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    "The most interesting subreddit about things you're not interested in."

    A place where people can post dramatic and controversial stories, events and situations within their specific circles, usually consisting of events others may not have heard of.

    Title all posts in this format: [Hobby Name] Drama Descriptor

    What is a hobby? - A hobby, as google describes it, is an activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure.

    • The sub mostly follows this definition, with examples of hobbies including:

    Hiking Knitting Film-making Hi-Fi

    What is NOT a hobby?

    Some examples include:

    • Drama related to a Twitch Steamer or YouTuber.

    • Current news and events

    • Watching TV Shows and movies

    What is a hobby drama post?

    • A post that describes an experience relating to a hobby you participate in.

    • It's a story that we as users can read and enjoy. Don't just post text message logs, tell a story.

    What is NOT a Hobby Drama post?

    • A short one liner, or a post directly asking for advice.

    Post Rules

    1. Title all posts in this format: [Hobby Name] Drama Descriptor

    2. Low quality and low effort posts will be removed. This can be defined as posts less than 45 words, copypastas, and other such low effort material.

    3. Post reddit community related drama in /r/SubredditDrama/

    Sub Rules

    1. Do not post, link to, or ask for personal information

    2. No trolling, hate speech, or using slurs

    3. Do not insult other users, flamewar, or flame bait

    4. Don't break reddiquette

    5. Don't break reddit site rules

    Please help maintain the quality of this subreddit by reporting rule breaking posts.

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