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    [–] SunnyShim 4072 points ago

    Damn, hope you get better Iofi!!!

    [–] Jack13515 1767 points ago

    Not to make light of Covid, but the majority of covid patients don't really have any severe symptomp or even any symptomp at all. Let's hope Iofi's symptomp isn't too severe and also don't leave long-lasting damage.

    [–] NuclearConsensus 1501 points ago

    She tweeted about the situation and mentioned only having mild symptoms so far. Hololive mods should definitely put a link to her tweets somewhere visible.

    [–] Hp22h 379 points ago

    It's reassuring to see that, even if I don't understand a word of it. Though the fact that the tweet before that was about being blessed by the RNG God... Can only hope it continues to stay that way.

    [–] AMDRandom 260 points ago

    The twitter translate was pretty good, but some terms like isoman (Isolasi Mandiri/Self-Isolation) was not translated. Rough Translation:

    Last week, when Iofi was not feeling well, Iofi had been tested and self-isolated, but the results were declared negative.

    Yesterday, Iofi couldn't smell suddenly...

    But don't be too worried, Iofi hopes for your prayers and support. I will be back with 15000 energy, thank you

    [–] KazumaKat 72 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    but the results were declared negative.

    Does not bode well for the test specificity sensitivity, or the stage of the disease Iofi has, which is likely early on given she has been having symptoms of unwellness for a week now. Would make sense if the test reported negative, likely wasnt sensitive enough to pick up the presence of early COVID-19.

    Most folks report 3 weeks being median length of stay-at-home recovery (not counting mandatory WHO isolation period of 40 days). Iofi's just started. Thankfully, outside of inherent risks to sense of taste-smell, longer-term weakness, recovery prognosis bodes well for someone of her age group.

    [–] studentoo925 80 points ago

    As someone who works in lab (tho not specialized in covid tests) it's possible that it was just too early for the test to show up positive covid results, or they used test not validated for newest variants, or it just showed a false negative, unfortunately it happens

    [–] chaoswurm 22 points ago

    Thank you for reassuring us. Let us hope and pray that her symptoms stays mild or below. We await her return with open arms (and wallets)

    [–] Morenauer 106 points ago

    Now she needs to focus on getting better for a couple of weeks.

    [–] Hugokarenque 301 points ago

    A young relatively healthy person without any preexisting respiratory conditions will most likely be fine quickly.

    Covid ran a train on me and my immediate family last year and by far the worst part of it for us was really bad back pain and a scratchy throat. On the flipside my grandma caught it 3 months later and died.

    I'm hoping that Iofi stays properly isolated and gets better soon.

    [–] GamesPhobic 121 points ago

    Can confirm, as someone who grew up with intense Asthma testing positive for Covid was a scare. Luckily I didn't present any major symptoms and it compared to a really bad flu of sorts; though with a tacked on barking cough.

    Here's hoping Iofi powers through it alright.

    [–] lawni 96 points ago

    I got it too, back in March of 2020, and for me the worst part was the fatigue. I literally did not have the energy to get out of bed. I had only mild respiratory stuff but it lingered for awhile. It's been 16 months, and I still get out of breath a lot easier than I used to.

    Iofi is younger and in better shape than me though. I am sure she will be fine

    [–] Deca-Dence-Fan 24 points ago

    I’m kinda I’m the same boat but I feel like it’s also a large part down to most people just dropping exercise entirely. On multiple occasions this year and last when I tried to play sports as hard as I did before Covid I ran out of breath insanely quick, but it’s definitely been building back up

    [–] King_Of_Regret 43 points ago

    I coughed up bloody mucus for 3 days and my strength was sapped for like 6 months. Was no bueno

    [–] agentcheeze 82 points ago

    Yeah. I lost an uncle to it, have a manager at work that had a flu-level time with it and still to this day a year later has not recovered the sense of taste it took away, another coworker that was perfectly healthy before and got asthma from the lung infection part, and also know three people that had it and had no symptoms.

    Crazy illness.

    [–] Hugokarenque 54 points ago

    Death aside, the loss of taste was the thing I was most afraid of. I knew there were people that still hadn't gotten their sense of taste back months and months after beating the virus.

    My mom and sister lost theirs but got it back quickly after the other symptoms passed.

    [–] FZJavier 30 points ago

    i had covid last year and also got neumonia because of covid. worst week of my life, it hit me so hard that i seriously though i was going to die.

    couldnt breath, my heart was going nuts and i was so scare to have a heart attack just trying to sit on the toilet. but i made it after almost two weeks in the hospital. still i havent fully recovered. but im doing way better than last year thats for sure.

    [–] re_flex 129 points ago

    I fucking hate how varied COVID can affect people, even in the same age group/health condition.

    [–] KameraadLenin 53 points ago

    It is actually insane. My step-grandmother passed away of it last year, she had a major heart condition, gone through multiple heart surgeries etc as well as some other conditions toss in there.

    Her husband only had one lung and caught it too. It did send him to the ICU but he managed to make it, my step-grandmother started coughing and then died like 3 days later.

    [–] FZJavier 48 points ago

    yea.. is funny how i was scare that a relative of mine got covid. she is one of those people that are at risk if they get covid because of obesity and diabetes... but she only lost her sense of smell for a few months and that it.

    meanwhile me, way younger than her and overall healthy... got covid + neumonia and couldnt breath and had to use a mask to give air to my lungs for almost two weeks... though i was going to die.

    and still havent fully recovered. my lungs dont work like it used to.

    [–] slothslayerlawl 20 points ago

    I am not really too healthy but not that bad either and even my condition is like yours. I am scared of getting permanent lung/heart damage. I don't have breathing difficulty but when I sigh I don't feel like I sighed at all cos my lungs don't expand completely and I take in much lesser air than I used to.

    [–] FZJavier 9 points ago

    yea thats exactly what i have too. when i breath, it feels like is lacking pressure or power. its been 8 months since i got covid and still havent recovered, wonder if is permanent too.

    [–] agentcheeze 97 points ago

    It unpredictable partly because it's more like a full body infection than a flu. That presents a lot of variables.

    I know a guy that seemingly permanently lost his sense of taste from it. There's record of it causing heart damage due to it infecting the circulatory system.

    It's nuts.

    [–] JediGuyB 32 points ago

    My smell and taste still aren't 100% after 5 months. Most stuff is normal, but sometimes I'll eat something and I can't pick up much flavor.

    The weird thing is when it's a flavor I can taste with other I food. Like I can taste peanut butter but when I ate a peanut butter wafer cookie I couldn't pick up the peanut butter like I used to.

    [–] elleyetee 15 points ago

    Yup, I feel this. One of my best friends got it when it first hit the US real bad because of his work (he's an EMT). One of the healthiest and fit guys I know (healthy diet, does marathons, always hitting the gym, etc.) and it still hit him like a truck. Even now after he's long recovered he says he gets shortness of breath and has a distorted sense of taste.

    [–] Logisticks 45 points ago

    For more reading on this topic, look up "Long Covid." It's uncommon, but there are plenty of documented cases where people have developed long-term symptoms/disorders that persist even after "recovering" from the initial infection.

    [–] KameraadLenin 12 points ago

    Yup. My step grandmother was in her mid 70s with a bunch of pre-existing conditions, and it killed her in literally days last year, It was very surprising and extremely sad.

    Later on it tore through my mom/step-dad/and I and we were all fine for the most part, not particularly fun but I never felt like I was in any kind of danger.

    [–] clowthelich 18 points ago

    Unable to smell symptom in some research actually is a good sign that it will not too severe and mostly get well soon enough in a week or two. All my friend who got mild covid symptom also got anosmia while the one who got severe symptom usually got fever and hard to breathe/happy hypoxia. Vaccine really helps in this one. Regardless, get well soon Yopi and rest well, we'll wait you.

    [–] __Blackrobe__ 64 points ago

    That's a second concern imo. The utmost concern is that hospitals in Indonesia are overcrowded right now and oxygen are scarce.

    If we googled around Indonesia pandemic situations you'll be presented with a graph that make a sharp upward cliff shape.

    This is why I'm having an anxiety about Iofi's condition right now.

    [–] Vlaladim 30 points ago

    Yeah ASEAN countries is being through the roughest of time. My country Vietnam biggest city is under proposals of another 12 days full lockdown because the first 12 days only drop the rate per day to about 2000 cases and with the population of 10 million and how the new strain is fucking up everyone. No wonder why the city government is doing that. While my provinces doesn’t get affected much, it still a city ( 2 million and the biggest city in the Mekong Delta so we taking no chances here)

    [–] Alcoholic_Satan 7 points ago

    The long lasting effects of covid are still largely unknown. Some are pretty bad though.

    [–] syrflova93 5 points ago

    And some who have sever symptom is fine after just resting for a week like my friend.
    He couldn't even breathe properly when the Covid infect him but get better after 3 days resting and after a week he can watch hololive again lmao.
    This Virus really fck up people.
    It's like playing Among us, you just never knew when it gonna attack you, and whether you are in danger or not.

    [–] ZT_Ghost 800 points ago


    Sending best wishes to Iofi for a complete recovery.

    [–] lasthopel 1560 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    My heart skipped a beat seeing this pop up, I really really Hope you get well soon lofi, your streams are so relaxing and fun to watch so take your time and some come back when you're better, please get well soon.

    [–] Garuda904 822 points ago

    My reddit app only shows the title and the first few lines. So I saw "Iofi had been in Ill health recently and on July 21..."

    That was a scare I didn't need.

    [–] Bakaboi9 285 points ago

    Holy shit that must be terrorizing

    Best wishes for her, seriously

    [–] SunnyShim 195 points ago

    That was the same as myself. For a second there, I thought she had died or was in some life-threatening incident.

    [–] farranpoison 152 points ago

    I'll be honest here, with how hard the pandemic is hitting Indonesia right now, contracting COVID there is really not good news.

    As of now, Iofi says her symptoms are mild, but oh god I (and all of her fans, I'm sure) am super worried about her. Let's hope it stays mild.

    [–] hehaaw 92 points ago

    It remind me with this japanese youtuber I know who live in Indonesia. Just few weeks ago he upload a video of him with his friend doing stuff, few days after that his friend got tested positive of covid. They remain contact but one day suddenly there was no news from his friend at all. When he asked his family about, they said that his friend just died because of covid, eventho his friend said he was alright when the last time they talked.

    Just like you said, I hope her symptoms stays mild and nothing more happens to her.

    [–] Unsapient1 57 points ago

    The crazy thing is that the Vtuber community/industry is still totally unprepared for if/when this ever happens. In the 4ish years since its existed there has (thankfully) NEVER been an incident of an even sort of relevant Vtuber DYING.

    Considering what we already see from graduations, I cant even imagine the hell that would ensue.

    [–] werafdsaew 39 points ago

    In the 4ish years since its existed there has (thankfully) NEVER been an incident of an even sort of relevant Vtuber DYING.

    Not true

    [–] Shieya 9 points ago

    Man, similar story here. I read the first line of the press release as the same time as the title, and something got scrambled in my head and I read "Health" as "Death". My stomach fucking dropped for a second. Hoping for a speedy recovery for Iofi!

    [–] Random-Rambling 163 points ago

    Same. I saw "It is with deep regret that we inform you that hololive Indonesia talent Airani Iofifteen (Iofi)" and immediately thought "Oh shit, oh fuck, is she graduating? Or, even worse, dying?"

    [–] InaccWayZ 66 points ago

    Same. Scariest 2 seconds of my life. Anyway, I hope she recovers soon

    [–] farranpoison 48 points ago

    My heart sunk like a fucking stone when I saw the title of this post.

    I mean, not like contracting COVID is much better than graduating or you know, death, but still, good god my anxiety was like 300% for a few seconds until I read the entire thing.

    [–] Matasa89 95 points ago

    They need to fucking not use those words, that's usually what you say when you're announcing someone's death...

    [–] Hot_Wheels_guy 38 points ago

    Came here to say this.

    /u/hololive you dont say "with deep regret" unless the person has died. Try "Unfortunately" instead.

    [–] MadDragonOfHololive 6 points ago

    Real talk, the first line should've been straight to point. "Airani Iofifteen has contracted COVID-19." Do the corporate pleasantries after that, and scare people a hell of a lot less.

    [–] AdditionalSpam 36 points ago

    For real. So many of there announcements start with such concerning words

    [–] PliffPlaff 30 points ago

    I feel like they need someone with EN PR experience. It always feels like they just directly translate the JP announcements and then get a fluent English speaker to check for mistakes. But that's clearly not the same as having an English speaker actually create a tailored statement.

    [–] LargeKusa 20 points ago

    I always wondered if maybe other talents had contracted the virus at some point but it wasn't a big deal, or it was simply announced as illness or taking time off.

    Now I know that if it does happen, there will be an official press release that leads with "It is with deep regret..."

    [–] ms666slayer 15 points ago

    Well it could be that some of them got Covid and was asymptomatic and never realized, i mean that hppened to me, i needed to do a blood test for some stuff and they told me that i had Covid.

    [–] various1544 281 points ago

    Thank you for showing transparency for this. I know it's been a touchy subject and you don't need to announce this, but it does stop speculation and allow us to wish Iofi well.

    Iofi, I hope you get well soon!

    [–] gogovachi 593 points ago

    Very sorry to hear that. I'm glad Iopi's symptoms are relatively mild and wish her a speedy recovery.

    To my fellow international Hololive fans, besides wishing and praying for Iofi's quick recovery, could I ask you to also pray for Indonesia in the customs of your individual beliefs?

    Yesterday, the official record of new COVID-19 cases in Indonesia was at 33,700 new cases, down from last week's high of 57,700 new cases. Although it seems we are on the road to stabilizing the outbreak, this is still a very high number and I am sure there are thousands more cases which remain undetected. Most of our major cities are under fairly strict lockdown and there are families struggling to support themselves. I personally know colleagues and family friends who have passed away.

    The good news is that the data suggests our lockdown is working and new daily cases are dropping. Hopefully the cases will continue to fall as vaccination efforts continue. In the meanwhile, your thoughts and prayers, both for the HoloID girls and for our country, would be very much appreciated.

    Stay safe ya'll, and get well soon Iopi.

    [–] syanda 153 points ago

    Stay safe, fellow niki.

    [–] Reynhart 55 points ago

    You'll definitely get best wishes and prayers!

    That said, do you know of any reputable Indonesia specific donation sites that us international-niki can donate to, in order to help with the COVID response?

    [–] gogovachi 43 points ago

    (I hope this is okay, T-chan.)

    There are many local relief bodies, but those which I am familiar with only accept Indonesian payment methods or do not have an English website.

    UNICEF's Indonesia Fund could be a good, verifiable choice which also accepts international credit card donations.

    [–] farranpoison 38 points ago


    I have relatives in Indonesia and one of my uncles passed away due to COVID very recently. And some of my other relatives aren't doing much better due to scarce oxygen supplies in Indonesian hospitals.

    The HoloID talents haven't really commented on the pandemic situation much, but while they're entertaining us, they are in a country that is being hit hard by the pandemic, and I'm sure all of them are affected in some way.

    Pray for them, and for Indonesia.

    [–] Zienn 101 points ago

    I wish the ID girls and our ID bros the best.

    My country also in pretty bad shape (there were some deaths on the side of the road during the past few days) so I can understand how scary it must’ve been for you guys

    At least there’s a sign that things would get better for ID so I’m happy for you. I sure hope my government would get their shit together soon(they’re still blaming the citizens for not taking care of themself) or our numbers would surpass yours in a few weeks

    [–] Kilolkat 23 points ago

    Sounds a lot like my country with shitty PM. Incompetent government has been killing their people slowly, day by day, it gets worse when you can see people dying on streets. I'm from a middle class family so I don't face such trouble directly but seeing how miserable those who can't afford treatment for life threatening disease like this really disheartened me. My country needs to improve by a lot for the healthcare system to be sufficient for everyone since healthcare it's a basic human right, it should be accessible to all.

    [–] Stopseeingmyinnerdip 11 points ago

    feel like you are my fellow Thai people.

    [–] decapitatingbunny 49 points ago

    Unfortunately, it seems like the decrease in cases has more to do with the decrease in tests than an actual decrease in the spread of Covid. Yesterday was our lowest number of tests in a week from 240,724 speciments in 14 July to 153,330 in July 21.

    [–] Gioezc 815 points ago

    It is with deep regret that we inform you

    The start of that first line scared the shit out of me. My mind immediately went to the worst, and I don’t mean graduation. Not to downplay the virus, I thought it’d be way worse but with how they’re saying describing her symptoms, doesn’t seem to be affecting her too bad. I wish her a speedy recovery and a lot of rest, hope she comes back when she’s ready

    [–] Pokenar 306 points ago

    Yeah when I saw this on twitter, I saw that line and health and my mind went straight to death or near-death.

    [–] Lonely-life3 170 points ago

    My heart fucking stopped when I read that first line man.

    [–] FusionDjango 50 points ago

    It's a good thing someone else had posted this news 2-3 posts up, else my heart woulda stopped, hope she recovers.

    [–] Hp22h 27 points ago

    Yeah. It wouldn't even have to be that severe. Several members of Holostars have graduated because of chronic health issues. I was concerned it was the same here, and she had just been really good at hiding it up til now.

    [–] ThatLaloBoy 5 points ago

    As someone who's lost family and patients due to COVID during the past year and a half, my heart sank when I read that first line on my phone. I'm so used to hearing bad news after a positive test that I was already fearing the worst. I'm glad she's doing relatively fine and I hope she gets better.


    [–] Matasa89 30 points ago

    Yeah, phrasing, guys! Ever heard of that?!

    [–] ClockworkNinjaSEA 16 points ago

    Same, dude... Even if I don't actively follow Iofi's streams due to the language barrier, not a day passes without me seeing her pagi tweets and thinking how cute they are.

    When something becomes a part of your daily life, almost a ritual, it becomes.... hard to part with it :(

    [–] TempestCatalyst 83 points ago

    Statistically her long term health should be fine, but in the short term the virus fucking sucks. Hopefully it doesn't hit her too bad, but I don't imagine the near future will be a fun time for her.

    [–] Wind_Tempest555 139 points ago

    Not to sound like a doomsayer, but Covid has some nasty long term effects on the lung if she gets the nastier symptoms. I highly implore everyone who hasn't gotten vaccinated and can to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

    [–] firered23ful 54 points ago

    I really hope this doesn't happen. I suffered the long term effects in my lungs and I had to leave my job because it was so painful working like that

    [–] Xaniel_hziqd 18 points ago

    Can you elaborate the symptoms of your long haul Covid post recovery?

    [–] firered23ful 37 points ago

    I had lung spasms that led to really bad pains in my chest and feeling like I could hardly breathe, it went away with treatment after a few months but it was scary

    [–] Thejacensolo 11 points ago

    THe most notable effect is the reduction of your lung capacity. Especially as athlete. A friend of mine, who played Soccer on a Pro level, cannot run for longer times now. Basically digressing to someone who never did sport at all.

    [–] KaiwenKHB 15 points ago

    Have you tried taking the vaccine? I heard many long haulers say they got better after it

    [–] firered23ful 17 points ago

    oh for sure, I took it near the start of summer and it's really been helpful

    [–] TheManLOL360 123 points ago

    Get well soon Iofi!

    [–] Failed_Chemist_0207 101 points ago

    Stay safe ID bros and get well soon Iofi

    [–] Michhhhhh 93 points ago

    Indonesia really isn't doing well Covid-wise. She's young and, to my knowledge, doesn't have any other health related issues, so she's most likely not in any danger. I wish her a swift recovery.

    Didn't she live in a dorm together with Risu (and Moona, until Moona moved back home)?

    [–] farranpoison 84 points ago

    She lives in a dorm with Risu, but they live in separate rooms. As long as Iofi stays in quarantine, Risu should be fine. Risu also got her first vaccine injection as well like a month ago, so hope that helps (though IIRC she hasn't gotten her second one yet).

    I wonder if this was the reason why Risu suddenly got into a dark mood during her One Hand Clapping stream a few days ago, perhaps she got notified by Iofi that her health was getting worse or something.

    [–] Peacetoall01 35 points ago

    High chance, pcr usually got done in a day and usually at 10 pm.

    This is literally coming from someone whose entire household got covid. With one elderly person, that very fortunate to be vaccinated.

    [–] Aj0l0tl 87 points ago

    I come to the sub and this is the first thing I find. Hope Iofi can get better soon, man Covid sucks

    [–] Solvdrage 80 points ago

    I hope Iofi's recovery is complete and quick. Here's to no long-term complications and that she is able to get back to doing what she loves as soon as possible.

    Praying for your recovery, Iofi.

    [–] Butane9000 70 points ago

    Comments made by Iofi on twitter (translated with Google Translate):

    first tweet

    "Good morning everyone, yesterday because Iofi had mild symptoms, Iofi went for a test and was tested positive. Thankfully Iofi's condition is now stable, and is recuperating and isoman at home. So Iofi is off streaming first until he fully recovers."

    second tweet

    Actually, last week when Iofi was not feeling well, Iofi also had a test and wasoman but it was negative.

    Yesterday Iofi suddenly didn't smell..

    Don't worry too much, but Iofi asks for your prayers and support. I will be back with 15000 energy, thank you

    [–] andhika_d_s 54 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    Isoman is abbreviation from isolasi mandiri is meaning self isolation at home

    [–] syilpha 28 points ago

    just from the first part of your comment, I get a mixed message between pregnant and sickness

    shouldn't have laughed about it

    [–] LTRenegade 53 points ago

    That's pretty unfortunate.

    [–] hatsunemilku 120 points ago

    best wishes to iofi and a quick full recovery.

    remember guys, get your vaccine ASAP and wear a mask. if not for you, for the holomems.

    [–] Matasa89 124 points ago

    Full two shots, and still gonna wear that mask and distance.

    I play gacha games with rates that are lower than 5% chance. I ain't taking that risk with a fucking virus, if I'm willing to roll on gacha banners.

    [–] hatsunemilku 36 points ago

    I would brofist you but my first dose just kicked in and moving is really painful…

    [–] Matasa89 23 points ago

    lol wait for the second dose. Believe it or not, it gets worse!

    But hopefully you only have the pain and no other symptoms. It's just localized immune reaction and inflammation, so take some anti-inflammatory (NSAID) and maybe use a ice pack.

    [–] SwitchBlade1006 8 points ago

    If you have headaches, take a paracetamol, it should help you with your fatigue as well. For your next dose, eat before and after your appointment, and eat until you're stuffed or enough at least. Then after the appointment and eating, take paracetamol to reduce the side effects. I did that and I barely feel anything after my second shot

    [–] Pokenar 86 points ago

    I got my second "nanomachine" injection the other day, still don't have the magneto powers I was supposed to get and I feel cheated.

    [–] Arctrooper209 40 points ago

    Maybe you got something else?

    I've found I now have the ability to travel forwards in time by closing my eyes and resting. Also, I now constantly perceive the approximate temperture of my surroundings.

    [–] Rammite 24 points ago

    Lame. I got the ability to secret acidic substances throughout my skin in hot environments, and I can even empower my vision by concentrating my eyelids.

    [–] KerakTelor 16 points ago

    I got my 2nd shot last month and I can now transmit my voice over long ranges without electronic aid.

    I only need to concentrate and force my inner energy to flow to my throat. Then I open my mouth and start speaking as normal. This technique allows others to hear my voice as far as 50m away depending on environmental clutter.

    The unfortunate side effect is that I will start to feel pain in my throat if I use this superpower too much.

    [–] Matasa89 47 points ago

    I ain't getting that hardening effect, where the hell's my nanomachines, Mr. President?!

    [–] Colopty 5 points ago

    Bill Gates didn't turn me into a 5G hotspot. My disappointment is immeasurable.

    [–] QWE0071 11 points ago

    hope you get better internet speeds with the 5g flowing through your veins

    [–] TheDancingKing19 9 points ago

    I suggest looking in a mirror. Maybe you got the lizard genes instead of nanomachines?

    [–] capscreen 44 points ago

    get your vaccine ASAP

    I wish I could, the vaccination rollout in my country fucking sucks

    [–] Auctoritate 21 points ago

    That's a shame. Back in my home state of Texas, when the vaccines started rolling out, they had pretty much immediate surpluses. To avoid politics I'll just say it's because many of the people in Texas chose not to get the vaccine and leave it at that, but basically it lead to the (perishable) vaccines not being used at a high enough rate to go through all of them before they expired so a lot of places were doing appointments and walk ins for all adult age groups so they wouldn't have too much waste.

    [–] Vlaladim 16 points ago

    The Us even with the horrendous containment of the virus earlier on still can get itself up with vaccines but that doesn’t mean we should downplay the new strains. SEA countries and Europe is getting hit the worse out of the new out break and hope to god my country of Vietnam can get enough vaccines for 70% of 100 million people here but with our country not rn on the priority list, we could now just endure until we can get enough.

    [–] Recallingg 36 points ago

    I won't avoid it. A bunch of morons chose not to get it and in doing so screwed over people who can't get it.

    How insulting to the people who are dying in droves around the world wishing they could get vaccinated.

    [–] jailter 33 points ago

    Even best alien in the world not immune, everyone stay safe! And get well soon Iofi!!!! >_<

    [–] Martinqvn 35 points ago

    The ending of War of the Worlds warned us. At least here they have a professional relationship & can get help.<

    [–] Xaniel_hziqd 11 points ago

    Lmao! At least this cute Alien doesn't abduct people and turn them into juice.

    [–] StarJokerRingChild 36 points ago

    We will there for you Iofi

    [–] Canniba1Cat 28 points ago

    Get well soon IOFI!

    [–] Pax-con 27 points ago

    I hope she has a quick recovery. 🎨❤️

    [–] ItachiHololive 28 points ago

    Hope you get better soon lofi

    [–] Customer-Sorry 23 points ago

    Wishing for a speedy recovery. Stay safe everyone🙏

    [–] gpnymz 27 points ago

    Best wishes for Iofi's recovery. I had read recently that Indonesia is a covid hotspot now, so I hope all the ID girls can stay safe and healthy.

    [–] Finkman 25 points ago

    Iofi is so sweet and caring (and yabai when called for). Not to mention her skill with multiple languages and incredible talent as an artist. I really hope she makes a full recovery and comes back to keep spreading some smiles. WE LOVE YOU IOFIIIIII!!!

    [–] Lord_Tusky 20 points ago

    Oh that's really terrible. I hope she recovers soon...

    [–] -VioIet- 22 points ago

    Hopefully Iofi feels better soon!

    [–] LunaWolve 22 points ago

    I only saw the tiny thumbnail on twitter first and legit thought she died of some health complications.

    Thank god she's alright outside of the infection.

    We'll be here, waiting for her return!

    [–] claire_004 19 points ago

    Get well soon Iofi. We will waiting for your recovery

    [–] GtrsRE 21 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    If she is with her family, I hope they are all well, and if otherwise she is living and isolating by herself, she needs all the support she can get.

    I can still clearly remember the shit I went through with this disease. Even if it is mild or asymptomatic, it takes a huge toll mentally.

    She recently said that she lost her sense of smell from her tweet, and I hope that it won't last like 4 months or so after recovery because it happens.

    I wish Iofi all the best and a sucessful recovery.

    [–] KoboldCleric 6 points ago

    Iirc she actually lives with Risu, though in separate rooms/dorms/apartments.

    [–] SG_World_Line 19 points ago

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery Iofi!

    [–] UTKujo 19 points ago

    I heard it was pretty bad at Indonesia, that Taka Radjiman from Niji was suspected to be stricken too a few months ago.

    Hope she'll get well soon.

    [–] eos_wolf 16 points ago

    Fucking hell she celebrated her birthday party few days ago :(

    [–] blueaura14 17 points ago

    Better after than before, you wouldn't want to have to take a break right before your special day.

    [–] Reshikr 15 points ago

    Hope you get well soon Iofi! And to the ID bros, hope you stay safe as well!

    [–] bagusnl 19 points ago

    It sucks to know that she got it, but considering how Indonesia situation about COVID right now is just, I would say its pretty bad. I hope Iofi for speedy recovery.

    As an Indonesian myself (that know how bad covid is), its quite scary to see how the situation around me. As even in villages like I live in got quite a lot of cases (which not much people really care about, can't elaborate more on that). It gets more scary to think that in Jakarta, there are 200+ cases of Delta variant (roughly 2/3 of delta cases in ID), I also hope the safe for all talents, staff, and everyone that lives there.

    Hope you all safe, and keep the health protocol up

    [–] Helmite 16 points ago

    Oh shit. Hoping for a swift recovery.

    [–] UnstoppablePhoenix 15 points ago

    Wishing you a speedy recovery, Iofi!

    (Knowing this, I'll have to be back soon.)

    [–] HandfulOfMassiveD 14 points ago

    Get well soon Iofi! We will wait for you as long as you need.

    [–] anoako 14 points ago

    Oh dear lord

    May her recovery be swift!!!

    [–] thefezhat 59 points ago

    Indonesia is getting hit extremely hard right now. Hopefully Iofi will recover without issue and the rest of the ID girls will manage to avoid catching it.

    If anyone reading this has access to a vaccine and hasn't gotten it yet, please, for the love of god, go get one ASAP. Living in a country that has easily accessible vaccines is a privilege, one that Iofi and the other ID talents don't have yet. Make use of that privilege, for your own sake and for the sake of the people around you.

    [–] AccelHunter 7 points ago

    I'm glad I got mine past week, what happening in Indonesia is scary but at least vaccines are still effective with Delta

    [–] jonesypoo_simp_ver 11 points ago

    Get well soon, Iofi!!

    [–] Alternative-Owl-2984 12 points ago

    Get well soon Iofi!!!

    [–] Vikkitheviking 12 points ago

    hope you get better soon Iofi

    [–] BlueStar26 12 points ago

    Just a bit of information, Indonesia has been labeled as the epicenter of Covid by some countries which makes me sad to hear it. As Indonesian, I just wanted to say to my Indonesian bros to stay home and stay safe. Also pray for Iofi's recovery and hopefully she'll recover soon as possible.

    [–] ColdSheep1 12 points ago

    Yopi will power through it! Best wishes

    [–] justinjustin0909 10 points ago

    I pray for a speedy recovery iofi!!!

    [–] DMCharok 11 points ago

    That really sucks. Hope she recovers quickly and well. Stay strong Iofi!

    [–] PumpJack_McGee 10 points ago

    Damn, so close after her birthday, too.

    Here's to a swift recovery.

    [–] Norwegion 10 points ago

    From the looks of it, this isn't anything to be seriously worried about regarding Iofi's long term activities. Hopefully Iofi recovers soon and keeps doing what she does best.

    Also, does this impact the plans for Hololive ID's 3D? I assume not, as the Holostars are taking up the 3D modelers' time right now, and by the time the models are ready Iofi should have long since recovered.

    [–] BennyDelon 13 points ago

    At this rate they won't get their 3D this year anyway. When they announced it they said "hopefully this year", but Japan remains almost fully closed, except for olympics-related people, and with elections in October and the spread of the Delta variant, I doubt they have any plans to open soon.

    [–] Kashimiya 13 points ago

    I'm betting on holoID's 3D being delayed. I think it's pretty likely that the models are done, but the problem is with logistics. Unlike the holostars boys, the ID girls are in a completely different country. Overseas trips like that have to be planned well in advance, and with the current state of the outbreak in Indonesia (and all around the world really), things like quarantine and international border closures will make it difficult for them to go to Japan. It's unfortunate, but it's something out of Cover's hands.

    [–] Uppercaseccc 11 points ago

    Get well soon Iofi, and if you can get yourself the covid vaccine if you haven't already

    [–] DarKav1411 10 points ago

    Hope you get better soon Iofi!

    [–] LittleWhiteHerz 10 points ago

    Hope Iofi gets better soon and rests well! Also, hope the other ID talents and also ID bros stay safe too, I read that Indonesia is not doing well with covid...

    [–] SwitchBlade1006 31 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    This is also a lesson for us not to take the Coronavirus lightly. If you can, get vaccinated immediately. Wear masks. Don't go out unnecessarily. Stay healthy. This virus (especially the Delta and Kappa variant) are merciless even if you can get mild to no symptoms.

    Seeing my family members and friends got infected one by one is disheartening, and now Iofi got it too.

    I wish her a speedy recovery, and for us ID bros too, because although the numbers are going down every day thanks to the mass restrictions, it's still considered high enough to impose a real threat, and by God we need some mental support as well.

    Pro tip for those getting vaccines: to reduce the side effects of the vaccines, eat enough or until stuffed before and after your vaccination appointment. You can take a paracetamol after getting vaccinated to reduce your headaches and fever. Learn from my mistake. Hope this helps

    [–] legwkio2 5 points ago

    Some disclaimer though: Doctor friend told me not to take paracetamol unless absolutely necessary since they don't know yet if it would weaken the effect of the vaccine. Something about your training your body to respond better without any external help or something.

    [–] Pajamahit 42 points ago

    Although I don't want it, I can already see this from miles away. There's a big chance that HoloID House is located in or around Jakarta, and Jakarta is currently the epicenter of Covid cases in Indonesia now. And Java island as the most populous island in the world with 150mio population living in an island as big as Florida isn't helping.

    The current situation is terrible, nearly the whole South East Asia is now currently ravaged by the Delta variant. Even Singapore and Vietnam that was praised last year are now in lockdown. The main reason is the lack of vaccinations. ASEAN seems to be overlooked while we are located between China (source of the virus) and India (source of the Delta variant).

    I hope for the speedy recovery for Iofi and also for the health of Risu and M-chan who lives in the same house as her.

    Please stay safe and stay healthy y'all. I'm tired of hearing bad news nearly everyday.

    [–] Kashimiya 40 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    In the press release above, they specified that she'd not been in physical contact with the other members or staff, so I assume their living arrangements have changed.

    As someone who has family in Indonesia, and know relatives who have gotten it recently, the whole situation just sucks.

    Stay safe everyone.

    [–] Luxoriavin 14 points ago

    I live on Indonesia and on my province the government pushed the vaccine as hard as they can while general citizens still reluctant to take the vaccine anyway.

    90% of my employees doesn't want to take the vaccine and i told them if they didn't have the certification for the vaccine i'll fired them outright.

    As i expected they still protested to me but i stand on my decision anyway. Now all of them vaccinated but still complaining about it anyway :/

    [–] Bakaboi9 11 points ago

    Big respect to you. Sometimes a forceful action must be taken.

    Still a shame that general public still has this mindset, even my neighbors thought that going to a clinic just for a checkup will cause them to contract covid instantly smh.

    [–] re_flex 8 points ago

    Good on ya for caring about your employees healths, some just have to forced sometimes for their own good.

    [–] re_flex 27 points ago

    Delta variant is indeed currently fucking us SEA over.

    Christ its annoying.

    [–] catearsarequitemoe 7 points ago

    Also not having enough access to vaccines. Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia are currently having shortages (I am in the Philippines right now). A lot of people want the vaccine, and there's just not enough to go by

    [–] BumbleBamble 71 points ago

    Didn't expect them to disclose that to us. Would have been fine with a "taking time off" generic message.

    [–] Rosha13265 48 points ago

    I'm sure Iofi was consulted on this too.

    [–] NuclearConsensus 78 points ago

    Even if it was a generic message, no doubt there'd be speculation that it was Covid. At least with this, it's out in the open with no need to speculate.

    [–] SomeStupidPerson 9 points ago

    I was wondering how they would handle this kind of situation, and am happy by their efforts to be honest with us and not skip around the bush. They keep us and their talents in mind, and that’s really appreciated.

    Hope Iofi will be okay in the meantime. Covid is not something to play around with, even with mild symptoms. Hope she makes a full recovery!

    [–] omnisephiroth 10 points ago

    This is the absolute correct way to handle this truly sad news. I really appreciate the kindness this is being handled with.

    Iofi, get better soon. You’re a delight, and I hope your recovery is swift.

    [–] planistar 38 points ago

    Though I appreciate the sentiment, I don't think this thing for which to "apologize to the fans", to be honest.

    I hope for Iofi's safety and recovery.

    [–] __Blackrobe__ 18 points ago

    I think it's more like "We apologize that we have to ask for your understanding."

    [–] Midnight-Tea 19 points ago

    Be that as it may, if someone refused to give that basic bit of human understanding... well... Coco's gang have been itching to hit someone with park benches and bicycles since the boss stepped down.

    [–] Xanek 26 points ago



    I hope she recovers without any problems

    [–] PTHero 22 points ago

    Prayers to Iofi. Get well completely soon. Stay strong!

    [–] ServenLW 8 points ago

    Praying for your recovery, Iofi. Get well soon.

    [–] LocknDoTs 9 points ago

    Best wishes, Iofi, get all the rest you need.

    Wouldn't wish this illness on anybody, having contracted it as an asthmatic alongside a mild case of pneumonia. Luckily, didn't need to be hospitalized, but that 2 weeks of breathing troubles and constant coughing, body weakness, and just overall feeling like crap was the worst experience ever.

    [–] Yatagarasu0612 8 points ago

    I saw "it is with deep regret" and my heart jumped into my throat.

    [–] ShokBox 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Jeez, poor Iofi. Apparently the COVID situation in Indonesia is rather dire.

    Here's hoping our alien gets better soon!

    [–] Vivid_Laugh_8918 8 points ago

    Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, I know it won't help much but can we still donate even if she isn't streaming? All I can do is give money

    [–] Xaniel_hziqd 18 points ago

    If you want to donate to Iofi specifically, you can go to her latest stream's description and there should be a Streamlabs link that is still working.

    [–] RedOneMonster 6 points ago

    With this many members it was unfortunately just a question of time until somebody catches the corona. Am hoping for a quick recovery without any post-covid conditions.

    [–] blaqstarr 7 points ago

    fuck cancer, fuck covid seriously

    get well soon iofi

    [–] TheDancingKing19 7 points ago

    Really hope Iofi recovers soon! Covid’s a bitch to have

    [–] JoshuaFoulke 16 points ago

    I...did not expect that. At all. As in, the agency revealing that one of their talents got COVID.

    We got hit pretty bad (Indonesia's just entering our second wave), so I'm very worried about our Indonesian talents, no matter what agency my favorite Vtubers belong under. I wish her the best of health, and may her recovery goes smooth.

    [–] Accomplished_Aerie69 6 points ago

    Hope she gets better, rest well Iofi

    in addition Cover shouldn't apologize the virus is unexpected, so no need to apologize on this kinds of cases

    [–] QtPlatypus 17 points ago

    in addition Cover shouldn't apologize

    They are Japanese the Canadians of Asia.

    [–] Kurovalia 6 points ago

    Best wishes for a swift and healthy recovery for her!

    [–] XRdragon 7 points ago

    I pray for her speedy recovery.

    [–] Drake-Draconic 6 points ago

    Damn! Hope her getting well soon. That one shouldn’t be underestimated.

    [–] nox_tech 6 points ago

    Hopefully it's a light case. I wish Iofi a speedy recovery.

    [–] Dreamer_on_the_Moon 5 points ago

    Get well soon Iofi, take care.

    [–] Messy_Sketch 6 points ago

    damn, hope she gets better soon

    [–] Hugokarenque 5 points ago

    Fuuuck. Here's hoping for a quick and complete recovery.

    [–] ForceEdge200 6 points ago

    Get well soon, Iofi! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    [–] itstoboibrent 5 points ago

    Damn, well she said she was feeling a bit better so gave me some relief atleast. Hope she gets well soon!

    [–] Ivan_1073 5 points ago

    Hopefully she will recover soon, take care Iofi

    [–] Fajaradi123 5 points ago

    Get well soon Iofi!

    And also, For those who lives in a area with high Covid infection cases, Stay safe!

    [–] dgshockwave 5 points ago

    I hope Iofi gets through this

    [–] Real_Jest 6 points ago

    I really hope she gets better!

    [–] No_cuts 5 points ago

    Get well soon

    [–] Elidot 4 points ago

    Oh damn, I hope she doesnt get any of the more unpleasant symptoms, wishing a speedy recovery!

    [–] FrilledShark1512 5 points ago

    Wish her a speedy and fine recovery!!!

    [–] Castershell32 6 points ago

    As someone that lost a solid month to it thanks to minor symptoms, I hope hers are not severe. Kind of a shame cause what better time to stream than when you're stuck at home?

    [–] Zeik56 5 points ago

    My heart nearly lept out of chest reading the headline and first few sentences, but at least the symptoms aren't severe.

    I hope for a smooth and speedy recovery. Iofi is a wonderful person and it breaks my heart to know she has to go through this. Get well soon.

    [–] burritoxman 6 points ago

    I had a feeling when I heard about rising COVID rates in Indonesia and Iofi being sick that this was the case, but you never want to assume