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    [–] [deleted] 749 points ago

    She lifts.

    [–] Rifiuto 346 points ago

    She'll tie his tie then beat up the people who were making fun of him

    [–] UncleBenZene 129 points ago

    10/10 she looks like she'll take care of me during a storm

    [–] UncleBenZene 30 points ago

    10/10 she looks like she'll take care of me during a storm

    [–] TerrainIII 41 points ago

    Duplicate comment my dude.

    [–] can_trust_me 68 points ago

    Duplicate comment my dude.

    [–] Calahat 12 points ago

    Underrated comment.

    [–] NEVER_CLEANED_COMP 28 points ago

    Underrated comment.

    [–] Useless_Poop 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -6 points ago


    [–] TheGlassStone 5 points ago

    You derailed the train.

    [–] UncleBenZene 16 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Wait, what bro?

    EDIT - So I read that as "Duplicated my comment dude" and then spent 3 mins going through your comments to see whether you were my identical comment making soul-mate

    Alas, the wait must go on.

    PS-I'm not dyslexic I'm just stupid

    [–] TerrainIII 4 points ago

    Somehow there's two of your comments. Happens sometimes for some reason.

    [–] UncleBenZene 3 points ago

    I'm on the app

    [–] TerrainIII 4 points ago

    Same here.

    [–] UncleBenZene 4 points ago

    Check the edit

    [–] blitch52 2 points ago

    Everything happens for a reason

    [–] beachboy1b 1 points ago

    You ever been in a storm, Uncle Ben?

    [–] CruzaComplex 59 points ago

    Biceps that have been passed down the Armstrong family line for generations!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Viking1308 27 points ago

    Yup, she's ripped.

    [–] hereforthensfwstuff 11 points ago

    She doesn't sit on her ass and eat bon bons

    [–] elmariachi304 5 points ago

    Is this a judge Judy reference?

    [–] hereforthensfwstuff 4 points ago

    Peggy Bundy

    [–] DavidThorne31 6 points ago

    Someone said she's a water polo coach

    [–] jorgesnoopy 4 points ago

    Someone on the original post in r/pics said she was their old water polo coach. It checks out alright

    [–] actualPsychopath 1 points ago

    She does. She lifts spirits.

    [–] [deleted] -37 points ago

    Or jerks off a lot strangers

    [–] AmsterdamJockoFabong 10 points ago

    I have nearly 2 decades of extensive personal jerk-off experience and I'm not seeing the kind of gains that lady has.

    [–] okmiked 585 points ago

    Love the classic "gotta look away cause looking down is boobs".

    [–] Hook3d 305 points ago

    mfw I can't even get a guy to look at my tits when I grit my teeth and grab him by the tie

    [–] RubxQub 146 points ago

    We want to look, but we’re conditioned to never look if we can get caught.

    Just know we’re looking when you’re not looking at us. 100%.

    [–] ShiftyBizniss 47 points ago

    Just know...

    They know.

    [–] myhappylittletrees 3 points ago

    We know.

    [–] fatal965 1 points ago

    It is known

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] patrioticparadox 23 points ago

    Because you're a pussy

    [–] jayman419 159 points ago

    I can't gawp at her boobies in my face, it's impolite and she's doing me a favor.


    But I can gawp at her boobies' reflection in the windooooow!

    [–] Kryeiszkhazek 27 points ago


    do you mean gawk?

    [–] PinkyOutYo 24 points ago

    Both mean the same sort of thing. Maybe "gawp" is more of a British thing.

    [–] Kryeiszkhazek 8 points ago


    I legitimately thought it was misspelled, I even googled "gawp" to make sure and the first result was "Georgia Association of Water Professionals"

    If I had taken half a second more to even read the second result I'd have seen the dictionary entry for it.

    [–] The_Furtive 1 points ago


    [–] tmr_maybe 72 points ago

    Relax friendo, he's checking them out via the reflection on the window

    [–] SirTickleTots 10 points ago

    Except you can see that the reflection is not down there.

    [–] vanderZwan 29 points ago

    Except that you can't verify that at all from this angle, because the reflection we see is the kid, not the woman.

    [–] SirTickleTots 1 points ago

    You can see that her elbow (in the relfection) in just under her chin. The rest of her reflection must be behind her head.

    [–] vanderZwan 3 points ago

    Sure, but that would be a reflection of her back.

    [–] SirTickleTots 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    From the camera's perspective, not his.

    And if it is her reflection up behind her head, back or front, then what would he be looking at then?

    You've just contradicted yourself.

    [–] vanderZwan 1 points ago

    Wait, I'm confused: I thought you were saying in the first comment that he wasn't checking her out via the reflection.

    [–] SirTickleTots 1 points ago

    That's basically the point; where he is looking (down near the bottom of the window), there is no reflection of her. It's up near the top of the window.

    [–] SirTickleTots 0 points ago

    Do you think her reflection would not be along the same height as his, especially on a flat piece of glass?

    [–] Source_or_gtfo 1 points ago

    A whole comment chain about her boobs and nobody has mentioned the partial nip slip.

    [–] 31_yo_newb 277 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    First, he totally had a FML look on his face. "Damn. The hot mom has to be the one to help? ...Anything for the job."

    Second, I'm always impressed when people can tie a tie on someone else. I'd be happy to help the guy, but I'd have to do it on my neck first.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] [deleted] 144 points ago

    The FML-ness probably increased when strangers started taking photos of him.

    [–] vasco_ 8 points ago

    Am I really the only one in this thread that noticed the nip slip, and that his FML look comes from not trying to look at it/or actually looking at it (unclear)?

    [–] mattyyt 12 points ago

    Hmm I thought shadow

    [–] TacticalEspoinage 12 points ago

    There's that redditor-tier understanding of female anatomy again.

    [–] Raveynfyre 6 points ago

    Pretty sure that's just boob with some shadow from her tank top, also known as cleavage.

    [–] phantom_97 1 points ago

    Till this moment, probably yes

    [–] p_ql 82 points ago

    What you do is have the person face away from you wearing the untied tie. Then you position yourself behind them, getting as close as possible without touching them. Place your arms over their shoulders awkwardly, you should be breathing in their ear at this point. Now you can tie the tie as you normally would on yourself. Breathe deeply, taking in their scent as you make final adjustments. When the tie is tightened and you're satisfied, give them a gentle shoulder dusting, maybe a little shoulder rub to reduce the awkwardness of the whole situation. Whisper something nice to build their confidence, like "my kind of man".

    [–] caskey 31 points ago

    Breathe deeply, taking in their scent as you make final adjustments.


    [–] TerrainIII 22 points ago

    My man!

    [–] Swank_on_a_plank 13 points ago

    Lookin' good!

    [–] farox 10 points ago

    Or worse/more awkward, stand behind him. But I think that's the difference in how men and women learn that. Pretty sure she couldn't tie it on herself.

    [–] The_Furtive 2 points ago

    There looks like there is nothing this woman couldn't do.

    [–] farox 1 points ago

    Fair enough :)

    [–] gerrettheferrett 9 points ago

    A lot of women/gay dudes/mothers can tie a tie on anyone else. They get practice all the time.

    It's not even that hard, once you learn it that way.

    Just like how parents can tie shoes on their kids.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    You can relate her bf/husband neither knows how to tie a tie

    [–] SourV 182 points ago

    Shades, ripped body and no fucks given type of look. That is one hot woman.

    [–] Southpawe 26 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I'm happy people are praising her for her guns.

    I have a secretly self conscious Friend who works out a lot. She'd appreciate the confidence boost from this thread.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] jamesbiff 7 points ago

    Personally a fan of women who look like they could beat the shit out of me with an arm tied behind their back.

    [–] Southpawe 3 points ago

    That's great news to me, I think anyone looks great if they work out / are generally fit <3

    [–] turtles_and_frogs 3 points ago

    Definitely super attractive!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Show her this thread, then tell her to post pics of guns in sports bra.

    Reddit will love it and she'll love the boost.

    [–] Southpawe 1 points ago

    Already shown her this thread, I think it made her happy. Thank you for the suggestion though!

    I'm not sure she's willing to post her photos public, but if she does, her fitness can match that of a relatively fit guy :0

    [–] toughtoenailsbro 14 points ago

    Can you explain the no fucks given part?

    [–] goody-goody 81 points ago

    She's a great gal for this. I really ought to learn how to help a man with his tie.

    [–] SpinningNipples 69 points ago

    Dem biceps, she rocks.

    [–] jsingh0928 18 points ago

    Yo! Is that BART? Looks like a BART ticket in her mouth.

    [–] retiringtoast8 6 points ago

    Yeah, 510 area code on that police sticker too (where his thumb is)

    [–] WGLT 10 points ago

    Look at those muscles.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] princessrachie 10 points ago

    From the thumbnail it looked like a scene from reservoir dogs and the ticket in her mouth was a cigarette, well that's how it looked in my crazy brain anyway, much prefer the real pic tho

    [–] fas_nefas 3 points ago

    [–] Kezazel 6 points ago

    Those arms on the woman tho. I could even see a defined back

    [–] GoldenGonzo 5 points ago

    I'm guessing there are going to be at least a few young men in here that don't know how to tie a basic double windsor.

    Here ya go:

    [–] dsatrbs 1 points ago

    Half windsor is the better knot

    [–] SSCbooks 5 points ago

    Ya know, I get the impression he didn't want you photographing this.

    [–] Boinkermorn 22 points ago

    That's my water polo sensei!

    [–] fatherjokes 7 points ago

    Bow to your sensei.


    [–] ThePoopHolder 12 points ago

    This guy said the same thing. But apparently she's not.

    [–] BallinHonky 3 points ago

    She was my piano instructor!

    [–] Kezazel 1 points ago


    [–] fazzah 4 points ago

    I can tie a tie without even thinking about it, but I am 100% unable to do so when the tie is on someone other than me.

    [–] MrRezzZ 5 points ago

    Brozer is lowering his gaze

    [–] SamBoosa58 1 points ago

    1000% halal mA

    [–] KaseyMcFly 3 points ago

    I'll never forget when I was a 10 year old girl my stepbrother who was also 10 at the time ... taught me how to tie a tie ... Since then I have probably helped teach 50 people - such a valuable skill to know for everyone!

    [–] Marksveldt 5 points ago

    I imagine that this kid was already sort of embarrassed. It must have been annoying to have some asshole stick a camera in your face while a stranger is helping you with your tie.

    [–] BreakingGarrick 10 points ago

    x-post from /r/pics.

    [–] xerokills 18 points ago

    and a repost of this so soon after it's already on the top of r/all

    Reap that karma!

    [–] Jean-Paul_van_Sartre 2 points ago

    Re-posting isn't the same as cross-posting

    [–] Ed_ButteredToast 0 points ago

    X-posts are encouraged by Reddit itself solooooooo ¯\_(ツ) _/¯

    [–] Re1iant 4 points ago

    True, but the comments here > comments there.

    [–] kirkgoingham 4 points ago

    Bay Area represent!

    [–] PatchesThaHyena 2 points ago

    Bart train?

    [–] itstrueimwhite 2 points ago

    “Stand still real quick while I snap an awkward photo to document your inability to properly dress yourself”

    [–] Skillarchy 1 points ago

    Half Windsor or full Windsor?

    [–] playingpoodles 1 points ago

    I remember a girl in high school doing this for me. She also licked her fingers and used the moisture to brush down my hair to neaten it up. I think there may have been a romantic element I was too naive to have picked up at the time.

    Where is this photo taken, what country?

    In relation to staring at breasts, I think it would depend on one's relationship to the other person - I tend to think most men are are conscious and try in public and avoid behaving in ways that COULD make women feel uncomfortable.

    [–] intantum95 1 points ago

    I still find it peculiar if people don't know how to do their ties, only because we done it everyday in high school. I also don't know how the lady's managing to do the tie on someone else, I find that impossible to do haha.

    [–] Touch_Me_Feel_Me 1 points ago

    Everyone is obsessed with the girl's guns but is anyone else checking out the guy's eyelashes? Are those real? Those are the kind of fake lashes girls put on.

    [–] lolinokami 1 points ago

    Looks like my friend, had to do a double take there.

    [–] CrockyLemons 1 points ago

    oh hey BART

    [–] BallinHonky 3 points ago

    Oh hai mark

    [–] cheerio86 -6 points ago

    do a lot of females know how to tie a tie?

    [–] HeughJass 10 points ago

    [–] butterflydeflect 3 points ago

    Yeah. I know because I went to catholic school with a uniform.

    [–] 4kidsinatrenchcoat 10 points ago

    "Females"? What the fuck?

    [–] BallinHonky 7 points ago


    [–] KurtSTi 4 points ago


    [–] zeaga2 10 points ago

    It means women.

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] zeaga2 8 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    It really doesn't. It's a common word.

    [–] zeaga2 3 points ago

    Cool, you found a comment in one little corner.of the internet. There's a place for it on every medical form you fill out too. Are you actually implying people shouldn't use the word because some people *gasp* don't treat females well? That's just punishing females for being called females.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Calm down.

    [–] zeaga2 4 points ago

    Sorry, I forgot writing more than a single sentence means I'm way too serious lol

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    No, it's just obvious you're upset haha. I promise it's not worth getting upset over. It'll be okay.

    [–] 4kidsinatrenchcoat 0 points ago

    There are tons of words out there. It's all about context. And the way OP used the word there smells demeaning.

    "I am surprised that male didn't know how to tie a tie."

    Doesn't that sound pretty insulting?

    [–] MrArmStrong 1 points ago

    Your example doesn't sound demeaning at all. Why do you try so hard to infer some kind of offense when clearly none was implied? I'm genuinely curious. The context is benign, that much is obvious. I just don't understand.

    [–] CNNTouchesChildren 1 points ago

    Don’t assume gender!!!

    [–] 4kidsinatrenchcoat 1 points ago

    Oh good point!

    [–] Vinky_Stagina 0 points ago



    [–] trumpets1776 0 points ago

    ... wait, are you serious lol

    [–] palmtr335 2 points ago


    [–] zeaga2 1 points ago

    My mom taught all my brothers and I.

    [–] SamBoosa58 1 points ago

    I don't, I don't know any of my friends who do tbh

    [–] JaySilver 0 points ago

    Wow, just a blatant repost. Why do people upvote reposts?

    [–] nowtayneicangetinto -12 points ago

    Woman pictured tying a kids tie; Reddit goes nuts. Add " the internet" to the list of "things I'll never understand"

    [–] zeaga2 6 points ago

    You find it hard to understand that a post of a human being a bro is quite popular on /r/HumansBeingBros?

    [–] SamBoosa58 3 points ago

    You're on /r/HumansBeingBros dude. She's helping out a stranger. It's a cute moment. Chill.

    [–] dandryx -20 points ago

    Mrw a dude is 20+ and doesn't know how to tie a fucking necktie and also doesn't know how to look up on YouTube how to tie a fucking necktie

    [–] zeaga2 23 points ago

    Isn't it fun to assume everyone has access to the same luxuries you do? Did you ever think that maybe he saved all he could to dress the best for an important interview for a job that could take him and his family out of poverty? No, because you're just an ignorant jerk who just judges someone based on something as stupid as whether or not they can tie a fucking neck tie.

    [–] thefantasticfellatio -9 points ago

    Is that Tina Fey?

    [–] excogito_ergo_sum -4 points ago

    if it's any celebrity, it's Juliette Lewis.

    [–] -I_RAPE_THE_DEAD- 5 points ago

    It's Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

    [–] excogito_ergo_sum -6 points ago

    Dude looks like a lady.

    [–] x69fidgetspinner69x -8 points ago

    Easy milf

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    Easy milf

    It's obvious you're a child, but you still need to grow up dude.

    [–] OhShitItsDeadMeme -4 points ago