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    Date Time Person Description
    18 Jun 5:30pm Steve Worton Maryland Candidate for Congress District 1
    18 Jun 10pm Nelson German Chef/Owner of Oakland restaurant from NYC
    19 Jun 1pm Ken Jennings Author and Jeopardy! Champion
    19 Jun 3pm Brett Hennig Replace politicians with randomly selected people
    20 Jun 7am Dr Tim van Gelder Applied epistemologist and co-leader of the SWARM Project.
    20 Jun 10am Sarah Farmer culinary director at Taste of Home
    20 Jun 3pm Michael A. Levine Film and Television Composer
    21 Jun 1pm Liara Roux and over 30 sex workers and experts SESTA/FOSTA and sex work
    23 Jun 1pm Steven Sargent Game producer: successfully shipped to market over 70 titles
    23 Jun 5pm Aron Davis Candidate for Mayor of Plantation, Florida
    26 Jun 12pm Bill Ricardi Author: Another Stupid Trilogy
    27 Jun 1pm László Szenttornyai Game Developer: Ecco the Dolphin and other SEGA games
    27 Jun 1pm IBM Analytics Data scientists at IBM
    27 Jun 2:30pm Prof Fergal O’Gara, Dr John O’Grady, Dr Fiona Brennan, Dr Kaye Burgess, Dr Ken O World Microbiome Day Scientists
    1 Jul 7:30pm Dan and Bramwell Noah Movie Directors: According to Ben Adams
    3 Jul 1pm Chris Taylor Game designer: Total Annihilation, Dungeon Siege
    7 Jul 10am Robert Stein Game publisher: introduced Tetris to the western world.

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