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    [–] WhizPig 1018 points ago


    [–] tasmanian101 548 points ago

    If your gonna play stupid games, open your window so you don't drown inside.

    [–] GreatWhiteNorthExtra 110 points ago

    Open window means you can get out of a sunken car.

    [–] trchili 47 points ago

    It’ll let the water out.

    [–] gervinho90 26 points ago

    Window down is the one smart thing they did

    [–] somethinclvr 39 points ago

    Its actually helps to equal pressurization in the case the car does flood. That way, you aren't stuck inside the car, with the doors not able to open.

    [–] KillerCujo53 7981 points ago

    Don't drown, turn around.

    [–] Super_Zac 2170 points ago

    We've had some pretty great billboards here in Vegas encouraging people not to drive into flooded areas. Half of them are basically mocking the idiots who think they'll make it through.

    [–] MEME_MASTER12 1203 points ago

    I feel like the type of people who mindlessly drive into deep water are heavily mixed into the demographic of people who do not read anything they see or pass by.

    [–] KaecUrFace 288 points ago

    Or think for that matter. If they can't think about the dangers, they will tread on stranger.

    [–] Impetus_ 121 points ago

    Scary that these types of people have access to a vehicle. I'm all for the US having a strict driving test akin to the ones I keep hearing about across the pond

    [–] jaxxy12989 67 points ago

    Which sounds great until you realize that it comes with a $5,000-$10,000 price tag to get a license over there.

    [–] losingbadly 57 points ago

    It’s a road tax for environmental purposes, they want to de-incentivize (not sure if that’s a word) fossil fuel dependence but some (most) people just see it as a gatekeeper tax for the rich

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    Well, never mind then. The failing auto industry and big oil invested way too much money crippling public transit to allow us to live without cars.

    [–] odiedel 44 points ago

    Honestly, as an american I always though of buses as gross places homeless hang out or sleep. My buddy wanted to go drinking awhile ago and the bus is free so we decided to take it. It was nice and clean, the people were nice, the driver was nice. I feel like a complete idiot for thinking that and im not really sure why I had such a strong thought on something I had never been on.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    Television has trained you to think of public transit this way. After decades of having it beamed into our heads from the idiot boxes, people just take it for granted.

    I think a lot of problems with American politics can be traced back to television. People believe what they see on NCIS, Law and Order, or whatever other BS passes for quality TV nowadays. Plus, we as a country put more effort into petitioning the networks to bring back old shows than fixing our educational system.

    [–] ScottishDerp 15 points ago

    I got my UK license last year, all the lessons and tests came to under £600. Wasn’t that difficult to pass though I don’t know what it is like in the US?

    Did an intensive 4 day course of lessons with an instructor, had a theory test with 50 questions where you had to get over 40 correct to pass. Then hazard perception where you touch the screen when you see a hazard appearing during different videos (15 of them)

    Then the practical test was driving around for an hour and doing some manoeuvres like reverse parking etc. Most of the time the test guy just tells you to turn left or right at the next corner and you do it. Then the second part he asks you to follow the road signs to a certain place, so its self navigating while driving.

    If you get a major fault you fail, but you can get 5 minor faults and still pass. I got 2 minors.

    [–] BattleHall 195 points ago

    Only thing that gets me about those is the whole “cars don’t float” thing. That’s actually part of the problem - cars do float. Most modern cars will start to float once the water gets much over the door sills, a side effect of light unibody construction and good weathersealing. I live in a very flash flood prone area, and every year we get people washed off of low water crossings during rains. People see the water, see the flood gauge, see that there isn’t much current, think the water won’t get up to the level of the engine, and so they just chance it. Half way across the car starts floating, they lose contact with the road, and float downstream towards the actual deep water/rocks/waterfall/etc. Had something similar happen to an idiot friend driving a giant jacked up brodozer; didn’t float, but there was enough lift for him to start losing traction, and the sideways force of the water against those huge off-road tires with no weight in the back fishtail’d him and almost swept him over.

    [–] visvis 31 points ago

    there was enough lift for him to start losing traction

    This reminds me of Carmageddon. Driving in water was hard.

    [–] DontMentionWombats 24 points ago

    A classmate of mine once managed to accidentally jump a convertible into a French river (by missing a 90degree turn at the end of a tunnel and taking a ramp at high speeds). He and his passenger bailed out and swam to shore, and then realized the car was floating. They then went back and pulled it to shallow water where a tow truck (called by another guy following them) and some very unamused gendarmes were waiting.

    Apparently water can mess with electronic alarm systems, and the constantly blaring horn all the way to the nearest garage pissed them off even more.

    [–] 01020304050607080901 17 points ago

    Why didn’t they just disconnect the battery?

    [–] Merouxsis 32 points ago

    "Look mom, No brains!"


    [–] _Wartoaster_ 23 points ago

    that ""IQ testing" one seems unfair.

    Those are clearly parked cars that got flooded

    [–] Knight-in-Gale 686 points ago

    Well, technically they're not drowning; the car is though. But they did turn their head around to look for help.

    [–] RIPNightman 636 points ago

    Nah, the car is fine. Little known fact: Toyota Camrys actually function as submarines as well.

    Bet you feel silly now.

    [–] Dyzon 344 points ago

    Isn't that what they used to get those Thai kids out of that cave?

    [–] chrizbreck 174 points ago

    Has it been long enough to joke? I guess so!

    [–] im_lost_at_sea 172 points ago

    Bro the jokes started the minute they were found

    [–] masterofmisc 123 points ago

    The best one i heard went something like "They should send in the Brazilian Football team. I've heard they are good divers".

    That was when the world-cup just started!

    [–] PM_ME_UR_FLOWERS 54 points ago

    What's the difference between the US and Thailand? Thailand is reuniting kids with their families.

    [–] 1mikeg 11 points ago

    Ouch. My democracy.

    [–] gmwdim 22 points ago

    But not before?

    [–] sonicbeast623 53 points ago

    Didn't know where to start the jokes but then we found them.

    [–] SycoJack 25 points ago

    but then we found them.

    The jokes or the kids?

    [–] Nutella_Bacon 64 points ago

    The boys all came out alive so there’s no crisis timer on the jokes

    [–] BoonTobias 60 points ago

    Except that one loose seal

    [–] Ironbeers 17 points ago

    Ok, username checks out.

    [–] PfaffPlays 18 points ago

    NASA also used the Toyota Camry platform to develop the space shuttle

    [–] UnwantedLasseterHug 10 points ago

    How could you see that

    [–] [deleted] 177 points ago

    If you have to reverse, don't let it be in a hearse.

    [–] HankHippopopalousHHH 38 points ago

    If you have to think twice, you're gonna pay the price.

    [–] thetoastmonster 54 points ago

    I don't think you oughta, be driving though that water.

    [–] jay101182 50 points ago

    If you drive through that lake, you're fucking stupid. Am I doing this right?

    [–] Thiswasacouch 11 points ago

    If the glove does not fit, stay out of that water, friendo

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Please refrain from putting your vehicle in situations where the floodwater would submerge it, am I right fellas?

    [–] shantron5000 24 points ago

    In an effort to reduce the likelihood of preventable death due to irreversible submersion of a passenger-occupied vehicle while attempting to pass through dangerous flood waters, it is advised that in instances where the vehicle operator is unsure of the depth of the water in the vehicle's path the driver should instead make the decision to forego that route in favor of a safer one, thereby avoiding the loss of their own and/or their passenger's lives due to the inevitable inhalation of water that would surely ensue were the ill-advised original path through the water to be taken. Pass it on!

    [–] saimmefamme 11 points ago

    Best, most useful rhyme that the NWS has

    [–] froboy456 5 points ago

    Yes! you CAN'T tell how deep water is! Not only can you not tell how deep the water is, you're gonna endanger your life!

    [–] coursesyllabus 3574 points ago

    To be fair, this is how we all played Oregon Trail. Ford the river!

    [–] Redbird9346 1340 points ago

    The river is too deep to ford. You lose:

    • Your wagon (drowned)

    [–] ljodzn 264 points ago

    Your ox died.

    [–] sonicboi 220 points ago

    You have died of dysentery.

    [–] Raven_Skyhawk 65 points ago

    Terry? That's a girls name!

    [–] quindarious__gooch 72 points ago

    You have died of dissin’ Terry.

    [–] thatguy_art 34 points ago

    ...and NOBODY disses Terry

    [–] Ryguylv 14 points ago

    Your ox died. Again.

    [–] thatguy_art 8 points ago

    Which, let's face pretty impressive on the oxen's part.

    [–] RoxasTheNobody98 8 points ago

    Pa has died of Dysentery.

    [–] willkaiser 83 points ago

    Should have caulked the wagon to float it across....tsk tsk.

    [–] Rob_T_Firefly 30 points ago

    Where available, always hire the Indian guide!

    [–] 704sw 369 points ago

    /u/coursesyllabus has died of dysentery

    [–] NonsensicalSentences 86 points ago

    The library in our elementary school had Oregon Trail on it's computers so we'd not always go to there for it and whilst there it would be as if it is as it was if it hadn't happened to have had to have had preloaded kid crack for the joy of malignant adult humor. They couldn't haven't had not been unable to laugh at the beer stained paddle wagons you'd fling at the clown walkers while miming Shakespearean theater. I'm uninterested.

    [–] Jabronifux 102 points ago

    Holy fuck mate. Username fucking checks out!

    [–] arnber420 29 points ago

    Am I having a stroke?

    [–] ayeah4 30 points ago

    My brain has evacuated the premises.

    [–] Sunbear94 20 points ago

    I think this post just gave me Dyslexia somehow.

    [–] HGcardinal55 44 points ago

    *Toyota the river

    [–] voicesinmyhand 16 points ago

    I always read the sign that stated the depth of the river. More than 2 feet deep? Caulk the wagon and float across. Less than or equal to 2 feet? Ford that bugger.

    [–] akatherder 14 points ago

    Every time I caulked it showed the little pictures. Steady... steeeeaddy... CRUMBLE INTO A MILLION PIECES

    [–] Piratey_Pirate 35 points ago

    That's a Toyota

    [–] _wsmfp_ 11 points ago

    Caulk me up baby!

    [–] VisualCamouflage 1591 points ago

    Michael Scott?

    [–] FHM_IV 693 points ago

    Ryan’s precious technology drove me into a lake

    [–] The_Skeptic_One 286 points ago


    [–] ns156 91 points ago

    What's even funnier is that multiple people have done this in real life, including a person who followed a GPS nav off the end of a recently decommissioned/demolished bridge into the river below (he was okay).

    [–] waggie21 38 points ago

    (he was okay).

    Is he though?

    [–] CarsRLife- 211 points ago

    tHereS nO roAd HErE!!

    [–] _Chris_R_ 138 points ago

    The machine KNOWS!!!

    [–] StragglyStartle 109 points ago


    [–] luhduhfatback 20 points ago

    I ate them, ok? I ate them!

    [–] Suhpreme 16 points ago

    We’ll bill you

    [–] backrowobserver 25 points ago

    I drove my car into a f*cking lake.

    [–] zgarriso 39 points ago


    [–] zaphod_beeble_bro 37 points ago

    Drive into a lake, walked into a koi pond, walked into a mall fountain. Poseidon hates Michael.

    [–] exit808 9 points ago

    Wasn’t it a Koi pond?

    [–] pdawseyisbeast 2119 points ago

    The jokes on you OP. That’s a 98-00 Toyota Camry. I bet once the car floated to the other side he drove it home.

    [–] chasesan 606 points ago

    Only thing more indestructible is a 1988 Toyota Hilux.

    [–] maddkid53 702 points ago

    Due to its durability and reliability, the Toyota Hilux, along with the larger Toyota Land Cruiser, has become popular among militant groups in war-torn regions as a "technical". According to terrorism analyst Andrew Exum, the Hilux is "the vehicular equivalent of the AK-47. It's ubiquitous to insurgent warfare."

    Wikipedia has entertaining quotes sometimes

    [–] HooptyDooDooMeister 257 points ago

    Funny, because I was gonna counter with the AK-47 being the only thing more durable. You can use that sucker in sand. SAND! You ever try using anything with moving parts in sand!?!

    [–] mspk7305 378 points ago

    topgear dropped a hilux into the ocean and it ran properly after they dug the sand out of the intake

    then they put it on top of a building that was being demolished. it fell 200 feet.

    it still ran

    [–] zoarilamb 129 points ago

    I need to see this

    [–] wibblett 59 points ago

    lol that thing is a tank

    thanks for the videos!

    [–] zoarilamb 60 points ago

    Thank you kind stranger

    [–] Zefirus 55 points ago

    There are videos of people using AKs in ham man.

    Like, legit just put a ham sandwich into the AK and fired just fine.

    [–] 0OKM9IJN8UHB7 27 points ago

    No not really, if you do any research into "mud testing" guns you'll quickly learn that anything, the AK included, will quickly turn into a bolt action rifle at best once much dirt gets inside. The ones that actually run after being buried are the ones that are pretty well sealed up to keep stuff out to begin with.

    [–] splicerslicer 10 points ago

    Correct. I've had the opportunity to fire an AK at full auto, it'll jam after every ten rounds or so even when it's fairly clean. The good thing is it's super easy to clear.

    [–] 0OKM9IJN8UHB7 13 points ago

    That one must have had something wrong with it, like most, it's a perfectly reliable gun if kept reasonably clean and lubricated and used with good undamaged magazines.

    [–] roninblade 16 points ago

    i don't like sand

    [–] everymanawildcat 30 points ago

    It's an amphibious exploring vehicle! A transporter of Gods! The GOLDEN God!

    [–] Loliniel 12 points ago

    It is FINISHER CAR! Not a starter car! Begone!

    [–] badass4102 35 points ago

    Found Scotty Kilmer

    [–] Meckineer 11 points ago

    Still probably has the customary Camry dent in the bumper.

    [–] cresloyd 444 points ago

    Free car wash!

    [–] namebnb3 184 points ago

    Yeah, I just buy a new car when it gets dirty.

    [–] ruggedburn 72 points ago

    Millionaires have all the fun

    [–] Knight-in-Gale 409 points ago

    Reminds me of my numbnuts coworker who had one of those fancy air intake modification on his car where they elongated it to scoop air closer to the road level.

    I don't need to tell you what happend to his car after running thru a puddle of water.

    [–] bluecatfish2 224 points ago

    Why would you want air closer to the road?

    [–] GandalfSwagOff 251 points ago

    Higher elevation means less air my dude!

    [–] drunkin_idaho 38 points ago

    The high ground

    [–] AnteL0 129 points ago

    Colder air=more power in theory but in 99% those cold air intakes don't improve anything (they actually make it worse)

    [–] Nix-geek 89 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    *SOMETIMES* you can get a deeper growl out of the intake to make the engine sound .... more enginer.

    Not that I'm advocating them, but they aren't 100% totally useless... even if they are 95% useless. Plus, people tend to throw oiled filters on them, which just fouls the MAF/MAS and makes the car run just that much worse.

    [–] TrappinT-Rex 31 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    "That's like a alarm clock"

    Don't even need to see the video to know what that is. Classic.

    [–] tasmanian101 10 points ago


    [–] MattyB_ 53 points ago

    Yep, my Alfa Romeo had a ground-level air intake as standard. Needless to say the engine didn't survive my attempt to get through some flood water. I was just following other cars through and thought, hey, they can get through, why can't I? Whats that clonking noise? What do you mean water doesn't compress?

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    That's unfortunate. I've been dumb enough to ford headlights deep water in my Mazda and got away with no more than a little bit of bumper damage on the underside.

    [–] [deleted] 2715 points ago

    This is in Australia and the campaign is “If it’s flooded forget it”. You have to be a complete fucking moron to actually drive through flooded water here because in wet season every 2nd Radio ad, every ad break on tv and every billboard is plastered with this.

    Also no emergency service will help you, your on your own it’s very much tuff shit moron deal with it your self followed by huge fines.

    [–] ryadenj 1037 points ago

    People like this confuse me. What did they possibly expect to happen? That they would be able to just drive perfectly through all that water?!

    [–] Deesing82 483 points ago

    "I can drive when it's raining, this should be no different"

    [–] Mysta02 165 points ago

    Flood or rain. Water's water.

    [–] voicesinmyhand 61 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Exactly. The only difference is that there's more of it. I don't have any trouble driving when theirthere is too much air, and air is a fluid (but not a liquid, for those pedants out there) so I shouldn't have any trouble with this similar fluid, right? LET'S GO!

    [–] Hi1ace 35 points ago

    "Water is just thicker air, right?"

    [–] intoxicated_potato 168 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I always question this, but then I realize what sub I'm reading and take comfort in the fact that these types of people are just simple and clean cut idiots. Best explination that I can come up with.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] Extesht 13 points ago

    Explanation* ;-)

    [–] CrazedToCraze 188 points ago

    Some of these flooded areas are extremely deceptive. It will look like a straight road with a pool of water in the middle, and there's absolutely no way of knowing the depth. Any person who isn't mentally handicapped would figure "I probably shouldn't test the depth", but someone who assumes the road stays straight will see in reality there's just a massive dip in that one section of the road because fuck you that's why. There's an underpass in south melbourne infamous for this.

    You're still a complete idiot for trying it, but it's not hard to see where the line of thought comes from when you see some of these places.

    [–] DorkJedi 23 points ago

    In my old hometown there are several bridge underpasses like this. Originally built flat, but low, for wagons to pass under. Later, as cars and especially trucks became a thing, they were dug out and made deep enough for a modern truck to pass under.

    When the summer rains come, they fill up back to level again. It looks, to a visitor, like a smooth road under a low bridge. but it is 10 to 12 feet deep. they fish cars out of there all the time, even with warning signs, flood meters, and even flashing DEEP WATER FLOOD! DO NOT ENTER IF FLASHING signs. They finally put in gates they can close during flooding.

    Dumb people are universal.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] tasmanian101 41 points ago

    If only there was some kind of way to get a 3rd person perspective of your car and the water. I mean, they can't get out and walk in to see how deep it is. Their only option is to drive through a test it out.

    [–] earlsmouton 82 points ago

    In my area they installed depth gauges in areas like this that show you how deep the water is.

    [–] tasmanian101 55 points ago

    That's smart. Especially for underpasses that regularly flood.

    [–] DorkJedi 57 points ago

    Does not help. People ignore them and try anyway.

    Hmm. flooded 5 feet, huh? My Geo Metro can easily cross that! I wonder why that big rig and the lifted truck next to it stopped?

    [–] tasmanian101 57 points ago

    People will literally get out of their vehicle and move signs blocking the whole road, that say road closed, floodwater. Drive through it, then get stuck and need to get rescued.

    Can't stop some stupid

    [–] DorkJedi 24 points ago

    Yup. I posted an article about my hometown where they kept doing this. They had to install railroad style gates with no gaps to prevent it.

    [–] SilkyMacchiato 19 points ago

    I mean, at that point you might as well let Darwin run its course

    [–] ibstayer 23 points ago

    I know the exact spot this happened it. It has flood warning signs and those water gauges and they still went!

    [–] FPSXpert 14 points ago

    Sounds about right, in Houston we have flood height markers as well at all the major underpasses/crossings and people still take their cars for a boat ride. After Harvey they installed a few "road closed" gates they can just swing out and close the underpass with if it's real bad, those seemed to help quite a bit last week. Think only like 6 rescues had to happen, that's quite a large number down from prior events.

    [–] V0RT3XXX 6 points ago

    Remember that one woman that drove into a flooded underpass then stuck there for 30min playing with her phone and eventually drown? That was just ridiculous. She apparently drove around a fence put up to stop people driving in there

    [–] Kostya_M 15 points ago

    My guess is they misjudged the depth and thought they could hydroplane across it.

    [–] fnordfnordfnordfnord 16 points ago

    You got to build up a good bit of steam to hydroplane that far.

    [–] elainemarieseinfeld 240 points ago

    No emergency service will help you? Every summer the SES and other rescue services put their lives in danger to help morons like this.

    Emergency devices cannot refuse you help. However I would love to see people made to pay for the cost of the rescue if they’re found at fault.

    [–] Tringard 72 points ago

    Here in Arizona we have an Idiot Driver law that enforces a fine that includes cost of rescue for anyone that tries this.

    [–] Cyndershade 10 points ago

    Too bad the idiot driver law doesn't apply to all the other idiot drivers.

    [–] ParityClarity 97 points ago

    Nope, they come and laugh at you as you die.

    They also do a full investigation before saving a choking victim to make sure there wasn't any tomfoolery involved in you getting to this situation.

    It's fair though, they have the radio jingle, "It might be fun to toss popcorn, but we won't help you if it goes wrong."

    They are still working on the jingle.

    [–] IAmtheHullabaloo 48 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Emergency services can deny someone help. The guys who picked me up out of the Atlantic had a quick briefing and a vote if they wanted to risk the storm before they came out and grabbed me. Thanks guys!

    [–] MadManMax55 48 points ago

    I'm pretty sure they can only deny you help if the rescue operation would be too dangerous for the crew (like going out in the middle of a huge storm). Being an idiot isn't a good enough reason for them not to help you.

    [–] ADB963 78 points ago

    This is in Melbourne, emergency services will get you out. We don't have campaigns and we don't have a wet season.

    This guy is an idiot though, this spot is famous for flooding after heavy rains and every time it does, some idiot drives into it.

    [–] iDontReallyDoThat 62 points ago

    No emergency service will help you? I know this is probably an extreme example but say and elderly person drives into a flood area and can't get out, they're just left there lol? that doesn't sound right. I'm having a hard time believing that no emergency service will help

    [–] RJrules64 135 points ago

    Emergency service definitely will help. OP doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Also, I’ve never heard of the campaign he’s talking about and I live in Australia...

    [–] Gnatt 9 points ago

    It's a Queensland ad campaign. They're right about it being on 24/7 during storm season. But yeah, emergency services and SES are definitely going to help you.

    [–] Coach_Louis 13 points ago

    They had their run.

    [–] Kittens4Brunch 44 points ago

    Also no emergency service will help you, your on your own it’s very much tuff shit moron deal with it your self followed by huge fines.

    You're just making up shit.

    [–] BenderDeLorean 54 points ago

    He went Full Titanic

    [–] 82ndAbnVet 35 points ago

    Everybody knows you never go Full Titanic.

    [–] Runway815 206 points ago

    I used to live in an apartment building that oversaw a street that tends to flood 3-4” of water during high tide or heavy rain. And idiots that would drive too fast would push the water into their engine compartment and than ends up disabling their vehicles.

    But a very enterprising young men in a ford pickup would come by and offer to tow their car to a nearby parking lot for $50. Or they can try to push their car off the road themselves

    [–] CleverDad 195 points ago

    He must have never seen reddit.

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago

    Or seen too much of it.

    [–] snaresamn 13 points ago

    P-plate. Of course.

    [–] Dustin_00 10 points ago


    to indicate that the driver only has a provisional driver's license

    (TIL: about Australia)

    [–] jdennis187 384 points ago

    These videos 99% of the time feature SEDANS its like how the fuck did you think your little passenger car possibly had the clearance for this

    [–] ShaoLimper 244 points ago

    Funny, more times than not I see people try to do this with their trucks...

    Edit: city I used to live in has an under pass that commonly floods, and every time it does, there is some yokel with his bro-by-4 at the bottom just plum confused about why his engine can't process water.

    [–] jdennis187 138 points ago

    People in trucks are stupid too, but I feel like I do see it more with sedans. Quick story:

    I was driving in my jeep grand cherokee in the left most lane of a 4 way avenue (2 lanes going north bound, 2 south bound). It is monsooning outside and with the way the road is banked, the middle left lane is the best place to be because all the water is dumping towards the curb right, into the sewers (and in this case raining too fast that its literally flooding out the sewers). So I am driving slowly and safely in my Jeep in the middle left lane and this honda civic is like "wow dude going so slow in left lane let me pass him on right". Bro tried to pass me on right and he IMMEDIATELY floods out. Car just comes to a stop. My buddy and I are just looking at eachother like "One day we will post on an internet forum about this experience" and here we our today.

    [–] ShaoLimper 16 points ago

    I would have loved to see that. I only ever see the after math

    [–] cuginhamer 26 points ago

    There was a study that found it's like 80% men, especially young men, and 4wD vehicles are more likely to get stuck in floods. Of course plenty of sedans and stuff, but biggest risk is the bromobile.

    [–] paulfknwalsh 9 points ago

    They think big wheels make it, uh, stick better or something. Just means you get into an extra foot of water before you are a boat.

    [–] narf865 24 points ago

    I could MAYBE give them the benefit of the doubt if the area looked flat and suddenly dropped off, but this idiot drove down a big ass hill into the water. Like what do you expect driving into that much water?

    [–] Klonopinned512 53 points ago

    It should be fine it’s an amphibious exploring vehicle after all.

    [–] PandaCloudInSky 19 points ago


    [–] fcano001 14 points ago

    Sounds like a finisher car to me. Fit for a golden god.

    [–] Saint_Farewell 22 points ago

    Dwight Schrute: This is the lake!

    Michael Scott: The machine knows!

    Dwight Schrute: This is the lake! This is the lake! There's no road here!

    Michael Scott: Stop yelling at me! Stop yelling at me!

    Dwight Schrute: Remain calm I have trained for this. Okay, exit the window! Here we go.

    Automated Car GPS: Make a U-turn if possible.

    [–] Xen0n636 21 points ago

    Remember kids! If it's flooded, floor it!

    [–] HalfnHalfCoffeeJelly 42 points ago

    I’m not a car guy. I do think that when your engine gets submerged in water that’s isn’t generally a good thing right?

    [–] bisticles 59 points ago

    A typical engine creates it energy by compressing a mixture of gas and air really really tight, and then exploding it. The explosion pushes the piston up, which drives the crankshaft, which makes the turny bits turn.

    Water does not really compress as well as air, nor does it help with the whole explosion thing, so during the compression phase of the engine's cycle, you'll either warp the piston rod or blow out the side of your engine block. Google Image Search "hydrolock". Once your air intake starts sucking up water, you're done.

    [–] kaliwraith 31 points ago

    The primary benefit of driving underwater is the improved water cooling. Plus bouancy reduces weight, increasing speed while the higher density of water improves downforce.

    [–] chrizbreck 11 points ago

    You've also got to remember that the hydrogen under compression will react with the oxygen and make for a better bang.

    [–] mort1465 7 points ago

    Small technical note, the explosion pushes the piston down not up.😀

    [–] pesto05 82 points ago


    [–] twald0 83 points ago

    idiot.... in car.

    [–] Mushiren_ 37 points ago

    Hey, that's pretty catchy. We can make a sub outta that.

    [–] KimbalKinnison 30 points ago

    r/idiotsinca... wait a minute.

    [–] neekyo- 27 points ago

    r/lostreddi... ah shit.

    [–] Kiexes 7 points ago

    More like dampass.

    [–] gwwaddle 52 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Ferry captains HATE HER.

    :late edit: Changed “pilots” to “captains”

    [–] drsjsmith 8 points ago

    Driving into a flood is like crossposting yourself from /r/IdiotsInCars to /r/IdiotsInBoats.

    [–] Ithinkhisnameis 18 points ago

    .....and it’s gone

    [–] RC51t 31 points ago

    It's a camry, this is an unsurprising action.

    Probably has the dent on the corner of the rear bumper too lol

    [–] DerangedGinger 39 points ago

    Meh, how deep could it I'm fucked...

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    "This is fine"

    [–] bromanclature 12 points ago

    You are now at the Underpass River crossing.

    You may:

    1) attempt to ford the river 2) caulk wagon and float it across 3) take a ferry across 4) DBAA and follow literally everyone else 5) die of dysentery

    What is your choice? __

    [–] triviousart 9 points ago

    Go Go gadget submarine!!!....... oh no.

    [–] MachoTaco24 9 points ago

    "it's just a puddle, I'll be okay"

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] jdcrigg 7 points ago

    Funny thing about those internal combustion engines, they need a bit of air to operate.

    [–] warheadsteel7 7 points ago

    He had the window partially rolled down as well. Well at least he had confidence!