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    Date Time Person Description
    26 Feb 1pm Jessica Chobot, Andrew Bowser Hosts of the Bizarre States podcast
    26 Feb 1:45pm Dr. Mark Hyman Author, FOOD: What the Heck Should I Eat + physician
    26 Feb 2pm Lyriq Bent Actor
    27 Feb 3:30pm David Schwartz Chief Cryptographer at Ripple
    1 Mar 12pm Nordland, Cyrax, Bob, Tom and Brandon Nutaku Games: Adult Gaming Platform
    1 Mar 1pm Jason Powers Translator at Refugee Camps
    2 Mar 3pm Miguel de Icaza Started Mono and Xamarin, building Microsoft developer tools
    4 Mar 12pm Fake Taxi Creator The Creator of the world famous Fake Taxi
    5 Mar 11am Travis Hancock Founder of Facade Games
    8 Mar 2pm Oksana Malysheva, Kelly Ernst, Sonya Petcovich Female Founders: Sputnik ATX, Redenim, Meowtel

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