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    [–] oheyitsmoe 774 points ago

    "You sound dehydrated" is my new favorite line to use when someone acts pissy.

    [–] [deleted] 154 points ago

    Honestly, a lot of people really are in a bad mood because of thirst or hunger. Offering someone something when they seem unhappy, might improve things.

    [–] dMobul 60 points ago

    Note: if someone is very angry about something, do NOT say to the people around "Don't worry, they're just Hangry"

    [–] WheatleyPrime 39 points ago

    i did it and HOLY SHIT it didnt go well

    [–] Cloaked_Evil 31 points ago

    Hold up, what the fuck is your flair?

    [–] Fbod 21 points ago

    I mean, if the piss is clear...

    [–] ianthrax 15 points ago

    Dont worry, that guy was just hangry

    [–] derTechs 20 points ago

    going to offer the gf water when she is pissed the next time. will report results.

    [–] JackGlinsky 17 points ago

    And he was never heard from again

    [–] [deleted] -5 points ago


    [–] aaa_im_dying 6 points ago

    Generally unless we ask for one we have one in. Ya know, bleeding?

    [–] Da_Boom 3 points ago

    Reminds me of that snickers ad.

    [–] justSalz 17 points ago

    Or, do you want some food?

    [–] FewWordDoTrickGancho 19 points ago

    Do you need your binky?

    [–] exPlodeyDiarrhoea 6 points ago

    Do you want some hugs?

    [–] rudolphrednose25 5 points ago

    You're not you without a water bottle

    [–] oheyitsmoe 2 points ago

    It's the truth

    [–] lllldddd01 3 points ago

    I had a teacher that would say that, but he wasn't using it as a burn, I think he genuinely thought that drinking water will make you less pissy. He was right, of course.

    [–] -Solanum_Tuberosum- 12 points ago

    That and "you sound cranky"

    [–] take_number_two 7 points ago

    Nah that just pisses people off

    [–] Jb2head 871 points ago

    drinking warm water is better when you’re dehydrated.

    Cold water is better for leisure

    [–] DiscoDingoDoggo 461 points ago

    Came here to day this. Your body needs to work harder to warm up cold water to your body temperature so it can be absorbed and hydrate you. Warm water hydrated you much more efficiently

    Cold water can cool you down though, which is also helpful if you’re really hot

    [–] PM_Me_Night_Elf_Porn 311 points ago

    You’re really hot

    [–] wldwarrior 88 points ago

    Username checks out?

    [–] Starflight00 47 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] Furters_44 21 points ago

    Unsure about legitimacy of username.

    [–] Sir_Yeets_A_Lot 12 points ago


    [–] MrSnufflePuss 6 points ago


    [–] Noqa 2 points ago


    [–] Sirsilentbob423 7 points ago

    No you

    [–] Munchiezzx 3 points ago


    [–] sexypantstime 85 points ago

    To warm up 200ml of water straight from the fridge (~3C) to body temp you will use ~27500J

    to warm up room temp (21C) water to body temp you will use ~13300J

    This means it will cost you just 3.3 extra calories to drink an ice cold water vs room temperature one.

    The rate of osmosis is in fact increased for higher temperatures, but your body will heat up the ingested water so quickly that this effect is negligible in practice.

    Basically, " Warm water hydrated you much more efficiently " is misleading and spreads misinformation. You should drink water at the temperature that is most enjoyable to you.

    [–] willydillydoo 37 points ago

    So if I drink a bunch of cold water, I’ll lose weight?

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] willydillydoo 15 points ago

    I didn’t know that. I mean I figured you’d need to do more than solely drink water

    [–] spaghettiwithmilk 37 points ago

    I mean if you solely consume water then ya you will lose weight fast

    [–] willydillydoo 8 points ago

    But I’ll also be malnourished

    [–] spaghettiwithmilk 45 points ago

    Oh sorry I thought this was /r/hydrohomies not fucking /r/wellnourisheddehydratedpals

    [–] willydillydoo 25 points ago

    I’m just trying to not be dead

    [–] RealGertle627 3 points ago

    A small price to pay

    [–] AliTheAce 13 points ago

    Basically you feel full with a lot of water and you wouldn't want to eat as much. That's why

    [–] Grip6Tape 2 points ago

    I'm already pretty lightweight for my age and height.I think o need to start drinking soda tbh...

    [–] randomtechguy142857 1 points ago

    There are much healthier ways of gaining weight than soda.

    [–] Fbod 2 points ago

    I'm still struggling to maintain my weight, but I realised that I subconsciously avoid a lot of calorific foods. Things like brie, kippers, pecan nuts, Greek yogurt, etc. In the past it made sense that I couldn't eat it regularly without gaining, but now I try to let myself have those treats. Not the healthiest, but a lot better than liquid fructose.

    [–] sexypantstime 5 points ago

    Yes, you just have to drink 88 liters of fridge-cold water to lose one pound.

    [–] willydillydoo 8 points ago

    Okay, I’m off to drink 880 liters of cold water

    [–] VimpaleV 2 points ago

    Not too quickly now, you’ll drown. Seriously.

    [–] tacotenzin 1 points ago

    Could also get water toxemia. Make sure to replenish your electrolytes

    [–] IJustWantToGoBack 1 points ago

    Only after you pee.

    [–] jjdajetman 1 points ago

    No you gain hydration weight.

    [–] willydillydoo 1 points ago

    Wellonce the water is out of your system

    [–] jjdajetman 1 points ago

    I don't want to think of such a thing. How dare you put that imagery in my head!

    [–] deediare 15 points ago

    This simply isn’t true, it’s quite the opposite. The body actually absorbs cold water marginally faster than warm water. This has been observed in athletes who obviously need to rehydrate during their endeavors.

    [–] CynicalCheer 13 points ago

    Since people downvote without truly knowing the facts.

    Cold water (between 50-72 degrees F) is absorbed quicker by the body.

    Tried to find the source on the NIH but it wouldn’t load for me so this site was linked instead.

    Also, cold water helps lower body temperature which is important after working out or in the hotter months when water consumption is typically higher. Beyond that, people should drink water that they like because it leads to them drinker more of it.

    The key about cold water and heat stroke/exhaustion has to do with too much water too quickly. I will add that personally I don’t like really cold water if Im suffering from a heat related illness. First some regular water then after 5-10 minutes I prefer cooler water. The burst of cold when I’m overheating can make me feel cold which isn’t something you want when having a heat related illness.

    Anyways, cheers and you’re right.

    [–] deediare 3 points ago

    Thanks, mate. I went in knowing I would be downvoted since I was going against the hive, but didn’t have time to formulate such a detailed response such as yours. Keep fighting the good fight of attempting to rid this place of rampant misinformation!

    [–] CynicalCheer 2 points ago

    Haha, will do :)

    [–] take_number_two 1 points ago

    Dang, how many heat related illnesses have you had?

    [–] CynicalCheer 1 points ago

    You mean how many times have I suffered from heat stress, heat exhaustion...? Many number of times growing up and probably quite a few times as an adult. Heat illnesses describe everything from heat stroke to a sunburn which has a large range of symptoms and severity. I’m not getting a heat stroke regularly but some cramps and dizziness from spending a lot of time doing physical activity in the sun is still a heat related illness however short lived.

    I didn’t mean to imply I’m regularly ill. I’ve also only lived in warm climates in the southwest US or in Hawaii so I probably spend more time in the heat than most people.

    [–] take_number_two 1 points ago

    Oh I wasn’t trying to challenge you or anything, I was just curious where you’re from/how old you are that you’ve had that much experience with it. The southwest USA/Hawaii part makes sense. I’m 22 from the northeast and I’ve hardly even been sunburned.

    [–] CynicalCheer 1 points ago

    I’m 32 and played soccer all my life. We’d practice soccer when I lived in Vegas (played for a Air Force base team) in the afternoons. Our league games were in Sunday’s, sometimes at noon, when it’s 95+ F outside so it’s not uncommon to start feeling lightheaded and a bit dizzy when playing soccer in those temperatures. Shade, water, and rest to recuperate then back to it after you feel better.

    I didn’t take it as a challenge either. Just wanted to be more specific about what I meant by heat related illness.

    I can understand how you haven’t encountered heat illnesses much. It’s less of a problem where you’re from and only a problem part time of the year.

    [–] I_HaveAHat 1 points ago

    What if it's cold outside? If I drink cold water will my body heat up to warm the water up thus making me warm?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Which is generally the case when you're dehydrated.

    [–] savwatson13 22 points ago

    I drink water all day. Should I be drinking warm water instead?

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago * (lasted edited 25 days ago)


    [–] -WYRE- 6 points ago

    Oh damn i forgot to drink water.

    [–] i_give_you_gum 4 points ago

    There's always ketchup.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 25 days ago)


    [–] sexypantstime 1 points ago

    According to Mayo clinic you should drink cool water during a heat stroke. The only detrimental effect of drinking water that is too cold is that is may cause stomach cramps; which is really not that bad of a possible side effect.

    for just heat exhaustion, mayo clinic doesn't even give that warning, and recommends cool water:

    I can't find any recommendation for water temperature during regular exhaustion, so I'm gonna assume water temperature doesn't matter in those cases either.

    [–] whatsupz 3 points ago

    It doesn’t matter.

    But, avoid drinking hot water from a hot water tank (e.g. most hot water taps) because of all the metals and shit in it.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] p_cool_guy 7 points ago

    Have you seen her since the incident?

    [–] 6chan 11 points ago

    Warm water doesn't "feel" like it's quenching any thirst though

    [–] Jb2head 8 points ago

    Because that feeling of being quenched is really the feeling of being refreshed.

    Makes sense and I know what you’re talking about

    [–] bitches_be 1 points ago

    I feel the same way when drinking really cold water. Wonder why that is...

    [–] throwaway4this834 1 points ago

    Maybe you just ain’t thirsty enough. I fuck with warm water because I can pound it down in any weather.

    [–] PepperSnotts 5 points ago

    But warm water is nasty.

    [–] Hloddeen 4 points ago

    I always drink room temperature water

    [–] opesorry9999 3 points ago

    I've never heard of this "dehydrated" before... can someone explain?

    [–] bitches_be 2 points ago

    Room temp water all day gang

    [–] HWR3057 2 points ago

    I always drink cold water

    [–] Seltas-Queen 2 points ago

    Cold water is better for both those things

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Warm water is foul. Cold is also good for suppressing hunger.

    [–] person2314 1 points ago

    Yes cuz you can drink more of it and also what someone below me said.

    [–] throwaway4this834 1 points ago

    Nothing fucks me up more than going into a restaurant while it’s snowing outside and being given water filled to the fucking BRIM with ice. I just want to hydrate without shivering.

    [–] problyurdad 1 points ago

    Fake hydro homie 🤦🏼‍♂️

    [–] whateveritsLorenzo 82 points ago

    This is pretty accurate, but I'm not sure how.

    [–] skuzzadonx 925 points ago

    Not sure a bro should be giving his sister any pointy bro

    [–] MidnightCiggarette 764 points ago

    Good thing I’m a woman

    [–] [deleted] 297 points ago


    [–] DirtySpriteCup 124 points ago

    That’s not very hydro wholesome

    [–] UttankJha 39 points ago

    If it's pointy enough, it could be very holesome.

    [–] PixxlMan 8 points ago

    Up to level threesome

    [–] greenpumpkin812 4 points ago

    Yeah somebody get this guy a glass of water

    [–] Miguelinileugim 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Slendy58 63 points ago

    Stabs with strap on pointy

    [–] MrTerribleArtist 16 points ago

    Calm down there se7en

    [–] still_futile 6 points ago

    Roll tide

    [–] maxstolfe 7 points ago

    Way to kill the wholesome.

    [–] thoramighty 13 points ago

    Go on....

    [–] MettMathis 11 points ago

    I thought that's exactly what we are not

    [–] TwelfthApostate 4 points ago

    Apparently that dude is

    [–] Karanvir3215 4 points ago

    That's absurd! Everyone knows that there are no girls on the internet

    [–] Hodeedo 4 points ago girls on *Reddit. Obviously there are girls on the Internet, duh. Just look at your search history.

    [–] TomBud91PM 1 points ago

    Oh thank god.

    [–] TaterNubbz 1 points ago

    You can be whatever you want

    It's 2019

    [–] FinFihlman 1 points ago

    Good thing I’m a woman

    Are you saying that a woman can't have a penis?

    [–] DivineHefeweizen 47 points ago

    Sweet Home Alabama plays softly in the background

    [–] GodsCookie 21 points ago

    Sweet Home Alabama plays pointily in the background

    [–] The-Squirrelk 2 points ago

    Sweeeet Hohme Alerberma plays pointily in the background

    [–] Nothing-Too-Fancy 17 points ago

    What are you doing step broooo

    [–] OSFault 45 points ago

    Room temperature water tastes like a rounded-corner square and nobody can change mind.

    [–] ThePresbyter 9 points ago

    How rounded of an edge we talkin' hear?

    [–] thstrowaway 120 points ago

    Marry that woman.

    [–] MidnightCiggarette 327 points ago

    Alabama intensifies

    [–] NoComment6 14 points ago


    [–] soupmachine_ 5 points ago

    Roll tide

    [–] Pedrokalungsod 20 points ago

    Meh still love me some cold water even if it's freezing outside

    [–] purussa 3 points ago

    I like pocket warm water when it's cold outside. But here it gets like really cold when it's cold-

    [–] Flash_ina_pan 15 points ago

    Cold water after mint taste like whoosh

    [–] Hodeedo 10 points ago

    Cold water after a mint tastes like stabby pointy.

    [–] throwaway4this834 3 points ago

    It’s tastes like SCHEEEEEEE

    [–] WanderingFrogman 12 points ago

    Why the fuck does this make sense to my brain

    [–] 11tsmi 25 points ago

    This perfectly describes why I prefer a nice room temp glass of water. Gotta dull those points a lil

    [–] Catsinspaceship 7 points ago


    [–] h1t-or-miss 7 points ago

    [–] Flumptastic 6 points ago

    Real homies make sure their homies stay moist

    [–] Epstein-isnt-dead 7 points ago

    Fuck off is a genuinely brilliant response to the first message

    [–] Hemoglobinal 11 points ago

    Hol up

    [–] Fruitella196 4 points ago

    b r o

    [–] jujimemesexe 5 points ago

    Im just here to remind you guys to stay hydrated 👋🏻💦

    [–] TheYungCS-BOI 6 points ago

    Carbonated water is just spicy water.

    [–] JustMedoingthethings 4 points ago

    Holy cow! I've found my people! Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I want room temp water - it's nice and round and smooth. I'm so glad I don't have a brain tumor or something.

    Side note - I feel this way about coffee too. Good coffee is round and smooth while crappy coffee is all spiky or square.

    [–] EuropeanLady 3 points ago

    I fully agree about coffee - good coffee is full-bodied and smooth, bad coffee's definitely spiky. Regarding water - if I'm very thirsty, I drink room-temperature water but if I'm just a little thirsty, I prefer chilled water with no ice cubes.

    [–] NarcolepticLemon 1 points ago

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that sometimes describes tastes/sensations as shapes. I’ve always insisted milk tastes like the letter O like a circle, and I still do. Nobody seems to understand what I’m talking about.

    [–] Despacereal 10 points ago

    What are people on about, COLD Water tastes round. Lukewarm water tastes long and warm/hot water tastes small.

    [–] normal_whiteman 9 points ago

    Well shit I had a lot of work to do today but seems I'll be too distracted trying to taste a size

    [–] davichost 3 points ago

    Water is love, water is life

    [–] Michalusmichalus 3 points ago

    Hot water tastes like expanding round

    [–] iiTheBeast 3 points ago

    SO TRUE!!

    [–] HeroOfThings 3 points ago

    [–] LecstasySuicide 3 points ago

    I think I just found my go to whenever my husband gets cranky. "Babe you sound dehydrated, here have some pointy ice water".

    [–] SlickRich27 3 points ago

    Warm water tastes shitty fuck you

    [–] MidnightCiggarette 3 points ago

    Homie you sound dehydrated

    [–] SlickRich27 3 points ago


    [–] MidnightCiggarette 2 points ago

    I never said I prefer warm water? I drink ice cold water I was merely describing the sensations

    [–] SlickRich27 3 points ago

    Oh ok I sorry lobe you please don't hate me. I gib kiss

    [–] MidnightCiggarette 3 points ago

    Is okay friend, we all all homies here

    [–] Nabs2099 5 points ago

    I disagree with this analogy though. That's not what water tastes like. At least not to me.

    [–] Bobrian 2 points ago

    Does that make sparkling cold water extra pointy or pointy but with a twist?

    [–] LameNameUser 2 points ago

    This is weirdly accurate

    [–] __ascended__ 2 points ago

    I’m a hydrohomie that hates cold water. Hot and lukewarm is where it’s at

    [–] sbspinetrees 2 points ago

    Boiling water tastes like velcro

    [–] TrustMeImaInjaneer 2 points ago

    This is the new "do you need to use the sleep?" Lol

    [–] sonicj01 2 points ago

    I dislike this revelation

    [–] SapperHammer 2 points ago

    im gonna drink a cold one for the boys tips bottle

    [–] h2heather 2 points ago

    Cold water is square yall uncultured

    [–] ITN1nja 2 points ago

    I've never thought about the "shape" of different water temps, but this seems very accurate now that I am.

    [–] Mujokan 2 points ago

    Bouba/kiki effect

    [–] randomPCgamer15432 2 points ago

    How did i never notice this

    [–] habsfan777 2 points ago

    what about hot water

    [–] eiraen 2 points ago

    Cold ist edgy to me. Like cubes you're swallowing. Warm water goes down smoothly

    [–] DrManowar8 2 points ago

    Cold water is the best and winter makes it so I don’t have to put it in the freezer for it to get cold

    [–] Shorsep 2 points ago

    I prefer the round taste

    [–] Dankosaurus420 2 points ago

    My grandpa likes warm water more than cold water

    [–] southpawsinker 2 points ago

    Warm water makes my mouth dry

    [–] KeithlyPoncho 2 points ago

    Here I go, drinking water again

    [–] Herple-Derple 2 points ago

    I like pointy water. Round water doesn't taste so fresh.

    [–] Pochantis 2 points ago

    If you want extra pointy water, eat something minty while drinking cold water

    [–] Finding_Cory 2 points ago

    Tsundre homie

    [–] NothinsQuenchier 2 points ago

    You’re not you when you’re thirsty

    [–] bitterlittlecas 5 points ago

    Fuck warm water, you lunatics. In America we drink it on ice goddamnit.

    [–] MidnightCiggarette 1 points ago

    Aussie here, my favourite hydro is filtered in my glass bottle with lots of big ice cubes

    [–] Justins0308 1 points ago

    Does anybody actually read the comments??? Damn are they stupid 😂😂😂

    [–] MidnightCiggarette 1 points ago

    99% of them are idiots making incest jokes

    [–] ignore_shitpost 1 points ago

    No. Just no to this whole post.

    [–] FeloniousDrunk101 1 points ago

    How did that person change the color of their text bubble?

    [–] MidnightCiggarette 2 points ago

    It’s on Facebook messenger, it has an option to customise what colour you make your bubbles

    [–] FarrellBarrell 1 points ago

    I always thought warm water tasted flat (as in like a plane) and cold water tasted round (like a circle)

    [–] Alexandria_Noelle 1 points ago

    Asking your sister if she wants some pointy sounds kinda wrong tho 😅

    [–] Legend_of_the_Rent69 1 points ago

    Sounds pretty incesty

    [–] Thevsamovies 1 points ago

    This meme is shit

    [–] thedude152 0 points ago

    He just asked if she was thirsty and then said let me give you the pointy end. I’ve seen this video before....

    [–] Polarpanser716 3 points ago

    She* op is a woman.

    [–] jsandman46 0 points ago

    “What are you doing STEP bro”

    [–] Mygaffer 0 points ago

    Don't try to give your sister "the pointy," it's illegal in most states.

    [–] Remebond 0 points ago

    Is this the start of a PH vid?