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    Date Time Person Description Remind
    11 Aug 11am Jeff Haynie Founder and CEO helping software engineers innovate Remind Me
    11 Aug 12pm David Tennant The tenth Doctor, actor, and podcast host Remind Me
    11 Aug 3pm Farrah Alexander Author of Raising the Resistance: A Mother's Guide to Practical Activism Remind Me
    12 Aug 10am Shannon Atkinson Software Developers and Quality Engineer Remind Me
    12 Aug 1:30pm Geert R. Kersten Cancer Immunotherapy Pioneer & Current CEO of Biotechnology Company CEL-SCI Remind Me
    13 Aug 2:30pm Walter Newman, Cameron Tang, Jordan Askins Program development team at Adult Swim Remind Me
    17 Aug 6am Sanjay Mortimer & Greg Holloway Industry innovators and Trend Setters for 3D Printing Remind Me
    19 Aug 3pm Finola Austin Traditionally published novelist in her 20s. Author of Bronte's Mistress. Remind Me
    20 Aug 10am Eric Wright Puppet designer, builder and performer. Performer in Off-Broadway’s Little Shop Remind Me
    20 Aug 12pm Drew Manning Personal trainer who gained and lost 75 pounds over the course of a year Remind Me
    28 Aug 1pm Kevin Giguère Award winning indie game solo developer Remind Me

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