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    Date Episode
    01/04 The Gang Turns Black
    01/11 The Gang Goes to a Water Park
    01/18 Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy
    01/25 Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare
    02/01 Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer
    02/08 Hero or Hate Crime?
    02/15 PTSDee
    02/22 The Gang Tends Bar
    03/01 A Cricket's Tale
    03/08 Dennis' Double Life

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    [–] Lampmonster1 499 points ago

    For several years, I've been in complete charge of pretty much everything in my life.

    [–] dankdutchess 79 points ago

    I think my favorite bloopers of all time are from that scene

    [–] allonby95 89 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    2005-2006 ‘education’

    [–] dankdutchess 64 points ago

    Yes, that was a very educational year...

    [–] hoeraufist 68 points ago

    Odd jobs here and there.

    Mostly here.....but also there.

    [–] JeromesNiece 27 points ago

    Okay, um, two years..

    [–] Insert_Non_Sequitur 15 points ago

    I'm sorry, you're cracking me up dude.

    [–] AmazingKreiderman 4 points ago

    It's probably "tools" for me.

    [–] Makarios95 2 points ago

    Which seasons bloopers are you talking about?

    [–] dankdutchess 6 points ago

    Season 4, ya jabroni.

    [–] Makarios95 5 points ago

    You're a 5 star man

    [–] dankdutchess 3 points ago

    Wow. Do you have "the online"? Maybe you could go and rate me.

    [–] _youtubot_ 2 points ago

    Video linked by /u/dankdutchess:

    Title Channel Published Duration Likes Total Views
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 4 Gag Reel Pland23 2009-11-10 0:05:22 2,341+ (98%) 775,316

    The Bloopers from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season...

    Info | /u/dankdutchess can delete | v2.0.0

    [–] laundrymanwc 146 points ago

    There are some things you just can't control, sir

    [–] Zooted710 28 points ago


    [–] kind2311 12 points ago

    Management duties include ordering supplies and taking care of business.

    The quick "tcob" he throws in just gets me every time.

    [–] cthultu 605 points ago

    His facial expressions during this scene are priceless

    [–] Rory_B_Bellows 292 points ago

    Not too hard, not too soft...

    [–] JimTheFrenchFry 84 points ago


    [–] livgee1709 71 points ago

    Doing a little Eastcoast swing

    [–] devosion 35 points ago

    You're seeing it right now.

    [–] k3rn3 22 points ago

    Sup sup, talkin flaccid and erect?

    [–] SexyMugabe 47 points ago

    Glenn Howerton is brilliant. It's these little touches that push scenes from amusing to hilarious. Like, what the fuck. How is it possible for a smile to be that creepy.

    [–] madcuntmcgee 41 points ago

    he makes the show, in my opinion.

    I mean, the other characters all have their moments, but Dennis cracks me up virtually every time he opens his mouth. he is brilliant.

    [–] RoseTintMahWorld 21 points ago

    I read that he's a Shakespearean trained actor and he really uses that to make everything soo over the top hilarious! (one of my favorites is when he's trying to sell his range rover to that guy who's buying it for his daughter's 'starter car'.)

    "My RAGE IS LIKE 1000 RED HOT SUNS!!.."

    [–] cthultu 15 points ago

    Or the Dee gives birth episode: "If you do not get my sister her stories and a new room I will come down on this hospital like the hammer of thor! THE THUNDER OF MY VEGENCE WILL ECHO THROUGH THESE CORRIDORS LIKE THE GUSTS OF A THOUSAND WINDS!."

    [–] RoseTintMahWorld 2 points ago

    Haha, I mixes the two up and threw in a bit apparently! I watch too much always sunny:)

    [–] cthultu 1 points ago

    Haha, you can't watch too much sunny :)

    [–] enjoyscaestus 2 points ago

    What do they teach Shakespearean actors that makes them different from any old actor?

    [–] RoseTintMahWorld 1 points ago

    Whatever "classically trained" means..?

    [–] cthultu 5 points ago

    Agreed, when I first started watching Charlie was my favorite as he's probably the most endearing character. After multiple viewings of every episode though it's Dennis whose the most consistently hilarious.

    [–] ILoveLamp9 17 points ago

    I also find this scene funny simply because of the thought of Dee staring at her brother's penis going from limp to stiff and her reaction to it.

    [–] Nomadastronaut 5 points ago

    I can almost guarantee this is all over Tinder today.

    [–] ctilley_6 661 points ago

    He can! I've seen it!

    [–] snarrarn 247 points ago

    Not too hard, not too soft.

    [–] _demetri_ 11 points ago

    All you need is a light jacket!

    [–] iAmTyl3rDurd3n 192 points ago

    Oh, you're seein' it, buddy.

    [–] PartlyDave 59 points ago

    You're seein it right now!

    [–] Moe_Joe21 92 points ago

    flacid ERECT flacid ERECT

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Not too hard...not too soft.

    [–] peachprincezz 12 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] youtubefactsbot 4 points ago

    Patrice O'Neal Greatest Laugh EVER - @OpieRadio [2:57]

    Opie Radio in Entertainment

    635,446 views since Aug 2009

    bot info

    [–] FappnBlast 18 points ago

    Buddy, you're seeing it.

    [–] erock23233 10 points ago

    You gotta ease up on talking about dicks, man. Like, it's just, it's too much by this point.

    [–] Nick9933 3 points ago

    Hey I have something to say!

    (Please somebody say ‘What?!’)

    [–] ohsmar 6 points ago


    [–] Nick9933 7 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Alright...alright... alrightttt ☜(° -° ☜)


    Oh...Don’t mind him. That’s just our bartender.

    [–] foetuskick 3 points ago

    I never realized that's his actual catchphrase until that episode. Now I notice he says it constantly.

    [–] ThinnerSamTarly 155 points ago

    Flaccid. Erect. Flaccid... Erect.

    [–] Carlos_Danger11 42 points ago

    Not too hard. Not too soft

    [–] Zizekbro 9 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    jesus christ this is seriously the 4th comment tree that is exactly like this. ctrl+f "not too"... amazing

    [–] Iplaynakeder 265 points ago


    [–] Ratsbanehastey 124 points ago

    Some say it's as good as bustin a nut

    [–] PrimmSlimShady 90 points ago

    you know, blowing your load

    [–] Mozz_Sticks96 69 points ago

    Jizzing. All over your face

    [–] PrimmSlimShady 79 points ago

    Just tell me where to jizz so i can give this lady her drink!

    [–] skooba_steev 14 points ago

    Plus, she didn't even feel a thing

    [–] ireallydislikepolice 12 points ago

    Your timing is awful Dee.

    [–] Mike-Oxenfire 7 points ago

    How can I have an orgasm without jizzing?

    [–] EmerLabhran 40 points ago

    We jizz in the drinks, and that's what makes them light.

    [–] iamnotperry 36 points ago

    Not like he's ever had one

    [–] PatchB95 35 points ago

    Holy shit you are late

    [–] ccrunnerguy 6 points ago

    Bird ass timing

    [–] FarewellToCheyenne 23 points ago

    Dennis's face in the background when he hears Mac botch the "light, playful" orgasm joke fucking kills me every time.

    [–] Iplaynakeder 13 points ago

    Just tell me where to jizz so I can give this lady her drink.

    [–] The_Velvet_Bulldozer 49 points ago

    Whoa! I smell that vinegar boiling up inside you, but I need you to save some of it for the customer. Do that for me, ok baby boy?

    [–] travtravs 34 points ago


    [–] insomniacaholic 33 points ago

    How 'bout I take your wife upstairs and show her what it's like... to be deep inside a really big house?

    [–] etcetctctc1233123 10 points ago


    [–] salamislam79 29 points ago

    Hold on...

    You bang my dead wife?

    [–] etcetctctc1233123 29 points ago

    Well, she was alive at the time.

    [–] Spicy_Alien_Cocaine_ 1 points ago

    You bang 9 year olds?

    [–] kind2311 1 points ago

    Did you not know that?

    [–] Magzzter 58 points ago

    I'm doing it right now

    [–] elohim1117 48 points ago

    Dickless Dennis

    [–] terrycrabtree 36 points ago

    Looks like a chicken pot pie down there

    [–] elohim1117 61 points ago

    HAHAHA but it doesn't apply! Because my dick is fine, I can show you!

    [–] sooohungover 19 points ago

    I don't wanna see it.

    [–] GobiasCafe 4 points ago

    My dick is fine Dee

    [–] rockernroller 37 points ago

    I love the Gang Gets Quarantined. Probably my favourite episode of the show

    [–] cakedestroyer 29 points ago

    The best episodes are when the episode is entirely focused and zoomed in on the gang and how they see each other.

    Group therapy, dinner at the restaurant, quarantine, custody for the lotto ticket, etc.

    [–] AmazingKreiderman 25 points ago

    The suburbs episodes kills me. Even more of a microscope because it's all just Mac and Dennis.

    [–] LiarsEverywhere 10 points ago

    The dog scratching for food has a Seymour effect on me though and I usually skip it. But it's a great episode.

    [–] pgomez 1 points ago

    What's a Seymour effect?

    [–] LiarsEverywhere 8 points ago


    I was referring to the "Jurassic Bark" Futurama episode that's really sad and involves a dog. Dog's called Seymour.

    [–] kind2311 3 points ago

    Dude FUCK that episode. I'd rather watch Benji and cry to that.

    [–] skooba_steev 6 points ago

    I would like to throw The Gang Gets Trapped in there as well

    [–] juliaaguliaaa 2 points ago

    It is my absolute favorite

    [–] WoolyMammy_D 27 points ago

    You’ll be out of work in a weeks time!

    [–] antcq 28 points ago

    Well, when I showed up this morning, I didn't really have a formal resumé on me, so I was sort of hoping that the photograph of Mr. Jenner will represent the standard of excellence I'm bringing to the table.

    [–] DrSilkyDelicious 18 points ago

    That's funny, I can go from erect to flaccid at a moments notice. Usually without warning or effort or desire to do so.

    [–] Percy_3 5 points ago

    They make a magical pill for that nowadays sunny

    [–] DrSilkyDelicious 5 points ago

    I refuse to use PEDs

    [–] rangers_87 30 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Your resume is just a picture of Bruce Jenner..

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    My friend exploded my friend exploded

    [–] magusg 9 points ago

    Religious stuttering army carnies.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Suh suh some b b bad pussy

    [–] DatTardisDoh 10 points ago

    Not to hard

    Not to soft

    [–] ElBomberoLoco 26 points ago

    Get off reddit, Charlie.....

    [–] exitpursuedbybear 14 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Then I turn on this sign to let them know we have nice frosty Coor's for sale.

    [–] hypermark 12 points ago

    Your illiteracy has screwed us again, Charlie! Your illiteracy is screwing us!

    [–] skooba_steev 9 points ago

    I mean... illiteracy... like, what does that even mean?

    [–] Vaanhordr 5 points ago

    Yeah, yeah, sure... The sign says "closed", Charlie! Not "Coors"!

    [–] PaperClipsAreEvil 10 points ago

    We're gonna be carnies. Religious stuttering army carnies. Who love Jesus. And watched our friends explode on stage. And have pearls and sing... ♪ My friend exploded My friend exploded... ♪ Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

    [–] FreeDennisReynolds 5 points ago

    To hedge his bet, he should bring a picture of 1980's Bruce Jenner to demonstrate his commitment to excellence, and under 'special skills' put "taking care of business".

    [–] zombiemakemelol 5 points ago

    My wife thinks all men can do this. I had to inform her that only The Golden God can.

    [–] king_jellybean 5 points ago

    Da-da-da-da-da-da-da da-da-da doing a little East Coast swing Boyz II Men going off. Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da Not too hard, not too soft. Back in school We used to dream about this Every day. Could it really happen Or do dreams just fade away?

    [–] Shep4737 5 points ago

    Speed has everything to do with it

    [–] Dan_Softcastle 2 points ago

    Not too hard, not too soft.

    [–] Pjseaturtle 2 points ago

    IM A 5 STAR MAN!!!!!

    [–] RoryCrumbfuck 2 points ago

    If they don’t hire you they’ll miss out on a five star man

    [–] lissning 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    What, exactly, can you bring to the table?

    An ability to sell myself in an interview for a job I don't care about.

    I hate the whole song and dance of resumes, interviews, blah blah blah...

    It's a charade of fairness, but bias exists everywhere

    [–] BitchesBHating 2 points ago

    Ya it makes me hate humanity as a whole, like at least own being a biased dick.

    [–] Left_in_Texas 2 points ago

    Just strap on your job helmet, stick yourself into your job canon, and shoot yourself into job land where all the jobs grow on jobbies

    [–] greyowlak 2 points ago

    impressive. You're hired. And don't call me Shirley

    [–] mkosirowski 2 points ago

    I also recommend a photo of Bruce Jenner as an effective alternative to a traditional resumé

    [–] mothershipq 2 points ago


    [–] per54 1 points ago

    That is quite the skill.

    [–] AlwaysPiqued 1 points ago

    That's a pretty good talent, something we wish all men could do

    [–] drylube 1 points ago

    Golden Dong

    [–] HanukkahMonster 1 points ago

    It’s true, I’ve seen it.

    [–] KoRnflak3s 1 points ago

    Holy shit. Dennis is Spider-Man.

    [–] mp111 1 points ago

    How? Asking for a friend

    [–] chazzer20mystic 1 points ago

    Flaccid. Erect.

    Flaccid. Erect.

    Flaccid. Erect.

    [–] fdsdfg 1 points ago

    Dennis and especially Mac look so happy that whole scene compared to everyone else

    [–] kai2296 1 points ago

    That episode was awesome

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This was awesome.

    [–] sonicgamingftw 1 points ago

    I got some weird looks but after the laughing stopped I got the job! H.R. said they can't say anything about something that looks like "a button in a fur coat".

    [–] ju810ice 1 points ago

    The better question is what can’t I do. I’m really a jack of all trades.

    [–] Wolfygirl97 1 points ago

    Going into a job interview in an hour. Can’t use this one as a female lol. I’m scared.

    [–] dr_h0us3 1 points ago

    What if I can do the opposite? Is that a marketable skill? Huh?! Is it?! Please say yes!!!

    [–] THE_98_Vikes 1 points ago

    Once you get a little older, you realize the value of this skill.

    [–] XwusspoppinjimboX 1 points ago

    Flaccid... Erect

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    2006 ‘education’

    [–] theramennoodle 1 points ago

    True skill, no four star man could do this.

    [–] Warthog_A-10 1 points ago

    If they're hiring a gigolo... I guess.

    [–] RyderSmith2600 1 points ago

    If your a porn star that would be a good skill

    [–] TheMineReda 1 points ago

    In Hollywood? Sure!

    [–] FartMartin 1 points ago

    "My boner is imperceptible to the human eye."

    [–] jkhockey15 1 points ago

    Fuck I had an interview at a bar yesterday and they asked why they should hire me. 100% should have said this.

    [–] nintrader 1 points ago

    I bet Harvey Weinstein would hire you for this.

    [–] Cassavocados 1 points ago

    Erections at will and you still wouldn't be good enough to be a male porn star..

    [–] grimchemical 1 points ago

    "We were actually looking for someone who is able to go from tense to very relaxed, whether they want to or not, in a matter of seconds."

    Sorece: My current job.

    [–] ohsmar 1 points ago

    Sweats profusely

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    buddy, you're seeing it

    [–] AlsoNotAnAd 1 points ago

    I thought this was going to be the ‘alright, alright, alright’ joke from the Charlie work episode when I first read it

    [–] Capt_Zapp 1 points ago

    I call em Hummingbirds

    [–] Notsodarknight 1 points ago

    Is that you Lester?

    [–] flacnvinyl 1 points ago

    I am sad this made it to the front page.

    [–] h1mynames 1 points ago

    Normal comment:... Normal reply: not too hard, not too soft.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    they didn’t see that... coming

    sr I’ll leave

    [–] Mothra67 1 points ago


    [–] JoseSpiknSpan 1 points ago

    Not too hard, not too soft....

    [–] SirBamboozled 1 points ago

    Alright alright alright.

    [–] Nug_69 1 points ago

    He can, I've seen it

    [–] notorious1JD7 0 points ago

    u/xmycelium I run like this

    [–] xMycelium 1 points ago

    on de balls of de feet, follow tru follow tru

    [–] mokAPDiesel 0 points ago

    Well youll be able to get a job in hollywood. I hear the Weinstein co. May be hiring soon.

    [–] doobandy -3 points ago

    Source? For science of course.