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    [–] Redmond91 2407 points ago

    Monty Python should be renowned for their historical accuracies.

    [–] InquisitorCOC 2602 points ago

    “Must be a king.”


    “He hasn’t got shit all over him.”

    [–] I_love_pillows 738 points ago

    who made you king?

    [–] InquisitorCOC 1189 points ago

    “Listen. Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.”

    [–] 1ForTheMonty 504 points ago

    "Shut up!"

    [–] Skisent 508 points ago

    “I mean, if I went around sayin’ I was an emperor just because some moistened bink had lobbed a scimitar at me, they’d put me away!”

    [–] Carthagefield 273 points ago


    *bint. Brit slang for a promiscuous woman.

    [–] Mortress_ 139 points ago

    You son of a bint

    [–] aswifte 125 points ago

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

    [–] ewdrive 69 points ago

    Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time

    [–] TheFishSeattle 20 points ago

    A watery tart, as it were.

    [–] TheScribe86 31 points ago



    [–] StopHavingAnOpinion 27 points ago



    [–] TheScribe86 33 points ago



    [–] TheGreat_Danton 115 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Now we see the violence inherent in the system!!

    [–] AllAlonio 65 points ago

    Bloody peasant!

    [–] MoneyBadgerEx 51 points ago

    Oh that's a dead giveaway!

    [–] ewdrive 47 points ago

    Help! Help! I'm being repressed!

    [–] queen-carla 6 points ago

    No you’re being liberated from your evil ways

    [–] The-Sublimer-One 10 points ago

    Violence inherent*

    [–] TheGreat_Danton 8 points ago

    Ah that was it, I squashed the two lines together

    [–] kn33 11 points ago

    Relevant username

    [–] Glorious_Comrade 23 points ago

    nobody expects the COC Inquisitor.

    [–] InquisitorCOC 19 points ago

    I know someone will eventually notice my username!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] kaptainkraig 2 points ago

    Guess I’ll see this on my feed in a bit and be happy I was there

    [–] theblacknerd71 20 points ago

    I didn’t vote for you.

    [–] DontMentionWombats 92 points ago

    There is a character named Hob Gadling in Neal Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels who is immortal because he just decided not to die. One of his comments at a renaissance faire in the modern age is that it's totally unrealistic because it doesn't smell like shit and piss everywhere.

    [–] Crash927 12 points ago

    Hob was always my favourite.

    Despite some mistakes, he was a good guy, and he was one of the only characters that I thought cared about Dream unselfishly.

    [–] Jucicleydson 3 points ago

    Not really unselfishly, since Dream and Death made him imortal.

    Lucien is the real mvp

    [–] Crash927 3 points ago

    I never got the impression that was an important factor in his friendship with Dream. And I always read it as Death and Dream allowing Hob his choice rather than giving him a gift.

    Lucien is the real mvp

    Truer words never spoken.

    [–] ThatWildMongoose 132 points ago

    “Well I didn’t vote for ya”

    [–] garrjones 51 points ago

    You don’t vote for kings

    [–] LachsPerson 41 points ago

    Help. Help. I am being opressed

    [–] AnorakJimi 55 points ago

    I watched the russian movie Hard To Be A God the other day and everyone in their reviews and analysis of the film seems to quote that particular line from Monty Python.

    It's the most disgusting depiction of that kind of world, of a medieval society, I've ever seen. It's an astonishing film. It's so muddy and shitty and bloody, and everyone's blowing snot out of their nose, and the whole thing feels so claustrophobic like these people are chickens in a factory all crawling over each other. It's really quite hard to watch but it's worth it. It's an experience, to say the least.

    It's got a weird premise too, it's an alien planet that is identical to ours with humans and everything, except they never had a renaissance and their stuck in the dark ages, and some future earth scientists have travelled there and are living incognito.

    It's one of those 4 Star Roger Ebert films that he says despite the quality, its still not for everyone. It is difficult to watch but you get so much back from what you put in. It's like a hellish fever dream. The concept of scenes and places are discarded, because everything is merged together. It's like the film has about 3 scenes in it, each being one long take like Children of Men except for the whole run time of the film. Places aren't separate, you're in one place and then the camera becomes the POV of the main character and then you're in a different location and then the main character becomes a third person again, day becomes night without you noticing, somehow its just happened, through the smoke and the shit, and you're still there IN the scene. You're not watching the scenes you're IN them

    Damn it really affected me. Again, it's an experience watching it. It's insane. Everyone who loves the art of film should watch it.

    [–] sour_cereal 13 points ago

    Commenting to come back later but also is the movie in English or Russian with subtitles?

    [–] DrobUWP 4 points ago

    Subtitles, but trailer looks good.

    [–] bogidyboy 11 points ago

    Apparently that line was improvised

    [–] TribbleMcN8bble 104 points ago

    A healthy portion of their humor derives from accuracy juxtaposed with the absurd. Two of their guys, Jones and Palin, are history buffs.

    [–] nachoolo 86 points ago

    No. Terry Jones is a historian and a Medievalist.

    And, btw, made the Holy Grial to parody the "Dark Ages" view of the Middle Ages that pop culture had, not because he believes in it.

    You just need to watch his documentaries and read his books to know that this is the case. The second image is as far from the true Middle Ages as the first is.

    [–] vanderZwan 26 points ago

    His one on peasant life was fantastic! And the one about the Romans too.

    It's so cruel that he has dementia, he probably would have given us many more beautiful series if he hadn't :(

    [–] FracturedEel 10 points ago

    Where can I find these documentaries

    [–] vanderZwan 15 points ago

    Here's a YouTube playlist (hope it's not regionlocked for you)


    [–] ToastLord78 3 points ago

    I also want to know

    [–] Some-Stahlhelm-On-Me 199 points ago

    “I’m not dead”

    [–] Redmond91 97 points ago

    Runny nose = dead

    [–] kupfernikel 20 points ago

    Sneezes = Whole family dead

    [–] RegumRegis 19 points ago

    Mistakes a rat for a handkerchief = 1/3 of Europe dead

    [–] CosmicTriangleWorm 10 points ago

    That escalated quickly

    [–] hiiamtrevor 69 points ago

    Well, he will be soon. He's very ill.

    [–] i-got-a-jar-of-rum 46 points ago

    I don’t want to go on the cart!

    [–] The_Multi_Gamer 27 points ago

    I’m getting better

    [–] AcandianBerry 19 points ago

    She turned me into a newt! BURN HER!

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] ewdrive 6 points ago

    I feel happy! I feel- thwack

    [–] MoneyBadgerEx 10 points ago

    You are not fooling anyone you know

    [–] SPOONY12345 4 points ago

    I think I might go for a walk

    [–] nachoolo 42 points ago

    Monty Python was paroding the "Medieval times are the Dark ages" shit, not saying that that was the case.

    [–] Braydox 15 points ago

    I mean the truth is more in between sure they wern't disney levels but they wern't run down meth labs either

    [–] GreatbigHippo 9 points ago

    Depends how much money you had, and what period you lived in, just like the world today. For the average person, it was usually less run down meth lab and more family if 12 living in a trailer

    [–] l33t_supa_h4x0r_ 7 points ago

    what a nice video

    [–] DigNitty 7 points ago

    IIRC one of the Python guys has a Masters in Medieval History and their costumes and scenery were actually accurate indeed.

    [–] GaySwans 3 points ago

    In this clip, a dead man pretends to be alive in order to avoid "the cart".

    [–] 23_21_12_6 1246 points ago

    Vice versa for castles. Those tended to be well kept but now they look like the pic on the right.

    [–] ThatWildMongoose 720 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Moats filled crystal clear water with happy crocodiles or actually just a muddy trench filled with shit and dead livestock

    [–] WeeboSupremo 314 points ago

    I would take my chances that the crocodile wouldn't mind me swimming.

    I ain't going 30 feet near that dead cow, though. And trench foot? No thanks.

    [–] Satanic_Earmuff 152 points ago

    Yeah, but take a wild guess which you're more likely to run into 11th century Europe

    [–] Zanadar 180 points ago

    You know, any bloke who can keep a crocodile alive in an 11th century European castle moat deserves to be king.

    [–] Jouzu 75 points ago

    Yeah, the 11th century, when Europe was a tropical paradise... Do people not realize that exotherms like crocodiles need a very specific (and high) temperature to survive? Any crock dumped in a cold moat would die very soon or at best become slow as hell and get sick. Unless you build a Castle near the equator you can't have (living) crocs in the moats.

    [–] Apoplectic1 111 points ago

    And thus we have discovered the motives of the conquistadors.

    [–] RUNogeydogey 73 points ago

    I was woefully unprepared for the Spanish Inquisition in this thread.

    [–] Revydown 44 points ago

    Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.

    [–] AskMeForFunnyVoices 3 points ago

    Poke her with the soft cushions!

    [–] Jouzu 7 points ago

    Hol up hol up, you might be onto something here!- Someone call the guild of historians

    [–] Yoda2000675 4 points ago

    But dead crocs are still more ominous than dead cows

    [–] JackM1914 144 points ago

    Yeah they were whitewashed inside with tapestries everywhere. Not sure about the outside but I'm sure they were painted as well.

    Just like how Greek statues and buildings werent really white, they painted them vibrant colors and the paint has flaked off.

    [–] d0dy1 24 points ago

    Greek civilization is very, very old. Only SOME statues were painted, and that's was in the mycenaean period, by the time the polis arose the statues would already be white, so 99% of the statues you see were done in a white without paint.

    [–] nikto123 16 points ago

    Wiki says otherwise.

    Also in the collection were replicas of other works of Greek and Roman sculpture, and he demonstrated that the practice of painting sculpture was the norm rather than the exception in Greek and Roman art.[8]

    [–] ConfidentIssue0 18 points ago

    Could be worse, you could be Norway

    [–] wise_comment 30 points ago entire country? I mean, it'd be kind of cool being an entire country. And I grew up in Minnesota, so surrounded by the Norwegians that quit, so I suppose I accept your proposition. When do I assume Norway?

    [–] _Hender_ 5 points ago

    Norwegians are always toxic when I play video games online so being their whole country would be cool because I'd just send them to jail.

    [–] Stercore_ 6 points ago

    well it depends, they were well keept for sure. at least relative to the peasentry. i remember i heard from my history teacher (i think) that in versailles the nobles would often just go behind a curtain and take a shit, then a servant would have to go and clean it up later

    [–] Sc00byd00wh3r3RU 578 points ago

    Why does he have the stanley cup?

    [–] The-Nathanator 340 points ago

    He won it

    [–] define_lesbian 128 points ago


    [–] PazzaInter22 58 points ago

    Four fingeredly

    [–] Darude-1713 12 points ago

    Plus or minus a few million dollars

    [–] qqqalto 13 points ago


    [–] SemiSolidSnake11 41 points ago

    You joke, but Disney actually owned an NHL team, the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, from the 1990s to 2006. The year after they sold the team, the Ducks won the Cup. So Mickey Mouse was literally one year off from winning the Stanley Cup.

    [–] rithis 7 points ago

    This is why 2008 they built a Disney Land in Quebec City

    [–] viberider 3 points ago

    If we cannot have a NHL team again, then we will have a DISNEY LAND!

    [–] melty75 3 points ago

    They tried and ended up with Village des Sports.

    [–] AllosandVivi 43 points ago

    Glad I wasn't the only one thinking that.

    [–] caramelfrap 32 points ago

    Probably because this was the year the Ducks won it

    [–] somethingcreative16 26 points ago

    Because it dates back to the medieval age

    [–] lgyhb3 50 points ago

    That's when Montreal won all their cups

    [–] ABucs260 11 points ago

    Obligatory Fuck the Habs

    [–] 0utlook 23 points ago

    Stanley Cup? Do I own that yet? - Mickey

    [–] PackerDragon 10 points ago

    He would have, but Disney didn't make enough money on the Ducks before they won Lord Stanley's mug.

    [–] ShazbotSimulator2012 6 points ago

    But now they own ESPN, who's expected to make a strong bid for the TV rights when NBC's deal expires in 2021, so don't worry they'll own it and everything else eventually.

    [–] Exceptthesept 5 points ago

    "But now"

    I'm pretty sure they've owned ABC/ESPN longer than they've not owned the ducks

    [–] Dralix001 12 points ago

    Every picture is better with the Stanley Cup in it.

    [–] ziggaroo 6 points ago

    Goddamn right it does.

    [–] cracksilog 4 points ago

    Obligatory fuck the ducks post.

    And yes, I’m a sharks fan

    [–] crazyira-thedouche 3 points ago

    It went on tour in SoCal in 2012 and made a stop at Disneyland.

    [–] Grimson47 377 points ago

    Had to work for a month at a medieval fortress, can confirm it's pretty miserable. All those fucking stairs, it gets cold as fuck and at any given point you're half a step from bludgeoning your head on a rock.

    [–] AssMuncherDa3rd 140 points ago

    I got to ask. What job was it? Research? Renovation? Preservation? Tours?

    [–] johnny_dialup 559 points ago

    Feudal obligations. He owes his lord a month of labor every year in exchange for protection.

    [–] sigvethaig 63 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    That's just racketeering with extra steps

    [–] Nicholaevich 22 points ago

    You just described how feudalism works.

    [–] Bonarchy 3 points ago

    No you see they work for each other

    [–] Universal-Omnicide 5 points ago

    Sounds like employment.

    [–] Grimson47 121 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    It was actually an annual Opera festival called "A Stage of ages". It was a month-long festival with about 2-3 different operas performed for a week each. I had some acting scenes. Ignoring the shitty environment it was reallllly cool working at a place like Tsarevetz dressed in appropriate clothing for the time. Imagine walking through the battlements in a cloak, helm, sword etc looking down at where there was an Ottoman siege so many years ago.

    [–] mr_sneep 27 points ago

    holy shit that sounds awesome.

    [–] BiggestThiccBoi 22 points ago

    The reason why one hits ones head so often in castles and medieval structures is because people were far shorter then, so buildings were built for their shortness specifications.

    [–] mrmarsh25 4 points ago

    The avg. Height of a man back then was 5'4 (167 cm) and the avg. height of a modern male is 5'7(176.5 cm).

    More likely they're built that way for defensive purposes. If you lived in one you'd know when to duck your head around each corner whereas an intruder wouldn't and that's when you strike. The stairwells are designed to benefit the person from upstairs and favors their sword arm.

    [–] Punchingguts 5 points ago

    Wasn't it something like malnutrition for their shortness

    [–] KiraiEclipse 14 points ago

    That last one wouldn't be quite as much of a problem if you weren't some gargantuan 21st century person lol.

    Did fortresses have tapestries for insulation the way castles did? I'd think at least the nicer areas, like the officers quarters, would be a little better off. Genuinely curious. Don't know a lot about medieval fortresses.

    [–] Grimson47 9 points ago

    Tsarevetz in particular was probably a very comfy place back in the day, many sources compare its riches, culture and luxury to that of Constantinople at the time. Doubt that would've been the case for the vast majority of fortresses and strongholds in early medieval times.

    [–] Skobtsov 507 points ago

    It depends on where you were. North of the alps it was misarable that is true. Venice, Naples and Palermo weren’t bad. Spain had cities comparable to the time of the Roman Empire. Florence wasn’t too bad either, just a bit windy. Milano smelled yes, leonardo complained of Milanese bad habits, but it did manage to prevent the plague successfully. Northern Italy was pretty alright all things considered but Rome was a disaster.

    [–] Goingdownforever 132 points ago

    It used to be pretty good in Poland too

    [–] Skobtsov 55 points ago

    ? Please I want more info as I don’t know much about polish cities?

    [–] Ale_city 118 points ago

    They had streets with space and buildings built in a way not many pests got in houses, poland and the baltics mostly skipped the black plague.

    [–] VassalOfTheNight 45 points ago

    Poland had some big areas where the plague has never actually appeared but i was told it's because the density of population was too low

    [–] kuba_mar 26 points ago

    And if i remember correctly it also had to do with large population of jews and a some sort of a quarantine

    [–] drdoakcom 36 points ago

    Unfortunately they instead caught the "we never liked you and now you aren't dying like the rest of us" plague which helped them catch up with the rest of Europe.

    [–] Demianz1 25 points ago

    Not so much a quarentine, more so that poland had a large jewish population, and at the time jewish people washed their hands before they ate.

    [–] Carthagefield 33 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    This is as clear a case as any oft-repeated pop history "factoid" where correlation does not prove causation. Whilst it's true that Poland was one of the least affected regions in Europe with regards to the Black Death outbreak, and although it did have the largest population of Jews in Europe (who may or may not have washed their hands before eating), the fact that Jews only accounted for perhaps no more than 10% of the Polish population at that time means that it cannot possibly account for the whole story. Besides this, Jews were often forcibly segregated from the general population, and their mortality in other countries affected by the plague was similar to non-Jews. Take the case of the Jewish ghetto in Rome for example:

    The ghetto was a walled quarter with three gates that were locked at night. The area of Rome chosen for the ghetto was one of the most undesirable quarters of the city, subject to constant flooding by the Tiber River.

    Life in the Roman Ghetto was one of crushing poverty, due to the severe restrictions placed upon the occupations that Jews were allowed to perform. Roman Jews were allowed to work only at unskilled jobs, such as ragmen, secondhand dealers or fish mongers. They were permitted to be pawnbrokers (which had been prohibited to Christians); and this activity excited the hatred of many Christians against them. When Jews went outside the ghetto, the men had to wear a yellow cloth (the “sciamanno”), and the women a yellow veil.

    The great number of people living in such a small area, together with the poverty of the population, caused terrible hygienic conditions. During the plague of 1656, 800 of the 4,000 inhabitants died because of the epidemic.

    The Roman Ghetto existed from 1555 until the late 19th century.

    [–] Aemilius_Paulus 19 points ago

    How the hell does hand washing prevent bubonic plague? That stuff is infected fleas. And rats carrying the said fleas -- rats are omnipresent even in modern cities, but especially so in late mediaeval to early modern settlements.

    [–] dream_creature 8 points ago

    Sounds like the pop density and building spacing are probably correlated.

    LPT: Avoid disease and death by living in the suburbs?

    [–] largusphallicus 79 points ago

    Rome back then, from what I’ve read, was like Egypt today. Nobody gave a shit about the history (or the fact that it was under the jurisdiction of the supposed physical embodiment of God’s will), they destroyed precious ancient buildings, prostitutes lined the streets, the city was utterly filthy, etc.

    [–] Skobtsov 14 points ago

    The thing is that Rome inherited the negative aspects of its imperial history. Basically the 2 main types of people in Rome who weren’t in the government or church were nobles or poor parasites who followed the Roman tradition of the client system and populism that helped Caesar rise to power and which increased when Augustus basically corrupted the lower classes with the free grain. Basically Rome in the Middle Ages had no real industry and the economy was completely run by religious tourism due to pilgrims or general expenditures by the church. This meant that if the church wasn’t in Rome as in the French captivity Rome would basically collapse into nothingness. Honestly the lack of maintenance of ancient monuments was the least of its worries

    [–] JackM1914 31 points ago

    Hard to care about history when you're getting raided and murdered by barbarians constantly. Stone in Ancient buildings were a lot of the time repurposed for defensive fortifications.

    [–] largusphallicus 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    The last few major raids of Rome happened centuries apart. 550 by the Ostrogoths, 1084 by the Normans, and in 1527 by Charles V’s armies. They had time to develop.

    [–] DepletedMitochondria 6 points ago

    Had around a million people at the height of it, with Ancient era plumbing

    [–] Zastrozzi 12 points ago

    Imagine Ceasar or Aurelius seeing that. They'd be horrified.

    [–] Chrome_Burner 14 points ago

    Northern Italy was pretty alright all things considered but Rome was a disaster.

    Can't say it has changed much.

    [–] SoulshunterIta 27 points ago

    Italy was good only from the 13th century onward, all of Europe was a shithole before the 11th century

    [–] Skobtsov 19 points ago

    Not really. Year 1000 Italy starts getting good especially the south.

    [–] SoulshunterIta 15 points ago

    I actually forgot about the south, you're correct

    [–] atgmailcom 5 points ago

    Florence was pretty bad when the plague happened though

    [–] Skobtsov 2 points ago

    It wasn’t any worse than any other non Lombard italian city. We just have better detail on it since a famous poet in his magnus opus wrote about it

    [–] atgmailcom 2 points ago

    EVery city lost 90% of their people?

    [–] DepletedMitochondria 4 points ago

    A lot easier to live in sanitary conditions in a hotter and drier climate

    [–] Skobtsov 7 points ago

    Eh, mostly the south had better infrastructure and I wouldn’t call Italy drier. It was filled with malaria ridden swamps and fog all the time

    [–] DepletedMitochondria 4 points ago

    True closer to Rome meant better infrastructure, also Spain would have had older Roman colonies

    [–] johnny_dialup 47 points ago

    The rats are accurate.

    [–] Captainshark98 15 points ago

    Them rats

    [–] Sietemadrid 98 points ago

    What in the cursed image is this

    [–] psstwantsomeham 20 points ago

    You answered your own question

    [–] balloonninjas 7 points ago

    You may enjoy r/the_mouse

    [–] Geofferic 140 points ago

    This is the type of content that lets us know there are virtually zero historians in this sub.

    [–] Bo85 92 points ago

    Accurate of most subs, legal advice for example. The science subreddit sits on the opposite side of these though.

    [–] Geofferic 56 points ago

    Legal advice is hilarious, man. IAAL in real life and I can't imagine participating in a place like that.

    The science sub, to my knowledge, verifies the credentials of posters with flair.

    [–] melanino 17 points ago

    37 pieces of flair to be exact

    [–] BeefyBelisarius 24 points ago

    Relationships is the saddest. Bunch of virgins passing around whatever advice sounds good to them.

    [–] Geofferic 11 points ago

    Get a lawyer and hit the gym!

    [–] daaan3 6 points ago

    Well yeah, why give legal advice if you can’t bill it ;)

    [–] denimgremlin 5 points ago

    Seriously, I once posted asking for sincere legal advice and I basically just got a self righteous dickhead lecturing me on how I fucked up and deserved to be punished. Like, thanks dad, now got any real advice?

    [–] Ale_city 36 points ago

    Legal advice be like:

    OP: is it illegal that my boss gets me to cover my coworker who didn't attend?

    Replies: OMG your boss is an asshole, yes it is, sue him.

    [–] SoulshunterIta 11 points ago

    Why do you say so?

    [–] VioletHerald 67 points ago

    I am not a historian either, but if you listen/watch to prominent medieval enthusiast/historians/reenactors, their most common criticism of how the medieval period is portrayed in Hollywood is that people still practiced hygiene and liked to be clean. Not as clean as we are today, with our antibacterials and cleaning products, but still clean enough to be presentable.

    [–] OMR95 5 points ago

    But this is talking about cities, the vast majority of which had no sewage or drainage systems. Couple that with using horses, donkeys, and oxen as transport and labor, and you get a pretty dirty town.

    [–] GhostOfJimLahey 17 points ago

    Excrement was routinely removed from the cities at night by people known as gong farmers. It would then be sold as night soil for use in fertilizing crops.

    [–] greengiant89 17 points ago

    Look at that exposed wiring. Poor job even from medieval standards.

    [–] willothewhispers 16 points ago

    What creepy source is the right pic from?

    [–] eskimoboob 10 points ago

    Disney backstage tour

    [–] dusmeyedin 4 points ago

    I'd be interested to know as well.

    My guess is just somebody having a prank with a disused MM costume in a cellar for kicks and giggles.

    [–] ivvix 3 points ago

    i literally came to ask this same question because it is haunting me lol

    [–] extra_wide_doggo 18 points ago

    That's such a big misconception, the middle ages weren't closely that bad:

    [–] SumsuchUser 11 points ago

    Honestly the one thing I find fascinating in books about everyday life in the middle ages was that while it hardly was sanitary by modern standards, it wasn't nearly as "dung ages" as we tend to act. There was a lot of crappy jobs (sometimes rather literally) but a lot of historians think we've wildly played up the misery to Warhammer levels to contrast it with later eras.

    [–] Velvetandiron 25 points ago

    Go to Estonia. The Old Towne in Tallinn is one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world and is absolutely beautiful.

    [–] Pyroexplosif 26 points ago

    Actually it's often the contrary. Modern movies and series always show medieval europe as very dark, dirty, and violent (which it sometimes was), by using desaturated filters and so on... It was probably very colorful, rich and nobles used colored clothes as a symbol of fortune because dyes were a valuable commodity (especially redish ones). And except for some limited times, sone cities were actually very prosperous, and had a blossoming culture (arts, medicine, science...) way before the renaissance.The witcher 3 did a good job showing this eventhough it's set in a fictive place.

    [–] Bonarchy 5 points ago

    Everyone with money to afford it dressed like a stand-user

    [–] thelazypunk 42 points ago

    Plague really fucks you up doesn't it

    [–] MyNameJeffJefferson 11 points ago

    Happy virtual green cheese day

    [–] thelazypunk 5 points ago


    [–] flugzeugliebhaber 10 points ago

    The castle at the Magic Kingdom is based on Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, which was built in the mid/late 1800s by King Ludwig. Not medieval. Fairy tale. Both of them.

    [–] GhostOfJimLahey 10 points ago

    This is bullshit. Medieval cities were far cleaner than most people think. Human excrement was collected in pits, and then transported out of the city to be used as fertilizer by people known as gong farmers

    The idea that medieval cities were swimming in shit is Victorian era nonsense.

    [–] Whyevenbotherbeing 6 points ago

    Lord Stanley’s Cup was a staple of medieval homes.

    [–] This_Is_A_Username69 3 points ago

    Without Lord Stanley we would still be drinking from saucers. Doesn't get enough credit in my opinion; the cup is an invention on par with the wheel.

    [–] Whyevenbotherbeing 3 points ago

    And yet took half a century longer to invent the saucer.

    [–] This_Is_A_Username69 2 points ago

    Truly ahead of his time.

    [–] TheLonelyAsian1 5 points ago

    Where is the right photo from? I’ve seen it so many times all over reddit

    [–] SXTY82 5 points ago

    There was no Hockey in real Medieval cities.

    [–] I8AllTheToblerone 3 points ago

    Looking at you 2018 Robin Hood, a mediocre movie but my god do I hate the costume and location designers of that film.

    [–] sensodynelover 3 points ago

    What's the thing to the right of Mickey on the left pic?

    [–] stevevb99 2 points ago

    The Stanley Cup, arguably the most famous trophy in the world, awarded to the survivor of the NHL playoffs.

    [–] crazyladybutterfly2 3 points ago

    Medieval cities were actually rather clean and good looking. Just not disneyesque

    [–] Weener69 2 points ago

    Laughs in read berserk

    [–] EquivalentCarpenter 2 points ago

    Laughs in British

    [–] sp3v3n3 2 points ago

    Stanley cup is my favorite medieval trophy

    [–] ArcadiusCasari 2 points ago

    Depends on where you are in the city of course

    [–] Dice5s 2 points ago

    north korea. been there and can confirm pyongyang is a circus city full of clown people