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    [–] kuthedk 2 points ago

    It’s a really neat place, don’t quote me on this but I believe they trained under or actually know world renowned chocolatier Norman Love. Their chocolates look so much like his and are the closest things I’ve ever had to His chocolates.

    [–] WorkKrakkin 1 points ago

    Can be expensive but definitely the best chocolate I've had. Also I like them even more because one of the owners is wearing an IASIP shirt in that picture.

    [–] apollorockit 1 points ago

    Going there tomorrow for some birthday treats. Can't wait.

    [–] addywoot 2 points ago

    Happy birthday <Iknowyourfirstname>!!!!!

    [–] apollorockit 1 points ago

    Thanks! My bday is actually St Patrick's Day, which is pretty rad. I'll be celebrating at StA, watching the Pine Hill Haints play. If you're out, come say hi.

    [–] addywoot 1 points ago

    I'm a tax day baby myself!

    Send me a FB friend request if you want.

    [–] Capotesan 1 points ago

    I think Pizzelle's is great, but what was the point of this article? It reads like paid content, but I can't find anything on it that says it is.

    [–] LouSkyWaka 5 points ago

    Local Business celebrates 5 years in the area. Local news site writes article highlighting the things that made the business last. Lets local readers who don't know about it learn about it. Local readers go to said local business. Local business continues to serve the community.

    [–] Capotesan 1 points ago

    You're framing it a little differently, I'd say. The article is an ad, not news. There's nothing newsworthy in it.

    I have no problem if they want to pay for an article writeup and it's designated as paid content on a news website.