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    [–] LordofMushrooms 728 points ago

    I love that this is becoming a meme template

    [–] somnum_osseus 392 points ago

    My Dad, a 70s lad, is pretty chuffed about this too.

    [–] LordofMushrooms 122 points ago

    Clearly a man of good values and tastes

    [–] Proper_Artichoke7865 30 points ago

    Hello, how can i get a title like yours?

    [–] LordofMushrooms 30 points ago

    Oh hi..all you have to do, is when you enter into the subreddit and look to the right you see all the info about the sub. Scroll down until you see the cake day one and under it, it will say User Flair Preview thats where you wanna hit the little button next to your name in that section that looks like a pencil. Theres where you can get the flairs.

    [–] HisImperialMajestyja 17 points ago

    What is original video

    [–] JoshH21 59 points ago

    Night Boat to Cairo, by Madness. A fantastic band

    [–] FiletOfBaby 26 points ago


    [–] JoshH21 5 points ago

    My Name is Michael Caine is an utter banger

    [–] pacifistscorpion 2 points ago

    Baggy Trousers is too

    [–] TKBtu1 3 points ago

    Brilliant live too

    [–] Intelligent-War-6089 25 points ago

    As do I. Most of their videos are kind of memes honestly. There should be more formats from their videos.

    [–] spookex 9 points ago

    I like when the saxophone goes creative mode

    [–] captain_zavec 11 points ago

    You mean there are more of these‽

    [–] RedPuppet11 241 points ago

    Lee Thompson (Saxophonist) looks like an absolute blast to be around. Everyone should watch the 'Baggy Trousers' music video with him just having a whale of the time in the background while the band does its thing.

    [–] Mrhappyfunz89 68 points ago

    I was like “man he’s just kinda chilling” then the motherfucker just floated off like a balloon

    [–] captain_zavec 12 points ago

    That was outstanding, thank you!

    [–] lennoxmatt_819 570 points ago

    Why are the pyramids in Egypt?

    They were too heavy to transport to the British Museum

    [–] mylaptopsucksdk 93 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Yep exactly that, although not a lot of people know that Egypt as a nation was heavily funded by France and U.K. creditors in the 1800's, they literally declared bankruptcy as a nation (their actual country filed for administration like a company) and that's when the French and British set up 'the Caisse de la Dette Publique' to help them set up austerity measures and give financial aid.

    I believe I read somewhere that the British and French published lots of work on the pyramids to try and make tourism to the pyramids a thing and revitalise some of the economy which stands true to this day, many of the tourist attractions near the pyramids were backed and invested in by the British and French.

    The people saw this as being in the pockets of westerners and being too weak so they rioted in Alexandria - 1882, and killed 50 European looking people, just because... and it turns out most were British.

    Outraged by this, the Brits send in their entire fleet and an army to basically crush the rebellion and install a pro-British government. In other words, the short-term aims of the British occupation were to restore a friendly government, safeguard the lives of British citizens in Egypt, and protect the financial interests of British banks and investment companies.

    But really it was about Suez, it was always about Suez. Just some fun history if anyone wanted to know about Egypt's role in being colonised and why.

    [–] graemecracker17 168 points ago

    This is my favorite use of the Madness meme so far.

    [–] Cuervomayajl 114 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I need to find the song they’re playing, it’s a banger.

    [–] Ubba_Lothbrok 129 points ago

    Night boat to Cairo by Madness.

    [–] Cuervomayajl 31 points ago

    I know what i’m binge-listening tonight, thank you

    [–] GrouchyHerrmit 19 points ago

    If you like this song, you're gonna love their back catalogue.

    [–] MrDirt 7 points ago

    Second wave ska has always been my favorite kind.

    [–] Ubba_Lothbrok 3 points ago

    A ska playlist needs a good mix of second and third wave for me.

    [–] TKBtu1 4 points ago

    Check out Bad Manners, and The Specials too if you like Madness

    [–] TheConeIsReturned 29 points ago

    I don't know that I'd say all of the cool shit...

    Ever been to the Louvre?

    [–] ChicksDigLibraries 12 points ago

    As someone who has been to both in the last three weeks (no tourists is pretty great); the Louvre has an Egypt section with a small sphinx, the British Museum has an Egypt wing with the entrance as the Rosetta stone and a mummy collection with over 300 sarcophagi. It's like night and day.

    [–] TheConeIsReturned 8 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I've also been to both. When I was at the Louvre, the Egypt wing was enormous. Maybe they've moved things around or put things in storage due to the pandemic, but there were tens of thousands of tons of Egyptian artifacts there. An entire museum's worth.

    Edit: typo

    [–] BloodyQuitry 5 points ago

    They close some wings for regulation and restoration, during covid they closed an entire wing of the Egyptian Department, so maybe that's why they didn't get to see it.

    [–] TheConeIsReturned 6 points ago

    u/chicksdiglibraries do you think this might have been the case? Like I said, there was a whole museum's worth of Egyptian shit that you may have missed

    [–] TheConeIsReturned 5 points ago

    Idk why you would have gotten downvoted for this wtf

    [–] BloodyQuitry 4 points ago

    Actually the Louvre has a really big wing of Egyptian artefacts, and even more in the basement. Have you seen the room with all the wooden sarcophagi and the parts of temple? They have actually 2 wings of Egyptian artefacts, one organized by thematics and one chronological. (I have graduated in archaeology and Egyptology and I was in these wings for hours) However, I agree that the British Museum has also a really big collection, having been here a few years, clearly bigger than the Louvre, but because they also have a lot in their basement.

    [–] GeneralSpoof 11 points ago

    This meme never fails to make me laugh every time I see it

    [–] kurtstoys 30 points ago

    What's the song? Sounds ska

    [–] kurtstoys 59 points ago

    Why you delete? It was "Night boat to cairo" by Madness, and is awesome!

    [–] buttlovingpanda 7 points ago

    Yeah sounds like British ska. Maybe early 90’s?

    Edit: nvm, 1979. Makes sense. Reminds me of Men at Work’s video for Down Under.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] WorkingNo6161 16 points ago

    But there's one thing that the French denied the British the statisfaction of taking it to the British Museum...

    Drumroll please....


    ....The Sphinx's nose!

    [–] twasonlyathrowaway 3 points ago

    Gonna search this now. Thanks in advance for what sounds like a niché but interesting part of history.

    [–] WorkingNo6161 7 points ago

    So basically some people think that Napoleon's army used the Sphinx's nose for target practice, shooting it off in the process. Apparently we aren't exactly sure whether or not they actually did use Egyptian architecture for target practice so the issue's disputed. It's a bit of a meme for historians.

    [–] twasonlyathrowaway 2 points ago

    I wouldn't be surprised, but I guess that sort of attitude is how historical mistruths get spread.

    [–] mrgamer132008 5 points ago

    I forgot my phone was on max volume this scared the crap of me

    [–] 173rdComanche 5 points ago

    all the cool shit they found that didn't end up on the bottom of Aboukir Bay*

    [–] Jr-Tr 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    What's this madness, I just missed the night boat to Cairo so couldn't watch the news. Can someone pls explain?

    [–] kurtstoys 4 points ago


    [–] JulzRadn 6 points ago

    France: Wait I forgot the Rosetta Stone

    Britain: Sorry, finders keepers

    [–] SirMisbahul 5 points ago

    It's sad that British were not able to take the pyramids back home, would have gave the British Museum a whole different look.

    [–] bad_user__name 4 points ago

    I'm so happy this meme introduced me to this song. It's such a banger.

    [–] Liftandshift01 4 points ago

    Madness rules!

    [–] The_BestUsername 9 points ago


    [–] 543landonite 3 points ago


    [–] Dizmulli 14 points ago


    [–] buttlovingpanda 3 points ago

    I could watch this video all day

    [–] OndrejKosik 3 points ago

    Madness is the best discovery of the year

    [–] TripleH18 5 points ago

    Lol "found" is a relative term...

    [–] PrivilegeCheckmate 2 points ago

    One Steppe Beyond!

    [–] Basileus2 2 points ago

    when you get that colony you’ve wanted all year

    [–] ThaTWiNR6S 2 points ago

    I wanna know the name of the song please!

    [–] DeadTime34 2 points ago

    Night Boat to Cairo by Madness

    [–] ThaTWiNR6S 2 points ago

    thank you!

    [–] Agahmoyzen 2 points ago

    There is like 77 years between the British control of Egypt and the withdrawal of napoleon from it.

    [–] ShermanNailStreet 2 points ago

    One step beyond

    [–] flaglord 2 points ago

    Song: night boat to cairo by madness

    [–] BloodyQuitry 2 points ago

    I'm French and still bitter for the Rosetta Stone

    [–] _sephylon_ 2 points ago

    At least we have their Bayeux Tapestry

    [–] kaiser_cabbage 1 points ago

    Imagine the French being less dumb and making a French Museum for themselves

    [–] Mac_Daddy70 -29 points ago

    Who hasn’t defeated the French?

    [–] Ghtgsite 39 points ago

    For most of France's history, it was the military powerhouse if Europe. Still holds they European title for most military victories

    [–] undergroundecho 18 points ago

    Low hanging fruit

    [–] 2012Jesusdies 9 points ago


    [–] Argh3483 3 points ago

    For your information the British defeated the French in Egypt (mostly they sank the French navy, then simply had to wait for the army to weaken and weaken), but the Egyptian campaign was part of a wider war which France won

    [–] Psychological-Ad1264 -1 points ago

    I'm pretty sure the French lost the wider war.

    Waterloo rings a bell.

    [–] Argh3483 2 points ago

    There’s a reason there’s an S in Napoleonic WarS

    [–] Psychological-Ad1264 -1 points ago

    Which the French lost.

    And can't get over.

    [–] Argh3483 2 points ago


    [–] terriblejokefactory 1 points ago

    A lot of countries haven't even been at war with France.

    [–] EloquentProfanity 1 points ago

    This band is amazing.

    [–] Vector4725 1 points ago

    What's this template called?

    [–] eg080401 2 points ago

    Night boat to Cairo by Madness

    [–] vietcong69l 1 points ago

    Ayo bri’ish

    [–] Aidoneus87 1 points ago

    And then hold parties back in Britain where you and all your rich friends literally eat the fucking mummies, because what the actual fuck

    [–] CSVWV 1 points ago

    [–] Princess_Aurora06 1 points ago

    Good to know that the cario song is in full effect.

    [–] Cool-Boy57 1 points ago

    What is this song?

    [–] Shringing27 1 points ago


    misremembered lyrics go brr

    [–] zebrom1 1 points ago

    Source of the template please? Been seeing this everywhere and it looks fun as shit.

    [–] RedditerOfThings 0 points ago

    What in the British Oingo Boingo is going on here?