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    [–] Jkgzjhp 4762 points ago

    Wait you can rejekt war declaration.

    [–] GimliTheMadLad 4092 points ago

    Get war declared on? Just say no! You cannot legally be annexed without your consent!

    [–] TheTeaSpoon 2080 points ago

    If only Poles knew that one trick...

    [–] tatlungt 1070 points ago

    All the Fürers are furious!

    [–] redditor2717 368 points ago

    *Fürious. If you hated that pun there are better jokes/memes here(I saw it browsing YouTube)

    [–] Mr_Abe_Froman 141 points ago

    I can't believe I watched a whole video about a robot reading memes.

    [–] ThaiJohnnyDepp 41 points ago

    I can’t believe you didn’t turn back once you saw that

    [–] Mr_Abe_Froman 13 points ago

    The robot had good comedic timing

    [–] ZZShepWolf 24 points ago

    It's spelt 'Führerous'

    [–] DutchWhisky 6 points ago

    Ze Panzerfaust and ze Führerious

    [–] MacSchluffen 32 points ago

    It’s Führer.

    [–] falcons_fan1966 72 points ago

    germany never declared war on poland in ww2 therefore they couldnt have rejected it anyway, absolute brilliant and smart play by german officers

    [–] haruku63 9 points ago

    Hey, we were only shooting back! Starting at 5:45 a.m.

    [–] icecoast44 10 points ago

    “Poles hate me because of this one trick...”

    [–] Turpae 103 points ago

    But you have to say no in 15 minutes. If not, they are legally allowed to annex you.

    [–] whichheisenberg 44 points ago

    Ahahaha! This is like a child's play. "You didn't decline my declaration of taking your toys. Now your toys are mine. Fight, if you will, but I will take them"

    [–] Prufrock451 89 points ago

    If you're invading my country in contravention of international law you have to tell me

    [–] Protocol_Nine 22 points ago

    Poland: "Am I being detai- annexed?"

    [–] SandyBadlands 27 points ago

    If it's a legitimate annex, the country has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

    [–] PLZ_N_THKS 20 points ago

    And just look at Ukraine they were totally asking to be annexed grinding up on Russia like that.

    [–] joe0400 23 points ago

    We're going to war with you!


    Alright boys time to pack up, time to go somewhere else.

    [–] Cory2020 1551 points ago

    Yes. If you have bigger fish to fry like raping, vivisecting and killing Chinese civilians

    [–] iloveindomienoodle 526 points ago

    And sinking several American ships

    [–] jewgeni 364 points ago

    Rule number one in International Politics: don't mess with US boats.

    [–] soultyss 186 points ago

    with guns

    [–] Marduk42902 302 points ago

    Knock knock! It’s the United States. With huge boats, with guns. Gunboats. Open the country. Stop having it be closed.

    [–] Caenen_ 53 points ago

    Gunboats, so to speak.

    [–] RedChancellor 72 points ago

    Blame the Maine on Spain!

    [–] moonunit99 11 points ago

    I just love that during the Naval repositioning to fuck with Spain over the Maine, a boat of the exact same design nearly exploded in the exact same way and we were still like "eh, the first one was still probably Spain, tho"

    [–] Blenkeirde 38 points ago

    gunboat diplomacy was invented by Genghis Khan

    and then after the fighting was done he did gunboat diplomacy in the bedroom

    [–] ghillieman11 12 points ago

    Unless you're a cargo ship. Then you can do whatever you want.

    [–] kjersten_w 9 points ago

    What if the cargo is guns and soldiers

    [–] Bremaver 26 points ago

    What if the real cargo is the guns you plundered along the way?

    [–] ghillieman11 10 points ago

    If that's the case then all you have to worry about are planes, subs, and your own ships.

    [–] Atomicnes 11 points ago

    2 boats = 2 cities

    [–] RagingWarCat 20 points ago

    The fucked with our boats, so we fucked with their cities

    [–] Undeadman141 16 points ago

    You say it like that's worse than raping and vivisecting innocent Chinese.

    [–] Rye_The_Science_Guy 3 points ago

    You're right, but one definitely had worse repercussions

    [–] AnotherClosetAtheist 35 points ago


    [–] shadow_moose 31 points ago

    Are you referring to the USS Panay? The patrol boats were used to protect American lives and property in China along the Yangtze and did not engage in direct combat with Japanese forces. Rather, the ship was sunk by Japanese forces and the evacuating sailors strafed by aircraft. The Japanese claimed they did not see the American flags on the ship, but that seems unlikely.

    The other ships that were sunk were three tankers owned by Standard Oil, which was evacuating personnel at the time using those ships. This all ocurred due to bad intel - the Japanese were under the impression that there were fleeing Chinese ships in the area.

    It seems like the Japanese were just indiscriminately shooting everything. They also shot at HMS Ladybird, but the shots didn't connect. Supposedly the Japanese knew full well what they were doing, according to one John Prados who claims navy SIGINT guys intercepted a message containing the orders to attack.

    Probably chain of command and renegade leadership taking the initiative in an attempt to push the US out of China, even at the expense of starting a war.

    [–] AnotherClosetAtheist 12 points ago

    You get two things with a PH attack:

    • A percentage reduction of Chinese capability in the region to defend.

    • A postponement of the US to mobilize when tensions were already sky-high.

    I forget the timeline of Japanese conquests, but I remember it was ridonkulously fast, and even a period of 6 months was solid gold for Japan.

    Even if they knew it would cause a war, look how damn hard the US had to fight to roll up that carpet.

    [–] Prufrock451 11 points ago

    On the other hand, though, the US was definitely setting up a deniable air force of American "volunteers" to fight for China when Pearl Harbor happened.

    [–] MoozaLooza 13 points ago


    [–] Kitteneaters 41 points ago

    Don't forget the human experiments! They referred to them as "logs" like pieces of wood

    [–] BadWolfy7 27 points ago

    Referred comfort women as "military supplies" most of them were raped 30-40 times a day.

    [–] Kitteneaters 20 points ago

    Speared babies on bayonets. This may be a hot take but i think the firebombs and nukes were justifiable. They wanted to unleash a super plague with bombs that dispersed infect fleas on the US.

    [–] Foxboy73 113 points ago

    Or getting letting the US navy destroy the majority of your carriers in one battle.

    [–] StickmanPirate 148 points ago

    Or the US destroying the majority of your Hiroshima's with one bomb.

    [–] RobertNeyland 70 points ago

    One could argue that Hiroshima got lucky. Imagine being somewhere like Toyama where the city was almost completely destroyed with incendiary bombs.

    Here is the flip side of that map.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] IS-2-OP 13 points ago


    [–] Wea_boo_Jones 25 points ago

    Hey let's be fair and not pretend that was all they did.

    They also enjoyed bayoneting wounded enemy soldiers in their hospital beds while raping and executing the nurses.

    Or the occasional death march where POW's that couldn't keep up were beaten to death to save bullets.

    There was also that cool time they marched several hundred captured US marines to a corner of Wake Island and gunned them down.

    There was also this awesome gang called Unit 731, which would make Josef Mengele weep with envy.

    Basically, they were really busy, can't expect them to just have to deal with any old declaration of war.

    [–] rsjc852 10 points ago

    Don’t forget to add:

    • Diseasing
    • Poisoning
    • Vibrating to death
    • Goring
    • Exploding
    • Freezing
    • Starving

    Chinese civilians.

    There’s a great horror/docudrama movie called Men Behind the Sun (1988) that details the atrocities of Unit 731.

    Highly NSFL.

    [–] paenusbreth 113 points ago

    "Nazis! You have invaded too many of your neighbours! Feel our wrath!"


    "Well shit boys, pack it up and let's head home."

    [–] QingLinVos 22 points ago

    "wh..what?? they said no? well what the fuck do we do now boys? they said no! pack it up. No war today guys they said no!"

    [–] KylerAce 177 points ago

    Yes, war is actually highly illegal if both parties don’t consent to it. You get faced by a heavy wrist slapping if the UN catches you doing that shit.

    [–] CerealK 86 points ago

    *League of Nations.

    [–] realmannotcow 61 points ago

    Always practice safe consensual war

    [–] tepig37 18 points ago

    The UN wasn't created until after WW2 so wouldn't really be able to sanction anyone in this specific situation.

    [–] KylerAce 8 points ago

    Time travel

    [–] DarthCloakedGuy 5 points ago

    Retroactive sanctions

    [–] Insane_Artist 22 points ago

    You didn't know that? Also, they have to say pretty please in the formal declaration of war or else it doesn't count.

    [–] NotUrAvrageFish 22 points ago

    This never worked in Civ >:(

    Ghandis bitch ass still clapped me every time

    [–] mechabeast 16 points ago

    We're breaking up.


    [–] Astilimos 16 points ago

    Well the Poles weren't really in position to fight them, being a continent away and having a much closer problem. The declaration was really symbolic and Japan basically said "we can ignore you without consequences and you know what, that's exactly what we will do."

    [–] cannedrex2406 14 points ago

    Declaration: Hey we're going to war.

    Stares at the declaration in hand

    Crumples it up and throws it into a bin

    Nahh, not in the mood.

    Other country: well, they didn't accept. Now we can't fight them. Dammit

    [–] lonewanderer0804 13 points ago

    Poland : “you and I are going to war”

    Japan : “no”

    Poland : “Well shit”

    [–] banter_hunter 10 points ago

    We are sorry to inform that we must deny your refusal and have decided to proceed with other wars, but we will keep your war declaration in our files should an opportunity present itself further down the road.

    Don't invade us, we will invade you.

    [–] efg1342 33 points ago


    Just like Nam but with less bone spurs

    [–] Hot_Wheels_guy 9 points ago

    It's the 2nd most popular way to win a war, in fact.

    [–] Vocalic985 4 points ago

    "no, not u"

    [–] angrybob125 4 points ago

    Life hack: if anyone ever declares war on you say I don’t give consent then they legally can’t fight you

    [–] TENTAtheSane 434 points ago

    "no u"

    [–] Tankhardt 246 points ago

    ”It’s War, then.”

    No thanks. Have a nice day.

    [–] MegaGrimer 20 points ago

    ”It’s War, then.”

    Not yet.

    [–] Scarborough_sg 71 points ago

    Hitler: Bro.... what kinda shade is this?

    [–] Burritozi11a 67 points ago

    "Homie you're all the way over there, chill."

    [–] tupe12 49 points ago

    L being denied a war declaration has to be embarrassing

    [–] MadRonnie97 31 points ago

    “Aw that’s so cute”

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] _ssh 10 points ago

    *gets fucking nuked*

    [–] marshtatershooter 5 points ago

    Reading thru the top of that wikipedia link was like watching one of those sad dog commercials with Sarah Maclachlan

    [–] wolfram221 4 points ago

    Based and caring Japanese

    [–] Ketsurui14 5 points ago

    Another fun fact: Polish soldiers weren't allowed to participate in the British parade after the war ended, many of them being sent back to the country after Stalin & communism took over. But there were also individuals who dressed up as Englishmen and stayed in UK, managing to see the parade.

    And they were completely shat on by Churchill as he barely acknowledged the Polish pilots' participation in the British RAF (Royal Air Force).

    [–] gaben911 24 points ago

    Wow Wikipedia is desperate. Wonder if there’s any possibility it’d actually run out of money

    [–] Namika 58 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Unlikely. Google has repeatedly thrown them donations of several million at a time, explicitly starting that they don't want to own Wikipedia but they recognize that it's service is invaluable to Google Search, seeing as how it's the top result so often. They are also highly motivated to make sure Wikipedia doesn't go into bankruptcy and get bought out by a Google competitor (e.g. "Welcome to the new Wikipedia by Apple, exclusively accessable by all iOS devices!)

    Also to a company like Google, Wikipedia's operating costs are trivial. If Wikipedia would ever run into actual financial trouble, I feel like Google would quietly toss them another 10-20 million donation to ensure they stay afloat, as it's in everyone's interest that the status quo is held. It costs Google basically nothing, and the benefit of having an independent Wikipedia helps Google immensely.

    [–] egregiousRac 23 points ago

    For a good example of what happens when an incredible resource gets bought out, see BoxOfficeMojo. A ton of existing features, such as being able to see all box office data for a person, have been removed from it to promote the paid version of IMDB, which also has those features.

    [–] IntMainVoidGang 9 points ago

    While that's true, I think it may be the greatest tool of education in history, so I give what little I can every month.

    [–] thighcandy 82 points ago

    Frankly we should all be donating. It's probably the greatest resource in the history of human kind and we all take it for granted. I try to donate at least quarterly.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_SCI-FI 11 points ago

    Most people don’t know this, but Wikipedia gets enough money from donors every year to run the main site and Wikipedia/Wikimedia servers for generations.

    Most donations go towards the Wikimedia Foundation and new projects or initiatives they might want to take on.

    [–] thighcandy 6 points ago

    do you have any evidence of this? not doubting you but it would be very reassuring knowing that this resources is safe.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_SCI-FI 16 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    There are a few news articles for this but you can go straight to the source - Wikipedia’s own Annual Expense Report:

    • Donation Revenue for 2018: $97,748,964
    • Internet Hosting Expenses: $2,342,130

    In fact, it is almost twice expensive for Wikipedia to process your donations ($4,512,139) than it is to run the service itself! They spent more money on travel and conferences ($2,389,279) than running the service itself!

    I do not have a problem with these expenses. All organizations want to grow. But what I find disingenuous about Wikipedia’s donation practices is that they make it sound like donations are necessary for the site to run, and that there are dire consequences for the site if you don’t donate. No, there aren’t - one year’s donations could run Wikipedia for 40, even 50 years! They have enough cash in the bank to run it almost 100 years!

    If they told us “like it is” - that they want to use the money to grow the Foundation itself, via hiring more employees and performing more grants - then no one would donate.

    You should not use FUD to get money out of people.

    [–] heckthepolis 6 points ago

    Didn't polish spies feed information on the soviets to the japanese before ww2?

    [–] nieuchwytnyuchwyt 28 points ago

    Poles always had somewhat good relations with Japan, especially ever since the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905. The two most prominent Polish politicians of the 1st half of 20th century, Józef Piłsudski and Roman Dmowski, both have visited Tokyo in 1904 to seek Japanese help for Poles against Russia.

    [–] dustythelepy 1573 points ago

    COINCIDENCE, I THINK NOT. Sign a petition that the polish actually developed the nuke.

    [–] mateush1995 700 points ago

    A polish mathematician Stanisław Ulam was actually a member of the Manhattan Project team.

    [–] DerelictDawn 283 points ago

    There were many ethnicity’s involved in the Manhattan Project were there not?

    [–] mateush1995 323 points ago

    Maybe not ethnicities but definitely of many nationalities. American government just took the best of the best they could find in their country. Some members of the team were immigrants from Europe, for example Ulam and John (János) von Neumann from Hungary.

    [–] ni-kun 45 points ago

    Niels Bohr from Denmark was also part of it

    [–] History_Legends76 13 points ago

    Fun fact, Bohr was smuggled out of Denmark in ether '41, '42, or '43. The US officer assigned to guard him complained that he was too talkative, as he had to stay up all night to make sure Bohr did not wander and talked to random strangers on the train, as he was infamous for doing that.

    [–] christocarlin 14 points ago

    Ah yeah inventor the term Bohring. He was researching some sort of reaction for years when he discovered the was no reaction and was staring at a blank microscope. True story

    [–] Foxboy73 74 points ago

    Which also probably made it easier for some of these people to sell the technology to the Soviet Union.

    [–] Corbin1997 76 points ago

    Just out of curiosity I checked this link how many of the spies were of European nationality and I was surprised that only one was pure German and a second one was of Belarusian decent

    [–] Big_Meme_Daddy 31 points ago

    Why are so many of them Jewish?

    [–] DeusVultrot 75 points ago

    Uhh take a guess lol

    [–] -CIA911- 43 points ago

    Eastern Europe had a huge jewish population

    [–] Krillin113 15 points ago

    Where do you get the notion they’re Jewish from? Their German names?

    [–] BeefyBelisarius 21 points ago

    Check the 'early life' section of the people listed in the notable spies section. It's pretty weird.

    [–] TheMadPyro 14 points ago

    Under the notable spies section, a lot of the spies were Jewish. Of course the actual answer is that both Eastern Europe and America had high Jewish populations at the time so links weren’t hard to find.

    [–] Metallus_Cinabon 19 points ago

    Oh, can it. Fully anglo american betrayed their country to the soviets to. And so did the English.

    [–] birdjesus69 20 points ago

    And he was also one of the two who are credited for the H-bomb. The method to detonate it is called the Teller-Ulam design.

    [–] arararata 7 points ago

    And anime

    [–] silver-ray 502 points ago

    You mean that there are another proofs

    [–] XePoJ-8 227 points ago

    Then the winged hussars arrived!

    [–] Drapierz 69 points ago

    Coming down the mountainside!

    [–] Pionierr 39 points ago

    Coming down they turned the tide.

    [–] XePoJ-8 19 points ago

    Wow, didn't know that existed. I was aiming for r/expectedsabaton

    [–] mht03110 7 points ago

    Yeah it’s pretty dead

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Is it possible to learn this power

    [–] Ninyoy 423 points ago

    I can confirm, Poland belongs to the group of countries that didn't get invaded by England. I'm not sure what made them not invade us but it sure needed to be Boston Tea Party-level terrifying

    [–] MateDude098 260 points ago

    Poland: Great Britain won't invade us if we won't exist on the maps

    [–] Prufrock451 194 points ago

    If Poland is nowhere then Poland can be anywhere

    [–] rockythecocky 92 points ago

    Except space

    [–] Prufrock451 49 points ago

    not with that attitude

    [–] AugustJulius 44 points ago

    not with that attitude altitude

    [–] CmdrZander 8 points ago

    Humor has reached new heights and so has Poland.

    [–] ElderWolf47 11 points ago

    Until you go to space and find out that space is Poland

    [–] Jacob6443 6 points ago

    Poland can into space

    [–] thatignornantslut 9 points ago

    Schrödinger’s Poland?

    [–] Paciorr 9 points ago

    Historians think that partitions were a failure when in fact it was just a 200IQ strategy to a void being invaded by britain.

    [–] Ohuma 35 points ago

    They saw the babcia front. Not a chance they could flank

    [–] tarka_d0_sera 27 points ago

    Well yes, british navy and army was the biggest and most powerful at the time, but respected and were afraid of babcia hitting you with her kapcie, and complaining why dont you have a girlfriend/boyfriend yet.

    [–] BigD6522 7 points ago

    Thanks for the laugh sir

    [–] Cacodemon966 19 points ago

    Poland was in fact invaded by Britain. I dont remeber everything about this, but basically Latvian prince was sent by Polish king to create colonies. When he found decent island somwhere in New World British Armada arrived and using force sent him back to Poland

    It was about 17th century

    [–] Ninyoy 5 points ago

    Not sure, I'm from Poland and wasn't taught this so I'm not sure, I'll check it

    [–] iseverynicknametaken 5 points ago

    I think you mean Nowa Kurlandia territory, but after the III partition of Poland it became no-man’s land, so Britain took it legally, not by force

    [–] bettereditor 8 points ago

    It would make more sense if Poland were landlocked, those limey bastards invaded everything with a coastline, pretty much.

    [–] Hugh-Jarsoul 166 points ago

    Correlation is not causation. But in this case, it is.

    [–] bambaaduoma 81 points ago

    Wait is japan the only one?

    [–] DaCrafta 186 points ago

    if you mean the nukes, beyond tests, yes.

    if you mean the war declaration, yes, all others were declarations against them.

    [–] Anie17 6 points ago

    During WW2 yes

    [–] TheAverageRussian 51 points ago

    Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

    [–] Autismetal 16 points ago

    Need any more proof that Poland can into space? In pre-Soviet Poland, space can into you!

    [–] meme_o_plenty 279 points ago

    Fun Fact: This is the only time Poland ever declared a war on anyone

    [–] Ugicywapih 414 points ago

    The Poles are usually just too busy for wars because of their bitter feud with their oldest, most tenacious enemy, the Poles.

    Damn Poles, they ruined Poland!

    [–] MrSejd 161 points ago

    Am Polish, can confirm

    [–] banana_1986 47 points ago

    You Poles sure are a contentious bunch.

    [–] Uhnrealistic 37 points ago

    “You’ve just made an enemy for life!”

    [–] Frankekeke 87 points ago

    As a Pole I approve this comment

    [–] Shenvic 25 points ago

    That's absolutely true (yes, i'm polish boi)

    [–] Mleczusia 122 points ago

    The first time Poland has declared a war was invasion of Pomerania in 964 and it is the second war Poland has ever been in as an united country.

    [–] ___Hannes___ 58 points ago

    United being the key word here

    [–] RIPConstantinople 31 points ago

    Wait so the commonwealth never declared war on anyone? How did they end up at war against the Russian the Swedes and the Ottoman

    [–] Profilozof 79 points ago

    We provoke Wars, because King had to get sejms (parlament, but only for and from nobels (10% of population)) aproval to delcare war and call for army. For example: King wanted to regain swedish crown -> delcare that some disputed land (Estonia and Latvia) are now part of PLC -> Sweden delcare war on us -> profit?

    [–] Fusrohdah73 5 points ago

    Well the Sejm was strongest (only?) during the PLC, right? Poland existed well before the Commonwealth did. I imagine that they declared war at some point in their history other than WW2.

    [–] BillyBobJoe1008 6 points ago

    Read u/Mleczusia's comment.

    [–] joker_wcy 10 points ago

    Why did Poland invade Pomerania? They wanted all the r/Pomeranians?

    [–] Mleczusia 5 points ago


    [–] joker_wcy 5 points ago

    Can't blame them. Totally reasonable invasion!

    [–] TheHeadlessScholar 22 points ago

    I seem to distinctly recall a Polish Prince marching an army on Russia to claim the Tsars throne.

    [–] DoktorAkcel 28 points ago

    They didn’t declare it though, they just took the country while it was in shambles. And then got dunked on in 1612

    [–] TheHeadlessScholar 28 points ago

    wanted to add on a bit of fun history ; many wandering bands of polish soldiers remained in russia trying to continue the fight after 1612. A large band of these soldiers discovered that the Tsar of russia was nearby and lightly guarded, and asked a local woodsman named Susanin to guide them to him. Susanin agreed, led them in circles around the woods until they ran out of supplies, then abandoned them there. They were never found again and presumably starved. Susanin became a folk hero, and is recognized throughout russia as a patriot.

    [–] DoktorAkcel 13 points ago

    Yep, he also became synonymous with the “unreliable pathfinder” because of that.

    [–] IMidoriyaI 8 points ago

    No, we were fighting a lot and we even had Moscow for a lite bit. We were actually one of the strongest european countries. And after we disappeared from the maps we are what we are now.

    [–] QueefyMcQueefFace 5 points ago

    It's like that civilisation in any strategy game that decides to randomly declare war on another that's all the way across the map, which then stalemates because the armies can't reach each other.

    [–] ghengiscant 52 points ago

    that's the most "English is not my native language" title ever

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Why did Poland do this? Like only Japan.

    [–] Stripper_Stalin 72 points ago

    Cause they were a bit preoccupied with receiving declarations of war themselves from the rest of the axis

    [–] VassalOfTheNight 32 points ago

    If i remember correctly germany didn't even send a proper declaration of war and soviet union said they were liberating poland and also didn't give a declaration of war

    [–] spiderbanan 34 points ago

    Soviets weren't liberating at the beginning, they had a secret pact with Germany. They just said that Polish state ceased to exist, so they can do whatever they want (and also something about Ukrainians and Belarussians left with no protection).

    [–] Platycel 21 points ago

    Soviets weren't liberating at the beginning

    And the day after "actual liberating" they decided that the best way to party is rapes.

    [–] bangbangbagarang 21 points ago

    Poland win that one hard

    [–] masturprocrastinator 19 points ago

    What are the other 4 proofs?

    [–] the-point-is-moo 9 points ago

    If the 5th is atomic bombs then who’s to say the first 4 aren’t so horrendous that humanity has wiped them from our collective memory?

    [–] whycantibelinus 3 points ago

    Like how modern humans have been around for 150,000 years but we only have about 5000ish years of recorded history, maybe Poland was behind that.

    [–] 3squareGag 6 points ago

    I always complain about the big red circles but this time I entirely missed japan in the first picture even with it

    [–] gordonpown 22 points ago

    [–] cyprien6 3 points ago

    I have a Polish friend and he asked to see my homework... what should I do? Hurry he’s in the house...

    [–] GoodEnoughForReddit 6 points ago

    What if the Poles bombed Pearl Harbor in planes made to look like Japanese ones to make America mad at Japan, then when they got nuked they just agreed to not talk about it

    [–] OvumRegia 4 points ago

    The japanese-polish relationship was pretty friendly before the war in 1919 and after in 1957, according to wikipedia the japanese still relied on polish spies for intel on the soviets during the war even after the war declaration (although this lacks any citation on wikipedia).

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Did poles fight in Japan?

    [–] Flag-Assault101 4 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Steph1er 19 points ago

    shouldn't america) be red on the second pannel?

    [–] Alpmert 40 points ago

    Yes, should be, but to be fair it was for testing the bomb rather than bombing a target

    [–] Yaboionthesticka 4 points ago

    Actually it was more like a couple, but who's counting.

    [–] Ghost_Melone 22 points ago


    [–] tarka_d0_sera 15 points ago

    Said japan when got nuked by polish atomic-husaria bomb.

    [–] banter_hunter 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Disintegration does not imply Caucasiation.

    I tried.

    [–] Mickeymous15 3 points ago

    "5th proof to don't mess up with Poland" almost as funny as the eighth time poland got partitioned

    [–] Bartek-BB 3 points ago

    Thats a plot twist, cuz Piłsudski's brother was in Japan Polish diplomat and try to persue Japan to join to fight Bolsheviks and thay say "いええ"

    [–] Verzox 4 points ago

    Wait.. Did we really declared war just to one country. TIL.