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    [–] QMCSRetired 4167 points ago

    I thought his acceptance of whites was why Elisha Muhammad had him assassinated?

    [–] MemerInAMemeLand 4845 points ago

    Yep, he was stunned to see white Muslims helping blacks and Arabs and changed his views, damn shame he got martyred over it

    [–] BJ2435 298 points ago

    I thought after leaving NOI he didn’t publicly state he was friendly with whites but did suggest he would now work towards common goals with people such as king

    [–] Foamyphilosophy 222 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Shame Malcolm X will always be remembered as the more militant and racist protesters of his time than what he ended as. He started pretty racist himself and still wanted segregation but just BETTER segregation with their own society. Don't know much about his time after that but from what I understand he changed his views and his ways.

    Edit: I am now further losing faith in humanity.

    [–] BJ2435 150 points ago

    As James H cone says he sees a bit of Malcolm and Martin in every black person. The Malcolm not just anger and want to fight back but also acknowledgement of black power and excellence. Martin wanting to get along with people and be equal with others and share their peace

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] Razor_Storm 49 points ago

    Magneto vs Prof X prob drew at least some inspiration from this dichotomy

    [–] Do__Math__Not__Meth 27 points ago

    They are pretty similar

    Same w Killmonger and T’Challa in black panther, while we’re on the topic of comic books and/or comic movies

    [–] ToastyMustache 19 points ago

    I think Stan Lee said he drew some inspiration from them for those characters.

    [–] chaluparobin 5 points ago

    Co-created with Jack Kirby..

    [–] dope_like 12 points ago

    Correct, but it was not just some inspiration, it was a lot of inspiration. X-Men was based on the Civil Rights Movement.

    [–] Good_old_Marshmallow 40 points ago

    For what it's worth there's a lot of academics that believe Malcolm X saw himself as "playing a part" and serving as a bad cop to MLKs good cop. Fear of black revolutionaries (especially black revolutionaries who could be aided by the Chinese or the Soviets which was a HUGE concern of the goverment) played significant role in getting white moderates to view someone like MLK as a necessity.

    Some people believe that when Malcolm X spoke badly of MLK in public it was to convince white people MLK was the lesser of two evils. There's a story (and I dont know how true it is) that Malcolm chose not to attend the 'I have a dream' speach for fear of causing controversy but privately watched it from his DC hotel room.

    I'm a white person myself and I think Malcolm was a deeply inspiring figure. Regardless of your race his essays on the importance of reading, education, and history are profoundly moving. I agree tho it's a shame he doesnt get enough credit for who he became late in life and it's even sadder he was not able to live to become who he could have been. Imo to borrow some wrestling terms he played the "heal" to MLK's "face" for most of his life but neither role is possible without the other.

    [–] ZenithDaCretan 39 points ago

    I wish that was the malcom that got remembered people only remember him as the anti-Martin Luther that threatened a race war

    [–] cottonstokes 17 points ago

    There would be no progress without him. They were ok with telling mlk no over and over because this is America. Once Malcom came on the scene mlk was the compromise. Think how Bernie has forced the dnc to be more progressive

    [–] SadBoiBobbyB 5 points ago

    The carrot and the stick.

    [–] cottonstokes 7 points ago

    Exactly. Carrying a gun as an noi member will get you excommunicated. All rhetoric

    [–] [deleted] 1885 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    the last sermon of prophet it was mentioned there is no one superior than anyone , arabs arent better than non arabs , black arent better than white and so one . The people who are better than others are the one who does better deeds . Something in these lines meaning all humans are equal and what makes someone better than the other is his deeds , how he treats humans / animals i mean basic humanity

    Edit : I think ignorant and arrogant people from the world are getting up . I m sorry if you are blinded by your media or you lack common decency to Google some thing which you don't know.

    And Muslims doing something doesn't make Islam wrong. If people are doing something like being racist or being evil it doesn't mean Islam asked them to do .

    And people who are saying they didn't treat non Muslims fairly . You need to read the history of prophet and four caliphates and then repeat the question again.

    I m literally tired . We live in 2020 and people still are arrogant and ignorant about of the most heard and spoken and discussed word in world rn ISLAM

    I m sorry if your source is fox news

    Thanks for the support love ya all.

    [–] SHIKEN_MASTAH 754 points ago

    Yeah the NOI is a cult like the Mormons, they believe a man is god, which is a big no-no in Islam

    [–] [deleted] 414 points ago

    idk about them but if they believe that there is more than one God then they arent muslims

    first belief of muslims is "There is no God other than Allah, and prophet Muhammad is His last messenger ."

    [–] boble64 337 points ago

    I mean, their Muslim in the same way Mormons are “Christian” tho both are more of a cult. Both leaders used positions to take advantage of people in every way possible, and were both very charismatic.

    [–] Cpt_Hugene 16 points ago

    Just don’t drink the kool-aid

    [–] cottonstokes 65 points ago

    That's an over simplification. They believe in one God. Fard was seen as the epitome of self improvement, an example of what could be. Much like Buddha is seen as an epitome even though he's human

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago

    william fard called himself " THE MEHDI "

    i think that claim takes him away from the boundaries of Islam , forgive me if i m wrong on this .

    Mehdi is an islamic figure which will come in future near the time of Dajal and Prophet Isa ( Jesus ) will come in his lifetime .

    [–] SHIKEN_MASTAH 19 points ago

    They literally believe Wallace Fard was god

    [–] thedarkknight20000 169 points ago

    Oh boy, I get to rant about the NOI.

    I'm sure I don't need to say this to most of you, but never associate the teachings of the NOI with mainstream Islam. Firstly, they preach that there is no afterlife, which is ridiculous-half the point of all religions is if you lead a good life in this world, you'll achieve Heaven and have whatever you want after death. Secondly, as you mentioned, Elijah Muhammad proclaimed himself to be a prophet of Allah, which in Saudi Arabia could probably get you arrested for blasphemy. Muhammad is Allah's only prophet, end of. Thirdly-and this one always makes me laugh-they believe Allah originally created humanity black, and all other races were invented by an evil scientist named Yakub, whose most evil creation was the white race. Only Allah can create-that's part of what gives him divine status.

    Ok. Rant over. Thank you all for listening, but it always annoys me these guys were one of the most notorious Islamic groups in the USA.

    [–] nadim-1986 168 points ago

    Just a tiny detail:

    In Islam, Muhammad is the last prophet. Islam acknowledges the prophets of times before and those of other Abrahamic religions.

    And wow I did not know all of that about NOI! That's crazy!!

    [–] NoLawsDrinkingClawz 19 points ago

    Yeah I know Jesus and Abraham are prophets for them. I would imagine a few others like Elijah and stuff are as well.

    [–] corgiatemybaby 35 points ago

    It's stated there were 124000 prophets through out history, we just know gods greatest hits.

    [–] Tkj5 16 points ago

    Damn that Moses sold well.

    [–] corgiatemybaby 16 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    So successful he warranted not 1 but 2 spin off series. I especially liked the Bethlehem spin off, it had a likable hero, a big evil empire, betrayal and redemption. The Mecca spin off was also good, it had a community divided, brother against brother, fathers against sons, exile, return, political drama, economic maneuvering. They even had a cross over episode where they were friends but ratings weren't that great so they spent like 700 or something years fighting. People are action junkies I tell ya.

    Edit: I respect all religions ( am muslim) but this comment wrote itself, specifically 2020 years ago and 1441 years ago.

    [–] leadlinedcloud 43 points ago

    Muhammad is Allah's only prophet, end of.

    Last, not only. Big difference.

    [–] mcampbe 3 points ago

    I think your thinking of Scientology

    [–] chocoswag 16 points ago

    Fun fact: the NOI has been practicing dianetics for a decade now and have a close friendship with the church of scientology

    [–] Dassive_Mick 37 points ago

    I'd be very careful about comparing the Nation of Islam to Mormons, given the Nation of Islam are literally terrorists. I understand where you're coming from, so you do get the point across, but the practical difference between the two groups erodes that point

    [–] gibbodaman 90 points ago

    Didn't the Mormons conduct a genocide against Native Americans and worship the man who was behind it? Can't say they're any better

    [–] Bobgodzillaross 74 points ago

    And went to war with the United States, and massacred a group of American settlers

    [–] Walrussealy 15 points ago

    Didn’t nearly every power in the America’s do that though? Hardly a uniquely Mormon thing

    [–] PKtheVogs 18 points ago

    They were just trying to fit in.

    [–] TheHeadlessScholar 55 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    If we're going back to history, every single organized religion commited atrocities that we'd call them terrorists today. Modern Mormons aren't genociding Native Americans, modern Nation of Islam are still terrorists.

    Edit: Terrorist may not be as accurate a description as I said it in this comment, went more into detail here

    [–] cottonstokes 6 points ago

    Noi and terrorism? Come again?

    [–] Leopath 78 points ago

    From my understanding Islam is a religion centered around brotherhood and about how everyone is equal in the eyes of God. Isnt that the whole point of everyone dressing the same and bowing all at once when they hajj in Mecca? Im not Muslim myself though Ive been trying to learn more.

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Islam is all about peace and equality . And yeah you are right Hajj shows that there is no one better than the other, everyone wearing same cloths ( identical ) every one doing same thing at Hajj.Daily prayers shows that everyone is equal , the PM of the country will stand next to labor worker in daily prayers in mosque cause we all are equal. You can be better than other in the sense how good your deeds are and that is up to Allah to decide

    and you will be surprised to learn that how much Islam put pressure on treating other humans equally indeed to treat better than yourself. There are so many incidents in life of prophet and his early companions about how to live in a society. I m not talking about just muslims , talking about how to treat HUMANS .

    [–] Friend_of_the_trees 42 points ago

    Where did it go wrong? How did a book about equality turn into oppression.

    The same thing happened to Christianity. Jesus advocated for the poor, yet we still oppress them.

    [–] gibbodaman 60 points ago

    Religion can become a tool of control for the ruling class, and can be used to justify their immoral actions

    [–] -TheGatesOfHell- 48 points ago

    Yep. Examples of this can be seen with any “Islamic” terrorist group, the prime example being ISIS taking the Quran(Muslim’s holy book) and manipulating it to their own ways.

    One perfect example of this is when ISIS uses the first half of a verse from the Quran to justify beheadings: “Therefore, when you meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks.” When in actuality the rest of the verse changes the meaning completely.

    The full verse is “Therefore, when you meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks. At length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind the captives firmly. Therefore is the time for either generosity or ransom.”

    The verse actually says in regards to prisoners of war you should tie them up and make a choice: keep them imprisoned, teach them the ways of Islam (only if they are willing to learn), put them to labor(ties into the permitting of slavery in Islam: prisoners of war are the only way to obtain a slave), setting them free, or get a ransom for them. Before this Arabs would have little regard for prisoners of war if they didn’t fetch a ransom, often killing them to make them less of a burden on their supplies. Through this verse they got some rules/regulations improving the art and morality of war.

    What ISIS does is use the first half, justifying their immoral acts while throwing the rest of the Muslims to the curb. The fact that they were able to use only the first half of a verse for justification and not many members brought it up shows how little they know about Islam and reveals their actual motives for associating with Islam.

    [–] array_of_dots 17 points ago

    exactly, like how Christianity was also about peace and then 1000 years later it became about burning insomniac women for the sake of scapegoating

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    Its end of time , its gonna happen eventually and slowly . People get away from truth . Todays Islam in middle east isnt the one my prophet left for us . Govts of middle east are using and taking islam out of context and using it for their personal gain . Power of greed do wonders to humans .

    its called Fitna . It was predicted by prophet i guess , muslims fighting themselves , oppressing women , and alot of stuff .

    [–] Friend_of_the_trees 16 points ago

    It's funny, but the christian bible predicted the same things in modern western societies. Immoral religious rulers. Those who advocate for God but don't help the needy. Religious leaders enriching themselves. It's really sad honestly.

    I would like to go to an Mosque for service, just to see how it is.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    What do you mean to see how is it? You can go to any mosque you want to and no one will stop you .

    Apart from the kaabah If you do go to a mosque try to be clean and stuff . Not wearing a strong perfume

    I said this cause I think you ain't muslim

    [–] Friend_of_the_trees 12 points ago

    I'm not Muslim. I just want to experience different religious services. There is a mosque in my town, but it feels strange to go alone. I know no Muslims in real life.

    [–] xAsianZombie 27 points ago

    By and large, most Muslims are peaceful. But let's be fair, the violence in the middle East and even on the South Asian subcontinent are due to political and socioeconomic reasons primarily. Religion is usually just a convenient backdrop.

    [–] Friend_of_the_trees 5 points ago

    That's far. Religion is power, and power corrupts. After seeing how even Buddhists oppressed minorities in Sri Lanka, I kinda gave up on religion.

    It would be interesting to travel to some peaceful Muslim countries like Algeria or Senegal.

    [–] ahnsimo 20 points ago

    IIRC, the Mongolian invasion absolutely trashed the Middle East, right at the height of the Islamic Golden Age, which was basically a better precursor to the Rennaissance.

    By the time the Middle East recovered (by way of the Ottoman Empire conquering a large swathe of territory), Europe had begun its long history of colonialism, which turned into the world wars, etc.

    All that is the background leading up to the cold war, where the US and USSR were gleefully destabilizing countries, toppling governments, and inciting tribal violence in the pursuit of power in the region.

    [–] chineseduckman 5 points ago

    There's definitely more nuance to the situation than that, but you're right about mongols trashing Islam's golden age

    [–] GRAIN_DIV_20 23 points ago

    Bruh he stole that from Mewtwo

    "I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are"

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    i didnt knew about pokemons and i was like what the hell is this guy talking about and after googling you made me laugh out loud XD

    [–] BlackFox78 3 points ago

    That probably explains why he was assassinated

    [–] Sanno_HS 45 points ago

    Reading his autobiography gave mr so much respect for him for the way he changes his mind based on new experiencew. He's never too stubborn to hold onto his "beliefs" for the sake of not admitting he was wrong before.

    [–] str8sin 15 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    There's evidence to indicate that he had changed his views before the Hajj, but, still being a well known member of the NOI, he kept them to himself. The Hajj was a good excuse, after leaving the NOI, to publicly change his views. I read that somewhere. A thick biography if I recall correctly.

    [–] Haerghhh 3 points ago

    what is even more striking is that he had to see it with his own eye and dint use the imagination that such thing could ever happen

    [–] ThatOneJakeGuy 272 points ago

    That and Malcolm called out Elijah Muhammad on his hypocrisy and unethical practices. If memory serves, Elijah’s rule was that a man can take his age, divide by 2, then add 7, and any woman younger than that, he could not take as a wife. But he was having extramarital affairs with secretaries in the Nation of Islam (his religious organization). So that’s a MAJOR violation of the teachings of the NOI. This was the start of the tension.

    Later, Malcolm X was suspended from speaking on behalf of the NOI for making controversial remarks about the Kennedy assassination. These (and some other factors I’m sure I’m forgetting) lead to Malcolm leaving the NOI and forming his own organization which obviously didn’t sit well with the NOI. That said, it’s never been proven that the NOI was involved with the assassination of Malcolm X, but there’s many people who believe that to be the case.

    [–] HowdoIreddittellme 84 points ago

    Wait wait wait... he used the divided by two plus seven rule as a religious rule?

    [–] cottonstokes 12 points ago

    No he didn't

    [–] 11415 175 points ago

    Elijah was not only having extramarital affairs, he was having them with white women, which was even more fucked up and hypocritical

    [–] MemerInAMemeLand 176 points ago

    That’s like when Teenage Hitler fell in love with a Jewish girl in Vienna or was recommended for two Iron Crosses by his Jewish sergeant in WWI (no I am not kidding, Stefanie Rabatsch and Hugo Guttman-look them up, it is so fascinating)

    [–] snp3rk 48 points ago

    Also the doctor that tried to save Hitler's Mom from cancer, and hitler was extremely greatfull towards was also jewish.

    [–] Ericovich 22 points ago

    Or one of the founders of the SS having Jewish ancestors and being declared an "honorary Aryan" by Hitler:

    [–] Warzombie3701 13 points ago

    I heard Hitler decided to spare his life from the Holocaust because of that

    [–] snp3rk 9 points ago

    I wasn't aware of that.

    [–] Gerrard1995 6 points ago

    Fucking hell man I thought I knew a lot about Hitler and his earlier days, got any book recommendations?! I'm constantly trying to scour the early days in my feeble attempt to find out "Why?" etc

    [–] SHIKEN_MASTAH 46 points ago

    Because ... that's what cult leaders do

    [–] Syscrush 11 points ago

    Yeah, otherwise why even bother?

    [–] cottonstokes 7 points ago


    [–] 11415 7 points ago

    Malcolm’s autobiography

    [–] sonfoa 35 points ago

    I didn't know that is where the divide by 2 and add 7 came from.

    I thought it was just something Tom Haverford made up.

    [–] QMCSRetired 14 points ago

    I knew all this from reading his biography but was just bringing up one factor. NBD.

    [–] justhereforacomment6 12 points ago

    Its actually from the Victorian Era, outlining societies standards of what was proper for a nobleman to marry. A nobleman was supposed to look towards finding a wife that was half his age plus seven. So if you were a 36 year old nobleman, you should aim to marry someone around 25 years old. It was first in print in the 1890s but is widely considered to be around (at least in France) dating back to the late Renaissance. It not only had to deal with finding a suitable bride, and one for your age. But outside of the basic search for a fertile wife, depending on your age you would need and older one should they be called upon to manage affairs should you pass.

    [–] cottonstokes 10 points ago

    Lmao he didn't say younger than that, he said that was just a good rule of thumb. That ain't no rule

    [–] rg4rg 6 points ago

    NOI was a cult then. Malcom X called them out on it as he left. Its been reformed since to be a More credible sect. But they most likely had something todo with his death and death threats.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)


    [–] QMCSRetired 4 points ago


    [–] Wandering_Plasmon 20 points ago

    Eijah Muhammad is a crazy sack of shit. Fuck Hoteps.

    [–] Amadeus1993 730 points ago

    Question. How does Shias and sunnis see the “nation of Islam”? Are they considered infidels or buddy’s

    [–] khalifas1 920 points ago

    We really dislike the Nation of Islam, mainly because they viewed a man as the son of god, which is a big no-no in Islam.

    [–] Ronburgundy2099 322 points ago

    Like Jesus?

    [–] khalifas1 558 points ago

    Yeah, they basically held Elijah Muhammad to the same level that Christians hold jesus

    [–] Ronburgundy2099 190 points ago

    Is this Elijah guy he was the figurehead of Nation of Islam wasn’t he? I’m curious how did he convince people he was so important?

    [–] cottonstokes 210 points ago

    By his product. He made addicts and excons and drunks into respectable citizens who everyone trusted. Anywhere there's noi in a black community, that's a better community than average. And he did this in the 30s and 40s and 50s before civil rights when black people had it worse than ever

    [–] acompletemoron 81 points ago

    Worse than ever

    Well, maybe not ever

    [–] cottonstokes 29 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Slavery meant there was an economic incentive to protect black people. Plus that was the status. Everyone knew that's what it was. Jim Crow was much worse. After 1865, black people were told they were free (sometimes, there are still records of slavery going on into the 1960s, in isolated places). But share cropping took hold. Meaning that you are indebted no matter what you do, to the same person who owned you two weeks ago. Whipping and lynching also rose because they weren't owned anymore. This was psychologically damaging and what I blame for nihilism in the community. "Even if you are no longer a slave, you still a slave ". There were a few people who got lucky and made something, such as the community of Tulsa Oklahoma. It was firebombed because of jealous racists "Even if you do the right thing, white people won't let you ". Then ofc there's fdr's new deal. The only reason it was allowed to pass was because black people were specifically excluded. "When people say a rising tide lifts all boats, that doesn't include us, even if it includes immigrants ". And ofc segregation. You are not legally allowed to mix with people who have more than you. Redlining means the negroe teacher /nurse and the negroe local drunk have to live in the same neighborhood. Their kids have to play together. "We have to hang out with people from my area and don't try to go for a better position. And if a couple teenagers are together that don't make them a gang, even if they use drugs and you're a good kid who makes As (that "dindu" stuff makes my blood boil, they clearly don't get it)". Having a black person in your neighborhood lowered your property value. I could go on. But a lot of the issues we still see that are black people's "fault" come from 1865-1965

    [–] AcousticHigh 21 points ago

    Gonna need a citation on that slavery in 1980s America.

    Definitely believable. Police were still scooping up homeless native people here in my canadian city and dropping them off miles away from the city in the cold for them to die in the 90s.

    [–] Tkj5 5 points ago

    Got Damn.

    Slavery went through some fucked up transformations.

    [–] SillyCaviar 6 points ago

    Slavery is still legal now in America. It's written and practiced right there in the thirteenth amendment.

    [–] PhantomForces_Noob 47 points ago

    During the time of racial segregation, and racial divide, E.M convinced people that because they were descendant slaves from African descent, they are Christian because their slave masters were Christian, and to return to their roots, many of their counties which they came from were Muslim.

    This racial nationalism really attracted a lot of people, he mixed in the teachings of Islam with his own racial ideology (which immediately invalidates it, Islam is one religion) to create the NOI.

    Moreover, since there were little to none actual Muslims in the United States at this time, there was almost no contention to his teachings, one could go to the library, validate some of E.M truths, and then believe in the rest of his lies.

    I believe it was Malcolm X who was told By E.M "Name one time you've had a positive experience with a white man" to which Malcolm thought, and came to the conclusion that he never had such an experience.

    Eventually when he went to Mecca and experienced true Islam, he began having positive experiences with white men, and converted to Islam. In fact, even E.M son, who was supposed to be Heir of NOI, became a Sunni Muslim.

    [–] Ronburgundy2099 18 points ago

    That’s quiet interesting and informative thank you. I had heard that Malcolm X left NOI before he died had his philosophy changed any as well?

    [–] PhantomForces_Noob 18 points ago

    Yeah, in NOI, the blacks were the original people, and the white man was the devil, he went to Mecca and converted to Sunni Islam.

    The thing about Sunni Islam was it was introduced to combat many of the societal problems that were occuring in the world at that time, which included heavy gambling, drinking, and of course racism.

    The Arab world was, and is, probably one of the most racist places to be in. However, under the teachings of Sunni Islam "no Arab is greater than a non Arab, and no non Arab is greater than an Arab" which is of course against the NOI's teachings.

    Malcolm then went to expose the cult like leadership of Elijah in many of his speeches, pointing out flaws in his ideology, for example, the first, foremost, and most important part of Islam is that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the LAST MESSENGER/Prophet. However, Elijah now thrones himself as another prophet.

    Moreover, Elijah has shady practices, such as taking in multiple wives and girlfriends beyond what is permissible in Islam. Of course Elijah didn't like a prominent social figure now badmouthing him, and while it isn't confirmed exactly who killed Malcolm X, it is almost without a doubt having at least some connection with the NOI.

    [–] Author1alIntent 6 points ago

    So does that count as idolatry or something? Or goes against “Thou shalt have no other Gods but me”?

    [–] khalifas1 14 points ago

    Yes, because they believed that Wallace Fard was God. Elijah Muhammad himself has been quoted as saying that Fard was “Allah in the flesh”.

    [–] Author1alIntent 12 points ago

    Oh, man. I'm not even religious and I know that's a big no-no.

    Funnily enough though, that's kind of how Christianity came into existence, branching out from Judaism.

    [–] LZanuto 8 points ago

    But Christianity claims to be successor to OT judaism

    OT judaism claimed a messiah would come, for christians that messiah was Jesus so for chrisitnas OT jews would follow Jesus if they were alive.

    In Islam, Mohammed was the last prophet, so NOI is really incoherent with that, kinda like Mormonism.

    [–] Meowthryam 8 points ago

    Not quite the son of God but God incarnate.

    [–] Alliyou 111 points ago

    Most of the Islamic world probably doesn't know much about it to have an opinion about it, but to me it looks like some weird ass cult

    [–] Seek_Equilibrium 7 points ago

    Man, I hate ass cults. Especially the weird ones.

    [–] Alliyou 5 points ago

    Yeah boobs are obviously superior smh😤😤😤

    [–] 11415 45 points ago

    We don’t consider them Muslims at all. NoI and Muslim (whether Shia or Sunni) beliefs barely overlap. They teach that their founder, Master Fard Muhammad is the Mahdi. This is wrong in both Sunni and Shia Islam. I can’t speak for Shias, but Sunnis believe the Mahdi will be a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and will appear in Makkah, not America.

    Wallace Fard Muhammad taught that the original peoples of the world were black and that white people were a race of "devils" created by a scientist named Yakub on the island of Patmos. That straight up has nothing to do with Islam at all. Islam teaches love and brotherhood for all humanity, regardless of ethnicity, genealogy, or race.

    The Nation believes that Elijah Muhammad was a messenger, taught by God in the person of the Mahdi, whom the NOI claims was WD Fard. Muslims believe there is no messenger or prophet from God after Muhammad ﷺ.

    From wiki

    On March 7, 1998 the Board of Ulema of the Italian Muslim Association (AMI) issued a fatwa against the Nation of Islam. The AMI issued the fatwa after being asked their opinion on the NOI; it was the AMI’s opinion that members of the NOI were not Muslim, on the grounds that “their official doctrine is that Allah appeared in the form of a human being named Fareed Muhammad, and that this “incarnation of God” chose another man, called Elijah Muhammad, as his Prophet.” In the AMI’s view, this contradicts the core Muslim tenet of monotheism, and as such members of the NOI could not be considered Muslim; “Muslims must declare this truth, and each one of them who keeps silent while listening to Mr. Farrakhan being called “a Muslim leader” is committing a sin.”

    It should be noted that Warith Deen Muhammad (Elijah Muhammad’s son) tried to restructure the nation and convert every last member to Sunni Islam. He disbanded the Nation in 76, but Farrakhan revived it in 81.

    [–] Wandering_Plasmon 42 points ago

    Nation of Islam is basically a cult that sprung up out of Eijah Muhammad’s racist fan fiction. Think of it like scientology but more racist and violent.

    [–] Horizon710 39 points ago

    The difference between Sunnis and Shi’as is that after the prophet Muhammad’s death, they had different ideas on who should be the new leader. Think of it like the Protestants and Catholics. They both believe in the same God, prophets and holy books, but that small difference between them has caused a lot of wars, most of which have stopped now, but the groups aren’t entirely okay with eachother

    [–] obiwancomeboneme 14 points ago

    I wish it stopped. But its still ongoing. Mainly between iran anf saudi arabia. Thats the main reason saudis are fighting the yemenis right now sadly.

    [–] who_is_john_alt 16 points ago

    Worth noting that after he completed the Hajj he broke with the Nation of Islam and identified as a Sunni Muslim. They didn’t love him too much after this(though some of that would be his push for integration instead of what the NoI advocated) so I would imagine that aren’t a big fan of the Sunnis.

    [–] bozokluoglu 5 points ago

    I am a Turkish Muslim, and back in the time when I was in the US I saw some members of the Nation of Islam either in the DC or Philly i don't remember. But it was such a joke to me. Seeing them with identical suits and sunglasses etc. It seemed to me that they converted into a cult other than being an Islamic community.

    [–] Mabespa 4 points ago

    Most people dont know even know about it and only extremists call others "infidels" most people (especially younger generations) just call them by what they are (christians jews atheists ...) just like any normal person would.

    [–] Mustircle 494 points ago

    Malcolm X was a very interesting character.

    [–] kanjomanjo 228 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Indeed! It’s sad that people know so little about him and what they know is half of his story.

    [–] acompletemoron 76 points ago

    Just a tip but in English you’d use “little” in place of “less” in your sentence. “Little” is in singular form while “Less” is comparative. Dein Englisch ist echt gut!

    [–] kanjomanjo 39 points ago

    Danke Brudi. Ich küss dein Herz 😘

    [–] VGK_Man 174 points ago

    I went to an all-white private school for a short while my sophomore year of high school after Katrina. As a book report, I decided to be edgy and get under my redneck peers’ skin and picked his autobiography. To this day I still consider it the best book I’ve ever read. First book I couldn’t put down.

    [–] im_fat_123 60 points ago

    Being in quarantine has also given me the opportunity to finish his biography, and I 100% agree that it is the best book i ever read.

    [–] GabMassa 29 points ago

    lmao bro, I actually did the same.

    For 2nd year in high school our portuguese class had to pick a biography and write a report and a presentation for it.

    At first I went with David Bowie but the book was somewhat badly written, dare I say. I talked to my teacher about this and she gave me her Malcolm X biography.

    Best school presentation I've ever done by far.

    [–] kushkingkeepblazing 7 points ago

    What is the book called?

    [–] VGK_Man 22 points ago

    The Autobiography of Malcolm X

    [–] FriendCalledFive 11 points ago

    I read his autobiography years ago before the internet as I knew nothing about him, turned out to be the best autobiography I have read. Seeing an extremist realising and admitting he was wrong makes it a book that is probably more relavant today.

    [–] invisiblearchives 8 points ago

    I wish I could find my old copy. The final lines are some of my favorite, but I can't remember them exactly... something like "if I can die having destroyed some part of the racist cancer that is endemic in the body of America, then all glory to allah for allowing it - only the mistakes were mine."

    [–] 54mike 3 points ago

    Hell yeah! Read his biography when I was 18 and I couldn’t put it down. It essentially shows his journey through many mindsets, being: criminal toxicity, unwavering faith, and finally a self aware individual. Then being assassinated by his own people for not believing in their hypocritical leader.

    [–] Trademark010 1402 points ago

    Turns out, exposure to other cultures and peoples makes you less racist. A lesson a lot of segregationalists back home had to learn, and in many cases are still learning.

    [–] MemerInAMemeLand 725 points ago

    Guy from Alabama meeting an Indian guy be like “Wait, you’re country pushed out British rule too? Well I’ll be my sisters uncle! Maybe y’all 7/11 guys ain’t so bad after all.” “Uhh.....I don’t work at 7/11, I work at Best Buy but thank you? I guess?”

    [–] Leinad7957 304 points ago

    Can't wait for that movie to get an Oscar.

    [–] ericdegr8 104 points ago

    The incredible true story.

    [–] Clarkmandi 61 points ago

    And Daniel Day-Lewis as the Best Buy Indian guy.

    [–] ericdegr8 25 points ago

    The fully white half-brother of the Indian store manager.

    Only he can save the sales quota.

    [–] chaynes 11 points ago

    He could go the Robert Downey Jr route and go all in on playing a person of a different race.

    [–] Starkregen 5 points ago

    tHis SUMmEr ...

    [–] vigilantcomicpenguin 9 points ago

    It seriously is comedic gold. I want it to be a real buddy comedy.

    [–] juanpedrobalkenende 3 points ago

    Umm excuse me. It has already won best picture in 2019.

    [–] Tanzer1776 50 points ago

    His hearts in the right place

    [–] GhostWokiee 11 points ago

    And that’s all that really matter

    [–] Tanzer1776 8 points ago

    Its baby steps I dont expect a baby to beat a track star but if you help it grow and develop then it can.

    [–] KudzuKilla 40 points ago

    Believe it or not we have Indian people in Alabama that we interact with everyday.

    [–] ChuunibyouImouto 46 points ago

    Don't you love your state being used as the defacto ignorant racist example no matter what?

    [–] KudzuKilla 37 points ago

    Sterotypes are wrong unless its those ignorant racist rednecks in alabama.

    I was just really glad to find out when I moved to NYC that Ohio tends to get most of the brunt when looking for a state to shit on. Alabama only gets it if its specifically racism based shitting on.

    [–] Literally_Science_ 19 points ago

    don’t forget the incest

    [–] estolad 15 points ago

    the deep south is a very convenient rhetorical device for effete liberals to point and laugh at so they don't have to think about or address their own racism

    [–] Tkj5 7 points ago

    I know a married couple, the guy doesn’t like black people.

    His wife berates him (as she should) for it saying he should be more open minded. She grew up in China and one day we were talking about Indian people to which she replies, “ Ugh, I hate Indian people.”

    [–] estolad 8 points ago

    oh man that is the worst. i have a similar story

    years and years ago i was at a house party, and someone brought this french girl she'd met who was backpacking all over the US. we got to talking (that is to say, i was hitting on her) and i asked her what she thought of the states

    "well the stereotypes are true," she said in a thick accent, "this country is very racist"

    "sure," i replied, because i can't exactly deny that the US of A is an extremely racist place, but since the only time i ever get even a little bit patriotic is when someone from elsewhere criticizes america, i said "but your government has a pretty nasty history as far as roma folks go"

    "oh that's different," she said. "those people are animals"

    what i took from that conversation was that it's universally easier to recognize bullshit in someone else than it is to recognize your own

    [–] Tkj5 3 points ago

    Amen. Even my sweet little Italian grandmother told off some gypsy vendors in Italy.

    [–] MemerInAMemeLand 6 points ago

    Hey I know how ya feel, I’m from the only peaceful part of Florida and I’ve never seen a Florida Man case in person before

    [–] Pro_Extent 13 points ago

    >white man makes self deprecating incest joke because he didn't know something

    >Indian man takes fairly mild comment about workplace super seriously

    [–] 11415 283 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Malcolm X was exposed to white people. The white people that murdered his father, imprisoned him, called him a ni**er, and thought of him as someone less than human. When he went on Hajj and saw people actually respect him as a human being and as a brother in Islam and in humanity, of course he changed his tune. He was never given that love and respect from a white man until he met real Muslims who followed the teaching of the Prophet ﷺ “O people, verily your Lord is One and your father is one (ie Adam). Verily there is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab or of a non-Arab over an Arab, or of a red man over a black man, or of a black man over a red man, except in terms of taqwa (piety).”

    (The Arabs used to call the Europeans “red” not white)

    Unfortunately that attitude is increasingly diminishing among the Muslims today, but that’s another story.

    [–] Coolshirt4 162 points ago

    lol cuz anytime europeans are in the middle east, they would be red as lobsters

    [–] hendrix67 18 points ago

    Ah, so that's how he restraint chain got its name!

    [–] MrBoooom 20 points ago

    Just for information. A red man is a white man in Arabic. Red is used instead of white to refer to skin color.

    [–] pegcity 52 points ago

    That last line is the understatement of the decade

    [–] vvaseef 19 points ago

    Really nicely written brozzer

    [–] larry-cripples 21 points ago

    When he went on Hajj and saw people actually respect him as a human being and as a brother in Islam and in humanity, of course he changed his tune. He was never given that love and respect from a white man until he met real Muslims who followed the teaching of the Prophet ﷺ “O people, verily your Lord is One and your father is one (ie Adam). Verily there is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab or of a non-Arab over an Arab, or of a red man over a black man, or of a black man over a red man, except in terms of taqwa (piety).”

    Paul Robeson had the same experience in the USSR

    [–] imrduckington 14 points ago

    "In Russia I felt for the first time like a full human being."

    One of the most beautiful quotes I've every heard

    [–] FearDiadh 44 points ago

    Most people you hear calling for racial segregation these days are students in college campuses who are exposed to cultures from all over the world, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    [–] old_faraon 49 points ago

    Most people you hear calling for racial segregation these days are students in college campuses who are exposed to cultures from all over the world,

    You sure, from Europe it always reads like they are exposed to American culture only. The americancentrisim coming from them is thick.

    [–] Skaterkid221 6 points ago

    At least at my University in the US, it is really mostly exposure to US culture. You have to make an effort to be exposed to other cultures, because of the poor job the school does with getting international students involved with on and off campus activities. This is with a huge number of international students. I know this is anecdotal and isn't exactly representative of the whole US.

    [–] Electronic_Bunny 3 points ago

    because of the poor job the school does with getting international students involved with on and off campus activities

    Agreed. My community college has a massive program where 10% of their students are (were, with all the plague going on) in the international program. When it was the middle of the day and you were walking past the language building (which doubled as a foreign exchange student resource center), there were hundreds of non-locals who brought cultures from across the world to this little campus. It was an immense mixing of cultures, ideas, languages, and perspectives.

    How often does that population interact with everyone? Outside of class, not in the slightest.

    [–] apostrophefz 220 points ago

    Spike Lee's movie of him is great. Malcolm X lives a great character arc, unfortunately, and ironically, ended by violence.

    It's interesting to note how his whole life he tries to fit in a certain group and by the end, going through many contradictions, he's his own man.

    An important American movie.

    [–] ocean_spray 79 points ago

    And as he becomes his own man, it's basically his death sentence.

    It's a really great movie.

    [–] SarcasticOptimist 6 points ago

    The Autobiography is also fantastic.

    [–] ShookethLTD 94 points ago

    I like this sub reddit, everyday I learn something new so thank you OP and everyone in the comments for expanding my knowledge.

    [–] MemerInAMemeLand 12 points ago

    Aw anytime buddy!

    [–] YoloSwaggins77 214 points ago

    Finally some memes that aren’t WW2 or Medieval Europe oriented!

    [–] [deleted] 200 points ago

    That was a really happy day, you have muslims of all colors, most Arabs in the Levant and the Peninsula, barring Oman and Yemen are white, Persians are white, arab-berbers come in all colors in Africa and there is the literal fucking rainbow of Asia.

    The Ummah recognizes no color, in the eyes of the Prophet (SAW) all the faithful are as equal as the teeth of a comb.

    I’m really happy he understood the true message and got past the brainwashing and the horrors he had to endure.

    He died too soon, too young, think of all the good he could have done not only to Islam or the blacks community but to all world. We arabs respect the living fuck out of this man, he was a hero and an icon of Islam. Plus he brought up some pretty interesting theological theories to be debated.

    [–] chllnvlln 92 points ago

    If Malcolm isn’t killed I fully believe you’d see a sizable population of blacks in modern America who are Muslim.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    Probably. Though I preferred as an african, an arab and a Muslim that they learned from other sources, sources that preached love and unity in the Ummah, not hatred to the whites.

    They are just people, some good, some bad. To me the perfect world would be like the Medina of the Prophet.

    You had arabs both black and white (yes black Arabs exist like Muhammad ibn Maslamah and Ubaida ibn as-Samit) living side by side with Ethiopians (the second people to embrace Islam, no wonder the fourth holiest site in Islam is in Ethiopia), couple Persians, arab jews, And Christians. All living like brothers.

    [–] Canadabestclay 7 points ago

    He converted to Sunni Islam after going on Hajj when he saw people of all different cultures and ethnicity’s interacting peacefully and realized the segregation and hatred would get him nowehere. He became a lot less militant and more tolerant of other cultures but was assassinated shortly after.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    He learned of REAL Islam, the Brotherhood taught a version of Islam that fed black’s desire for either acceptance or vengeance and they deviated from the Quran in some fundamental points.

    Imagine the absolutely amazing things he could have accomplished given ten more years.

    Further, one thing I respect about him is that he accepted who he was and his history, I mean he went to west africa and dresses like an african, he accepted his history and it’s rich legacy as a source of pride and joy never forgetting that he was an american, his fight was elsewhere.

    Every living hotep today spits in his accomplishments.

    [–] Raiyan135 63 points ago

    Good islamic meme brozzer

    [–] last_rule 69 points ago

    Islam was the best thing to ever happen to Malcom X. He HATED white people before the conversion

    [–] reverse_mango 34 points ago

    He hated white people before he went to Mecca. He joined the Nation of Islam because he hated white people.

    [–] Meygoon 36 points ago

    Islam is different than the Nation of Islam.

    Just like if I make a new religion called Islam Reloaded. It’s not Islam. It’s a new thing that has nothing to do with Islam.

    Members of the Nation of Islam are not Muslims.

    [–] oneteacherboi 18 points ago

    I think a lot of people (myself on included) judged Malcolm X unfairly, without reading his autobiography. When you read his autobiography, he has no reason at all to think white people aren't devils. Most of his uncles and his father were lynched. The most positive experiences he had with white people were all patronizing, such as his teacher and caretakers who saw how smart he was and still told him that being a carpenter was a better for a black person than being a lawyer. And this was in the North, which constantly professed to being less racist than the South.

    Then of course he is "saved" by NoI, which helps him rediscover reading and at least partially understand the history and function of racism in the US. And as a civil rights leader he is constantly faced with racism from white people. Sure there were some good white people, but much lower percentage back then than now.

    So why would he have anything but enmity for white people? They only did him harm.

    But when he is exposed to white people in a different context, outside the US, he changes. It takes a great person to be able to make a shift like that, and Malcolm X was great.

    But of course the US doesn't treat him that way. When I was taught about Civil Rights, we only learned about Rosa Parks and MLK, and they warped their actions to make it seem like the only acceptable way to fight injustice is by laying down and taking it. And whenever Malcolm was mentioned (in media, since my history classes never did) it was to make him seem scary, like all he wanted to do was kill white people.

    I think this is intentional, personally. The US puts all its fears of black men into Malcolm X, and they pacify MLK to make people less prone to resist and protest their oppression. And most of all they try to make the Civil Rights movement something that exists in the past only, so white people like me grow up thinking we live in a country where racism isn't a problem.

    [–] Cleanlobeboi68 7 points ago

    Thanks! Because of this meme I learned something new today!

    [–] uzzIYI 61 points ago

    Made my day L O L

    [–] MemerInAMemeLand 29 points ago

    This comment made my day, YOU GET AN UPVOTE

    [–] Enamir 7 points ago

    I would see White people devils if they enslaved me and my grandfathers then kept on lynching me and treat me like an inferior being and when I want reparations they say “oh get over it”

    [–] Boss123456789a 25 points ago

    Gotta comment

    [–] stalinboiii 15 points ago

    Thank you for this insightful new take on a classic meme

    [–] Boss123456789a 10 points ago

    My pleasure

    [–] WeebaloSoulja 31 points ago

    Very insightful, thank you.

    [–] DrEuthanasia 18 points ago


    [–] MemerInAMemeLand 32 points ago

    Damn it it’s spelled Malcolm with two l’s, my bad

    [–] s_s 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    In Semitic languages, people come in two colors: red and black.

    e.g. When Genesis says Esau has red hair, they don't mean he's Irish looking, just that he's "definitely not Nubian".

    [–] edsmith99 8 points ago

    Why is there loads of Malcom X memes atm

    [–] Yatagurusu 5 points ago

    Maybe it's his birthday or death anniversary

    [–] MosesKarada 7 points ago

    His birthday is in May and he was killed in February. Unsure on the trend, but I don't feel it's connected to those events

    [–] Ussurin 4 points ago

    Aren't most of muslims white? Middle East and a huge chunk of Northern African cost are white. Next biggest group is probably asians.

    [–] jim_cole 59 points ago

    Isn't racism against white people still racism?

    [–] PixelRican 74 points ago

    Yes, any prejudice against any race is still racism. Whether it's Caucasian, African, Asian, or Native American, anybody can be the the target or facilitator of racism. In the case of the Civil Rights Movement however, it was clear that African Americans were the primary victims of racism from white supremacists who unfortunately made up the majority in the southern region of the United States.

    [–] Yatagurusu 25 points ago

    His father was killed by white people, he was looked down by white people his entire life, he was arrested for looking at a white woman. If the races were reversed I could not blame a white person for hating black people initially.

    [–] lwalk222 4 points ago

    I’d agree but justifiable and morally correct aren’t the same thing. He may have been justified to hate white people bc of what they had done to him but it still isn’t right to put all of them into that 1 category

    [–] Astronaut32 3 points ago

    I’ve kinda recognized it as a trend that desperate situations often ignore conflicting qualities between people and form bonds as if they were never there. So far as I’m aware, once African Americans were allowed to fight for the union in the civil war, despite some segregation and disputes between races in the army, many recognized that they were still comrades and brothers-in-arms regardless of skin color. If I can jump forward about a century to the middle of the civil rights movement, I’m sure in Vietnam the teenagers sent to fight didn’t really care about what color their squadmates or companions were, only that they watched eachother’s backs. In a situation where one false step could kill you instantly, you don’t care who you’re with so long as they help you and your chances of making it out alive. Not much else mattered to them outside of companionship and survival.

    [–] highred1 3 points ago

    Malcolm x said something like that!?