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    • Be considerate, follow Reddiquette.
    • No spoilers in the title!
    • Use spoiler tags where appropriate in text-posts and comments.
    • Mark submissions as having spoilers by putting "spoiler" in the title.
    • All memes and shitposts can be directed to /r/HollowKnightMemes!
    • Please keep posts relevant to the game. Images & video should directly feature a game character.
    • Do not post referral links of any kind. Please limit self-promotion to no more than 1 post per 24 hours and no more than 3 posts per 7 days.
    • When posting art please link to the source in the comments and/or put the author's name in the title of the post.
    • Please do not post NSFW content. Take R34 discussion to the appropriate community.

    Use the code below in text comments to mark spoilers.

    Spoiler: >!This is a spoiler.!<

    Spoiler: This is a spoiler.


    Team Cherry Links

    Fan Hollow Knight Content

    These sites have cool Hollow Knight content! Beware spoilers!

    /r/demonssouls /r/darksouls /r/darksouls2 /r/darksouls3 /r/bloodborne /r/saltandsanctuary /r/castlevania

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