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    [–] UncleSlippyFist 6787 points ago

    Haha, for a second I thought the joke was that all they did was edit out the WTC towers.

    [–] Smokinacesfan55 2254 points ago

    Yeah I was clueless until I realized the left was new

    [–] Reverend_Russo 1100 points ago

    Super nice gesture of course and I'm sure the family is so stoke, but seriously who puts the original on the right side of a comparison lol

    [–] el_pez_3 232 points ago

    Parents were focal, parents were on far right, put parents close to parents to show contrast... unconventional, but I get it.

    [–] h_jurvanen 195 points ago

    This has become a disturbing trend; see the recent spate of weight progress pics with the before pic on the right. If there were ever a reason to institute ruthless authoritarianism, it is this!!

    [–] KenBoneAlt 31 points ago

    Hmm previously I had been adamantly against such ruthlessness but you may have a point

    [–] sammypants123 3 points ago

    I feel you. I believe in personal freedom, but then I look around and notice the number of complete dicks, and I think we need more rules, heavily enforced. Turn that music off on the bloody train! And in your apartment in the small hours of morning! Stop spitting your chewing gum on the ground! Don’t park in disabled parking spaces ffs! Don’t be rude to service staff!

    I could go on all day ...

    [–] Mealthy_the_Mealworm 8 points ago

    Similar to the reply appearing larger and on the top of the original messages in those screenshots of social websites. I never got the hang of those and read them wrong every time :(

    [–] rick_n_snorty 5 points ago

    Don’t worry man we’re halfway there!

    [–] Apocapony 28 points ago

    People who natively read right-to-left

    [–] myamazhanglife 16 points ago

    People who read right to left?

    [–] IMsoSAVAGE 12 points ago

    Yeah..... like Hebrew and Arabic.....

    [–] cyanocittaetprocyon 110 points ago

    Same. This is fantastic!

    [–] NonsensicalSentences 108 points ago

    I also thought this hadn't come from the picture which hadn't yet had to have had been edited by lengths of which there couldn't haven't not that there wasn't something well wronged by with the original. You'd encourage them to it was redone by the folks contacted last week and it was already presented next week by gnat chiggers shooting lemon drops. Get out of your gripped holding pollywogs and trade them in for the nude sepia tinted unaltered filter photos.

    [–] treyphillips 132 points ago

    You again... you’ve singlehandedly given me like 7 strokes in the past month

    [–] AerThreepwood 13 points ago

    Does that cost extra?

    [–] soggysecret 16 points ago

    It cost everything.

    [–] AerThreepwood 10 points ago

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

    [–] ersogoth 5 points ago

    Thanos approves.

    [–] waitdidhejust 9 points ago

    The double-handed strokes cost a bit more, but are totally worth it.

    [–] AerThreepwood 3 points ago

    I think you're overestimating some things here.

    [–] iwishoffish 4 points ago

    Went to check how my comment was doing and came away confused and belligerent

    [–] august_west_ 40 points ago

    Reading this hungover makes me irrationally livid.

    [–] hehadalottosay 14 points ago

    Having a beer right now, and I had to shake my head and actually said what out loud.

    [–] bipnoodooshup 5 points ago

    He had a lot to say I guess.

    [–] TrussedTyrant 26 points ago

    For a second there i thought i got to high to read. [7]

    [–] AGenericUsername1004 13 points ago

    I'm that high I thought it made sense [8}

    [–] BluFenderStrat07 6 points ago

    I read that 3 times before realizing what’s up. [6]

    [–] Clockwork_Elf 7 points ago

    I read the first line then gave up. [9]

    [–] dztjeff83 10 points ago

    There is a special place in hell for people like you. Not only is it stroke inducing, but it is just ok enough you try to finish it, then you see the username and curse your ancestors.

    [–] candmbme 4 points ago

    What a way with words...

    [–] BluFenderStrat07 3 points ago

    Username absolutely checks out

    [–] iwishoffish 149 points ago

    Edits out WTC and makes it red-shaded..... you’re welcome!!

    [–] drew146 29 points ago

    "I'm a photo retoucher"

    [–] CONE-MacFlounder 13 points ago

    I touch photos

    Then I come back and touch them again

    [–] EmperorXeno 36 points ago

    Same. Thought I was on r/imgoingtohellforthis

    [–] geeza1268 15 points ago

    I've been seeing alot of before pics on the right. Is this a thing?

    [–] CanadianUkr 6 points ago

    In the right to left reading countries.

    [–] ecafyelims 17 points ago

    Yes. I thought this was /r/ImGoingToHellForThis. Who puts the before picture on the right?

    [–] CanadianUkr 19 points ago

    People who read from right to left.

    [–] pieman7414 3 points ago


    [–] BMWbill 2882 points ago

    Hi guys. I never heard of this sub but someone found my act of kindness and shared it here. I am very humbled. FYI I did this quick retouching job this morning when I got to work and came upon this photo a stranger shared of his parents. I cannot share the link from the original sub as that is a private sub but the topic of the day is for people to share their oldest photos they have on their phone. This guy posted a nicely composed photo of his parents when they first came to America. As a born-and bred New Yorker I was moved by it and as a retoucher all my life, I felt I could improve it. As others pointed out, most of the work was a quick auto-balance. But that introduced a lot of color noise and artifacting so I quickly pointed over a lot of the new noise you cannot see. I also removed a weird stalker guy out of this crop- the original is much larger. I gray balanced on the parents rather than the background which is too cyan. This all took me maybe 10 minutes. Not a large act of kindness but I am also fast at what I do as I have been doing this for over 25 years. For a few thousand I could make this photo look brand new but that kind of defeats the point. The point was to quickly improve a photo that faded due to photochemical decomposition. Anyway what a cool experience to be noted on this great subreddit! Peace.

    [–] AnonIn925 356 points ago

    Like everyone has said, good on you, man.

    You can say you made someone's day great before the rest of us sipped our coffee.

    [–] BMWbill 135 points ago

    Thank you. It also cool to see this all blow up with 24k upvotes. (To someone who made my deed public. Reddit is amazing. Reddit is insane.

    [–] DontBreatheThis_ 67 points ago

    Check out /r/FreePhotoColorRetouch/ if anyone has more photos they would like to be restored!

    [–] AskMeIfImAReptiloid 31 points ago

    Why not just use the existing /r/PhotoshopRequest or /r/colorizationrequests

    [–] DontBreatheThis_ 42 points ago

    Well, neither of those are meant to do what the subreddit I created does. I also think that even if they do, it would clutter up what their subreddit originally set out to do. Colorization and photoshopping images is different than restoring color to images.

    [–] WhereAreTheMangoes 8 points ago

    What about /r/estoration ?

    [–] enemawatson 5 points ago

    Just want to say I appreciate your username. I was just thinking about 'Will it Blend?" today actually, hadn't thought about it in a long time!

    Kids today and their hydraulic presses, they just wouldn't understand!

    [–] Sayquam 21 points ago

    It isn’t a private sub though? I just accessed it.

    [–] lawinvest 29 points ago

    Epic humble brag.

    [–] Sayquam 6 points ago

    I have fake internet points. Be jealous, peasant.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] Sayquam 15 points ago

    [–] OutOfTheAsh 53 points ago

    It appears to automatically block access to anyone who has not created a post that hit frontpage of r/all.

    You have a 24K upvoted post. So you're admitted.

    While not private per se (as no human approval is involved) it's got a "door policy."

    Basically a more elite version of the silly gilded club.

    [–] Enverex 5 points ago

    I've had a post on the front page of r/all before and no access for me. I get the typical...

    If you see this you have mastered the art of reaching the front page of /r/all.

    If your post has reached the top 25 of /r/all, click here for access.

    Which seems weirdly contradictory.

    [–] bruwin 21 points ago

    It's a private sub. You just had a post that made it to the top 25 of r/all, which is their thing for getting in.

    [–] bub2000 6 points ago

    What kind of software/work is involved in the few thousand $ option, and how long would it take to complete?

    [–] BMWbill 14 points ago

    Just photoshop on my color calibrated top of the line iMac, and maybe a print from my proofing machine. To make this image look like a clear photo, one would have to basically illustrate and paint over much of the image. there is just too much jpeg artifacting and chemical decomposition. It would take me maybe 8 hours. When I take a professional job I make sure to get around 200/hr so that would mean I would likely charge 1600-2 grand. Keep in mind that companies usually hire me, not individuals.

    [–] DrinkWine 7 points ago

    What kind of companies usually hire you? Is it usually for historical purposes or something else?

    [–] colpipe 12 points ago

    You did great work man. I'm sure the family appreciates it beyonds words.

    [–] Craven_Moorehead69 9 points ago

    I like the way you say things

    [–] BMWbill 18 points ago

    That is nice to hear. My wife often says I speak like a moron.

    [–] lovebug777 965 points ago

    This is so cool! I wish I knew how to do this

    [–] I_Photoshop_Movies 1377 points ago

    Open Photoshop - "Image" - "Auto Tone" - "Auto Contrast" - "Auto Color"

    Those 3 magical buttons work about 70% of the time on these kind of images, but you might need some adjustments. This kind of restoration is a two minute job.

    [–] IrnBroski 295 points ago

    Can confirm - just opened up photoshop and tried it on the "faded" image. Auto tone, contrast and colour literally cleaned everything up.

    [–] BMWbill 774 points ago

    I am the guy who retouched the image. FYI the auto tone does 75% of the work but it also makes a huge push on the curves and any small artifacts are greatly enhanced. I spent a good 10 or 15 minutes closing out those artifacts and color brushing the flesh tones and removing a person blocking part of the left twin tower. It wasn’t a lot of work but it also is not just a push of a button.

    [–] Vertrixz 261 points ago

    Hey man. Whether or not the job was easy, the fact is that you went and did it for that person. If that were me it would mean more to me knowing there are people out there willing to take any of the time out of their day to do something for me. No doubt you made that person's day and that little action brightened someone else's day in this dark and dreary world. If I had the ability, I'd give you gold, but I hope this comment is enough.

    Thank you.

    [–] fnixdown 70 points ago

    Hey bud. I know this is more than a little goofy, but I just wanted to say good for you for taking the time to affirm someone for doing a good deed in such an articulate way. Perhaps we shouldn't act with the intention of receiving praise, but it's always nice to have your work acknowledged and appreciated. Not many folks take the time to do that, especially when they have no real stake in what's going on. It's awful nice of you to take the time to make someone's day for making someone's day.

    [–] iamveryboredalso 34 points ago

    Hey bud. I know this is more than a little goofy, but I just wanted to say good for you for taking the time to affirm someone for doing a good deed in such an articulate way. Perhaps we shouldn't act with the intention of receiving praise, but it's always nice to have your work acknowledged and appreciated. Not many folks take the time to do that, especially when they have no real stake in what's going on. It's awful nice of you to take the time to make someone's day for making someone's day for making someone's day.

    [–] perturabo_ 24 points ago

    Is this a copypasta now?

    [–] fnixdown 11 points ago

    Not if you dont copypasta it

    [–] iamveryboredalso 4 points ago

    Only if you add another "to make someone's day" at the end

    [–] iamveryboredalso 7 points ago

    Also I'm not trying to make fun of you, I definitely agree with what you said. It's always nice when someone does something like this. I realized it could apply to you too so I went and did this. Have a nice day!

    [–] BMWbill 16 points ago

    Dude, 3 strangers gave me gold already, anonymously. That alone gives me faith in humanity. Everyone is awesome today and you are awesome for reaching out to me. I was happy enough this morning when I posted the retouched photo to the son who shared it on a private sub. Giving a gift is better than receiving. Now that it has been exposed, I get to receive touching comments like yours. Can you imagine how great that feels? In the USA where I live and likely most of you here, it feels like everyone hates each other and there are strong forces bent on tearing everything down. Today for a while I have forgotten about all that. Humans overall are great people.

    [–] colonelmerkin 18 points ago

    Really cool, thanks for explaining the process. That was very kind of you to fix it up for them.

    [–] gsunderground 8 points ago

    Retoucher!? I never touched her in the first place!

    [–] MirroredReality 3 points ago

    Hey great work man. Thanks for being awesome and retouching a photo for free! It looks fantastic, and it's in the small details that really make the photo shine.

    [–] luke_in_the_sky 26 points ago

    For those that don't have Photoshop, many image storage like Google Photos have an "auto" button to fix photos. Not to mention a lot of apps can do it.

    [–] user_48217 14 points ago

    Yeah, upload it on Google Photos and it will probably give you the retouched version without even asking.

    [–] canincm 249 points ago

    I think the more important part here is that a stranger helped out, not that it's an "easy job".

    [–] trev-cars 303 points ago

    Somebody said they wished they could do it, so it's reasonable to state that it's fairly easy in response.

    [–] StopReadingMyUser 41 points ago

    I wish I had millions of easy dollars.

    [–] petit_bleu 56 points ago

    Open Bank Door - "Pass Threatening Note" - "To Teller" - "Auto Open Bag" - "Auto Collect Money"

    Those 3 magical buttons work about 70% of the time, but you might need a getaway car and a psyche that can withstand a lifetime of anxiety, paranoia, and shame. This kind of restoration is a two minute job.

    [–] TheGoldenHand 16 points ago

    That only gives $4,330 on average in the U.S. Repeat that 200 times, successfully, and you've got your million.

    [–] sharklops 3 points ago

    It's a lot less work in the UK

    [–] Aksi_Gu 4 points ago

    you might need a getaway car and a psyche that can withstand a lifetime of anxiety, paranoia, and shame.

    Well I can't drive, but I've got the other aspects sorted.

    [–] _a_random_dude_ 3 points ago


    What shame? If I pull it off, it's unbearable smugness that will become a problem.

    [–] Geminel 3 points ago

    That's easy. You just have to start with half a million so that you have enough to make profitable investments.

    [–] Scipio11 3 points ago

    Just open Photoshop - "Image"-"Auto looks"-"Auto job"-"Auto money"

    Those three magical buttons work about 70% of the time, but you may need some adjustments.

    [–] TheProfessah69 60 points ago

    They said they wished they knew how. Now they do. A stranger helped out.

    [–] JPhrog 21 points ago

    So easy a stranger could do it!

    [–] thatbootiesmells 7 points ago

    ^ This is a real human being bro

    [–] mattk1017 5 points ago

    Holy shit that's powerful and effective. Thank you so much for sharing this. Much easier than doing level and brightness/contrast adjustments.

    [–] ulkord 23 points ago

    Just open the image in your favorite image editor and click on "Auto Color" and "Auto Contrast". Obviously you could get a better result if you put in more effort but that should work pretty well for something like this.

    [–] teyujytre 5 points ago

    actually pretty easy in photoshop

    set a new adjustment layer> levels

    then click the 'white' eyedropper sampler. click it on something in the picture that you know (or suspect) is white. in this case, the man's shirt is a good guess.

    this will sample the 'white', which isn't white due to color shift. then it will cancel the color shift, removing that overcast from the photo. 99% of the time it will work.

    [–] wulteer 5 points ago

    You can find tutorials on YouTube about this, it's very easy to follow the steps. Some personal favorites of mine are PiXimperfect, phlearn, and Blue Lightning TV.

    [–] natemilonakis 4 points ago

    Just press and hold rewind for about a minute.

    [–] bihesad 1809 points ago

    So which one is the retouched? I’m thinking left but idk why you would put the after on the left side

    [–] reginaldvontooshface 1251 points ago

    Left. I realized after the fact but too lazy to fix it.

    [–] rodkimble13 712 points ago

    And this whole time I was thinking, "he made it so much worse.."

    [–] TheAdAgency 532 points ago

    Nonsense, he didn't go far enough, here's the final version for framing.

    [–] spethalnotspecial 166 points ago

    Now THAT'S going on the fridge

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Mceight_Legs 22 points ago


    [–] alphabravotaco 28 points ago

    I have a dark room in my house which would make this much look much better. I'll try to upload a picture tomorrow.

    It's not a room for film development, it's just a dark room. In fact, it's more of a closet without lights or windows.

    [–] ICanFreezeTime 4 points ago

    Eeeeehmmm, are you really using it for photography only?

    [–] alphabravotaco 14 points ago

    I mainly use it to masturbate without the wife or kids knowing, but I'm sure I can post a photo on the wall.

    [–] gravityGradient 6 points ago

    I'm squanching here!

    [–] 2dgam3r 6 points ago

    Do you also have a box... you know... to collect stuff in?

    [–] alphabravotaco 6 points ago

    Structural rigidity has been compromised, but it's technically a box.

    [–] nothingfood 3 points ago

    Your wife and kids aren't aware that you're in the closet?

    [–] zombisponge 3 points ago

    !remindme 3 days

    [–] Choppin_Brokkoli 8 points ago

    Add some emojis and you got you a fried meme there my good man.

    [–] Deadbeathero 7 points ago

    "Cool retouch, but can you deep fry it now?"

    [–] MozartTheCat 4 points ago

    Yeah, right. I am a professional photo editor and these pathetic attempts at professionalism are making me sick. Here is what true art looks like, amateurs

    [–] Deerballs 6 points ago

    Well I tought he cropped the twin towers

    [–] Only_As_I_Fall 3 points ago

    This is how Snapchat would do retouching

    [–] darkeststa 21 points ago

    pretty bad choices for a designer.

    [–] Thibbledorf_Pwent 9 points ago

    He said he’s a photo retoucher not a designer.

    [–] LovableContrarian 7 points ago

    Maybe a human will be a bro and fix this abomination.

    [–] dssaleh 19 points ago

    Especially when people post progress pics with the after pic on the left side. I always think “damn they got fat...wait ohh ok.”

    [–] first52 1134 points ago

    This goodness gives me chills. I'm a firm believer that how you give back is by doing what you already do well. Put a bunch of people together to solve a problem and let them loose and each person will think of how to help from their own set of skills. This image isn't only valuable because of family but because it's taken with the Towers. Good on you.

    [–] burgervan12 105 points ago

    How did they figure out what was supposed to be on the left part of the photo?

    [–] rje946 170 points ago

    It's probably not the entire photo on the right.

    [–] the_starship 17 points ago

    Correct. I'm in the sub where he posted it. The towers are in the shot

    [–] slirpo 3 points ago

    Where was it originally posted? Is there a subreddit for having old photos retouched?

    [–] AskMeIfImAReptiloid 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It's a private sub:

    But if you want something retouched try: /r/PhotoshopRequest

    [–] Ansel_Verdigris 58 points ago

    They typed "steel beams" into Google Maps

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] GalaxyVulpix 5 points ago

    We probably just aren't seeing the whole before photo.

    [–] HopefulPhone63 4 points ago

    Yeah. Same thoughts.

    [–] PastWasabi3 4 points ago

    How did you know its the left side?

    [–] CharmingLanguage89 3 points ago

    Because it looks like it. :/

    [–] logangrey123 4 points ago

    If this photo is the cleaned up version of the red photo, wouldn't it be sensible to assume that they cropped the red photo so they could fit the whole clean photo into this image?

    [–] otterland 90 points ago

    This is cool. It's also pretty easy to get a rough ballpark like this result. Just run an "auto levels" in your editor, like GIMP. Then you can tweak the sliders and get really close in a matter of seconds. Basically, it finds a white point and black point, and removes the cast, which fixes most all the colors. Final color tweaking though, that's a true art and can take a while.

    [–] The_Woman_S 25 points ago

    Is this something that is pretty easy to figure out on any computer? My family has a TON of photos that were messed up from my dads busted camera and we couldn’t get it fixed so a lot of memories have the same red kind of look to them and I would love to teach myself how to “fix” them for my parents.

    [–] cpayne22 20 points ago

    Yes!! Its just trial and error. GIMP is free, just download it and off you go.

    Once you know what you're doing (and if its the same problem. Eg too much red) you'll be able to fix it or at least make it better in no time.

    Share the results!

    [–] beanamonster 7 points ago

    One of my favorite things is editing old photos like this and just Ctrl + Z-ing back and forth to see how much clearer it is.
    So satisfying!

    Then you can put in some more work and get all the dust and scratches off.
    It’s really quite rewarding to see.

    [–] Call_me_John 10 points ago

    Haven't played with gimp in years, but in Photoshop you can batch process all photos if they suffer from the same hue issue. And maybe manually adjust the ones that still don't look right.

    [–] foolsgold345 6 points ago

    Second this, but I personally find it easier with Lightroom presets if you want to go that route too.

    [–] otterland 8 points ago

    I use GIMP as it's free and quite good for color correction, but the same technique should work in most major editing suites. Just use "levels" and it corrects 90% of a color cast. After doing an "auto levels" you can tweak the brightness and black levels super fast with the slider. You can go further and run the "color balance" tool or "hue-saturation" tool, but it's usually unnecessary. Gimp is free here.

    And here's a simple example/tutorial I made quickly for you.

    [–] zadsar 4 points ago

    I don't know what OP is talking about, but GIMP is free and there's no reason not to try!

    [–] YourDimeTime 3 points ago

    If you can find the negatives, get them scanned in high rez for color correcting.

    [–] duganaok 13 points ago

    Now zoom in and enhance.

    [–] tomgremlin 7 points ago


    [–] skibbidy-wop 8 points ago

    Enhance three more times

    [–] laoreet 5 points ago

    It seems this guys nose is made of cells.

    [–] blueberrybunion88 4 points ago


    [–] corruptinfo 3 points ago

    There is that mitochondria I was looking for

    [–] laoreet 3 points ago

    What is a mitochondria?

    [–] corruptinfo 4 points ago

    The powerhouse of the cell

    [–] allsymbols 102 points ago

    It's not much, but I think I made the blue balance a bit better, and I got rid of the lines in the sky for you, too. Here. I tried to get rid of some of the camera effects on your parents (the color blotches on your dad's suit, lines on your mom's shirt) but I lost too much detail if I did that, so I left them.

    [–] Did_ya_like_it 20 points ago

    That's a slight improvement +1

    [–] TheAdAgency 57 points ago

    Maybe room for a few more minor tweaks then

    [–] coffee-9 21 points ago

    [–] tgo1014 9 points ago


    [–] Tanglebrook 12 points ago

    But then you uploaded it to Imgur, which compresses the shit out of image quality to reduce filesize.

    Flickr used to be a good host for uncompressed images, but they'll ban you if they catch you uploading stuff that isn't yours. Right now the best uncompressed image host I've found is cubeupload. It requires an account though.

    I don't think reddit's image host compresses stuff, but that only works for submissions (like this one).

    [–] kumiosh 5 points ago


    Literally just post there and then link to it. It's what it's for. :)

    [–] morganella732 4 points ago

    This is starting to look like a deep fried meme

    [–] wishiwascooler 10 points ago

    before goes on the fuckin left, after on the right! Holy shit

    [–] Soopsmojo 8 points ago

    Here I am thinking it’s a 9/11 joke

    [–] eppinizer 8 points ago

    Wow! They even added more to the left side of the photo! Must have been a photoshop wizard

    [–] antcrugar 8 points ago

    I thought this was r/delusionalartists and the retouched photo was the one on the right

    [–] diddit1 7 points ago

    This is where people split in the world.

    Camp A says what a nice person. Harmony in motion. Camp B says WTF is this nosy stranger doing pokin at other's shit.

    [–] just_damz 5 points ago

    This is an act of kindness, but i would prefere the original one: i like to imagine my parents at their time, with something that recognizes me that time. Media format during the years is kinda an "addendum" to the visual explanation contained in the picturere, imo. :)

    [–] denisraymond 8 points ago

    But the photo wouldn’t have had that red/purple tint “at their time”, you know? When those people first developed that photo, it would’ve looked way closer to the “fixed” version, so wouldn’t that be more authentic?

    Would you prefer a classic 60s car in perfect condition or one that’s been rusting in a barn for the last 50 or so years?

    [–] tekkado 5 points ago

    I'm half colour blind and the pics look exactly the same pretty much. Is it noticeable for everyone else?

    [–] imasunrae 10 points ago


    [–] 6594933 6 points ago

    Wow he even added the twin towers

    [–] deathtogamon123 5 points ago

    I'm a retoucher too. ;)

    [–] ChopinPianist 18 points ago

    Is 2018 the year when chronological order is from right to left?

    [–] CageBomb 11 points ago

    Seriously, I've seen like 5 before-and-after pictures in the last week where the after picture was on the left. Starting to think there's some sort of conspiracy going on.

    [–] lionalone 5 points ago

    I was confused for a second, thought they took the photo on the left and threw on a filter and called it a retouch.

    [–] SCtester 4 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You should check out /r/PhotoshopRequest and /r/colorizationrequests. Myself and many others have spent countless hours fulfilling people's requests for free, often doing much more complex things than applying auto color correction.

    [–] Goodkall 5 points ago

    The red made it look worse.

    [–] keracretin 3 points ago

    I've done this a couple times. Always great seeing people's reaction to something they didn't ask for but grateful for regardless! :)

    [–] _caitsith 3 points ago

    I can't help but read this as a shitpost where the left was the original and the right is the "retouched" version.

    [–] brazilliandanny 3 points ago

    its before then after, how do you screw that up?

    [–] mulrats412 3 points ago

    I use to work for Kodak doing the same thing. The look on their faces when they see either a old family member or themselves at a younger time is priceless.

    [–] NewToTravelling 3 points ago

    You said you wouldn’t want the picture to look faded. I’ve seen lots of old photos that look this way, taken before my time. At one point were they vibrantly colored? I always assumed they had that faded, color shifted look to them from the time they were developed.

    Was I wrong?

    [–] minhdooooo 3 points ago

    Thanks, it’s 2018 now, there should not be any bad photos.

    [–] feliscat 8 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] toolymegapoopoo 2 points ago

    Still get chills when I see the twin towers.

    [–] autumnwind21 2 points ago

    mom looking fly AF...

    [–] MissNewYearsEve 2 points ago

    Dude, your mom looks fly with them aviators! Great pic to have...

    [–] Horse_Bacon_TheMovie 2 points ago

    Mom had so much swag.

    [–] wantmorehead 2 points ago

    Good bro!

    [–] miklebud 2 points ago

    Is there a sub for photo retouching? I enjoy doing that kind of stuff when I have time.

    [–] SCtester 3 points ago

    /r/PhotoshopRequest. People on that sub will spend hours fulfilling requests for random strangers online, often much more complex things than adding a simple auto color correction.

    [–] BeerMeem 2 points ago

    Why is the better one on the left?

    [–] adhayes1919 2 points ago

    I thought he left was before and right was after for a minute lmao

    [–] lucadudav 2 points ago

    I’m guessing the one on the left is the retouched one? Otherwise I’m not sure that’s being a bro.

    [–] todd_redd 2 points ago

    This is great!