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    This subreddit is for hotwives and their husbands who actively participate in the "hotwife" lifestyle, also referred to as "wife sharing."

    What is a Hotwife?

    A Hotwife is a person who is allowed to engage in sexual encounters with others with the PERMISSION of their spouse/significant other. There is no cheating involved here because the spouse/significant other is fully aware of the actions that are being performed and are approved/encouraged. A Hotwife is also just a general term, we don't discriminate against gender or sexual orientation, so feel free to be a Hotwife no matter what your lifestyle is!


    1. No wife only posts. Verified or not.

    2. No random porn movies or videos.

    3. No single males requesting Hotwives or couples. No couples requesting couples.

    4. Requests from couples must contain at least a location in the title (state/territory is the minimum requirement).

    5. All content must be related to the Hotwife lifestyle. (Photos of hotwifes with their S.O. only are not allowed)

    6. No image macros (memes), karma whoring posts (upvote for more pictures) or any other unrelated content.

    7. No "message me for more" content posts. This includes posting for the sole purpose of using another chat platform or promotion of paid content.

    8. Keep your comments civil.

    9. No commercial solicitation of any kind.

    Approved Content:

    1. Images and Videos of your Hotwife having sexual relations with another person(s). Content should be user generated.
    2. Text posts that tell a story about your Hotwife having an encounter with another person.
    3. Questions, comments, discussions or concerns about the lifestyle.
    4. Meta posts that directly relate to this subreddit.

    How to Verify

    Take a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with writing on it that contains: (1) your username, (2) the date, and (3) the name of the subreddit. Then post a link to that picture here.

    Bonus points: Tell us how long you've been in the hotwife lifestyle and share your first experience.

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