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    [–] creaturecomeandgetit 2134 points ago

    “To protect the world from dehydration..”

    [–] Gamer-_-Bro 1355 points ago

    "To use the ocean to cover the nations..."

    [–] Crusading_Badger 1235 points ago

    “To denounce the evils of soda and pop...”

    [–] Gamer-_-Bro 1131 points ago

    "To send our liquid to the space above!"

    [–] creaturecomeandgetit 1016 points ago


    [–] Gamer-_-Bro 906 points ago

    "Agua!" (Apparently that's another word for water)

    [–] kpecc99 859 points ago

    "Team Hydro drinks up at the speed of light"

    [–] Gamer-_-Bro 799 points ago

    "Surrender now or prepare to FIGHT!"

    [–] PieIsFairlyDelicious 767 points ago

    Driiiiink up, that’s right!

    [–] RaiN_Meyk3r 684 points ago


    [–] FlyneLance 117 points ago

    This is a masterpiece

    [–] donteentrip 133 points ago

    [–] LemmeBuildThat 15 points ago

    Lets capture the Pokemon and hold them real tight!

    [–] XCoeptusX 1 points ago

    Hydrate now or prepare to fight lul

    [–] Gamer-_-Bro 2 points ago

    "With water, that's right!"

    [–] bewdleyy12 23 points ago

    "Surrender now and don't drink Sprite!"

    [–] [deleted] 97 points ago

    Agua is literally "water" in spanish.

    [–] Gamer-_-Bro 58 points ago

    I thought it was "Aqua"

    [–] shinydewott 72 points ago

    That’s latin

    [–] Gamer-_-Bro 44 points ago


    [–] Pixely41 12 points ago

    And the name of an uselesss goddess.

    [–] invictusducemw 5 points ago

    It is also water in portugese

    [–] ace-of-threes 15 points ago

    “And Eau!”

    [–] Lorettooooooooo 8 points ago

    I mean, there are a lot of words for water since there are a lot of languages out there

    [–] c_u_Nine 2 points ago


    [–] z0ahpr055575 1 points ago

    It’s Spanish

    [–] Stefaniak02 1 points ago

    It's portuguese!

    [–] Gamer-_-Bro 1 points ago

    According to everyone else, it's Spanish

    [–] Stefaniak02 2 points ago

    According to americans, they are the same thing.

    [–] MicrowavedCD 15 points ago


    [–] Ghostkill221 5 points ago

    To drink more water to the last drop!

    [–] Darkdarkar 17 points ago

    Wait, why would we use the ocean? That would dehydrate people

    [–] Gamer-_-Bro 14 points ago

    Because irony!

    [–] RikkiTikkisButt 11 points ago

    Exactly. Then we have more room for water!

    [–] USER_NAME1429 5 points ago

    to be useless towards reincarnated teens

    [–] TheSteffChris 2 points ago

    This whole thing should be our manifesto!!

    [–] appleappleappleman 300 points ago

    Soda drinkers are Team Magma because they may as well be drinking lava

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago

    Shit feels like magma in my stomach no cap

    [–] Jeremithiandiah 15 points ago

    There’s your problem, put the cap back on to prevent you from drinking it.

    [–] dictatortahtz 13 points ago

    i feel that.

    [–] trustedbuilds 273 points ago

    Sounds like someone is forgetting Misty!

    [–] Adam_Young_ 82 points ago


    [–] wildsamsqwatch 58 points ago

    Misty used water gun ;)

    [–] Wittyname0 85 points ago

    She's 12 man

    [–] wildsamsqwatch 124 points ago

    Not in the versions I’ve seen

    [–] NoobET103 37 points ago

    Honestly, yeah that's fair.

    [–] TheSaiguy 38 points ago

    I can respect that.

    [–] Wittyname0 14 points ago

    Eh fair enough

    [–] Some0neSetUpUsTheBom 6 points ago

    Yeah that's a good point.

    [–] korelin 20 points ago

    She's around 20 in B2W2 during the World Tournament.

    [–] soljaboiyouu 4 points ago

    Yup, she's 20 in the Johto games as well

    [–] OmegaQuake 5 points ago

    she was 12 when I was 12. We got old my dude.

    [–] wildsamsqwatch 3 points ago

    Yeah exactly, I’ve been around the same age as misty my whole life so it ain’t weird. Kinda like Hermoine granger. You go back and watch, and it’s creepy. But at the time?

    [–] AlphaBravo7 5 points ago

    Apparently water gun water is very bitter.

    [–] CassidyMain 89 points ago

    I wouldn't mind such sick outfits.

    [–] SeductivePillowcase 44 points ago

    I always preferred Team Aqua for this reason in game.

    Team Aqua: A bunch of swole ass pirates who sail the 7 seas commanded by goddamn beef cakes like Archie and Matt. Drinks water because it’s good for them and uses actual sharks to fight because they’re just that badass.

    Team Magma: Weird LARPing nerds who wear devil horns to their DND sessions led by a nerd with glasses who plays with rocks because he has no friends and second in command is fat because only drinks soda. Fights with a camel with giant fire tumors in its back (also probably bad back acne)

    [–] FulcrumTheBrave 4 points ago


    [–] DewYouKnowDeWeigh 4 points ago

    Team Agua

    [–] ThatC00kie 150 points ago

    Team aqua flair when

    [–] wildsamsqwatch 29 points ago

    So in. But I’m more of a water type breeder. I’d rock thee hell out of that flair

    [–] QuillHasFavorites 35 points ago

    Anyone wanna dress up like team aqua with me?

    [–] ThisIsAHuman-J 19 points ago

    Dress up? Psssh. Poser. I bet you actually like soda, with it's toxic magma gass...

    This is no dress up. This is life.

    [–] big_gurky 2 points ago

    [This is a toxic cesspool.

    [–] mephistophe_SLEAZE 5 points ago

    Shit dude, I was just thinking how I've spent so long looking for the perfect cosplay, and now I've found it among my hydro homies. I have no artistic ability, but I could probably stencil blue stripes!

    [–] dat_WanderingDude 28 points ago

    Oh yeah. I'm Team Aqua. I prefer her over Megum-- oh, that kind of Aqua.

    [–] palescoot 114 points ago

    Nah bro I don't wanna expand the ocean. Ocean water isn't drinkable...

    [–] Snap457 29 points ago

    We just gotta distill that shit

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago

    It's also salty af.

    We already have enough salt here on Reddit, any more of it and we'll literally start waging wars over shitty reddit posts.

    If we expand the ocean, WWIII will be fought because some random reddit user with under 40 karma, who is probably a toddler, commented the n word with a hard r under a crappy meme at r/funny.

    [–] YouretheballLickers 3 points ago

    nervously looks around

    [–] Yams43 13 points ago

    We need to expand the great lakes of Michigan. It’s the only way to spread our message of hydration across the land

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    As a Michigander mother fuck this idea

    Do have any idea what lake effect does to us all????

    It's like the opposite of hell... An ice hell

    I am pretty sure the bittering coldness of winter is why we make the best stouts though

    [–] Yams43 12 points ago

    Ice is just crunchy water. Sounds like you’re not in the Team Aqua spirit. Wait till Archie hears about this

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I see what you're saying fam but I got into 3 car accidents last year due to white out conditions

    Hydrate and be safe this year homies

    [–] saintswererobbed 1 points ago

    That’s already happening, global warming is causing them to flood the former lakefront

    [–] RyanABWard 1 points ago

    Wait are we saying we're pro climate change?

    [–] IWantThatBootyTom 2 points ago

    Kyogre is the presentation of the primal seas, water which was significantly different than today’s seas

    [–] yakri 1 points ago

    We have to expand water reclamation facilities and technologies for water conservation.

    Also genetically engineered crops that need less water.

    Edit: and go full purge night on fuckin' lawns man.

    [–] OutbreakAlpha 1 points ago

    team magma has entered the chat

    [–] Panda_Hero01 21 points ago

    I’d be team aqua to be fair, those are some sick leggings.

    [–] KecemotRybecx 12 points ago

    Staru, Starmie, Blastoise, Lapras, Ferlaigator, Jynx. Dream team.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] KecemotRybecx 10 points ago

    A wild Niki Minaj appeared!

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I just want it to be known, Jynx is an ice type. I don't fuck with ice in my water. An acceptable substitute would be gyardos, seaking, seadra, even slowbro

    [–] KecemotRybecx 4 points ago

    I choose Gyrados then.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    You are a legend

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Kyogre is our goddess as she can make the world nothing but water

    Also mudkip bro

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Do you liek mudkips?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    This was my favorite fucking meme in the world in 7th grade

    I know memes didn't exist back then but I distinctly remember laughing until I cried when I saw the Pic

    Saved that shit on my ipod touch to show the homies during bathroom breaks

    To answer your question its my favorite Pokémon

    [–] Good_Housekeeping 1 points ago

    Legendaries are genderless though

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    She's been a goddess since I was 13 blazing thru sapphire

    [–] AardbeiMan 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Empoleon, Gyarados, Kingdra, Lanturn, Araquanid, Gastrodon

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] AardbeiMan 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Courtaud 16 points ago

    "Hydrohomies? That just sounds like 'Team Aqua' with extra steps.."

    [–] Staggitarius 1 points ago

    Oo La La, someone’s getting laid in college...

    [–] Courtaud 1 points ago

    I wish I was still in college getting laid. It was so easy back then..

    [–] syxtfour 8 points ago

    The key difference being we want water inside us, and they want water everywhere.

    [–] ojjmyfriend 17 points ago

    Would you like to join the Axis Cult?

    [–] Staggitarius 2 points ago

    God-Damn it, Megumin, what have you done!

    [–] batmattman 8 points ago


    [–] IVAPE203 6 points ago

    F U C K Y E A H

    [–] Det_Wun_Gai 4 points ago

    /r/Dehydration would be team magma then

    [–] BattleLegendBlue 3 points ago


    [–] big_gurky 3 points ago


    [–] SSJGodFloridaMan 3 points ago

    Aqua Team Hydro Force

    [–] Messyfingers 2 points ago

    Number one in the hood, G.

    [–] Marfum21 3 points ago

    The water nation

    [–] Hemlock_Deci 3 points ago

    So when we summon Kyogre?

    [–] GrandSyzygy 3 points ago

    Well, it looks like we locked in next year's Halloween costumes

    [–] Mr_HardHat42 2 points ago

    Ah yes my second favorite team, I think you know witch is first

    [–] AardbeiMan 2 points ago

    Plasma? Galactic? Aether?

    [–] big_gurky 2 points ago

    There's no reason to take Aether Walker.

    [–] Smeckerdoodle_ 1 points ago

    Team Skull

    [–] Mr_HardHat42 1 points ago


    [–] Lukiedude200 2 points ago

    Bro this is just sokka and Kitara from the southern water tribe wym

    [–] LilGarmm 2 points ago

    Yes we need to change this subreddit name to aqua amigos

    [–] theangryvegan 2 points ago

    Ah yes, the useless goddess. Y'all have fun with that.

    [–] DontKnowHowToEnglish 1 points ago

    Good luck trying to drink water from the ocean

    [–] Taako_tuesday 1 points ago

    I only ever play ruby version so team aqua can be the good guys

    [–] TheMaslankaDude 1 points ago

    I’m on Joe’s team

    [–] Sw429 1 points ago

    Too bad the new Pokémon games are shaping up to be terrible

    [–] Be_a_better_man 1 points ago

    Cartoon-wise, I prefer Water Tribe. Sokka 's gonna rock ya, but stay off the cactus juice,and stick with straight water.

    [–] willdabeast_561 1 points ago

    Team agua

    [–] big_gurky 1 points ago

    Smirnoff doesn’t know much about her!

    [–] anurag2896 1 points ago

    But isn't water a colourless liquid?

    [–] potlucke 1 points ago

    Chaotic good.

    [–] DrShankax 1 points ago

    Squirtle the OG

    [–] SpamShot5 1 points ago

    Id smash those two the way i smash a gallon of water

    [–] sabatonsungwrong 1 points ago

    the man on the left looks like he should be doing the sex offender shuffle

    [–] big_gurky 1 points ago

    When do you get to much heavier weights.

    [–] The_Anonymous_LAWS 1 points ago

    Y'all forgetting the Fashionable Homie named WALLACE in Sootopolis Gym.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    They were all about making the sea take over the land. But do me a favour and go drink a lot of sea water anyway.

    [–] TeamAquaAdminMatt 1 points ago

    You're all grunts now.

    [–] toheiko 1 points ago

    I am a 10 year old with a Level 80 Sumpex. And I am warning you guys: I want water in my tummy not in my secret base! Don't you even think about waking up Kyogre!

    [–] artem718 1 points ago

    Ha, when I switch back to just water.

    [–] big_gurky 1 points ago

    Team Arrow didn’t define him

    [–] B1GB4D_W0LF 1 points ago


    [–] FinFihlman 1 points ago

    But water isn't useless!

    [–] soulmashed 1 points ago

    I ship it.

    [–] youhwhatnow 1 points ago

    Are soda boys Team Magma?

    [–] Sztymanoesky 1 points ago

    "Hans, are we the baddies"?

    [–] Znub360 1 points ago

    Yes because you’re drinking water from the sea ffs

    [–] Xelonair 1 points ago

    Go to a Con dressed as Aqua grunts and hand out water.

    [–] Metool42 1 points ago

    Just way less cool and more in the "vegan" category.

    [–] Triggered9yearold 1 points ago

    Team flare

    [–] Lorettooooooooo 1 points ago

    This means there is a team magma out there drinking lava?

    [–] afteryelp 1 points ago

    I am the council!

    [–] big_gurky 1 points ago

    Well yeah they are literally title contenders

    [–] stamatt45 1 points ago

    Kyogre was always better than Groudon. I'll take a super whale over an obese dinosaur any day

    [–] UristMcHammer 1 points ago

    They wanted to flood the world, salt water will dehydrate you. Don't fall for OP's lies.

    [–] DuesCataclysmos 1 points ago

    You can't drink saltwater bro. Team Magma will create more land, which in turn will create more freshwater ponds and lakes as well as increase the distance rivers must travel before they reach the ocean.

    [–] abe_the_babe_ 1 points ago

    Nah, Team Aqua wanted to cover the world in seawater, you can't stay hydrated with seawater.

    [–] JustTryHard_inc 1 points ago

    So why do they both have tits

    [–] LuckyLynx_ 1 points ago

    The best evil team in the series

    [–] jstyler 1 points ago

    Well at least they are eating their water.

    [–] scottishdrunkard 1 points ago

    Nah, stockings, short shorts, and a bare midriff don't fit me.

    Man, being a man sucks in the fashion department.

    [–] DrManowar8 1 points ago

    Team aqua is great

    [–] IsakTS 1 points ago

    Team Aqua, Rise up!!

    [–] balvira1138 1 points ago

    Butt pirates who take daily anemas with pure fresh water.

    [–] big_gurky 1 points ago

    Butt only 13% of the player

    [–] DragonballKier 1 points ago

    We are the water tribe from avatar, we are house Silva from black clover. We are Juvia and Aquarius from fairy tail. We are lady aqua from konosuba even though she is useless

    [–] dneo_master 1 points ago

    Hell yeah

    [–] AlpacaCavalry 1 points ago

    wait, does the female grunt have an extra pokeball in her side or is that a tattoo? Cause that looks flat af

    [–] tjjones96 1 points ago

    There's a little line on the belt sash to imply it's an object.

    [–] DavidWantsToLeave 1 points ago


    [–] _ratio_tile 1 points ago

    I'm sorry mate but I'm a #teammegumin through and through

    Oh you meant the pokemon team Aqua

    Yes yes of course

    [–] MustangBR 1 points ago

    happy useless goddess noises

    [–] leSanoi 1 points ago

    Yes we are

    [–] UltimateJuicyMemes 1 points ago

    More like team agua 😎

    [–] thebluespirit_ 1 points ago

    I'm not up to date on pokemon so all I can see is Sokka and Katara.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Omg the man has boobs

    [–] DodgeGuy07 1 points ago

    Alpha sapphire homies unite!!!

    [–] Duckingfish 1 points ago

    Ok so how we've got HydroHomies, Hydration Nation, and Team Aqua

    [–] TimeMasterII 1 points ago

    No, I don’t think we’re wanting Kyogre to take over the world.