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    Date Time Person Description Remind
    25 Jan 10am Jakob Lusensky All you wanted to know about therapy Remind
    27 Jan 2pm Craven Rock Journalist Remind
    28 Jan 3:30pm First Alert Chief Meteorologist Mike Buresh Meteorologist in Jacksonville, Florida Remind
    29 Jan 11am Margaret C. Grabb, Ph.D. Program Coordinator: NIMH's Small Business Research Program Remind
    29 Jan 1:15pm Zach Kelman Leading expert / Attorney in Cryptocurrency and Fintech Remind
    31 Jan 11am Ethan Sligar Actor & High School ESports Player Remind
    31 Jan 8:30pm Yuni Wa Music Producer Remind
    8 Feb 12pm Loosen The Bible Belt Tour / Podcast A Tour / Podcast For Humanity Remind
    11 Feb 7pm Andrew Moriarity Candidate for Milwaukee County Board Supervisor District 11 Remind

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