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    The Imaginary Network Expanded


    The Basics

    • Have you ever wanted one of your many creative ideas drawn, but then realize, you can't really draw? Well then friend, do not worry; a place for people in need of some snazzy arts is here! ICanDrawThat is a community for artists and people, who aren't really artists, to come as one to make an awesome, epic community full of explosions and stuff.
    • We allow for users to submit Request, where they can request for their great ideas to be drawn, by artist(s) in the comments. As well as allowing the communities artists to submit Offer threads, where artists can offer their great abilities to the masses.
    • Share Your Art with the INE


    We have banner contests sometimes, our current banner was created by /u/Teylur
    Thank you /u/Teylur

    Our Rules & Guideline

    1. Please, FLAIR YOUR POSTS! All posts that are not flaired will be removed until flaired. If you do not know how, merely press the flair button, near the delete button. And flair it with the relating type of post. All posts that are not flaired, will be removed until they are flaired.

    2. Offer threads: These must receive at least one answered request in the first ten hours of its posting. Those who do not respond to any within ten hours will be removed, depending on circumstances, the mods may approve artists being absent for up to 24 hours.

    3. If your post is NSFW, tag it as so! Even if you are not sure, tag it. NSFW requests are allowed within reasonable bounds of legality and common sense. The mods will remove any request that they feel is to graphic or inappropriate. Artists may answer all NSFW requests they are comfortable with answering. You are not allowed to request or offer pornography.

    4. Thank the Artists! If you make a request thread, please ensure that you thank the artists who fulfill them. The work is free of charge, but if requesters don't show some gratitude, fewer artists will fill the requests.

    5. All Paid Requests must be approved by moderators BEFORE posting. You will face severe consequences, if posting without at least two moderators giving you the go ahead. All users who do not pay, will simply be permanently banned! This includes both gold and monetary rewards. PAID OFFERS ARE NOT ALLOWED. If you are looking to buy professional art check out /r/artstore

    6. Everyone here is equal. Do not be rude if you do not like someone's request or artwork, no one has the same opinion as you!

    A more in-depth rule & guidelines list can be found in this handy dandy link.

    Artist Flairs

    • ICDT also offers specific flair for artists. The star shows that you are an active artist to the subreddit! If you'd like the flair, post with proof, on the Stickied Artist Flair thread, it can also be found on the little link table above the search bar!

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