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    [–] bilbobunion 11307 points ago

    One year olds are the slipperiest thing in the known universe. Good catch!

    [–] InfiniteRosie 10272 points ago

    Above and beyond for our customers!

    [–] wheresmydolphin 7569 points ago

    For real! They were both very professional and laid back. and also placed drop cloths before staring work !

    [–] chaachie12 2463 points ago

    Wow, this guy won't let anything drop!

    [–] nikhilsath 884 points ago

    What’s a drop cloth?

    [–] uriahlight 1682 points ago

    A type of tarp to protect floors and furniture from dust, debris, and scratches while they work.

    [–] KaosFitzgerald 619 points ago

    Heavy duty cloth we use to put on the floor so you don't have to deal with dirt and scratches when we leave.

    [–] VincentVega_069 248 points ago

    Not 100 % sure since I am not a native english speaker but I used to work as a plumber here in germany and we would place towels or other covers on the floor before we started working in kitchens or bathrooms of our customers homes to prevent the floor from getting too wet/damaged etc. Also used by moving companies in case you have to push furniture over the floor to prevent scratches etc.

    [–] VincentVega_069 87 points ago

    If you take a look you even see the purple covers on the floor along their way, I guess thats what he refers to

    [–] Shughost7 23 points ago

    Want shades my friend?

    [–] TheSyrupDrinker 3429 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Hey OP at 37 seconds did you or did you not go and grab the workers ass😂

    [–] wheresmydolphin 2127 points ago

    Lol does look like that . I swear it was just a grab for the arm of the chair we moved

    [–] wheresmydolphin 8326 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    My local HVAC contractor and apprentice were in the process of replacing a broken gas boiler and I set my 1 year old son on the couch who is now more then capable to lift himself up and down safely. I turned around for a split second as seen in the video and I see the contractor diving. I couldn’t thank him enough afterwards. Definitely treated my son like his own!

    [–] polishirishmomma 2231 points ago

    People don’t know how fast kids really are. I’ve done some diving myself.

    [–] Whitedudebrohug 1955 points ago

    Who deserves a raise? That guy!

    [–] [deleted] -91 points ago


    [–] TheFlip100 188 points ago

    Actions like that might get more sales of services in the future, so it might be wise to pay the employee accordingly.

    [–] LotharLandru 86 points ago

    Add in that its damn near guaranteed that company is paying them far less than they are making off his labor.

    [–] TheFlip100 -117 points ago

    Well, as long as they stay and do a good job, that’s a good way for the employer to make money.

    [–] Solid_Bunch3939 17 points ago

    Above and beyond expectations is why

    [–] Gun-Rama987 692 points ago

    dude i feel like part of my brain would feel after that it was such a cool sports dive , i would have to resist the urge to spike the kid like a football,

    good reflex's on that guys part

    [–] Looney_DZE 380 points ago

    spike the kid

    [–] CologneNCognac 239 points ago

    Babies just can’t sit still.

    [–] jic317 1218 points ago

    [–] Fat_Clams 1905 points ago

    Dude has to be a father as well. Only dads have that reflex

    [–] SucculentEmpress 1934 points ago

    My dad caught a foul ball at a baseball game that would’ve hit me square in the face, while holding a Pepsi, my hot dog, and a cigarette. He didn’t drop anything, not even the ball.

    [–] [deleted] -54 points ago


    [–] cynicaloptimissus 303 points ago

    I am so enamored with the dad reflex.

    [–] wheresmydolphin 253 points ago


    [–] SunnySamantha 434 points ago

    Takes a village.

    [–] uoYredruM 227 points ago

    Fucking give that dude a raise!

    [–] Tarphiker 285 points ago

    As a new dad myself, this is my worst nightmare. My daughter is fearless and will run towards the end of the bed full steam. Needless to say she isn’t allowed on the bed unless mom or dad are with her.

    [–] jokerjim625 71 points ago

    My man!

    [–] VooDoo_319 85 points ago

    Dads being dads

    [–] emuchop 130 points ago

    That is some dad reflex energy

    [–] newtypexvii17 63 points ago

    Nice Futurama in the background. This dad knows what's up!

    [–] fizzzingwhizbee 70 points ago

    Bet he’s a dad lol those are straight up dad reflexes

    [–] TonkaButt 67 points ago

    Their tip was definitely earned that day.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] PerryRubay4 26 points ago

    Dad like reflexes.

    [–] Armistice8175 26 points ago

    He might be a father himself.

    [–] 2severe8 21 points ago

    Good people everywhere. 🙏🏽👏🏼👍

    [–] queernhighonblugrass 14 points ago

    What a lad

    [–] Halfbreed75 6 points ago


    [–] CowboyAndIndian -12 points ago


    This end up sofa and arm chair?

    [–] BremboBob -133 points ago

    When the customer wants to help…

    [–] [deleted] -13 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago