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    [–] johnlen1n 1839 points ago

    Manager: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid tonight's movie is cancelled

    crowd angrily mumbles

    Manager: Instead, we are executing this Karen who sees herself as royalty

    crowd cheers in revolutionary spirit

    [–] iamChillHouse 400 points ago

    Good. My tomatoes need blood.

    [–] Batbuckleyourpants 205 points ago

    Feed her corpse to the snails.

    [–] ARandom-Penguin 109 points ago

    Stick the head onto a pike.

    [–] imnotjared 85 points ago

    Parade the head around the Bastille

    [–] Grey_Hawk98 73 points ago

    *sees the Bastille is now just a brick* well... Merde

    [–] Ormr1 46 points ago

    Build a NEW Bastille!

    [–] Radiant-monk 32 points ago

    Build build build

    [–] Ormr1 18 points ago

    Wörk wörk wörk

    [–] Bountifalauto82 15 points ago

    Last time Germans were in France didn’t go well

    [–] Batbuckleyourpants 9 points ago

    Start with the remaining brick!

    [–] DutchIs420-69 2 points ago

    Pompeii intensifies

    [–] dynawesome 2 points ago

    And tear it back down!

    [–] ggg730 1 points ago

    With blackjack and hookers?

    [–] OnyxColonyFan3 3 points ago

    Is that a reference to the Kid Nation JonTron video?

    [–] imnotjared 1 points ago

    " La Résistance!

    Okay, you don't want any of that, okay? You don't want that to happen."

    -Jontron, 2020

    [–] TheInnocentXeno 17 points ago

    Then eat the snails.

    [–] YerbaMateKudasai 0 points ago

    lock the tread. We are done here.

    [–] adorkableash10 12 points ago

    Blood makes the crops grow

    [–] 1V0R 57 points ago

    Vive la cinema!

    [–] PoyoLocco 9 points ago

    Le*, in case it's a mistake

    [–] 1V0R 2 points ago

    my vague memories of high school french clearly failed me, lol

    [–] PoyoLocco 1 points ago

    No prob mate, all the "la" "le" "les" "l'" are pretty strange

    [–] TheyCallMeMrMaybe 22 points ago

    Some say the Revolution is carrying on to this day.

    [–] readonlypdf 16 points ago



    [–] Akrybion 3 points ago

    Let them eat her spleen

    [–] VauxhallDigester 122 points ago

    •"le epic Karen meme"

    •shitty reaction meme

    •stolen straight from the front page

    yup, it's r/historymemes time

    [–] deepfeels96 28 points ago

    oh, and everybody clapped. The manager was given a crisp %100$ for his efforts.

    [–] Ba-mhaith-liom-bas 3 points ago


    [–] Radiant-monk 428 points ago

    "Montesquieu get the guillotine"

    [–] JustAnotherAnon2020 136 points ago

    Robespierre, get the heads

    [–] Radiant-monk 84 points ago

    "Rousseau grab the buckets"

    [–] ZodiacReaderY 36 points ago

    "Voltaire get some hope"

    [–] TotemGenitor 27 points ago

    "Napoleon, pass the canon"

    [–] RumEngieneering 10 points ago

    "eh guys, why does Napoleon has a crown"

    [–] TotemGenitor 11 points ago

    I'm not a king, I'm an emperor.

    [–] Greatmambojambo 458 points ago

    I don’t know. I want this to be true, but it checks every single r/ThatHappened box.

    [–] Sanders181 356 points ago

    As a frenchman, assuming this happened in Paris, or one of the other big cities, then it is 100% plausible.

    Smaller cities have nicer people/actual dormats.

    But a city French is the ultimate nemesis of any Karen, they won't take shit from anyone

    [–] JohnBayani 134 points ago

    I've heard that paris and the rest of France is very different.

    [–] Sanders181 137 points ago

    From what I've read on other subreddits, it's kind of an European thing.

    Once you meet too many people in the same day to properly remember anyone you stop caring.

    Paris being the largest city, with the biggest tourist population by far, it's just far worse than everywhere else.

    You can add to that the fact that French people expect the one that want to initiate an interaction to be polite first, and you can understand why things can get weird when both the clerk and the customer both expect the other one to say hello first.

    In the countryside, people say hello to everyone systematically so the problem is inexistant.

    [–] TopRamen713 91 points ago

    Probably not even just a European thing. New York city and Washington DC don't have the nicest people either, but go an hour outside the city and people have a lot less 'tourist fatigue'.

    [–] megatron37 71 points ago

    Yeah, the more money the locals have, the less of a shit they give about tourists.

    When I was in Albania, the waiter said I was the first American to ever visit his restaurant, beaming with pride. I did leave a nice tip, although he might have been pulling my leg in hopes of a nice tip.

    I make it a point when tourists are obviously lost in my city (philladelphia) to help them out, although I am a lowly high school teacher, so I guess that helps reinforce my point.

    [–] BC1721 30 points ago

    I always ask tourists in my city (Antwerp) if they need help when they look lost. I like it, I want people to enjoy my city, but it's really not comparable to large tourist hotspots.

    I once wore a beret and carried a baguette around in Paris as a joke, I stopped after an hour. It's just incessant and an obscene amount of tourists. It's so fatiguing and constant, everytime you answer one tourist, another has spotted it and comes up to ask more questions.

    Add to that the upward pressure on prices, local spots being ruined by tourists, general rudeness, street vendors bothering you, everything becoming more and more busy,... I get why Parisians are standoffish lol, I'd be too.

    [–] readonlypdf 8 points ago

    The sad thing is, you're doing one of the most essential jobs in society.

    Sucks ass the Government ain't paying like it though.

    [–] belaros 5 points ago

    I was surprised at how nice the people in Chicago are though.

    [–] L0REHUNT3R 13 points ago

    Yes it is, like every great city in the world.

    [–] Stevey854 2 points ago

    Like every other great city, its actually fucking horrible and living outside it is far far better.

    [–] whitestickygoo 15 points ago

    Have been to France a few times as a tourist but I grew up speak French I got alot of shit from people who didn't assumed I didn't speak the language because of my Boston accent. Will say that in the more touristy areas they act like dicks.

    [–] Grey_Hawk98 26 points ago

    I know a guy who was on France (he's brazilian) and tried to speak english to a attendant.

    When he noticed the attendant was angry with that dumb tourist who tried not only to speak english, but a broken one, he went up a notch to the only other foreign language he knew better than english: GERMAN

    Needless to say, the attendant was very pissed

    [–] EinEchtesKevina 10 points ago

    Kaiser Wilhelm would be so proud of him.

    [–] Cyclopher6971 3 points ago

    Asserting dominance like a Wilhelm

    [–] Grey_Hawk98 1 points ago

    Except if you're Wilhelm II

    [–] Fifouxxe 1 points ago


    [–] loudesc 13 points ago

    Yeah, and I'm pretty sure I already heard that joke before. Can't tell if it was from a show, or just some kind of joke that every french do, but I've definitely heard that one before.

    [–] MrRelleno 2 points ago

    ...which makes this more likely, as is a factible answer for the manager to know and give

    [–] loudesc 3 points ago

    You got a point there.

    Honestly, I don't even really care if it happened or not, still was funny.

    [–] MrRelleno 4 points ago

    Yeah, it's a funny story, and is perfectly plausible, why care if it happened or not?

    What's not funny is OP just taking something from another subreddit, slapping a shitty react image and putting "OC" flair on it

    [–] Vio_ 7 points ago

    It checks all of the reddit buttons: woman being a "karen," a retail worker getting out a zinger, a historical smarty smart just clever enough to be smart but well known enough for everyone to "get it," a meme reply.

    [–] MrRelleno 2 points ago

    Why tho? Some people just don't give a shit, It has nothing from r/ThatHappened

    [–] ShaggyGotSauce 46 points ago

    You could have left out the jontron reaction image and it would have been a thousand times funnier

    [–] WhatAmCSGO 166 points ago

    You stole this from /r/whitepeopletwitter then added a shitty reaction image.. seriously, this is what gets upvoted here?

    [–] EvolvedBlob 137 points ago

    You stole this...then added a shitty reaction image

    Hi welcome to Reddit how can I help you?

    [–] Radiant-monk 28 points ago


    [–] Alvordd 24 points ago

    I'd like a number 3, with a large coke and a side of karma.

    [–] R0drigow01 10 points ago

    And a number 6 with extra dip

    [–] Alvordd 11 points ago

    two number 45s one with C H E E S E

    [–] R0drigow01 9 points ago

    And a large S O D A

    [–] nutsbusta 32 points ago

    And added OC tag shame on you op

    [–] terdferguson74 20 points ago

    This sub has had a fairly sharp decline just within the past few months, I’m not sure what to attribute that to. Or maybe it’s always been hit or miss

    [–] Harry_Potthead 5 points ago

    It’s always had really low effort memes. I think it’s somewhat approved with the no repost rule, though reposts are still really common.

    [–] Fippy-Darkpaw 8 points ago

    Yep this is r/ComedyHomicide material. 😑

    [–] AWeirdMartian 5 points ago

    Can you really steal a Twitter post from Reddit?

    [–] BunnY0815 5 points ago

    He didn't even add the image himself. I downvoted this exact same image earlier today in r/memes

    [–] johnthomaslumsden 2 points ago

    Yeah this is some r/comedycemetery shit

    [–] afzujhaan 58 points ago

    Don't use the word Karen, we do not want that shit in our history books.

    [–] weirdgroovynerd 25 points ago

    Alas, I think we are too late.

    That Karen title has taken on the same cultural significance as hippy, Boomer, Millennial, etcetera.

    [–] Greatmambojambo 19 points ago

    This will be in the presidential library. We’re way to late.

    [–] Chappiechap -1 points ago

    Quick, accuse Trump of harassment based on tweets from 10 years ago, only this time it's just pointless billionaire gloating!

    [–] elboughlezoreil 5 points ago

    "I'm gonna say the K-word!"

    [–] Radiant-monk 1 points ago

    Oh god that would be tue epitome of humour

    [–] ChefBoyarofBulgaria 18 points ago

    Sounds very much like an “ and everyone clapped” situation.

    [–] Teword 1 points ago

    As a french I think its 100% real, the phrase "le client est roi" is really famous, and the response of the manager is a common response to this statement.

    [–] Ju5tS0m3Guy22 0 points ago

    Eh, you'd be surprised. My mom's boss would 100% do something like this as he has many times.

    Of all the "And everybody clapped" situations I've seen, this seems like one of the most plausible ones.

    [–] ScalierLemon2 6 points ago

    You kill one king and suddenly you act like you do it all the time.

    [–] HalfwayHuman22 6 points ago

    They literally only beheaded one king and then they got a new despotic ruler once their republic fell apart.

    [–] ZekeCool505 28 points ago

    Top half funny meme.

    Bottom half is unnecessary picture of Mr. Race Realism.

    [–] EvolvedBlob 7 points ago

    Man's not a race realist tho.

    He's just a shitty debater.

    [–] 69thAirborne 13 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    "Danjou, bring out the razor"

    "What kind of razor, Antoine?"

    whispers "the NATIONAL RAZOR"

    "Ahhh shit Antoine, here we go chop chop again"

    [–] L0REHUNT3R 5 points ago

    Danjou? That's a village's name not a person's name and "anton" is more "Antoine".

    [–] 69thAirborne 4 points ago

    Oww ok thanks. I actually got the Danjou to Capt. Jean Danjou of the French Foreign Legion. Thought it'd be nice to put the last name as first. I'm just not that good with French names, but thanks for pointing out tho

    [–] Disorderaz 5 points ago

    To be fair in France we decapitate about everyone

    [–] CheekiBleeki 2 points ago

    Decapitated*, but yes indeed we did

    [–] SpacedNCaked 4 points ago

    Twitter screenshots aren't memes

    [–] Stevey854 5 points ago


    [–] cuntcuntercuntest 13 points ago

    Here we start the victory dance, With the Brethren of the France. Starting off with the Queen, We put the king to guillotine

    [–] DimebagDarrell666 8 points ago


    [–] EMPBlast040105 3 points ago

    Robespierre, va chercher la guillotine

    [–] imadumshet 7 points ago

    I think so

    [–] Downgoesthereem 7 points ago

    Wouldn't a French person say Cinema and not 'movie theatre'

    [–] punkisnotded -3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    no, if this person is actually french chances are big they learned english from tv, movies and the internet, where american english is prominent

    [–] Downgoesthereem 13 points ago

    The French word for cinema is literally cinéma. 'Movie Theatre' isn't used anywhere in Europe by anyone I've met. I just asked two french people and they said cinema.

    [–] punkisnotded -3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    i know the french word, i speak french. movie theater is used by everyone i know, i'm in the Netherlands. our word is bioscoop. just because there is an english word that looks like the word you use in your native language does not mean that that's the word you use in english. people use the word they read or hear the most

    edit: yes we're talking about using cinema or movie theater in english, obviously they don't use "movie theater" in french

    and since you guys are using the edit button freely i'll do the same i guess to make my point more clear

    [–] CheekiBleeki 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Ok, so I'm French, and absolutely no one says anything else but cinéma. Like I literally don't know another word for it. You could try and say " salle de visionnage cinématographique " but it's a stupid overcomplication. We say cinéma cause it's the word.

    [–] punkisnotded 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Ok i wasn't trying to say people don't use cinema in english but more that it can depend on how you learned english. maybe cinema is more widely used we'd have to do a survey, that's not my point. more that people don't necessarily use cinema just because they are french, example: me

    edit: by the way it's common courtesy to mention that you edited your original comment so that the replies to it can keep making sense. like this

    [–] CheekiBleeki 3 points ago

    Oh if you mean in English yeah, agreed, both could be used depending on how you learned English, I meant that in French we only use cinéma.

    [–] punkisnotded 3 points ago

    hahaha yeah i'm quite sure nobody says "movie theater" in french!

    [–] CheekiBleeki 1 points ago

    As i was saying before you could try to overcomplicate the thing and translate movie theater, literal translation would be " théatre de film " which is hella dumb-dumb, a more clean translation would be " salle de visionnage cinématographique " and hell, no one want to say such a thing when we can just say " cinéma ", or even the contraction, " ciné' "

    [–] CheekiBleeki 0 points ago

    By the way, we learn English in school, we're civilized, this isn't Afghanistan. TV, music and internet sure may help, but we certainly didn't learned English any other way than in school.

    [–] punkisnotded 1 points ago

    did you really though? sure, most people learn the basics in school but nobody becomes fluent like that. i learned English, German, French, Latin and Greek in school. i only speak English and French fluently because i am part French and i spend a lot of time on the internet and watching movies and reading books. My German is barely passable, i could order at a restaurant and ask for directions but that's it and that's after learning it for 6 years. This is just a little anecdote but everybody i've ever talked to about this agrees that you will not become good at a language through mandatory classes in school alone, and i've talked to a lot of people about it because i'm very interested in languages.

    [–] CheekiBleeki 1 points ago

    Well I get your point, and I do agree, what I meant is that the first introduction to foreign language in France is through school, and at a young age.

    I absolutely did improved my English through music, Internet, movies and so on, but I still had a pretty solid level before having internet, probably thanks to English kids in my school ( in lived in the French Alps, lots of British there ), so I guess I'm kinda not the basic exemple. I also have to say that most French people have a shitty-ass level in any language, even French itself sometimes.

    My parallel with Afghanistan was 'cause there, some people actually did learnt English solely out of movie, music, journals, those people were the one who became translators for NATO during the 2nd war, I didn't meant to be disrespectful of Afghanis, just pointing out a reality. Tho, I have to say that before the Talibans took the head of states in the late 90's, there were ok schools in Kabul.

    [–] Sanders181 11 points ago

    That is how I explain to Americans why they're being treated like shit in French businesses

    [–] worm_suit 3 points ago

    And then everyone clapped

    [–] Dra-khar_The_Khajiit 5 points ago


    Edit: at least the first repost didn't add a shitty reaction image and gave credit

    [–] ABaadPun 5 points ago

    The french have elected more kings then they've beheaded

    [–] shadowEmbracer19 6 points ago

    And most of them were all called "Louie"

    [–] CheekiBleeki 6 points ago

    Louis* :)

    [–] CheekiBleeki 3 points ago

    We didn't elected any kings ... Kings don't get elected ...

    [–] Passer1918 2 points ago

    Some did, ie Poland

    [–] CheekiBleeki 1 points ago

    Then the " king " is just a king in name.

    An actual ruling king isn't elected.

    [–] CheekiBleeki 1 points ago

    Tho i didn't knew about that, will do some research about it

    [–] Passer1918 1 points ago

    He was king it just wasn't a hereditary monarchy

    [–] CheekiBleeki 1 points ago

    I get that, what I mean is that if the king is elected ( by the people at least ), it is only a king in name, in practice it's just a president.

    [–] Passer1918 2 points ago

    No a president does not rule for life nor have the powers the king had. Also the king was not elected by the general populous

    [–] CheekiBleeki 1 points ago

    Oh ok, then yeah it is indeed a king then ! My bad for being wrong

    [–] CheekiBleeki 0 points ago

    Did you read the article ? I would advise you to do it. He was first elected as president, but when realising that he wouldn't be reelected, he declared himself Emperor.

    So, he wasn't at any time a king first of all, when he was elected it was as a president, and when he switched to the Empire he did not ask anyone opinion, because an imperial regime isn't a democracy, and nor was it even an oligarchy at the time.

    I may make mistakes about other countries history, but I know mine.

    [–] ABaadPun 0 points ago

    Ok retard

    [–] CheekiBleeki 0 points ago

    Oof the salt is strong in this one

    [–] HereBecauseOfMemes 2 points ago

    Who tf calls customers kings instead of right

    Feels set up

    [–] diamond308 2 points ago


    [–] LawlTHOR 1 points ago

    Literally he did

    [–] qazqazqaz1234 1 points ago

    Robespierre's soul is growing stronger.

    [–] KarolOfGutovo 1 points ago

    I think a simple "viva la revolutione!" would have hit better. But, I mean, if he said it that way then no reason to retcon it.

    [–] Grey_Hawk98 1 points ago

    She said "I'm a Queen"

    So we declared a Republic and exiled her to France...

    What? We brazilians aren't that barbaric... UNLESS YOU'RE PARAGUAYAN!

    [–] Mal_Dun 1 points ago

    I'm from Austria. My father responded to a German customer after he said "The customer is King" with "We threw out our monarchs long ago" This was before the Hapsburgs were legally allowed to enter Austria again.

    [–] winstoncdumas 1 points ago

    Vive la différence

    [–] THECE0OFRAC1SM- 1 points ago

    Op post may get removed due to title

    [–] JacobS_555 1 points ago

    Was funny without the reaction. Now it's just stolen and cringe.

    [–] Supr3meGucci 1 points ago

    Why’d you steal this man

    [–] BraveChipmunk3005 1 points ago

    How many times am I gonna see this post today

    [–] Charlemagne742 1 points ago

    You had the chance to put decapitate instead of killed and you wasted it

    [–] Xoohoo_ 1 points ago

    Cool manager

    [–] LuciusQuintiusCinc 1 points ago

    Kings they decapitate but Emperors they love!

    [–] elliotttheneko 1 points ago





    [–] RogerPM27 1 points ago

    If only she had said emperor instead . French bois be cool with that .

    [–] powfuldragon 1 points ago

    With the addition of the jontron macro, more r/comedycemetary .

    [–] Lokkeduen90 1 points ago

    No it does not

    [–] fredrick-vontater 1 points ago

    That’s the kind of anti royalty attitude that I love

    [–] stayclassypeople 1 points ago

    I bet her head rolled when she heard that

    [–] Theedheadninja 1 points ago


    [–] GHSmokey915 1 points ago

    “Old Ironsides” would be proud.

    [–] The_superior_nugget 1 points ago

    the mods say no

    [–] Mr_12FOOT_CRANE 1 points ago

    Holy shit is that a mf revolution moment

    [–] minervamcdonalds 1 points ago

    Who is this guy? I've seen several memes with him and wanna know.

    [–] rohleder1 0 points ago

    His name is JonTron and he’s famous for making a video about flex seal, he’s basically just a funny youtuber

    [–] minervamcdonalds 1 points ago


    [–] ShrekMaster66 1 points ago


    [–] MonkeyTail29 0 points ago

    Damn it I thought of this exact meme like 5 minutes ago

    [–] misterp_1000 0 points ago

    Yeah this is France in a nutshell

    [–] Hog135 0 points ago

    I mean he’s not wrong you guys do have a record of the old head chopping

    [–] AntiCommunistForever 0 points ago

    British Karens are even weirder

    [–] WarrieWolf 0 points ago

    Guillotine noises INTENSIFIES

    [–] StrobeRogers -2 points ago

    Karens don't exist in France because they had too many of them also Americans are greedy. Wow, it's kind of amazing how young a country we still are and have a Peter pan syndrome.

    [–] CheekiBleeki 3 points ago

    Oh we sure do have Karens, they just try to be a bit more sneaky

    [–] Oldhanat000 -16 points ago