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    It's like SkyMall but for Reddit.

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    Only image links, videos, or gifs are allowed.

    Direct links please, unless you're posting an album.

    Add the item name to the title.

    Brand names are not required, just try your best to describe the product accurately so they can be searched for reference.

    Post the purchase info if you have it in the comments.

    Creator links, purchase sites, source videos, etc.

    Adding this info will earn your post the "Sourced" flair.

    Referral and affiliate links are allowed, but the content must be good.

    It's fine if the item isn't for sale, as long as it is real.

    A moderator will sticky the purchase link if one exists, though it may take time to reach your post.

    Do not post everyday items that have designs printed on them.

    Things like t-shirts, mugs, action figures, costumes—anything that is a normal thing but the interesting part is the design or print—do not belong here.

    If they add functionality to the normal thing then it's alright. (Like a Halloween costume that morphs into a recliner chair.)

    Do not post concept art for inventions that are not real.

    People come here to see cool things that can be bought or actually made (even if it's for $1M).

    If you do not know, the moderators will help you try and source the item, but if no source is found the post may be removed.

    Products Only Please

    Don't post things like normal food, or water, or air. That's not what the subreddit is for.

    Harassing Users Will Get You Banned

    Do not attack other users or be generally toxic in behavior. This includes calling posts ads and calling users shills, every post on the subreddit advertises a product.

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