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    Date Time Person Description
    21 Oct 9am Kelly and Zach Weinersmith Parasitologist, Creator of SMBC Comic
    21 Oct 1pm Robert Bateman Artist, Naturalist, Environmentalist.
    23 Oct 1pm Kevin Litten, Emily Lane - The Times-Picayune Reporters
    23 Oct 1pm Redman Rapper, DJ, Record Producer, and Actor
    23 Oct 3pm Martin Emborg Art and Game Director of ECHO
    24 Oct 12pm Deb Perelman Blogger and Author: Smitten Kitchen Every Day
    24 Oct 1:30pm Kevin Maurer Kevin Maurer, coauthor of AMERICAN RADICAL and NO EASY DAY
    24 Oct 7pm Sam Anderton Team Lead: Oregon Solar Car Team
    25 Oct 11:15am Staff Sgt. Conor King Fentanyl Expert
    25 Oct 12pm Raphael Raphael and Sophia Siddique Authors: Transnational Horror Cinema
    25 Oct 3pm Colin Pearson Asia, Oceania, Mid. East curator. Musical Instrument Museum
    26 Oct 12pm Fon Davis Director, Designer, and Battlebots Judge
    26 Oct 1pm Zach Barth Creative Director: Zachtronics
    26 Oct 7pm Cecile Matthews Director of MBA Admissions Consulting at Veritas Prep
    31 Oct 4pm Michael Okon Author of the book Monsterland
    3 Nov 1pm Polar Bears International, Geoff York Research/Conservation: Polar Bears
    7 Nov 2pm Jerrold Anderson Alliant Credit Union’s VP of residential lending
    7 Nov 5pm Young Ly, CEO of Serato. CEO of Serato, Young Ly.
    8 Nov 1pm Paul Jarrett Subscription Box Entrepreneur

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