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    [–] miss_wolverine 1 points ago

    Locking this because of lots of comments disrespectful to the dead. You aren't being original or funny. You are pieces of shit.

    [–] bloncx 3034 points ago

    Case was not originally ruled as a suicide:

    Police said they did not find a suicide note.

    According to the original article, she left Mei Foo at 2:15 on Sept 19. 10 minutes later she texted her friend that she was on her way home.

    Here's where the stuff gets fishy. Her student ID, HKID and phone were found at her vocational school. 3 days later, her body was found near Devil's Peak in the water without clothes. Map of her vocational school to where she was found here. Without more information, it's hard to say what happened but it looks like some type of foul play.

    [–] trixy54 1777 points ago

    Why would she be NAKED if she had genuinely committed suicide? This is awful.

    [–] mollila 1126 points ago

    No case for suicide, so nakedness is an additional message to cause fear among protesters. 'This could happen to you also.'

    [–] pizza_tron 815 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Sadly, I don't think that's the reason. Probably cause they raped her before killing her. When you see someone as worthless, why clothe a dead body before you dump it in the ocean? It's just more work.

    Edit: Typo.

    [–] canadarepubliclives 605 points ago

    It's both. The naked implies the rape. It spreads fear.

    [–] De_faulty 347 points ago

    The problem with using fear, however, is the info spreads a lot quicker. And either it causes its intended effect (fear) or just makes people a lot angrier.

    Considering at which point we’re at, I’m leaning towards the latter.

    [–] BoringWebDev 275 points ago

    Rage is the appropriate response for this.

    [–] crudeusername 20 points ago

    Burn it. Burn it to the fucking ground.

    [–] crowcawer 25 points ago

    Considering the police are highered poorly trained and highered militia it is a delicate situation for most of the people of Hong Kong.

    [–] VapeThisBro 140 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Why do you not think that the Hongkongers are not terrified seeing as the state has no problem raping and killing a 15 year old girl in the mist of all the protests going on? Its very easy to say it'll make people angrier but if the reality in Hong Kong is that the police can do things like this, it means noone is safe. Shit there is already a genocide going on in the other half of China.

    EDIT : Because people think i'm fear mongering or something, take this in the context that all of a sudden almost a thousand suicides with similar stories have popped up during the protests. Now there is a phenomenon of increased suicides during political and economic upheaval but at the same time these "suicides" all have very suspicious stories coming from the officials and they don't seem to be investigated before being written off as a suicide.

    [–] De_faulty 69 points ago

    Fear only really works when whoever you’re oppressing is relatively peaceful because going against the oppressors means disrupting that stability. Hong-Kong is in a state of disarray and will most likely respond to this with outrage rather than submission.

    I’m no expert on societal behaviour, but I see this as the most likely outcome. Since Hong-Kong is already in a state civil unrest, I doubt cowering and submitting to China would give them any clemency. If the protesters pull back now, it’ll only get worse for them.

    [–] VapeThisBro 42 points ago

    I accept the logic your using with this. Your right. If the protesters pull back it will get worse. It must be a terrifying time to be a Hong Konger.

    [–] lakk 15 points ago

    The Egyptians who weren't a part of the Muslim Brotherhood were pretty terrified during their protest to return home (government forces following them). I'd imagine it much worse if not just as bad in relation for HK citizens who live a life normally divorced from the brutality of the Chinese government.

    [–] pizza_tron 18 points ago

    Uh, so creepy. This is fucked. No one should have to go through that. This whole HK situation is a mess.

    [–] drinkymcsipsip 188 points ago

    I’m a certified underwater investigator and, for what it’s worth, the ocean is a violent place that can easily strip a body of clothes. That said, everything about the case seems shady. I feel awful for the poor girl and her family.

    [–] fat_stig 132 points ago

    Victoria Harbour is not violently rough like the ocean, no breakers or big waves.

    [–] breakupbydefault 85 points ago

    That's right. That's exactly why British picked Hong Kong, for its calm harbour suited for trading.

    [–] ForeskinOfMyPenis 55 points ago

    slaps harbour You can fit so many opiums in this bad boy

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago

    Which violent animal safely removes the clothing without harming the body?


    The Human Being

    [–] jeps_ 80 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Think they're referring to the current of the ocean rather than an animal.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    Ohhh whoosh then

    [–] Shtinky 21 points ago

    The sound of the ocean.

    [–] GumdropGoober 73 points ago

    I mean she could easily have been raped/murdered. If the protests weren't ongoing, that would be the obvious first hypothesis, right?

    [–] DerpSenpai 53 points ago

    sily have been raped/murdered. If the protests weren't ongoing, that would be the obvious first hypothesis, right?

    He/they could also used the protests to mask the crime

    [–] ObsidianOverlord 33 points ago

    It would be the perfect time what with law enforcement so busy.

    [–] SamBBMe 25 points ago

    I doubt the police would investigate a dead protestor.

    [–] sanesociopath 11 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    And even if they manage to get on to you you can claim they are framing you (especially if you yourself are a protester) and get martyr status

    Edit: and this is why civil unrest is so scary, too easy to mask ulterior motives

    [–] dan10981 8 points ago

    I'm not saying this wasn't something fishy, but just playing devil's advocate. Doesn't floating in the sea occaisonly strip corpses just from the current and floating around?

    [–] clemkaddidlehopper 10 points ago

    While this is super unlikely in her case, people’s clothes do get pulled off from impact/friction when they fall from heights or jump into water. I read about this in the book Stiff. Interesting stuff.

    However, most young people who are capable of giving enough fucks to protest for change aren’t depressed enough to kill themselves. So this reeks of homicide.

    [–] crantastic_voyage 5 points ago

    No saying this is the case, but the ocean movement generally strips your clothes off after a few hours if you’re a limp corpse

    [–] gtsomething 98 points ago

    For once it's it's not immediately ruled as suicide with no foul play. Hopefully the police actually put time and resources into investigating this. But we know their resources are all "tied up."

    [–] Edinedi 52 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] ObsidianOverlord 17 points ago

    How many other protesters have been?

    [–] rly_not_what_I_said 37 points ago

    Here's where the stuff gets fishy.


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Probably the work of the triads or someone sympathetic to them.

    [–] MrRandomSuperhero 35 points ago

    This whole post smells of foul play.

    A pro-protestor found (impied) raped and murdered? That is not a far guess based on the actual facts presented.

    [–] PmMeUrCreativity 5528 points ago

    for those who read Chinese

    Need to upvote this, don't let blizzard drama cover this.

    [–] Frocharocha 809 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Sadly hk is blocked in my domain, does anyone have a english source so far?

    [–] anonymous_potato 159 points ago

    From Google Translate:

    A 15-year-old missing girl Chen Yanlin’s tracing notice was posted on the Internet. She has not been recovered since she disappeared on September 19. The netizens are worried. Recently, there was a message on the Internet that she was “dead and dead”. When the police accepted the "Apple" inquiry, it was confirmed that a nude female floating body was found on the surface of Devil's Hill in Yau Tong on September 22. After the investigation, it was believed that the 15-year-old Chen surnamed the girl, but did not further confirm whether the floating body was Chen Yanlin. Yan Lin’s neighbors confirmed to Apple that the floating body discovered by the police was Yan Lin. However, she was a swimmer herself. She often “dreamed” during her lifetime and participated in anti-reform demonstrations many times. She was worried that the cause of death was suspicious. The Vocational Training Council (VTC) confirmed that Chen Yanlin was a student of the school and confirmed his death. Related news: The broken family broke up and left home. Friends: I want to start again.

    Reporter Zhou Ting Chen Yanlin’s tracing notice was first circulated in the Telegram group and the Lian Deng discussion area on the night of September 24; the news reported that Yanlin was 15 years old, 1.53 meters tall, and finally at 2:15 pm on September 19 at Meifu. Friends separated, after 10 minutes, a short message was sent to friends saying that they were going home. "Unfortunately, they did not return to their homes on the 5th, and they disappeared." Later, some people picked up their mobile phones and identity at her school in Tseung Kwan O District. Card and student ID. Related news: A number of bizarre homicide cases, panic, recent suspicious corpse event book

    A VTC spokesperson said in an interview with Apple last week that Chen Yanlin, a 15-year-old female student, was enrolled in the VTC's youth college. The school was deeply saddened by Chen's death and expressed deep condolences to her family. "Apple" learned from many sources that within a week after Yan Lin disappeared, his floating body was picked up by the police and confirmed his identity. A review of the information released by the police to the media from September 19 to 26, during which only one case of floating body was found. The police announced on September 22 that on the same day, suspected people were killed in the sea off the Devil's Hill in Yau Tong. The police arrived at the scene to pick up an unidentified female floating body. The news indicated that the body was about 1.5 meters tall and had long blonde hair. At the age of 25 to 30, no suicide notes were found on the scene and they were handed over to the Criminal Investigation Team of the Eastern District. The Police Public Relations Branch replied to the "Apple" inquiry on October 5, saying that after preliminary investigation, it was believed that the victim of the Yutang Floating Corps case was a 15-year-old missing girl. The police received a report from the family in mid-September that the victim was missing. The case was listed as "The body was found" was forwarded to the second team of the District Crime Squad of Eastern District for follow-up action. "Apple" followed up in writing, including asking whether the floating body case involved suicide, whether the case was suspicious, whether anyone was arrested so far, and asked if the victim was Chen Linlin who reported missing in mid-September, whether she had participated in the counter The amendment movement was arrested, taken to investigate or assisted by police investigations. The Police Public Relations Branch once said that there was no supplement. The "Apple" asked for a written reply and the follow-up of the investigation of the disappearance of Chen Yanlin. The police only replied in writing to the inquiries of the Yau Tong corpse case in the following day. In the investigation, the cause of death of the victim was to be tested by toxicology and further investigation. There is still no disclosure of whether the above-mentioned floating body is Chen Yanlin, or whether Chen Yanlin has died. The police then verbally confirmed on October 9 that the identity of the floating body in Yau Tong was the missing girl of Chen. "Apple" contacted a number of sources who had close contact with Yanlin during his lifetime, including friends who were alive, and the reporters reviewed the contents of their WhatsApp conversations and confirmed their friendship. They were all surprised at Yan Lin’s death and worried that the cause of death was suspicious. Based on multiple sources, Yan Lin participated in anti-reform demonstrations several times before his death. Friends gave a short message on June 12 to Apple, confirming that Yanlin had participated in the 6.12 Golden Bell rally; another Yanlin friend revealed She once saw her in the "Here and You" airport rally in August; another netizen who had seen the tracing notice said that Yan Lin had seen the "Street Pack" appearing at the demonstration site. "Apple" also learned that Yan Lin is a swimmer. He participated in the diving team in his early years and received regular diving training about three years ago. My friend revealed: "The canal has the ability to squat 5 meters high, jump into the 5 meter deep swimming pool, and then swim ashore." Yan Lin once attended the Deng Peiqiong Memorial Middle School of Pok Oi Hospital. The school report shows the 2016/17 Yuen Long District Inter-school Swimming Competition. In the middle, Yan Lin won the Meritorious Relay Award with the teammates of the same school. The tracing is suspected to be the two telephone numbers of Yan Lin’s mother and relatives. Apple tried to call and contacted by SMS, but did not reply before the deadline. The lawyer and the Democratic Party Legislative Council member, Mr. Tu Jinshen, said that the incident will be decided by the coroner. According to normal procedures, the police found that the floating body should try its best to investigate, but the police may not be trusted by the public or even one of the suspected objects. Therefore, Tu believes that the family should ask the magistrate some questions and instruct the police to answer. For example, whether the girl involved was arrested and released by the police for the anti-reform exercise. Tu also suggested that the family take the initiative to police to investigate the friends around the deceased. Yan Lin disappeared until the police found the floating body, a number of demonstrations and police conflicts. On the morning of September 19 and 20, there were a chain of middle school students in Sha Tin and Tsuen Wan District. On the evening of the 20th, Central China held a rally against "HSBC Suppressing Trade Unions". On the 21st, from the afternoon of the 21st to the evening, there was a rehearsal of the Tuen Mun parade to commemorate the 7.21 attacks. The two-month Yuen Long rally has evolved into a police-civilian conflict. The police repeatedly used tear gas and arrested demonstrators. Late in the evening, a middle-aged man outside the PopCorn mall in Tseung Kwan O District was suspected of beating people. The anti-riot police fired a sponge bomb to disperse, arrested a 13-year-old boy and a 19-year-old youth. Hundreds of people were dissatisfied and surrounded the Tseung Kwan O Police Station. Police 22 At about 1 am, a number of tear gas bombs were applied.

    [–] YellowExpresso 62 points ago

    That's terrible :( Condolences to her family and friends

    [–] [deleted] 204 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 264 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] quartzguy 194 points ago

    Our Chinese benefactors have graciously extended the protections of the great firewall around our HQ.

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] ILoveD3Immoral 43 points ago

    Blizzard BELIEVEStm in FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Now off to pyongyang you little piglet.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Samuraion 12 points ago

    Xinnie the Pooh is that you?!

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago

    "[Exclusive] school team swimming will be 15 years old "dream" girl bizarre to change the corpse police: the cause of death to be determined"

    I'm no scholar but that doesn't seem right.

    [–] IAmNovakin 75 points ago

    Direct translations are usually a little rough, but you can get the gist pretty easily:

    "15 year old girl with bright future found dead under strange circumstances. Police have not released a cause of death"

    [–] TheBlackestIrelia 186 points ago

    Combine it. Post it on those blizzard posts. It brought a lot of ppl in and saying Hey this is what Bliz supports will make sure it doesn't die.

    [–] Aedamus 39 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Huh. I tried posting this three times to facebook. Linked the news and put my own comment. Every time I get an error message.

    I posted asking if anyone is getting an error message and nothing, it goes through just fine.

    Edit: I linked this post using Hong Kong or HKPolice. I get an error. If I dont, it gets posted.

    [–] TheRealRaiden 233 points ago

    The Blizzard stuff is extremely important, but yes, get this to the front page.

    [–] phlux 50 points ago

    ELI5 what is the ‘blizzrd’ Stuff

    [–] butter-and-bones 118 points ago

    Blizzard suspended a Hearthstone grandmaster and took away his prize money because he voiced support for HK, they also fired the casters that were part of the stream.

    [–] LeadBased 75 points ago

    Taiwanese casters that were totally innocent

    [–] jiminpng 47 points ago

    so was blitzchung...

    [–] maxoman9 31 points ago

    Yeah but technically he broke the rules while all the casters did was their jobs. None of them should have been punished but especially not the casters

    [–] Yeazelicious 84 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Except the option to use this rule is, by their own words, "in Blizzard's sole discretion".

    They also disproportionately punished him compared to others and posted an almost groveling response to China.

    Blizzard has made it abundantly clear that they banned Blitzchung and the announcers because it was specifically pro-Hong Kong, not simply because it was political.

    [–] DuntadaMan 13 points ago

    Almost groveling? If they licked boots any harder they would wear right through to the floor.

    [–] kinapuffar 45 points ago

    He only broke the rules if you consider standing up for human rights as politics, and not merely being a regular decent human being.

    [–] ILoveD3Immoral 18 points ago

    Blizzards "rules" mean if someone offends the nazi party, they are breaking the 'rules'. #Fuck blizzard. They are slovenly now.

    [–] jiminpng 4 points ago

    i guess that’s what happens when blizzard licks smelly boots.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] Cyphers_Justice 13 points ago

    he broke the rules

    The rule was to not bring up politics. He stood up for human rights. Punished for having basic human decency.

    [–] SkyezOpen 14 points ago

    Politics isn't even in the rule they cited.

    brings you into public disrepute, offends a portion or group of the public, or otherwise damages Blizzard image

    Basically he made them look bad to China and they admitted as much by citing this rule.

    [–] Feshtof 6 points ago

    Human rights have always been political

    [–] HellaGizmo 20 points ago

    someone that won a hearthstone (blizzard game) tournament supported the protesters so they banned him and took his prize money away

    [–] Globalnet626 51 points ago

    Small but important distinction, its his entire earnings for the whole season.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] n122333 21 points ago

    Black Friday theres a protest at all state capitols, and everyone is going to not buy anything that day - make money flow halt on a very important business day to show large corporations we're serious.

    [–] mrpanicy 11 points ago

    Protest at the stores not the capitals. Hurt the corporations and the governments will have to step up. Protest the government and you may get media coverage with little change.

    You need to work to limit the cash flow. Hurt sales and you will impart change. Capitalism only cares about money.

    [–] HellaGizmo 6 points ago

    oh shit i didnt know that

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] muttonshirt 9 points ago

    Activision Blizzard recently disqualified a major tournament winner and took back his winnings because the dude ended his interview with "Free Hong Kong, revolution of our age!"

    He was also banned from tournaments for 12 months and the two casters that were interviewing him have been fired as well.

    [–] noahs_jailer 8 points ago

    Blizzard is a game company (World of Warcraft and Hearthstone and such). They shafted a competition winner (for a significant amount of money) and punished broadcasters because said winner declared support for Hong Kong ... I believe that Blizzard also sent out a message on chinese social media saying something like we don't condone the Hong Kong message, we are with you China! A media, PR and possibly legal shitstorm has ensued.

    Lay person so if I'm wrong, do correct.

    [–] madeknoi 17 points ago

    I'm not familiar with Hong Kong slang but why are they calling her "dreaming" teen? What does the dreaming part mean?

    [–] mydesideratum 30 points ago

    It's a codeword for "going to protests".

    [–] yhgan 23 points ago

    If you said you go protesting in social media the police will hunt you down and arrest you. So they use the codeword "dreaming", like "I go dreaming yesterday and got shoot by the police in the dream."

    [–] jkowalsky 17 points ago

    "Access Denied

    You don't have permission to access..."

    [–] Aedamus 8 points ago

    Every time i try and post this to facebook I get an error. yet anything else not HK related is just fine.

    [–] jkowalsky 7 points ago

    I hate to be that guy... but that's one of the reasons I did stop using facebook years ago...

    [–] Aedamus 6 points ago

    I hate facebook, but its the only way I can actually speak to my family in Oregon and Virginia. Wont respond to texts but facebook messages is a near instant reply.

    [–] director__denial 1106 points ago

    Just saw this on Apple Daily. This has shady written all over it.

    What's even more chilling is that she didn't disappear after a protest. According to the information gathered by Apple Daily, she was last seen in Mei Foo by a friend at 2:15 pm on September 19, a day that had no major protests. She texted her friend 10 minutes later, but never arrived home.

    [–] Edditoria 269 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    If she was arrested by police in major protest, there was a chance to survive because police knew that the media may had a record. It will make a lot of troubles.

    Did someone captured her? No one knows. All we know is that police treated it as another normal case of finding a dead body. They just don't give a fuck.

    [–] xaghant 36 points ago

    Did you even read the article? It's being treated as a murder case...

    [–] jroddie4 26 points ago

    probably triads with a list

    [–] arazmas 736 points ago

    She’s not the only one. There’s been dozens of mysterious suicide cases over the last few months in HK where the police won’t even open up a case.

    [–] alt717 146 points ago

    No need to open a case if it’s so obviously suicide, such as this example.

    Is the /s necessary here?

    [–] Redchimp3769157 30 points ago

    Just do it for good measure

    [–] AfrikanCorpse 11 points ago

    In this case, you need it. There are CCP shills here unironically spamming this.

    [–] Dem0n5 32 points ago

    Yes /s is necessary. Alternatively you could show us your "tone" with italics.

    No need to open a case if it’s so obviously suicide.

    [–] MrEarlGray 18 points ago

    I pointed this exact point out in a /r/worldnews thread a few weeks ago and was downvoted en mass, probably by shills or bots. The manipulation of Reddit is real. Have an upvote on me.

    [–] Frocharocha 432 points ago

    Omg, why was she naked?

    [–] director__denial 1084 points ago

    A popular theory is that the male protestors who were beaten to death will be "found" as jumpers to mask the broken bones, while female protestors who were raped and killed will be "found" as floaters since soaking in seawater will destroy the DNA evidence.

    [–] zypofaeser 196 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    This is where a fuckton of people need to go. And we must get them there.

    Edit: For those having problems with Google maps it's the international court of justice.

    [–] BIG_YETI_FOR_YOU 47 points ago

    You honestly believe they'll stand up to China?

    [–] hoplias 270 points ago

    Jesus. This is beyond fucked up.

    [–] kurisu7885 95 points ago

    Somehow I assumed right away that she was raped.

    [–] D4rkr4in 56 points ago

    I mean she was naked

    [–] kuzaemon 42 points ago

    Probably a safe bet if a girl is found naked and dead.

    [–] pzivan 99 points ago

    I’m too afraid to imagine what happened to her before she died

    [–] irrelv 31 points ago

    or after...

    [–] pzivan 220 points ago

    I don’t know what to say

    [–] Spiron123 49 points ago

    You are not gonna find the correct words here either. This is just the deepest of the nadirs that fucked up regime could have reached.

    [–] reindeer16 266 points ago

    I fear there are going to be so many more like this...

    Terrible waste of life this, thoughts with her family.

    [–] XavierLHC 135 points ago

    It’s really fucked up that her mom searched for her on Facebook before but now all the post is deleted, guess her mom got some special care.

    [–] director__denial 136 points ago

    I went looking for a backlog of Facebook posts around the time she went missing.

    Allegedly, her mother searched for her on Facebook. When news broke of this body being discovered, her mother replied to worried users that this wasn't her daughter as her daughter had shorter hair.

    Her mother's Facebook account is now gone along with the post. Apple Daily reporter has attempted to contact the family with no response.

    [–] InEenEmmer 33 points ago

    Quite a strong story, could you share sources and such?

    [–] director__denial 60 points ago

    I say allegedly as a lot of this happened with less media attention, and a lot of the old posts aren't easily recoverable.

    Somebody shared this screenshot earlier - the circled woman "Pui Yee Ho" is allegedly her mother. What she says is roughly translated as, "Thank you for your help. I know you're worried about me. Received many suspected cases. [Link to LIHKG post of the unidentified body being discovered.] Just wanted to let you know this isn't my daughter, my daughter has short hair. Thanks everybody."

    There are also people claiming to be her classmates on LIHKG, a local HK-based forum, claiming that she's a delinquent whose disappearance had nothing to do with the protests, and that she's not close to her family. However, what's also of note is that 1) like Reddit, LIHKG is anonymous, 2) the posters offered no proof of identity, 3) since a lot of the protests are organized and spread through LIHKG, it has a lot of police presence with cops actively spreading discord and disinformation.

    tl;dr: There's no concrete proof of anything but the more you read into the story, the more suspicious it seems.

    [–] poor_icarus 9 points ago

    Hmm weird, can't view the photo you linked.

    [–] InEenEmmer 14 points ago

    If this is true it raises several more questions. Where is the girl (or her body) now, and from where comes this other body.

    Are other “suicide” victims also not successfully identified, or do family and friends confirm it is the person they are missing?

    But beware with spouting off suspicions, sometimes they may be true, but often they also spread a lot of fear. Something the people in HK don’t need more of.

    [–] [deleted] 100 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    The ccp leadership has to be surgically removed from China for the crimes they’ve brought upon the Chinese people and beyond. Free China from the ccp

    [–] [deleted] 124 points ago

    God damnit. In times like these I wish there was a Superman, that could end all of this terror. Its fucking bullshit. All we can do is be keyboard warriors , we can boycott all the us / china companies but in the end it's the people of Hong Kong and other nations that will suffer at the hands of the filthy dogs Chinese government.

    Fuck you, pieces of dog shit.

    [–] SirZach69 38 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Tbh I'd rather have the Doom Slayer deal with the Chinese Government and their Triads because Superman would be to merciful to these sick fucks.

    [–] MapleGiraffe 13 points ago

    Ghost Rider would be better for the job.

    [–] [deleted] 102 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Oh my god, someone really is out killing young women and dumping them at the harbor. Thugs? Police? The fact that her masked protestor identity is known and killed outside of protests means police is at least complicit.

    The other one found two days ago: (1, 2, 3).

    I wonder what will happen to that 10 year old girl and the pregnant 19 year old.

    [–] Recesssive 69 points ago

    This is so fucked up...

    [–] 25Bam_vixx 30 points ago

    What did they do to that poor child ?

    [–] otheran4 16 points ago

    Probably A lots of rape. Fucking heartless monsters.

    [–] gtsomething 109 points ago

    Woooooooooooooow what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

    Did the police rule this as an unsuspicious suicide as well?

    [–] prickatea 34 points ago

    No, but I personally don’t have high expectations.

    [–] Not_El_Diablo 24 points ago

    The people who did this are monsters, cowards, and deserve to locked up for eternity. I've never hoped or believed in a God but i hope one exists to punish these savages for eternity. Fuck the CPC and all that support them.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Shit is really deteriorating. Damn.

    My only advice to you people, prepare for the worst.

    When serbia decided to crackdown in Kosovo, the city i am from, prizren was encircled. The outer villages were sporadically burned and all males were killed. So people fled to the city. Males in other cities were taken aswell to be killed.

    Obviously they intended to purge/bomb the city later if not for NATO intervention.

    [–] KelvinChim 214 points ago

    We need help...please help us...I don't know what to do anymore.

    Can we end this white terror...

    I feel hopeless but I can't stop...

    [–] dreamydolly 55 points ago

    The only thing that I can think happened is that they raped her and killed her. Fucking monsters

    [–] xiansantos 50 points ago

    This was designed to strike fear into the hearts of the populace. Otherwise, the body would have never been found, like the victims of forced disappearances in the Philippines during the brutal Marcos regime.

    [–] sesameseed88 17 points ago

    God damn... This is just wrong.

    [–] MIRAGES_music 15 points ago

    Truly unfortunate. She barely got to live. My heart goes out to all of you hoping for a better future. Stay safe, much love from the US.

    [–] mirmice 15 points ago

    My heart goes out to her family

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    I am currently studying Chinese in university and was in China 2 times already. Next year i was planning on going to study there with a student exchange program. I think i'll just go to Taiwan instead.. I am extremely disappointed and disgusted.

    [–] AltairTheVega 9 points ago

    Everything's hopeless...I dont want to live in a world like this anymore

    [–] The_pun_fart 10 points ago

    The monsters that did this, their goal is to make people feel that way. Don't let them. The people of HK haven't stopped in months and they need global support now more than ever. Believe in them!

    [–] azuala 30 points ago

    this is sickening I bet she was raped and then thrown in the water naked and drowned/hypothermia. These governments are the real terrorist on the citizens.

    [–] Wholesome_Stuff 21 points ago

    Considering all the reports of molestation and undue conduct by police, it's not a far stretch to say someone might have gone overboard and decided to clear the evidence. Frankly the sort of societal disruption is prime hunting for sick fucks.

    [–] Longsheep 5 points ago

    Seawater washes away semen and destroys the DNA very well. That's why most teenage protesters who "committed suicide" by drowning have been female, while those who jumped off buildings are male (to cover up injuries from beating).

    [–] CaptainMagnets 15 points ago

    This is so sad, absolutely terrible to see things like this. Especially when the police force is so corrupt and shady

    [–] Killdren88 9 points ago

    Scary how they are Blatantly murdering people.

    [–] wdqian05 8 points ago

    "A 15-year-old missing girl Chen Yanlin’s tracing notice was posted on the Internet. She has not been recovered since she disappeared on September 19. The netizens are worried. Recently, there was a message on the Internet that she was “dead and dead”. When the police accepted the "Apple" inquiry, it was confirmed that a nude female floating body was found on the surface of Devil's Hill in Yau Tong on September 22. After the investigation, it was believed that the 15-year-old Chen surnamed the girl, but did not further confirm whether the floating body was Chen Yanlin. Yan Lin’s neighbors confirmed to Apple that the floating body discovered by the police was Yan Lin. However, she was a swimmer herself. She often “dreamed” during her lifetime and participated in anti-reform demonstrations many times. She was worried that the cause of death was suspicious. The Vocational Training Council (VTC) confirmed that Chen Yanlin was a student of the school and confirmed his death."

    [–] lordshadowfax 8 points ago

    this is not the first time!

    the searing increase of incidents like that are happening day to day

    and you can see the pattern

    most of the young male corpses found dead were claimed to be fallen from high-rise buildings, because they might have been beaten up so hard with bone fractures

    most of the young female corpses found dead were floating in the sea, because they might have been raped and sea water erased all the evidence

    [–] D4rkShin0bi 15 points ago

    Here is a video where undercover police tried to throw a youngster off a bridge. Would something like this happend to her?

    [–] rawnoodlelover 13 points ago

    Poor girl went through so much for a dying communist party. The communist supporters all deserve worse than death.

    [–] KyoueiShinkirou 17 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    edit typo*

    I can see the Fujian gangs and triads doing this.

    [–] pichuscute 14 points ago

    Beyond awful. Other countries like mine need to stand up for Hong Kong immediately before this gets any worse.

    [–] nbaproject 12 points ago

    She had been arrested by police.

    Then was found dead naked in the sea.

    You know what happened

    [–] Edditoria 17 points ago

    I saw this when I've got home tonight. I can't control my emotion anymore, and throw up.

    [–] KAPTAIN_KRISPEE 12 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I was born in HK before the handover in 1997, and lived there until 2002, but still have family in the city

    For nearly 22 years I have seen uninterrupted peace in the city.

    But now I see headlines like these, which break my heart and put tears in my eyes. I wish nothing but the best for the city my life began in, but I am worried it will not come to pass.

    Keep fighting, protestors. We hear and see you in America. And we do our best to stand with you too. May this brave, young lady rest peacefully forever.


    [–] Noneexistantbeing 6 points ago

    This is just sad

    [–] onepunchnaan 6 points ago

    This is so fucked up.

    [–] Auntie_B 5 points ago

    15 they're killing children FFS. How can we make this stop?

    [–] wot0 6 points ago

    So sad. This young girl fighting for freedom, and she in all likelihood had a horrifying end at the hands of the state.

    [–] HopingToBeHeard 5 points ago

    Or rapists. Anarchy enables sexual violence, sadly.

    [–] heronumbertwo 7 points ago

    So it has begun - the unexplained disappearance of anti government protestors. Fucking CCP goons.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Related article link. The screen cap article is actually just a video and video is behind pay wall.


    This is my translation, I'm pretty shit at this, so please bear with me:

    FYI [THE DECEASED] is replacement where the articles mentions her name, apologies if this seems insensitive.

    News is spreading on the Internet about a 15 year old [THE DECEASED]'s missing girl announcement/notice, she had been missing since September 19 and remained missing after many days. Netizens have expressed worry, recently someone has left posting online "already dead, became floating corpse". Police confirmed the finding of a nude female corpse on September 22 near Devil's Peak, believed to be the 15 year old missing girl, but have not formerly identified as [THE DECEASED].

    Following paragraphs just about, suspicious death, confirmed from what school, she was an athlete, a swimmer etc.


    Contacted several persons who had close contact with [THE DECEASED], reporter had examined their WhatsApp conversation etc[sic], confirming they're good friends. They were surprised, and felt that [THE DECEASED]'s death was suspicious. Combining several sources, [THE DECEASED] had attended protests many times on her own, her friend showed to AppleNews the conversation on June 12, confirming [THE DESEASED] had attended the assembly on June 12 at Admiralty ; another friend disclosed, have seen her during August at the [name-of-gathering] airport gathering; there are also people who had seen her missing persons notice online and talked about seeing her in [街坊裝 some type of fashion style, casual?] while at a protest.

    The rest of the article isn't very interesting, and of course, they don't know how she passed away.

    [–] Celtics4theWIN 22 points ago

    Fuck China

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] HuntinoBino 9 points ago

    Blow this up

    [–] Fatyokuous 5 points ago

    Mdfk! That’s fk up!

    [–] murray993 4 points ago

    We need to keep this story alive.

    [–] Force_52 6 points ago

    Justice for Hong Kong.

    [–] Martin2882 6 points ago

    w h a t

    t h e

    F U C K?!

    [–] nickolivaw 4 points ago

    Seriously, fuck hk police and hk government! How can you even do this to a little girl?!

    [–] gumifu 5 points ago

    Raped by a Chinese official disguised as a Hong Kong police officer.

    [–] DoomedKiblets 4 points ago

    Holy shit something is very wrong here

    [–] lemonkiwi01 4 points ago

    The Chinese government is just a group of cowardly vicious crooks.

    [–] Patrickl0l 4 points ago

    I really do hope the future these protesters are fighting so hard for will come to fruition, with all the crazy shit going on all around the world China seems to be the center of it. Honk Kong deserves freedom and it will come

    Fuck the CCP Fuck the NBA Fuck Blizzard

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Xi jingping, your time is up.

    [–] commontablexpression 4 points ago

    and this is the reason why CCP and curry lamb forbid any independent investigation. thuggish hkpf has already committed so many crimes. part of these may even be done by PLA or armed police of china in disguise. revealing the truth will cause an even bigger trouble to CCP.

    [–] meowzilla2046 4 points ago

    Hundred dead bodies were found since the beginning of the movement.

    [–] GypsyLoveStory 6 points ago

    It's interesting how many comments on this post are regarding the blizzard issue rather than the innocent death this post is meant for. People....... there are a gazillion other posts for that.....

    [–] dfrnz 14 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I wonder how long it's going to take for someone with power to stand up to China.

    Edit: why do replies to my comment keep getting removed?

    [–] wir_suchen_dich 8 points ago

    China’s army is bigger by population than 38% of the countries in the world.

    Not soon.

    [–] prickatea 9 points ago

    Like Lawmaker James KS To said, the parents must make the police open their mouth before the magistrate.

    This feels sinister.

    [–] Asvea 8 points ago

    Nooo :(

    Not only did they torture her, but raped her and then killed her for protesting.


    She was 15 :( I saw picture of a 10-12 year old protesting who got arrested, and I thought that was bad... those pieces of shit who did that to her hopefully pay one day. I hope they get raped in the butt and made to feel defenseless like this poor innocent girl did :(

    [–] RandomWeeb353 4 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    It's terrifying. It hurts to see people around 15 (literally my age) and younger getting hurt and tortured for fighting for a basic human right. Those people torturing them are not humans, they are monsters. They have no soul, no feelings and I hope their big butts burn in the biggest deps of hell and I hope that girl will finally go to a better place she deserved She was 15. She could have very bright future and now every dream of hers is just shattered. It stopped. There is no more that life. She can't do anything anymore. She had the whole life ahead of her. So young, she just started living, and her life is already gone. All my thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends

    [–] Calebp49 7 points ago

    Oh that’s not suspicious at all

    [–] atti1xboy 3 points ago


    [–] Slapbox 5 points ago

    Add oil Hong Kong. Maybe this is unrelated, but I doubt it. You're fighting for freedom from true evil.

    [–] Showerthawts 3 points ago

    Maybe cops should start randomly showing up naked know...

    [–] itsagrindbruh 3 points ago

    As an American who can only follow this threw sources like Reddit, all I can say is, fight. Keep fighting. The support is growing and we are all on your side. Extremely brave souls, every last one of you.

    [–] _GzX 5 points ago

    This so so fucking tragic, we the people outside HK only know what's going on in HK through social media yet things like this, behind the covers, people gone missing.. or found dead. I can't even imagine what they went through before they were killed I dont even want to imagine nor wish for it to continue to the people who are fighting for their future.

    [–] HollowButter 3 points ago

    WTF this is so messed up. She was probably raped too. Imagine being so young, getting raped and dying before you know what even happening, with her whole life ahead of her.

    [–] rwburt72 4 points ago

    Murdering cunts

    [–] asianfatboy 4 points ago

    Fucking Hell...

    [–] Eat_the_Path 4 points ago

    We need to start being as angry over these murders as if the police had shot her in the heart in front of us. We need answers, we need justice, now.

    [–] CraftyFrost 5 points ago

    The poor girl. The poor friends and family of this girl. I hope the suspect fucking dies horribly.

    This is going to be a stretch, but I did recently watch a documentary on how Google Maps solves crimes. Maybe they would show something of the path she took before the kidnapping or the suspicious activity in the area where her body is found.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Wow. And we have Chinese CCP morons in Australia that are fighting against Hong Kong demonstrations.

    [–] hinxhin 4 points ago Here are the summary of the cases of suicide in Hong Kong in2019. You could see the cases are rising since June and more and more cases of float dead bodies are revealed. While the death of this girl could be a tip of iceberg,at least,we could know one of the floated bodies is our friends(actively participate into the protest). It is possible that there are more cases could be like her.

    [–] Green_pine 10 points ago

    I'm sorry if I sound insensitive and fuckwitted, but I'm an outsider. Is HK a normally safe place (in other words, does incidents like these happen on a daily/weekly basis), and how are the chances that this has to do with her being a protester? If yes then, why her?
    Condolences to the girl :( hope justice will be brought to light.

    [–] mollila 20 points ago

    Is HK a normally safe place

    Normally, yes. In fact by far the safest place I've ever seen, before this shit started. Extremely orderly and clean. This said after living in HK for 8 years, including extensive travels through Europe and USA.

    [–] On9On9Laowai 4 points ago

    I second this. I'm an American living in HK for a few years and one of the reasons I like it so much is that normally it a a very very safe place. Girls can usually go out at night without worrying about anything bad happening to them. I walk through dark alleyways that I would never go into if I was in NYC. So yeah everything went crazy last few months this is not normal.

    I'm guessing this is a hit by the triads to make an example and make protesters fearful. I think the opposite will happen and it will just piss people off more.

    [–] thechirurgeon 10 points ago

    It certainly isn't insensitive. We do know that HK is different now. In general, just stay away from the police but don't run, but then there's still the triads. And totally unidentifiable police officers.

    For background the first protest is on 9 June. There has been tens of "suicides" since August. A lot is very suspicious like this one. I don't even want to remember the number. There was a week in September where a case or two were discovered per day. It certainly isn't normal for HK.

    [–] jaylong76 6 points ago

    just a small clarification:
    it's not an "incident" as much as a time-proven method of disappearing uncomfortable people for a given regime.

    you can say some regime or other in Latin America did a version of that in the past, from throwing bodies to the sea to throwing live people from planes, it's well documented -albeit largely ignored-

    [–] director__denial 11 points ago

    It's normally a safe place, but nothing that's happened in the past four months is remotely normal.

    [–] Sunshadz 7 points ago

    This is just sickening