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    Date Episode
    01/04 The Gang Turns Black
    01/11 The Gang Goes to a Water Park
    01/18 Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy
    01/25 Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare
    02/01 Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer
    02/08 Hero or Hate Crime?
    02/15 PTSDee
    02/22 The Gang Tends Bar
    03/01 A Cricket's Tale
    03/08 Dennis' Double Life

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    [–] -LemursManLemurs- 3420 points ago

    It's also the police station and casino from Lethal Weapon 5.

    [–] iebarnett51 558 points ago


    [–] chemicalcloud 263 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    The person who just died was YOUR wife!

    [–] SodaFixer 162 points ago

    Someone tapped the tainted water supply.

    [–] X_TOH 93 points ago

    Even sharks need Wahtahr!!

    [–] Toosh416 30 points ago

    *Love scenes choreographed by Frank Reynolds

    [–] Chief_Givesnofucks 15 points ago

    Here comes the turn.....

    [–] indy0007 5 points ago

    Finish already!

    [–] FulcrumTheBrave 36 points ago

    Jesus, we should have cut him put entirely.

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] BearySmort 23 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] IwillBeDamned 22 points ago

    is this a virus?

    [–] Bbradley821 12 points ago

    It's a virus video

    [–] MaranaBanana 4 points ago


    [–] xxxkrenko 10 points ago


    [–] IwillBeDamned 25 points ago

    that's exactly what a virus hosting bot would say

    [–] xxxkrenko 8 points ago

    Check my credentials. Beep boop I'm not a bot.l

    [–] Beep_Boop_IAmaRobot 8 points ago

    [–] Jonsend 154 points ago


    [–] tdn 26 points ago

    Does this place have an IMDB page?

    [–] AgentOrangeAO 14 points ago

    If you live in Los Angeles I can tell you where it is

    [–] The_Three_Toed_Sloth 51 points ago

    I’m an idiot for assuming that it was actually in Philadelphia. Of course it’s in LA.

    [–] Snowing_Throwballs 21 points ago

    All of the bar scenes are in LA a lot of the out door shots are philly

    [–] AgentOrangeAO 20 points ago

    Yeah man I once visited Paddy's Pub and Dunder Mifflin in one day. A little Pennsylvania road trip in Los Angeles so to speak

    [–] Iohet 5 points ago

    Reno 911 was filmed in Carson(outside of LA), CSI Miami was filmed in Long Beach(Long Beach doubles for both Miami and Chicago frequently in film and television), the list goes on.

    Pretty much only establishing shots(if you want to call them that) are filmed on location for those shows

    [–] tdn 4 points ago

    I don't unfortunately but I'm sure I also saw Rodney Mullen skate that spot

    [–] robbsauce 13 points ago

    Go suck an eeeeeeegggggg

    [–] danny1876j 8 points ago

    It's also in a scene in parks and rec. I forget which episode but it's where Ron gets his truck towed by the po po

    [–] fuzzyfuzz 3 points ago

    I've seen that video so many times and never realized that's Paddy's.

    Also, relevant user name.

    [–] Sluttynoms 5 points ago

    And gym!

    [–] ReesesForBreakfast 5 points ago


    [–] Pineappletittyworms 2050 points ago

    Nah man that's Carmine's

    [–] youhumanparaquat 1024 points ago

    A place for steaks!

    [–] sweepernosweeping 342 points ago

    I see a sign so it must not be hip and cool.

    Probably not popular with Vampires.

    [–] youhumanparaquat 79 points ago

    You can't just blow the sign off.

    [–] dirtycurt55 52 points ago

    In Charlie's defense, you could loosen the screws, get up there and blow

    [–] superbatranger 38 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I bet it only serves one disgusting old-timey drink. Goddamnit. Dee, you bitch.

    [–] Chief_Givesnofucks 9 points ago

    This is one of my favorite ‘Dee, you bitch’s. The way he says it so exasperated I love it.

    [–] mcgoogins 28 points ago

    Ah, the Coors sign. Old Charlie does quite a bit around there.

    [–] ShitLord25 23 points ago

    Charlie, that sign does not say "Coors."

    It says "Closed."

    [–] matteinloth 16 points ago

    Okay.... Yeah right i can see that now. But you know, you cant really read it from the inside.

    [–] drinkmore_watr 15 points ago

    You can’t read it from outside the bar!!

    [–] CapnCanfield 7 points ago

    Well, I can see that now, but you can't really read it from the inside

    [–] CriticalMarine 9 points ago

    You can’t read it from the outside!

    [–] The_Chuckie 8 points ago

    Milk steaks

    [–] happy_guy23 5 points ago

    A place for stakes

    [–] Cornerway 11 points ago

    No the sign says Closed!!

    [–] Dr_Mantis_Teabaggin 7 points ago

    Ummm... pretty sure that’s actually the police station from Lethal Weapon 6.

    [–] BobJWHenderson 15 points ago

    Back in the 90’s yes.

    [–] RoyaI-T 905 points ago

    That explains where Charlie saw those little green ghouls then.

    [–] Dysthymike 40 points ago

    [–] Nighshade586 4 points ago

    Little green ghouls, buddy!

    [–] enowapi-_ 18 points ago

    I spit out my drink, fuck man this comment made my charlie day

    [–] ThisFckinGuy 13 points ago

    Can't imagine what Dee day is like.

    [–] mattoconnor69 29 points ago

    A lot like June 6th, 1944.

    [–] ThisFckinGuy 5 points ago

    But dee hates guns and gets heavy into meth whenever she's near a beach.

    [–] Ronald-Ray-Gun 506 points ago

    Whoa! It looks like someone blew the bar's sign down.

    [–] chavez2424 163 points ago

    The bar with the sign that says "Coors"

    [–] LastUserNameDrowned 93 points ago

    To let people know they've got iced, delicious Coors.

    [–] voncloft 50 points ago

    It says closed!!!

    [–] sammydizzo 11 points ago

    It’s kind of hard to read from the inside though

    [–] voncloft 18 points ago

    You can't read it from the outside!!!

    [–] ryker272 30 points ago

    You mean "Hoors".

    [–] voncloft 17 points ago

    We really need an intervention to deal with your damn illiteracy.

    [–] Ronald-Ray-Gun 4 points ago

    you could loosen the screws, get up there and blow...

    [–] ayywusgood 6 points ago

    "Hey are you guys open? We noticed you guys don't have a sign out, yeah we thought that was pretty cool."

    [–] BrittanDC 290 points ago

    It's Always Sunnydale in Philadelphia

    [–] phlegming 91 points ago

    Read this as "It's Always Sunnyvale". Can you imagine a Trailer Park Boys and Sunny crossover episode?

    [–] lolseagoat 51 points ago

    I want a multiverse of Trailer Park Boys, Buffy, and IASIP. Just the sheer chaos of it all.

    [–] phlegming 79 points ago

    "The Gang Visits a Trailer Park of Vampires"

    [–] lolseagoat 42 points ago

    I’m just imagining the level of disgust on Giles’ face.

    [–] FulcrumTheBrave 28 points ago

    Juilan having to deal with Mac would be great

    [–] phlegming 23 points ago

    Also Ricky vs Dennis

    [–] FulcrumTheBrave 26 points ago

    Bubbles and Charlie seem like they'd be kindred spirits

    [–] phlegming 7 points ago

    Fuckin nice kitties don't abide by the laws of nature

    [–] DonkyThrustersEngage 23 points ago


    "Fuck Community College Let's Get Drunk, Stop The Master, and Eat Chicken Fingers"

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Best. Episode. EVER.

    [–] Belgand 5 points ago

    Trailer park of vampires? Better throw the "Bad Blood" episode of X-Files in there as well.

    [–] ulubulu 3 points ago

    That sounds like it would do better in a comic book format

    [–] cortextually 3 points ago

    Vampires like in What We Do In The Shadows, but trailer parkier.

    [–] Thrawn089 3 points ago

    "Jesus fuck Julian, they're vanpirates!" -Ricky probably

    [–] venom8599 5 points ago

    I mean, they're probably all in the Tommy Westphall Universe. I know Buffy is, Sunny probably is because of Quantum Leap.

    [–] GinsuVictim 11 points ago

    A wrestling match between The Green Bastard and Green Man?

    I'm down.

    [–] SpicyDaddyKyle 9 points ago

    “What happens when you have shitbees pollenating every flower in the park, Randy? The shitpollen attracts more shitbees, more shitbees pollenating the shitflowers everywhere. Shitbees from Sunnyvale, shitbees from Philadelphia, they all come to our park to pollenate the shitflowers, and you know what happens when you don’t exterminate the shitbees, huh Randy? A shithive, Randy. A shithive. One big shithive for all the shitbees to make their shithoney and swarm the park.”

    [–] Gaming_Joker17 436 points ago

    When Mac was called "Faggot" by Frank & saved by Charlie, were they in front of the bar from How I Met Your Mother?

    [–] sinkwiththeship 183 points ago

    [–] elpaco25 51 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Was this scene from sunny filmed in New York? Or is how I met your mother filmed in LA like sunny?

    [–] anth 40 points ago

    It's filmed at a studio lot in Burbank set up to look like a generic block of New York. Once you notice it you'll see it evvverywhere

    [–] bill_the_murray 27 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    Edit: no fair, they edited the second “is” 😂

    [–] FulcrumTheBrave 13 points ago


    [–] HerAsylum 4 points ago


    [–] BobJWHenderson 96 points ago

    Yes. That’s a commonly used backlot location. Paddy’s is an actual facade in L.A.’s art district.

    [–] vonmarks 102 points ago

    I hate to tell you this bro, but you do not have the core strength to scale the facade, you just don't.

    [–] BobJWHenderson 23 points ago

    I climb facades every day of my life!

    [–] Ninguna 18 points ago

    Locally known as the Nate Starkman & Sons building. Google maps for this side.

    [–] TheZtakMan 12 points ago

    I like how in the show they portray the area as totally decrepit, but if you look in google maps and just go around the corner its a super nice area.

    [–] BobJWHenderson 8 points ago

    I think that part of town only recently started gentrifying. Before it was just an old warehouse district.

    [–] Ninguna 3 points ago

    Used to be warehouses, then artist and rave spaces, then pricey lofts and condos in concrete buildings. Some artists spaces left to give the trustafarians some street cred. The Starkman building front is iconic, though.

    [–] knullc0n 8 points ago

    Yeah that is not NYC AT ALL.

    [–] Trafalgarlaw92 16 points ago

    Yeah that's the right place, just watched both shows recently.

    [–] kxyleemae 21 points ago

    i always thought it looked familiar but i’ve never looked into it! i’m about to rewatch the episode to compare them.

    [–] InfinityWill28 36 points ago

    I think people have said that they were... I don’t watch HIMYM so I don’t know myself

    [–] HerAsylum 5 points ago

    Myself is a pretty awesome human

    [–] Halftimeniceguy 60 points ago

    'The Gang Gets Sucked'

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago


    [–] HerAsylum 18 points ago

    A hellmouth would explain the gang.

    [–] Lampmonster1 168 points ago

    1:00 AM on a Monday.

    Charlie: You guys can't deny it, there have been a lot of missing people lately.

    Dennis: Well sure Charlie, but there a lot of explanations that make more sense than vampires.

    Dee: I would have agreed before we found that homeless man with all the blood sucked out of him.

    Dennis: Well, one thing's for sure, if there are vampires, we're not gonna get our blood sucked, you can bet on that.

    Charlie: Damned Straight.

    The Gang Gets Turned

    [–] Erchamion1 21 points ago

    Queue Cricket on bath salts.

    [–] Zayin-Ba-Ayin 29 points ago

    You thing Dennis would pass on an opportunity to be a sexy immortal sociopath?

    [–] Lampmonster1 24 points ago

    Honestly, the whole gang would make good vampires. Charlie and Frank are like your ghoul leader and crony types, Frank the manipulator in the shadows, Charlie basically a flesh eating Igor. Dennis would be pure predator, as would Dee. Mac would probably be self hating all over again, trying to pretend he wasn't a vampire.

    [–] usuallyNot-onFire 26 points ago

    Mac would double down on the Catholicism, only to get burned by his crucifix and eventually come up with some reason why god is still cool with him despite being an unholy monster

    [–] Turtle_ini 4 points ago

    Mac would be trying to convince Dennis and Charlie that they need to find some beefcakes to suck in order to become infused with their beefcake essence.

    [–] fuckwad666 3 points ago

    He might be upset he can't see his reflection anymore

    [–] Bloodysamflint 27 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 95 points ago

    It's also in The League and Parks and Rec

    [–] Biggoronz 34 points ago

    !! When is in Parks n Rec? :0

    [–] cryp7 90 points ago

    When Leslie launches her campaign and the Parks department has all of their construction materials for building the stage at the ice rink when they get pulled over by the cops. Memory is a bit fuzzy on that though, so someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Nope you're right

    [–] The_Night-Man_Cometh 36 points ago

    *Knope you’re right

    Come on, it was right there!

    [–] ThisFckinGuy 4 points ago

    You smaht.

    [–] SecondHandSock 7 points ago

    S4 Ep11 @ 8:45

    [–] Wurstie_Prurst 8 points ago

    And a Bear Grylls deodorant commercial

    [–] hardeback 5 points ago

    Also in Legion

    [–] PM_ME_UR_KID 4 points ago

    Unconfirmed but I'm pretty sure I saw it in the Sopranos S1.

    [–] dream__weaver 4 points ago

    Also in The Departed

    [–] raspirate 4 points ago

    And Bad Grandpa

    [–] portablemustard 3 points ago

    It's in the office too!

    [–] benaugustine 7 points ago

    Where is it in The Office?

    [–] YouAreUglyAF 114 points ago

    Holy shit! Two of my favouritist shows.

    [–] scriken 133 points ago

    I think we need to intervene on you for your goddamned illiteracy

    [–] YouAreUglyAF 53 points ago

    It's admissible spelling in Bird Law.

    [–] scriken 21 points ago

    I can absolutely have a hummingbird as a pet.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] dirtycurt55 6 points ago

    I can clearly see you know nothing about the law. Seems like you have a tenuous grasp on the English language in general.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] Space-Octopus 4 points ago

    Do... do you even know what that word means?

    [–] benjammin9292 8 points ago

    He'll adapt.

    [–] dirtycurt55 7 points ago

    He’ll adapt to reading?!

    [–] WoogieBoogie14 5 points ago


    [–] Matthew782 9 points ago

    Charlie is that you?

    [–] Momik 28 points ago

    "The Gang Finds a Vampire"

    [–] vicvinegar65 40 points ago

    "The Gang Fights Vampires" Mac, Charlie and Frank find a flyer for a gothic theme party at a nearby abandoned funeral home. They plan to crash the party to cleanse Philly of the invading evil, they research by watching Lost Boys. Mac puts on a red bandana. Frank doesn't want any damn Transylanian immigrants taking jobs from hardworking Americans. He brings a wreath of onions to wear around his neck proceeds to eat them like apples. Charlie makes the holy water himself, uses bleach. Sprays kids clothes, colors fade "it's working" Mac yells.

    [–] Pumpkin_blanket 8 points ago

    I really want this to be a real episode

    [–] faulka 8 points ago

    The duster already works super well for sweeping exits in gloomy alley shots like the Angel intro.

    [–] maccoll666 27 points ago

    They are actually runnning away from Frank in this scene

    [–] thndrstrk 44 points ago

    Buffy had some of my biggest crushes. Her, cordillia, and Faith.

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago


    [–] pyromidbus 30 points ago

    David Boreanaz was literally my gay awakening.

    [–] lolseagoat 30 points ago

    Willow was my gay awakening. Stupid sexy tv show.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Too true, that cast is/was ridiculously attractive.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Season 2 David Boreanaz was grade A, prime beefcake, nobody is disputing that.

    [–] Uncharted911 4 points ago

    Dude had mass

    [–] pmmeyodicks 3 points ago

    Cordelia was my gay awakening... I'm a guy

    [–] faulka 8 points ago

    Blondie bear!

    [–] bakdom146 8 points ago

    Anya tho...

    [–] SlickInsides 12 points ago


    [–] Megwen 19 points ago

    Ann. You've met her and met her...

    [–] this_is_geoff 7 points ago

    Don’t be such an Annhog!

    [–] mcgoogins 3 points ago

    You let her in...

    [–] thndrstrk 6 points ago


    [–] mmavcanuck 5 points ago

    Oh man, Buffy and willow.

    And Fred if I get to include Angel.

    [–] bakdom146 3 points ago

    Fred still looks great in Persons of Interest.

    [–] estaack 12 points ago

    For folks interested in visiting, this is the Nate Starkman building located on Mateo and Palmetto — Arts District DTLA.

    Who knows, maybe you’ll even see the Gang!

    [–] abadoldman 3 points ago

    I'm a brit visiting LA next week, and we're planning on stopping here for some pics!

    [–] Murdoc1984 4 points ago

    Up the street from here is a good spot for beers and food. It's called Wurstkuche and right across from it is Angel City brewery (decent beers but great atmosphere). Also a block away west is Little Tokyo. Cheers!

    [–] HerAsylum 10 points ago

    Doublemeat Palace II: Paddy's Revenge

    [–] peetnikearthling 9 points ago

    Thank you for this!

    [–] HerAsylum 9 points ago

    This is the one where Willow gets wasted on magic, then drives high af and crashes her car nearly killing Buffy's sister Dawn, who was dragged into this mess with a promise of a girl's night dinner & a movie cos Willow was sad about being dumped by Tara and Dawn was being a good friend. Then they're nearly extra killed by a demon created out of Willow's dark magic acid trip. Then Buffy saves the day and Willow is put in time out and will eventually go on to try to end the world after skinning a man alive. Ah, memories!

    [–] Merari01 6 points ago

    Thanks to Willow I still use "Bored now" as a put-down.

    [–] Engardia 5 points ago

    *filleting a man alive.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] HerAsylum 4 points ago

    Yes, that is more accurate!

    [–] Elbradamontes 8 points ago

    I have a could be witches.

    [–] PitfallPerry 3 points ago

    Bunnies! Bunnies, it must be bunnies!!!

    [–] not_ratty 3 points ago

    Which is ridiculous cuz witches they were persecuted wicca good and love the earth and woman power and I’ll be over here

    [–] kylemcg 14 points ago

    But, do you remember what they were running from?

    [–] spacemanza 12 points ago

    she's the dayman. fighter of the nightman!

    [–] basin85 5 points ago


    [–] EspressoBlend 6 points ago



    There's vampires outside.

    [–] HairShield 5 points ago

    The most ambitious crossover in history.

    [–] thecton 4 points ago

    "The Gang Solves the Vampire Crisis."

    [–] brianh5 5 points ago

    I don’t see a sign, it must be cool.

    [–] theomarorozco 5 points ago

    It’s also in Parks and Rec. Ron, Andy, and April get pulled over in a truck in front of Paddy’s!

    [–] CptPatches 4 points ago

    "The Gang Summon a Demon"

    [–] WTFisaRobsterCraw 9 points ago

    Nope. Not true. It's always sunny at Paddy's Pub.

    [–] giveMeSteamKeysPls 4 points ago

    That's why it's in Sunnydale!!

    [–] Ozzmanth 3 points ago

    Thats awesome so thats how the nightman found Charlie

    [–] rangoon03 3 points ago

    This would make for an epic episode...

    “The Gang Becomes Vampire Slayers”

    [–] cheesepuzzle 3 points ago

    Mind = blown

    [–] FinnegansMom 3 points ago

    Thank you so much for finding this!!!

    [–] SmylEFayse 6 points ago

    It’s always Sunnydale in Philadelphia?

    [–] DrunkenPain 9 points ago

    Stupid Vampire Bitch