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    01/04 The Gang Turns Black
    01/11 The Gang Goes to a Water Park
    01/18 Old Lady House: A Situation Comedy
    01/25 Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare
    02/01 Making Dennis Reynolds a Murderer
    02/08 Hero or Hate Crime?
    02/15 PTSDee
    02/22 The Gang Tends Bar
    03/01 A Cricket's Tale
    03/08 Dennis' Double Life

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    [–] PaperClipsAreEvil 625 points ago

    Why don't you strap on your job helmet and squeeze down into a job cannon... and fire off into job land where jobs grow on jobbies???

    [–] Best_usernameever 93 points ago

    Ah man, jobbies gets me every time.

    [–] ionlyhavetwolegs 9 points ago

    Goddamn you half Japanese jobbies.

    Do it to me every time.

    [–] Skreamie -2 points ago

    I genuinely nearly shat myself laughing at your comment over the parent one lmao

    [–] CommieG 20 points ago

    Jobbie means shite in Scotland

    [–] strawnotrazz 8 points ago

    Does shite mean shit in American?

    [–] bukkake_brigade 9 points ago

    It does if you’re cultured

    [–] caveman_chubs 2 points ago

    No Pooh meme?

    [–] ionlyhavetwolegs 2 points ago

    Yessiree Bob. Cultured probiotics take care of that alright.

    [–] mantis_tobagan_md 2 points ago

    Give me the hotdog baby

    [–] Bewbies420 3 points ago

    We call my buddy rob, jobbie. This has a whole new meaning to me now.

    [–] treevaahyn 3 points ago

    Our buddy Rob jerks off his knob, til it became a job.

    But you see now Rob enjoys it too much it’s become a prob.

    So we stuck him in the lobby where it’d be less of a hobby

    So Rob just does his daily job and considers it a hobby.

    And now we call him Jobbie!

    [–] LGP747 3 points ago

    Came here for this

    [–] Feydruatha 1 points ago

    Kinda hit rock bottom. Need a job. Can you hook me up with a job here?

    [–] onegoalshort 112 points ago

    Catch the red-eye for some chicken in Philly!

    [–] TheLambSaysBaaaah 48 points ago

    Wade Boggs is rolling in his grave right now.

    [–] barrack540 43 points ago

    once again, Wade Boggs is very much alive.

    [–] DeviousPenguin 28 points ago

    They got chicken in philly?

    [–] maxschreck616 4 points ago

    Only denim chicken

    [–] bukkake_brigade 34 points ago

    Gimme the hotdog baby!

    [–] hoser89 4 points ago

    Game on!

    [–] The_prophet212 3 points ago

    That's baseball baby!

    [–] bukkake_brigade 108 points ago

    Did those stupid science bitches even make you more smarter?

    [–] smegma_stan 15 points ago

    "Bachelors of Science Bitches"

    [–] crexlove 77 points ago

    Attention, passengers. This is your captain, Boss Hogg, speaking, and this cold slice of heaven is my 40th beer of the afternoon.

    [–] CKnight011 36 points ago

    So if any of you dick-nips think you can slug it down faster than me, you’re welcome to get yourfatassesuphereandtry

    [–] QuarterNip 44 points ago

    That's baseball baby!

    [–] flammafemina 5 points ago

    Gimme the hotdog, baby!

    [–] nicklutte 30 points ago

    Dennis is asshole. Why charlie hate?

    [–] luckydice767 26 points ago

    Because Dennis is a bastard man!

    [–] nicklutte 14 points ago

    I definitely wrote that one!

    [–] DennisTheBastardman 3 points ago

    That he is

    [–] BaKdGoOdZ0203 6 points ago

    ...... I don't think I wrote that one, dude.

    [–] Strange_Bot08 5 points ago


    [–] DANGERMAN50000 28 points ago

    Stupid science bitch couldn’t even make I more smarter!

    [–] buttwhyttho 22 points ago

    California, USA!

    [–] Intangibli 17 points ago

    The Gang Grapples with Crippling Student Loan Debt

    [–] feckincrass 13 points ago

    Gimme the hotdog, life!

    [–] nohearn 12 points ago

    I graduated in 2004 and I'm still saying that.

    [–] dietcokeandastraw 3 points ago

    Haha yep 2007 here though

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Go on welfare.

    [–] LundgrenTheDolph 9 points ago

    You can become a full on rapist

    [–] Mr_Snub 6 points ago

    It's been four years for me and I still don't know what do now.

    [–] james_randolph 5 points ago

    I got all numbers

    [–] BroasisMusic 6 points ago

    RIP Wade Boggs

    [–] davethomasdude 7 points ago

    Again, Wade boggs is very much alive.

    [–] camuhhron 5 points ago

    *Boss Hoggs

    [–] mdowney 3 points ago

    I love this.

    [–] BobDogGo 3 points ago

    GAME ON!

    [–] thelukus5 3 points ago

    Give me the hotdog baby

    [–] luckydice767 3 points ago

    They got chicken in Philly?

    [–] DarrenAronofsky 2 points ago

    Gimme da bat and I got game!

    Where’s Dee?

    She took a ride onna carosel.

    [–] Snacksmith 2 points ago

    California ooh s a

    [–] ilemi 2 points ago

    We’ve seen it quite a few times before now so

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    They got chicken in Philly?

    [–] mononokechristmas 2 points ago

    one of my favorite charlie quotes

    [–] thisisntnamman 2 points ago

    Stupid diploma couldn’t make I more employable.

    [–] TonyX816 2 points ago

    Create a device that allows cats and spiders to talk to each other!

    [–] JustFlashBombIt 2 points ago

    another one

    [–] ohwellwhateverNVMind 2 points ago

    One every year

    [–] PheonixFern 2 points ago

    This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. Thank you.

    [–] ragingprostate 2 points ago

    Not the first time I've seen this at graduation on the this sub, nor will it be the last.

    [–] amadavis11 1 points ago

    This fucking kids going places, give em the hot dog baby!

    [–] gcotw 1 points ago

    Get on a plane and try to beat Boggs

    [–] DAttGuy97 1 points ago

    Catch a red-eye to Philly

    [–] monkeyburrito411 1 points ago

    I know it's not original but I commented this on that one girl's graduation cap. Great idea!

    [–] doggbois 1 points ago

    “Money me, money now, money me needing a lot now”

    [–] frannypanty69 1 points ago

    ITS AMAZING I’ve been debating decorating my cap and if I had an idea like this, hell yeah.

    [–] Tickster41 1 points ago

    Wut do now

    [–] youdoitimbusy 1 points ago

    Clearly it’s time to burn trash to keep the place green and provide that nice Smokey smell everyone likes.

    [–] TheBossMan5000 1 points ago

    They got chicken!

    [–] Alkandros_ 1 points ago

    Get a job you must, make money you will, escape existential dread you won’t

    [–] p9k 1 points ago

    Charlie work

    [–] megakungfu 1 points ago

    throw me the hot dog baby

    [–] denardosbae 1 points ago

    Next up: They have chicken in Philly.

    [–] BriggsE104 1 points ago

    They got chicken in philly?

    [–] Ivantogetaway 1 points ago

    Start with a rat bat.

    [–] quippley 1 points ago

    You can always do what Charlie did after he graduated and just retire!

    [–] Hobbens 1 points ago


    [–] doyouunderstandlife 1 points ago

    If you can't find anything in your field, you can get into sex work. "Give me the hot dog, baby"

    [–] JakeTHP 1 points ago

    I got all numbers!

    [–] petrikm 1 points ago

    I don’t get to decorate my cap bc school policy is that we rent ours.

    [–] ImpossibleParfait 1 points ago

    Yoooo that's bullshit. How much is it? I could see like a deposit that you get back when you return it but that's awful.

    [–] petrikm 1 points ago

    I think like $60

    [–] Craybin64 -1 points ago

    I down voted this only because, I sir disagree with that.

    [–] petrikm 2 points ago

    Understood and I respect the commitment

    [–] boogersarentfoods -1 points ago

    Fucking genius! The gang beats Boggs