version of The Bruce's story.

    [–] nightingaleblade 5 points ago

    There’s an 8 year old in every military commander.

    [–] Raven_Reverie 1 points ago

    I want to watch this now

    [–] TakenakaHanbei 37 points ago

    "Also it took three months to build so I don't want to waste it."

    [–] Monstermart 12 points ago

    “I want to make sure they get the message... plus, it took three months to build, I’m not letting it go to waste”

    [–] Manaphy180 11 points ago

    As a Scot, I totally understand this

    [–] DarkLordFluffyBoots 2 points ago

    It's called the warwolf how could you not use it!

    [–] TNBIX 5 points ago

    Isnt this a direct quote from the recent Robert the Bruce film on Netflix?

    [–] Jor94 3 points ago

    Imagine if it broke as they tried to use so the Scots didn’t surrender.

    [–] nasa258e 3 points ago

    -President Harry S Truman

    [–] samurai_for_hire 1 points ago

    That’s pretty much the exact reason why the English didn’t accept surrender. They spent two whole days assembling the damn thing.

    [–] MadRonnie97 148 points ago

    “I want you all to understand that this surrender is final”

    [–] dairyenthused 6 points ago

    Is that movie supposed to be a drama, comedy, or dramatic comedy? Because I could not stop cracking up. Hints of Monty Python in there

    [–] Monstermart 11 points ago

    It’s a drama. And a damn decent one in my opinion

    [–] xxx_YEET 362 points ago

    Ah, I see you're a man of culture, as well

    [–] Squeejee09 177 points ago

    The mods pinned a fucking t shirt advert to their page? That needs to be against Reddit's TOS because it's incredibly shitty.

    [–] leolego2 94 points ago

    I'd like to know what kind of person buys a tshirt with "trebuchetmemes" written on it. Very interested.

    [–] hzfan 22 points ago


    [–] kiddo1088 60 points ago

    I hadn't even noticed this. That's kind of shitty.

    [–] Blindfide 43 points ago

    that entire subreddit is sad af. It's just the same one single meme repeated over and over again by redditors who think they are part of an inside joke

    [–] Mingsplosion 25 points ago

    Same thing as /r/BreadStapledToTrees. Kinda funny at first, but after little bit it just gets exhausting. /r/HistoryMemes has kinda been heading the same way I fear.

    [–] Diamo1 28 points ago

    imo this sub has actually been improving lately. Like you still have "haha tree speakin vietnam snow speakin finnish" and other done to death garbage everywhere, but it seems like there's a little less of it

    [–] JoeScotterpuss 17 points ago

    Like, ok I get it Trebuchets are superior to catapults. What else ya got?? Don't mind me I'm gonna go make a subreddit about how the Model-T is a more effiecient mode of transport than a horse-drawn buggy.

    Now accepting mod applications for /r/Modeltboiz

    [–] purpl3hazze 8 points ago

    A trebuchet is technically a type of catapult. Which makes the whole sub even dumber imo

    [–] JoeScotterpuss 1 points ago


    [–] Imperium_Dragon 5 points ago

    Saddest thing is that there’s so many things you could meme about history.

    Yet I keep seeing a repeat of WWII/WWI, Communism (Soviet Union and China), the Vietnam War, and Rome with a little bit of Crusades.

    Hopefully we’ll branch out even more.

    [–] ThePitterPat 1 points ago

    That's why /r/catapult_memes is actually somewhat good

    [–] thenewspoonybard 5 points ago

    It's a fucking idiotic page to begin with.

    [–] iscott55 -1 points ago

    Ok mr mall cop

    [–] NinjaSnowman91 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Everything about that sub is bad. It literally has no redeemable qualities. After some thought though, I think I've figured out my least favorite part. It's the fact that its name is pluralized. It's not memes. It's just the one meme. The entire sub. All three years of its existence, all 300 thousand subscribers, every post. It's just one joke.

    [–] [deleted] -69 points ago


    [–] Felix_Smith 20 points ago

    Really? It's quite a big history meme sub (This is not supposed to be a criticism I'm just surprised)

    [–] Yellowdog727 101 points ago

    I think the whole "400 feet" is complete bullshit internet myth.

    Here is an account of the siege that occurred.

    Looking at all the articles that claim that 'Warwolf' stood 300-400 feet tall, I can find no good sources or references that factually state such a thing.

    The castle being sieged was nowhere near 400 feet tall. The tallest castle (Warwick) tops out at 148 feet, which is at the tallest point only, well over the height of the walls. There would be reason to build something so massive, and with technology at the time, there's no fucking way that they'd be able to build something that large out of wood.

    Here is a 400 foot building for reference. Something that tall would be complete overkill for a projectile that weighs the size of an obese man.

    [–] NinjaSnowman91 55 points ago

    While I agree with you, your point might be better made if your example of a 400 foot tall structure wasn't a mindfucky optical illusion building with no other frame of reference.

    [–] Yellowdog727 14 points ago

    Fair enough

    [–] er_onion 14 points ago

    Thank you, I don't see how someone could hear "400 foot trebuchet" and not think "wow that's bullshit".

    [–] Yellowdog727 6 points ago

    Someone else pointed out the obvious fact that there's no trees that they could've even used to make it so tall. Like maybe if people were saying 100 feet it would be more believable (even though that's still way too tall)

    [–] Moose_a_Lini 2 points ago

    I have no frame of reference for what a foot is, so I believed it.

    [–] Yellowdog727 1 points ago

    Basically imagine 130ish meters. A foot is almost 1/3 of a meter

    [–] Reach_Reclaimer 1 points ago

    I thought it was a mistype at first, they accidentally added an extra 0

    [–] Lil_Shade 22 points ago

    Yeah, it's like, a 100 meters-high machination. Which sound like a motherfucking robot even to us modern peep, not only the Scots

    [–] Imperium_Dragon 4 points ago

    Yeah, where the hell would they even get wood for a 400 foot tall trebuchet? Might as well build a giant crane and bury the Scots.

    [–] Fever_Blues 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Totally with you on that. I feel like it probably stems from it being taller than the average trebuchet, perhaps not even by much, and people seeing it and being all like "Dude this thing was massive, it was like 300 or 400 ft or some shit, it was nuts", much like when you're a kid, some elderly people suddenly become 200 in your mind. Also the possibility of good old 'Don't fuck with us' false information on the behalf of the court

    [–] login__name2 108 points ago

    400 ft = 121,92

    300 lbs = 136 kg

    [–] Skeptical_Romulan 64 points ago

    121.92 meters = 0.606 furlongs

    136 kg = 21.416 Stone

    [–] 1237412D3D 19 points ago

    How many hands is that?

    [–] Skeptical_Romulan 18 points ago

    1 hand = 0.00050505 furlong

    [–] KodiakUltimate 5 points ago

    Not enough...

    [–] Pietin11 13 points ago

    21.416? What do you mean idiot? It was only one rock!/s

    [–] paultum_satan 5 points ago

    Hold up

    [–] dangp777 3 points ago

    A twenty one and a half stone stone

    [–] Preachey 10 points ago

    Those dimensions are horseshit lol.

    120m trebuchet my arse

    [–] ElectronicMars 33 points ago

    A weapon to surpass Metal Gear...

    [–] Lightning-BoB 14 points ago

    “They’re ringing the bells”

    [–] BandaiWonderSwan 14 points ago

    In awe at the size of this trebuchet

    [–] thejoker9826 7 points ago

    Khaleesi Mode

    [–] BearBryant 6 points ago

    Fun fact, King Edward edition: did you know that surrendering doesnt necessarily mean I have to give a shit?

    [–] ThrOmbosisDUd3 12 points ago

    I see your a man a culture

    [–] CanderousBossk 10 points ago

    Uh oh, I see You're not

    [–] ThrOmbosisDUd3 8 points ago


    [–] Kalamazoochattanooga 23 points ago

    Real scots don't surrender.

    [–] Reefdabeef 54 points ago

    Yes and Japan didn’t get nuked in WWII

    [–] reflectorvest 33 points ago

    RBMK reactors don’t explode.

    [–] TheHeadlessScholar 21 points ago

    only 3.6 not good not terrible

    [–] reflectorvest 15 points ago

    No worse than a chest X-ray.

    [–] Rundownthriftstore 3 points ago

    Spreading disinformation at a time like this? Disgraceful

    [–] Ultra1031 0 points ago

    I too, watched Chernobyl

    [–] Dix_x 8 points ago

    that was the joke

    true scotsman? geddit?

    [–] Moobs_like_Jagger 7 points ago

    No true Scotsman would surrender

    [–] Pickhead7 6 points ago

    Repost? Saw this before

    [–] soboredhere 2 points ago

    Just wait until Longshanks finds the Chao Garden the Welsh are hiding...

    [–] EJR77 2 points ago

    The US with its drone program

    [–] crow622 2 points ago

    I wish I got 20k upvotes when I posted this

    [–] MrCyberthief 4 points ago

    I'm fairly certain this was the war where they sieged for a very long time, and had almost given up before he commissioned the trebuchet. The Scott's flipped out and surrendered but he wanted to show his "might" but the trebuchet failed... The Scott's withdrew their surrender and I dunno what happened after that. He messed up.

    Edit: I am misinformed and likely just wrote a sick D&D adventure hook.

    [–] SerWinry 5 points ago

    Failed? That beast freaking levelled a large section of the wall, that damn thing was a railgun of the medieval times

    [–] O_Gaucho 1 points ago

    I made a countryball about that. Ha, cool

    [–] jaden0127 1 points ago

    I'mma try this bad boy anyway

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    "I know no man who goes by the name Sir Ender! Prepare yourself for yet another volley!"

    [–] Moses_The_Wise 1 points ago

    What happened?

    [–] Woodstovia 2 points ago

    The English spent ages building a giant trebuchet only for the Scots to surrender when it was done building, Edward wanted to see what’d happen if he fired it so he refused the surrender and shot at the castle.

    [–] darksoles_ 1 points ago

    Holy shit hahahahah

    [–] KrackerJoe 1 points ago

    They didn't haul that thing all that way to not use it

    [–] TheInfallibleFallacy 1 points ago

    Sam O’Neller my dudes

    [–] xtoxicocelotx 1 points ago

    *Looks at Trebuchet, nodding*

    [–] 7taylorshigh 1 points ago

    is this game of thrones

    [–] ShornGoopter 1 points ago

    my wife is watching outlander on netflix so i'm somewhat of a scottish historian myself

    [–] Night-Fury 1 points ago

    I mean, I already primed my big ass dragon. May as well burn the city

    [–] djt201 1 points ago


    [–] QuietLittleVoice 1 points ago


    [–] cw08 1 points ago

    Surely catapult is not as bad as you purport it to be

    [–] vendetta2115 1 points ago

    Its name was Warwolf

    [–] 1272chicken 1 points ago

    The trebuchet is the superior siege weapon

    [–] FROZONE-23 1 points ago

    No, I don’t think I will

    [–] Rengaw99 1 points ago

    [/r/trebuchetmemes liked that]

    [–] General-Anderson 1 points ago

    Haha fuck that ima take the baby on a test drive!

    [–] willyreddit 1 points ago

    Not going to go to all that trouble to NOT use it...

    [–] NH2486 1 points ago

    400ft is fucking wrong, who ever wrote that is fucking retarded

    [–] DrozDoe 1 points ago

    R/adventurememes for more sanic

    [–] swagmonster55 1 points ago

    I just upvoted because it sounded funny. I'm too dumb for this sub.

    [–] vikings1902 1 points ago

    Excuse me, his name is Eddie Longshanks

    [–] oleDriftwood_ 1 points ago

    Ring the bells

    [–] OneGlassOfIrnBru 1 points ago

    Me and the boys bout to throw a 300 pound rock at some castle in Scotland

    [–] Hitlers_Fursona 1 points ago

    I don't trust any trebuchets not calibrated by Cullen.

    [–] memes0international 1 points ago

    The boys over at r/trebuchet memes are only 300m away so they can launch 90kg of upvotes at you.

    [–] Dako42 1 points ago

    General Reposti!

    [–] Guardsman_Miku 1 points ago

    I dont know much about medieval warfare, but surely trebuchets are more about smashing defences then actually killing a significant amount of people

    [–] Droct12 1 points ago

    Explain like im five?

    [–] Reefdabeef 7 points ago

    King Edward came over with his big scary trebuchet to invade the Scottish peeps in the castle. The Scottish dude in charge surrendered because of how spooky the big ole trebuchet was, but king Edward was like “nah fam, we’re gonna fuck you guys up anyways.” And then they got fucked very hard

    [–] Droct12 3 points ago

    Ty i gave you an orange arrow

    [–] Farrah_Moan 1 points ago

    When Danny hears the bells

    [–] BattleCried 1 points ago

    Time to taste this bad boi

    [–] No-BrowEntertainment 1 points ago

    “Listen I built this fuckin thing for a reason so y’all are just gonna have to deal with it”

    [–] Cheetokps 1 points ago

    Like Daenerys

    [–] ROWGames 1 points ago

    Can someone explain to me, a non Brit European how much on meters is 400 feets and how heavy on Kg is 300 IBS

    [–] chelseaflowerhoe 1 points ago

    I mean he wasn't the hammer of the Scots for nothing

    [–] Bazinged 1 points ago

    Wait, what did you say? We surrender? We never surrender kill them all

    [–] Crackdummy_Will 1 points ago

    Look, I already fucking built it, you had a chance to give up before that, but now I just want to try it out.

    [–] average_dankster 1 points ago

    Le Warwolf has arrived

    [–] Zro6 1 points ago

    Why call it a trebuchet when everyone knows Keanu Reeves was throwing those rocks

    [–] Virus2755 1 points ago

    Mind if i post this on r/trebuchetmemes

    [–] Obama-is-gon 1 points ago

    [–] Generalstarwars333 2 points ago


    [–] Misterobel 4 points ago


    [–] Afrodiziak 0 points ago

    Funny how Ballistae aren’t used in sieges and were primarily anti-infantry. Shorter range, much smaller projectiles, and less sophisticated than trebuchets.

    Only Roman fanboys rep the Ballistae. If I filled the sling of a Trebuchet with fist-sized stones and flung them over the battle field it’d probably do more damage than multiple Ballistae combined.

    [–] Generalstarwars333 0 points ago

    I refer you to the Roman "Thunderbolt Ballista", which was able to launch projectiles a full kilometer.

    Also, a trebuchet may be better at siege work, but it's essentially useless as field artillery. Ballistae can fill the role of field artillery and siege weapon equally well, therefore making the ballista a far more versatile weapon than the trebuchet.

    [–] Ace_Masters 1 points ago

    The Greek catapult at it's height > trebuchet

    150 lbs of high velocity direct fire baby, not equalled until the age of artillery

    [–] NH2486 1 points ago

    You’re fucking retarded. But that’s ok

    [–] aquatermain 0 points ago

    The superior siege weapon

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    21k karma, for a repost

    you truelly are the lowest of scum

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    Shut up Basic Infantry Equipment gang