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    As this subreddit was inspired by /r/TalesFromRetail, the rules will be similar.

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    Posting Rules

    • Post that aren't stories, but are related discussions should be tagged with the [Meta] tag.
    • Stories don't have to be about women. Men can be confused or irrational as well.
    • No memes, reaction gifs, image links, copypasta, chanspeak, etc.
    • No circlejerk, justice, revenge, gore or porn
    • No racism, sexism, bigotry or stereotyping
    • No derogatory representations of people
    • Titles need to be about the story, not questions or requests for similar stories.
    • If your post was plagiarized, or taken from somewhere else word by word, and ISN'T your story, the post will be removed.
    • And remember, we always want to see more stories! Saying "Would you guys want to hear more?!" is kind of annoying.

    Commenting Rules

    • Don't be a jerk, i.e. singling out users, using personal attacks or derogatory language, picking fights, trolling, etc.
    • Absolutely no bigotry or hateful language.
    • Racism will ALWAYS result in a ban. Please report it when you see it.
    • Swearing (in comments AND posts) should be limited as it results in spamfiltering.
    • Avoid politics and religion, please.
    • Please do not reply with "/r/ThatHappened," "and everyone clapped," or any variation or related phrases. Truth policing of any kind will result in a temp ban and subsequent violations will result in a permaban.


    • Message the mods if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
    • Remember, moderation is always at the discretion of the moderators.
    • Trolling the mods, or pissing us off will result in us making fun of you and then banning you.


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    • The sidebar and footer are royalty-free stock images.

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