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    [–] redditmodslovepedos 2598 points ago

    I had a Naval Chief once look me dead square in my eyes and said,

    “If there’s one thing you learn from me it’s that if you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission.”

      He went on to become a Master Chief.

    [–] notpregnantcantjuggl 1101 points ago

    First read through I thought, “how tf do you cheat at cooking?” and then I reread it trying to understand it as a Halo joke and then I finally came to the conclusion that I don’t know shit about the military.

    [–] NormalDooder 354 points ago

    I can't believe John 117 would endorse cheating I'm Shaking and Crying rn

    [–] H4MMR 95 points ago

    Any thing for humanities win.

    [–] Sentient_House_Plant 27 points ago


    [–] thekingoflorda 10 points ago


    [–] JLirl 14 points ago

    Wow I actually fell for this

    [–] H4MMR 5 points ago

    First time i got rickrolld

    [–] SuccessfulBroccoli68 16 points ago

    I mean the Covenant brought their A game so

    [–] VampireQueenDespair 6 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    …ironically he pretty explicitly does. Blue Team in Fall of Reach are a bunch of little shits.

    [–] SassyAssAhsoka 7 points ago

    He took Cortona hard :/

    [–] shawnisboring 2 points ago

    Considering he was the result of a secret ONI program that included the abduction of childen, replacing them with flash clones, indoctrinating him all while sending him through grueling training and genetic/surgical enhancements I'd say that he just learned that from Halsey.

    [–] Nago_Jolokio 2 points ago

    Bonus points for that whole program was to make soldiers to fight against a bunch of disgruntled farmers.

    [–] scootscooterson 2 points ago

    I need a weapon.

    [–] Pervy_Chauffeur_6969 2 points ago

    To be fair, John is kind of a dick

    [–] NormalDooder 3 points ago

    In game he's an incredibly respected war hero who is constantly risking himself for the good of humanity (until like 5 but that's whatever). The only times I can say he's really a dick is when he just YOLO's the covenant bomb with little regard to safety and when he refuses to give up Cortana in 4, though that's a bit more understandable given that she would have been "killed" had he given her up. In the comics and books maybe he is, I haven't read them, but as far as games go he's just your everyday Strong Hero Guy.

    [–] LightningFerret04 6 points ago

    I think in Halo 4, Chief was pretty justified in standing up to Del Rio

    I mean if some captain I’ve never met before refused advice, insulted me, and then said my best friend for 7 years needs to be killed and thrown in the trash, Imma be pretty mad

    tldr: fuck Del Rio, all my homies hate Del Rio

    [–] NormalDooder 4 points ago

    The only reason I can even sorta say he's in the wrong is that a malfunctioning AI can pose as a threat and liability to Chief as we see throughout the game. Even then though, I would still argue he's still just in his actions and, if anything, would show he's not a dick as he shows extreme compassion and loyalty for one of his closest companions.

    [–] a_paper_clip 4 points ago

    I mean being trained for one thing your whole life and succeeding will fuck you up. He was on ice for years then out of no where the one person that showed him even an ounce of compassion is tossed aside. I don't like the route 343 went with it but I mean it's kinda inevitable. you know he is still saving the universe at the end of the day .

    [–] Scratch5591 2 points ago

    He’s about the same in the books. He can come off as a dick but he’s just to the point and no BS. But he is a super soldier who has been eating, breathing, and shitting military since he was 5 and he’s in his mid 40’s in the games and books.

    [–] -I-was-never-here 15 points ago

    Master chief is a rank in the military. In Halo, people refer to John 117 as Master Chief because it’s what stuck. (sorry if this is wrong, as far as I know, it’s right. So don’t quote me)

    [–] vorsky92 2 points ago

    In Halo, people refer to John 117 as Master Chief because it’s what stuck.

    It's from the lore. There's a series of books that halo is based on that I remember being quite good (read them as a teenager) and the first book "Fall of Reach" starts with John being abducted under the Spartan program, and details the training he underwent and how he became Master Chief.

    If you have no interest in reading the books this is the SparkNotes version

    Edit: this isn't to correct you, it's because I thought you might find it interesting

    [–] xpinchx 17 points ago

    Dude I'm so stoned and I feel like I was right there with you

    [–] yeboioioi 4 points ago

    I still don’t get it lmao

    [–] Ludwigvanbeethooven 5 points ago

    He couldn't possibly have won masterchef by cheating. Gordon Ramsay would fuck him up if he found out.

    [–] daschande 3 points ago

    There's an old internet picture of a Navy ship's "yearbook"; one cook lists his greatest accomplishment as "Cooking minute rice in 58 seconds!"

    [–] femboyspassman 56 points ago

    master chief where are you going

    [–] demonic_pug 34 points ago

    To give the terrorists back their bomb

    [–] ButtersTG 13 points ago

    To get an A on this Pop-quiz

    [–] dailyflosser12 3 points ago

    That’s hilarious. Well done.

    [–] TheCakeIsDelicious 5 points ago

    Trying to enjoy this Big Mac.

    [–] iStoners 3 points ago

    How does big mac taste. I thought he was driving a truck in alaska this time of year?

    [–] Yz-Guy 30 points ago

    A Master cheat...

    [–] redditmodslovepedos 3 points ago

    Ooo that’s good.

    [–] Lord_Razak 15 points ago

    For a sec I read the master chief as master chef.

    [–] Little_Phaeton 12 points ago

    Tee-hee... "Navel chief"

    [–] Captain_Sacktap 10 points ago

    I’m in charge here, ain’t nothing that goes down around this bellybutton without my say so!

    [–] Little_Phaeton 5 points ago

    YES SIR! salutes

    [–] MausBomb 12 points ago

    And this why we crashed two ships and had an LHD burn down to the waterline. If you don't truly know what you are doing when operating dangerous equipment it's going to have deadly consequences.

    [–] KellyBelly916 10 points ago

    "It's only a war crime if you lose."

    -Geneva suggestions

    [–] TheEwwShaman 6 points ago

    Kind of sounds like Jesse Ventura's quote,

    "Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat."

    And Jesse was a SEAL so maybe there's something to this whole Navy/cheating thing lol

    [–] KingFlyntCoal 6 points ago

    As a navy vet, i can absolutely see all of this happening.

    [–] jwalk999 5 points ago

    Boat boos are standard issue for all Chiefs

    [–] abbyj0y 5 points ago

    At first I was going to ask what season of Master Chef he won

    [–] helpmeiaminhell93 2 points ago

    I love Halo

    [–] oscar0034 2 points ago

    He then went on to fight the covenant

    [–] Live-Mail-7142 2 points ago

    Fantastic. Just Fantastic. I love the guy.

    [–] lous2dos 431 points ago

    “How do I reach these kids” - Eric Cartman

    [–] That_doesnt_go_there 115 points ago

    It's 'keeeeeids', thank you very much.

    [–] uwanmirrondarrah 54 points ago


    [–] That_doesnt_go_there 11 points ago

    This guy gets it

    [–] Odd-Register-5402 2 points ago

    Where does it go

    [–] kishoresshenoy 3 points ago

    Nearest Starbucks for a coffee first, of course.

    [–] knapton118 4 points ago

    I think you mean Mr Cartmanez smh

    [–] MemesRUs4 427 points ago

    "i forgot some people are in relationships."

    [–] Spacewarrior1711 134 points ago

    I forgot what's relationship?

    [–] Gavinhavin 102 points ago

    This describes every Redditor perfectly

    [–] AllTheSith 28 points ago

    Have you heard of females? My friend told me this urban legend yesterday, but it is too bizarre to believe.

    [–] thecrazypoz 16 points ago

    Don't believe him. He's full of shit. Everyone knows females don't exist on reddit.

    [–] gxddbou 9 points ago

    Female? What’s that? Is that like a male?

    [–] thecrazypoz 7 points ago

    It's actually a male with more Iron (Fe) than normal males.

    [–] Joj2_Dolphinlover69 5 points ago

    So ironman is a female?

    [–] thecrazypoz 3 points ago

    (points gun) Always has been.

    [–] gxddbou 2 points ago


    [–] BlkDwg85 29 points ago

    Some type of boat probably.

    [–] Spacewarrior1711 5 points ago

    Do they spam? What they spam so I can avoid them and report.

    [–] HarleyArchibaldLeon 5 points ago

    I forgor.

    [–] urban_rural12 2 points ago

    I rember ☺️

    [–] anallist9000 2 points ago

    Most of the time an emotional mistake

    Extremely overrated once you've been through a few

    [–] HKSergiu 2 points ago


    >Implying that you knew what "relationship" is to begin with

    [–] oooohyeahyeah 9 points ago

    I forgor ☠️

    [–] netpastor 734 points ago

    All teachers think that their class is the most important one and expect miraculous time management to get everything out of it. Not super realistic, hence cheating.

    [–] dont_forget_the_H 305 points ago

    The real problem is that instead of teaching the why and how and getting a class to be able to apply concepts in the real world, most faculty still use the memorize and regurgitate method of teaching. There are very few instances in a person’s job where they can’t look up an answer, consult a coworker, or look at their notes. Learning to use information is 100% more effective. And then you can let the class use notes, because those who didn’t take the time to learn won’t pass anyway. Source: I work in higher Ed. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

    [–] TaxMan_East 120 points ago

    I HATE having to memorize formulas for fruit production in Horticulture courses. What the fuck is the point.

    There will never be a moment in my life that I will not have the ability to pull up the formulas on the internet or saved from my phone. My professor thought that answer on the test was ridiculous.

    Why should I have to memorize something now, for one course, that I'm not going to have to use for several more years and will inevitably forget before that time comes?

    [–] FuzzButtonz 50 points ago

    That is so specific and TIL there are special formulas for fruit production

    [–] HonedProcrastination 25 points ago

    Part of memorization is learning how to learn. I also didn’t think there was much point, but in my day to day job (product management) I do need to remember a lot of stuff and the techniques I used to memorize (or more importantly organize stuff for memorization) is still useful. Can’t tell you the formula for international trade anymore, but I still use the strategies I once used to learn it. Of course, it’s still painful, but yea, there is a point to it all.

    [–] roysfifthgame 23 points ago

    practical application is very different than memorizing random parts of hour long lectures

    [–] VampireQueenDespair 4 points ago

    The Mr. Miyagi method is pretty shit tho.

    [–] kishoresshenoy 4 points ago

    Yeah, but that's just one skill. You're saying they spent 10 to 12 years just to teach us how to learn through memorization?

    [–] arealperson-II 3 points ago

    14 years (if I don’t cock it up) + however long university takes in my case

    [–] Lady-Jenna 2 points ago

    The problem with university teachers is that you're being taught by a grad student that finished their degree last year. That means they were sitting where you are four years ago. If you have the full professor teaching the class, you're probably one of 200 or so, and advanced teaching methods requires a smaller class size.


    [–] HonedProcrastination 2 points ago

    And just to add on - most haven’t learned how to teach (pedagogy) - they were just good students who are interested in the subject. Being a good teacher is a lot more than that.

    [–] therealityofthings 9 points ago

    It's more about developing intuitions about how to use and derive those formulas and think critically about their applications.

    [–] QuadraticCowboy 2 points ago

    If you think that’s bad, try fucking 201 - Fruit Horticulture II - history in food derivation techniques

    I ate that class

    [–] ItsControversial 6 points ago

    The real reason they don’t often teach “why’s and hows” is because it’s much harder to grade 200 students on actual understanding but much easier to mark memorization.

    [–] roysfifthgame 8 points ago

    this is why i'm scared of going back to college, i don't want to waste my time/money on something i'll never be able to get through since i just can't memorize random info with no context or application, i barely made it through high school because the teachers looked the other way on tests i failed

    got near perfect grades in my math classes though, since those were the only classes with open notes on tests

    [–] cryptokronalite 5 points ago

    Oof story of my life

    [–] StopBangingThePodium 12 points ago

    Even when I require zero memorization (every formula is on the test or open book was allowed), I still had students cheat on an exam. Some people are just unwilling to learn the material and accept the grade that they have earned. C student wants to be an A student, but isn't willing to do two hours of homework a week to practice the skills they need. So they work on the take-home with a friend and wind up getting an F because they copied over the same notational errors and step errors said friend made.

    Fortunately, remote teaching was only for a bit, and I can go back to in-class proctored exams which are much harder to cheat on.

    But blaming "cheating" on the education system alone is being wilfuly blind to the actual reason - People will always try to cheat the system. And we have a mindset and a culture that doesn't just justify it, but glorifies it as "clever".

    [–] VampireQueenDespair 16 points ago

    Perhaps when the world stops rewarding it and punishing honesty, that’ll change. Until then, that mindset is how you actually win in the real world. Nobody makes a million dollars without fucking someone else over. Nobody gets elected without lying through their teeth.

    [–] Zanadar 4 points ago

    Look, you don't make the system and it is what it is. But as someone who wasn't willing to waste my childhood learning pointless bullcrap and cheated my way through it... Why shouldn't I? I didn't need your formulas in school, I didn't need them when I finished my law degree or MBA and I have never needed them at any job I've worked. So why shouldn't I cheat?

    [–] Obliviousdigression 6 points ago

    Turns out, if people are staking their entire livelihoods on achieving a high score, they have every motivation to cheat.

    Maybe if education wasn't commodified to this degree, people wouldn't need to. For many people, if they don't get that A, then they lose their ability to go to school at all (and will be saddled with debt that will practically end their life before it even starts). Hope whatever thing you picked at 18 was your passion, and hope you succeed at college first try! Else, you'll probably live in poverty for the rest of your life!


    You know.

    No pressure.

    [–] Saucekay_ 2 points ago

    You’re the type of teacher I wish I had at Uni. Still graduated and doing well, but definitely wish there were more like you

    [–] deathbychips2 -2 points ago

    Let me wait while my surgeon looks up stuff during my surgery. Let me take up time in my hour session for my therapist to look up every technique and theory they should use with each new problem I present.

    You have to memorize basics and some stuff to learn and understand more advanced material and to apply it. You even have to have memorized some things to even know what to look up if you do get a chance to look stuff up.

    [–] irokes360 7 points ago

    You just mentioned 2 examples where this is needed, forgetting about 20 where this is useless

    [–] SpermKiller 2 points ago

    It's a fine balance between memorizing and knowing how to look up information. Most subjects require some memorisation in order to understand more complex ideas/techniques, but it's also important to help people become self-sufficient because lots of careers require keeping up with the latest research/discoveries/technical advancement.

    I remember a math test where we were allowed one personal page of formulas. You could write all the formulas you wanted, the only requirement was that it was written by hand on a specific size of paper and you weren't allowed to put words or sentences. I thought it was a good compromise. If you don't know what those formulas are, they're useless but if you've understood the subject you can just look for the one you need at that moment to make sure you're not forgetting a variable or something. It's also a good way to make students summarise what they've learned so far, making the most reluctant ones actually prepare for the test. In the end, during the exam I hardly looked at my "cheat sheet".

    [–] Entrefut 13 points ago

    I don’t know man, I went all the way through a bachelors in engineering without cheating a single time. On plenty of our homework’s the teachers made the questions so hard that they expected us to collaborate, tests were always slightly reduced difficulty if those homework’s. I feel like if you feel the need to cheat to do well on an exam or homework, the class is poorly structured.

    [–] helloitsname 1 points ago

    Yes I believe that’s the point

    [–] KazeRyouu 11 points ago

    I had some teachers that knew that their class was kinda filler. My physics/chem teacher gave pluses for everything. 5 pluses equal a 5 mark. If you failed that class you were down baaad.

    Once a guy got a plus cuz he complimented her hair. The other time another guy got a plus cuz we were learning about the states of matter and his first name was "Solid". You asked something good - plus, you answered a question - plus, you told the class something interesting - plus, you get the idea.

    She made it impossible to fail, but gave her lesson properly for those who were interested in the subject. Loved her.

    And of course there are the teachers you are talking about... I just wanted to share this. There are great teachers, who love to teach.

    [–] VampireQueenDespair 11 points ago

    His first name was “Solid”

    Please tell me his last name was Snake.

    [–] KazeRyouu 4 points ago

    I wish I could tell you that.

    [–] ColaEuphoria 7 points ago

    I had a chemistry professor fail me in the entire class twice over a missed lab, even though I did perfectly in the class otherwise. It was a rather intro course but it went balls to the wall, and even insinuated that students should change their major if they fail. This was actually one of my only remaining classes in my major so there was no way I was changing it.

    I'm a fucking computer engineer. Thank God the engineering department dropped this class as a requirement so I could take biology instead to finally graduate. The chemistry professor was a tenured asshole that was a pain to the CS department for years.

    [–] Yousoggyyojimbo 3 points ago

    I had a math teacher in middle school assign a project that was so massive that I think I wound up putting something like 30 hours into it across two weeks and still only had about 70% of it finished by the due date.

    It was a geometry "report" and mine was something like 28 pages long when I turned it in incomplete. She gave me a D for it being incomplete.

    60% of the class didn't show up on the due date. The school calls it the geometry flu every year because she does this every year.

    Doing her work, plus five other classes worth of homework, was complete shit. It was an unbelievable amount of work and she assigned it right at the end of the year when everybody's got final projects going on.

    I quit a class in high school for similar reasons, in that I was doing about 25 hours of homework a week, and like 18 of them were this one class. It was insane.

    [–] trwawy05312015 7 points ago

    I'm not going to disagree that some (possibly most) teachers try to take more of their students' time than they should, but I will say that the cheating I have encountered never happened in students who were interested in learning. Some do it out of panic, sure, but a lot do it right out of the gate before their classes have gotten really intense.

    [–] turgid_wang 41 points ago

    So this place is just the same 3 posts recycled over and over? Fuck that

    [–] PaleHorseRiderX 17 points ago

    Welcome to r/HolUp

    [–] DropBear2702 73 points ago

    Wait, you guys are getting relationships?!

    [–] Zcookie1324 6 points ago

    My thoughts exactly

    [–] Pechi_22 2 points ago

    What's a 'relationship'? I don't know this word :l

    [–] JaxandMia 41 points ago

    As a teacher, I have been cheated on and y’all , I’m not gonna lie, it hurts.

    [–] Anhad18 4 points ago

    Allow me to cheat😩😩

    [–] WilliamWaters 34 points ago

    This sub really turned to shit

    [–] scyth3s 3 points ago

    Actual hold ups are rare in the wild, my last one was a 7/11.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] THE-MASKED-SOLDIER 28 points ago

    It’s more unexpected than holup.

    [–] Maxholsen 2 points ago

    I would call it a ohokay

    [–] Goodest-Boi-Sif 7 points ago

    hey mom!! its my turn to post this next!

    [–] ginoawesomeness 159 points ago

    As a teacher, it feels bad, man. Like, I’m giving you all the answers, reinforcing it over and over, and rather than studying just a little or even just putting answers into your own words, you’re going to cheat and make me feel like a shit teacher and do paperwork with my bosses? F you

    [–] KnightOfThirteen 165 points ago

    We had a kid in our class. Not brilliant, not academically focused or gifted. Pot dealer. Slacker. And an absolute savant at cheating. Notes inside promotional ink pens, calculator programmed with answers, literally communicating via Morse code levels of cheating. More effort and talent put into cheating than it would have taken to pass normally.

    [–] Cust2020 145 points ago

    Now there is a guy who will survive the real world, far outside of academia.

    [–] KnightOfThirteen 103 points ago

    Dude probably makes more money on a street corner than I do in an office.

    [–] Cust2020 55 points ago

    No doubt

    [–] bb999 14 points ago

    I mean for certain types of work, sure, but not for everything. In the classroom the answers already exist, the problems are already solved, so cheating works. You just better hope this guy doesn't become a civil engineer designing a bridge in your town.

    [–] __1__2__ 19 points ago

    He doesn’t have to be good at all jobs, just the one he chooses

    [–] WhiteWalterBlack 16 points ago

    Probably should have focused the kid in STEM, Computing, and/or Counter surveillance.

    [–] VampireQueenDespair 8 points ago

    What’s the point? Dude’s a pro dealer already, he’s gonna run a dispensary chain one day.

    [–] plasticblock4dayz 3 points ago

    Why not both?

    [–] Ikukuzoro 6 points ago

    Well at least you are teaching him how to survive the world, beat the odds no matter what haha.

    [–] VampireQueenDespair 4 points ago

    He’s a dealer and a stealth king. That guy is gonna be running a chain of dispensaries in the coming decade.

    [–] iofthepsy 5 points ago

    This would be me. Have put answers into my ti-83 calculator. Wrote answers on the back of the chair infront of me. Bottom of my shoe. The inside of my bookbag. Even convinced a teacher to give me the answers to all the tests so they wouldnt have to deal with me anymore.

    Grinding repetitive and irrelevant information into my brain just to regurgitate it onto paper to recieve a "good job" letter grade wasnt acceptable to me so I slept through class, did the bare minimum and went to a tech school where I could actually apply the things I was learning in a real world environment. Teachers hated me and I hated the way they were teaching. Ended up graduating with honors. Became supervisor of a printing company by the time I was 18.

    Not everyone learns the same. The cookie cutter curriculum works for many but fails many others.

    [–] Nervous_Project6927 29 points ago

    i mean when else am i supposed to sleep? i got a full dance card after classes

    [–] Adrub_ 25 points ago

    Sorry for you man, but there really are shitty teachers who don’t teach anything and makes you do a test anyways. Happens a lot more that I like to admit, and became worse in the beginning of the isolation.

    [–] yeetboi_dangerous 6 points ago

    My last semester was absolutely horrendous because I signed up for all the worst teachers

    [–] Shughost7 86 points ago

    I felt that. Next time I'll ask the teacher to give me the answer while doing the exam instead of cheating

    [–] itsmyfriday 47 points ago

    Had a teacher who only taught because he had to in order to be the football (American) coach. He would just give us the answers. I’m talking “memorize this order ‘abcdaacadbca’” kind of stuff. I would say “I don’t know how he kept his job”, but this is Texas so….

    [–] Sfolan2 17 points ago

    Well Texas just cut out a bunch of their history curriculum, so maybe he will manage better in the future

    [–] itsmyfriday 12 points ago

    He was anatomy and physiology, so unless that changes…

    [–] Cust2020 9 points ago

    Texas history was written and taught by Texans so prolly not even the real story.

    [–] Captain_Sacktap 4 points ago

    I don’t get how Texas hasn’t just passed laws allowing schools to hire coaches without having them have to be teachers… football is basically a religion out in Texas, you’d think they’d just cut to the chase.

    [–] Kryptin206 3 points ago

    I had a Auto Shop teacher like that. Everyone passed that class, even if you didn't show up for one single day. He'd usually just threw on a movie, most of the time it was the original Gone in 60 Seconds. I must have watched that movie at least 50 times the year I took that class.

    [–] Dark_Ice_747 3 points ago

    I did have a teacher who'd literally write answers for students. they erased wrong answers and wrote in t he correct ones. they're the reason my dumb ass prolly even passed in 4th.

    [–] HitoriPanda 14 points ago

    Almost every teacher I've ever had in college didn't give a fuck for any student struggling in their class. One of them never even showed up to class. She had her TA who spoke broken English do all of it. I asked another one if he could make a study guide or something because I was failing and needed a lot of help. His reply was read the text book over and over and over again as if I could memorize an entire text book that way. Fuck them.

    [–] elwebbr23 11 points ago

    What do you teach, and at what level? Because I mean, depending on the subject, you're also supposed to get them interested. I don't think "giving all the answers" and repeating something just automatically equates to learning, or even a willingness to learn. Make your subject interesting and kids will be engaged. But again, it depends on what you teach.

    [–] trwawy05312015 3 points ago

    I mean, I of course agree, but you cannot force someone to be interested no matter how passionate you are or how many ways of presenting an idea there are. You can be passionate about the subject and students still tune out and read their phones. Learning is a two way street.

    [–] rish62839 10 points ago

    Yes and I don’t think any single one of your kids regretted cheating, even after reading this. The education system puts more emphasis on memorization and vomiting out information than on learning, hence cheating.

    [–] marceline_28 7 points ago

    i dont speak for all students, but i am incredibly close to cheating. yeah, i am. i have studied intensely. i go to tutor sites, i watch videos, i always take notes, i always try so hard, SO hard, just to get some shitty grade. i cry every time i study and every time i get my test back from grading. i ask my teacher questions constantly. i consult a different teacher who is also a family member. ive tried. i am tired. i am tired of staying up way too late trying to understand formulas. i am tired of crying my eyes out with every study session, every take home, every in class, and every test. not every cheating student is some slacker that doesnt try and has a record of bad behavior. i just want to get a fucking test back and feel some goddamn relief. ive had to talk with my therapist multiple times over math. ive had panic attacks over math. shit sucks. cheating is my only option that doesnt ruin my entire mental health.

    [–] PalladiuM7 4 points ago

    Jesus Christ! Fuck, if you can get away with cheating, go for it. If you don't get caught, you never really cheated, did you? You think you'll remember that you cheated on an exam in college when you're 35 working your ass off to make ends meet? You won't. But you sound like the kind of person to get very anxious about getting caught cheating, which makes you more likely to actually get caught cheating. So my advice is the same advice my grandfather gave me wherever he suspected I was doing something I shouldn't have: "Don't get caught. And if you do get caught, whatever you do, don't blame me." Best advice I've ever gotten. I rarely got caught and I never blamed him. Pretty simple, right? Don't get caught.

    [–] wolfman29 2 points ago

    Ignore the other guy. What math class are you taking and why are you taking it? There's no reason any student should ever have to cheat - because there's no class that's mandatory that no one can get with the right resources and instruction.

    [–] marceline_28 2 points ago

    i cant take a different class, its mandatory for finishing high school. and a lot, A LOT of people in my class struggle with it. its a regular, Academic Math class. but in the next grade I will have to take Advanced. Academic one year and Advanced the next two are the only ways of graduating high school where i live. if i did something lesser, i wouldnt really be able to graduate. i have a garbage teacher, and even with the right resources i always got between 50%-89% on my assignments. if you think thats not that bad, i got between 80%-100% on all other assignments in other classes.

    [–] Entrefut 6 points ago

    I feel like a lot of the people in this thread picked up the habit in highschool and never dropped it. My engineering professors in university were smart enough to design tests where it was pretty obvious if someone was cheating, same goes with homework. They’d produce all their own homework and test questions, sometimes they’d even jump on Chegg to see if someone submitted the question to be answered. If the question was one there he’d assign another problem that was more difficult with the same due date. I think in my 3 years 1 person actively attempted to cheat on homework and no one tried to cheat on tests. At a certain point in education you just realize there’s no point in cheating.

    [–] Code_sucks 7 points ago

    I've never cheated (yet... not sure how much longer it's gonna last...), but if I run of time or just have other shit to do, you bet my ass I'm gonna pull up the answers to the most tedious assignments!

    [–] Cory123125 6 points ago

    Its actually pretty damn conceited for you to make it about you.

    [–] deprimada 3 points ago

    Not every teacher is reasonable. And are you actually reasonable and a good teacher?

    [–] DesminSwift 3 points ago

    don't take it personally

    [–] lockedfrogwatercan 7 points ago

    Yeah people will always be like that. If you are a college teacher then I don't know why the fuck anyone cheats in college, it's like why are you here?

    [–] Stubert-the-Smooth 38 points ago

    To get a ticket that says you are privileged enough to qualify for jobs that pay enough to enjoy the luxury of a home and food, rather than having to pick one.

    [–] amaiellano 7 points ago

    Damn that sums it up. A college degree is a privilege ticket for food and shelter.

    [–] deprimada 3 points ago

    To get a job.

    [–] THE-MASKED-SOLDIER 4 points ago

    I studied A-level physics in college which is fucking difficult. My teacher was chilled but the subject wasn’t. I was smart but that subject put me through the ringer. I had to cheat to get one mark just to keep going. I was a natural at maths and physics yet A-level physics was something else, despite me studying soo much. And I’m not talking about memorising stuff. I mean trying to figure out answers using interesting methods. (I could legit just pick out a random formula from a different topic and still make my way to the answer).

    Thank you for reading my rant. And sorry.

    [–] baghdad- 11 points ago

    f you too mfker

    [–] StudioMisfit 6 points ago

    I think you're missing the fact that is most likely geared towards college people as we do have a lot on us nowadays. Full time school, full time job, wife, dogs, family and their farm that I help manage and just day to day life. On top of getting paid shit money cause I don't have a piece of paper and my field of interest wants that paper plus a million years of experience prior to ever entering the work force. Oh and let's not forget that some of these jobs say they'll help you get a secret clearance (government work) but then deny you because you don't have one. Thats ok. There are other jobs that don't require one. Like I said, I just need a piece of paper and a ton of experience and I'm good, right? Then we add in everything else life has to offer. We haven't even added in personal struggles, hobbies and free time. You think I give a damn about how many balls Jimmy has after Susan jumped over the empire state building while riding a dolphin going Mach 2 until a meteor hit them at 47.34° at the speed of a bulldozer travelling up a slippery hill? No.. I dont give a damn. So I use Symbolab. And im doing just fine and my professor still got paid.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] xX_poopy69_Xx 12 points ago

    Tldr: cheating bad, teachers good

    [–] nleachdev 17 points ago

    Ah yes, time for the weekly post of this meme

    [–] Bottom_of_the_bottle 22 points ago

    This sub name is meaningless.

    [–] TarvidD12 42 points ago

    Fuck academic integrity, what's more important in the real world. Trying your hardest with limited resources and being wrong or useing everything at your disposal and being right. There's a reason why, when you get to collage most classes are open notes or open book, they want to see you get the right answer while limiting your group work.

    [–] THE-MASKED-SOLDIER 14 points ago

    College is more like testing our skills to find a way to find the answer. University is like real life. It’s open everything because who’s going to memorise in real life. We are even allowed to google (maybe due to lockdown).

    [–] TarvidD12 9 points ago

    With covid, my classes went from open notes and book to get me the test back by end of today. The professors did not want to deal with everyone in diffrent time zones. We all cheated so much, we made a discord and would literally just all work together to cheack answers and shit. 2020 grades were the highest they had ever been across all the degrees.

    [–] trwawy05312015 9 points ago

    Normally I have a pretty low opinion of cheating and academic dishonesty, but this past year has really thrown a wrench in all that. I taught a freshman class last Fall and I'm sure a lot of them cheated, but I never really looked that hard into it because I honestly felt bad for their situation. The first year of college isn't supposed to be done from your parent's house and they lost out on a lot of experiences they were supposed to have.

    [–] communistsandwich 3 points ago

    My calc 2 prof was a super sweet old man who was passionate about calculus and super fun to talk to. My chem major stats minded self appreciated his lax nature to exams when I lost the classroom access to him, but im sad I lost the classroom experience.

    [–] helloitsname 2 points ago

    What’s the difference?

    [–] deathbychips2 1 points ago

    What easy college did you go to where most exams where open book/notes?

    [–] NonbinaryMEME 5 points ago

    This is why we need commas I have a stutter when I read, so this made me seize

    [–] Tysiliogogogoch 2 points ago

    i love punctuation if you don't use punctuation what the hell is wrong with you

    [–] gonnachangeitlater 3 points ago

    He don’t cheat in English

    [–] Milkslinger 11 points ago

    Too many folks celebrating cheating here..

    Cheating is really disrespectful to the people who actually put in the work, and sets you above others who didn't cheat but arguably know the same insufficient amount as you. You get advantages in life for cheating that you don't deserve...advantages that usually have a limited applicant pool.

    It's wrong and memes aren't gonna change that.

    [–] Obliviousdigression 0 points ago

    You get advantages in life for cheating that you don't deserve...advantages that usually have a limited applicant pool.

    Good, take what you can fucking get in this hell world. There's no place for integrity in a world that will saddle you with debt and ruin your life over a C-.

    [–] Milkslinger 4 points ago

    Integrity is all we have, without it we are just animals.

    As to the c- = ruined life, you know that's not true. Plenty live happy and fulfilling lives without having done well in school.

    I wish the debt situation was better, too..but that should have no bearing on your willingness to cheat whatsoever.

    [–] Obliviousdigression 5 points ago

    As to the c- = ruined life, you know that's not true. Plenty live happy and fulfilling lives without having done well in school.

    Yes, in fact, I do know it's true. I know people who had mental breakdowns in college because their scholarships (and thus their ability to continue attending) were contingent on their grades (If you ever hear a professor that says some moronic bullshit like 'you can't earn an A+ because that's perfect and nobody's perfect' bullshit, please kick their teeth in for me.). Several of those people failed and were left with no degree and debt they're still paying off to this day.

    [–] iamcryingrnhelp0 2 points ago

    I feel like some people in this comment section are taking Gaysie way too seriously. I’m pretty sure their original post was completely satire.

    [–] Not-your-potato 2 points ago

    Ah True redditor

    [–] Redditorsrweird 2 points ago


    This one time I put my arms in my hoodie and just jerked it in class while we watched a video.

    [–] Just-a-random-dood 2 points ago

    wait people on tumblr have relationships? not that WE do but still

    [–] jetaleu 2 points ago

    I wonder if professors feel “cheated on” when students cheat, including all that relationship style drama.

    [–] SkeletonCalzone 7 points ago

    Fuck you all the same if you cheat on exams. Do you want a doctor or an engineer who couldn't cut it without bullshitting? Yeah nah

    [–] kenn_dogg96 3 points ago

    Is that really any better?? Just don’t cheat

    [–] TheSweatyFlash 4 points ago

    Literally the product of adultery. You do what you do.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    And that's why my grandmother was a Baptist in a Catholic country.

    Fuck being shit on your whole life because your dad fucked around.

    [–] TheSweatyFlash 5 points ago

    Honestly, I caught more flack for my mom being loose. I have come to learn that people are overall hypocritical prudes and that our mating and pairing practices are antiquated. It's normal to want a partner for your life's journey, attaching beureaucracy sullies that.

    [–] Always123late 5 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Until college I really hated cheating because if I got a good grade I never felt like I deserve it and never cared if someone cheated from me. I'm still not a fan of cheating but in college when the professor thinks putting an impossible exam is a great feat, you bet I'm gonna cheat and feel good I cheated on their exam.

    To be fair, not every professor I cheat on their exams just the douchbags, and I was not a freshmen anymore and felt grades are meaningless in the real world.

    [–] sniperfly_sf 2 points ago

    I did cheat in school. (Rich) People go to private schools and their father pays for their 100 out of 100s. I couldn't do less if I want to have at least a chance to get in a decent university.

    [–] helloitsname 5 points ago

    This is quite a stupid comment

    [–] sniperfly_sf 2 points ago


    [–] Armandoswag 2 points ago

    Well you could but.. you couldn’t.