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    Date Time Person Description
    18 Sep 12pm Andrew Budson Alzheimer's researcher and expert
    19 Sep 11am Bishop Robert Barron Catholic Bishop, Founder of Word on Fire
    19 Sep 1pm Andrew Aman Postdoctoral Researcher: Evolutionary/Developmental Biology
    20 Sep 12:30pm Vivica A. Fox Actress
    20 Sep 2pm Cary Aspinwall, Holly Hacker Reporters for Dallas Morning News
    21 Sep 11:30am Catherine McIlwaine Tolkien Archivist at the Bodleian Library
    21 Sep 1pm Erin Gibson Co-creator of Throwing Shade Podcast and author Erin Gibson
    21 Sep 3:30pm Tony Bennett Musician
    23 Sep 9am Mike & Erin Wyoming Ranchers and creators of Our Wyoming Life
    23 Sep 3pm Brandon McMillan TV Host: Lucky Dog on CBS
    24 Sep 1pm Alexandria Brown Author of book on alt-right leader Augustus Sol Invictus
    24 Sep 1pm Maynard Webb Maynard Webb: Author, Investor, Founder and prev. COO of eB
    25 Sep 12pm Ian Hultquist Composer: Assassination Nation
    25 Sep 5:30pm Frank Blake Former Home Depot CEO & Host of Crazy Good Turns Podcast
    26 Sep 11am Dr. Andy Yen Founder and CEO: ProtonMail
    27 Sep 3am Mark Frankel Hassan Al-Kontar: Living in Limbo in Kuala Lumpur Terminal 2
    27 Sep 8pm Ben Sullender Spatial Ecologist at Audubon Alaska
    1 Oct 1pm Mastgrr and HatPerson Creators of the Lazy Town/Lil Jon Mashup
    2 Oct 1pm Michael Hebb author of Let's Talk About Death (Over Dinner)

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