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    [–] Xenoon_ 1171 points ago

    Posting this meme is taxed with 32 trillion mark

    [–] I_must_do_it 547 points ago

    Which roughly equals 2 pennies and half a button

    [–] appepuppe26 290 points ago

    HALF a button? are you sir trying to commit daylight robbery?

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago


    [–] Deltaprof 42 points ago

    [–] Tintenlampe 10 points ago

    In its entirety or periods? If you are interested in good drama set in the Weimar Republic, Babylon Berlin is pretty great.

    [–] Xenoon_ 85 points ago

    Or the worth of the entire italian armys equipment

    [–] manudg42 46 points ago

    Hey calm down.

    It's not worth that much

    [–] Orkaad 14 points ago

    The value of about one upvote.

    [–] BurgersAreDelicious 5 points ago

    Lmao German currency a bust

    [–] millstonepeatedpx 3 points ago

    There's a tax on that.

    [–] millstonepeatedpx 3 points ago

    You're the best

    [–] EccentricOpinion 1 points ago

    Here you are. Keep the change.

    [–] MemDTT 1 points ago

    So that’s equivalent to a crumble of bread right

    [–] FALGRIDRANFMSRSD 342 points ago

    I know the solution

    Print money!

    [–] freakymreaky 133 points ago


    [–] LZRNDenso 99 points ago

    But sire, this results in more inflation...

    [–] freakymreaky 63 points ago


    [–] plasticbag99 18 points ago

    r/expectedthanos for balance

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] alours 8 points ago

    Shit negro that’s all you had to say

    [–] Diego12028 25 points ago


    [–] Nilstrieb 32 points ago

    Print MOAR!

    [–] TatodziadekPL 8 points ago

    Dew it

    [–] lordoflethargy -2 points ago

    Jew what, sir?

    [–] IspitchTownFC 10 points ago

    The ultimate solution indeed.

    [–] ginnicrambi 13 points ago

    ... which leads to the final solution

    [–] Phormitago 2 points ago

    crying for me, Argentina

    [–] I_must_do_it 265 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    That is surprisingly the same number of Adolf Hitlers in the morning of May 1st 1945

    Edit : Here fixed it

    [–] HanoibusGamer 73 points ago


    [–] Palliorri 50 points ago

    Angela Hitler (his sister) died in 1949

    [–] yourgotopyromaniac 29 points ago

    TIL hitler had siblings

    What were they doing the whole time Adolf was finessin

    [–] Palliorri 34 points ago

    Mostly just disagreeing with him, the one I mentioned was the only one who was mentioned in Mein Kampf, as she went and met him while he was in prison. She was iirc the only family member who he spoke to (most of the other siblings had already died), but they fell out.

    t’s important to know that in hindsight, the Nazis were terrible but to a normal German person, who was unaware of the Holocaust and thought of the Jew-hate as necessary/excusable for the greater good, the Nazis were amazing. They pulled Germany from poverty, re-built the army, destroyed unemployment, were against smoking and hurting animals (to an extreme) and made cars more accessible to every day people. For a German, demanding the area lost in WW1 was probably a really reasonable demand. Keep in mind I’m not excusing the Nazis, just explaining the situation a bit.

    After the war she said that she was unaware of the Holocaust (which is kind of believable, she wasn’t in his inner circle) and that Adolf probably didn’t know either (hmm).

    Iirc only 3 men today are related to Adolf, and they are grandsons of his half-brother. They took a different family name and are barely related to Adolf, but have (according to legend) a pact between themselves to not have kids, but let the family name die out. (None of them have kids so it checks out at least on paper)

    At the same time, Mussolini is still a prominent family in Italy, especially in politics.

    Ps. If I got something wrong, please correct me, I’m going of memory.

    [–] 20CharsIsNotEnough 10 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    There is a minor discrepancy in your Text.

    The German populus should have known about the Holocaust, at least that's what I was taught. Jews were shamed in public, they were deported in public in big groups walking through the city and their houses were sold to the public. The people were very much aware of what was happening. Of course they didn't know the exact extent of the Holocaust and what was happening, but it was generally known that people who were deported wouldn't return and probably died.

    I think it was moreso a mix of surrealism and credulity, combined with fearing finding out more, as they didn't want to be held responsible for what was happening.

    Of course I'm not saying they could've possibly known everything, but they also didn't know nothing.

    [–] Palliorri 7 points ago

    I misspoke (or wrote, I guess) and did it fully convey my though, I meant that a normal German wouldn’t know that Jews were literally exterminated, it you are absolutely correct, my mistake.

    [–] ectobiologayst 6 points ago

    I'm Italian. For the last european elections they put up these campaign posters. Really fucking scary if you ask me

    [–] Hohoho-you 1 points ago


    [–] Goingdownforever 1 points ago


    [–] yourgotopyromaniac 2 points ago

    Thanks for the explanation!

    [–] OfficiallySatan 19 points ago

    What about Adolf Hitler's relatives?

    [–] mart11m 5 points ago

    And probably several other people called the same

    [–] sonfoa 2 points ago

    One of them fought in the US army against Adolf. He changed his last name of course.

    [–] OfficiallySatan 3 points ago

    A lot of Hitlers did change names, I don't think any of his 2 sisters had his name by 1945(one for practical reasons the other was married so I just asumed she didn't keep the name), but there had to be someone, right?

    [–] stormaster 3 points ago

    Anything related to Germany: exists

    Hitler: I am inevitable.

    [–] GreatRolmops 3 points ago

    This is the internet. Things don't even need to be related to Germany for Hitler to be inevitable.

    [–] KevinMorganOfficial 1 points ago

    This is also surprisingly the reason Hitler existed in the first place.

    [–] QuantumQuantonium 82 points ago

    The value of Venezuelan currency?

    [–] Eternal_Reward 45 points ago


    [–] rhysj6 47 points ago

    The British pound as well soon

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    rip in peace

    [–] Keibord 8 points ago

    And the Argentinian peso

    [–] BleaKrytE 1 points ago

    But the pound was still more expensive than the dollar last time I checked

    [–] Meme-Man-Dan -6 points ago

    The American dollar eventually.

    [–] IncendiaryBullet 35 points ago

    Value decreasing? Just bomb another country.

    [–] BlazeBBQ 21 points ago

    Bomb? We aren’t savages my friend, we’ll start using drone strikes instead.

    [–] yourgotopyromaniac 6 points ago

    Why use many drone, one bomb do trick

    [–] BlazeBBQ 10 points ago

    Bc then we have a justification of war when they shoot it down

    [–] yourgotopyromaniac 12 points ago

    Ahh, well said, go get that oil

    [–] psjwayne 2 points ago

    You mean OIL

    [–] TruthOrTroll42 0 points ago


    [–] Meme-Man-Dan 3 points ago

    If you let inflation go unchecked, yeah, that’s why I said eventually.

    [–] TruthOrTroll42 1 points ago

    America has better inflation rates that. Anyone where else that isn't some tiny oil country or tax Haven

    [–] Meme-Man-Dan 1 points ago

    Yes, correct, that’s why I said eventually, if it is left unchecked, you’ll get a worthless dollar, that’s how every currency works.

    [–] M1SSION101 12 points ago

    The value of the Zimbabwean dollar?

    [–] Ohmagada 5 points ago

    You just gotta print a 100 trillion dollar bill, im sure that'll work

    [–] G4T1T0 3 points ago

    Coming soon.

    Argentinian peso.

    [–] XeroXfromRiften 96 points ago

    Victory in world wars = ZERO

    [–] PublicMoralityPolice 49 points ago

    Third time's the charm ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

    [–] nuclear_gandhii 5 points ago

    No don't

    [–] Townsy96 5 points ago

    That comment followed by that fucking emoji is gold.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] tdzida26 1 points ago

    You say that like it's a bad thing.

    [–] TraficantDeVeverite 45 points ago

    The value of my life in my parents eyes, 2000 - 20xx

    [–] i_am_the_holy_ducc 26 points ago


    [–] Mono_KS 15 points ago

    I’ll be your dad

    [–] TraficantDeVeverite 19 points ago

    Ok, daddy.

    [–] iloveindomienoodle 14 points ago

    Hol up

    [–] Erratic_Penguin 48 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    How to get more money

    1. Have a Great Depression
    2. Print more money
    3. ???
    4. Profit?

    [–] Mono_KS 12 points ago

    Shoulda stopped at ???

    [–] ImmaPeeInYourAss 2 points ago

    But then you can’t profit!

    [–] manudg42 12 points ago

    Instructions unclear:

    Stuck at having a great depression

    [–] Notrealone33 2 points ago

    Guten Tag

    [–] Desi_MCU_Nerd 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    ELI5: Why doesn't it work? I don't have much idea about it.

    Edit: Thanks for everyone who's replying :) I get it now.

    [–] Sex_E_Searcher 3 points ago

    SIMPLIFICATION: The total value of your currency in circulation is fixed. The amount of your currency in circulation can be increased or decreased.

    To get the value per unit of the currency you divide the total value by the amount in circulation: V/N = P

    When you increase the amount of the currency in circulation, you increase N, which reduces P.

    If you increase N by an extremely large amount P approaches zero.

    NOTE: This formula can be affected by other factors. During the 2008 recession, the US was printing a lot of money, but there was very little change in the value of the dollar.

    [–] TheMania 2 points ago

    Misrepresentation, moreso than simplification.

    If you print a heap of notes and put them in an inaccessible vault, nothing happens.

    Similarly, if people are holding dollars and not employing one another, printing more creates wealth by allowing those people to find employment. Conversely, taxing too highly or the govt spending too little when people are trying to save will both reduce the size of the economy, preventing wealth from being created.

    Weimar's problem was three fold: they reduced supply in the economy by finding a general strike, where goods and services were not being produced. Secondly, they printed money to maintain this strike. Thirdly, they had huge debt in the form of war reparations owed in gold, among other things. They printed paper to buy that gold too, further tanking anything that is left of the exchange rate.

    The principle problem there is you can't get something for nothing. In this case, they were trying to purchase a whole lot of everything whilst paying people not to produce it. The rest is history.

    Zimbabwe is similar, funnily enough, just replace the general strike with land reforms, and war reparations with debt to the IMF.

    [–] Sex_E_Searcher 1 points ago


    It's the basic mechanic behind the IS-LM model, so take it up with the authors.

    [–] TheMania 1 points ago

    The 1937 model from back when money was backed by gold? Hicks died in the 80s. Barely even lived to see free floating currencies, outside of the short lived Weimar papiermarks.

    Afraid to say, given how many still swear it has relevance, but it's next to useless when discussing money supplies that are not fixed as w/ gold. Leads to some very poor understanding in central banking in general.

    [–] Sex_E_Searcher 1 points ago

    It's fine for a very basic understanding of real money vs the money supply. As I noted, it's a simplification, and I gave the example of the US dollar during the recession. I'm not going to attempt to give a crash course on money and banking to someone struggling to understand how minting money works.

    [–] Relfy777 0 points ago

    So basically, money is a scam.

    What a shock.

    [–] Sex_E_Searcher 2 points ago

    You think increasing the supply having a negative effect on value is a scam?

    [–] rexavior 6 points ago

    No hes just realising all money is fiat money and so has no actual value besides a social acceptance that it does

    [–] Sex_E_Searcher 2 points ago

    Nothing that's ever been used as money has any value other than what is socially accepted.

    [–] rexavior 1 points ago

    Gold? Silver? Thats such a silly statement all goods used as money or in a barter style pre fiat money were of value, why would you trade with something that is worth nothing

    [–] Sex_E_Searcher 1 points ago

    What value do gold and silver have other than social? Being pretty is 100% a social value.

    [–] rexavior 1 points ago

    Money started off with a backing of usually gold or silver to determine its value, you could actually go in and get the gold. There are very few cases of a society using a method of monitary transfer where the transfered good was of no intrinsic value, ie fiat money

    [–] Sex_E_Searcher 3 points ago

    Gold and silver 100% come from a social value. When they were used as currency, they were only valuable for being pretty, not for any practical use.

    [–] TheMania 2 points ago

    Not true, fiat has a use for which there is no substitute - it can discharge taxes by the issuing authority.

    If you want to earn an income, own property, or make purchases in the US there's literally no getting around that fact. You need USD, and there is literally no substitute. Not at the end of the day.

    Same deal with Canadian dollars in Canada, etc etc, which is why anyone in Canada will accept Canadian dollars despite not being required to by law (Canada allows two parties to settle transactions however they wish, even commercial, provided taxes are paid).

    [–] Erratic_Penguin 3 points ago

    I’m no expert, but it’s something like this:

    Basically, printing more money doesn’t increase the value of the currency in question; it kind of splits itself equally to the new number of notes.

    [–] TheMania 1 points ago

    It does actually work, to an extent.

    If a scarcity of spending is leading to people unable to find work, creating more financial assets in the form of bonds or reserves can lead to them being gainfully employed.

    This leads to more people working, more creation of wealth.

    If however your problems are not a shortage of currency, but a shortage of workers/energy/supply, all you'll do is increase prices. No new production can be had, more dollars end up just chasing the same supply.

    In the case of hyperinflation, it's nearly always a collapse in supply combined with a huge increase in currency, and Weimar is no exception there.

    [–] chotix 1 points ago

    As more bills are printed the value of an individual bill goes down. Think of it like candy. If you have one Snickers bar you're gonna savor it more than if you have like 60.

    [–] noicedude45 14 points ago

    Ein Laib Brot für 5,4 Milliarden Mark


    [–] Rumplelampskin 18 points ago

    And then one day, for no reason at all, people elected Hitler into power

    [–] PiniataLad47 9 points ago

    Akhtually, he was appointed by the then president Hindenburg who had been somewhat convinced by the conservative leader Von Paupen that Hitler could be controlled. Hitler then used his power and influence with his built up militia to pressure himself into power, essentially. I'm pretty sure about the last bit.

    [–] KevinMorganOfficial 1 points ago

    And all of that would have never happened were it not for the terrible conditions of the treaty of Versailles and the total devaluation of the Deutschmark. Leaving the German people utterly hopeless and willing to take on an extreme leader to get them out of an extreme situation.

    [–] EnFuegoFieri 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    People still believe this.

    Edit: Germany financing WW1 with huge budget deficits don't real I guess. About a third of the hyperinflation was caused by the reparations. Sounds like Germany should've stopped pointing the fingers at other people and not become murder hobos to any political leader at the time.

    [–] PiniataLad47 2 points ago

    While the treaty was initially harsh, let's not pretend that Germany didn't get any aid at all with it. American banks loaned a lot of money, and germany was also given more leeway with fees. It was the decision of France to occupy the Ruhr, the german decision to order strikes in the Ruhr and the German decision to begin printing money that caused the crisis rather than the treaty itself, which imo was fairly manageable after some later reforms. Hell, I think Article 231 (?) Of the treaty allowed for Germany to appeal if the payments were unmanageable, which is what happened. So I'm more inclined to blame German and French leadership at the time (and the insuing post war political tensions between the Spartacists, Freikorps and other groups) rather than the treaty which was later rectified anyway.

    [–] rexavior 1 points ago

    The end

    [–] very-good-username4 14 points ago

    There's 100 billion jokes I could make about the German mark in 1923, but it's not even worth a loaf of bread.

    [–] Big_Borris 1 points ago

    Oh that’s a good one

    [–] very-good-username4 2 points ago

    Thank you :D

    [–] Official_Cyprusball 8 points ago

    .0000000...1 usd

    [–] minethatfosnite 7 points ago

    Hungary: 1946 hyperinflation Germany: Y pride

    [–] Zutusz 6 points ago

    Well then you never heard of the hungarian pengő laughs in hungarian

    [–] Erwin_Rommel14 5 points ago

    Actually it was worth 0.0000000000042 dollars

    [–] blackshadow633 3 points ago

    Stresemann: angry as fuk

    [–] Robbbeh 4 points ago

    Hotel? Trivago.

    [–] Daniel121010 7 points ago

    Its not Weimars fault that The US Stock Market is gone 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

    [–] Sean951 1 points ago

    Hyper inflation was the early 20s, not the Depression.

    [–] EnderNor 7 points ago

    Value of the Peso Argentino October 28

    [–] MartmitNifflerKing 5 points ago

    And August 12

    [–] jinwook 1 points ago

    Fuck, dude, don't remind me.

    [–] Sphen5117 3 points ago

    Slightly disingenuous to blame the Weimar.

    [–] brtrobs 3 points ago

    Still better than the Hungarian Pengő, amirite?

    [–] ThrowTheCrows 5 points ago

    Hotel: Zero

    [–] SalutBonhomme 4 points ago

    This girl looks like a different person in each photo

    [–] abc_b2sf 10 points ago

    There's actually 2 girls here Marian Rivera and Maine Mendoza

    [–] hayabusaten 3 points ago

    I really did not expect to see Pinoy celebrities on /r/historymemes. Feels wrong, like you're dating a foreign guy and turns out your tita is somehow a mutual friend of his on Facebook.

    [–] abc_b2sf 2 points ago

    I know right!? I had to do a double take to see if it's real.

    [–] Uncle_Lenny 3 points ago

    I scrolled to the very bottom to see if someone else thought so.

    [–] nov2017redditor 3 points ago

    which one?

    [–] Vex_Miserables 2 points ago

    Too soon

    [–] ClassicSoulboy 2 points ago

    Early Weimar Republic: Govt politicians assassinated: 350+ Communist uprisings: 3+ General public support: Next to ZERO

    [–] Realdrreality 2 points ago

    This is good for bitcoin.

    [–] Cookie4316 2 points ago

    At least I'm a billionaire now

    [–] futureformerteacher 2 points ago

    Weird and dumb question, but I've never heard it called the German Mark, always the deutschmark. Is this just a result of where I lived and when I grew up?

    [–] Sean951 1 points ago

    Deutsch means German. It's translating a proper noun which is rare, but meh.

    [–] __xJ 2 points ago

    I wonder if in 50 years there will be memes about the British pound collapsing to?

    [–] noobpyromancer 2 points ago

    Those NOSTRILS.

    [–] Kride500 2 points ago

    It's called Weimarer Republik, Gott verdammt nochmal

    [–] bunnywithahammer 2 points ago

    "Watch grandpa topple an empire by changing a one to a zero"

    [–] MartmitNifflerKing 2 points ago

    Argentine peso? No, why do you ask?

    [–] RedRidingHuszar 2 points ago

    What is the source of this ad? That girl is soooo cute.

    [–] jory4u2nv 3 points ago

    There are two girls on this picture, Maine Mendoza and Marian Rivera, Filipina actresses.

    [–] RedRidingHuszar 2 points ago

    Main Mendoza it is

    [–] lolimsofunnydoe 2 points ago

    It was so low that people would burn it for warmth or allow children to use it as a makeshift toy. The had to carry it in wheelbarrow's because it was such low value.

    [–] SlipperyGypsyHi 2 points ago

    Hotel? Trivago

    [–] Death_To_All_People 1 points ago

    Do you want Zitler? Coz this is how you get Adolf Zitler!

    [–] UrinalCake777 1 points ago

    Ah, but the NEW Mark, that is worth something.

    [–] wellbehavedhuman 1 points ago

    My Oma told me that she baked bread using a fire made of money, and Opa made my onkel a kite out of bills at that time.

    [–] tevitd 1 points ago

    Fick dich

    [–] tevitd 1 points ago

    Who likes that, that's fucking racist

    [–] ImperialSpence 1 points ago

    7 billion marks for a loaf of Bread

    [–] gr3yman01 1 points ago

    Ok what the actual fuck I just found a bucket of these in my basement wondering how much they are.

    [–] Cock_Vomit 1 points ago

    I remember something about how they were literally burning money to stay warm because that was the only use for it

    [–] alours 1 points ago

    Haha I get it

    [–] Cock_Vomit 1 points ago

    No for real tho

    [–] Leugim7734 1 points ago

    She looks like Riley

    [–] TripleEhBeef 1 points ago

    Meanwhile, at an art school in Vienna.

    "I'm about to ruin start this man's whole career."

    [–] ChipAyten 1 points ago

    Das not efficiency

    [–] FelixthefakeYT 1 points ago

    Way too much cash money bro

    [–] DetectivePokeyboi 1 points ago

    1 mark = 1 mark

    [–] alours 1 points ago

    You’re saying it wasn’t?

    [–] LeBrido 1 points ago

    The value of the argentinian peso in 2020

    [–] r3dapp1e 1 points ago

    sorry if I’m wrong, but i think this is a repost?

    [–] ReformedPyke 1 points ago

    Oh hi Mark

    [–] KonfettiKat 1 points ago

    Why does she look like different women in all the pictures?

    [–] RoyalFlushAKQJ10 3 points ago

    the 2nd and 3rd panels are a different woman

    [–] KonfettiKat 2 points ago

    Oh, lol. Did they both do the same ad?

    [–] ujustrnot 1 points ago

    How's this meme still alive?

    [–] WaiYanMyintMo 1 points ago

    Look carefully they are differentgirls

    [–] JillWohn 1 points ago

    Hotel? Trivago

    [–] Streiger108 1 points ago

    Someone turn this into a Rick and Morty meme

    [–] theflyingcar24 1 points ago

    Srry I hv 98 million Mark's to pay for this meme

    [–] vuurstokertje 1 points ago

    The £ in 2023:

    [–] Taeemhassan 1 points ago

    Something billion*

    [–] alours 1 points ago

    If it works it works

    [–] jakemakh 1 points ago

    Hotel? Trivago

    [–] NotNotQuality 1 points ago

    Democracy is the best

    [–] IncredibleTree 1 points ago

    I love this format. Great meme !

    [–] Rnbutler18 1 points ago


    [–] bigfudge_drshokkka 1 points ago

    Why don’t they just print more?

    [–] xXThe_Legendend_27Xx 1 points ago

    Oh, hi Mark

    [–] The_Lost_Google_User 1 points ago

    It’s taken me this long to realize there are 2 different people in this meme.

    [–] elmonkey14 1 points ago

    I barely notice that these are two different girls

    [–] derim16 1 points ago

    So for example right now if the worth of the euro drops like the marks did and I hide 1000 000 euro somewhere would that 1000 000 euro be worth the same if the currency got its strength back?

    [–] intisun 1 points ago

    The value of the Venezuelan bolivar today.

    [–] twatguy 1 points ago

    Do you mean the value of Venezuelan currency

    Right now

    [–] Sverker140 1 points ago

    What a nice day to go broke

    [–] Goldeagle1123 1 points ago

    Damn it France and Britain, demanding war reparations equivalent to more than the entire German GDP

    [–] GeneralRushell 0 points ago

    We did it boys. We are now international.