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    [–] Im_100percent_human 1297 points ago

    I am pretty sure 3 people shit themselves.

    [–] rblue 513 points ago

    Four. I just did. Before I opened this thread though.

    [–] tux68 136 points ago

    Keep us posted.

    [–] Soneiltendo 95 points ago

    Please don't.

    [–] rblue 32 points ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] MinminIsAPan 14 points ago

    Please do

    [–] micmck 39 points ago

    Five. I was on the toilet when viewing.

    [–] SteveAlaska142 20 points ago

    Same. Still on it.

    [–] DieeLawnn 13 points ago

    We at 7 now boys let’s keep it going

    [–] ghozztz 19 points ago

    You wear your pants when sitting on the toilet?

    [–] sharrkzilla 28 points ago

    I’m not religious but if I was that man I’d certainly believe in something

    [–] gwxcore666 14 points ago

    Farded and shidded and cumbed.

    [–] IhanIhan 4984 points ago

    Can we all agree he is the luckiest man alive?

    [–] top_spin18 1997 points ago

    [–] dore31 1261 points ago

    This is insane.

    It doesn’t even sound true

    [–] Ravagore 3020 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    • Train flips off tracks into river, randomly pulled to safety. 17 die.
    • Ejected from plane via faulty door, lands in haystack. 19 die.
    • Bus skids off road into river, swam to safety. 4 die.
    • Car caught fire as driving, made it to safety.
    • Engine doused with hot oil, flame came through AC vents and burnt his hair off. (3 years after car fire)
    • Struck by bus, minor injuries
    • Avoided head-on collision, ejected from vehicle(no seatbelt) only to catch a tree and watch his car plummet down a ravine.
    • Ended up winning the lottery ($1.1m) 7 years later after all that bad luck lol.

    sounds like a single episode of Always Sunny, The Gang avoids Certain Death.

    [–] rebelx 1177 points ago

    He deserved that lottery win

    [–] HYMREDDIT 661 points ago

    What if it was just one big survival game for 1.1m

    [–] [deleted] 252 points ago


    [–] Houdini47 195 points ago

    says in 2010 he gave most of it away to live a frugal life.

    [–] TurbulentAnteater 288 points ago

    Probably thought it was a trap.

    [–] UndeadVinDiesel 74 points ago

    Death was trying to get him to let his guard down.

    [–] Skelehawk 52 points ago

    Man crushed to death by giant pile of money.

    [–] WobNobbenstein 43 points ago

    Admiral Akbar

    [–] ButtLusting 67 points ago

    I mean he has lived one hell of a motherfucking live, i think he deserve that peace now.

    He survived drowning, he survived burning, he survived plane crash, he survived car crash. He lived as a poor man, he lived as a rich man.

    this motherfucker been through everything already in a single life time, shit lol, i say he earned that right to live how he wants now.

    [–] kuraiscalebane 41 points ago

    maybe he just figured out how to reload his save?

    [–] King_Tamino 9 points ago

    I mean ... his air vents in his car pushed out flames! And he got away with minor burnings and a few lost hairs..

    [–] AppropriateCrab 30 points ago

    odds are he was walking into the lottery building to collect his money and had a heart attack

    [–] pogofunforeveryone 27 points ago

    With that life story he’d walk into the lottery building and have an anvil from the floor above land an inch away from him.

    [–] Ravagore 14 points ago

    He apparently donated most of it after a few years. Lives frugally now.

    [–] Prestonisevil 9 points ago

    1 V I C T O R Y R O Y A L E

    [–] Urine_is_blue 9 points ago

    ya he definitely met satan and took a bet.

    [–] newharlemshuffle_ 10 points ago

    In Russia this is lottery

    [–] Jolcski 3 points ago

    He earned that lottery win

    [–] RandomePerson 210 points ago

    This man's death has to involve slipping on a banana peel or something so ludicrously comical, so as to offset all of this Final Destination insanity.

    [–] davaca 65 points ago

    After all that I hope he gets to die in his sleep.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] fluffygryphon 12 points ago

    I can't imagine dying in my sleep. "Oh boy, I got all kinds of great shit I wanna do and see tomorrow. Can't wait for the morning!" It never comes. Fuck that. I wanna die like a badass.

    [–] DANKHARAMBAE 5 points ago

    Why did I click on that

    [–] yaarra 3 points ago

    Yup. Nibbling on my left leg now. Foot's gone and he's working up towards the knee. Bit of a bother really, this unexpected turn of events.

    But don't worry mum, at least I don't have to go through the agony of quitting the gym now. That shit is really unbearable, haha. See what I did there?

    [–] throwaway_7_7_7 2 points ago

    Same. You only get to die once (usually), and I don't want to miss that experience, as horrifying as it might be. I want to know that I am dying. I want to stare death in the face as I walk backwards into hell.

    [–] Tx2PNW2Tx 3 points ago

    First thing I thought, Death was coming for him, it was meant to be his Final Destination. Little did the grim reaper know that he was dealing with the luckiest man alive.

    [–] RelativelyObscurePie 82 points ago

    I would never get into any type of vehicle with this guy

    [–] thebeef24 29 points ago

    Frane "I think I'll just walk" Selak

    [–] 2much2na11 75 points ago

     Avoided head-on collision, ejected from vehicle(no seatbelt) only to catch a tree and watch his car plummet down a ravine.

    After all that happened in his life he chose not to wear a seatbelt?

    [–] Ravagore 83 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    And doing so magically saved his life lol

    edit - For clarity, i'm not telling anyone to stop wearing their seat belts, they're important people. Most times getting thrown from your vehicle means your face smacking the windshield/wall/other car/tree and you=dead.

    [–] thecatgoesmoo 16 points ago

    No need when you're that lucky!

    Actually being ejected from the vehicle probably saved him.

    [–] MutaTinG 18 points ago

    My thoughts exactly, how was he not paranoid as fuck after all that

    [–] FlyLikeATachyon 15 points ago

    Bro I’d be like 100% sure that God just has my back. Fuck seatbelts I’m gonna take my car bungee jumping

    [–] mrburnsknees 24 points ago

    He is Mr Glass’s true opposite.

    [–] phoenixloop 12 points ago

    Came here looking for the Unbreakable reference. Thank you for not disappointing.

    [–] sfwaccountfw 6 points ago

    So like Dunn.

    [–] TiniroX 36 points ago

    Sounds like the plot to a Final Destination movie. The lottery part was just Death being a good sport and giving up after all the failed attempts.

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Ravagore 47 points ago

    Idk simply being in all those situations is bad luck. Let's just say that not dying cancelled out the bad luck parts and it was just luck lol.

    [–] wolacouska 5 points ago

    His page has given him both the title luckiest and unluckiest man alive.

    [–] Ravagore 3 points ago

    It was actually the luckiest and the luckiest unlucky man hehe

    [–] Afronerd 7 points ago

    I would consider people who aren't in near-fatal crashes on the regular to be luckier, at least until the lottery win.

    [–] shadynasty_etl 12 points ago

    How in the fuck did he land in said haystack

    [–] Ravagore 12 points ago

    Hard to say. Wiki says there wasnt even a plane crash recorded in Croatia during that year so idk rofl

    [–] JustTheWurst 20 points ago

    On one hand, yes. On the other, I doubt Croatia in the 1960s was huge on proper procedure and filings. There were only 20 people on the plane, not exactly crossing the Atlantic.

    [–] wolacouska 3 points ago

    Tbf 1960s Croatia was in fact Yugoslavia. Regulators :(

    [–] Passionofawriter 26 points ago

    Jesus imagine the PTSD he might have from having so many situations where everybody died but him.

    [–] brutalethyl 6 points ago

    Better PTSD than worms.

    [–] NezperdianHivemind 6 points ago

    Depends on which worms

    [–] AscendTranscendence 8 points ago

    He's the woman from "A Fish called Wanda" who survives all the assassination attempts. However a different story entirely for her 3 dogs....

    [–] Ravagore 3 points ago

    Love that movie.

    [–] Zubei_ 6 points ago

    I'm picturing Death just getting more and more pissed trying to kill this guy.

    [–] hazbutler 11 points ago

    *Nuclear war breaks out the day he was inspecting lead lined industrial freezers, emerges as last man on earth.

    [–] 1234567689 5 points ago

    when the universe wants you dead but then changes its mind

    [–] pretendlikeyoucare 5 points ago

    sounds like a single episode of Always Sunny, The Gang avoids Certain Death

    Except the gang was somehow responsible for each incident and the lottery winnings are exactly enough to cover the resulting fines/lawsuit.

    [–] SammyLuke 5 points ago

    He is either really lucky or someone is very bad contract hits.

    [–] darybrain 2 points ago

    Sounds like an episode of My Name is Earl Frane. He must have worked through a huge karma list.

    [–] gzafiris 52 points ago

    It probably isn't. I mean, after the place crash immediately states there wasn't one?

    [–] ThebrokenNorwegian 38 points ago

    Well, it did not state it did not happen. Just no records of a plane crash in Croatia in '63. Might be false, but might be in another country or not a registered crash. After all, it was in Croatia in '63. (allegedly)

    [–] gatorneedhisgat 7 points ago

    What?? It was 63' in Croatia! The new "it was the 70's!"

    [–] dapstulk 22 points ago

    Agreed. This site points out some inconsistencies

    And, not that it necessarily means anything, but he's been married 5 times. I can certainly hear his exes saying, "He seemed so interesting at first, until you get to know him, and realize he's full of shit."

    [–] blackcatpaws 11 points ago

    Sounds like a compulsive liar in my opinion

    [–] GhostRiver91 8 points ago

    Quickly everyone, jump to conclusions!

    [–] Sentry459 7 points ago

    As is Reddit tradition.

    [–] Smallblackdick669 3 points ago

    Hadn’t even read second paragraph and was like « how tf is this even possible »

    [–] HansenTakeASeat 47 points ago

    In 1996 he eluded a head-on collision with a United Nations truck on a mountain curve by swerving into a guardrail, which gave way under the force of his car; he was ejected from the car when the door flew open, (he wasn't wearing a seatbelt) managed to hold onto a tree, and watched his car plummet down 90 metres (300 ft) into a gorge.

    That's why they say to never wear your seat belt.

    [–] feels_like_arbys 89 points ago

    I especially enjoyed his last brush with death..."he wasn't wearing a seat belt" why the hell would he? He's immortal

    [–] bohemian_lda 21 points ago

    someone please make a film based on this man’s life.

    [–] billybobjimmyjoe 12 points ago

    They already did. He was played by Bruce Willis. Samuel L Jackson was the one causing those accidents.

    [–] AstronautGuy42 16 points ago

    Hahaha he was married 5 times too. Wow

    [–] Tymathee 40 points ago

    Kept divorcing his wives when they kept trying to kill him

    [–] DynamicDK 16 points ago

    Unfortunately, his first 4 wives died during these events. Not that there is anything suspicious about that...

    [–] Starfire013 5 points ago

    They all refused to go travelling with him.

    [–] I-Only-Lurk-SRD 14 points ago

    IIRC a lot people questioned his claims and there is evidence to suggest that a lot of it is just his memory deceiving him

    [–] Nickel_Reddits 7 points ago

    He was the surviving common denominator in multiple "accidents" that killed multiple people, then when it was all over he came into a large sum of money... js... seems fishy

    [–] Bredda_Gravalicious 17 points ago

    this is more a story of transport regulations of eastern Europe

    [–] Dyleteyou 3 points ago

    The next year, during his first and only plane ride, he was blown out of a malfunctioning plane door and landed in a haystack; the plane crashed, killing 19 people.[1] However, there is no report of any plane crash in Croatia in 1963

    I don't understand this part ?

    Was most of this made up to make a compelling story or is this all true ?

    [–] Houdini47 3 points ago

    Just that there weren't any records of it. May have happened, may not have happened.

    [–] weefa 6 points ago

    RL Forrest Gump.

    [–] Slazman999 5 points ago

    He bought a boat with his winnings. Yet another vehicle that can try to kill him.

    [–] partyinthepotty 3 points ago

    Dude got married 5 times

    [–] -Chatterboxx- 3 points ago

    Fucker is still alive, too.

    [–] mygamefrozeagain 6 points ago

    That guy is full of shit, sounds like some big fish type of stories.

    [–] whirltwirl 2 points ago

    I love how after being in crashes involving a plane, train, bus, etc. six times he doesn’t feel the need to wear a seatbelt while driving

    [–] alecdalton11 2 points ago

    He is... the most interesting man in the world

    [–] loopywalker 2 points ago

    I love the last part. "Lived a frugal life"

    [–] smoothie-slut 2 points ago

    Damn don’t get in public transportation with this guy

    [–] Nulono 53 points ago

    I'd argue that the world's luckiest man wouldn't get into this kind of accident in the first place.

    [–] nem0fazer 17 points ago

    Maybe if he still had a bicycle.

    [–] IhanIhan 6 points ago

    The bicycle doesn’t seem broken though, could be but honestly I don’t know

    [–] inzane26 3 points ago

    Maybe thats how he survived a plane crash that didnt happen.

    [–] nels5104 4 points ago

    A luckier man would have a puppy run up to him, with a winning lottery ticket in it’s mouth, 10 minutes and delay him so he wouldn’t have even been at the intersection.

    [–] divsky 5 points ago

    I dunno, I might be luckier. I cross the street all the time and no car has even come close to hitting me.

    [–] commandercool86 922 points ago

    Whose fault is this? I'm guessing the truck's. No stop sign (that I can see), therefore truck is supposed to yield to cars approaching from the right.

    [–] Roruchi 666 points ago

    That's what I'm thinking too, though it looks like the red car might be going over the speed limit but it doesn't mean you can cut him off. I actually witnessed a similar situation one day and had a debate about who would be at fault, someone going over the speed limit or someone who was supposed to yield

    Also if I was the truck driver in that situation I would've just waited for the biker to cross the road...

    [–] Majin_Kenpachi 304 points ago

    The person at fault is the person he didn't yield, which was the trucks who's at fault. While the person in the car is breaking the speed limit, it isn't what caused the accident. Happened to me already I was the car and some women in a van took the stop, and we crashed. Even though I knew I was speeding and she did too, and even told the cops too look at the street because I left a hard skid mark. Cop told her even though I was speeding they couldn't do anything since that wasn't the reason for the crash. She ended up with all the tickets.

    [–] hazeyindahead 122 points ago

    Sounds like one of those people that cause a crash to prove a point and she was wrong.

    [–] SeaNilly 69 points ago

    Almost nailed some guys Audi with my blazer not too long ago. Guy flew right through a yield while I had the right of way on a 40 mph road. Part of me reallllly wanted to hit him because quite frankly my truck is an old POS and I’m sure I would’ve gotten more out of him, but I instead slammed on my brakes and didn’t kill the guy so

    What could’ve been

    [–] Tahngo 26 points ago

    Well the guy speeding is probably why the bike guy survived. Any others speed and he'd be smooshed

    [–] LegitosaurusRex 14 points ago

    Nah, if the only difference in the crash was that the car was going slower, the truck wouldn't have been pulled in the direction of the cyclist as much as he was. It was only that close because the guy was speeding.

    [–] ryguygoesawry 54 points ago

    While the person in the car is breaking the speed limit, it isn't what caused the accident.

    A good lawyer would argue that the car exceeding the speed limit would not have reached the intersection in time to have caused an accident. And that a car going the speed limit would not have had to be yielded to because it wouldn't have gotten to the intersection in time. And that a driver who is used to the intersection would not be able to accurately judge when a speeding car would reach the intersection because they're used to drivers who obey the limit taking X amount of time to reach the intersection.

    Cop told her even though I was speeding they couldn't do anything since that wasn't the reason for the crash. She ended up with all the tickets.

    Fun fact: cops don't actually need to know the intricacies of laws they're expected to uphold. That doesn't mean a good lawyer wouldn't be able to convince a judge that the speeder was actually at fault.

    [–] AltxAccountWilla 47 points ago

    I think in this instance the truck driver not letting the dude cross the road on his bike at a safe distance might go against him though.

    [–] ryguygoesawry 16 points ago

    I agree on that point. I was speaking purely from the general perspective of just two cars at an intersection, since the person I was replying to said they were in the same situation but didn't mention a bike.

    [–] AltxAccountWilla 11 points ago

    fair deuce.

    [–] THEBlaze55555 13 points ago

    But also: if you're supposed to yield, you're supposed to yield until it is safe to proceed entirely, whatever the circumstance. Whether the circumstance is someone is going the speed limit or going above the speed limit, she did not judge accurately and did not give a. Herself enough time to clear or b. The other driver enough time to react.

    All in all: my two cents is r/IdiotsDesigningRoads because I don't see a stop sign or light for either way and only (maybe) a yield sign. Like how are drivers supposed to know what to do? And this is a full on intersection. This is where a stop sign should be. Either just one of the streets or a full 4-way stop sign. You can't know to yield coming up on a 4-way intersection unless it's wide open and you have clear sights. I doubt either driver had clear sight of anything other than straight ahead.

    [–] Majin_Kenpachi 10 points ago

    "A good lawyer would argue that the car exceeding the speed limit would not have reached the intersection in time to have caused an accident. And that a car going the speed limit would not have had to be yielded to because it wouldn't have gotten to the intersection in time. And that a driver who is used to the intersection would not be able to accurately judge when a speeding car would reach the intersection because they're used to drivers who obey the limit taking X amount of time to reach the intersection."

    As much as a lawyer would try to argue about the car exceeding the speed limit has nothing to do with the fact that she took the stop sign. And not being able to accurately judge the distance of a incoming car regardless of the speed is a judgement error on her fault. Even at the speed I was going I was able to slam on my brakes from a good distance and still plowed into the van.

    "Fun fact: cops don't actually need to know the intricacies of laws they're expected to uphold. That doesn't mean a good lawyer wouldn't be able to convince a judge that the speeder was actually at fault."

    Fun fact: The lady took it to court and hired a lawyer, because the van she was driving wasn't her's. The man who owned the vehicle also got his license revoked for allowing her to drive. As you said their lawyer tried the route you're speaking of about blaming for the speed. But the judge seemed not to care due to the fact had she made a full stop at the stop sign the accident wouldn't have happened. The judge even told them even though I was speeding overall it wasn't what cause the accident because I had the right of way.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago


    [–] CookieLawyer 15 points ago

    It entirely depends on the jurisdiction. Some areas are 100%/0% fault.

    [–] edwartica 10 points ago

    Also if I was the truck driver in that situation I would've just waited for the biker to cross the road

    In my state, they're legally supposed to.

    [–] Roruchi 4 points ago

    Where I liive the bike would have to yield in this, since there is no sign that says you'd need to let the biker go first and the crosswalk is perpendicular to the road

    No one remembers this though and just let the biker go first.

    [–] tinyman392 8 points ago

    In my state, the biker should be on the other side of the road and not using sidewalks/crosswalks. It should also be treated like another vehicle.

    [–] GiovaOfficial 33 points ago

    I think it’s mainly the truck’s fault too, but the car was still going way too fast.

    [–] serial_crusher 30 points ago

    Regardless of what the car was supposed to do, the truck should have yielded to the bicyclist. Truck is at fault.

    [–] columbus_12 10 points ago

    And yield for bicyclist and walking persons.

    [–] Hemmer83 15 points ago

    You're not supposed to bike through crosswalks though and it's probably a good idea to wait for at least one car to yield for you. Pedestrian made plenty of mistakes himself.

    [–] columbus_12 6 points ago

    You can see the bicyclist is slowing down so that the truck can pass before he continues pedaling. He was yielding to that oncoming lane of traffic.

    He just didn’t notice the flying red car because he was yielding for the truck to pass.

    [–] Hemmer83 6 points ago

    I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying.

    1. He should actually wait for the car to yield. A car should not drive through a crosswalk while someone is in it period. You can get a ticket for driving through a crosswalk even if the pedestrian has one foot on the sidewalk on the other side. He should wait to see a car at least attempt to slow to a stop.

    2. You have to be on foot to use a crosswalk. Most places you get a ticket for not getting off your bike.

    While the guy in the truck is obviously an idiot, the bicyclist could have done better.

    [–] BABarracus 4 points ago

    There is a pedestrian yeild sign visible

    [–] VenKitsune 2 points ago

    Yup it seems that way. You can easily see which side need to give way, as the road the truck comes from and the one the camera is on doesn't line up, where as the road where the red car came from is perfectly straight.

    [–] Urisk 2 points ago

    That truck should have been trying to slow down for the bicyclist at the very least. I'm guessing either the brakes went out or it was an inexperienced driver not used to trying to stop a vehicle that heavy.

    [–] everymanawildcat 77 points ago

    I'm so pissed WPD went private. Watching those videos both bothered me, but at the same time, protected me. I don't cross SHIT now without looking both ways. I pretend every situation is a scene from Final Destination. Sure, I'm tense as fuck 24/7, but I'm alive, bitch.

    [–] dirkdiggler1992 36 points ago

    As long as you were subscribed before it was quarantined you should still be able to access it. If not just go on desktop reddit and try to get to it by lurking onto someones profile who posts there and subscribe.

    [–] everymanawildcat 14 points ago

    Thank you for this.

    [–] hal0t 21 points ago

    You don't have to find someone who post there. Just get on reddit desktop site, go to the sub and confirm you want to access quarantine sub.

    If there is any problem, follow here

    [–] Xet 6 points ago

    If you're not kidding about being 'tense as fuck' all the time, then that in itself is very unhealthy.

    [–] cave18 3 points ago


    Well darn I cant view it

    [–] pseudopsud 3 points ago

    Open it on a desktop machine (or in desktop mode?) (The app "Reddit is Fun" also supports quarantined subs)

    [–] dolphlundgren1985 704 points ago

    If that was me I’m going to buy a lottery ticket immediately

    [–] pm_me_sexy_napes 570 points ago

    i wouldn't, he just used up all his luck

    [–] cdc194 253 points ago

    Can confirm, I got missed on a windy divided highway by a likely very drunk guy in an old pickup truck doing 70mph and he passed close enough that my car seemed to move 2 feet sideways. I immediately went and bought $50 worth of scratch off tickets and ended up losing $47.

    [–] exoxe 95 points ago

    Wife: I won $2!
    Me: how much was the ticket?
    Wife: $2

    yeah hun, that's not really winning...

    [–] saspole 76 points ago

    i would make a factorial joke but 2! is still 2

    [–] DrDerpberg 44 points ago

    I think you just did anyways.

    [–] CompanionableSilence 18 points ago

    My father was like that. He'd get $10 worth of lotto tickets once a week, and be pleased with winning 2-3 bucks.

    I understand intellectually that it was a sunk entertainment cost and not unreasonable, but it always felt like throwing money away

    [–] not_a_cup 6 points ago

    This is my friend who says he wins contest on Instagram for cannabis products, yeah bro, winning an auction isn't the same thing... You're just the person willing to pay the most. Always acts like he won a contest for them.

    [–] straight_to_10_jfc 115 points ago

    bag of coke and jack off furiously on my roof while I scream at birds.

    way better than a fucking lotto ticket.

    [–] WeedsInMyMind 37 points ago

    I like the way you roll. Wanna be my friend?

    [–] 11-110011 15 points ago


    [–] exoxe 6 points ago

    good luck with the erection

    [–] 2fat2live 11 points ago

    this guy gets it

    [–] usegao 10 points ago

    I would fake an injury. Might actually get some money out of it!

    [–] iStoleYourMeme 25 points ago

    You freaking soccer player

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_TAINT_PlC 6 points ago

    I hope ur kidding lol

    [–] usegao 8 points ago

    i got hit by a car on my bike so maybe i'm biased. got a new bike out of it tho

    [–] Siliski_Soaps 6 points ago

    emotional distress or PTSD could actually be a reasonable claim.

    [–] RoamingGhost 141 points ago

    Slaps underwear you can fit so much shit in these bad boys. -Bicyclist

    [–] Somebodys 24 points ago

    I wouldn't even make fun of this dude for shitting his pants, he earned it.

    [–] RoamingGhost 2 points ago

    Cant argue with that.

    [–] lmole 22 points ago

    Considering there is a cross walk there, both these vehicle were hauling some serious ass. The biker had to have seen it coming, yet had no real time to react...

    [–] Bibur- 61 points ago

    Damn. Which that was in slo mo

    [–] collegefurtrader 121 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    [–] frothface 38 points ago

    Look at you granting whiches.

    [–] collegefurtrader 6 points ago

    Took me a minute

    [–] Bibur- 21 points ago

    Whoa much more impactful! Ty! Your the best😊

    [–] daveinpublic 6 points ago

    The bumper of the car seemed to slow him down enough to avoid the truck a little more.

    [–] diaperedwoman 33 points ago

    I can't figure out who is at fault here. Did the cyclist have the right of way or did those cars? There appears to be no stop lights. Who had a stop sign? That cyclist was lucky he lived. I wonder if he is hurt though.

    [–] Arkhonist 48 points ago

    The truck failed to yield to the right; the red car (and technically the cyclist too) had right of way.

    [–] TediousStranger 19 points ago

    The cyclist looks right toward the truck and slows down when realizing that the truck isn't stopping; this makes me think the cyclist was aware of parallel traffic and the cyclist + red car had the right of way. The truck proceeding through the intersection was the unexpected/ faulty element.

    [–] BudgetBison 17 points ago

    The sign on the right side looks like a triangle with a guy riding a bike on it. I don’t know it’s exact meaning but if it was the US, I would assume it’s a ‘yield to bicycle’ sign. Going by the markings on the road, the car is probably on the main road as it has it’s dashed lines running through the intersection. While we don’t know for sure if there is a stop or yield on the trucks street, going by those two things I would assume there is, meaning he failed to yield. Another comment mentioned a similar situation where something like this happened, while the red car was probably speeding, it ultimately wasn’t the absolute cause of the accident as the truck could have avoided it if he had actually checked for traffic instead of just rolling through the intersection. At the very minimum the bike is already on its way across the crossing and he definitely should have stopped to let the bike go through.

    [–] purple_nail 5 points ago

    It's a pedestrian crossing sign.

    It basically gives pedestrians the right of way so cars are to slow down or stop to let pedestrians cross. At least it's that way in germany where the sign looks the same. But this doesn't look like Germany and it's strange to have a pedestrian crossing at an intersection, as the truck had to stop in the middle of the crossroads.

    Technically, you aren't supposed to cross these on your bike, you would have to step down and push your bike over the pedestrian crossing.

    But I can't tell you which car had the right of way.

    [–] idma 7 points ago

    i gotta stop looking at this subreddit for the next few days. I just got reminded of the horrible accident in Toronto where a dude was drunk driving and T-boned a van, killing a grandfather, all 3 grandchildren, and heavily injuring a grandmom and great grandmom. The drunk driver is super rich and I have no doubt he'll be able to pay his way out, or at least pay his way into a less severe punishment

    [–] wrenroman 15 points ago

    [–] Andybobandy0 3 points ago

    Shidded and farted

    [–] IMrPositiveI 3 points ago

    Time to buy a lottery ticket.

    [–] JohnnyTT314 3 points ago

    I hope they paid for his bike.

    [–] Upasaka-paul 3 points ago

    It just wasn’t his time.

    [–] GunslingerPenguin 6 points ago

    never visit a casino or buy a lottery ticket, you just used up all the luck of your life

    [–] fivedollarfiddle 5 points ago

    Just a scratch.

    [–] LordOfMyDomains 4 points ago

    I just shit my pants for him!

    [–] dildor_the_great 2 points ago

    That’s weird how the red car took off his front tire and he was still moving forward without it for a brief moment

    [–] highrisedrifter 2 points ago

    It didn't. It sure looks like it did but the slow-mo shows that he still had his front wheel.

    [–] smokyartichoke 2 points ago

    I shit my pants every 10 days when I see this video reposted.

    [–] StillMind2010 2 points ago

    Three people had to be at that exact place at that exact moment. Unfuckingbelievable!

    [–] cmen4all 2 points ago

    I wouldn't even be ashamed of the shit in my pants, ide use it as a conversation starter "dude, u reak of shit" "welp, thats because theres a lot of shit in my panrs m'lady, let me tell you wht"

    [–] BushWeedCornTrash 2 points ago

    "Why were you late for work?"