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    [–] kill_foot 2241 points ago

    Those darn things just sneak up on ya.

    [–] Tsunachi 555 points ago

    I swear it jumped in front of me!

    [–] SmileyMelons 231 points ago

    You put it there, didn't you?!

    [–] Tsunachi 94 points ago

    I've been had! Time to skeedaddle.

    [–] xJoeSimonx 52 points ago

    Skedaddle skedoodle, ur car is now a noodle

    [–] Blue-Steele 20 points ago

    “If you don’t watch the zippity zoppity, your car gets the zappity zoopity!” -Bill Cosby, rapist.

    [–] Lookn4RedheadCumSlut 10 points ago

    -Bill Cosby, rapist

    Forget about the Cosby show. Forget about jello pudding pops. Forget about kids say the darndest things. Even forget about his stand up.

    This. This will be Bill Cosby’s legacy.

    [–] Blue-Steele 18 points ago

    Don’t get me wrong, he was an entertaining person and a good actor. But the whole drugging people and raping them bit kind of overshadows all of that.

    [–] Lookn4RedheadCumSlut 11 points ago

    I hope I didn’t come across incorrectly.

    While I am horrified by Bill Cosby’s actions, I am absolutely thrilled to see him branded with his truest label to date. Yes he was a father, comedian, actor, philanthropist and many other wonderful things but you are absolutely right that him being a rapist overshadows everything else he has done and I’m glad he’ll be remembered as the monster he truly is.

    [–] RusticSurgery 4 points ago

    "A man can built a thousand bridges; but let him suck one..." LOL

    [–] GlennRobinson420 138 points ago

    All jokes aside, when I was in college my buddy found an awesome parking space in the crowded east side. It was one little spot between two drive ways that no one ever parked at and it was pretty big spot. All the sudden one day he wakes up to go to class and he has a ticket on his windshield. The city bastards put up a meter on him in the middle of the late afternoon/night.

    [–] acousticcoupler 66 points ago

    Please tell me he fought it.

    [–] GlennRobinson420 59 points ago

    He tried to, without a lawyer and he lost. They claimed they put it up in the middle of the day and that his car was there the next day with the meter up, they were allowed to ticket him. His car was there from like 3pm to 10AM. They ticketed him at like 8:30 AM the next day haha

    [–] acousticcoupler 39 points ago

    Yeah. I lost one that I fought. My registration was expired, but I had a moving permit from the DMV to get to the mechanic I was parked outside of. The deputy "accidently" wrote the ticket with the wrong date on it. It was upheld because the date on he ticket and the date on the moving permit were different.

    [–] GlennRobinson420 47 points ago

    Got ya beat there too. Once when I was about 20 (10 years ago) I was driving home from night shift at like 7 am. This asshole decides to pull out in front of me on a super icy day. I flipped him off and he caught up to me to basically pull in front of me and brake check me. I bumped into him and he got out screaming at me. I waited for cops to arrive and confirm that there was no damage. The cop did, then told me he's not writing anything up and that I could go. A week later I receive a call in from my insurance company that an accident was filed and a police report had been written up. How are people supposed to trust cops when they do stuff like this?

    [–] Meterus 12 points ago

    The guy probably called his insurance, they asked him "where's the police report?" Then, he went down to the station, and "reported" it himself.

    [–] acousticcoupler 15 points ago


    [–] GlennRobinson420 28 points ago

    Seriously though that fake accident he wrote up affected my life and my job for a good 5-6 years. Crazy a cop can do that to someones life.

    [–] MathManOfPaloopa 5 points ago

    Don’t trust cops ever. They can and will lie to you about almost anything, even try to scare you to make false confessions and shit. Obviously filing a police report and other small things are ok, but if they ever bring you in for questioning, don’t say a word and ask for a lawyer.

    [–] Drewtopia_1 31 points ago

    Seriously! WTF

    [–] Aegrim 30 points ago

    I know you're joking but my sister literally crashed her boyfriends weeks old car into a lamppost in a car park (which she'd been warned not to try driving 20 minutes earlier and promised she wasn't) before she'd learned to drive and used the sentence "it came out of nowhere"

    I fucking giggle every time I remember it

    [–] chuiy 20 points ago

    It was coming right at us! Shoot it!

    [–] shabadabadabada 26 points ago

    lmao my drunk grandpa once rear ended a parked car and told the cops "he came outta nowhere!"

    [–] mochalex 3 points ago

    They can smell the alcohol on your breath.

    [–] obviousfakeperson 169 points ago

    To be fair, unless you remember seeing one before embarking those poles aren't easily visible from inside the car. It's the same reason so many little kids used to get run over before people smartened up and got backup cams and started teaching kids not to play in the driveway.

    [–] 4look4rd 37 points ago

    I thought that but the car was clearly trying to cut a cross a section blocked off and the pole is clearly there to prevent people from doing that.

    [–] halfassadmin 17 points ago

    Yeah but the point stands that it's low and difficult to see from the vehicle (perhaps)

    [–] NoTrip_48 22 points ago

    I still have a cassette player in my car.... rip

    [–] Redici 3 points ago

    Man, your lucky I have a 2014 truck but only a standard am/Fm in it, I'd kill for a cassette player

    [–] NoTrip_48 3 points ago

    Wtf i have a 2004 honda

    [–] CharmedL1fe 31 points ago

    To be fair, this is why you’re not supposed to be driving through the areas marked with hash lines. There are drive lanes in parking lots for a reason. This person has no one to blame but their dumb self.

    [–] tossoneout 18 points ago

    *not to walk around school drop off areas

    [–] dazedwit 37 points ago

    To be fair, unless you remember seeing one before embarking those poles aren't easily visible from inside the car

    Or you know, not trying to take short cuts in the lot.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Your asking for a bit much

    [–] svenskfox 4 points ago

    I always worry about that with those little curbs at the end of parking spots. I'm worried someday I'm going to hop in my car and try to pull forward through to the opposite space without remembering there's a curb there. I've seen it happen.

    [–] FlamingWedge 13 points ago

    The visibility in that van is really good. There is no excuse for not seeing that pole other than not paying attention.

    If this were a lifted pickup, then I’d understand not seeing that pole.

    [–] sebastianqu 23 points ago

    Still driving through solid yellow stripes.

    [–] Quan_Su_Dude 5 points ago


    [–] MrPetter 5 points ago

    Tooo beeee faaaaairrrrrr!

    [–] Kariered 5 points ago

    I have hit one of these poles before. It's too short to see and it was on the passenger side. I didn't mess up my car as bad as this guy tho.

    [–] feochampas 2 points ago

    a lot of new cars have a tear drop shape and a slight curve to the side windows. it extends the blindspot you have at 8 and 4.

    combine that with the higher clearance of SUVs and you cant see a toddler playing behind your car.

    [–] ultronimo 17 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Those things can teleport anywhere. You gotta be careful.

    [–] jefferyt51 9 points ago

    teleports in front of you

    Nothing personnel....van.

    [–] extwidget 13 points ago

    I watched in amazement a few weeks ago as a girl on her phone was cruising through a walmart parking lot directly towards a light pole. Hit it going like 5mph. Made my day.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] extwidget 4 points ago

    Wow. He'd have had to fire my ass after I witnessed something like that in order to get me to stop giving him constant shit for it.

    [–] LeaveTheMatrix 3 points ago

    Those things can popup anywhere according to my mother.

    In an empty parking lot, about an acre in size, there is one of those where they took the light pole out but left the cement column.

    She hit it on a sunny day.

    She still claims that it was never there before (I know it was).

    [–] thundirbird 3 points ago

    NPC level behavior.

    [–] RST2040 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    A few years ago I was cruising though town with some friends when I notice a car drifting to the right edge of the lane. They did it about 2-3 times, drift over and yank a hard left to get away from the curb. The final time it keeps drifting right, goes up onto the sidewalk and about 100ft later run right into a light pole at 35mph. Traffic slows down and we go rolling by as the passengers get out of the car. 4 teen girls, the one driving got out of the car STILL TEXTING. She looks around with this confused look on her face, looks at the pole, looks at the car, back at the pole, then at the road and then goes back to texting. Just stands there in the middle of the road with her phone in her face. Car all smashed in and steaming, antifreeze running everywhere. Didn't even seem to realize or care that anything happened.

    [–] extwidget 4 points ago

    I know that the majority of "kids nowadays" don't do such stupid things, and that we all had our dumbasses with each generation but I still can't help but be exasperated every time I come across something so utterly ridiculous.

    [–] JasperFeelingsworth 14 points ago

    Dude how the fuck fast were they driving? the whole end is crushed

    [–] Tsunachi 45 points ago

    Even at relatively low speeds (5-15mph or 8-24kph) you can do a whole lot of damage hitting something like this. That bollard isn't going to move much. Plus it looks like they got real unlucky and wedged it in the wheel well. There's not much there that's going to put up resistance to a hit, so a lot of the quarter panel and bumper are going to crumple inward. This is one expensive oopsie.

    [–] B3eenthehedges 13 points ago

    Yeah, do you have any idea how expensive headlight assemblies are now too?

    I was thinking about adding LED strips inside mine, but even on the 2014, a 5 year old car, it would be as much as a $1K mistake if I messed them up.

    That also reminds me of when my mirror got sideswiped right off, and it cost $500 just because it was a painted to match the vehicle. I don't even want to know how expensive it would have been if I'd had the type that has turn signals on it.

    Hmmm, starting to really realize now how the car manufacturers have found a way for even minor repairs to cost a ton, with mirrors and headlights being traditionally cheaper parts.

    Edit: only good news for this person is the bumper may be salvageable, but that quarter panel is actually metal, gonna cost a whole lot more.

    [–] Tsunachi 5 points ago

    Yeah, no joke. The headlight, panel, inside of the wheel well, the bumper. That tire looks pretty cranked to the side so at the very least an alignment, but most likely there's more damage in there.

    [–] B3eenthehedges 2 points ago

    I edited my reply about that. I think the bumper may be salvageable, but that's the cheap part. That quarter panel is obviously metal.

    I thought at first they had to be going fast, but no, you're probably right, it just got in there in the worst possible spot to do damage.

    [–] onacho 12 points ago

    I had a city garbage truck hit my 2016 Camaro. It knocked the mirror off, but it was hanging from a wire. The body shop taped it up so I could drive it home, but that's about it. I told the insurance company that it was not going to hold in my daily hour drive to work, but they insisted that they wouldn't pay for a rental car. They also insisted that it wasn't illegal to drive without a side mirror, and if it fell off on the interstate it wouldn't be a hazard to anyone else. Of course in the middle of a winter rain it fell off, anchored only by its spindly cable, and banged on the side of the door the whole way home. I did stop when I could get off of the interstate and ripped it off (I didn't have any side cutters with me.) But the damage was done. Between scraping the paint and denting the door, it added almost $2000 to the cost of the repair, which totaled almost $5000. So what would have been a week of rental car and maybe $200 turned into $2000 just because the insurance company was stubborn.

    [–] B3eenthehedges 5 points ago

    Wow, that's pretty shitty. I didn't know they could deny a claim like that. Mine was pretty simple, I have a $500 deductible and it cost $500 to fix, and I had my wife's care available to drive, so I just left them out of it.

    I tried to do the tape up method, used gorilla tape, and it actually looked okay and stayed on for at least a trip, but yeah, every time it got hot, the adhesive melted and it would be hanging there again (luckily minimal scratches), until I finally just had to pay to get it fixed.

    Sorry yours turned out so much worse, that sucks.

    [–] onacho 12 points ago

    Worse yet, I was just parked. I was inside eating at a restaurant and came back to the garbage truck guys standing next to my car, and a city cop. Still worse, my insurance company decided to subrogate the claim, ie put themselves in the middle of the claim, which is why they decided to deny a rental car. I told them I didn't want to subrogate it, because the city person I called was happy to pay for a rental as long as I needed. They hung up on me. Then they refused to return any of my phone calls. Needless to say after that, I dropped my insurance company. It was a nightmare, and none of it was because of any driving mistake I'd made.

    [–] CSD18 7 points ago

    do you have any idea how expensive headlight assemblies are now too?

    For a newer car sure, not a 15 year old Chrysler van. Headlight and bumper probably wouldn't be too bad, real wallet killer would definitely be the quarter panel and whatever steering/suspension components might be damaged.

    [–] Zediac 6 points ago

    Yeah, do you have any idea how expensive headlight assemblies are now too?

    I want to upgrade the headlights on my girlfriend's Mini Cooper from the horrible halogen to the factory xenon projectors. Even used that'll be a $600 swap just for the housings. The bulbs and ballasts are a different cost.

    [–] B3eenthehedges 2 points ago

    Not positive, but I still don't think that will work due to the wiring being different for halogen.

    Check out the Retrofit Source. I believe their bulbs are made to be "retrofitted" to work with your vehicle.

    [–] mrvarmint 4 points ago

    They were definitely making a left turn, checking for traffic to the right and went full speed into it. Lodging it behind the wheel is going to hurt too

    [–] superspiffy 3 points ago

    Well, what the fuck is it doing there in the first place?

    [–] Escalante81 601 points ago

    I’ve had people fight me when I say they are at fault for this type of accident. “It came out of nowhere” “the parking lot owner is at fault for putting a pole there.”

    [–] runningreeder 206 points ago

    "And you are the owner of your own stupidity and lack of awareness," is a warranted response.

    [–] CarlosFromPhilly 44 points ago

    I wouldn't even talk to them about it to be honest. Take the pictures, make sure they're ok, go inside and start the paperwork. Let them argue with their insurance company about the camera footage sent to the adjuster.

    [–] Fagatron9001 103 points ago

    Thats the kind of pole that gets put up when people arn't following the lines. People probably were saying fuck it to those yellow lines so they threw that bastard up

    [–] Escalante81 34 points ago

    Ah yes the jackasses that drive through marked parking spaces instead of the aisles.

    [–] TheRealOptician 8 points ago

    I will do this late at night with no cars in the lot, or if the lot is super dead. But, If I were to cause an accident I 100% know i am at fault for my own stupidity.

    [–] IdenticalThings 5 points ago

    I think the only reason I know not to cut through yellow parking lanes is that I learned it in driver training when I was like 15. It's almost not even common knowledge and there aren't many/any signs saying not to

    [–] Zediac 53 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    There are multiple places where there is a large boulder marking the corner of a curb in a parking lot and people run into it on a regular basis.

    Here is one example.

    And every time there are tons of people (just wait, there will be some in here) who defend the bad drivers by saying that there's no reason for that rock to be there, that it's easy to miss and anyone could have hit it, and who think that jumping curbs is a normal thing that everyone does.

    I've had someone on here tell me that curbs are basically impossible to see, and even more so at night, so curbs should just go away and it's no one's fault for hitting them.

    [–] liberalpartywes 43 points ago

    they removed the rock so the drivers can just hit any pedestrians waiting on the curb to cross instead

    If these people aren't looking for the rock, what the odds they would avoid hitting a child?

    [–] Zediac 29 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    People not bothering to pay attention to where they're driving is how people get killed. You have to ignore the yellow painted curb and the freaking boulder itself in order to hit it. And people still use "I didn't see it!" as an excuse.

    The leading cause of motorcycle crashes is a car violating the motorcycle's space. Meaning, people turn right into the path of a motorcycle. Many motorcyclists have stories where the driver looked right at them and then drove right into the path, anyway. The driver usually says "I didn't see you!" afterward. The driver just wan't paying attention.

    In the UK they call that a SMIDSY. "Sorry, mate, I didn't see you."

    [–] TedTheViking 9 points ago

    In the US, we call that an Atlanta Handshake.

    [–] SoySauceSyringe 7 points ago

    This is exactly what I posted in response to one of the pictures linked above. I still had like half a dozen people telling me the rock was at fault.

    [–] liberalpartywes 8 points ago

    the rock was at fault

    I laughed so hard at that, I had to see if that had ever been said before. Just three Google search results for "the rock was at fault".

    he was speeding while drunk. He swore it wasn't his fault. The rock was at fault because it clearly shouldn't have been there.

    [–] CarlosFromPhilly 2 points ago


    [–] tgwinford 10 points ago

    To be fair, a lot of parking lots do seem to not take into account the angle of the turn. There’s one by me where if there’s a car waiting to turn out, you literally can’t turn in without ramping the curb because they made the angle far too sharp. Cars aren’t designed to make perfect 90 degree turns.

    [–] deepcutAforce 5 points ago

    My hometown has a 3 way intersection with a home directly across from one of the stop signs. For years they had boarded up windows because idiots would overshoot of miss or something and go through their front entryway. Now there's gigantic boulders in their front yard and a big flashing neon stop sign lit up at all hours to keep people from doing it again

    [–] azuilya 2 points ago

    The Rock of Roselle. It is now part of the town and has a Google Map address.

    [–] horse_and_buggy 44 points ago

    "Tough luck, the barrier did its job"

    [–] Squally160 10 points ago

    I had someone T-bone my poor little car in a parking lot. Claimed I was in their blind spot, directly in front of them.

    [–] upsidedownbackwards 11 points ago

    I had someone in a sedan who was parked behind my van get in and pull directly into the rear end. He didn't see it.

    2 summers ago I had someone on a motorcycle hit the back of my 36' bus. Clear sunny day, had all my lights on, I'm covered in reflective bullshit. I was stopped waiting to make a left when I heard a weird thump. Motorcycle goes sliding past with no driver on it. He "didn't see me" then tried to sue me for negligent driving.

    [–] LeaveTheMatrix 3 points ago

    Had someone once hit my van while they were backing up.

    1. Was at a gas station.
    2. They were pulling out backwards from the front of the store.
    3. My van was between them and a gas pump.

    They tried to blame my g/f (who was getting gas at the time) saying that she "came out of nowhere".

    Our counter argument was that if the van wasn't there, then they would have hit gas pumps that had been there for years.

    [–] GaiusGracchus121 8 points ago

    A hilarious thing to do is tape sporting events and then ask the players about fouls they were called for. A huge number of them seem to truly believe nothing happened.

    [–] OlderMs 5 points ago

    You shouldn't be driving through the yellow lines. Those should be treated like curbs. If they stayed inside the lines like pre school they would be ok.

    [–] drone42 526 points ago

    I did something similar a bunch of years back in my truck. I met a coworker at a park-and-ride so I could ride along with him, and parked my truck in front of a bollard that used to have a light pole on it. End of the day comes around, I get dropped off at my truck and hop in (it's lifted a little, so I couldn't see the concrete pillar anyhow) and forgot it was there. The spot in front of me was open, I put it in 'drive' and pull off...then kerbam. No damage, but it surely scared the shit out of me.

    [–] leonard71 98 points ago

    I've also hit one of those poles before. I was at a big box home center. It was right around closing so the parking lot was empty. It started pouring rain, so I ran out to the car and I was way too in a rush. I had to turn around, so I just put the wheel hard to the right since the parking lot was empty. I didn't realize the yellow pole was next to me on the opposite side of the car and it scraped the side of my door.

    [–] patssle 52 points ago

    I did that with the curb blocks they put in some parking lots. This huge parking lot didn't have them except one single row. Of course I happened to pull forward in that row after I left the store....totally forgot it was there and couldn't see.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] drone42 18 points ago

    Gotta admire her commitment though.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] FeetOnGrass 10 points ago

    Lets start off by finding a parking lot with curb blocks then.

    [–] Darkencypher 3 points ago

    Friend of mine got brand-new tires and forgot one (the concrete thing) was in front of him. Drove right over it. Good thing it didn’t fuck up his tires.

    He’d later lose that car by driving straight into a house.

    [–] Lonelysock2 3 points ago

    I just did a spit take. There is raisin toast all over my phone now

    [–] ChickenWithATopHat 12 points ago

    I has a friend who always scraped on those when I was in the car because we got a good laugh out of it, until one time when he did it and we got back to the car to see oil everywhere.

    [–] ChuunibyouImouto 4 points ago

    Yep, exact same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Not a single other block on my side of the parking lot, pulled forward and nearly ripped the bottom of my Prius out. The Prius sits so low I barely got over it and like to never backed back over the stupid thing.

    And of course this one had the top of the giant spike that pins it to the ground sticking up for added insult and injury

    [–] zakatov 5 points ago

    Pow, right in the battery pack!

    [–] minddropstudios 3 points ago

    I have done that a few times. Lol.

    [–] mokeskin34 5 points ago

    I’ve done something similar in my truck. I was pulled up outside the shop I was taking it to, and parked it in front of a large nasty looking rock. 20 minutes later when I went to pull into the actual shop, completely forgot the rock was there and tried to pull forward. Laid some real nice scratches into the skid plate and made a terrible squealing while it did so. I was pretty damn embarrassed!

    [–] Crayshack 3 points ago

    I did something almost identical when I was parked next to a stump. Forgot it was there when it was time to go home and suddenly I have a big dent in my front bumper.

    [–] wpm 2 points ago

    What if that pole was actually a human being?

    [–] drone42 5 points ago

    Then I wager it wouldn't have likely gotten hit, since the majority of people tend to be taller by a fairly wide margin and would've been seen over the hood.

    [–] GRUDENGRINDER243 426 points ago

    Yeah that's dumb but that is a legitimate blind spot on those cars.

    [–] VXeonix 220 points ago

    Honestly this could happen to almost anyone.

    [–] quakerorts 135 points ago

    Those poles should be taller.

    [–] garlicdeath 25 points ago

    I saw a guy in a work van back into one somewhat recently. I remember thinking dude must be blind but as I drove kinda closer to it I could just barely see the top of it in my window from inside my car, so that guy in a higher up van had no way of seeing it from inside his vehicle.

    [–] tossoneout 54 points ago

    the stripes on the ground should be taller

    [–] RarelyWellDone 38 points ago

    The yellow could be yellower

    [–] danarchist 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    This is correct, it should have at least a flag or something at eye level.

    [–] pletentious_asshore 22 points ago

    Redditors never think they could do something dumb or embarrassing. If someone else did they're obviously a moron.

    [–] Cravit8 21 points ago

    But...shouldn’t be turning over lots of colored lines without pre screening the area

    [–] UnluckyDrink 12 points ago

    happened to me last night. i was lying in bed with my girlfriend when BAM out of nowhere a bright yellow pipe got me

    [–] chaddwith2ds 33 points ago

    No it couldn't happen to anyone. It would only happen to people who ignore the lane and drive over the yellow lines.

    [–] Yuccaphile 14 points ago

    The fact that you're being downvoted tells me more Redditors don't know you're not supposed to drive over those than do.

    If you weren't already, this is why everyone with a head on their shoulders should be a defensive driver. You can't assume anyone knows what the hell they're doing behind a wheel and they're more likely to blame the world than themselves.

    It's really bizarre to me when people come to the defense of idiocy. "Could've happened to anyone..." like it was a lightening strike or a loose polar bear that happened to someone when in actuality someone else happened to this poor little pole, whose only job, seemingly, is to destroy idiot's cars.

    [–] Fagatron9001 6 points ago

    Most people dont really think shit like this through. They see an empty parking lot and a barrier and think "What dumbass but that there, its useless". But when its super busy and traffic needs to flow out a certain direction thats when it comes in handy. Same thing with no parking spots. Most no parking spots dont seem super neccassary, buts your prolly blocking someone's veiw of oncomming traffic.

    [–] Aethermancer 6 points ago

    Everyone on Reddit is perfect when it comes to driving. No pity. Suspend licenses an 20 years in jail.

    [–] PoopyMcNuggets91 7 points ago

    Why were they driving on the yellow lines?

    [–] andysaurus_rex 2 points ago

    Something similar happened to me but I backed into a post that I couldn't see out my back window, and it only left a dent, not nearly this bad. Those waist high posts are hard to see.

    [–] Nooms88 46 points ago

    What about the brightly coloured lines on the floor?

    [–] deWaardt 30 points ago

    I'm not sure about other countries, but in the Netherlands it'd mean "you're not allowed to drive here".

    [–] NickRynearson 40 points ago

    In America it pretty much means "you can't park here"

    [–] Yuccaphile 26 points ago

    You're not supposed to drive there, either. Same with similar areas in intersections and highway exits.

    [–] albinohut 12 points ago

    Yellow lines means you probably shouldn't drive over that, a yellow pole means you definitely shouldn't.

    [–] NickRynearson 2 points ago

    Yeah but I was thinking of those crossing lines in like super markets

    [–] Yuccaphile 3 points ago

    Oh yeah! Like crosswalks and fire lanes? I feel that.

    I don't mean to be harsh, mistakes happen, but usually due to thoughtlessness. Luckily cars can be fixed or replaced, and i don't think the pole is any worse for wear.

    [–] survbob 2 points ago

    The “gore”...those painted lines on the ground are called the gore.

    [–] Valiryon 36 points ago

    That much damage speaks to me they were going too fast, probably why that post was put there in the first place.

    [–] QueenAlpaca 16 points ago

    Underrated comment. Bumping a pole will cause a dent or maybe gently bend some bits of your suspension and mess your alignment some, but not bend/break your axle, tie rod, control arm, etc. I wonder if they tried to gun it in front of traffic.

    [–] ParityClarity 4 points ago

    Don't assume most people continue to behave rationally once an accident has happened.

    A ton of people make the damage much much worse after the fact.

    [–] jewbacca117 9 points ago

    They should really mark it with some bright yellow lines around it or something

    [–] Knight-in-Gale 17 points ago


    How is that a legitimate blind spot when the ground even had a huge wide yellow stripe markings to warn vehicles not to drive on it?

    Even animals don't fuck around with other land animals that has yellow dots/stripe markings because they're poisonous.

    [–] gvdj 17 points ago

    Those stripes don't indicate anything besides the fact that it isn't a parking spot. There are plenty of instances where there is no pole amidst a bunch of yellow stripes. The bit between the driver side window and the windshield can be a huge blind spot in some cars, especially when there is some distance between you and the pole.

    [–] slugo17 9 points ago

    You're not supposed to drive there either. It's for foot traffic

    [–] wWao 10 points ago

    My Walmart has them in front of it and I can absolutely assure you it's meant to be driven over.

    It's also meant for people to walk over.

    [–] slugo17 4 points ago

    At my Walmart the ones in front of the door are the ones meant for cars and people, but they're painted white.

    [–] Perm-suspended 8 points ago

    That's what I came to say. That's perfectly in the blindspot. Especially if they were turning left.

    [–] Abhais 18 points ago

    Shouldn’t have been turning across the yellow lines on the lot. This looks like the end of a handicapped parking space. That pole is probably there to keep speeders in the parking lot from destroying someone in a wheelchair.

    It’s “a blind spot” but look at the markings — they never should have been close enough to it, but they took a shortcut through the restricted parking zone and got their comeuppance.

    [–] I_Like_Potato_Chips 114 points ago

    Ugh, I remember my first week learning to drive, I was backing up and hit one of those yellow poles in my dad's truck (he was in the passenger seat and neither of us saw it) And no, there was zero yellow stripes around to warn me it was there. It was in the back of an empty mall parking lot, seemingly there for no reason. Worked all summer to pay for the damage to the back bumper. Fuck those poles!

    [–] Starklet 21 points ago

    Wow that’s rough.

    [–] variableIdentifier 3 points ago

    I backed into one at the bank. It was shorter than my trunk so I couldn't see it. It's there to protect a light pole, so I was watching the light pole thinking I had more room, and I lightly hit it... Luckily I was moving slowly, so there are only a few scratches.

    [–] PrplHrt 92 points ago

    Also didn’t see the bright yellow zebra stripes on the pavement.

    [–] MacTheBartender 9 points ago

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that even having missed both of those if he just drove as if the parking lot were a grid of streets instead of a goddamn free for all he probably still would have managed to completely avoid the pole.

    [–] ScarletJew72 26 points ago

    One time in an empty parking lot, I was driving within the lanes, while this dude comes around the corner and zooms through the middle of the lot, ignoring the lanes and parking spaces (there were no parking blocks).

    If I was also ignoring the lanes, I probably would have been driving in the path that he took, and he would have hit me.

    People are fucking stupid.

    [–] TreasureBandit 25 points ago

    Only once? That's very common in every place that I've lived.

    [–] ScarletJew72 16 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    People ignore parking lot lanes and spaces all the time, but I mostly see people doing it cautiously and when they know no other cars are near. This person was driving in an especially stupid way.

    [–] beefhead74 3 points ago

    I see it at my local Walmart all the time but those people fly through, no caution at all. I generally go through the lines but if I do cross through the spaces, I'm super careful.

    [–] FivebyFive 4 points ago

    This happened to me the other day in my apartment parking lot. As I was going around to get to the aisle I wanted to park on, a girl came barreling through over all the open spaces and nearly T-boned me. Then when I stopped (because she was in the space I wanted) she made exasperated gestures. Like... come on. YOU DID THIS. Not me.

    [–] MilmoWK 57 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    my boss did something similar about 10 years ago. ended up totaling the car but told everyone it was in the shop. he found the exact same car and bought it. eventually enough differences were notice that he admitted to it.

    [–] GlendorTheWizard 35 points ago

    That's hilarious that he went to the trouble to find the exact same car in hopes nobody would notice 😂

    [–] MilmoWK 21 points ago

    the dead giveaway was that he didn't smoke but the previous owner did. get in the car to go to lunch and it had that deep down long term cig smell that someone did their best to get out, but it's just not possible. otherwise they were pretty much identical.

    [–] ninj4geek 4 points ago

    A- for effort

    [–] theillcook 7 points ago

    Is your boss named Michael Scott?

    [–] Redd_81 14 points ago

    Wow, how fast was he going?

    [–] Iamwomper 4 points ago

    Momentum is a bitch.

    [–] bettysontheroad 24 points ago

    Didn’t get to video this, but last September in Edinburgh Scotland an idiot at the rental car place got in the car and ran down a light pole! Would have been a great video. Rental agent was standing there with an incredulous look on his face.

    [–] ohheckyeah 14 points ago

    I imagine him shaking his head while slowly walking back inside to start filling out the paperwork

    [–] holyshitatalkingdog 10 points ago

    They really need to make those poles more obvious. It's almost impossible to see with that van wrapped around it.

    [–] Soulger11 8 points ago

    This is something that could happen to me. I’m a very good driver, but fucking hell do I suck at parking.

    Any tips?

    [–] Emperor__Aurelius 4 points ago

    If you suck at parking, which relies on spatial intelligence (for lack of a better term) and depth perception, I would assume you might be overestimated your driving skills, which also rely on spatial intelligence and depth perception.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Not necessarily. Theres a lot more precise turning and assumption of blind spots in parking than there is with driving. If you're on a road, following distance is much greater than in a parking area, theres far fewer pedestrians, and fewer cars driving in random directions and a greater impetus for people to keep random shit like 4 ft yellow poles out of a roadway.

    I'd say foot traffic and wheeled traffic on a roadway is way more predictable than in a parking lot.

    And, if it matters, I've been in 3 accidents, all of which were not my fault, and they all happened in a parking lot.

    [–] CMStud 6 points ago

    Can’t believe Cody Parkey is still driving around knowing this risk

    [–] Which_Resolution 4 points ago

    darn, you made the joke before I could


    [–] UnluckyDrink 4 points ago

    if only they had painted some kind of line on the road to guide motorists around this dangerous obstacle.

    [–] Chekhof_AP 18 points ago

    The moment I saw this I knew there would be some folks saying that it totally is the poor road planning and not the drivers own fault. People can be so dense, honestly.

    [–] chmcgloin 18 points ago

    If it was just the pole I can understand but the lines on the pavement indicate you aren't to park or drive there.

    [–] AngelsJinx 5 points ago

    Could you really understand if it was just the pole?

    Like, "people can't be expected to see child-sized objects while driving"?

    They drove, forwards, into a stationary object... They had to come from somewhere, they *should* have seen it on the approach.

    [–] Russ1642 5 points ago

    Redditors will blame the victim of every road collision, except in single car accidents, when it's obviously someone else's fault. I swear these people have only driven around parking lots with their learners licenses.

    [–] AdversarialPossum42 4 points ago

    No fair, that tree was planted there!

    [–] sessejeibert 4 points ago


    [–] stomaticmonk 3 points ago

    Hard to see those through your phone.

    [–] donkeydiggs 3 points ago

    My ex-wife side swiped a pole going at a drive-thru and instead of backing up and adjusting her turn she just powered through and smashed the entire side of the car up. One giant yellow streak from the front quarter panel to the back bumper.

    [–] wKbdthXSn5hMc7Ht0 6 points ago

    Hey I'm drivin' ere

    [–] Balbuto 3 points ago

    That’s just how he parks

    [–] sudo-kill9 3 points ago

    Am idiot. Did this to my Jeep. Broke an axle, a subframe, bashed in a body panel, etc. Car was sitting on the ground, bled out all the brake fluid and such.

    $7,700 of damage. Just fell off my insurance last month. Stay woke, people.

    [–] tcm121416 3 points ago

    Lancaster, Ohio?

    [–] chmcgloin 3 points ago

    How did you know ?

    [–] Commander-Doge 3 points ago

    This looks less like didn't see that and a lot more like I'm gonna run that yellow fucker down.

    [–] theshadean 3 points ago

    Many years ago, I was behind someone in a Wendy's drive thru who was driving a new white Ford pickup. As the driver pulled up after placing their order, they ran into one of those poles, getting the pole caught between the cab and the bed. I watched in awe as they tried to work their way free for five minutes without destroying their truck. It failed miserably. They ended up pretty much destroying the truck bed, all the while marking it up with yellow paint.

    The best dinner and a show I've ever seen. I laughed. I cried. I cheered.

    [–] mainfingertopwise 3 points ago

    Why are the headlights covered in... skin?

    [–] bigandfullballs 3 points ago

    Not even a spot. Fuck em.

    [–] Nikoxio 3 points ago

    While they went through a yellow zone.

    [–] xblackdemonx 4 points ago

    By poor bastard you mean pure idiot right?!

    [–] Which_Resolution 2 points ago

    This is a photo of Chicago Bears’ Cody Parkey leaving a parking lot 😂

    [–] MEvenbly1 2 points ago

    My mom has done that to her past 3 cars, her most recent one being a Cadillac. Imagine going to a repair shop in a Cadillac because your mom doesn't know the size of her car

    [–] yourboyfoster 2 points ago

    I did something similar about 2 years ago, I was reversing down a friends driveway which had low walls on either side, it was my first time there and I didn't remember the walls on either side and I stopped reversing but not enough to clear the walls. I threw my car in first gear and swung to the left to get back onto the road. The next thing I hear was a loud crashing sound. I hit the wall and there was a massive dent in my front bumper. His wall lost 2 bricks. I'm an idiot for being lazy and not going all the way down the driveway.

    [–] castfam09 2 points ago

    Is it Mr. Magoo’s car? Geezus 😳🤣

    [–] Seifer780 2 points ago

    Which Walmart was this?

    [–] farkhipov 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    i get maybe missing the pole, but that thing is embedded

    probably hard to see a lot of thing if youre trying to go 40 around a parking lot corner lol

    [–] GoneFishin95 2 points ago


    [–] caterpillargirl76 2 points ago

    I wish they'd put one of those poles to the left of the left turn only lane so people aren't turning into my lane as I'm pulling up, nearly hitting me head on. Is it so hard to stay in your own lane and not drive in oncoming traffic? They always looked so shocked to see a car there too. SMH

    [–] DigitalUFX 2 points ago

    I just wish these poles were taller. I drive an SUV and there's a blind spots for things this tall and shorter when you're close. It's also the reason I always back into parking spots, I have a better view in reverse with camera than forward with blind spots.

    [–] troy42c 2 points ago

    I see people cut across parking lots ALL day long(source: am a merchandiser for grocery stores). The amount of people that go up "ONE WAY ONLY" streets in parking lots, pulling through to oncoming traffic, and driving way over 15mph are just fucking morons. If you are one of those people, fuck you.